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#bc im literally 80
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a sign (2021?) - found by husband
"ATTENTION: before sharting please fart on me thank you for your cooperation!!"
submitted by @alternaterag
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samdyke · 7 months ago
imagine if they had made dean play nice with alistair in like season 7 or something and had them be like reluctant allies where dean has to help him when he’s injured, side with him in disagreements, drive him around in the impala, let him into their motel rooms, chat and make small talk and generally act like he was just any other slightly unwelcome but overall palatable monster and not someone who caused insane trauma and pain for dean for decades.......that sounds fucking absurd but thats exactly what the made sam do with lucifer in season 11
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worstloki · 5 months ago
antis will be like “murder and sexy are loki’s only qualities” on a post that is explicitly explaining in thorough detail with examples provided why those are in fact not his only qualities 
#ok so if they're his only qualities.... i need receipts#you can't unironically reduce a character and then ironically have none arguments left genocide#''yeah okay so loki did X thing but he still killed people'' CONGRATULATIONS! You picked up on that! Gold star for you!#loki DID kill people! and he was the antagonist while he did so! he was also tortured and being mind whammied but whatever lets ignore that!#now what is your point here#because... and i don't mean to alarm anyone here but....... sometimes.... people in action movies...... kill.........people...........#and he didn't kill anyone other than coulson on-screen so there's that too#in fact if it's about the murder then#im pretty sure tony's fictional capitalist money kills more than 80 every time mr stark stops to file his nails instead of donate to charity#thor's indoctrinated xenophobia killed more jotuns in 10 minutes than loki did in new york#pretty sure that 1 hospital fire Nat lit wasn't a very moral thing to do#and oh! oh no! clint's 5-year-murder-spree! the horror!#who is going to bring up that time crashing the triplet HYDRA zappy kill ship things smashed into a building or two bc of Cap and co.#the avengers are CANCELLED#from now we get the Bruce and Loki show where there is only safe science where they mix water and baking powder with full PPE gear#rocket raccoon has like 15 counts of arson why don't i see any posts about how evil he is :/ half the gotg are literally thief mercenaries#ROCKET has FOURTEEN more canon counts of setting fire to things than loki does!!!#come on folks!#throw some creativity into the anti posts#groot anti posts when
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sleevesareforlosers · 3 months ago
hm okay so in the witch's domain i think you can look like yourself at any age, however you feel the most yourself
so picturing the fab four (+cherri +ghouls brother) at some point deciding they wanted to see if they could look older than they did when they died
and they could
grey hair, crows feet, receding hairlines, wrinkles, and all. they all agreed that it was the best they'd ever looked and they all agreed that they could never do it again
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princeanxious · 3 months ago
I. I think i know what they mightve done to make the site crash, but to do that I need prior info that i do not currently have???
Bc i knew the desk top version had different eye burning recolor layouts and stuff like canary and classic, ect. But uh. I dont think mobile had them??? I can confirm tumblr mobile doesnt have Canary atm which is the Only pallete option name i remember from desktop but uhhhhhhh
Idk if this is new. But mobile has two new(to me anyway) color options. Gothic Rave and. Pride.
I have Pride selected. If u saw my last post about the newest annoying notif bar being really dark, well, you'll be happy to know its now my favorite* color: hot pink (*sarcasm)
#tumblr mobile#maybe this isnt new but to me the names sure are#tbh with you i have no idea why the Pride pallete is named as such bc its only pink purple and blue??#oh and theyre absolutely as eye searing as the past ones#which makes me extremely sad because the text for Pride is actually really nice?? its a dull-ish purple and cute#like of they toned down the satuation on Pride i'd literally be 100% okay with my dash being 90% pink for the sheer fact that its so close-#-to being a genuinely pleasant alternate color pallete skin? and its only with the filled in sections where the bright neon colors pop that#-theres any true form of eye strain#at least personally#like... especially with the tag system where instead of all the bubbles being grey or even a muted blue- they are neon indigo#:(#might just keep pride selected after i investigate gothic rave bc idk. the bright colors are making me happy okay.#i might get horrible migraines from it but gosh darn it the dark muted blue made me sad#at this point im not trying to souns big brain but im like 80% sure they where already here but i just. never touched them until now#its less big brain and more 'HOW COME NO ONE TOLD ME I COULD HAVE PURPLE TEXT AS MY DEFAULT APP TEXT COLOR'#Literally i am going to get a migraine from this neon indigo and i dont even care bc if it stepped down in saturation itd be my *fav* color#literally the hue that you cant tell if its. really blue or purple is my fav color and this lvl of neon & disgraced hot pink cannot stop me#even better is that its only this indigo color when yer typing#but when you arent typing in the tags- the bubbles are a soft not-eyesearing pastel pink!#well. at least when yer editing the post.#the text of the tags of posts when yer straight reading them are unfortunately the neon hot pink color against white >>
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coulson-is-an-avenger · a month ago
seeing one (1) aphobic comment in my college textbook really turned me into a slaughter avatar for the night huh
#the violence im craving right now........... my god#it literally said WORD FOR WORD 'researchers don't know if it's a disorder or not :)' THEN DON'T MENTION IT IN THE SEXUALITIES CHAPTER DUDE#IF YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE COMMENTS LIKE THAT THEN JUST DON'T EVEN BRING IT UP#they didn't even define it right and then THAT????? THAT????#buddy i will tack you to a chair and make you read account after account of how much we've been pathologized#you wanna hear about the corrective methods they've historically used? the ones still experienced today?#im so livid right now i could punch thru a window#THE AUDACITY TO PUT THAT IN A TEXT BOOK#NOT TO MENTION THE OUTDATED AND TRANSPHOBIC LANGUAGE USED AGAINST TRANS PEOPLE#when tf was this book made#IT WAS MADE IN 2021#//BUDDY THERE'S NO EXCUSE//#god the way it talks abt gender communication too#'it must feel otherworldly to talk to someone of the other sex :)' ARE YOU OKAY??? ARE CIS PEOPLE OKAY??????#all the reference videos are like from the 70s and 80s and so overwhelmingly white#they're like isn't it neat how men and women inherently act different?#LIKE SUSAN DO YOU WANNA CHAT ABOUT HOW PARENTS START TREATING THEIR CHILDREN DIFFERENTLY BASED ON GENDER PRE-BIRTH? YOU WANNA TALK ABT THAT#MAYBE IT HAS TO DO WITH IMMERSIVE SOCIALIZATION Y'ALL WERE LITERALLY JUST TALKING ABOUT HOW CULTURE CAN BE LEARNED WHY IS THIS SO DIFFERENT#and now i have to misgender myself for an assignment bc the class has been split into sexes#im so pissed off rn ghlsdkfjkldjf#where is my intercultural comm prof. where is she. dr sobre pick me up im scared /j#i can't believe they made that ace comment in a textbook i literally can't believe they did that im going to skin someone#aphobia tw#in the tags#but still#college#mossy speaks#personal#i'll probably delete this later hflsdkjf im good i just PHEW needed to get this Out#peaceful thoughts. nonviolent thoughts. birds. rivers. friendship. i am Calm
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juicebuny · 3 months ago
no actually i think i agree that artists get snubbed on here. putting rbs>likes in your post makes sense even if it discourages ppl from interacting at all
sometimes i feel really guilty for rbing art thats <1k notes n then i get notifs of people only liking it... liking only saves the post for you to look at later, tumblrs algorithm is ass so ur better off just saving it if you want to do that
then theres people who only like commission posts which is a unique kind of evil i think
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