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Friend of mine worked up some test loads for a long range scoped AR class we are taking in spring. This is my 18” SS410 AR which i use most often for practical rifle competition (zeroed for 55 gr Fenix, 36 yd zero) . She seemed to like that 23.5 gr of h335 at 100 yards - .659 inch group. 77gr Sierra OTM projectiles. It’s a good start.

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Now that the final chapter is out, I’m so ecstatic to share these drawings of @ambivalentmarvel ‘s vigilante!Morgan AU, Runaway Baby (Getaway Darling) [AO3 link]

I played around with some suit designs to celebrate 1. Ambi’s birth and 2. My obsession with her criminal Morgan WIP, and she repaid me by PUTTING THEM IN THE FIC. It’s chaotic and fun and FUNNY AS HELL, give it a read and a comment!! And then check out Ambi’s other fics because i love her

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thank you!!!!!! i want you to know that i read this ask and audibly went “i love you” bc. people liking Runaway Baby sparks So Much joy for me.

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2020 writer’s year in review

thank you kaleb/ @theoceanismyinkwell for tagging me!!! ily!!

  • total number of completed stories: 9!! this includes tumblr ficlets as well as Runaway Baby (Getaway Darling) because it’s completely written, just not entirely edited/posted
  • total number of words: 212,756 only counting completed content, but 243,553 including my major WIPs/unposted content currently. can you tell i don’t like posting things until they’re completely done, lmao.
  • fandoms written in: the mcu/irondad/spider-man fandom and avatar: the last airbender!!
  • looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you’d expected? i wrote way, way more than expected. i was privileged enough to have quarantine give me an astronomical amount of free time, and my word count exploded as a result.
  • what’s your own favourite story of the year? this is hard because i wrote a lot of things i’m honestly very proud of this year, but if i had to choose, ashes to ashes might edge out the competition. i love azula a lot, and i adored exploring her character in the au i created in that fic, not to mention how amazing the feedback i received for it was.
  • did you take any writing risks this year? uh, not gonna lie, most of my fics are kind of? risky? because i don’t fall into tropes often and, instead, usually hope that people see my stuff and click on it because they go “huh, i’ve never seen that before.” that being said, if i had to pick specifically, Blips on the Record made me a bit nervous to post because i wasn’t sure how people would respond to a sympathetic portrayal of flash, given how much flack he gets from the fandom, not to mention the heavier topics it involves.
  • most popular story of the year: cycle through, babey!! its length and consistent updates worked in my favor, and it got a lot of love, all of which i am very, very grateful for.
  • story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: i’m grateful for any feedback i receive on my fics, but i do wish more people interacted with my black cat morgan au, Runaway Baby (Getaway Darling), simply because i love to talk about it so much!! that being said, i understand that’s it’s a very niche au, and i adore every person who gives it the time of day regardless. <3
  • most fun story to write: black cat morgan! black cat morgan! i have had so much FUN with Runaway Baby it’s insane. every time i read my own writing in that fic, i make myself laugh, and that’s an amazing feeling.
  • most unintentionally telling story: djdjdbdbdhd probably ALSO Runaway Baby. morgan as i characterized her has a lot of me in her, and i also infused the story with a lot of dynamics that exist within my family. : )
  • biggest surprise: cycle through, full stop. at nearly 145k, it’s my longest work to date by a long, long shot. i had no idea i had a story that big inside me a year ago, and it blows my mind to think that i saw it through to the end.

no pressure, but even though i’m a little late to this, i’ll tag @jack-girl @thinkingisadangerouspastime @mjscornerr @jbsforever @the-reverse-mermaid @superherotiger @joyful-soul-collector @itsybitsyspiderling @hollow-dweller @jean-and-diet-coke @lostintranslaation @dovestiel and anyone else who wants to do it! thank you to anyone who has read my work in this hell year—i love you, and it means more than you know. <3

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first of all thank u for asking!!! ily!!! secondly, “face” shows up in all of my major wips rn, so you get three snippets!!

here’s one from the black cat morgan au!

“I think you are testing my patience,” he replies, voice edging on a growl now, and Morgan’s grin is wicked as it carves into her face, sharp as daggers at its corners and winking in the fluorescents like the finest of silver.

and the homeless peter au (in which may is alive and a good parent but peter has a massive guilt complex that causes problems)

Tony can’t see his face—and that used to unnerve him, not being able to read Spider-Man like he can most people, whether they realize or not—but there’s something that settles on his shoulders just then, something heavy, something cruel, something someone Spider-Man’s age shouldn’t have seen.

and finally!! my a:tla au where zuko is the prodigy and azula is exiled

“Zuko,” Azula cries, face twisted in pain beneath the bandage covering half of it. “Zuko, please, if I’m banished—I—I’m going to be alone.”

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thank you to @sreppub for ur Mind and also this vague spoiler for chapter 3 of Runaway Baby (Getaway Darling)/the black cat morgan au which will be up later today 😌

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Title – Product Name Review Product Name Gears rating         Product review summary 1-2 sentences. Be sure to include the full product name. Delete all of the gears images above except the one you want to keep. Remember… no product is PERFECT. It is unlikely that GR will EVER give a perfect 5…

Caleb’s Master Template 2.0 was originally published on Gear Report

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smh this is the second weekend in a row i’ve wanted to update the black cat morgan au, but it hasn’t happened bc school is being Horrible. i promise i haven’t forgotten about it and am still writing—the past few weeks have just been a little hectic.

regardless, thank you to everyone who has commented on Runaway Baby and any of my other works as of late—i love you, reading your thoughts makes my day, and i’ll hopefully have the time to reply soon. <3

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random phone doodles

(runaway baby is @ambivalentmarvel ’s black cat!morgan fic!)

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Had to rezero the vudu on my 18 inch rifle gas upper that an awesome friend converted from a rifle length stock and buffer to a carbine tube and stock. H1 buffer. Now all three have the same stock and grip, but I had to rezero because I moved the scope to duplicate where it’s at on the other vudu equipped weapon. Did some prone and kneeling work and finished with a clean rifle dot torture at 10 yds. Nice afternoon.

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