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I honestly think one of the downfalls of people loving 1950s fashion is aspiring to look like models and actresses. It’s unhealthy. Many women in the 50s didn’t have perfect hourglass bodies, perfect skin, perfect teeth and perfect hair. They were still just as beautiful in every way, and so are you.

Remember that you ARE beautiful, and it is the least interesting thing about you.



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You know what I think is absolutely hilarious? When girls post in the bdd tag thinking they have bdd but then they’re like “lol I’m fat”


Y'all think bdd strictly pertains to body image but fail to realize the obsessive compulsive side of the disorder that defines the disorder 🙄

You don’t know what it’s like to slap yourself in the face repeatedly out of pure frustration and desolation. You don’t know what it’s like to be consumed day after day with these stupid.fucking.obsessions. You don’t know what it’s like to be triggered by simple descriptors (i.e pretty, girl, symmetrical, etc) You don’t know what it’s like to feel genuinely fucking deformed. You don’t know what it’s like because you don’t have bdd…

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Instagram affords its more than one billion active monthly users (Statista 2019), an immersive and visually rich platform for creating and presenting a personal brand identity. Typically, these online identities are moulded around notions of an ideal self and lifestyle. Users tend to display content that is socially desirable or valuable, such as practicing yoga, spending time with friends, or eating healthily (Aires 2020). Other users within the platform aren’t merely an audience to this content - but play an active role in the perpetuation of idealised and celebrity lifestyles through ‘engagement marketing’ and reproduction of content as ‘prosumers’ (Zhang 2015).


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On the platform, a user’s persona or identity becomes a tangible entity entangled in a commitment to deploying and maintaining this entity as if it were a real branded good to be traded (Senft 2013). The form that these entities take are influenced by cultural factors and aesthetics vying for attention, where the labour and time necessary to generate these being unpaid (Drenten, Gurrieri & Tyler 2018). Through this labour, close consideration is paid to grabbing attention through a ‘sex sells’; ‘porn chic’ aesthetic, particularly promoting products alongside sexualised women (Blair et al. 2006; Drenten, Gurrieri & Tyler 2018).


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With the popularity of visual platforms such as Instagram, many are left vulnerable to content which is left unchecked and uncensored. Users are exposed to unrealistic aesthetic templates – with these altering real life perceptions even in the offline world (Marwick 2015). Dorfman (2017) argue that it is critical that board certified surgeons increase their presence on social media. This is to educate and inform users about the real-world risks and implications of undergoing plastic surgery to conform to these aesthetic templates. As with many social media platforms, they are still in their relative infancy. Currently, Instagram – like others, are an online ‘Wild West’. There must continue to be those within and outside these platforms actively speaking out and keeping the capabilities of the platforms themselves in check.


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Really trying to grow in confidence…

I’m a chronic over thinker and I’m sick of not being able to big myself up, because all I do is look at the negatives and worry what people will think. 💭

Well today I said fuck it and uploaded the photo to my Instagram 🖕🏼 I felt good and I want to be part of that group of people who just don’t give a shit what people think!

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How are you doing during the pandemic?

(I actually would love to hear from you!) I am struggling— hard. Relapsing, not practicing my DBT skills as I should, and, well, struggling.

I did advocate for myself for the first time ever however! I can’t believe it still, I advocated for myself. I told my boss, with no plan in my mind, that my mental health was really bad and now I am the first person in my department to be issued a laptop to work from home. I was spiraling and they told me this and the spiral just








And then what did I do with the should-be relaxing feeling of a drop? Spiraled because certainly for something that wonderful to happen meant something terrible would happen. I also am now working over-time from home because I feel guilty about working from home! And I am pushing, the few people this pandemic allows, away because I am waiting for that bad thing. Logically, I know that a bad thing will happen simply because life is a series of good and bad things. I think I do this for control, act as if I know the future, as if I know that bad thing.

Basically I need to practice my DBT skills more.

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Hey everyone, I know we can all get a little lonely sometimes so I am just making this post so you all know if you ever need someone to talk to about anything you can message me, even if you don’t have anything you really wanna get off your chest we can just have a laugh if you just want someone to chat to😁

sending all my love💕

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I had some chocolate and feel so shitty about it, but I’m still under 600, maybe even 500, calories and it’ll just boost my metabolism a bit. But I really need to be stricter with my fasts and restricting

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ahahahahah okay so i’ve started my period last night, i don’t get my periods regularly i think this is the first time in nearly a YEAR so that’s fun but when i’m on i don’t feel like eating at all like idk why but i ain’t complaining

buuuuuuut ramadan is over and i was planning on doing a 2-3 day water fast but my mum keeps making me eat bcs apparently i look “tired and drained” but i just ate my omad meal infront of her like i had a shit ton of food so in the evening she won’t make me eat dinner so hopefully i should be able to fast for at least two days but if i can’t do that then omad it is!

also i haven’t weighed myself for a few days bcs the scale needs a new battery and i’m really on edge about it bcs i want to have lost weight but i don’t think i have and then i want to starve myself to make sure so i don’t disappoinment myself next time i weigh myself ugh it’s an annoying cycle

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With so many in the world struggling with mental illness my biggest wish is that we can come together, and talk, and learn, and grow together instead of feeling so damn alienated. Because your not, the person sitting next to you could be suffering just as you are but how could we know? If we don’t talk about it.

Vulnerability is a beautiful, strong and powerful thing. Your voice your were born with is too, and it’s your right to use it.

In this society we’ve created out of pure ego, who we are and our true souls, ugly and beautiful, bad and good, sad and happy, black and white and every color in between arnt celebrated. We as humans who are so beautifully imperfect, arnt celebrated.

We look for others acceptance, or verification that we’re doing it right. That we’re perfect enough, or our masks are on right. But what’s that feel like when you look inside? Ask yourself if your at peace with that, if you accept and love the person you see.

Because I didn’t, I created a beautiful masks to cover the body dysmorphia and anxieties and self hate, self distrust.

If I was agreeable, kind, beautiful and never stepped on anyone’s toes, I’d be liked.

But did I like myself? Was I true to my soul or just developing a self devouring ego? The suicidal thoughts were answer enough.

Your only role in this life is to be yourself, speak your truth, and to heal the wounds created by trying to be just like “everyone else”. Because truly even they arnt being themselves. There opinions of you, are not your responsibility. Happiness comes from within, love comes from within. If you want peace, look within.

Be vulnerable and imperfect and human is all I could ever wish for anyone reading this❤️

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