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Here at CEDIA we have press rights where we can take pictures normal attendants usually cannot and so far we have only had one issue with this on the EXPO floor. (The HD DVD thing doesn’t count) Furniture manufacture BDI is very concerned about pictures being taken of their ‘latest and greatest’ plasma TV stand. So much so that when our camera was snapping pics, one of the BDI guardians jumped in-front to shield this precious product from our apparently damaging lens. Confused and surprised we inquired why and apparently some of the rival manufactures have been trying cloak and dagger-ish tactics to get pics of that very stand. Was it anything special? No, not really, but we are going to respect their wishes and even though we managed to get a few shots of the stand for the heck of it, we are not going to publish 'em.

Follow the link for some pics of their other products that range in price from $600 to $4,000.
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