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wilbyssoot · 2 days ago
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demonboyhalo · 6 months ago
techno screaming at sam that "you have the wrong hostage, dream doesn't care about ranboo, i care -! " right before sam kills ranboo in front of him. I AM NORMAL ABOUT THIS
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ianasha · 2 months ago
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Imagine being as fucking ICONIC as Eret
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becomingthatgirl111 · 24 days ago
morning routine ideas
6 a.m
Tumblr media Tumblr media
making the bed
10 minutes of meditation eliminate the thoughts from your head
30 minutes of yoga
10 minutes of gratitude exercise
7 a.m
Tumblr media Tumblr media
10 minutes of exercise
20 minute shower
put on comfortable, nice clothes that make you feel good
prepare a nutritious breakfast
8 a.m
Tumblr media Tumblr media
15 minutes outdoors
1 hour without a telephone
read for 15 minutes
write your to-do list
9 a.m
Tumblr media Tumblr media
10 minutes of stretching
organize the space around you
write down 3 things you are grateful for
empty your inbox
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nsaint1 · 4 months ago
Little things I am planning to do to help me become my dream girl:
- change my room decor to baby pink and cream
- only wear black bras and panties
- purchase and only wear colorful and girly workout matching sets to the gym
- wear mainly matching sets on lazy days
- sleep with silk pillow cases
- have gold everyday jewelry pieces
- have my shower be only filled with pink shower gels
- find my nail length and maintain that nail length for the most part
- always match and look cute while going to the airport
- have my nail and toe color always match
- workout 3-4 times a week like it’s nothing
- complete my wardrobe color palette (baby pink, cream, white, black, and other colors and patterns when I’m feeling fun)
- only wear silk pajama sets to bed
- listen to podcasts or an audio book while grocery shopping or doing other activities
- become a good listener
- listen more and speak less
- smile often
- always be polite
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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enderspawn · 10 months ago
there’s one very simple litmus test for if a character is a tumblr sexyman or not and it’s
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indecisiveaesthetic · 27 days ago
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Hii have this phone drawing I made while I was a few days without wifi
Please please reblog if you like this!
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ps-imelevating · 4 months ago
Romanticize The Life That You Have
Romanticizing your life is about appreciating life where you are. Doing the most and the best that you can with what you have, at the moment. It’s okay to aspire for better and to actively be working towards YOUR goals. Sometimes with social media, we get so caught up in viewing the lives of others being shared with us that we develop a taste for a life that isn’t our own. Watching other people live their Best Lives can be inspirational but don’t get sucked into a false reality thinking that you have to live their best lives to achieve yours. Here are a few tips to romanticize the life that you have right now.
1. Stop putting the lives of others on a pedestal.
When you begin to idolize the lives of others you begin to view your own life with discontent. You can do everything you want to do in life. If you have to live on a budget find a way to save to get what you want or find an alternative that is just as good for where you are right now.
Remember that social media is a show. Most influencers or people on these platforms show the things that they know will attract more attention to themselves, this is how they make their money and get their attention. Some things may not be what it seems, which means the glamour may not be all that it is shown to be.
Also, remember that everyone is at different stages of their lives. You may be watching someone living their “best life” traveling, going on all of the most extravagant vacations, eating at the most expensive restaurants, and buying all of the cars, clothes, shoes, and bags a lady could dream of. That is absolutely great for them but don't get down on yourself if you are not there yet. Notice I said YET! You have to realize what it is you want out of your life and what you want to do to achieve your best life. This takes time, attention to detail, planning, and smart moves.
Don't be so focused on the future that you forget how awesome your journey to the future is.
2. Be realistic with where you are in your life
Being realistic with yourself is so important because you only know what you are capable of. Romanticizing your life is not only about what you can afford. It's about you actually enjoying your life. You won't be able to enjoy your life if you are so focused on doing things that are not in your financial bracket. Go on vacations but be down on yourself if you cant go across the country this time. Save your money but don't be so focused on your financial situation that you are too afraid to spend some and live.
3. Do things that you enjoy.
Go out into your city and surrounding areas find new things to do. Take your time to explore your environment, try things you would typically not try. You'd be surprised how much you learn about yourself in the process and how much you are enjoying your days.
4. Get off of social media.
Social media has a way of crumpling our minds and brainwashing us into thinking like all the other users on social media. You get trapped in a virtual world that has limited opportunities for you to grow. Your social media is only showing you what you are used to viewing, there's not much new peeking through.
There's an entire world out there to explore and there is so much about yourself left to learn.
Take yourself on dates, find new restaurants, and treat yourself. During this time you will begin to almost be detoxing but you will notice how much of yourself you are getting familiar with.
Ask yourself all of the questions.
What do you like, why? What don't you like, why? Do you have a favorite color? What do you like to wear? Try new styles for your hair, makeup, outfits. Start reading and open your mind.
Romanticizing your life is a fun time. You become more aware of your surroundings and begin to really love yourself and your life. Get out there, work on your mindset and love your life!
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danandfuckingjonlmao · 4 days ago
klaus hargreeves hearing three (3) symptoms of a disorder from a child that he just met and coming to the conclusion that he definitely has it is a mentally ill mood
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demonboyhalo · 7 months ago
for Months quackity has been preaching selfishness, never trusting anyone, screaming the "every man for himself" mentality to anyone he could, and he STILL JUMPED INTO THE LAVA TO SAVE SLIMECICLE IMMEDIATELY. no matter how much quackity wanted to be a one man island who wouldn't get hurt by attachments again, he never stopped caring
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mauricescudder · 3 months ago
superwholock and rise of the brave tangled frozen dragons are both DEAD now it's time for the ascension of What We Do In The Flag Means Omens
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becomingthatgirl111 · a month ago
how to level up your life
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
prioritizing yourself
working on self-love
try more hobbies
more socializing
following only people who lift you up and inspire you positively
staying hydrated
being on your phone less
find a workout routine you love and stick to it
be grateful
learn at least one new thing every day
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lunian · 3 months ago
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just some random unnamed AU idea mostly about Lukanette with idk for some reason evil snake!Luka but he is actually too flirty with Ladybug hmmmmm
based on my dream, i guess akdhskdhd
and there are Felix and Adrien too somehow and they are chaotic brothers
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tubbopride · 7 months ago
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c!tubbo's inauguration in a nutshell
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ladeldee · 2 months ago
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“... because it is”
What if we get a tntduo apology and Quackity can see right through his words... what then
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ghosted-jazz · a month ago
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Goodbye Mr President o7
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bitchinnit · a month ago
also ‘c!fundy is self sabotaging himself and is unhealthily isolating and cutting himself off from the rest of the world including c!wilbur’ and ‘c!fundy doesn’t have to forgive c!wilbur nor did he ever have to forgive c!wilbur, no matter how good the apology was, and c!fundy doesn’t and shouldn’t have to interact with c!wilbur’ can and should coexist
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linktoo-doodles · a day ago
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Didn't you hear? He's the elf imagineer!
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malusokay · 13 days ago
The self-care 101
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You've been trying to build a routine or have been trying to get back on track but just don't know where to start? lets me help you out <3
Step one Personal hygiene:
first up are a few things that you should do daily! <3
Brushing your teeth, flossing, and mouthwash twice a day.
Showering either in the morning or in the evening.
shaving and lotion if you feel like it (my fav)
skincare twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed.
Perfect! now at first, this may seem a bit overwhelming, especially if you struggle with depression, but sticking to this will already do a lot-
Simple skincare:
my last point was skincare, so I'll give you a little run-through on a simple and affordable routine; obviously, I can't promise that this will work for you, but we gotta start somewhere, right? :)
Dove beauty cream bar works really well for me (costs like 1 €).
Neutrogena hydro boost aqua cream as moisturizer (10 €).
Any SPF that works for you, I use the la Roche-posay one (15 €).
Dove beauty cream bar.
The ordinary glycolic acid as a toner (10 €).
The ordinary Niacinemid + Zinc (7 €).
and the Neutrogena moisturizer again.
This should be a good start! :)
Step two healthy habits:
mental health plays a massive role in self-care, so I have listed a few things that might help you feel a little bit better; building actual habits takes time, though, so don't stress about it too much, and just try sticking to a few! :)
Eat breakfast.
Take vitamins in the morning (Vitamin D, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Iron, Folate/Folic acid, and Vitamin B-12, to list a few)
go for a daily walk.
Do a youtube yoga or stretch video.
Listen to a positive playlist or podcast.
No technology for 30 minutes.
Read 10 pages of any book.
Study something you're interested in for 15 minutes.
Write down 3 positive affirmations.
Make a to-do list.
Try a new recipe each week.
Make a grocery list.
take your time and try being consistent; eventually, you will get to where you want to be; you can do it! <3
˗ˋˏ°• love ya •°ˎˊ˗
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elytrians · a year ago
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he faked his minecraft speedruns
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