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making-my-fate · 10 months ago
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oldmanroadhouse · 8 days ago
Stone: This is going great. I’m gonna get a good grade in being a murderous henchman, which is both normal to want and possible to achieve.
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adriheavymetal · 4 months ago
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💀💯🤘🤘🖕stupid society with all the same old rules and idiotic prejudices
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a-kind-of-merry-war · 10 months ago
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Ooh, yeah, that face! Oh! Scary face!
has this been done already, or...?
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robobarbie · 2 months ago
hi roboo!!! what would each LI’s favorite bath and body works scent be (if you know any of them)?
LMFAO ok i see where this is going
nightowl - at the beach
quest - warm vanilla sugar
xyx - into the night
nakedtoaster - japanese cherry blossom
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a-snowpoff · 3 months ago
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I mean... other people drawing what I have failed to do myself......... PERFECTION LMAO..... I literally cannot tolerate looking at my drawing of Papyrus with ears... but this... this is special @alittlegreenghost I can look at this with a smile, I am pleased, I am tapping my fingers together like a villain admiring the chaos they have unleashed. Thank you 💗
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · 7 months ago
You told me you’re falling in love, I said I can’t stick around
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praying-to-agni-at-midnight · 9 months ago
Everyone has a soulmate.  Everyone has their soulmate’s mark.  But the gods don’t want to make this easy for mortals.  Finding your soulmate takes work.  It takes effort.  You have to actually look for them, put yourself out there, take chances, risk getting your heart broken, mess things up and bark up the wrong tree, because soulmarks aren’t unique.  Soulmarks are hints, not identifiers.  Soulmarks will tell you only two things: if your soulmate will have a Vision (and if so, which element), and what nation they’ll be born in.  The rest is up to you.
Kaeya is born with a deep Hydro blue emblem shot through with sparks of Electro purple low on his right hip.  He doesn’t learn that it represents the nation of Snezhnaya until he’s sitting in on Diluc’s lessons trying to play catch-up when he can barely read Mondstadtian.  He never makes an effort to pursue it; he can at least do his best to make sure his soulmate is the one person he never lies to, if only by ensuring they never meet.
Ajax is born with a pale Cryo blue emblem over his heart that no one who sees it recognizes until, Delusion in hand and title of Harbinger freshly bestowed, he thinks to show it to her Majesty.  The Tsaritsa turns even paler, her hands actually trembling as she cups his face and whispers apologies against his forehead, because that mark is the mark of Khaenri’ah, and there’s nothing left of it anymore.
The gods make us work for our soulmates.  They make us persevere.  They test us again and again and again on the journey.  But they always make sure we have the opportunity to triumph.  They always give us a fair chance.
Tartaglia believes his soulmate can’t exist. Kaeya is determined to pretend his doesn’t. Up in Celestia, the gods are laughing at them both.
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beebones · 3 months ago
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reasons i watched arcane:
1. my cats name is jinxe
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liv-hunter · 9 months ago
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Gifset from Falling by @redisaid
“The red-rimmed eyes of Vereesa Windrunner scanned the room. They landed first on her husband, who started to run to her side. Next, they came to rest on her prince. And finally, they found Jaina.They were still on her when Vereesa sobbed out a single, terrible phrase, “Silvermoon has fallen.”
Go read it, it’s amazing! (warning for sad sad content though. I deal with sadness by making gifs. Gif making is a step of grief alright)
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nuntox · a year ago
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dogtorari · 5 months ago
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I got tired of doing this because I loved and cared about someone more than they cared and loved me.. it was hurtful and eventually you realize you’re better off without that extra baggage weighing you down and causing extra anxiety / wreaking havoc into your life.
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fire-plug · 28 days ago
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Just let it go, happy weekend
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haroldthegoat · a month ago
Me dancing to "the last goodbye" and "I don't wanna be free:
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a-path-by-the-moon · a year ago
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pretending-is-believing · 5 months ago
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bisexualemmettcullen · a year ago
you can tell how many people on this website are Secret Twilight Fans(tm) by looking at the reblog to likes ratio on twilight posts. Like theyre lurking but are too afraid to let anyone else know about it
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robobarbie · a month ago
Ayo can bunny and I react to wattpad hour live on twitch?
Gamer u can do whatever u want w this nightmare blog LAODHGETYWQGQ
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psy-rituality · 2 months ago
Arman Alipour - Let’s go to the Beach 🎧 One Fonction - Be Free
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namitha · 2 months ago
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We have to transform this moment into the most wonderful moment, and we can do that by stopping-stopping running to the future, stopping worrying about the past, stopping accumulating so much. ☘️
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You are a free person; you are alive. Open your eyes and enjoy the sunshine, the beautiful sky, and the wonderful children all around you. Breathing in and out consciously helps you become your best-calm, fresh, solid, clear, and free, able to enjoy the present moment as the best moment of your life.☀️🌼🌾🌸
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