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14: Favorite game music?

oh shit ok so like. i am a music nerd i cant just pick one so HERE’S A LIST (in absolutely no order i love all these OSTs): nier automata, kingdom hearts, ffxv, twewy, journey, mirror’s edge catalyst, the last of us, death stranding, hideki naganuma in general (jet set radio (+ future) and sonic rush most notably) makes bangers, on a similar note most of the songs with vocalists from persona 3 onwards are just. so good man i love lotus juice. cant forget sonic music either (i would say crush 40 but it’s not always them) that stuff has no right to go as hard as it does

15: If it was a requirement to get a game-related tattoo, what would you pick?

probably the player pin symbol from twewy?? or maybe reaper wings like. between my shoulder blades that’d be cool as fuck actually but unfortunately im a baby and will probably never get a tattoo

39: A sequel that you would die for them to make?

twewy 2……. please………….

oh and i want p5 scramble to be localized

not really a sequel but i so desperately need kid icarus uprising remade on the switch. i used to want a sequel but i dont think there’s really anything else they can do that would top uprising

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ok lol. i left for 2 or 3 days and i see a ton of notes??? for me at least, and read some beautiful tags people left on their reblogs and for that im grateful. you all made my day!!!

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Favorite Character

- my friends are gonna call me out but definitely ren….. im sorry yall he’s just Good (and unfortunately easy to project onto)

other than him it’s probably a tie between ryuji and akechi they’re both neat, i think

Hated Character

- i dont hate any of the like. important characters other than like. the obvious people??? well. i dont care for maruki. so there’s that i guess fnsndbdjdh

Underrated Character

- honestly the guy behind ren in class who never ever snitched. deadass needs more love. what a fuckin lad.

Overrated Character

- im not active in p5 fandom so i dont have a strong opinion on this one

Favorite Ship

- god this one’s hard. bonersquad (ren/ryuji/ann), pegoryu, shiann, makoharu, polythieves (EXCLUDING FUTABA AND MORGANA FOR OBVIOUS REASONS), sumitaba, shuake

there’s so many good ones fjbdhsjdbdhsbd

Hated Ship

- ANYTHING INVOLVING MINORS (mostly ren and the like 4 Adult Women you can date for SOME REASON) AND ADULTS AND ALSO HIM AND FUTABA i do not. like that. good fucking bye.

Underrated Ship

- i havent seen a lot of sumitaba so i am asking you all to Consider. sumitaba…… they r lesbians………. (is ohya/lala underrated idk theyre also wlw)

Overrated Ship

- i do not want to start shit i think that all the ones that arent the ones i simply either hate or dont vibe with have their merits im not gonna knock anyone for that

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1. Teacups

6. Preppy grunge

15. I actually never really liked any of the books I was assigned in school; however, my junior year in high school was the year I was required to read The Help and I really enjoyed it, because I had seen the movie multiple times. So, I guess The Help would be the one assigned book reading I semi enjoyed!

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I’m gonna file a lawsuit against Barbie Mariposa bc that bitch gave me a superiority complex when I was a baby and now I have to consciously try to put it to sleep. I think I deserve financial compensation for moral damage

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so i really disappeared there for a minute huh?

life got super busy and overwhelming and i just wasn’t feeling it with tumblr for a bit there but i am gonna go and queue up all the things i’ve been tagged in over the last couple of weeks and everything in the vv/tql/rwa tags so like….apologies in advance for random notifs and incoherent screaming 

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Thank you youre so nice i love you its people like you that keep me going aaaaaaa💖💘💝💞💗💝💞💖💗💘💞

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all this unmotivated confidence I have in my brain comes from fake praise from elementary school teachers and a test I did online when I was 13 that said I had an iq of 147 - but that’s not my fault, right?

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I am literally SO DUMB I just realized why I’m the very chill and laidback one of the group

it’s cuz with the whole depression and generalized LackOfMotivation™ I can’t get schoolwork done and from outside it looks like I just don’t stress over things !!1!!!1!!!i!!

good to know !!

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alright so i’ve been thinking about this for a little bit and i’ve been in two minds because i know i have some minors following me, but i think it’s unrealistic to act like sex is not a thing in my writing—i exclusively write romance, after all, and all of my characters are adults. sometimes they get busy, y’know? 

so to that end, i’m putting it out there that this blog may not always be safe for work. i’m going to be careful to tag everything as thoroughly as i can, and i will always put warnings on posts and put explicit content below the cut. if you are a minor, or otherwise uninterested in reading this content PLEASE blacklist the tags #explicit content and #cw: sex, or feel free to unfollow—i won’t mind! 

i’ll chuck this post in the queue to spit it out a few times over the next few days! 

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i’m deadass sitting on two snippets and a character intro bc i don’t want to like, flood people’s dashs/the tags but like….would people want to see them now or on the morrow? 

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yesterday was one week without you. I couldn’t do this yesterday and face the fact that this week is what the rest of my life will feel like. this has been one of the worst weeks of my life. I feel so lost, yet at peace knowing that you’re happier. I miss you more than anything, but I know you want me to keep going it. it’s just hard when you’re not here to bring light to me every single day. soon enough it’ll be two weeks without you, then a month, 6 months, and a year. I don’t think this will ever get easier. it’ll never be easier to wake up and know you’re not here with me. I’ll never be as happy as I was with you, but I need to try. i’m gonna try, for you, because I know this is what you’d want. I love you so much, more than you ever knew. I know you’re with me, always

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I wouldn’t say there’s much discourse but there ARE constant ‘how to be ___ and be dark academia’ posts and people think this is a competition. They need to learn their academic title doesn’t make them better than others

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