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The problem with Beach House is that Myth was the first song i ever heard from them, and every time I try listen to a different song of theirs, I hold the fact it isn’t Myth against it.

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“What makes this fragile world go round?

Were you ever lost?

Was she ever found?

Somewhere in these eyes.”

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Cause the seal is a wily and a vicious creature

And the seal will bite you if you give it half a chance

Yeah the seal has a mind set on violence

And the seal is the sworn enemy of man

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The branches of the trees, they will hang lower now

You will grow too quick, then you will get over it

Beach House, “Levitation” from Depression Cherry

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Mermaid ceramic tile for coastal decor or backsplash at Nancy Q Studio.  Art by Nancy Quiaoit. 

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Sensational beach house offers sweeping views over Nantucket Harbor

Sensational beach house offers sweeping views over Nantucket Harbor

This sensational beach house, a family compound designed by Workshop/APD is located on Nantucket, a tiny, isolated island off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Residing on one of Nantucket’s most picturesque plots, this dwelling on Nantucket Harbor is the culmination of two years of design and construction.
Working within historic district commission guidelines, the architects utilized the existing home…


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I was looking out of the window at the sky. Starless vigil of a life that has gone by. Saturn turning and I feel there’s not much more. For a vision of the night turn off your light.

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Inviting seaside home perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Inviting seaside home perched on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean

Brandon Architects in collaboration with Patterson Custom Homes has designed this inviting seaside home located in Corona Del Mar, a neighborhood in the city of Newport Beach, California. Perched atop Buck Gully, this amazing home takes advantage of its unique site with sweeping ocean views and multiple levels connected via a switchback staircase that floats above a foyer atrium.


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