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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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@beansprouts replied to your post “IMG DESC OF NOTES FOR A RHACK TWITCH AU UNDER CUT:[[MOR] Jack…”

your rhack fic is like…. what is keeping me going throughout this quarantine… thank you for my life

[weeping softly] thank you, i am glad it brings u joy….. i am back in the hellpit at least until i have written a small fic of this au……. they are all… so incompetent…..

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Uh i have this but its kinda old now and i plan on remaking the reference to be more accurate to how he is at current in fic!!!

Theres also just like… the tag on that post of “useless monster reference” which is all the like old refs (including USJ and a height comp)

And then all my art for this fic i have personally made is tagged “useless monster art” for you to have ready access to!!!

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Send me a ‘hi’ and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to you as a poem.


these are the flowers that you hate

i have known your love

the cold empty mornings

i cant unfeel your pain

the mirrors image tells me its home time


hey bean, how did this end up being like an actual poem????

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No. 313 Chicken, carrot, bean sprouts, avocado


Today’s lunch:

  • Torihamu homemade chicken ham
  • Sesame-sauteed carrots
  • Bean sprout namul
  • Sauteed avocado
  • Rice

I had to sauté the avocado because it was underripe. XD; Otherwise, I would have simply dressed it with ponzu (citrus-flavoured soy sauce).

This is the same batch of torihamu as my previous lunch, made with’s recipe. I’m looking forward to trying different variations of my own.

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oh geez, i’ll try to, thank u for the ask 💕

1) my hair and how it’s changed all throughout my life

2) my art, even though it’s been a bit hard to keep a consistent style

3) the way i express myself, how even if i’m afraid of whatever i’m dealing with i’ll still stand strong

4) my clothing style, because it’s felt so much more freeing lately, to be able to wear what i like

and 5) cheesy but my life, i’ve learned to like it and become more comfortable with being alive

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noticed you said something about how all perfume is too sweet but you would be interested in acquiring some less sweet- would you be interested in suggestions? I've been super into indie online perfume shops which not only tend to use more unique scents but also don't market with the strict gender binary of mainstream perfume/cologne. As an example I have a scent I love called Snow Wolf which is mostly fir and frankincense and not sweet at all. (ps I love your blog & you're an inspiration!!!)

Honestly not really because I’m just too picky about smells so buying something online might mean I dropped a stack on something that I will hate when it finally arrives, but thank you. 

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