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#bear bones dino
glimmerkey · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Build-a-Bear Halloween 2021 Releases
Pumpkin Glow Bear / Midnight Sparkle Cat
Bear Bones Dino / Pumpkin Spice Bear
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mostlysignssomeportents · 6 months ago
Bill Gates will kill us all
Tumblr media
2.5b people in Earth's 130 poorest countries have not been vaccinated. The 85 poorest countries won't be vaccinated until 2023. The humanitarian cost is unforgivable - and self-defeating, as each infected person is a potential source of new strains.
How the actual fuck did this happen?
What happened to the early pledges by governments, the WHO, public health experts and leading research institutions to create global cooperation in vaccine development, eschewing patents and secrecy so that we could rescue our species?
That dream was smashed.
Many people helped create our vaccine apartheid, the single individual who did the most to get us here is Bill Gates, through his highly ideological "philanthropic" foundation, which exists to push his pitiless doctrine of unfettered monopoly.
It was Gates who sabotaged the WHO Covid-19 Technology Access Pool (C-TAP), replacing it with his failed ACT-Accelerator, a system of patents and secrecy and vast profits for the pharma industry, ornamented with nonbinding, failed promises of access for poor nations.
It was Gates who convinced Oxford to renege on its promise of patent-free access to its publicly funded vaccine research for the global south in favor of exclusive patent access for Astrazeneca.
When we hear ghoul sellouts like Howard Dean pushing the racist, genocidal lie that "patents don't matter" because brown people in poor countries can't make vaccines, we're hearing Gates's talking points:
Gates's role in vaccine apartheid is laid out in exquisite detail in Alexander Zaitchik's outstanding New Republic feature, which delves into Gates's longstanding project to sideline democratic governments and cooperation in favor of monopoly tyranny.
Tumblr media
This goes way, way back. I mean, *waaaay* back, all the way to 1976, when Gates wrote his infamous "Open Letter to Hobbyists," decrying the dominant, cooperative mode of software development and calling its practitioners thieves.
Gates's fortune depended on creating a software monopoly, and that monopoly required "intellectual property" protection. Gates has always been a monopolist, and so naturally, he loves IP (before "IP" was a common term, copyrights and patents were called "monopolies").
Intellectual property is a very important part of the inequality story, the story of how we got to a world where billions of people are denied vaccines and where all people face new, more virulent strains as a result.
As UNCTAD chief economist Richard Kozul-Wright told Lynn Fries for GPE: "[IP allows companies] to grab a larger share of what has already been produced in the economy."
It's a means of extracting rents, not for doing things, but for OWNING things.
IP is key to tax avoidance: companies like Ikea transfer "IP" (the Ikea trademark) to a numbered company in a tax haven; each national Ikea subsidiary pays "licensing fees" for the trademark equal to 100% of their in-country profits, so they never earn a (taxable) cent.
The transformation of the world into a monopolized system of IP-heavy, rent-extracting, tax-dodging companies really kicked into gear after 1999, with the signing of the WTO agreement and its IP adjunct, the TRIPPS, and as Zaitchik details, Gates was instrumental there.
For this part of the story, Zaitchik talks to Jamie Love, who was at the UN when NGOs like his were pushing to create vaccine and other pharma pools for the global south, while pharma companies handed out pamphlets bearing the Gates Foundation logo, smearing the plan.
Though the US delegation struggled for credibility, the combination of the Gates Foundation, and former US trade officials fronting for  the global pharma industry managed to sideline the project, which was being driven by the demand for equitable access to AIDS drugs.
With Gates's help, the WTO emerged as an IP enforcement powerhouse. Zaitchik cites Dylan Mohan Gray: "it took Washington 40 years to threaten apartheid South Africa with sanctions and less than four to threaten the post-apartheid Mandela government over AIDS drugs."
Incredibly, the Gates Foundation used this to burnish its humanitarian image: they solicited donations from pharma companies and used them to subsidize AIDS drugs in the global south, a maneuver that let them seem like philanthropists.
When in reality, they had overseen a program to systematically deny the world's poorest and most threatened people the right to make their own drugs, making them dependent on the whims of multinational corporate charity instead.
Sound familiar? Today, Gates runs around repeating the lie that poor people can't make their own medicine,  saying that patent exemptions won't make a difference now - to the extent he's right, the world *now* is the crucial one.
Having sabotaged the efforts by poor countries to engage in the kind of production ramp-up the rich world saw as vaccines were being developed, it may *now* be too late. "Because of my bad ideas *then*, it's too late *now*."
The connection between IP and elite philanthropy is deep and important. IP's rent-seeking and tax-dodging has made poor countries beholden to offshore monopolists in health, agriculture and IT, and then starved them of taxes to build up domestic alternatives.
This, in turn, makes them dependent on "gifts" from the billionaires who arm-twisted them into IP treaties, forced them to pay rent on all domestic production, and then profit-shifted the funds out of the reach of their tax-collectors.
As Anand Giridharadas reminded us in his seminal "Winners Take All," the core purpose of elite philanthropy has been the same since the robber-baron era: to burnish the reputations of monsters who take everything and give back crumbs.
Reading Jamie Love's quotes in Zaitchik's article reminded me of my own time working with Jamie and Knowledge Ecology International at WIPO in Geneva, when I was an NGO delegate to a global DRM treaty.
You see, at WIPO, the vast majority of NGOs aren't human rights organizations or other public interest groups - they're industry associations representing tech, entertainment, broadcast and pharma monopolists.
These guys - almost all guys - were just aghast when real NGOs started showing up for these meetings and were absolutely shameless in their sabotage of our efforts to balance their corporate lies (absolutely bald-faced lies were routinely entered into the debates).
How petty? Well, they had been accustomed to writing up "fact-sheets" for the day's debate and handing them off to WIPO staffers working for the secretariat, who would photocopy them and set them out on literature tables for the national delegates.
So we started doing this too: we'd take careful notes on the day's debates, convene with global experts to debunk industry association lies, get our Indymedia friends to translate them into six languages, and hand them off to the secretariat in the morning for copying.
So they got the secretariat - a former US textiles negotiator who made her bones helping create the conditions for slave labor in places like Bangladesh - to end the practice of photocopying papers for all NGOs.
Of course the industry bodies had cushy offices in Geneva, whereas we stayed in flophouses and youth hostels. They could ask their underlings to come in early and do their copying for them, whereas we had to take a bus to the all-night copy-shop to get our handouts copied.
Here's where it gets super-weird: our handouts started to go missing. We'd set out our stacks of paper on the literature tables before the morning session and an hour later, they'd all be gone, but none of the delegates had managed to get a copy.
We found those missing the garbage, behind potted plants and in the *toilets*.
No, seriously.
And here's the kicker: during the ensuing furore, the main response from the pharma lobbyists was to object to us calling ourselves "public interest NGOs."
I'll never forget this smarmy sociopath in his expensive suit, with his shit-eating grin, standing there saying, "Phamaceuticals serve the public interest, and our industry association is a nonprofit. We are a non-profit, public-interest NGO."
It was a remarkable sight. 20 years later, their version of the public interest - the doctrine of Gates - has produced a multi-billion-person reservoir of the sick and vulnerable who are doomed to serve as factories for highly virulent variants.
This is a literally genocidal doctrine, and it threatens our very civilization. It's a funny kind of non-profit, public interest move for an industry and its billionaire ideologue funders to have made.
But hey, at least no one's "intellectual property" took a hit.
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buildabeardaily · 21 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Todays build a bear of the day is: Online Exclusive Bear Bones Dino!
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plushieplayground · a month ago
Tumblr media
Halloween 2021 Online Exclusive "Bear Bones Dino"
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cutiemarkstims · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
with neon colors and kandi for myself!
sources: x x x / x x x / x x x
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baby-beansprout · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
🦴Online Exclusive Bear Bones Dino🦴
Guys I love him so much 🥺
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battle-of-alberta · 11 days ago
Hello! Recently I've been thinking about the Tyrell Museum and their Foundations exhibit, which focuses on fossils found because of industry in Alberta. With most parts of Alberta having some connection to a fossil find (whether that's marine reptiles in the oil sands or the ammolite mines south of Lethbridge) I'm curious: what's all of your favourite fossil(s)?
The complete list follows - some of them are based on specific fossils and some of them are reconstructions of fragments found locally, some were found in the 19th century and some were discovered recently... let’s go!
Tumblr media
A short ways from GP is the densest dinosaur bone bed in the world, and if that wasn’t metal enough it’s known officially as the River of Death. 
Tumblr media
The Danek bone bed was discovered in 1989 and is one of the few bone beds in the world you can explore without leaving city limits. It was ignored until recently because the bones are so fragmented, but has been frequented by paleontology students from the world famous University of Alberta each summer since 2006. Edmontosaurus is one of two types of dinosaur named after the city (Edmontonia, a type of ankylosaur, is the other).
Tumblr media
The formations near Fort Mac are very interesting, and not just the Devonian layer where that tasty tar is extracted to be processed into oil. Borealopelta is a recent discovery and one of many happy accidents of industry - it has amazingly preserved skin! This is from the McMurray formation, which sits on top of a mysteriously missing chunk of time as well as the Waterways Foundation which as its name suggests has all those lovely marine specimens. 
Tumblr media
As mentioned in the ask, Lethbridge is famous for ammolite, an ancient seashell that glistens in all the colours of the rainbow. Southern Alberta is probably the only place in the world where specimens like this can be found, and there’s definitely a reason that it’s thought of as the province’s unofficial gemstone.
Tumblr media
The Red Deer River was the site of young Joseph B. Tyrell’s discovery of the very first specimen of Albertosaurus in 1884, which was named the same year that Alberta became a province in 1905. When paleontologist Dr. Phillip J. Currie tracked down Tyrell’s bonebed in 1996, we discovered from the other specimens there that huge carnivorous tyrannosaurs like Albertosaurus did in fact hang out in large groups (and would give each other little play love bites on the face). Today, Drumheller is world renowned for the museum that bears Tyrell’s name. (As always, Drum belongs to @zomsaurus)
Tumblr media
Banff isn’t as famous a site for fossils as nearby Yoho National Park across the provincial border, but the two certainly encourage overlap in tourism. The Burgess Shale is home to some of the oldest fossils in the world and one of the only places where both hard and soft bodied tissue of cool things like trilobytes are preserved pristine.
Tumblr media
Thanatotheristes is a recent discovery (2010) and the first new tyrannosaur to be discovered in Canada in 50 years. It’s got some distinctive bumps on its snoot and is already filling in gaps in the tyrannosaur family tree.
Tumblr media
Calgary, despite being so near to many famous paleontological discoveries, doesn’t really have a lot to do with significant fossils and fossil finding. The paleontological culture at U of C is surprisingly weak for an institution with the team name “Dinos”, but maybe it’s not so surprising as paleontology is one of the specialties at U of A that other institutions would not dare compete against... p: (Credit where credit is due though- it was U of C who played a role in documenting our lovely Thanatotheristes in the previous image)
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build-a-beary-workshop · a month ago
Do you like the Halloween Build a Bears? I have mixed thoughts.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I like the Bear Bones Dino and the Howl-O-Ween Werewolf bear since they are creative and just the right mix of scary cute.
Tumblr media
Also I still want this Pumpkin Glow Bear with the Suit because I like the David S. Pumpkin's thing in an ironic way. If only they could come to Australia.
Tumblr media
As for the rest, it's more meh.
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badger-stream · 5 months ago
I guess I have returned to Mr. Pickles and Happy Tree Friend fandoms after than a loong daydream, and remembered why I loved Flippy so much. If we don't count his killings, it' s because he has the most background story and character development in the series.
I realized that Flippy was a Sergeant/Noncom because (I quote from the Happy Tree Friend Wiki) "episodes of Happy Tree Friends show him with a sergeant insignia". The bright and pale mark on his beret is probably the flag/mark of his own squad.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I' m sure he is an infantry because of the weapons he is using.
Shields? Check! When he was battling with Fliqpy at the music shop (at the Double Whammy, part 1 or 2), he used a cymbal to protect himself from the pipes as a shield. Also the fact that Fliqpy used the pipes as a arrows on Flippy, and killed Sniffles with burning arrows at the Double Whammy' s part 1 implies that he also knows how to use arrows. Which can be a bonus point.
Swords? Check - if we can count his bowie knife as a sword. He also has a machete (at the Random Acts Of Silence), so, bonus point.
Spears? I don' t remember if he used a spear, but I wouldn't get suprised if he used one.
He knows how to handle a grenade. At the 1 part of Double Whammy, I remember he killed Disco Bear with a grenade blow after cutting his throat and chest, and also giving it to the Petunia at the end of the Hide And Seek casually.
I don' t remember about guns, but i' m sure he didn't needed them, since he uses hand-to-hand combat. Because he didn't used guns and gun - like things, he had to develop creative ways that works correctly - so his squad wouldn't abandon him or start a riot against him and stop listening him - sorry, I don' t really know if you can disobey to your Sergeant/squad leader and abandon the crew or not, my only helper is Google and Google Translate -, he had to teach both himself, both his crew how to turn anything into a weapon, or a shield. He had to be creative...
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This explains how he was able to use candy canes as weapons, and carve Shifty' s body with a fricking cookie at the Easy For You To Sleigh. I mean, WHO even thinks about using candy canes and cookies as weapon while you can just get your bowie knife? Only somebody who teach himself to see a weapon out of everything in a dangerous situation - or the otherwise, as he forced himself to believe the hand bomb at the pineapple bench is just an another pineapple at the Double Whammy part 1. This man killed cat soldiers with his own sharp bones at his wrists!! After the days he killed the Cat General, he probably teach his fellow soldiers how to mix the violence and creativity - just like how Fliqpy is doing at his violent outbursts - and since his techniques were working against the cat army, nobody left his side. The soldiers continued to see him as a respected and strong figure since they were winning almost every war with his techniques, despite he killed two of their allies, because he also killed a lot of cat soldiers, and the Cat General!
He developed himself at the army a lot. A fricking lot. One of the most obvious proofs of this his aiming and rightness of his aim. At the Operation: Tiger Bomb, we see him accidently throwing a pizza slice instead of the knife to the Cat General, and throwing the knife to the invisible Sneaky' s stomach when he was aimed at to the cat soldiers. His aim wasn't the best at those times. But at the Hide And Seek, we see him throwing a knife at a woodpecker' s chect, which killed it quickly.
He started as the beginner Sergeant who had to fight with cat soldiers, than developed himself and his soldiers as a death machine that can and will cause the most fearful, bloody mess for their enemies, than turned into a veteran than respected around the Happy Tree Friends Town; and to a tired bear that seeks healing and therapy from his bloody past. We don't know about the other characters as much as we do about Flippy and Fliqpy, nor see this much development from them.
Do we know how or when Handy lost half of his arms? No.
Do we know about what happened to Pop' s wife/Cub' s mother? No.
Do we know about how Lammy find Mr. Pickles at the first place, or why she is keeping him by her side at all - since their relationship is pretty tox!c, man!pulate and gaslight - y? Do we know about what pushed Shifty and Lifty to be thieves? Do we know how Splendid get his powers? Do we know how and why Nutty' s candy addition started? Do we know how Toothy and Cuddles' friendship started, or Petunia - Flaky - Giggles trio started?
No, we don't.
Probably after than Flippy/Fliqpy, Cro-Marmot (Dino-Dore Days, the black-white episode) and Splendid (Ka-Pow!' s Mirror Mirror episode) has this much backstory, but Cro-Marmot is kinda boring and plain for me, and Splendid is the Marry Sue version of Disco Bear - and I hate both of them. Neither of them has the screen time, nor character arc/backstory that Flippy has, and his backstory is probably the longest in the HTF history.
That's one of the reasons why I love him so much
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aftgficrec · 7 months ago
Omg it’s OPEN!!!!! So two requests 😅, newish fics with autistic characters and fics where Andrew and Neil fight?? ... I think I’ve read all the old ones.
Thank you so much you guys are THE BEST
Here you go!  The most recent autistic (main) character fics we could find, plus a new Andreil getting into a fight fic that is still a WIP.  -F
Autistic characters:
autistic andrew minyard series by enbyreneewalker [Rated T, 6612 words, 3 Complete Works, Updated 2020]
part 1: i find my place (in your arms) [Rated T, 2567 Words, Complete, 2020]
(trigger warning: r-slur)
“If you don’t pick up the pace, I’ll sign you retards up for-”
Wymack was cut off by the loud slam of a racket against the court walls. “Don’t fucking use that word,” Andrew said, every word a battle to get out of his throat. He tore off his helmet, dropping it on the floor alongside his racket, before walking quickly to the court doors.
or, Andrew has a meltdown in front of the team
(tw: sensory overload, tw: self-harm, tw: ableism, tw: ableist language)
part 2: (in all the world) there is no love for you but mine [Rated T, 1699 words, Complete 2020]
“Wait. Hold on. Can we go back to what Matt said? I am not your child.” Neil scowled at Matt.
Dan jumped in. “You are our child. You’re baby.”
Neil sighed. “Matt. Dan. I’ve killed people. I am not ‘baby’.”
“No, you’re baby,” Andrew said.
“See! Even Andrew agrees with us!” Matt said with a smile. His face fell. “Oh no, even Andrew agrees with us.”
or, team bonding dinner at Abby's!!!!
(tw: implied/referenced ableism)
part 3: you built a house just to call it home [Rated T, 2346 words, Complete 2020]
Andrew shifted his hands so that he could pick King up. He cradled her against his chest, happy rocking side to side slightly when she continued to purr. Andrew looked up at Neil, frowning slightly at the smile on their face.
“Staring, Josten,” he muttered.
“What about it?” they replied indignantly. “This is adorable.”
Andrew scowled at them. “I am not adorable.” They continued to look at him, their smile growing wider. “No, no. Don’t look at me like that, asshole.”
“So cute,” they cooed, smiling even more. “Like a little teddy bear.”
“257%, dickhead.”
or; they get cats and andrew reflects on memories and recovery
(tw: implied/referenced self harm, tw: implied/referenced rape/noncon, tw: implied/referenced suicidal ideation)
Minyard-Josten Rivalry by Rory_writes [Rated M, 189758 words, Incomplete, Updated November 2020]
My take on the Minyard-Josten Rivalry/Pro Andreil!
A long collection of sequential scenes throughout Andrew and Neil's lives, post books.
Including, but not limited to, my interpretation of the Minyard-Josten Rivalry, the old Foxes playing with kittens for a YouTube video, so much soft and sweet Andreil you will get cavities, and headcanons I have been thinking about all year.
(Not complete, but still being written)
(tw: transphobia, tw: racism, tw: implied/referenced abuse, tw: homophobic language)
Neil Loves Dinosaurs series by infernalstars [Rated G/T, 32616 words, 17 Complete Works, Updated 2020]
part 1: Dino Boy [Rated G, 2937 words]
“Did you have a favorite?” Andrew asked.
Neil smiled. “Brachiosaurus.”
“That’s the tall one?”
or in which Andrew Minyard takes his boyfriend, Neil Josten, to a museum to look at dinosaur bones and buys him a stuffed animal.
(tw: ableism, tw: sensory overload, tw: implied/referenced abuse)
NB: there are 16 additional fics in this series that we chose not to list for space reasons
Autistic Kevin HC by @dayzone [Tumblr, 2020]
Andreil arguing:
Andreil arguing 1 here
Andreil arguing 2 here
Andreil arguing 3 here
please come back, save me from myself by unearthly [Not Rated, 1720 words, Incomplete, Updated February 2021]
"this is a whole different level of agony Neil was never prepared for and has no clue how to deal with. this is a monster of his own making inside himself and he doesn’t know how to fight his own head, never has, but especially not when a part of him thinks he deserves it this time."
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thefoodarchivist · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today we made some delicious, healthy jelly sweets! We made some cute gummibears 🐻 dinosaurs🦖🦕 and hearts ♥️ using only two ingredients.
I’ve been meaning to make these for ages but needed to buy the key necessity- a silicone mould with teensy tiny little dints in the shape of bears. I found a set on Amazon which also included hearts and dinos so naturally went with that one 😍
I had some great quality grass fed beef gelatin in the cupboard, which is really good for gut health, your skin/nails/hair/joints/bones and providing protein. All those super amino acids! Aside from that you just need your fruit juice or smoothie of choice and if you wish, some honey to sweeten. I just used the juice.
It’s really simple. Just heat one cup of fruit juice or smoothie in a pan (with honey or other sweetener if you wish) until just about to come to a simmer, then turn the heat down and sprinkle on 4 tbsp gelatin a little at a time, whisking gently until dissolved. Use the pipette included with the moulds to fill them up, then put in the fridge for half an hour or so to set.
It’s fun to make a variety of colours/juice flavours, so it feels like you’ve got your own little pick ‘n’ mix selection! Cosima loved these and so did I. The Lovely Husband doesn’t enjoy the texture of jelly sweets so I made him some dark chocolate alternatives, which made him super happy 🥰
Tumblr media
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castawaycorpse · 2 months ago
As promised, I'm back with another dino post! Today, we;re covering the Acanthostega Gunnari! Fair warning, the skull is a little.... holey, so if you've got Trypophobia like me or you just get squimish from it, maybe avert your eyes!
Phylum: Chordata
Family: Acanthostegidae
Genus: Acanthostega
Species: A. Gunnari
Temporal Range: Late Devonian
The name Acanthostega means “Spiny Roof.” The remains of these dinos were first discovered by Jennifer A. Clack in East Greenland in 1987. This is somewhat of a misleading statement, however, as there were fragments of the skull found in 1933 by Gunnar Save-Soderbergh and Erik Jarvik.
This dinosaur has been found to be about 60cm (24in) in length and had about eight digits on each hand. The number of digits on the feet is so far unclear. The dinos “fingers” appear to have been linked with webbing similar to a duck, and it lacked wrist joints. In general, this guy wasn’t made for land travel. The shoulders and forelimbs were fish-like, and the feet couldn’t bend forward at the elbow, so they couldn’t move into the position necessary to bear weight. This creature was really evolved for life in the water, as basically everything for their movement was suited for paddling and holding onto underwater foliage.
Interestingly, this is the first stem-tetrapod to have shown the shift from the pectoral girdle to the pelvic girdle. Basically, that means this particular dino was evolving so its pelvic bone could bear weight. Older fossils show the two sides of the girdle as being unattached. The spine was also fused to the sacral rib. These fusions made the pelvic region more sturdy and powerful and gave the -saur better ability to counter gravity out of the water. The dino also had lungs, however, its ribs were too short to support the chest cavity when out of the water. The creature also had internal gills, covered like a fish’s gills.
Based on what we know of the dino, it probably lived in shallow water, much like a swamp. Its legs simply weren’t adapted for land movement. Jennifer Clack interpreted this as showing that this dino was primarily aquatic and likely descended from prehistoric fish. This dino’s skull is also a change from the typical, as its lower jaw is different from that of the fish with two layers of teeth. This reflects the change in stem-tetrapods from feeding exclusively when submerged in the water to feeding with the head above water or even on land.
By analyzing the skull structure of the dino, we can theorize that the species bit at prey at or near the water’s edge to hunt. Comparing the skull to that of fish who use suction feeding, and creatures who use biting to hunt, experts found that the Acanthostega was built for terrestrial-style feeding. If correct, this confirms that the creature lived in shallow water and hunted terrestrial creatures near the water’s edge, similar to modern-day alligators and crocodiles. New developments also indicate it is possible Acanthostega evolved from an ancestor with more terrestrial adaptations than itself.
While this dino doesn’t appear in the JW movies or novels, it made an appearance as a tournament creature in the game Jurassic World: The Game. Unfortunately, the creature is NOT depicted accurately in the slightest. In-game, it is shown to live on land, and it’s shown to have weight-bearing capabilities to its front legs. This is unfortunate, as the game does have a slew of aquatic creatures, and this would have made a wonderful addition.
Alrighty, picture time! Same format here, JWU version, skull, then the theorized appearance back when this baby was alive!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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buckys-forgotten-plum · a year ago
Bear Shaped Sammies {S.R}
Tumblr media
Pairing: Daddy!Steve Rogers x Little!Reader
Prompt: You and Steve go camping together for the first time.
Warnings: DD/LG dynamic, suggestive themes👀👀 Daddy Steve being a cutie🥺, fluffiness
Word Count: 1600+ whoopsies hehe
This is a drabble request for @donutloverxo Hope you like it:) Sorry it took a bit longer, I kept getting distracted heheh… Also this is my first attempt at writing anything remotely...lewd? saucy? naughty? smutty? Anyways pls be gentle I’m sensitive 🙊
I truly do apologize for any format bullshit that happens when i post this again i am doing this from my iphone hahaaahahhhhhhh...
*⋆ ⍋*⋆⍋⋆*✩
The sun shone brightly through the car windows as you excitedly bounced up and down in your seat, your favourite stuffie clutched in your arms.
“you excited baby bear?” Your chest warms at the nickname given to you by your absolutely favourite person in the world.
“Yes daddy! Can’t wait to go camping with you,” you grin over at Steve who gave you a quick glance before dutifully turning his attention back on the road.
Trees surrounded the car that was filled with camping supplies and inflatable water toys for the lake. The radio was turned to a low volume, playing a mix of Steve’s favourite songs and Disney music for you.
“It’ll only be a few more minutes, then we can set up camp and go for a quick swim, okay?” Steve moved his right hand from the steering will and set it atop your thigh, giving it a loving squeeze.
“Yes Please! Can Tubs go swimming with us? He told me he wants to go!” You hold the soft plushie out to the side of Steve’s face, making him chuckle.
“Baby bear I don’t think Tubs will like lake water. He can help us set up camp and build a fire, okay?” Daddy gives you a bright smile and quickly pets the top of your stuffies head before bringing his hand back down to your thigh.
You nod your head in agreement and focus your gaze back to the pretty scenery quickly passing by.
*⋆ ⍋*⋆⍋⋆*✩
“Daddy stop! D-Daddy please it tickles!” Your high pitched squeals could be heard bouncing off the trees as you failed miserably to escape Steve’s water gun attack.
“This is what you get for splashing me, bub!” Steve was laughing like a madman, quickly pumping up the gun and spraying you with another dose of cold lake water.
“Eeek!” You let out another shriek of surprise, trying to wade away from the attack but failing when your foot caught on the side of a rock, causing you to face plant into the water.
It takes you a second to right yourself and before you can properly stand up, large hands slide around your waist and pull you above the water line. You could hear Steve’s laughter through the murky plug of water in your ears and you frowned before turning around to face him.
“S’not funny daddy! I almost died!” your poor attempt at being angry with the jovial man holding onto you is lost as he looks down, a bright smile gracing his lips.
His hands travel from your waist and over your bottom before settling to the soft backs of your thighs and lifting you up. Your hands find the back of his neck to steady yourself on and your legs wrap around his waist.
“But I saved you honey bunny. I will always save you,” His deep voice sent warmth up your chest and face while the strong grip of his hands sent heat somewhere else.
“I know Daddy, that’s why I love you so much,” you smile and shove your face into the crook of his neck, giving him a loving muzzle before pulling away.
Steve sighs and begins carrying you back to shore, “it’s almost dinner time, does my baby wanna have a ham sammie tonight? I brought the bear cut out for you,”
Your eyes widen in glee and you begin to bounce yourself up and down in the man's grasp, “yes please!”
Steve smiles down at you before leaning down and connecting his lips to yours in a soft kiss. Your arms tighten around Steve’s neck as you pull yourself closer to him, quickly losing yourself in the sweet taste of his lips.
He pulls away much too soon for your liking, continuing to carry you up to the spot he had picked out to set up camp. Gently setting you down in front of the tent, Steve goes over to a tub and pulls out a large fluffy beach towel marked with elephants and zebras for you to wrap yourself in.
“Thank you Daddy,” your voice is slightly muffled by the material of the towel.
“Of course baby bear, thank you for using your manners,” he leans down to kiss your temple before getting a towel for himself and quickly drying his hair and body.
You keep your towel wrapped around you and hop over to the picnic table, wanting to watch as your daddy made sandwiches for dinner. As he begins to get the ingredients out of the cooler, you let your eyes wander over his exposed chest. It wasn’t hard for you to get lost in thoughts about how absolutely gorgeous his body was, a perfect sculpture of taught muscle and smooth, tanned skin. It was always a sure fire way to get you hot and bothered. All your daddy had to do was take his shirt off and you’d be putty in his large veiny hands- “You want chips too, baby?”
You involuntarily jump as his words knock you from your increasingly naughty thoughts. “wha-?” you shake your head, trying to rid the hazy feeling that had swept over you.
Steve let out a quiet chuckle and repeated his question, “Oh! Y-Yes please, Daddy,”
The man lets out a deep hum of acknowledgement and turns around to go grab a snack sized bag of chips for you. Once he had finished making both of your plates, he slid yours over to you before walking around the side of the table to sit down beside you.
“I got you a juice box too baby,” he mumbles quietly and sets the small box of apple juice next to your plate.
“Oooh! Thank you Daddy!” you happily begin to dig into your meal, smiling brightly when you see your sandwich cut into the shape of a teddy bear.
The both of you ate quietly for a few minutes, enjoying each other’s company as well as the tasty food on your plates.
“Once we’re done eating we gotta change you into some jammies honey bunny,” Steve states after realizing how long you’d been in your swimsuit.
“We can’t go swimming again?” you ask sadly, looking up at your daddy with puppy eyes.
“Mmm, no not tonight baby, it’s getting too dark. We can always go swimming again tomorrow,” he shakes his head and wraps an arm around you in hopes of making you feel a little bit better.
“Okay…” You were still a little deflated at the thought of not being able to swim again tonight, but after a quick mention of a campfire from Steve, you were back to jumping in your seat from excitement.
*⋆ ⍋*⋆⍋⋆*✩
After finishing your dinner, Steve takes you into the canvas tent and helps you get out of the slightly damp suit. He helps you decide on what pajamas to wear (tonight you had chosen a tank top patterned with pastel dinos along with matching sleep shorts), then assists you into them. You wait quietly, legs crossed as you sit on your sleeping bag, and wait for Steve to get changed into your favourite pair of grey joggers.
He has no shame when shucking off the grey swim trunks, leaving himself bare as he trifles through his duffel bag of clothes. You would usually turn your head away from shyness, but tonight you just couldn’t help yourself.
“Princess it’s not nice to stare,” Steve’s voice was lower than normal and he gave a warning glance.
“S-Sorry Daddy,” you mumble out quickly and turn away.
You don’t miss the quiet footsteps that make their way over to you before a familiar hand gently grips your jaw and turns your head to meet bright blue eyes.
“I didn’t tell you to stop, Sugar,” A quick inhale of breath is sucked into your lungs at the nickname, knowing he only uses it at special times.
A soft nudge of his nose against yours, a sweep of his impossibly long eyelashes against the apple of your cheek, and you're already too far gone to notice the breathlessness your voice “Daddy,”
“Yes baby?” His grip tightens and you can’t help the quiet whimper that bubbles up from your throat.
“Got tingles… Want you to help,” you mumble out, eyes closed as you feel your daddy’s hot breath cascade over your jugular.
“Oh Sugar...You know how much I love to help you when you get tingles,” He gives an open mouth kiss to the sensitive skin of your throat, earning another whine from you, “Got so worked up just from seein’ Daddy strip,”
Your hand goes up to tangle in the soft head of hair Steve had let grow out a bit, “Please Daddy...Wanna play with you,”
A deep rumble of laughter sounds from his lips and his hands move to grip the soft flesh of your thighs, spreading them ever so slightly, “I would love to, Darlin’...But you promised Tubs a campfire,”
And just like that, Steve steps away from you, leaving you confused and flustered on your sleeping bag as he pulls his joggers on.
“Wha-Daddy you-“ “Come on baby bear, it’s gonna start gettin’ chilly soon,” Steve bends down and scoops your still dazed form into his arms, making sure to grab Tubs before he walks out of the tent.
You couldn’t help the small whine as your legs wrapped tightly around his waist to press the entirety of your body against his.
“If you’re a good girl,” he pauses to grip your ass, pushing you against the bone of his hip and making you let out a quiet gasp, “Daddy will let you play on his lap,”
“I’ll be a good girl, Daddy. Pinky Promise,” You mumble into the crook of his neck, your body humming at the hidden meaning behind his promise.
“That’s my girl, Sugar,”
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build-a-bear-bestie · 19 days ago
this week’s build a bear of the week is: the ‘online exclusive bear bones dino’!
Tumblr media
height: 16 inches!
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casualbeartyphoon · 20 days ago
Hard to get a good photo of this little guy. The build a bear online exclusive Bones Dino. His name is Gerard :•)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stimmy--cryptid · 21 days ago
^-^ would u do the build a bear online exclusive bear bones dino for the halloween theme !! i love it so much its so sweet
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bunniflops · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
we found all the dino bones ! i got a lot of help from papa bear because my hands got tired ;^; i hafta tell scooby he can’t eat these bones !!! 🦖🦴
Tumblr media
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viostormcaller · 10 months ago
Man I wanna treat my teddy Waffles the same way the OP of that post treats their dino Wexter
Like they bought toy bones and a collar for her like that's so cute??? I want Waffles to have that kinda life
Like I wanna buy him clothes from build a bear and toy food (bc I am a SUCKER for toy food i dont even know why its just REALLY fun) and little fun things because I love him and I think that would be neat!!!
Man sometimes a beloved toy that you got as an indulgent purchase as an adult with your own money can be something that is so personal,
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