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#bear's den
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So, there are some musical artists that I’ve seen The Supernatural Fandom (The Destiel shippers in particular) flocking too (e.g. Taylor Swift, Lord Huron). I’d like to throw ‘Bear’s Den’ into the mix. Hear me out…  

Dean’s relationship with John and Mary

Above the Clouds Of Pompeii

‘You said ‘stay in the car and wait, there’s just some things I have to say.’ Don’t you know I miss her, too? I miss her just as much as you.’
‘Don’t cry, hold your head up high. She would want you to.’ 

Dean’s relationship with John (A+ Parenting Winchester)  

Breaker/ Keeper

‘I was a shoe horn. I was a crowbar. I was your Ohio Blue Tip. I was your old man. I was a best friend. That was then and that is all. My breaker, my keeper’

Dean’s relationship with Sam 


‘Brother, do you believe in an afterlife? Our souls’ll both collide in some great Elysium way up in the sky.’ 

‘Brother don’t grow up. Brother, please, never grow up’

Cas’ relationship with Dean  

Conversations with Ghosts
‘Do we talk anymore or do our voices dance around themselves in circles till we can’t hear a damn thing? We’re still as stone but our shadows are dancing upon the wall.’

‘And your voice just raging but how can I protect you from what happened to you then, what’s already been? I can’t give you the words that really should have come from him. Babe, I’m showing you my hand.’

Dean’s relationship with Cas 

The Love We Stole  

‘I was heaving breaths I couldn’t bear to breathe in. You came running and stood there silent, summoning my sin, to let it all out now. Show the world the love that you stole.’


‘I’ll wait at the gates or is it a fortress? I’m calling the blame, just let me own it. There are things I thought I could rise above and all the things I thought I was better than. And a coward might call it a conscience. And a liar might call it the truth. Nothing could ever make me more frightened than the thought of hurting you.’

Honourable Mention: Gabriel, which could honestly be Dean’s or Cas’ P.O.V or Sam’s if Sambriel’s your thing.   

‘It’s a part of me, Gabriel I wish I could deny. The face that I can barely recognise. He lives inside of me, every day of my life and I can hear him, screaming in the night.‘

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I missed the Solstice but here’s to Winter, and finding coziness and friendship in the coldest days.

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14. magdalene by bear’s den 

every day i would wait by the gates for you, with time how your heart withdrew. you said i never understand the pain or share the shame but you know that i want to’ 

also ‘so sing a song for the daughters of magdalene, all tied up in their white ribbon - if mary knew how she was being used, so misconstrued, how you were being used’

(send me a number from 1-100 and i’ll post my corresponding spotify wrapped song & my favourite lyric from it!)

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Think I hear what you’re saying

Think I need a drink

Well I’m keeping it together, but you don’t know the half of it

It’s starting to show, no I’m not on top of this

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<div> —  <a href=""><b>Bear’s Den,</b></a> <a href="">Agape</a><br> </div><span>For I’m so scared of losing you<br> And I don’t know what I can do about it<br> About it<br> So tell me how long, love, before you go<br> And leave me here on my own?<br> I know it<br> I don’t wanna know who I am without you</span>
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We need some help

I can only help you hurt yourself

I threw it all down the wishing well

Don’t throw it all down the wishing well

Don’t just say that we’re gonna get there

Show me where, show me where

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