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Have a selfie because I’d just finished a Zoom call and felt cute with my backdrop

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Is it truly an outfit if you don’t throw a jean jacket on top?

Featuring: me being alone at the office and sneaking in selfies.

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Here’s a Wednesday Drink Break with a Whiskey Breeze! Found this cocktail at Disney and I became obsessed with recreating it. It’s like an alcoholic version of smarties.(it’s fantastic)


1.5oz of Jim Beam Black

1oz Dolfi Orange Liqueur

.75oz Lemon Juice

0.5oz South Seas Blend Monin Syrup

Garnished with an orange and lemon swath.

Music: Dusk by Orchard Heights using iMovie

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I know it might sound really strange but I want to stoke Marco’s beard so badly. It just looks so fluffy.

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و عليكم السلام ورحمة الله وبركاته

“Sunnah” is a broad term. Imam Al Barabahāree رحمه الله has a beautiful statement from sharh asSunnah where he says “The Sunnah is Islam and Islam is the Sunnah”.

The entirety of Islam is the Sunnah but in regards to your question, you are asking me the meaning of Sunnah from the “Fiqhi” (juristic) point of view. This relates to actions being Mandatory (Fardh) or optional/encouraged (Sunnah).

So make sure to differentiate the two.

From the fiqhi perspective, it is haram to shave. Period. At the very least a man should not shave. He must “let it grow”. This is fardh. Mandatory. No difference of opinion with all schools of thought.

Then comes the length and perimeter of the beard. This is where they differed. This is irrelevant to this question so I’ll skip this part.

I’m assuming you think growing the beard is Sunnah? Sadly that is Incorrect. It is mandatory for every man to grow a beard. Let’s simply deduce that if shaving is haram then what else can it do but grow? At the very least this is the bare minimum. It is only after this that people “differ” about what’s allowed or not.


One important point to note is that the Messenger ﷺ “cursed the men who imitate women and the women who imitate men”. This is the barrier that leads to homosexuality. It is said the people of Prophet Lūt (lot) alayhisSalām were the first to shave their beards; their homosexuality lead them to imitate women to attract men. (How ironic).

Anyway. If I misunderstood msg me back and I’ll correct myself :)

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god I miss the days of our biggest worry being locals thinking lux was harry and taylor’s kid

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that’s fair! like I’ve said, people have different views on it, and I’ve seem non-straight larries say that we have no idea what H&L want, maybe they prefer PR relationships over exposing their real relationship to the world’s scrutiny, so then the beards would be helping them, but even so, I just think it’s wrong to send hate to any of these women even if you don’t support this, just stay in your lane and focus on the good parts lol

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