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sticksandsharks · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WOLVENDAUGHTER: pages 6 - 13
Bent on destruction, the Beast cuts a terrible swathe through towns and countryside, accompanied by its lone herald, the Daughter. A fable about the cycle of ruin and rebirth, perseverance, duty, and a grim hope.
WOLVENDAUGHTER is a 48 pages comic and is available via Kickstarter! You can back it as part of the Quindrie Press 2021 Comic Collection!
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theartofmany · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Artist: Antoine Verney-Carron Title: Ursasuchus “Crocodile / bear hybrid Maya/Zbrush/Mari/Arnold/texturingxyz going to sell this guy soon!” Oh wow...
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oxymitch · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The outbreak, the hysteria and the blame game on the minorities shown in this episode seem a bit relevant when Jubilee the Asian-American mutant got blamed by the ignorant bigots for the mysterious illness of the store owner. Storm saves Jubilee from the mob and brings her back to the X-Mansion where she was tested and proved negative. Jean Grey explains to Jubilee that the frightened people always look for someone to blame. 
- X-Men TAS: Time Fugitives part 1
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tetramera · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some critters
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sweetvixen1996 · a year ago
Tumblr media
My favorite part of Deadpool 2 is the implication that the X Mansion IS actually full but everyone just fucking HIDES from Wade whenever he stops by!
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sticksandsharks · a year ago
Tumblr media
hunted beast
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nathsketch · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’ve recently rewatched Notting Hill for the 500th time or so, and my favorite scene in the movie suddenly became the inspiration for this little Saturday piece!
Belle would love all those pretty British bookshops! I know I do! 📖 📚
Happy weekend! ✨
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jimidol · 8 months ago
beast | jjk
Tumblr media
⏤main pairing: jungkook x female reader
⏤genre: angst, fluff, and smut
⏤rating: M
⏤warnings: jealousy, alcohol consumption, dom!jungkook, some teasing, swearing, spanking, fingering, praising, hickeys, handjob, jungkook has big cock, riding, car sex, penetrative sex, unprotected sex (please be careful!), and creampie
⏤words: 4,170
⏤summary: jungkook doesn’t like your best friend, he truly never did. Kai has always been too flirty with you and it’s something he has never liked. but this time, seeing him flirting with you at his birthday party was too much, and he felt the need to make you understand that you’re only his.
⏤author’s note: hi everyone, so here it is. i hope you’ll like it. love you all 💜
⏤tag list : @s0seo @hardcarrykookie @laurynne5 @misericordiamaria @heiressworths @thisartemisnevermisses @jaykayseagull @aretha170 @jkismyasmr @yeontanie21 @sarahhnghae @satisfied18 @diorkookie​ @baekfast-club​ @kookiesbreaky​ @jiminable​ @yiyi4657​ @sugaslittlekookies​ @shekilledthenightking​ @teresaisla​
Tumblr media
Jungkook is looking at you as you’re discussing with Kai.
His jaw clenches as you smile brightly at Kai and as his fingers touch the skin of your arm. He takes another sip of champagne to try to calm down, but his dark gaze never leaves you.
Jungkook never loved your best friend, he always thought that he flirts way too much with you. But although he doesn’t like him, he has done his best to not punch him in the face when he flirts with you in front of him. Kai is your best friend, and he respects that. He can’t ask you to stop being friends with him just because he doesn’t like him.
Today is Kai’s birthday and like every year, he organizes a little something with his closest friends. In your three years of relationship with Jungkook, it is the first time that he’s coming.
The first year, your relation was a secret and you didn’t want to announce things at a birthday party. The second year, Jungkook was working and couldn’t come. But this year, there wasn’t any excuse and as a matter of fact, he wanted to come to keep an eye on Kai.
“You look tense as hell.” Jin comments to his friend.
Your boyfriend couldn’t come without any support, and so, he invited Jin. He knew that if he came alone, he’d punch Kai at his birthday party.
“Just look at that jerk, touching her like they are together.” He says before taking another sip of champagne.
At this rate, he’ll be drunk in less than an hour.
“Kook, he’s just his friend. They’ve known each other for more than twenty years.” Jin says, trying to calm down his friend.
He perfectly knows that Kai has been around longer than he has, and he hates that. He hates that the only man he hates to see around you is your best friend. He hates everything about this situation.  
“If she liked him, she wouldn’t be dating you in the first place.” Jin adds.
Jungkook knows that very well but he’s just scared that in a way, Kai convinces you to leave him. He knows that he would never be able to overcome your breakup because he loves you too much.
“I know.” He says, finishing his glass of champagne. “I just don’t like him.”
For a mere moment, your eyes linger on your boyfriend and you gulp before looking away. Jungkook is sitting on a couch in Kai’s apartment, manspreading and holding an empty glass in his hands. He looks hotter than ever, and you simply can’t stare at him.
Firstly, Kai is talking to you and it would be disrespectful to not listen to him, and lastly, Jungkook would simply turn you on. Knowing yourself too well, you won’t be able to last long, only wanting for him to fuck you.
Jungkook is all in black as usual. He’s wearing black skinny jeans with a large black t-shirt and a black bomber jacket. He even puts on his big black boots that you simply love. A look that you adore on him, especially the tight skinny jeans.
Your boyfriend has some amazing toned thighs that completely drive you crazy. Actually, everything about your boyfriend’s body drives you crazy. Lately, you found a new passion for watching him working out. His body is all sweaty, and sometimes, groans leave his mouth while working out, turning you on.  
Most of the time, once he’s in the shower, you join him and end up having some wild shower sex.
And now, you don't even listen to Kai, your mind thinking only of your boyfriend and his mouthwatering body.  
“Yn? Are you listening to me?” Your best friend says, waving his hand in front of you.
“Sorry.” You mumble focusing again on him.
Jungkook’s eyes linger on your body. Even after three years of relationship, your body gets him all turned on. You’re wonderful in every way. Not only does he find you the most attractive human being, but he does also find you super smart. He loves everything about you.
“Jungkook?” Kai asks, knowing perfectly that the only person who can distract you is your boyfriend.
“What?” Your eyebrows furrow.
“Jungkook is distracting you.”
A smile spreads across his face, and you smile back at your best friend. He’s the only one to know you this good. After all those years of friendship, he knows that Jungkook is the only man on earth that can distract you.
“He’s just so hot.”
Kai has always been very supportive and he likes your boyfriend because he treats you as you should be. He has noticed the way he looks at him and he understood that Jungkook is a bit suspicious.
“I couldn’t agree more.” His eyes wander for a second on your boyfriend.
You hit your best friend on his arm, not liking at all the way he’s looking at Jungkook.
“Don’t look at him like that.”
“Hey! I am not going to steal him away from you.” He smirks, and you shake your head.
Tumblr media
Jungkook stopped drinking champagne after a while because he was the one driving and he didn’t want to risk your life. He wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if anything happens to you.
During the entire night, he kept looking at you with Kai, and he was, and still is, pissed as hell. He just felt like Kai was doing everything on purpose just to push him and get a reaction from him. But he didn’t move. He stayed still on the couch, looking at you.
Now, all he wants is to drive you home and make you understand that you’re only his. He doesn’t like to think like that because you’re a human being and not his property. But you always manage to drive him crazy and to bring out the worst in him.
He wants to make you scream his name so everyone will know who fucks you right.  
You’re sitting on the passenger seat, looking at the city before you and wondering why Jungkook is so calm. Sometimes, your eyes glance at him.  
You can see that he’s mad at you, his knuckles are white as he holds the car’s steering wheel. His jaw is clenched, and his stare is dark. He doesn’t even speak, something he only does when he’s mad, but you don’t know why.  
“Why are you mad, baby?” You ask, your eyes focusing now only on him.
Jungkook’s eyes never leave the road in front of him.
“I’m not.” His tone is harsh.
“You can lie to whomever you want but not to me, baby.” You say, insisting on the pet name.
He wants to be mad at you but he simply can’t when you call him ‘baby’. He quickly looks at you, looking hotter than ever. Your skirt is pushed up, exposing almost all your thighs and you’re wearing one of his suit jackets.
Jungkook has never told you that he doesn’t like Kai, and so, you’re not aware of how he feels towards your best friend. He has always kept things for himself, not wanting to destroy that friendship.
But now, he has to tell you. He has been keeping this to himself for way too long.  
“I don’t like Kai.” He finally admits.
Your eyes open wide, surprised at the confession. To say that you’re surprised is an understatement. Jungkook has always been so nice to Kai in front of you, and he has never shown any hate for him. The fact that he doesn’t like him never crossed your mind.
“What?” You ask with surprise.
“You hear me well, yn.” He says, annoyed.
You are confused and for a moment, you look out at the window. You don’t know how to react to his confession, and you don’t even know what you’re supposed to do now.
There must be a reason behind his hate. He exhales some air before tilting his head at you, looking obviously frustrated.  
“That man has no manners.” You’re even more surprised now. “He flirted with you the entire night while I was there.”
Now, you understand. Jungkook is jealous. He’s jealous of your best friend, and to you, it just makes no sense.
“He was not flirting with me, I can guarantee you that.”
You’ve already seen your best friend flirting with someone, and it doesn’t look like how he’s acting with you.
“Oh no, then, I’m the crazy one and I’m imagining things.” He squeezes the steering wheel even more and you feel the urge to reassure him.
Your left-hand finds its way to his thigh, and you carefully caress it.
“You’re not crazy, babe.” You mumble, your eyes never leaving his face. “But you’re clearly imagining things.”
He looks back at you and it’s clear to you that he’s pissed. So pissed. When you’ll get home, he’ll fuck you all night long like a savage, and you’d be lying if you said that you’re not looking forward to it.
“Kai is not interested in me the way you think and he will never be.” You add.
His eyebrow furrow, and you can’t help but find him adorable.
“How can you even possibly know that?”
“Because he’s my best friend and I know what he’s into.”
God, you’re surprised that Jungkook has never noticed the way Kai looks at men or the way he never looks at women. For sure, it’s not the guy to scream everywhere that he’s gay but you thought it was kind of obvious.
Kai never needed to say it to you, although he did it because he felt like he needed to say it out loud to someone. And the only person he trusts more than his life is you. So, it just felt natural to announce it to you.
“You never know what could happen.”
You just want to laugh at your boyfriend but you know that he’ll get even madder and you don’t want that right now.
“You’re so dumb, Kook.” You roll your eyes, trying to hold back your smile.
He’s not amused by the situation and he’s not liking at all that you call him dumb.
“Kai is gay.” You tell him. “He will never love me more than he already does.”
Now, he’s the one surprised, and he feels ashamed to have ever thought that Kai could steal you away from him.
He stops the car as he sees an empty parking lot, and his big doe eyes are fully on you now.  
“H-How?” He stutters, still in shock.
“I don’t know how sexuality works, so, I don’t know why he loves men.” He rolls his eyes.
“That’s not what I was asking.”
You take his face in your hands and look deep into his eyes.
“He doesn’t say it to everyone because he’s still scared about what people will say to him.”
It still hurts you to think about all that your best friend went through when he was younger.
“Kai struggled his entire teenage years with his sexuality, and since you were so nice to him, I thought you had understood it.”  
“It never crossed my mind.” He admits.
You unbuckle the seatbelt around your body before doing the same with him. You climb over him and sit on his lap, facing him and he looks at you with surprise. You look at him and notice the way his eyes change. They were dark, jealousy taking control of his body and now, he looks calmer.
“It’s okay, babe.” You caress his cheek, trying to comfort him.
“I feel bad, now.” He says, closing his eyes and leaning his face in your hand. He loves the sensation of your touch on his skin. “I was so obsessed with the way he was acting around you that I didn’t see the rest.”
You press your lips against his. He looks so vulnerable right now and he just breaks your heart. You regret not saying anything to him about Kai because you made his jealousy grow when he had absolutely no reasons to be jealous of your best friend.
“I wanted to punish you.” He whispers against your lips.
“Punish me?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.
“I still want it, actually.” He adds.
This man always needs to show his dominant side, and it doesn’t even surprise you. In fact, you love his dominant side, especially in bed. His filth words against your ear are always what you need when you’re about to come.  
“Tell me, babe,” you say as you stare at him with a smirk on your face, “what did I do?”
Jungkook licks his lips, loving the fact that you’re teasing him.  
“Oh, my baby girl is pretending to be innocent?” He raises an eyebrow as he smirks, and he brings both his hands on your hips. You hiss at his touch and close your eyes as he caresses your skin with his thumbs.
His face leans closer to you, his gaze filled with lust.
“You’re wearing my favorite skirt, and you ignored me the entire night, flirting around with your best friend.” He whispers in your ear. His voice is so deep and low that it makes your heart race fast.
You look down at your skirt that is obviously pushed up as your legs are on both sides of his waist. “I didn’t know you love this skirt.” You say, moving your legs to push your skirt even higher.
Jungkook can see a part of your panties and he bites his lower lip. He’s getting harder at the sight of your white panties and he can’t wait to take them off to have a proper look at your pussy. You feel his grip tightened around your hips and you unintentionally move your hips against his bulge, snatching a groan from his mouth.
“I see.” He says, smirking at you. “My baby girl is teasing me.”    
You nod at him, and his grin gets wider, satisfied that you admit teasing him. You move your hips against his crotch.  
“Fuck, I want to fuck you here, princess.” He groans.
“He-here?” You ask stammering.
The thought of being fucked in the car where basically anyone can see you don’t enchant you.
“The little guy down there won’t probably be able to wait until we’re home.” He says as he looks down at his hard length.
Kai lives a bit far from your apartment, there are approximately thirty minutes by car between your apartments, and you’re only halfway there.  
“Oh.” You say looking at his prominent bulge, and you bite your bottom lip.
You give him the confirmation that you can have sex in the car, and he smashes his lips against yours, kissing you with passion. His hands slowly go down on your body before pushing your skirt up to your stomach.
Breaking the kiss, his eyes look at your clothed cunt and he groans in a raspy tone while staring at your pussy. His groan gets you wetter, and all you want now is to feel him inside you in any way.  
“Jungkook...” You moan his name, and he hums at your call while biting his lips. He’s completely hypnotized by your throbbing clit.
Before you can even add anything, he trails his fingers to the strap of your white panties and he rips it off, finally exposing your pussy to his eyes.
“Kook!” You scream and he giggles, throwing your underwear to the passenger seat. His tattooed hand slaps your ass.  
“Don’t worry, babe.” He whispers in your ear. “I’ll buy a new one later.”
Without saying anything more, he swipes his finger along your slit, making you gasp at the contact and a soft moan escapes your mouth. A sound that Jungkook loves to hear.
The man wastes no time before dipping two fingers into your heat, his tattooed fingers covered now with your wetness. As much as he’d love to fuck you roughly right now, he needs to prepare you for it because he doesn’t want to hurt you.  
“Fuck, babe.” He mumbles, his fingers not moving inside you. “You’re so wet.”
He lets his fingers move out of pussy before sliding them in again with ease. Another moan leaves your mouth, closing your eyes to enjoy the feeling of his fingers filling you up.  
Quickly, he starts moving his tattooed fingers, fucking into you, and his eyes look at your face contorting of pleasure. To him, there is nothing prettier than you.  
“You’re so pretty, babe.”
And he just simply loves to remind you that. He could keep praising you all day long and he wouldn’t be tired of doing it.
“Not as pretty as you.” You reply.
You also love to praise him back, and you open your eyes to look at his big smile. It always makes him grin when you do it. He feels loved, and he loves nothing more in the world than the feeling of being loved by you.  
He curls a third finger into you, preparing you for his big dick and you love it so much when he adds that third finger, stretching your pussy so well.
His exposed neck seems to be calling you, and you can’t help but bring your mouth to his skin before torturing it with your tongue and teeth. A deep groan escapes his sweet lips as he keeps fucking you with his fingers.
“Are you ready, baby girl?”
He can’t wait any longer. His length is way too tight in his skinny jeans, it feels like it’s about to explode and he desperately wants to feel your velvet walls around him.  
“Always for you, babe.”
You leave his neck, looking proudly at the little mark you gave him before looking up at his lust-filled eyes.
Jungkook lets his fingers slip from you while your hands impatiently unbutton his pants. You slightly pull the jeans to his knees, leaving his underwear on. Your boyfriend doesn’t say anything as he watches you looking down at his clothed length.
When you see the huge bulge, you immediately pull his underwear down, springing his cock free. It slaps against your lower abdomen, making you moan at the contact. You take a look at it, his crotch is mouthwatering and you know that in some seconds, it will be the cause of your euphoria.
“Do whatever you want to do with me, baby.”
He just wants you to have a bit of fun before he takes control of the situation. Jungkook leans against the seat to let you take over.
“You’re always so beautiful.” He smiles, his eyes never leaving yours.
You hold his length with both your hands, making him groan at your soft touch, and you start stroking his member from up to down, spreading all the precum over his veiny cock.
Jungkook’s cock is a beast, and you’re wondering if it’ll fit inside you, although you already know the answer to your question. Your walls clench, wanting him to fill you more and more.  
After a few more strokes, you decide to stop. Lifting your ass, you rub his head on your entrance, and it makes the both of you moan. Slowly, you push him inside you, and his hands sit on your waist, his thumbs caressing it softly.  
You sink further down on him, burying his dick completely inside your wet pussy.  Jungkook hisses, breathing hard as he looks down where his length is buried. He throws his head back as he finally feels you around him. With his head thrown back, you can see the veins in his neck pulse.
“Fuck, princess.” A breathy moan escapes his mouth.
Even if he kind of prepared you with his fingers, his monstrous cock stretches your walls so much. Your hands rest on his shoulder, trying to stabilize yourself while your pussy gets adjusted to his size.  
“Fuck, your cock is a beast.” You mumble.  
Although he’s huge, you enjoy the fill of him. Nothing can ever be compared to have him inside of you, it’s something you truly love.    
“Ride me, baby.” He whispers.
You hold on to his muscular shoulders as you slowly raise yourself off his length, and his fingers sink into your waist as you almost pull off him. You know for sure that his fingers will leave some bruises on your body. You open your mouth and moan while staring at each other.
Never leaving him, you push yourself back down and take all of him in. Jungkook lets out a loud and high pitched moan. You’re sure that if someone walks near the car, they heard him moaning.
You begin to move your hips again, starting to ride him as your life depended on it.
“You ride me so well, princess.” He groans into you, and you grin, proud of all the pleasure you’re giving him.
You buck your hips faster, wanting to make the both of you come as soon as possible. You want to get home and let him fuck you as he does it so well.
“I love you.” You whisper, bouncing up and down on his cock, and his balls slapping against your ass.
Those three little words make his heart squeeze. “And I love you even more, baby.” He bites his lower lip.
The sound of slapping skin combined with your moans quickly fills the car. As you imagined people passing by and seeing you enjoying yourself with your boyfriend gets you even wetter.    
“You’re the sexiest woman I’ve ever seen in my life.” Jungkook grunts while he watches you humping on his dick.
His eyes never leave yours as if he’s scared that this is all a dream, and you throw your head to the back. You clench your walls around him to get a reaction from him and you see his eyes rolling back.  
When your hips start to bounce on him at a slower pace, he quickens the pace up and down, letting your wet pussy coating his member with your arousal.
“Fuck, Kook.” You moan loudly.  
Jungkook grunts in every thrust.
“Harder, babe, harder.” You tell him.
“Everything my princess wants.” He grunts.
The pace quickens and the thrust deepens, making him hit your sensitive spot over and over again mercilessly. And it feels so damn good. You clench around him again just to snatch a hot moan out of him.
You scream more and more as he hits your spot over and over again, and you pant heavily. Slowly but surely, you feel a familiar wave of please building inside of you.  
“I want you to cum inside me.” You tell him.
You feel his dick twitching inside you while he keeps thrusting into you at an erratic pace. You clench around him, and it makes him groan like a beast.
“Oh fuck, baby.” He growls when your pussy clench around him.  
“Cum for me, babe.” You whisper in his ear and that’s all he needs to finally cum.
A lewd moan escapes your mouth when he pumps his cum inside you, pushing it as deep as possible inside you. Your nails dig on his shoulders, biting down your lower lip while you stare into his darkened eyes.
Looking deep into his eyes is all you need to reach your own orgasm. Jungkook keeps grinding your ass on his cock to fill every part of your pussy with his warm semen. You bury your face on his neck and nuzzle his strong scent while panting hard as you calm yourself.
His huge hands stroke your back as you both try to come down from your high.
“That was good and intense.” You tell him.
This unnecessary jealousy makes him realize one thing. He loves you more than he has ever loved someone and he wants to spend the rest of his life with you by his side.
“Marry me, yn.” He whispers in your ear like it is something not important at all.
“What?” You move back a little to take a proper look at your boyfriend. You need to see in his face if he’s serious.
“Marry me,” he repeats, “and spend the rest of your life with me.”
“You’re serious?”
He never planned on proposing to you this way but he’s deadly serious.
“Of course, I am, princess.”
You kiss him with passion before saying: “Then, make me your wife.”  
Knowing that you’ll spend the rest of your lives together makes you both happy, and you can’t wait for it.
After a while, you climb back to your seat and look at the mess you both made on him. His cock and a bit of the driver’s seat are covered with your arousal combined with his cum. You try to adjust your skirt to cover your pussy since he completely ripped off your panties and he puts back on his underwear and skinny jeans.
There is no doubt that Jungkook is indeed a beast when it comes to sex.
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inkyami · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
If you could only see what you're not seeing. If you could only take in all the complex layers of horrors that lie just beyond your range of sight. If you could only see the world as it really is.                                                     It is awful. And on fire. And beautiful. WTNV 26
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zarlev · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
big scary
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nepeteaa · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
🌞 pheasant cockatrice and kestrel griffin 🌞
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