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What Happened The Night Everying Fell Apart?

What Happened The Night Everying Fell Apart?

In this cold dark night, a brooding row of dark twisted trees lay ahead of the wide twisting path that snaked ahead of them. The pitch-black sky had covered the abandoned world like a shadow creeping through the night. The howling had started again, making us jump, and scramble together tumbling and tripping over the contorted fallen branches that had laid on the broken abandoned path. Our quiet…


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did some dragon doodles out of boredome. felt like making him a funky shape lol

art by me! where else to find me


this art is not for free use
do not use this in your rp
do not trace over
do not use my art at all
unless you have my permission

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The Beast and His Lost Love

The Beast and His Lost Love

Once upon a time, there was a house made of candy canes, of all things sweet and sugary deep inside the forest. the house came to be known as the home of the beast. This beast help to keep the peace of the land, but what it really wanted was someone, to hold and protect and love him in return. This beast was a powerful being that most people feared and wouldn’t approach unless necessary. This…


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Keep forgetting to post this!! This is basically a simplified element chart for my lore, however I do plan on (re)drawing the many runes for individual elements, mixed elements, and subelements!

Here’s the basic information. Essences are split into 5 categories: Energy, Sky, Day, Surge, Mind, Land, Night, Sea, and Beast. A lot of these subcategories I feel are self explanatory, however, if you want to shoot me an ask for more information, you’re free to! I love to ramble when asked to! :3

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Find out why readers are saying this book makes them fall in love with the series all over again!


Beast Comes Home (Devil’s Blaze MC Book 7) by @jordan_marie_author

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Mother of Beasts by mike franchina (sirfrancisdrake on artstation)

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J*red saying that Dean d*ed for the 1 most important thing in his life is not only false bc Dean died bc of an accident (and the fact that they didn’t call an ambulance) but is also saying that Dean had to d*e in order for Sam to have a “normal” life? Like wtf is he? It’s not a nice way to talk about the man that raised Sam and always wanted a normal life for them both

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Stuck in the airport for some hours, so what to do?

Draw your favorite Disney character then.

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Beast after Lohse has an idea
Huh, there might be something here!
Yeah, a lawsuit
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