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For the first time in my life I have my “to post” folder with 10/11 drawings to post divided into 7 posts! and 6 of them are practically finished! one is in progress (damirae) and I intend to finish it today or tomorrow, 2/3 of them just need to be colored and one is only missing small details to be added as soon as my mind unlocks enough to add them! quarantine made me productive (if my college had stopped in quarantining I would have done a lot more …. damn 6 and a half hours of live online theoretical classes per day …damn myasthenia gravis and the  surgical drain and probes homeworsk and damn)

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DCU: Well, Titans S3 is gonna have less drama, be more like season 1 style, Rachel will have her own storyline on Themyscira,Dick Gar and Conner will be feeling fine again and of course it will be about our queen Kory.


DCU: also the first episode is gonna be named “Barbara Gordon”.

Titans fandom:

Titans fandom:

Titans fandom:

Titans fandom: am I a joke to you?

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Pairing: Teen Titans x reader (I didn’t include side characters like Aqualad or Speedy, just the main 5)

Beast Boy:
• He was nervous to ask you out
• Like he didn’t want to be cheesy or weird and he reallllyyyy wanted a yes from you
• He was asking Cyborg about it and Cy just told him to ask you
• I mean some flowers would help
• That was it, he bought a ton of your favorite flowers and then asked you out
• He was dying inside but when you said yes, he practically passed out
• For your first date, he took you to a buffet
• It wasn’t really romantic and he knew that but it was food and food it was so food you would go to
• After that it was a drive -in movie
• Maybe it was a bit cliché but he figured that you would like it
• You guys sat in the back of the car with a ton of blankets and pillows everywhere
• He got your guy’s favorite snacks and drinks and eventually he got the courage to kiss you on the way home
• The night was complete by touring his comics collection and somehow unbeknownst to him, you knew a ton about them
• Score!

• While he was nervous, it wasn’t as much as Beast Boy
• He hoped that you would say yes, but he could never guarantee it
• He got you your favorite snacks and movie and then he asked you out after a rougher mission
• You said yes of course
• He was afraid it was because you were just tired but you showed up for the date
• He two of you hit up an arcade
• It was actually some of the most fun that you’ve had in a while
• He beat all of the games and was great competition
• After that, you guys went to a car show
• He was nervous that maybe you wouldn’t be into it but you were
• He was relived to say the less
• You guys walked around talking about each one and you listened when he went on a rant about how some of them could be better
• The night ended in his workshop with some conversation and then to top everything off, you kissed him
• Everyone swears he was in shock for the next 72 hours but that’s just a rumor

• The two of you were already friends
• You asked her out but not in a super flashy way
• You left a note in Macbeth which is her favorite book asking if she’d go
• She accepted
• The two of you decided that you would go to a small book store that the two of you had seen one day on a mission
• It was smaller and quiet and had an adjoining coffee place next door which is where the two of you got drinks and whatever pastry you wanted
• After sitting and enjoying those you went into the book store for what felt like ages
• There was some nice music playing overhead and some of the greatest new and classical literature selections that you had ever seen
• After the book store, you guys headed to a quiet and tranquil place on the rocks and talked
• It was sunset when she reached for your hand
• That was a big step for Raven
• You guys headed back an hour later and hung out a bit more in your bedroom until she went to sleep back in her room

• The two of you had liked each other for a while
• There was lots of back and forth and flirting until one day the team had had enough and locked you in a room together
• “So, what do we do now Birdie?”
• “Sit here until they give up?”
• “Sure.”
• You guys weren’t let out until he FINALLY kissed you and asked you out after what was probably an hour of talking and sitting there
• For your date he took you out for a nice dinner
• Maybe it was a bit much but he wanted it to be perfect
• Where he had the money was your question but you didn’t ask
• You guys had a lot of fun and after that he took you to the circus
• Hehe
• You guys went to see the elephants and a few of the acts and then went into the house of mirrors
• That was an interesting experience
• You guys were laughing at each other sometimes running into mirrors eventually you guys got out but not after practically doubling over in laughter
• Then, you guys went and took a walk through the park
• You guys were talking just about life or whatever came to mind until you headed home
• It was really nice and when oy got back you hung out in his room which resulted in you falling asleep and him taking you back to your bedroom and leaving a small note that said how much he enjoyed the night

• The two of you literally asked each other out at the same time
• Like it was kind of funny
• You guys were already like best friends and then one day it just popped up
• For the date, you two went to the zoo
• It was pretty funny seeing her react to all of the animals which see had seen before but still
• You found an ice cream booth and got your favorite ice cream
• She got strawberry
• The two of you then went to the pizza place down town
• You know that one that the Titans are always in in the tv show?? That one
• You guys talked about some of the animals that were at the zoo and then some things that you might do later that week
• On the way home you decided to go to the aquarium
• It was really fun and you walked through this really cool system of tunnels that would be different fish from different types of the world
• Star’s favorite was the tropical fish and all of the coral
• In the gift shop you got her a stuffed penguin
• The rest of the night was spent on the roof top and then a kiss which was lovely


Originally posted by debbie-sketch

Note: Teen Titans is so amazing so this was fun to write. I tried to make the dates kind of off of what I thought the characters would either do or like. Thank you for the request it was fun writing and I totally enjoyed the Teen Titans aspect. If you have a request, you are more than welcome to ask. Have a great day and stay safe! 😊

Also, who’s your favorite Titan?

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So I have a question if anybody likes teen titan fanart mainly BBRae can you point me in the direction of this artist who did this picture. I found it on deviantart.

It’s not mine I’m not trying to claim it as mine. I draw good stick figures.

I want to do a story from this pic and I want to give the artist it’s due when I post it.

If you did this or know who did this can you give me there handle so I can ask.

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Hi! Could get a matchup for DC, BNHA, and Marvel? I'm a 5' 3" straight girl with long, straight, dirty blonde hair. I have freckles, dimples, and braces. I like animals, music, to draw, to paint, and to write. I know a LOT about video games, movies, computers, and comic books. I have a "girly" or "nerdy" fashion style (sweaters, dresses, skirts, button-ups, etc). I'm an energetic girl who is also very loud. When first meeting me, I'm overly shy though. I am very sensitive and friendly. (1/2)

Originally posted by fudayk


Beast boy loves your personality. He like can’t get enough you you. You’re so loving and bright and just such a pleasant person to be around that he is like stuck on you like glue. If ur not by his side he is asking everyone where ur at what ur doing and like if u wanna hang. He himeself is this nerdy adrobale ball of beautifullness so he loves when you and him can just chill and talk about comics, songs, video games he feels like he can be himself when he’s with you. You one begged you to write a bio of him since he knows you can write so well of why and how he grew to love food so much. He knows you can do it. Since you’re always so sweet and loving he kinda takes advantage of that when it comes to pranks. Beast boy loves to prank you. Whether it be messing with your clothes or messing w ur video games or pouring ur paint on you or on something. He gets his laugh and maybe a vid but then he makes it up to you by either buying you a new sweater or more paint. He also wants u to get braces in green just because…😁OMG I KINDA WENT OVER THIS BUT U LOVE ANIMALS OMG HE LOVES U U R HIS WIFEY U R MEANT TO BE W HIM LIKE U R HIS WORLD OMG U R HIS GIRL U LOVE ANIMALS!!!!! Beast boy loves to dance with you his mama!!! He loves when u act like a silly Willy cuz he can and he loves being w u and loves when u shake ur hips and just u get to be urself it makes his day.


Originally posted by kaminotou


U like poke him and try to get this serious not to crack a smile. He is just so serious! Omg! But u quickly solve that. When u two grow close he then starts showing you his true colors and starts letting down his guard around you. Since u love animals you love his tail. He especially loves it if u massage his tail and like cuddle with him and tickle him. He loves when u sing to ur fav music. And u start swaying to the groove like it makes him fall for u and he stares at you full of love and happiness and he just breaks out into fit of giggles and smiles. He is a happy boi w u! U two are very different from each other cuz u r this ball of excitement and he is um well not. He is self concious a lot and is this shy boy. U kinda bring him out of his shell and when he breaks down w u about how he thinks he is unworthy u help him w that tho bc just seeing ur face and how beautiful u r inside and out makes his day and makes him feel better. He thinks u r super unique and he also thinks you are super talented! Like he is so proud of his girlfriend.


Originally posted by underoos-tom


Omg this boy is in love with you so much it’s crazy. Like he loves ur vibe and loves ur style. Peter loves ur braces tho and loves just everything about u he is crazy for u!!!! Peter is all about his friends and protecting them so when ur about that life he like gets u and falls for u more cuz u stand up for him when he gets bullied and for his friends. Peter is um kinda afraid of spiders so when u like animals and spiders he’s like cool but nah but he loves it how genuine and cute u get about things u love. Like u show it and u don’t deny it or care what others think. He likes ur ur own person and unique and urself. Peter loves when u wear his sweaters they just look so big on u and it makes him feel big and y’all and they look so adorable on u and it makes him blush and want to kiss u repeatedly like a mad man. U two share headphones together cuz u two like the same music and u have opened him up to more music which he now loves. Peter loves that he can be nerdy and excited over Star Wars and ur not gonna make fun of him for that. Instead U encourage him and accept him which he is grateful and he is happy that u r his girlfriend and he is always wanting to protect you. And he kinda draws a spider sticker for you to put on ur notebook or whatever cuz he really loves you❤️

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