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#beast boy
beansprean · 22 hours ago
beast boy considers getting a dog until he’s like,,,wait i am my dog.
*proceeds to buy a dog as well*
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Boys About Town
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n04ng3l0 · a day ago
Teen Titans! (but without the teen part—) Titans!!
Tumblr media
(This is very loosely inspired by Picolo's Titans artwork. He's so cool)
The gang is still together! Sorta! I love them so much
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Be calm and read a comic! Can you name all the comics in the pic? 🤔
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
This image is inspired by Ryan Sook’s Vertigo Essentials cover!
READ our Teen Titans: Broken Youth comic HERE!
FOLLOW @teentitansbrokenyouth for more updates, art, and mini-comics!
Art by !
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dragonthewriter · 19 hours ago
Robin: I know it was you, Beast Boy.
Beast Boy: It wasn’t me, I mean it
Cyborg: Of course it was, he has a mouth like a sailor.
Beast Boy: Not around the kids. I don’t even do it around our own kid, ask Raven.
Raven: *not looking up from her book* He uses “kid swears.”
Robin: Well, someone taught Mar’i the F word.
Beast Boy: And it wasn’t me.
Robin: You were the last one to watch her and now she is swearing.
— One Hour Earlier —
Raven: *under her breath after dropping her tea cup* Fuck
Mar’i: Fuck
Raven: *looks over at Mar’i* Hey, Gar can you watch the kids for a bit I need to go to the store.
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mimi-does-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Idea credit goes to my friend lol
This is just a joke, don't take it seriously. And if you do come to get me, bro don't be so dumb.
Reblogs are appreciated!! ❌DO NOT REPOST❌
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plutosschild · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Quick doodle of one of my fave trios in the third wheel bed ( Vic is contemplating how he got in this position)
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nobodycallsmerae · 2 days ago
BBrae #31 for the fic ask!! ^^ hope you’re doing well!
Thank you for the prompt 🤧💕 I'm fine now, thanks, and sending positive vibes your way!! 🌈✨💖 Also, sorry not sorry but the setting is in a library 😉😂
Someone was following her.  It was a bright and sunny day at Jump City, and Raven had decided to spend it by visiting the old library in the outskirts of the city.  Crime was at low recently, so she was almost surprised when she felt someone follow the residential empath of the Titans. Surely it couldn't have been one of her friends; they wouldn't follow her while hiding behind the bookshelves, camouflaging themselves in the atmosphere and masking their face with upside-down turned books. Their aura wasn't really suspicious. They were curious, scared, nervous. But also happy and relieved and-  Raven smiled to herself.  She picked up the two hardcovers she was looking for and sat on the table.  The library was almost empty except the librarian, a middle-aged man working on the computers, the follower and her, so her smile only grew wider when the follower very un-subtly took a seat beside her.  'I know it's you,' Raven nonchalantly said into her book after a long stretch of silence, feeling her follower slightly jump beside her. 'What I don't know is why you're following me- Like this.' Her follower- He sighed. She wasn't looking at him, but through her peripheral vision, she could see him slump defeatedly, removing his mask and the ridiculous fishing hat he was wearing.  'I'm sorry.' He finally muttered. 'But how'd you guess?'  'You're the only one I know with such loud, raw emotions, Gar.' She smiled, still not looking at him. 'I thought it was Kory for a moment, but I know she would never wear that nasty fishing hat.'  'Oh, please,' He rolled his eyes with a pout. 'It's not that bad y'know.'  Raven rolled her eyes fondly, her sight still fixed on her book. 'So..?' She asked, referring to her earlier question.  She knew Gar was definitely feeling uneasy because she wasn't looking at him, but Raven knew he knew it was just her was of telling him, "I'm not really mad at you but you have to pay for suspiciously following me like that"  'I just wanted to spend some time with you, Rae.' He finally breathed, a lovely red color blossoming in his face.  'You could've just-'  'It's been just a few months since we started dating,' He closed his eyes in embarrassment, trying to give her an explanation; thankful that she wasn't looking at him. 'And I don't want to be seen like the clingy type. I know I am, but…' He winced.  'Gar,' Raven chuckled affectionately, remembering how beyond adorable her boyfriend was. 'You don't have to worry so much about that. And you surely don't have to follow me like that! All you have to do is just-' She finally spared him a look.  She wished she hadn't. She was supposed to be calm and collected; the cool one in this conversation. But looking at him made all her insides turn into mush.  He was sitting way closer than she had expected, the mid-day sunlight coming through the huge windows casting a magical shadow on his face, making him shine literally, rather than just his jovial aura. His green eyes were a hair's breath away from her, the golden flecks hypnotizing her.  '-J-just..' Raven stumbled upon her words as Gar smiled. "Give me a kiss, you beautiful idiot." She grinned. And so he did. 
I can't do drabbles, yo.. this one is 550+ words long 😭😂 You've written such good bbrae shots on my request, I hope you enjoyed this!! Also, I would've mentioned the prompt at the beginning, but I didn't want to spoil it 😂 31. "Give me a kiss, you beautiful idiot."
[Send me a prompt!]
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blanddcheadcanons · a day ago
Beast Boy has ADHD.
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myhollie1911 · 2 days ago
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Bin Bros -- Gif set. Guess i forgot to upload this. Happy Birthday to me. here are two of my favourite cartoon characters living there best lives.
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nitewrighter · 3 months ago
Cyborg: I can interface with satellites that allow me to perceive and measure countless electric signals and waves flying through space and the atmosphere. I can listen to the sun, live. But sure, let’s all freak out because Beast Boy just figured out he can see shrimp colors.
Beast Boy: Cranky ‘cuz you can’t see shrimp colors, aren’t ya?
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