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#beast boy

Okay, here’s another snippet! XD I’m really enjoying writing these snippets each day, my writing skills are getting a real good work out lol 😁 Also I want to thank all you guys again, this wouldn’t be as fun as it is without your lovely comments, so again thank you 💙 *hugs you guys tightly*  

I hope you guys enjoy this and hopefully this snippet it’s a bit less depressing then the last one lol 😅 (Also I stayed up pass my bedtime to get this done lol 😁😅)

Snippet 1 | Snippet 2 | Snippet 3 | Snippet 4 

He was slumped against the side of the sofa in the common room of the tower, feeling all sorts of exhausted. His wings were ruffled and dirty, his suit was not much better; ripped in multiple of places. 

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Beastboy x Raven


Beastboy is Super big on cuddling so after the long Mission He will pull raven into a hug and drag her to his room for cuddling. He Uses it as a excuse to not get up. Will not move when raven is sleeping love kissing raven well cuddling

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