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doopcity · a day ago
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that hoodie is doing some heavy lifting
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miryokae · a day ago
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be gay, do crime
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vqler · a day ago
tickletober - day #24 🎃
Wolf (the-cutest-tickletoy ver.) | Tickle Fight (gigglymonster ver.)
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when you’re trying to figure out who’s a good boy man to man
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stanharu · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
she likes to be tall
im a few days late but i couldn't let haru's bday pass w/o drawing something for her!!! haru i love u sm ❤️❤️❤️
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extraneousdominomask · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
i've never read the manga of an anime i've already watched before but i PROMISE that it's worthwhile, nay, mandatory for beastars
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arhcnemesis · 2 days ago
pairing: Louis x male/masc reader
intended pronouns: he/him 
author’s note: I love Louis. HELpPPPPPp. anyways I have a huge headache rn but I'm gonna push through because I am down so bad for Louis. I mean- whattttt
Tumblr media
You sighed, readjusting the spotlight that Legoshi had been using. He claimed that it was broken, but you realized that the gear was just locked. Groaning in annoyance, you shot a glare at Legoshi. He sent you a sheepish smile, shrugging his shoulders before returning his attention to the stage below. You followed his gaze, occasionally adjusting the light when you needed to.
Louis was brandishing a sharp sword- one that looked all too real despite being made of plastic. The other actors were scattered around him, setting the background for the scene. The director clapped his hands, and everyone relaxed. You rolled your sweatshirt sleeve up, eyes widening as you noticed the time. 5:00. Already? It seemed that you had only just started practice.
You locked the stage light you were manning, before heading over to Legoshi. He seemed to be struggling, and so you decided to help him out and set the light. After finishing that, you were about to walk away when you felt a grip on your shoulder.
You turned around, looking at Legoshi. He had a conflicted expression on his face, his gaze shooting from the stage back to you. You raised an eyebrow at him, and he quickly removed his hand from your shoulder.
“What’s up?” you asked, unable to hide your curiosity. The sudden shift in Legoshi’s tone left you feeling confused. The two of you had been talking back and forth all practice, thus him greeting you again out of nowhere was a bit suspect.
“What do you think of Louis?” he whispered.
You squinted, thrown by the random nature of the question. What did that even mean? Louis was one of your best friends- the two of you did almost everything together. Legoshi knew that.
“Um,” you replied eloquently, taking a step back and grabbing the railing behind you. While you knew Legoshi well enough to know he was a kind-hearted softy, it was still hard to not be scared when he was looming over you. You leaned against the railing casually. “What do you mean- what I think of him?”
“Yes,” Legoshi replied impatiently. Your eyebrows furrowed. 
“He’s my best friend, of course,” you eventually answered, crossing your arms in front of your chest. “Why do you ask?”
“Just curious,” Legoshi remarked, a pensive expression coming onto his face. “I’ve known Louis for a long time. He's always been a bit of a wild card, but-”
“What?” you interjected, curiosity getting the best of you.
“He’s different with you,” he continued. “Louis is polite at best, but with you it’s- I don’t know- different. He looks at you differently.”
“I don’t think so,” you admit, tightening your grip on the railing in a rather pathetic attempt of grounding yourself. “I’ve never seen him do that.”
Legoshi grabbed you by the shoulders, and, before you knew it, flipped you around to face the stage below. “He’s doing it right now.”
You squinted at Legoshi, before returning your attention to the stage below. You scanned the crowd of students, trying to find Louis. Eventually, you found him tucked in a corner, arms crossed over his chest. He seemed to be sulking- eyes focused on the ground.
“No, he's not,” you rolled your eyes, grabbing Legoshi’s arm and yanking him after you. “Now, let’s go. The director wants us down there, remember? We’re probably holding them up.”
Legoshi had a conflicted expression on his face, but evidently the wrath of the director was a sufficient threat. He followed you down the steps and out to the stage floor. Legoshi went to stand in the back as usual, and you shyly stopped on the side next to a couple of your peers.
“So, that’s it for rehearsal today,” the director started. “Overall, you all did fairly well today. I would say that-” You zoned out after that, a million different thoughts coming to your mind.
“What were you and Legoshi talking about?”
You flinched, putting a hand on your chest. You didn't even get a chance to look, but you could still feel the proximity between the two of you. “Holy shit, Louis, you know I hate it when you do that,” you hissed, not wanting to draw attention to yourselves during the director’s speech. You returned your gaze to the front of the stage, trying your best to listen to the criticisms of your director. It didn’t quite work, however, as Louis’ reply interrupted your concentration. 
“Sorry,” he apologized, not even sounding remotely apologetic.  “Now, what were you talking about?”
“Why does it matter?” you asked, turning around to face Louis. “We were just-” you turned to meet Louis’ eyes, and the words caught in your throat. Louis was standing quite close to you, his body language relaxed but attentive. His amber eyes were focused on you, with such intensity that you felt yourself begin to crumble under his gaze. “Um.”
“Legoshi and I were talking about... you, I suppose,” you confessed, looking down at your hands and beginning to pick at your nails. You gradually began to lose focus, and were about to completely zone out before you felt Louis’ hand grab your own.
“Stop that,” he admonished, not unkindly. You raised your eyebrows at him, and he huffed and quickly let go of your hand, turning his head to the side as if embarrassed. You chuckled under your breath.
The director clapped loudly, and you quickly glanced back at the front of the stage. The long-winded speech about today’s rehearsal seemed to be over, and some of your fellow crew members began to filter out of the theater. You glanced at Louis, but he seemed to be preoccupied. Shrugging to yourself, you walked past him and headed for the exit. 
“Wait.” Equal parts dread and nervousness coiling your stomach, you turned around to face Louis. It was just the two of you on stage now- everyone else had left for the day.
“What’s up?” you asked. Did he want to continue the conversation you had earlier? You had kind of assumed that it was over...
Louis groaned. You swore you heard him murmur something along the lines of ‘You’re really going to make me spell it out?’ Confused, you watched as Louis stepped closer to you. You tried to take a step back, but he had a hand on the small of your back. 
“Are you mad at me-”
You could hardly finish that sentence before Louis was pressing his lips to yours. You stiffened for a brief second, but then relaxed when you realized it was Louis- your best friend and the person you were in love with. 
A couple seconds later, you pulled apart. He was staring at you with an awestruck expression on his face, and you were sure you were wearing a similar expression. Shaking his head in exasperation, he wrapped his arm around your waist and tugged you towards him. 
“Why would I be mad at you?” he chuckled under his breath. 
“I don’t know-” you sputtered.
“Idiot,” he smiled fondly, pulling you close.
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Tumblr media
nah bc these two are the definition of like... a dudes exes becoming best friends after they break up.
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penbwl · 2 days ago
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doopcity · 12 hours ago
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Tumblr media
cold hands
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smilelion5 · a day ago
Imagine: being a popular short black and white fur mix wolf and dating Louis
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sirartwork · 2 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Deep thoughts with Legosi
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extraneousdominomask · 18 hours ago
[leg-GO-shee-an] - adjective
displaying an absent-minded quality; zoning out frequently and for long periods
intensely introspective
Example sentences:
"If you have that guy as your entomology professor, get ready for some absolutely legoshian pauses in the middle of his lectures."
"My boyfriend is starting to worry me a little. Like, there's being an introvert, and then there's being legoshian, y'know?"
"Oh my god, pay attention - a fight to the death is no time to get legoshian!!"
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stanharu · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
legosi after having one (1) dirty dream
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