#beauty and terror etc.
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Tumblr media
a great peace descends... more terror inspired art of a tragic mr. goodsir </3 </3 
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handweavers · 3 years ago
the concept of people being born in the 00s and being on this website or the internet in general will never stop giving me a minor heart attack every time bc my brain stopped processing time in like 2008 so anyone born in like 2003 is automatically assumed to be in kindergarten until i realize they're old enough to drive
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mmm but I love the way nature is used and described in deltora quest and even an innocent field of sweetplums has its dangers
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theredpelican · 11 months ago
The only things that make me feel alive are sex and beauty. Like not 2 be cliché but there’s nothing like the surge of emotions when you’re getting fucked hard & they choke you out. when they’re sitting on your face and they’re so warm & soft in your mouth. when you’re looking at a 19th century painting or walking through Ancient Greek ruins and you can feel the ghosts of all the people who lived and died and dreamed exactly where you’re standing. when you’re kissing someone and you keep your eyes wide open because you’re obsessed with how pretty their eyelashes are. It should be so different but for me it’s the same exact feeling, so powerful and destructive and all consuming. Beauty and sex and desire are the same thing for me
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Turns you on
Tumblr media
Billy Hargrove x Male reader
CW: Smut, enemies with sexual tension, internalized homophobia, use of words "homo, queer, etc.", denial, masochism, miscommunication, unprotected and low-prep sex (wrap before you tap!), set in season three, fighting, Sub!Bottom!Billy, Dom!Top!Reader.
He already had everything packed up with him, bag on his shoulder, hair still a little damp after the shower, eyes down on his shoes, which were a little bit wet, too, walking in the room full of teen guys after shower. Already taking a step towards the door, he heard a voice behind him:
"Hey L/N!"
He turned around, facing a grinning shirtless guy with a towel on his waist, his eyes examining the other one.
"What do you want, Hargrove?"
Y/N spoke, his voice low and cold. Billy only smiled, his eyes traveling up and down the others body, before speaking himself.
"Good game today. You've outdone yourself. I guarantee you'll get your date with Vicki."
The blonde smiled, biting his lover lip, before turning to his locker.
"Oh? So you don't think I'm a homo now?"
"Yeah, I don't think anyone queer would be able to do that great on a field in favor of looking at half naked guys."
"So you, apparently, don't count?"
Billy stopped his movements for a moment, before slapping the door to his locker with a loud thud, turning around and marching up to Y/N with an angry expression and still shirtless. The other guy just grinned at his opponent, hands on his sides.
"Take that back, bitch."
"Are you teasing me with your naked torso now? Either way, that makes what I said even more evide-"
Y/N dodged a punch, grabbing Billy by his other hand and disarming him within seconds, pushing him against a cold wall, holding both of his hands behind his back.
"This makes it even more gay, Hargrove, don't you think? If I didn't know better, I'd think you liked being tackled by me. Or maybe you really do?"
L/N chuckled, before storming off to class, leaving Billy behind, cursing under his breath. He stared at the door Y/N just went out of for some time, before turning around and going to finish off dressing.
Billy was sat in his room, alone. He just told some girl he banged an hour ago to get out. Music was blasting in the room. He closed his eyes to concentrate on the beat, inhaling nicotine. She called him gay. She said it was homosexual, how he mentioned another guy after he just fucked her. It wasn't even in that kind of context, she was so fucking annoying. Never talking to Nicole again, he made a mental note.
He almost felt like crying. So degrading. Infuriating, even.
His hand slid towards the volume slider on the cassette player, turning it up to max, still looking in the same spot. The speakers blew up with rock music, shoving every thought out of his head. He didn’t want to think about why he mentioned him. Why he said it. Only about temporary feeling of comfort the music brought him.
There were days when he felt like there was a load off his mind. But this wasn’t one of those days. Billy closed his eyes and tried to imagine a girl. Any, non existent even, just a girl in his room, on his bed. But his imagination knew better. It knew what Billy needed, what he yearned for. He needed a different image.
He opened his eyes, a girl sat on his bed, dressed in nothing but fancy lingerie and a see-through short dress, face full of makeup, a trendy haircut and a beautiful ring on her middle finger. She smiled tenderly and whispered, hovering over to Hargrove:
“What are you waiting for, beauty? Your perfume smells so nice, I want to feel it closer...”
He could only look at her, in slowly building up terror. The girl looked at him, winking and slowly laying down on the bed, biting her lower lip. Billy could only look at his imaginative scenario in horror. He didn’t feel anything. The girl was exactly his type, he imagined her, for fuck’s sake! But nothing happened to him, to his body. His lips started faintly shaking. Hands cautiously ghost inside his underwear. Soft. It was fucking soft and cold. Not even a sign of arousal. The girl was perfect, but what he’d fear the most happened. Billy blinked a few times, so the girl would disappear. Met with his empty bedroom, a few tears dripped down his chin.
Moving towards the designated spot throughout someone’s house party, Hargrove, with a couple of beers already in his system, grinned, almost tasting the thrill of a fight on his lips. You could easily find the spot, moving towards a crowd of students which formed around. When he neared, whistles and drunk shouting emerged from the crowd. A shit-eating grin spread upon his features, when the crowd parted, revealing him in the middle. Y/N also smiled upon seeing Hargrove entering the crowd.
“Showed up after all, huh?”
“Of course I did, I’m not afraid of a bitch boy like you”
The crowd made a loud “ooooh” sound, everyone in there looking at each other with faces, practically saying “this shit is about to get ugly”.
L/N hummed, as if considering what Billy said, before lifting his head up and spewing the most thunderous laugh anyone ever heard from him. 
“You’ve dug yourself a grave, Hargrove! Get ready, you fucking prick!”
Oh, did he get ready. Billy’s gut practically boiled with excitement, as he stripped his jacket down, being left in nothing but an opened button up and leather pants. He bit his lip, jumping in one place from all the energy inside him. That is, until Y/N took his shirt off, throwing it somewhere into the crowd, some girl catching it and screaming. But Hargrove did understand why she did that. He felt like he would, too. A smile freezing on his lips, as he, himself froze in one place, unable to take his eyes off L/N’s bare body. Y/N lifted his hands into the cold night air, and then doing a backflip, making the crowd roar in excitement. 
In contrast, Billy couldn’t squeeze out a sound, feeling as another type of excitement arose in his body. 
Y/N was already near, looking at Billy with a grin, as he flexed his muscles.
“What’s the matter? Cat got your tongue? Or you just have nothing to say? You can’t run now, Hargrove!”
The blonde chuckled, cracking his knuckles. 
“I wasn’t going anywhere, L/N! In fact, I’m only coming at you!”
He threw a punch at Y/N’s face, which the other one swiftly blocked, before swinging his fist right in Hargrove’s gut. He chocked out a grunt, and immediately slammed the other guy in the jaw. Y/N tried to throw a punch at the side of Billy’s head, but the blonde ducked, sweeping L/N off his feet, both landing on the ground with a thud. Y/N groaned, getting a grip on the collar of Billy’s button up, before hitting him in the jaw with his own head, both hearing a loud ringing in their ears. Hargrove covered his bleeding lip with a hand, while L/N took advantage of the situation, tackling Billy to the ground, twisting his spare hand, shoving his face in the ground. The crowd roared, everyone chanting the name of whoever they were betting on, someone had a camera, recording everything. Billy struggled a little, before feeling something he didn’t expect at all. The feeling he was so desperate to get, he’d fear so much he lost, suddenly came back with a boom. He hardened against the ground. 
“You give up, Hargrove? Am I too strong for a bitch boy you are?”
Billy’s low chuckle emerged beneath the two, as he waited a little to reply.
“Was just giving you a head start, L/N!”
He made an attempt at turning around, only feeling himself being pressed into the ground more. Then, he kicked Y/N with his leg, getting a little more space to himself, turning around and landing a punch in Y/N’s face, only for the other guy to mirror his actions. They were fighting in this position for a while, until L/N stood up, jumping on his two, seemingly waiting for Billy stand up. As he started moving, Hargrove was only met with a hit in his face, He could taste the fabric of Y/N’s boots on his tongue. A head with a blonde mullet fell back in the dirt, a new ringing starting up in his ears. This time, Y/N didn’t wait, landing another punch with his foot right in Billy’s gut. Hargrove laughed once again, feeling the arousal in his stomach building up even more now. 
“What are you laughing at, freak?!”
Another kick, his left side. This time, Billy grabbed his opponents leg, pulling on it, making him fall back on the ground, too. Hargrove crawled up to L/N as if some kind of wild animal to his injured prey, only to be met with a blunt hit in his nose with the same dirty boot. He continued crawling up, until his face was grabbed by Y/N’s clawed hand, his nails digging into Hargrove’s skin. The blonde stopped in his tracks, looking up at his opponent with wild eyes and a blown smile. Y/N smiled in return, coming closer to Billy’s ear, softly whispering:
“I know you enjoy this, you pervert.”
Only before hitting Hargrove in the face with all his might, the others head once again meeting the ground. L/N stood up, shaking his pants clean. The crowd shouted, a group of people forming around the winner. Billy laid on the ground for half a minute before getting up, finding his jacket in the dust and turning in the direction of the house, that was now left empty, since everyone at the party left to watch the fight.
The blonde was washing off blood and dirt from his face and body. Looking at the mirror, he noticed a black eye Y/N gave him. He felt sick to his stomach, trying to stop the coming puke with tap water. He heard a noise of a closing door behind him and turned around, to be met with a familiar body, also covered in blood and dirt. Y/N smiled, coming closer to Billy. 
“Hello there, Hargrove.”
“You too, L/N”, mumbled the other guy, as he turned around to the mirror, looking down at the sink and proceeding with his own business.
“Enjoyed the fight?”
Billy shivered, as he heard the voice right near his ear, not daring to turn around, instead looking at his opponent in the mirror. His face was dirty and bloody, still shirtless, he pressed himself right against Hargrove, both his hands on either sides of the sink.
“Yeah, I like getting my ass beat by fuckers like you.”, he answered, sarcastically.
Y/N laughed, bringing his hand to Billy’s shoulder, rubbing it.
“I sense sarcasm in your tone, but if you wanted my opinion, I think you actually do enjoy it.”
“Stop trying to handle me, I can do that myself perfectly fine.”
Hargrove was trying to shut off the bubbling feeling of arousal from the feeling of another body being pressed up against him.
“You can say that all you want, but we both know, you love it when I handle you. I just don’t know if you love it when anyone does this, or just me...”
“Are you hinting at me liking you? In your dreams, L/N!”
“Me? Oh no, don’t get me wrong. I don’t need you to like me. At least, I don’t need it to fuck you, Billy.”
Billy’s breath got caught in his throat as his body got pressed up against the bathroom wall. He didn’t have enough time to process his position, as a pair of lips attacked his own. The kiss wasn’t gentle and loving, it stung, partially from Hargrove’s busted lip. He tried to reach his hands out to embrace Y/N’s muscular shoulders, but felt a cold hand holding on both of his wrists. So instead, he focused on giving himself all into the kiss, desperately trying to claim the leading role and failing miserably. He subconsciously rutted his hips against the other man’s, finding his dick being as evidently hard as his own. Separating, Y/N grabbed Billy by his hips, lifting him up and pressing him against the wall with doubled force. 
“You don’t look like you’re struggling, dear. Maybe you’ll just going to admit that you like being handled by a guy, it’ll make this easier for both of us.”, L/N whispered in his ear, suddenly thrusting his hips forward, making Billy whimper in desire.
“You need to try harder than that, Y/N.”, Hargrove chuckled under his breath.
“Fair enough.”
Y/N smiled and thrusted his hips again, grinding his crotch into Billy’s. He tried to say something, only faint moans slipping out. Hargrove’s hands clamped down on L/N’s shoulders, and he felt how completely and utterly desperate he is for the other guy, his erection at this point being as hard as a rock.
“Do I really need to say it? You already know it.”, he whispered faintly between whimpers.
“Of course you do. You want me to hear it, right?”
Hargrove gulped, his nails biting into Y/N skin. 
“You’ll hear it when you deserve it, asshole.” Billy grunted, biting his lower lip.
L/N laughed faintly, his hand ghosting over his belt. 
“I’ll have to play bad then, if you’re so bullheaded.”
In mere seconds Billy felt himself being forced on his knees, his hair held in an iron grip of Y/N’s. He felt his body getting heavier with arousal dripping down to his stomach like honey. Y/N finally undone his fly, guiding the other guy with his hand. 
“You probably don’t know how to do this, it’s alright. I don’t give a fuck about technique or shit like that, just do whatever you feel like.”
Billy nodded, carefully stretching one of his hands out, exploring an unfamiliar feeling of touching another man’s dick. He’d only see other guy’s private parts in porn, so it was unusual for him to see it so close. It was big and pulsing. He hesitantly wrapped a hand around it, stroking just like he did with himself, since he figured it would be kind of the same for everyone. And he was rewarded with a low groan from Y/N which transitioned into a light, almost admiring sigh. It encouraged Hargrove, driving him to speeding up the pace, biting his lip at every sound coming from his partner. That is until, Y/N seemingly had enough, his hand in Billy’s hair once again evident as he shoved Billy’s face right into his crotch.
The head laced with pre-cum touched Hargrove’s bloody lips. He hesitantly opened his mouth, sticking his tongue out, carefully tracing the head with his tongue, his eyes darting up and down to Y/N from time to time, to see his reaction. When he felt like it was enough, Billy gulped and opened his mouth, sensually wrapping his lips just around the head to test the waters. He was met with an immediate response from his partner, L/N moaning above him, as he felt the grip on his locks tighten. Hargrove's gag reflex kicked in, as he went further, feeling tears forming in his eyes yet again. And that's when he heard Y/N speak up:
"That's it, good boy, don't choke yourself now, it's okay."
Billy couldn't help but let out a noise of his own, quietly moaning around Y/N's cock, his eyes still watering. This time, the pain of Y/N gripping his blonde hair completely faded, leaving a strange aftermath feeling of emptiness, instead, a palm gently patted Billy's head in a loving, careful way. Hargrove felt his stomach jump, as L/N took himself out of his partners mouth, and lifted him off the floor.
"That's not fair, how I am the only one who's half naked, don't you think, Billy?"
"You want me to just discard my clothes in someone's random dirty fucking bathroom?"
"Ooh, you a neatfreak, Hargrove? Hard to tell by the way you look right now."
Billy rolled his eyes, taking his button up completely off and throwing it in the sink, then proceeding to do the same with his pants and underwear.
"Look at how hard you are... Bet you got this hard the second I hit you back there, fucking masochistic slut..."
"Shut the fuck up before I resume the fight."
Y/N chuckled, as he wrapped his hands around Hargrove's waist, pulling him closer and into a kiss. This time, Billy put up a good fight, grabbing L/N by shoulders, angrily biting his lips, and even the tongue sometimes. Being busy with the second, more intimate round of their fight, Billy didn't notice Y/N's hands roaming around his body, so he let out a surprised moan when he felt something prodding at his hole.
"Don't be so loud... I can't just do you raw, y'know... I mean, unless that's what you're specifically into..."
Hargrove opened his mouth to spit out some snarky remark, but it drowned in another breathy moan, coming out right from the back of his throat, as he unconsciously grinded against L/N's fingers. As Y/N worked his way inside his partner, he lifted him up by the thighs, roughly pressing him against the wall, silencing another incoming moan with a prolonged, messy kiss.
Both hands now gripped Billy's thighs, as Y/N pulled back for air, licking his lips and eying Hargrove, completely ruined before him, and they were yet to get to the main course.
"You sure about this?"
Y/N suddenly asked, worry painted on his face, to which Hargrove only rolled his eyes.
"Did you not see me getting super hard for you, and literally sucking your cock?"
His partner chuckled, brushing a strand of hair away from Hargrove's face.
"I suppose you're right."
Before pressing into Billy, immediately covering his mouth, as he started to moan upon an unfamiliar feeling within his body. Music echoed from the other room, as Billy silently moaned, only for Y/N to hear. Their eyes gazed into each other, as L/N smiled, once again replacing his hand with his mouth, before silently whispering in Hargrove's ear:
"Just give me a sign when it's okay to move."
Meanwhile, Billy was at the same time in hell and heaven. He felt like he was being split up in two, and ascending to gods, with the way Y/N felt inside him, so naturally good, and painfully big at the same time. He would occasionally whimper, when L/N would ever so slightly move, just to hold him in a more comfortable position. As the pain faded, Billy couldn't help but moan, slightly grinding into his partner, nodding upon being asked if this was the asked for sign.
Billy thought he felt good before, but not until Y/N started moving. The blonde felt like he could cum any second, which never happened to him before that fast. As L/N moved in and out slowly, he made sure to mark Hargrove's neck and chest using just his mouth.
"You feel so fucking good when you're inside..."
Sometimes, Billy's brain would work enough for him to form a sentence of admiration, but other 80% of the time, it was too clouded by lust. Y/N smiled, as he licked a stripe from Hargrove's neck, right to his ear, making sure to get it, too. Billy moaned, his eyes rolling back, as he continued to mutter incoherent sentences, before this one:
"Please... Faster... Y/N... So good..."
"What is it, baby? You want me to go faster?"
Hargrove frantically noded, as Y/N wasted no time completing his demand, slamming into him twice as fast as he was. Truth being told, at this point, Billy felt like L/N didn't really care over his, Billy's pleasure and wellbeing, he felt like he was being used, and no matter how much he didn't want to admit it, he liked it, a lot.
"Use me... Y/N... Y/N, please... Oh fuck.."
"What is it, baby boy? Is someone here likes being used as a little, dirty, dick hungry slut?"
L/N emphasized every single word of the last sentence with a deep, hard thrust, every single one of which Billy felt like went straight up to his brain.
"Answer the question, dear."
Hargrove nodded a couple of times, being rewarded with another couple of hard thrusts, that felt like they were rearranging his insides, literally.
"Such a good boy, I bet you would enjoy it so much..."
L/N not only sped up, but also let one of his hands find it's way to Billy's cock, now gently stroking it with expertise.
"If I just went out there, to everyone who's partying..."
Hard, deep, steady thrusts made Billy not only roll his eyes back, but throw his head back, and moan, at this point not caring about everyone outside hearing.
"And let them use you... However they wanted. Doesn't that sound great to you?"
Hargrove moaned once again, his hands desperately trying to hold on to Y/N's sweaty body. Even if he was out of here a little bit, he still could answer the question by shaking his head.
"No? Then what would you enjoy?"
Billy shut his eyes and tried covering his mouth up with his hand, but failing miserably.
"I don't understand what that means, sweetheart. Explain to me."
Y/N shook his head, fake pouting, stopping his hand movements.
"You... I enjoy... Enjoy you..." , Hargrove said through panting, moaning and whimpering.
"So will you finally admit you have a thing for me?"
L/N asked innocently, as he stopped moving whatsoever, only holding Billy up with his hands.
"What..? Move, move, please, oh my fucking..."
"Not until you admit it."
Billy whimpered, bucking his hips against Y/N's to get some sort of friction, before looking up at his partner with pleading eyes.
"You're adorable like this. But I won't start moving until you say it."
"I like it... I like it when... You're on me... Using and..."
The rest died down in the moan he once again erupted, as L/N teased him by grinding a little.
"I like being handled by you, Y/N... I love it, fuck... Oh god, I couldn't get my dick up to a thought of some girl this week and I... Holy shit... I thought I'd lost it, you made- OH FUCK! Ha... You made it... Come back."
Y/N licked his lips, satisfied with the answer, bending down to Hargrove's ear.
"That's so good, darling."
And not waiting another minute to regain his speed almost immediately, slamming into Billy at the highest speed he could handle, the sound of skin slapping, both moaning and Billy's sweaty body slapping against the wall echoed in the bathroom.
"Oh god, Y/N... I'm fucking near. I feel it... I... Ha.."
"Go on babe, do it for me."
As soon as those words left Y/N's mouth, Hargrove moaned in a high-pitched voice, as he came all over himself, releasing the tightness that was building up in him for the past week. L/N continued ramming into him at a fast pace, until he came himself, moaning into Billy's ear.
As Y/N pulled out, a little bit of his seed oozed onto the floor, as they both collapsed on the bathroom floor, both sweaty and sticky, their ears ringing. As the aftermath cleared a little bit, a quiet, still not completely stable voice echoes in the bathroom walls:
"Tell anyone about this and you're fucking dead."
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cthulhus-curse · 3 months ago
Hiiii, I hope your day is going well😊. I’m a new anon and I just wanna start by saying I LOVE your writing style!!! I love reading your fics with Wanda and/or Nat in them! I wanted to make a request for a dark smut blurb or something with Mob Boss Mommy!Wanda? Like really dark, have fun with it honestly. Guns, knives, blood, etc. all that dark smutty sh*t is fair play. Only if you’re comfortable of course. I know you’re probably super excited to do MoM Wanda but I feel like for really dark smut with all that other stuff Mob Boss is more fitting maybe? Idk I’ll be happy either way!
Warnings: knife play, manipulation, dub-con, dark!mob boss!Wanda, blood play (ish?), strap-ons, mommy kink, dacryphilia
A/N: First of all, thank you!!!! I appreciate the comments sm, nonnie <3 you’re totally right, although OG dark!Wanda can so a bunch of interesting stuff with her magic. Anyway, thank you for the request, which I based on this. I hope you enjoy it!
⚠️ Smut drabble | 18+ ⚠️
"Shhh baby, come on. I’m so sorry that I have to do this, but you’ll like it. Mommy promises that."
As the blade ran down your neck, careful enough to not harm you immensely while also drawing blood, you shuddered. Wanda moved inside of you, the dildo attached to her waist sliding back inside your cunt. The fear you felt in that moment overtook your entire being as all you could do was lay over the bed in fear.
"It's too much," you sobbed, but knew you wished for more. The way in which Wanda pulled the knife away and substituted it with her mouth above your fresh wound made your eyes widen. She swirled her tongue across the deep red, humming as she tasted your blood. "Please don't hurt me."
"I'm so sorry, Y/N," Wanda feigned sadness as she thrust her hips forth. When she pulled back, her mouth dripped with red. She licked her lips, enjoying the savory blood coating them. "Mommy's sorry for making you cry, but you just look so beautiful. It makes me want to hurt you even more. But you would love that, wouldn't you?"
She was right of course. You loved the way in which she could make you scream without much effort, even if it meant violent tears cascaded down your flushed features. As the woman towered over you, a snicker came out. Your eyes were wide and dripping with terror. When she rolled her hips again, that time instead making you moan loudly.
"You wouldn't want your dad to hear us, no would you? Stay quiet for me, darling," Wanda muttered as she tilted her head. Viridescent eyes scanned the scarlet skin beneath, smirking with pride at her handiwork. "We have to keep this little secret to ourselves. Otherwise I'll hurt you really badly to the point you won't even be able to speak. Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes, mommy," you replied without hesitation. You had already seen what your stepmother was capable of, having watched as she shot one of her enemies in cold-blood, not even letting him get a word out before taking away his life. Even her men feared their boss. Wanda was not someone to be messed with. "I'll be quiet for you."
"Good girl," she husked out while sliding the dildo in and out of your pussy, humming at the sloshing sounds that filled your room -- all while drops of blood fell over your bed sheets. "Now, let me mark that pretty skin of yours a bit more. You know how much I adore making my little doll bleed."
Tumblr media
Taglist: @official-peter-parker, @chaoticevilbakugo, @natasha-danvers, @comfy-mee, @onetruwhore, @ilovehotactresses, @natsmcu, @royalityofmultifandom, @wandanatvoid, @marvelwomen-simp, @boo---bs, @mommyslittlebaby, @naslt, @alana-debnamcarey, @harkn3ss, @bigfinsquidd, @raspburrythief, @midnight-lestrange, @forever-a-diamond-bitch
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emilyprentissslut · 5 months ago
ALRIGHT BESTIE for Dino au, can we get were reader is yanked so hard by the leash, falls on her ass and needs aftercare💀
The good, the bad, and the baby leash🦕
description: You see your old life unfold before your eyes. With a tug on the leash, all you see is a hospital visit in your future. But the baby leash goddess won’t let her little dino be too hurt.
an: i made this a little angstier than i expected. lol but mainly fluff
warnings: slight angst, leash use, falling v hard, hurt comfort, soft kidnapper wanda
Tumblr media
There wasn’t much to complain about besides being in a hostage situation. Wanda never hurt you, she may have scared the shit outta you, but she wouldn’t dare lay a hand on you. Were you safe with her? You couldn’t answer.
Some days felt harder than others. While she had kept you well fed, clothed (mostly dino gear cuz she found it cute), and entertained, you missed your life. This stunning witch had stolen you from the only life you’ve ever known and thrust you into a world where you feared everyone and everything.
You desperately missed your old life. You missed your friends, you missed your nintendo switch, you missed your family; you missed your nintendo switch, etc. When you weren’t distracted by Netflix on the ipad Wanda gave you, you were burdened with the thought of missing home. It was until the two of you decided to take a walk, that the feeling destroyed you.
As you and Wanda strolled through the city, your eyes passed a bar where you and your friends would frequently attend. Scanning the interior, you spotted your mates having drinks and laughing with each other. Before Wanda knew it, you took off running, as fast as your leash would allow. Unfortunately for you, there wasn’t much that the leash would allow.
The sokovian instantly pulled you back and you felt pain consume you from your ass and back. You sobbed on the ground and the witch tried to console you. Backing yourself into a corner, Wanda brought her hands to the sides of your head. You felt a searing pain and struggled to contain your screams as the witch invaded your mind.
When she pulled away, all you felt was dread. You had been missing for a week, presumed dead, and your friends were taking shots together? You cried until you thought you would run out of tears. The mix of the pain from the fall and the pain from the sight ate at you. Wanda tried to pull you up to your feet, when you let out a hiss of pain.
“Dino, come here sweetie, we’re gonna go home and I’m gonna make it better.”
How would she make this better? Would she let you go? Where was home?
You felt a strong and soft pair of arms wrap around your waist. Wanda supported your weight as you were transported to an unknown location. You closed your eyes out of terror at the sensation.
When you opened your eyes you saw it, a house in a residential neighborhood. Not much stood out about it, except the giant force field the witch had put up around the house.
“Welcome to Westview, my little triceratops.”
You walked her as she carefully carried you into the prison house. Setting you in the master bedroom, you plopped herself on the bed next to you. Her arms snaked around your waist, you tensed at first, but seeked the comfort.
She brought her hands to your back and ass, you shivered at the sensation. You groaned in pain before you felt all the pain subside. Wanda had healed you.
“Friends don’t celebrate when another friend goes missing, baby. They didn’t deserve you. My beautiful little stegosaurus is the most kind person I’ve ever met. I know it’s scary right now, but I love you so much baby leash. However I can protect you, I will.”
You stuck your face in the crook of her neck.
“Can we watch Jurassic Park?”
The older woman laughed at your antics and kissed your head.
“My love, you’re living Jurassic Park.”
She was right. It didn’t matter to you though, Jurassic Park was your favorite movie.
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blooming-violets · 5 months ago
you should do a fluff alphabet for tasm!peter parker
Fluff Alphabet: TASM!Peter Parker (with fem.s/o)
A/N: I did my best to keep this rated pg. Now I need to do a smut alphabet though...
Tumblr media
A ctivities - What do they like to do with their s/o? How do they spend their free time with them?
He will do literally anything with her and be happy as long as she's within touching distance. Peter is very tactile so he feels the most at peace when he has a hand resting on her. He's lost so many loved one's at this point that it's his way to make sure she's real. She's not going to disappear. She's right here and he can feel her.
He loves laying his head in her lap while she reads fantasy books out loud to him. He closes his eyes and pictures the two of them in the story together. They've lived hundreds of lives together through these stories.
She loves the type of dates he comes up with. He takes her to Coney Island to ride the rides and eat junk food, to the aquarium to stand around and look at fish all day, picnics in the park, museum dates, new restaurants. He's forever coming up with some new place to bring her and insists on taking pictures everywhere they go for the memories.
But her favorite moment with Peter is late at night when he crawls through their bedroom window and collapses into bed with her. His hair is sweaty from the wearing the mask. He's half undressed from his Spider-Man suit because he was too tired to take off the rest. And he snuggles into her side and wraps her up, falling asleep the second his head hits the pillow. She looks down at him in the dark and is filled with so much love for him every time.
B eauty - What do they admire about their s/o? What do they think is beautiful about them?
This man is all in. He's a lover. He falls in love and will worship the ground she walks on. There is nothing about her that he finds unattractive. The fact that it's a part of her means that it can only be beautiful. Physical, emotional, mental. Anything she has going on, Peter will find beauty in it.
On the days where she might not find herself feeling the most attractive, Peter will stop whatever he’s doing to attend to her. He’ll go into great detail over why she’s beautiful and shower her with affection and kisses. There’s never a hint of exaggeration behind his eyes. He genuinely thinks all her imperfections are why she’s perfect.  
Hands, hands, hands, hands, hands. She’s obsessed with his hands. She loves to hold his hand in hers and run her fingers gently over his palm and down the underside of his wrist. 
She loves the cheeky, mischievous grins he gives her whenever he’s in a teasing mood. 
She admires his strength and the way he holds himself. How he stands up for the underdogs and fights for them. 
C omfort - How would they help their s/o when they feel down/have a panic attack etc.?
Peter learned early on in their relationship that they both suffer from panic attacks (though for different reasons). He learned that the best way to help her when she’s feeling panicked is to give her the tightest hug that he can. He’ll wrap her up in his arms and literally squeeze her with a good portion of his strength. He can feel her body start to relax against him and he waits until her heart beat slows before loosening his grip.
If they’re at home, she’s also asked him to lie on top of her and put his whole weight over her when she starts getting too anxious. She says it feels like a weighted blanket but a million times better. 
Peter’s anxiety stems from all the people he’s lost. He’s terrified of something happening to her. To help alleviate his stress, she’ll always text him the address of where she is. If something changes in her plans, she’ll make sure he’s the first one to know. He never asked her to do this but she knows it brings him peace of mind and it only takes a few seconds out of her day to help ease his worries. 
He often has night terrors. Especially around certain anniversaries of Gwen and Uncle Ben. He’ll start screaming and thrashing in his sleep. Usually she can get close enough to speak softly and comforting to him, run her finger through his hair, and calm him down. He hardly ever wakes up during them and doesn’t really remember them in the morning. 
On rare occasions Peter will have a ptsd flashback to one of the many horrors he’s lived through. She’ll find him shaking and crying uncontrollably in a corner. She knows to never touch him during these times as he’s on high alert and likely to lash out. The most effective way to bring him back down is to keep talking, make him listen to the sound of her voice, remind him that what he’s seeing is not real. She’ll try to get him to do deep breathing with her or have him name certain colors or objects he sees around the room. Once he’s snapped back into reality, he’s emotionally exhausted. He’ll curl up into a ball and lay his head in her lap while she plays with his hair.  
D ate - What was the first date with them like? What is their go-to date? What is their dream date?
Their first date was very simple and laid back. They took a walk through Central Park, grabbed dinner from a food truck, and ended the night at an arcade. Peter kicked her butt at air hockey then won her a stuffed rabbit from the claw machine. That bunny still sits on their bed to this day. 
Go-to date is wandering around a museum. Peter gets most of his joy from watching her take everything in rather than the exhibits themselves. He likes to lazily walk around hand in hand with her without having the feeling of being rushed. 
Their dream date is to travel. Both are still pretty broke and just trying to make rent but they dream of a day when they can go explore the world together. 
E qual - Are they the dominant one in the relationship, or rather passive?
Because he’s very dominant as Spider-Man, he’s perfectly happily falling into a more submissive role in every day life. He loves to let her chose what they do and when they do it. He likes to be held and cuddled. He often asks to be the little spoon (very Tate and Violet) 
Tumblr media
That being said, his dominant side is always hiding right under the surface and ready to take control whenever he needs to. He speaks his mind often and is ready to step in when he’s needed. 
F ight - Would they be easy to forgive their s/o? How are they fighting?
He’s terrible at keeping things hidden. His face always gives away his emotions. If he’s upset, she can tell right away. 
Peter hates yelling. He tries to never raise his voice. In fact, when they do fight, his voice actually lowers instead of raises. It’s a skill that is both frustrating and terrifying at the same time. 
Like Peter, she also doesn’t like to fight. She prefers to have honest discussions and actually solve their issues like adults. Sometimes emotions get the better of them though and a fight occurs. 
They are both very apologetic afterwards. Neither of them can stay mad at the other. The second anyone’s feelings get hurt, the other is already in a puddle of tears trying to make them feel better. 
G ratitude - How grateful are they in general? Are they aware of what their s/o is doing for them?
Omg Peter is the King of Gratitude. He’s very aware of how hard it can be to love him. He’s always in danger and has an entire second life that doesn’t involve his partner. That can put a massive strain on a relationship so he’s always checking in on her and seeing if she needs anything. 
He does everything he can to make up for lost time or broken promises or forgotten dates by giving her his full, uninterrupted attention when they are together. 
She knows that Spider-Man comes first a lot of the time. If it’s a choice between saving someone or going on a date with her, Peter will chose the former. She’s come to accept that as just part of who he is as a person. 
She’s also very aware of everything that he does for the city. New York would be in shambles if it wasn’t for Peter. She constantly reminds him how proud of him that she is because she knows that it’s something he needs to hear every now and again. 
H onesty - Do they have secrets they hide from their s/o? Or do they share everything?
Once the Spider-Man secret was out of the bag, they made a pact to never hide secrets from the other. He has stuck to his promise. 
She once wanted to throw a surprise party for Peter’s birthday. It turned out that she couldn’t keep the secret at all and spilled the beans a week before.
He still acted surprised though.
I nspiration - Did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around?
She made him softer. Peter went through a rough few years after Gwen. He became mean and bitter and angry at the world. Meeting her softened his edges. She taught him how to love again.
As much as Peter was softened by her, she was hardened by Peter. She had to learn how to protect herself. She had to deal with the anxiety that comes from having a partner who puts himself in danger every night, never knowing what injuries he’ll come home with today, or if he’ll even come home at all. She had to grow tougher skin to be able to handle those fears. 
She wouldn’t consider that a bad thing though. She feels like she can take on the world now. If she can survive a relationship with Peter, she can survive anything. 
J ealousy - Do they get jealous easily? How do they deal with it?
Ha. Yes. Very. He’s a protective boy. He likes people knowing that she’s his and he doesn’t want to share. 
He doesn’t do much about it, it’s not like he tries to stop her from talking to people, he just makes it very known that she’s his girlfriend and, if anyone tries anything with her, he will destroy them. He does that by protectively putting an arm around her, being more affectionate in public than usual, and giving the other person a handshake and fully crushing their hand in his to assert his dominance.  
While she’s not very jealous, herself, she loves watching Peter get jealous. It’s one of her many turn ons. She loves watching him pretend to play nice while really showing off his strength. She loves whenever he gets cocky. She loves the way he grabs her. But her favorite part is when he drags her away to go make out in the nearest private spot he can find. 
K iss - What was the first kiss like?
Their first kiss was initiate by her. The two of them had been building their connection as friends for a while. She knew she wanted so much more from him but could tell he was afraid to open up. She could see the wall he had built around him with the years of pain he suffered through. Her entire evening was spent flirting with him in her living room and giving him every signal she could to let him know that this was what she wanted. When he didn’t take advantage of any of that, she got frustrated, literally said “fuck it” out loud and then kissed him. 
He was a little taken aback at first. Scared of what this would lead to. But his body disconnected from his anxious mind and took over. He started to kiss her back. Once that barrier was broken, it turned into a full on make out session. 
It started off timid and scared and filled with longing and turned into something hot and heavy very quickly. 
Tumblr media
L ove Confession - How would they confess to their s/o?
The first time he said it was an accident. They were saying goodbye on the sidewalk and about to part ways. The cross walk light came on, she stepped out into the street, and a car ran a red light almost crashing into her. Peter pulled an Edward Cullen and stopped the car with his body to block her. 
The car was more hurt than he was. 
Peter didn’t want to give away his identity as super human so they quickly got out of there as a crowd of people started forming. He pulled her onto a quiet rooftop, held her tightly, and said through his tears how much he loved her and he was terrified of her getting hurt. 
It was a very bittersweet moment. On one hand, he had told her he loved her. On the other, he was clearly still in pain and forever grieving the loss of his loved ones. 
She calmed him down by giving him a kiss and telling him that she loved him too. 
She likes to write “I love you” places for him to find later. Such as:
On the fogged up bathroom mirror after her shower so, the next time he showers, it shows up for him to see
Spells it out on the alphabet magnets on the fridge
A post it note in his jacket pocket 
She doodles hearts on his arm with pen that he tries to keep there for as long as he can (one day he might tattoo one so it never washes off)
He takes notice that this is how she likes to express love. He follows suit and tapes a little sticky note to the outside of her office building window every day. It says little things like “I think you’re beautiful.” “You have my favorite smile.” “I already miss you.” The kicker is that her office is 34 stories high. Her coworkers can’t figure out who’s leaving these notes and how they do it. It’s the talk of the office. 
M arriage - Do they want to get married? How do they propose? 
Yes. Peter will marry her in a heart beat. 
He’s Spider-Man. He’s going to bring her up to the highest building he can find, watch the sun set with her, blubber out a speech that he’s rehearsed a million times in the mirror already but instantly forgets the second he starts talking, then start crying about how much he loves her and wants to be with her forever then pulls out the ring. 
She will also be crying because when Peter cries, she cries. She says yes. They kiss and finish watching the sun set.
Later that night, Peter properly finishes the speech that he started after having time to calm down and get his thoughts back together. 
N icknames - What do they call their s/o?
He either calls her by her full name (first, middle, and last) or a made up nickname. He rarely ever uses her actual name. 
Babe, baby, love, lovey, honey, beautiful, kitten literally any word that comes into his mind in the moment
One time he even called her potato. She was not impressed with one. 
She calls him Bug a lot. Pete. Petey (when she wants to annoy him). Spidey. Web Head. Hercules (whenever he does something particularly impressive strength wise). Squishy. 
But really she loves the way Peter sounds coming out of her mouth. It’s a name she could say all day and never get bored of hearing. 
O n Cloud Nine - What are they like when they are in love? Is it obvious for others? 
Aunt May knew right away when Peter got a new girlfriend. He came to visit her, picked her up and spun her around in a hug, and gave her a bouquet of flowers. Her response was “So, what’s her name?”
He always has a goofy grin on his face because he’s constantly day dreaming about her. 
He is literally on cloud nine. 
Throughout the day, she’ll suddenly become very bashful and blushy and shy like she’s trying to hide a big smile because Peter will have sent her some long, loving text about how much he misses her and he can’t wait until she comes home work.
P DA - Are they upfront about their relationship? Do they brag with their s/o in front of others? Or are they rather shy to kiss etc. when others are watching?
He loves PDA. It goes with his jealousy thing. He wants the world to know that this is his girlfriend and she is beautiful and wonderful and perfect. 
He’s always holding her hand, always kissing her, touching her, leaning on her, hugging her, anything he can possibly do without disturbing the peace, he will. 
She’s a little less willing to show too much PDA. She often has to slap his hand away when he’s getting too handsy or quietly yell at him to cut it out. He’ll respond with a grumpy whine and snuggle her closer and tighter. 
Q uirk - Some random ability they have that’s beneficial in a relationship.
“random ability” is Spider-Man. Have you ever wanted to make out with your partner on top of the statue of liberty? No? Well too bad. With Peter you can! You can literally go almost anywhere in the city thanks to him. There are no rules of gravity here. 
He also has the Spider sense. It can be as simple as easily grabbing your coffee before it spills. Or literally saving your life from a near death experience. 
She’s got those massage skills. She can make Peter melt in the palm of her hand after a long day of back pain after being thrown through some walls. 
R omance - How romantic are they? What would they do to make their s/o happy? Cliché or rather creative?
A sappy, romantic little baby boy. He’d walk through fire it meant making her happy. 
He likes to get very creative with his dates. He doesn’t like to do the same thing over and over again. 
He’s still an old fashioned gentleman at heart though. She’ll be spoiled for the rest of her life if she’ll let him. 
One day she brought him home some flowers and he blushed like crazy because no one had ever gotten him flowers before. 
Now she brings him all the cliché romantic gifts that old school boyfriends usually give to their girlfriends. He gets the flowers and chocolate and stuffed teddy bear and he loves it every single time. He feels like a pretty princess whenever she spoils him.
S upport - Are they helping their s/o achieve their goals? Do they believe in them?
Always. He’s her number one cheerleader. He’ll always indulge in her hobbies with her even if he’s terrible at them. He’s great with words and constantly hyping her up Whenever she needs a pep talk to get through her day, he’s the first person she calls. 
Peter’s goals are simple. He wants to better himself and the city. She’ll always remind him how important he is to everyone but she also let’s him know when he needs to take a break. 
She’s been quietly nudging him to get back into photography. She knows it was something he used to love and a passion that he lost along the way. She’ll bring his camera along in her bag on their dates, pull it out at some point, and be like “wow how did this get into here? maybe you should take some pictures while we’re out” 
T hrill - Do they need to try out new things to spice out your relationship? Or do they prefer a certain routine?
Yes and no. He enjoys his routine because his other life is so crazy that the familiarity of his relationship brings him much comfort. He likes knowing her schedule and knowing she’ll be snuggled up in bed watching a murder documentary in her comfy pjs at 8 o’clock on a weekday. He likes that she’s not a mystery to him. He doesn’t have to try to figure her out. He knows what he’s in for and that brings him so much safety and comfort. 
That being said, he also likes to spice things up in the bedroom. Keeping this PG but Peter is always down for experimenting with new things.  
U nderstanding - How good do they know their partner? Are they empathetic?
He can read her like a book. He knows every inch of her body and can pick up on the tiniest changes and differences. He could pick her heart beat and breathing out of a crowd of people. He knows every little nuance of her so when something is off, he immediately knows. 
His empathy is through the roof. Not just for her but for everyone. Peter feels things very strongly. When other people are hurting and upset so is he. 
It was hard to learn to read Peter at first. He was still closed off from everyone. Once his walls started to drop, she was able to pick up on more things. His eyes are very expressive and she can always judge his emotion based on that. 
Peter is her number one person. She’d drop anything to help him. She feels connected to him on a very deep level and is constantly showing her support for him.
V anity - How concerned are they with their looks?
Could not care less. As long as he’s showered and smells nice, he doesn’t care about anything else. He likes that his hair has a mind of it’s own. He likes the dark circles under his eyes and the bruises on his skin. He’s not concerned about clothes or material items. 
The only time he ever puts in some good effort is if he’s taking her out somewhere fancy. He loves the way her eyes light up when she sees him in a nice suit and tie. He also loves that he knows she will 100% be using that tie to pull him back into the bedroom later. And that is worth putting in all the effort. 
Peter successfully convinced her that he was obsessed with her appearance no matter how she looked. Even in the morning when her hair was a mess and she was taking out her mouth guard after a night of sleep. He still thought she was beautiful. 
W ild Card - A random Fluff Headcanon.
When they’re at a restaurant that gives them the a wrapper on their straw, he will always rip half of it off and blow the other half across the table at her face. 
Whenever they're in a crowded area, she always grabs onto the back of his shirt and sticks close behind him so they don't lose each other in the sea of people.
X tra- A random headcanon about their relationship.
She’s a very slow walker so Peter gives her piggy backs everywhere. 
Y earning - How will they cope when they’re missing their partner?
He misses her the second she leaves until the moment she’s in his sight again. He keeps a physical picture of her in his pocket. Obviously, he has pictures of her on his phone, but he likes to have the hard copy right there at all times. 
He will send her pics throughout the day of things that remind him of her. Sometimes they’re sweet and loving. Other times he’s a brat about it because he knows it’ll make her smile. “Look at this leaf. It’s shaped like heart. Reminded me of you.” “See this squished worm on the street? Looks like you.” 
Z zzz- How are they when they sleep?
A clingy bastard. Arms and a leg wrapped around her at all times. God forbid she ever wants to roll over, she’s locked in real tight, there’s no moving around for her. Peter’s personal teddy bear.
On his good nights, he’s a peaceful sleeper. Occasionally sleep talks and mumbles but is otherwise a deep sleeper. 
On his bad nights, he trashes around and yells and she has to be careful that he doesn’t accidentally hurt her. 
She’s a light sleeper which can be good for the nights she needs to help Peter calm down. Even if she’s really tired in the morning, she never makes him feel bad for keeping her awake. She’ll gladly hold him and pet his sweaty hair until he falls back asleep. 
Tumblr media
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a-gal-with-taste · 7 months ago
Please could I request reader telling silco hes so handsome etc etc and that she loves both his eyes and the scar. He's just perfect. And he is loving all the praise and compliments. Fluff or smut up to you either would be amazing <3
Ps. I love your writing!!!
Yesssss, lets get this fluffy, a bit feely AND smutty!
Silco X F!Reader
Wordcount: 2K+
Part 2 | Part 3
Warnings: NSFW/Minors DNI. Language, brief mention of violence, sex-work, praise kink, body worship, light bondage, oral (male receiving), P in V sex, Reader almost being as much of a simp as we are
The first time it had slipped out, was on his 17th time visiting you.
The moment it had, he had froze, before the hand unclasped the grip he had on both your wrists, and pulling out of you smoothly but with a visible haste in his actions. Gasping the moment his presence left you, an ache in between your legs at the sudden loss nearly unbearable as you rubbed them together as you sat up onto your elbows with a caught-back whine. "I-is something wrong?" You panted, swallowing and letting out a mute curse as the aches, both pleasurable, began to dull between your legs.
Faced only with the scarred side as he caught his breath, you are left with few clues to what was in his head, save a tense jawline and flaring nostrils as he breathed sharply, in and out, again and again. The red eye seemed to glow brighter with each inhale, lighting up like the embers at his finale smoke, per every session. You could watch it for hours.
Pushing up further, resisting the groan in your core, and you reach. Fingers barely brushing his bare shoulder as you breath in concerned, "Beloved...?"
Stinging with the smack he gives to knock your hand away before it touches, it still remains in the air as he growls, launching to his feet and storming about the private room, gathering his things. Shoving feet into gold-lined boots, half-buttoning up a shirt; a rush, it seemed, to escape.
You called his name, a breach in the contract, but you did it anyways. He didn't even hesitate, all but slamming the gold down on the low-lighted rooms dresser as he shoved his arms through his jacket. "Silco, wait-" You're caught in the glare of hellfire and mortal, both just as devestating, deadly and raw as that of a snarling predator.
"You are to keep quiet, next we meet. Understood?"
The Eye of Zaun doesn't wait for the reply, the mask concealing his identity as he exits secured before he slams the door behind him.
Leaving you with trembling legs, half kneeling on the bed as you stared after him. Any other woman would be shaking from terror from being the subject of such a flaming look, so off-put by the scarring and the shift from his normal cool, suave demeanor. You do not shake with such fear, however. The shaky breath you release as you fall back onto the bed, catching your breath as you pressed your palms into your eyes, was how utterly, totally beautiful your client was.
And, as consequence, how utterly screwed you were, in the fact that you thought that.
Love wasn't supposed to happen. Not here, and not like this.
You definitely shouldn't be feeling love for a client while he has his cock pounding between your lips.
And you absolutely, positively, shouldn't be finding the way he's throwing his head back, slicked-strands of dark hair wild around his face as he lets out something guttural, and almost fragile, claw from his throat as he cums straight down your own, utterly captivating.
It's almost reflexive at this point, how easily you take him to the hilt as his length twitches and drains hot ribbons down your perfectly sore throat. As reflexive as the several, gentle press of your lips you leave down on his spent length, before pressing an kiss directly on the dripping tip, the taste of him coating your tongue as you gaze up through your eyelashes.
Lovingly stroking his thighs as he came down from his peak, your hoarse voice said it, again. It takes his mind a few seconds to hear it, absorb it and understand it's every syllable, but then his eye snaps back open as he pulls himself away immediately, going for the provided cloth on the table.
"There are many, many terrible stories, about whores that don't listen." The threat doesn't work; you both know he won't follow it, and you pant, reaching up to delicately thumb off the remains off him off your lips. He doesn't turn, but you watch the man's muscles jump as he hears you moan delightfully as you suckle the cum off your digit. "And lie."
A frown as you breathe, "I've never lied."
"You," Now cleaned, Silco turns, and once more, you are breathless under the glow of his red. His coat already in hand, he sightlessly pulls out the clanking pouch from his pocket. "... are a whore..." The first click of gold is all but a punch onto the bedside table. You never move your eyes from him, even as he loudly stacks each and every coin atop one another.
"A whore, that's paid." Another ten clacks. "Paid to like it."
Another ten. "Paid to act like that..."
A final ten, and his fist is shaking, chipped teeth gritting as he bores his duel-colored gaze into you. There's sweat still dotting his brow, hair still sticking out from his thrusts between your ravaged lips. "Paid," He whispers, hoarse as if your positions were flipped. "...to say such pretty, pretty lies."
You stare straight into his eyes. And whisper it again.
That pure, perfect devastation crosses his gaze once more before he turns on a heel, breaking a world-record in his haste to put his clothes, his armor back on, and stride out the door, leaving you on your knees, with the taste of him in your mouth, and fifty shining, golden coins on the polished wood.
A moment later, you throw every single one of those damn coins out the window, and scattering into the street three floors below.
Paid, you are not.
Liar, you are not.
"You're sacked." You aren't surprised, and say nothing to the Madame. Only give a cool side-glance to your co-worker beside you, smirking smuggly. She's of similar height, coloring, body type to you, and was Silco's second choice if he hadn't picked you.
The greedy bitch already has the glitter in the color of his gold in her eyes as she watches you lose your job. A consequence of you whispering the name of your client when you thought you were alone at night. "Immediately," The Madame continues, and you interrupt, reminding her of Silco's appointment tonight. "Don't care, be gone by then."
Your next question finally has her glancing up from her paperwork. "What was that?" "I said, what if I paid you for the room?" A haughty chortle of disbelief from your ex-coworker, and a sigh from your Madame. "This isn't a damn hotel. Get lost, before I get the guys to drag you out."
You turn, and walk out of the office. And return a handful of moments later, an armful of all the pouches of coins you'd procured over the last several months as Silco's. Dumping them without care onto the desk, the Madame's cigarette falls from her teeth as she stares. "... oh, you poor thing," She mutters, raising one dark-leather bag and feeling it's heavy, heavy weight. "You've fallen hard, haven't you?"
You don't answer that question, but she answers yours, agreeing to a one-night stay in the room you've been fucking the Industrialist in. And, of course, one more thing.
"What do you want?" Silco's runner-up snarls as she strides back in; you, the first-prize, only sweetly smile and curl your fist at your side. "The five seconds I paid for."
If Silco takes note of the bruised knuckles, or the muffled crying he surely had to have heard as he walked past the office, or one of the teeth staff still hadn't managed to pick up off the ground yet, he makes no comment as he tightens his tie around your wrists.
For a moment you fear the gag, in which case he'll hear nothing of what you have to say. You're relieved, emotionally as physically, as he guides his cock into your body with knees on either side of his hips.
"Beautiful," You breath as his nails dig into the curve of your ass as you lift, then lower onto him again. You see those gritting teeth grind as you moan out the word again, adding it's twin between your heaving breaths, "Gorgeous..."
A hand comes up to cup your breast, rolling and gripping at the plump flesh almost tenderly, but another whisper of the dreaded B-word has pain zapping to your brain from how hard he pinches your nipple.
"Stop that," He orders, mortal eye closed tight as he rocks his hips up into you, choking your next word with the thrust of his cock deep inside. "I'm not paying you to say those things." The laugh slips out from your tongue before you think, tone loving as you inform him, "You can't pay me. I don't work here anymore."
You were staring into the hellfire-gaze as you confessed that. You now face both, utterly fixated on your face as his nails grip your hips, as if you could escape, or want to escape, his attention. "What..." A swallow, and you follow the curve of his throat with your gaze, causing a second swallow. "... what did you just say?"
A smile, as you gaze upon his every serious, ever careful, ever stoic face that looks up at you in pure shock and disbelief. "I was fired today. I paid for this room, it's essentially a motel for the night... I don't know if you'll ever see me again after this." You give a small, experimental clench around him, and his eye-contact never breaks as he gives a shuddering, low exhale.
"... You're beautiful, Silco." You begin to move again, slowly, inner muscles pulsating around his erection deep within your heat as you whisper your confessional. "I can't stop looking at you, or thinking about you, and thinking how gorgeous you are. H-how-" Your moan cuts you off as both his hands slowly snake up your chest, this time giving both breasts slow, caring attention. "... h-how marvelous you are..."
A choked sound from below. Your hooded eyes watch as he closes his green eye, the red nearly disappearing as it dilates into the black.
"I love when you look like this," You admit, between gasps as his hips start rolling in earnest up to meet you. "I love those rare smiles you get afterwards, w-with a cigar half-hanging out. I love... l-love the way your eyes, both of them, g-get so concentrated even as you fall apart. I-i love it when you bite your lip with t-those damn perfect teeth... just like t-that-" Even with his cock now slamming into you from below, you let out a breathless laugh as you see his canine pricking into his bottom lip in his carnal euphoria.
You're so concentrated on watching this man fall apart, from your words and body, that you almost miss the way the tie is nearly ripped off your wrists.
"You mean it," Silco gasps into your ear as he tugs you down atop of him, arm wrapping around you with nails biting into your back as his teeth bites into your shoulder as he fucks you in belief. "I-i do..." You groan against this ear as it earns you a lap against your skin, before a deep bite that'll be stinging for days. "I-i had to tell you... d-don't know i-if I'll ever see you again-"
"You're coming home with me."
You let out a near-sob as one hand reached between your legs to stroke your clit with fierceness, and how certain his words are. How quickly you accept.
Your hand comes up to brush against grey, ragged skin, palm sliding on the sweat and fading make-up as you begin laying a trail of kisses from his ruined side of his chin, up.
A snap of his hips. Another loving kiss.
A deep, wicked moan that shakes at the end.
You feel how erratically he's slamming into you, palm practically a blur on your clit as your vision starts to go white, and you press your open mouth at the corner of that stunning, wonderful eye of fire and darkness.
Your orgasm comes in sync with him, as you hoarsely choke out the one word you think of whenever you lay eyes on this man:
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leupagus · a month ago
So I'd Like You To Watch Dalgliesh: or, why I watched this show four times in a week
First off, this show is not going to be for everyone; even the people reading this are going to get to the end, go "lol hard pass," and continue with their day. All respect and love to you, because God knows I've loved reading primers on shows like Black Sails and The Terror while knowing that I will never, ever watch them. (No. Leave me alone, I'm serious.) If you do not enjoy the genre of Sad British Detective Who Solves Crimes (see: Shetland, Broadchurch, Vera, Morse, Morse 2: Baby Morse Who's Even Sadder somehow, Luther, Foyle's War, Inspector George Gentley, Unforgotten, Bletchley Circle, etc etc etcccccc), then this probably won't be up your alley. However this shit is catnip for me, so if you're onboard so far, take my hand and we shall venture forth together.
There are three mysteries divided over six episodes, all of them with multiple murders — I was as anxious to find out who was going to kark next as I was to find out who the killers were. All of them are based on the books written by PD James, and all of them are set in 1975, which is an intereting choice — James wrote these books over about 50 years, starting in (I think) the 1960s, so anchoring the series to a specific time gives the writers a lot of opportunity to explore the era with a modern lens. To that end, please be warned that there is bigotry, there are outdated and sometimes horrifying norms, and it can be pretty difficult to watch. But none of them are glossed over with the shrugging acceptance of "that's just how it was back then." Characters behave in a way that makes sense for the time, but the narrative doesn't let them off the hook for it, nor does it turn away from the cost borne by others.
I can't speak to how faithful each mystery is to the book it's adapting, since PD James was my mom's favorite author, not mine, but they all have that delightful/infuriating tendency that British murder mystery shows have of sometimes just… forgetting to explain what's going on. At one point a character actually says "What's going on?" and I muttered, "Sing it, sister" because I had no idea what all the significant looks were signifying. However, also in keeping with British murder mystery shows, it doesn't really matter because the there's enough atmosphere to cut with a knife and serve on toast. There are lots of quiet scenes where someone's wandering the moors or driving a car through countryside so beautiful you want to paint it, although that's usually followed by said wanderer/driver arriving at another dead body. What can you do.
As the main character, most of the scenes (with actual dialogue) are Dalgliesh interacting with various witnesses, suspects, and colleagues, which means scenes where it's just two actors being really, really good at their jobs. Amanda Root in the first mystery is fantastic as a nurse who is just completely unimpressed with Dalgliesh's entire deal (sidenote: there's a whole plot that hinges on Amanda Root's character not being that pretty and I wanted to reach through the TV and slap everyone for putting disrespect on Anne Eliot's name, but that's me), and there's a kind of heartbreaking scene between the murderer and Dalgliesh at the end where you slowly realize that not only are they the murderer, but Dalgliesh has known the whole time. 
The second mystery is set at a care home for people who rely on wheelchairs and the show cast all those roles with actors who likewise use wheelchairs or electric chairs, and every one of them was outstanding, especially George Robinson as Henry. (There's a beautiful scene where Dalgliesh helps Henry get ready for bed that is, no joke the first time I've ever seen a man care for another man in such an intimate way on TV. There's no gay panic or awkwardness, it's not played for laughs, it's just very simple and lovely. I think I might have teared up the first time I saw it.) The rest of that episode is a cornucopia of Hey It's That Guy, though the most hilarious one is Sally Scott who's married to Bertie Carvel (who plays Dalgliesh) — her character Helen absolutely loathes Dalgliesh and I kept worrying about their marriage the entire time they were onscreen together.
The last mystery doesn't have quite as many of those moments, but it does end with a very dramatic scene in a church where Dalgliesh gets the bad guy to surrender by being aggressively sad at him, which as a bit of acting is impressive as hell.
And now for the main characters! I have no idea how the second season (which I think is filming soonish? nowish?) will go, but the first season had all three mysteries in different places, so the only person in all six episodes is Dalgliesh himself. However, his two sergeants appear in four episodes each, so we'll call them main characters too.
Tumblr media
This guy sucks. He's pretty, I guess, but the mustache is the least of his sins, and I had a lot of fun disliking him. He's one of Dalgliesh's two sergeants and he sucks just so much, and not even in a "at least you tried" way. He sleeps with a suspect, he slacks off because he thinks the assignment he has is boring, he lies to his boss about said slacking off, and he puts his colleague in danger because he wants to get her out of the way while he does the fun stuff. He's also easily the most bigoted character on the show — it's so blatant that even Dalgliesh, who comes from the "I pretend I do not see it" school of dealing with departmental strife, calls him out on it. Anyway, whatever, that's him, let's move onto the good guys.
Tumblr media
KATE "THE GREAT" MISKIN. Oh man she's — so she first shows up in the second mystery as a WPC in Dorset. Dalgliesh visits the local precinct due to multiple people dropping dead while he's trying to enjoy his vacation, and from minute one Miskin is the personification of 'I'm not gonna say say it I'm just gonna think it REAL LOUDLY" in re: why all these people are dropping like flies. So of course they join forces, much to her boss's annoyance. By the time the last mystery starts she's working for Dalgliesh directly in London, where she unfortunately has to deal with Masterson and his grossness. However, she rises above because she's a fucking champ. We don't know that much about her yet, other than that she was born and raised in Southampton, but we do get an amazing scene of her off-duty in full 70's pantsuit glory, so there's that at least.
Tumblr media
This guy. This FUCKIN' GUY. For obvious reasons, we know more about him than anyone else: his dad was an Anglican minister; he was widowed about a year before the show starts when his wife died in childbirth, in which the baby died too; he was good friends with his dad's curate (who of course dies in one of the episodes). He is the platonic ideal of Sad British Detective Who Solves Crimes. Despite that, by the end of the last episode he's managed to claw himself out of the pretty obvious (and pretty well-deserved, let's face it) depression he's been in, due in large part to the connections he forges with various friends and co-workers who just spent the previous six episodes watching him with the same expression you get watching a wobbly tightrope walker.
(He's also randomly a super famous poet??? To the point where a witness asks him to sign her book of his poetry, and the face journey he goes on before settling on "yes of course" is truly beautiful. As is Masterson's demand "what book?" five seconds later. I have no idea why James includes this detail but it's absolutely hilarious, like if Richard Siken was a homicide detective.)
Tumblr media
Obviously, though, what I love most is Miskin and Dalgliesh and their relationship, because I am the basicest of bitches. From the first time they lay eyes on each other, they're in cahoots to solve crimes for great justice; she's impressed by his intuition and he's impressed by her insights. He respects her abilities and her, as a person; he mentors her, for sure, but he already considers her a great officer (whereas with Masterson he's visibly given up and deals with him the way you'd deal with a shitty car that you can't afford to replace). There's a great moment in the second mystery after they've reached a dead end and he's obviously pissed about it, but he very deliberately thanks her for everything she's done and offers her a handshake. She takes a beat and your heart just sinks: it's obvious that nobody, certainly no white male superior, has ever given her the respect she deserves. 
This is, of course, shortly followed by Dalgliesh getting himself kidnapped by the murderer, because he has the self-preservation instincts of a suicidal lemming, but it's Miskin who saves him on the strength of a dropped pen and her thinking to herself "if I were a complete fucking MUPPET, where would I be dragged off to in order to get myself killed?" That episode ends with her literally applying pressure to his gunshot wound while he stares dazedly up at her, and while "Our Prayer" doesn't actually play in the background I feel like it could have.
Dalgliesh then proceeds to get her transferred onto his team in London, where they take turns being protective of each other — Miskin deflects Masterson's extremely unsubtle hints that she slept with Dalgliesh to get the job, but never mentions the whole saving-his-life thing; while Dalgliesh tries (unsuccessfully) to get Masterson to stop being an unbelievable douchebag to her. He also stays with her after she gets konked in the head by the bad guy, and while you don't see the absolute evisceration he gives Masterson for being indirectly responsible, the last scene with the three of them indicate that it's gonna be bad.
Tumblr media
So that's my pitch for people to watch this: it's on AcornTV which you can get a free trial to, and I'm guessing it's available somewhere in the UK/other countries. Please watch and then write me a hundred stories about Miskin and Dalgliesh being repressed and British at each other until one of them gives up and kisses the other one on the face. 
Please. Don't leave me alone in here, guys.
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tahtahfornow · 5 months ago
literary wolfstar classics (rec list part 1, pre-2010)
okurr so. As someone who is officially old & read/wrote wolfstar as a teenager & then totally abandoned fanfic, etc., in like 2009 or something & then inexplicably returned a few months ago (actually, no, I can absolutely explain my return and it's Hanya Yanagihara's fault but not at all in the way you're thinking - maybe material for a weird rant post one day?) - ANYWAY. I'm secretly a horrible cunt with annoyingly picky taste (sry I try so hard to be nice I swear) and have spent way too much time at this point refinding my old fave wolfstar fics/discovering new stories that meet my obnoxiously high standards SO. SO, the logical next step seemed to be to share these beautiful stories with the world instead of hoarding them all on my laptop or whatever.
Point being, here is part 1 of a rec list which I originally posted to reddit (mostly because getting a reddit seemed like less work/commitment than getting a tumblr but HERE I AM now on TUMBLR having fully succumbed to my fannish impulses so, whoops) which I am calling "literary wolfstar recs." Everything below is just copied/pasted from my reddit post, & soon I'll post my part 2 ("modern classics" - i.e. the post-2010 wolfstar stories I've found/loved so far).
Okay y'all. I threatened to do it and now I am doing it. This here is a rec list of "literary" wolfstar classics (all were originally written/posted pre-2010, many were written 2005 or earlier). By "literary" I mostly just mean heartbreakingly gorgeous with, like, decent grammar to boot. Sort of a rec list for snobbish lit-crit cunts like me (& probably Remus) and especially for any of you sweet children who weren't lurking the internet when a lot of these were being written/posted and may have missed some or all of these utterly seminal wolfstar texts :). Since returning to fic a few months ago after, like, a trillion years away, I've also discovered a few "new" (i.e. post-2010 lol) authors with some breathtakingly lovely and "literary" stories, and I'll try to get around to eventually compiling those into a similar list at a later date when I've got more free time. Probably won't be for a while yet.
So, without further ado/in no particular order - literary wolfstar classics:
"redeeming time" by minx.
A true classic. Written well before HBP (and maybe even before OOTP? - I'm not sure). A post-prank narrative told entirely from James's perspective (so it's also, of course, James/Lily, although wolfstar is the main storyline) and spanning Nov. 1976 - Nov. 1977. Minx's clean, straightforward prose works so perfectly for this story; it's, like, the quintessential growing-up narrative (but with gay wizards). This, this will always be canon to me. An all-time fave.
"fingerholds" by centaurea.
As far as I know, this is the author's only wolfstar fic, and omfg it is breathtakingly gorgeous. Non-linear narrative that shifts between First War & Lost Years. It tells the story of Remus and Sirius coming together after Hogwarts and then falling apart under the terror/suspicion of war. Again, the writing is fucking beautiful - imagistic, atmospheric, rife with metaphor. This might possibly be my favorite fanfic ever, although I really don't know because that's such a tough call. But anyway, this story will make you hurt.
"vector," "gasp," & "wane" by @rageprufrock.
Pru has written a number of wolfstar classics, so you can't go wrong with anything by her, but I picked these three because they strike me as the most "literary" (i.e. achingly gorgeous) of the lot. "Vector" is a lovely reflective piece in which Sirius, sidetracked by various memories in the midst of Christmas shopping, realizes he's in love with Remus; "Gasp" is basically just a beautiful, atmospheric sex scene (complete with a charming and pitch-perfect Confession of Feelings); "Wane" is a dreamy and poetic "fairytale for Remus," spanning his early childhood up through (and slightly beyond) Sirius's death in OOTP. I adore all of them. Her lighter/funnier fics (like "Seven Things") are also great so check those out, too.
"the times" by @imochan.
Absolutely everything imochan creates is gorgeous and she's written so many wolfstar classics. But I picked "The Times" for this list because the joy, the joy in this story is just so wonderful and palpable. It's a non-magic AU set in 1930s Ireland; Sirius is a paperboy and Remus works at the news office. This story is so beautifully written and unquestionably ranks among my all-time faves. A few other imochan classics I adore include "Liars Leaving My House," "Five Ways to Open Your Arms," & "Oh, Night, and Divine (The Selfish Wish Remix)." But really, anything by her is pretty much guaranteed to be gorgeous and wonderful.
"that the science of cartography is limited" by rave/dorkorific.
Another true classic. Authored by one-half of the Shoebox Project team. Written pre-HBP, shifts back-and-forth in time between MWPP/post-Hogwarts days & post-OOTP/Remus in the aftermath of the veil, with the Marauders' Map and the boys' attempts to trace Hogwarts' ever-shifting walls with language becoming a sort of broad metaphor for the utterly tangible and seemingly solid yet eternally shifting, breathy, unstable, always-already crumbling foundations of human relationships - the "built-in" loss of relational existence. I mean, just beautiful.I cannot even. Another story that will hurt you.
"the love song of sirius black" by kaydeefalls.
Based on Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and another true wolfstar classic. A poetic imagining of Sirius's fall through the veil as a sort of dreamy exploration of various major fork-roads in his life, with each section of the story depicting a diverging (i.e. non-canon) path from Sirius's reality. And the final dream scene - ohmyfuckinggod. You will cry. Unless your heart is, like, stone, but maybe even then. I'm so sorry because I'm just now realizing I should have probably called this rec list "wolfstar for masochists" or something like that because so many of these stories are just brutal. As a side note, kaydeefalls also has a number of other lovely fics worth checking out, such as "Quiet" and "Twas Brillig, and the Slithy Toves."
"in love" by minnow.
I adore minnow! She has written so many charming, clever, sweet (& often hilarious) wolfstar stories, and she has this way of stepping a bit outside of the characters and creating a fly-on-the-wall sort of vibe that is just so wry and funny, but also at times becomes ridiculously poignant. I know I already used this word but her prose is just charming, idk what else to even say. I picked "In Love" for this list because it is so fucking sweet, in the best way possible, and fairly indicative of her style generally, and also, just - ugh. How can this story not make you happy. The title is self-explanatory. Other fics by Minnow that I especially love include "The Cure" and "What We Did In The Holidays" (these two are just utterly hilarious).
"beat the devil" & "the love there that's sleeping" by musesfool/victoria_p.
Musesfool has written so many wolfstar classics that I cannot possibly account them all here and I'm pretty sure I haven't even read most of them. She is, like, prolific, and you likely can't go wrong with anything by her. But anyhow, I picked these two because they are, in different ways, so particularly gorgeous. "Beat the Devil" is a First War/Sirius pining/hook-up fic with just, such great atmosphere; the story is just thick with atmosphere. And "The Love There That's Sleeping" is a MWPP-era, Beatles-infused, cut-it-with-a-knife-sexual-tension sort of thing that is also, just, so lovely.
"the shortest distance between two people" by riko.
A year-by-year MWPP era fic (each section occurring during the corresponding Hogwarts year) that is just so lovely and charming and often so funny but with so much freaking hurt, too. And these utterly perfect characterizations to boot. This story is just good, I mean, really what else can I say.
"written by hand" & "the moon's significant tremble" by setissma.
I think setissma has written a lot of wolfstar (and some of it may even be hard to find now?) but I picked these two because they are just so lovely. "Written by Hand" features this beautiful premise where Remus has to spend a summer in Romania with no way of communicating with his friends/loved ones, and so with their consent he charms the walls in his summer flat to display everything they write down (letters, grocery lists, all of it). "The Moon's Significant Tremble" is a lovely non-magic AU wherein Sirius is posh and Remus is a schoolteacher and they meet on a train when Remus may or may not be attempting to steal Sirius's watch.
"a peripheral vision" by carmine_ink.
Another heartbreakingly lovely AU set in the 1890s, Cambridge, wherein Remus and Sirius share the misfortune of falling in love in a time/place where that sort of thing is Quite Illegal Indeed, and Remus's lycanthropy is beautifully translated into epilepsy.
"the drought story" by librae.
Librae's style is just so pretty - everything she writes is so atmospheric and poetic and richly imagistic. "Drought Story" takes place the summer between sixth and seventh year; Remus's owl dies and Sirius pays him a visit for the funeral rites. I don't even know how else to describe this story, other than - just lovely.
AND here are some "honorable mentions" aka more lovely/charming/very well-written wolfstar classics that I just don't have the time/energy to type up full summaries for rn. But these are also all very, very good!
"a few mornings in january" by omgsubtext - in which Remus maybe sort of forgets to tell Sirius he's moved in with him, actually.
"ever after" by busaikko - in which Remus is a geeky astrophysicist & Sirius a gay Scheherazade.
"delta" by fahye - in which every single sentence is so poetically crafted.
"it's not the years, honey, it's the mileage" by thistlerose - in which Remus turns thirty-five and Sirius brings him stolen library books.
"cooler than frogs" by penknife - in which Sirius has a secret, and lycanthropy is very cool.
"the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime" by penknife - in which Sirius is Harry's brooding, Rochester-esque guardian, and Remus Harry's private tutor.
"a flame in two cupped hands" by such_heights - in which Sirius adorably pines.
"for someone came and kissed me there" by such_heights - in which Remus gives Sirius a scandal for Christmas.
"as red as hearts and autumn" by rosemaryandrue - in which Remus has a sexual encounter in front of mermaids under Brighton Pier.
"fire shadows" by mysecretashes - in which Remus, Sirius, and Peter spend the summer before seventh year at James's.
"being an historical record . . ." by moonpants - in which Remus is ambushed by James during truth-or-dare.
"earl grey" by mariinarusalka - in which Remus drinks tea.
"heat the winter floods" by daphnaea - in which R & S share a flat, and Remus keeps piles.
AND, finally, just for fun, this classic essay re: the canonical evidence for wolfstar, because I love close-reading and such nerdy shit as that: "the case for r / s" by elwing_alcyone.
oh and p.s. many thanks to @broomsticks for being so sweet & acclimating me to the wild world of tumblr!!
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mingshits · a year ago
To Obtain the Flower
Tumblr media
Pairing: Emperor Jungkook x Princess Y/N
Genre: Historical!au (Han and Goryeo period type), yandere, dark, angst
Word count: 8.4k
Warnings: Trigger warnings, manipulation, murder, forced marriage, implied force pregnancy, kidnapping, stalking, massacre, strong languages etc. This work is purely fiction and entertainment purposes only. I do not condone behaviour and actions depicted in this fanfic.
Summary: On the day of your marriage to the Second Prince of your empire, an Emperor from another empire kidnaps you, kills the entire imperial family you were marrying into and forces you to marry him instead.
Sequel: Primrose
Tumblr media
There is a well-known love story that made the commoners and nobles in the capital swoon in the empire a few decades ago.
It was of a budding young handsome scholar who rose in the ranks with the ambition of being allowed to marry the woman he loves, who was the youngest daughter of a well-respected Count and minister.
A hurdle for the young man faced as although his family was of nobility, it was a family of scholars who did not produce much glory or fame to the empire, hence their family name had hit a decline over time and is on the brink of diminish.
The inner circle of the nobility did not see them as one of them, their name did not bear the weight of one.
Even so, the young man was persistent and went to the Count's manor and declared that if he were given the chance, he would prove himself to be worthy of the lady's hand in marriage and that he sincerely loves her.
The bravery that the young man showed has the young lady falling in love with the determination and dedication that the young man possessed.
It was commonly known among the people that it was rare for a noble to marry for love. Arranged marriages were more of the norm, as the goal of keeping the power and wealth within the family or aiming for higher connections with families whose ranks in terms of authority and money above theirs, was the usual reasons behind marriages within the nobility.
To simply put it in terms- marriages were treated as a transaction; it was always what can that other family bring to the table that would be advantageous to both sides.
The count, having a soft spot for his youngest daughter, who seemed to share the same sentiments with the young man, allowed him to prove his worth, stating that if he had not been acknowledged by the emperor within two years, he would promise his daughter to another by then.
Acknowledged, he was, as the young man, strived and overworked to prove himself and his capabilities well by being the youngest minister in the empire's record, while gaining the public's support that the emperor bestowed him the title of duke, hence he was able to successfully marry the woman he loves.
The woman made her husband promise for them to live a peaceful life once they already settled down and would enjoy life with their children in the future away from the drama and terror that the capital holds, the young duke then solemnly pledged to do so, even if it cost him his life.
The couple went on to have a beautiful daughter as their first born, though during the birth of their son the duchess faced complications during birth and succumbed to blood loss resulting in death.
The duke, devastated by the loss of his wife, swore to never marry again, and decided to dedicate most of his time into work and caring for his children, who sadly lost their mother in their young age.
After a couple of years, the duke became the prime minister of the empire, holding a great amount of power and balance of authority. A well-known, compassionate and wise man who puts the people first yet the great charm that appeals greatly to the nobles as a neutral party.
The immense power struggle within the empire comes mostly from the imperial family and parties that lobby for power in the empire, both trying their best to pull the prime minister to their side but fails to do so, as the prime minister has always put limitations within himself to not be roped in any disputes.
The prime minister does this to protect his children, not wanting them to be used as bait for him to do their bidding that would disparage the balance of the empire.
That is where you come in as the elusive only daughter of the prime minister. Since your mother's passing, it was announced that you had a weak constitution, thus you were moved to a manor far away from the capital.
It was a decision that your father had made with a heavy heart to protect you from the clutches of the system.
As a girl, you were more susceptible to be used as a pawn on the deadly games of politics and power struggle within the capital while your brother is needed as the heir of the duke beside your father. The less that people know of you, the better it is for you not to get entangled with the nobles or the imperial family.
The manor is situated near, right at the border of a neighbouring empire, where life is simple and calm, rather than the tense capital.
There you found yourself growing up surrounded by the old butler whom you treat as grandpa, your loving nanny, maids, tutors, workers, and knights of the manor who treat you like a precious gem.
Occasionally, your father and brother would pay you a visit and would stay for a month at most before going back to the capital again.
Tumblr media
You could not quite say that you have a tight-knit family, but your father ordered that once they are with you, all meals should be shared together, and you all would talk about each other's day as a way to bond and make up for your time of separation.
Thus, you hold your family closely into your heart, they are your kin, though you wanted to be closer to them and be by their side most of the time yet, at an early age, your father had explained to you the situation you are in and the reasons he wanted you to stay at the manor rather than the capital.
All that you could do was sigh and say you understand, but deep inside, you wanted to be with them, even though you knew that they were only protecting you because they love you.
Tumblr media
Considering that, as you are the only daughter of the prime minister, the only ones whose ranks were above yours are the women of the imperial family and duchesses. Technically, you could be considered as a princess, though that is what makes your position trickier.
You could be married into the imperial family or married off to some empire or nation as a sign of goodwill, which is why your father had made you quietly live as far as possible, for you to not be remembered by the public, nobles and the imperial family.
Even so, there was no shortage of luxuries such as dresses, jewelries, shoes, and food—you name it your father could provide for you on your whim.
To the people around you, considering your status and situation they were more likely expecting you to be a spoiled brat, yet they were partially wrong since their miss is not only beautiful, but she was also like her father who is compassionate and empathetic of others around her while maintaining the bearings of a true noble.
Though she does have her moments of being spoiled and naughty, but for the most part she was such a doll to the people around her that they cannot help but adore and cherish her more.
Especially her nanny, who already considers her as her daughter—since the miss as a baby smiled at her, she swore to love and nurture her as if she was her own child. She wanted to protect the miss from the darkness and treacherous ways of the noble society as much as she could.
“My lady, the duke is requesting to see you in his study right now.” Your nanny rushed in and informed you with a worried look on her face as she interrupted your reading in the garden.
“Father's here? How come he did not notify me of his plans to return?” You closed the book you were reading and placed it beside the tea that had gone cold.
“It seemed like an urgent matter; hence he had not sent a letter in advance, my lady.” Your nanny bowed her head a little and gestured for you to make your way out of the garden and inside the manor quickly.
“Well, I'd better go see father then. Yuqi, please prepare the black tea he prefers.” You called out to one of your personal maids as you stood up and headed over inside to not keep your father waiting for too long.
You could see the head butler outside your father's study and as you smiled at him, he bowed his head as his greeting while smiling at you before announcing to the duke your presence.
“Hello father, this is a pleasant surprise. I hope the journey here wasn't too harsh for you.” You greeted while doing a curtsey to your father before standing straight and smiling at him while he motions for you to sit across him.
“My dear, I pray that you had been well. Your brother and I had missed you dearly… I will be honest with you: I rushed here after one of my intelligence informed me of a possible decree that the emperor ordered to be delivered here. It might be regarding your marriage.”
Your father said, with a serious expression, something you were not used to, as you always saw your father smiling at you, with only the exception if he was dealing with urgent matters- an occurrence he mostly avoided as he feels guilty for not spending enough time with you.
Especially every time he sees you, he his reminded of your mother and it makes him misses her more dearly. The reason why he tends to be wrapped around your finger and others may call him a fool for his daughter.
“To whom?” Shock was evident in your eyes as the way the panic filtered through it, while thinking this was the thing your father had shielded you the most from, though his efforts may become fruitless.
“If our assumptions are correct, it would be as the wife of the second prince, Kim Mingyu.” Your father said with a burdened look, while he thinks of ways to escape from this situation without endangering your whole family. Going against an imperial decree would mean extermination of the whole clan.
“But he is fighting for the throne with the crown prince father.” Your voice trailed off as you weighed in the whole situation and imagined the danger that you might be thrown into once you marry the prince and enter the palace.
Kim Mingyu was the second prince born from Imperial concubine Lee, who was the daughter of the great General Lee, who was also a duke.
The king may be the chief commanding general, but most of the soldiers' loyalty lies with the great General Lee, who fought side by side with them through numerous wars that brought the empire fame and notoriety across the continent. In a deeper view, it could be said that General Lee represents the military strength of the empire.
It was clear that the Second prince has a clear strong backing, but the First prince, Kim Jongin's mother the Empress, was from the wealthiest and reputable noble family after the royals, they have a strong hold on the industries and economy of the empire, which also makes him a heavy contender for the throne.
The First prince already has the crown princess who is a strong ally of their family which further proves to be an advantage to them, for the fight for the throne while the emperor must have wanted to balance it out with the intention of marrying you to the Second prince as the only way to rival the First Prince's Faction is with the backing of Prime Minister Wen.
It is not the only motive of the emperor. It was also finally to throw the Prime Minister Wen who evaded the power struggle for so long to ride with the waves of his aims to prevent the two sides from gaining much influence in the court and dethroning him.
With you, the Prime Minister Wen's precious daughter, within the palace walls would mean he has the leverage against him.
This was all done in favor of the emperor for his own gains.
Something that makes your blood boil and with clenched fists, it makes you livid that your peaceful life would be ruined while stringing along your father, who only tried to protect you and love you.
“The emperor had made it that we are left with no counter-measures against him…It is now my duty to do my best to protect you and Junhui from now on and bring honor to our name, father.” You looked your father in the eyes with strong determination in putting your all to protect your family. This time, it would be you who would do everything for your father and brother.
Your father stared at you with mixed emotions and his heart felt a tug as he saw his little girl, who bloomed like a flower- handled with great and gentle care, yet willing to adapt to adversaries and be strong, to not be knocked down by the great wind.
“You don't have to do anything, my dear daughter, you and your brother's happiness and safety is all that I can ever wish for. Your mother would surely agree.” Your father breathed out a deep sigh as he looked at you with love in his eyes, while he was reminded of your mother smiling as he looked at you.
“It seems like we cannot further delay your societal debut, though I would like for you to act weak and frail in public. It may delay some things if I can figure out something by that time. Prepare yourself later when receiving the decree.”
Your father sternly said while he was wracking his brain for a loophole out of this and decided to talk about this matter to Junhui, as it involves the whole family, and two heads are better than one.
Tumblr media
“This humble one greets this empire's Prime Minister Wen and Lady Y/N.” The eunuch greeted you as soon as you both walked into the main receiving room, while you gave a small curtsey and a smile to the eunuch.
“Please state your reason for visiting it must have been a long journey you had made.” Your father tried to disguise the annoyance he was feeling, yet kept his cool and nodded at the eunuch, who came forward with a golden scroll.
“The Dragon Emperor hereby bestows this decree declaring that the eldest daughter of Prime Minister Wen, Lady Y/N would be betrothed to Second Prince Kim Mingyu of the Western empire on the auspicious day of the seventh, two months from now.” The eunuch responsible for delivering the decree read as stated by the emperor.
“Glory to the emperor and glory to the empire. Please convey my message that I gratefully accept and thank his royal highness, the majesty, for this blessing and that it would be my honor.”
You performed a deep curtsey with the utmost grace and bearing you could while schooling your expression into the perfectly exceptional state- not too eager or downcast, hiding the dread and grimace you were feeling.
Your personal maids then helped you up as you walked forward and accepted the decree. This would mean that you now must prepare to go back to the manor in the capital and start the wedding preparations, while looking for a matron of honor.
Tumblr media
Red- decorates every inch that your eyes can land upon, from the decorated palanquin to your dress and veil everything was in red lace with a touch of gold to signify the happy occasion that is your wedding.
Currently proceeding with the wedding procession from your family's manor in the capital to the palace. In just a few moments, you will be able to see your betrothed for the first time.
'The sooner this is over, the better. I just have to endure everything from now on.'
You thought while sighing as you looked at the window of the palanquin that was covered with a red cloth, something you wanted to flip aside and look through.
As you were deep in your thoughts, the palanquin shook a bit and you felt that the procession had stopped since the entourage party's voices became loud, as if there was shouting, though you were not able to decipher it clearly.
Before you can ask what was happening, the sounds of swords clashing with people's grunt and cries were all you heard while someone yelled that your party was under attack.
Fear and panic shot through you as your eyes widened. Unable to fully take off your veil due to the heavy headdress accompanying it, you only flipped it up before lifting the skirt of your dress and walked out of your palanquin to see the chaos happening.
Before you can even think of a way out, soldiers in an all-black attire—clearly not from your empire then gathered around you, they seemed to have you as their main target before your fight-and-flight instincts could react.
Preparing to sprint and escape, you had not felt the presence of a soldier behind you and then a blunt jab into your nape with a cloth wrapped around your head laced with some sort of chloroform, making your vision and consciousness hazy while you try not to inhale too much.
You can faintly hear them shouting mission success and retreating while they weirdly carry you gently before losing consciousness.
Tumblr media
You woke up in a daze and jolt up wincing as you felt the back of your head hurting just a tad bit while your mind was in haze trying to piece together your memory as you looked around a grand room littered with candles, was completely foreign to you, the decorations clearly not the same from your empire yet the grandiose of gold with green accent with the dark room was impressive to you.
Still, even if you were in awe of the room, you cannot forget the fact that you were kidnapped. The treatment is certainly peculiar from the expectations you held as you had mentally prepared for the worst when the soldiers captured you.
Quickly feeling and inspecting your body for any wounds or bruises on your body and nothing feels like it's aching except for your nape, everything seems fine. Looking down, you were dressed in an exquisite nightgown, the silk fabric clearly of the finest quality, which is making you more suspicious and confused with what is happening.
As you look around more and down to where you were lying- an enormous bed with a gold quilt over you. You deduced that you were alone, as your eyes had not seen or felt a presence of another.
'Okay, you're alive. Now look for clues where you are and observe how you'll be able to escape from this.' You thought while staying calm, knowing nothing would come out of being frantic and illogical about your current situation.
It would be best to know the motive and who your captors are to plan your escape from this intact and alive as much as possible.
Judging from the lack of light from the curtains, it seems that it was currently nightfall.
Pushing the sheets as you planned, to get up and further inspect the windows if it is plausible for you to escape. The doors to the room were suddenly opened, making you whip your head in that direction, bracing yourself to finally put a face on your captor.
Shock crawled up in your spine as you take in a man whose presence was undeniably domineering- it screams authority with his inky-long black hair, like his obsidian eyes that scans your body, his tall and well-built body made it clear for you to be impossible to overpower him.
You cannot lie, this man was painstakingly attractive that anyone with eyes could see, but his whole aura is emitting danger, while the way he smiles at you is a different spectrum altogether you might even call it lovingly if you were not in such a predicament.
But the most shocking of all is the way he stares at you. It was as if you were the very breath he takes, the way his stares linger in your skin and your instincts kicks in and warns you of danger.
The more he got closer to the light, and you could see him up closer, he was a sight to behold, chiseled jawline, strong brows, proud nose, hypnotizing round eyes and the way he exudes confidence and a sense of blood thirst with his demeanor, it was evident that he was no simple man.
He was dressed in a lavish robe fitting of an emperor or a crown prince, if you may say so. Though, it is different but still holds similarities to the men's clothes you are used to seeing from your empire. It was then you took in the clue that he was a foreigner, or you might have been taken to a different empire or nation.
“It's good to see you awake, my flower.” Even his deep voice, with a tinge of breathiness, matched his whole aura as he stood tall in front of you, leaving just a few inches of space between your bodies while you try your best to be on guard with him.
You gave him no response as you tried to collect your thoughts while you looked back at him with no intention of backing down and cowering from him.
As the proud daughter of your father, you chose to maintain your wits in such a situation and refuse to succumb to panic as it would not help you in any way, even though your insides were screaming at you for defying someone who was evidently emitting a deadly presence.
“Hmm, the doctor did say you would need a few more days to recover.” He suddenly went closer to you while the back of his hand caressed your cheek, staring at you with an amused smile.
He spoke in the neighboring empire's language, and he seemed to be aware that you can understand or fluent in it. It made you backup a little bit and put your arms protectively around your chest.
“Don't touch me.” You bravely said as you glared up at him, backing a bit more and getting into defensive mode- knowing a thing or two about self-defense, as your father made you have lessons with a female master back then.
Your response seemed to amuse him as he, his eyes curved, and a smirk painted his face while he let out a slight chuckle, making you furrow your eyebrows.
But then he caught you off guard as he suddenly grabbed hold of your wrist and placed your hand above your head while pushing you to the wall behind you and fitting his right knee between your thighs as he leaned so close to you that you had to turn your head to the side to make some space between your faces.
“I'm afraid my patience isn't something you can play with my flower; I wouldn't test it if I were you.” His voice dropped lower, even menacing to a point, while he stared at your eyes directly, challenging you to defy him once again.
With his grip on your wrists getting tighter, you could not hold back a wince and he seems to notice it as he let go but not withdrawing from you as he suddenly held your chin and leveled your gaze.
“Y/N.” He muttered your name softly, a contrast to how he looks and acts.
His breath was so close to yours that you tried your best to avoid eye contact with him, but before you could do so, he roughly grabbed your chin closer and kissed you passionately, like you were the oasis he was looking for while stuck in a desert.
Alarm bells were ringing in your mind while you were caught off guard with the whole ordeal as you could only widen your eyes with shock as belatedly try to hit him in the chest to pull away from him, but the effort was futile as he refuses your resistance and cupped your jaw while deepening the kiss more and pulling you closer that your chest was basically plastered to his.
“I'll call for the imperial physician to examine you. Rest for now and tomorrow I'll explain to you my flower.” He pulled away from you looking drunk and dazed, which was lustful in a way that made you shiver.
Your chest heaving up and down from the breath he stole from you before he suddenly left you once again in the unfamiliar room you woke up from and your questions still unanswered.
You still could not put a name to the face of your captor by the end of the night, but you could have sworn he looked familiar a bit, for someone who had limited interactions with others, you should have remembered every face you have encountered yet you weren't able to place a memory on him.
Tumblr media
You were woken up early in the morning by the maids who suddenly barged into the room and greeted you while bowing down, without any explanation or whatsoever and whisked you to prepare and be dressed.
You had tried multiple times to ask them questions while protesting here and there and they also appear to be surprised that you spoke their language well, though they did not reply to you once, only opting to do their tasks quietly.
Here you were dressed in another lavish garment with an elaborate hairstyle adorned with precious accessories being escorted to numerous wings, corridors and hallways being able to deduce you were in their palace judging from the extravagant and enormous structure and interior of the corridors you just went past.
It was also lined with guards of the same clothing as you had captured you before being kidnapped.
You could feel the stares of most maids and personnel who bowed in front of you and walked past by that they were sneaking more glances at you, which made you internally uneasy, as the situation for you is blurry, to what your capture's purpose might be and the intention of the man you had encountered last night.
Those thoughts running in your mind had taken away the awe you were feeling for the architecture and beauty of your surroundings, as you were mentally also trying your best to memorize the turns you had taken and made mental notes of possible places you may hide if you needed to run immediately.
Your destination was still unclear to you before the maids leading you had stopped and bowed in front of a massive door of the most intimidating and grandiose wing of the palace you had seen for now.
“Greetings your Highness Princess Wen Y/N has arrived, your Majesty.” The eunuch announced as he opened the door to what you can assume as the Emperor's office and possible throne room.
When you were addressed as a princess, you flinched a little, since you did not know your title may or may not be useful to you from now on, your intuition tells you.
Nonetheless, you schooled a blank expression as the attendants and eunuch all bowed around you while you stepped inside the room.
It was customary for you to curtsey and greet whomever it was you were meeting, but in your circumstances, you wanted to defy whoever it is who held you captive, plus did not know his name thus, you kept your hold high while you folded your hands gracefully.
There he sat on his throne, looking down at you with a lovestruck gaze, which is making you uncomfortable, as a man with such vile aura is leering at you with that kind of gaze.
“My flower, you are here. All of you can now be dismissed.” Jungkook waved off the attendants and eunuch, but not his guards.
Even though you were nervous and scared of what this man who was clearly the Emperor, could do to you. You had kept your head held high and stared straight at him.
“I see, hmm, I could just feel questions running through your mind, my flower. Fear not, I have something that may solved all of those.” Jungkook smiled at you with the tone as if he were taking this all lightly and enjoying your confusion.
He then pulled something out in his sleeves that made you lose your composure.
“How do you have my bracelet?” You asked with hostility in your voice as you wanted to get it back no matter what.
It was your mother's bracelet that your father had given you after she died, it was one of your precious items that you sadly thought you had lost. Who knew it was in the hands of the likes of him?
“You gave it to me, my flower, it was a token of our love that you promised to me for your hand in marriage.” Jungkook had a sinister twinkle in his eyes even though it was curved up in a smile while he smirked at you while feigning interest in inspecting your bracelet.
You now remember him!
He was the boy you saw when you were eleven, at the stream behind the forest near your manor and the border of his kingdom. You had sneaked away from the guards and your nanny that day and went into the forest before stumbling into the stream near the clearing.
There you saw a boy whom you had thought was a child soldier or knight apprentice from the neighboring empire judging from his shabby clothing and attire, he looked to be around your age range.
It was different from the style your empire has and that you could see the insignia of the other empire sewn in his vest.
He was drinking from the stream when you encountered him. While being shocked to see another being thinking you were alone. You had greeted him in the language of the neighboring empire with a smile.
Looking at the doe, 's dull eyes that sent you inquisitive looks while his hands were slowly going for the knife beside him, as if ready to attack and pounce on you anytime.
He looks as if he was thrust in early age at knighthood, as his disheveled appearance, skin marred with dirt and shabby clothing, made him look sad, in your point of view, as a child.
Thus, you decided to be nice to him and offer him sweets, as he looks as if he barely smiles and lives with the aura of gloominess around him.
As someone who had limited contact with other kids, you wanted to befriend him, assuming he was at a disadvantage in life and that you remembered your father saying that you needed to be compassionate to commoners.
You hand out the sweets, offering them to him with your awkward vocabulary and pronunciation of their language, as you had only started your lessons with foreign languages. He was not making any move to get the sweets from you, thus you had grabbed your handkerchief and placed the sweets there while trying it into a bag before handing it out to him with a bright smile. “I'm not going to hurt you. Here are some sweets that I enjoy. I hope you like them. I know kids like us enjoy eating stuff like this.” You said in your language as you were not confident in saying it in his language Before he could reply to you. Yells from your guards and nanny could be heard from the nearby vicinity, which made you turn your head and look for the source. “I'm sorry I have to go or else I might get in trouble if they tell my father. I hope this makes you happy and you find something to make you happy in the future as well. I'm sure you'll look better smiling.” You hurriedly grabbed his hand and handed him the sweets while smiling briefly and continued looking around for signs of your guards.
You had intercepted his actions before he could pull off the knife by rummaging to your pouch and offering him sweets with your hand with the bracelet dangling in the sunlight. 
Unbeknownst to you, he had stealthily snatched your bracelet as you handed him his sweets while perking up if your guards were nearby and planning to make an escape from them unless he wanted to get caught and wage a war with the other kingdom.
Other than the soldiers and knights that Jungkook had been with. No one had a significant impact on his life. But the goodwill you displayed had gave him something to obsess over.
Ever since little Jungkook had been thrust to the world without knowing affection is. His mother too weak after giving birth to him thus he was given to the Empress Dowager to be taken care of.
The Empress merely saw her grandson as a tool to stay in power if he ever inherits the throne. She didn't show Jungkook any love, only looked at him as a means to preserve her influence in court.
This contributed to the lack of proper care and affection that Jungkook had experienced over his life.
His mother's condition worsened over time before succumbing to death thus he was put into the care of the Empress Dowager, but she also met her demise when Jungkook was barely a year old.
The Emperor then transferred him into the care of one of his concubines whom did not even care for him and strived to have her own son, she only did it for the sake of saving face in front of the emperor.
With his mother's passing the Imperial Consort's promotion to Empress was quickly commenced and that Empress was not fond of Jungkook's mother consequently detested him as well.
She had tried to poison him, set up accidents to kill him and even paid mercenaries to put a hit on him. The Emperor, too busy managing the Empire and indulging himself in his harem, did not care as long as Jungkook did not die.
If it was not for his maternal uncle, a duke pleaded for Jungkook to join knighthood as a way to be away from the palace and the schemes of the harem to protect himself, as the Emperor prior denied his uncle's request to be in the care of his maternal uncle. As a result, Jungkook became the commander of a unit and had become a sword master in his own right as well as a brilliant war strategist. He joined wars, as petitioned by the Empress for him to die, but always successfully coming back alive and victorious, which made him the best candidate for the throne through his own merit compared to his other half-siblings. To the public, Jungkook was known as the wise and fearless war hero/ commander, someone who brought great pride to their Empire, while to the peers he commanded he was strong and well-respected. Though to the Palace he was ruthless and demonic, never showing any emotions to anyone and detested everybody, especially the Emperor and the Empress. When the Emperor's health declined and it made him bed-ridden, Jungkook swooped in and turned the whole Imperial family upside down. Taking control of the throne, beheading anyone who opposed him, sent the Empress to her brutal death as well as her sons, sold off his half sisters to other empires or nation to strengthen connection and sent the all the Emperor's concubines, attendants and confidantes to exile in a far away manor heavily guarded by his men.
Jungkook launched a bloody purge within the palace walls, and no one could question him since he was the rightful heir to the throne, after wiping every other candidate. The public did not revolt as he had announced further funding of schools, hospitals and orphanages, while lowering taxes for the masses, while placing heavy taxes on the nobles to offset the balance. They revered him, even though his bloody ways, while the nobles were too afraid to go against him. How can you defy someone who cruelly massacred his whole family.
Assuming you had placed it in your vanity and never really had a reason to dress up while in the manor, you had presumed that your bracelet was safe and sound.
From all the clues you've connected, your captor was the Emperor of this empire.
How could you know that the boy you encountered would be the famed vicious commander and Crown Prince of the neighboring empire, Jeon Jungkook.
“I did not do such a thing, you bastard! Now return it to me and set me free.” You demanded while his personal guards stood in front of you, blocking you from reaching him, as he sat leisurely in his throne while dangling your bracelet, looking amused at your spectacle of emotions.
“No, but your brother certainly did.”
“And how is this matter connected to my brother? Just give me back my damn bracelet.”
“Uh-uh, better be careful with your words, my flower. When he was thinking of ways to stop your wedding from that bastard and I offered to give him a hand in overthrowing the imperial family, this bracelet convinced him that you had promised yourself to me.”
“Your brother was surprised to see this in my possession and wholeheartedly agreed to my proposition and declared that he will let us marry each other.” Jungkook talked to you as if he was talking down to a toddler and that further infuriates you, but he must have been highly entertained with your annoyance as he kept smiling at you.
“How can Junhui do this to me?” You were obviously shocked and shaken by the words this bastard has been spewing, but to know that he had also deceived your dear brother and made him believe that you love someone like this… The betrayal was a lot to handle.
Your brother was determined to free you from the clutches of that rotten imperial family, not knowing he threw you into something much worse.
Through Junhui, he was able to kill your fiancee and his family, as well as forging a strong connection with another empire, while the best part of it all was he finally has you.
Jungkook had planted a mole in your residence, sending Yuqi as a maid and informant to search for you and once Yuqi had confirmed you were the girl he was looking for, Jungkook then tasked her to rise in the ranks of your household and become one of your personal maids.
Through this connection, he was able to gather updates on you and get his hands on numerous commissioned portraits of you.
Yuqi was the reason he was able to immediately know your engagement to the First Prince and was able to lure Junhui in his plans to have you.
“No, I refuse to do anything with you or be associated with you, you sick bastard!” You hatefully looked at him with tears lining your eyes as your voice resonated around the room of your conviction and hate for this psychopath.
“But my flower, you have no choice, it's either I wage a war on the empire that now holds your brother as their emperor through a bloody revolt and would you like your poor father to miserably die because of you?” Jungkook said with a pitiful tone, yet he was smiling deviously at you as he acted thoughtfully of what your choice may be.
“My father? What do you mean?” It got your attention at the mention of your father. It has been a while since you last saw or heard from him and ever since you woke up you had been worried about them or if they were currently looking for you tirelessly.
“It's because of you that your father is severely injured and is in a coma, getting treated by my healers in one of my manors far from here, my flower. When he heard the news of your disappearance, he went ahead and tried to find you but was ambushed by the loyalists of the imperial family, since they thought you had staged the demise of the imperial family." He said as while staring straight at your distraught self and he convincingly made you sound like the perpetrator rather than the victim.
“No, no, no! How could this be? I have to save my father. Where is he? Tell me! Where is he?” It was hard to absorb what was happening and your worry for your father was consuming you immensely that you yelled and acted frantic and distraught, an image far from the graceful and dignified lady that you are.
“I told you he is in one of my manors, far from us, while the healers and physician are the only thing keeping him alive. But one word from me, my flower, they would stop treating your father.” He confidently said while staring down at you with a smile that sent shivers down your spine, how can someone be so atrocious and downright vile.
“What do you want from me?” You were crying at this point and feeling helpless. Your family was everything to you and you could even forgive Junhui for aligning with someone like him, since he was also being deceived, but your father, how could you just stand like this here while he was probably fighting for his dear life.
“You, my flower. Marry me. I want you to become my Empress and give me heirs while staying close by my side and I assure you, I would not have your family killed.” Jungkook then came down his throne and made his way towards you.
“Why does it have to be me and what do you want from me?” You helplessly asked while your body was shaking as you quietly sobbed.
“Because I love you my flower.” Jungkook was so close to you like last nigh, as he pushed back a piece of your hair while caressing your face. His eyes alternating from your eyes to your lips. In his eyes, you could see the sick determination and devotion to have you.
Jungkook then lightly kissed you on the lips before pausing and looking at your eyes before going back to kiss you lightly a few more times. He then pulled you by the waist and nape and pushed his tongue inside your mouth and greedily kissed you.
You can feel it, the hunger he has for you and his tight hold reflecting your impossible escape. Your heart just sinks knowing that you had no way out of this and all you can do is cry your heart out.
Tumblr media
After your meeting with him, your engagement was announced immediately. Proclaiming you were to be wed immediately to him once all the wedding preparations as well for your coronation was done.
You would be introduced to the public as Princess Wen Y/N, a first-rank princess and sister of the first Emperor of the Wen dynasty. Hence, the ministers and nobles were not able to reject Jungkook's hasty betrothal to you.
In a foreign land without any other companion, even a personal maid from your maiden family was disregarded. How can you adjust and adapt to such an environment when the only person you knew was Jungkook.
Jungkook was great at isolating you and playing mind games with you so that you would be rendered unable to depend on anyone but him.
He was a cunning man, with only limited servants to serve you everyday, while making sure that you may not form close bonds with any of them and offer you aid in escaping, he replaces them every other day.
He even placed one of his trusted personal guards watching over you and reporting periodically to him. All the attendants and eunuch were careful in serving you, they would only diligently do their tasks and reply to you when it only pertained to their tasks before scurrying off.
However, there was only one exception to the people you were allowed to meet periodically. That was your tutor, Count Kim Namjoon, who was teaching you the crash course of Empress duties, as well as the lessons regarding the noble families, political figures and people with authority in this empire.
Even so, the man was always stoic and displaying a distant attitude towards you, yet always cordially treating you.
Namjoon was currently teaching you the laws of this empire, particularly laws regarding marriages of the royal family and such. He handed you a book with all the laws and expected you to be able to know them since it was similar to the laws in your empire.
“Can I ask you a question, Lord Namjoon?” You asked as you sat straight after reading one of the passages stating the laws regarding the Emperor's harem.
Namjoon was a straightforward man and only nodded at you to permit you to continue asking.
“I know that as a first-rank Princess it is stated that he may not divorce me, but is there any loophole that I can take advantage of to nullify this union?” Your fingers gently traced the passages in the book while you looked up and him seriously.
Your question had rendered him speechless, surprised at how bold you are to want to divorce the divine ruler of this empire. Many would die to be in your position and normally a ruthless battle of clans would ensue just so they could place their daughters in your seat, yet here you are, wanting none of it.
“Considering your status, it would be unlikely, your Highness, but it is not unprecedented. Though I do remember reading a book with an account of some royal marriages being able to divorce.” Namjoon told you thoughtfully, while his expression was deep in thought.
“Would you be able to procure that book for me?” You asked, hoping to mask the joy in your voice, any sliver of hope you can get would be a great help to you.
“I can't guarantee anything, Princess.” Namjoon seriously replied to you, not directly agreeing and denying your request.
"It's alright, thank you Lord Namjoon." You nodded your head and then blankly looked at the books in front of you and your lesson ended there.
The next day, after waking up, the attendants had dressed you elegantly, more than usual and had informed you that the Emperor Jungkook had requested your presence over breakfast at his chambers.
It has been almost two days of peace not having to see him due to him probably swamped with court duties and that precious, peaceful time of yours would likely end now.
You were greeted everywhere you go, as your wedding and coronation was only three days from now. The preparations were indeed immaculately fast, as your engagement was just announced four days ago. Though Jungkook did say he had been preparing for your wedding way before he brought you over.
If, under different circumstances where you were not held here against your will and forced to marry him, that would have been romantic on his part, but sadly, when he told you that, it horrified you to no end that he really planned to kidnap you, regardless of anything.
When you arrived in front of his door, your presence was announced before you stepped into the room.
In the center was a dining table laid with a feast that you probably won't be able to stomach in front of him, but Jungkook had always expressed his dismay when you eat so little in front of him and the consequence of angering him left little to be desired hence you knew you had to ask for indigestion medicine later.
Jungkook was already seated and had a happy expression on his face as he saw you and beckoned you to quickly sit beside him.
“My flower, come here. I had terribly missed you, that's why I prepared you a present.” Jungkook sweetly greeted you as you sat stiffly beside him while the attendants placed cutlery in front of you. Jungkook even held your hand tightly while you let him do it, since you can never overpower him either way.
“I had them prepare dishes that were to your liking. So do eat a lot, my flower.” Jungkook cheerfully placed portions of meat and vegetables in your bowl.
You could only nod at him while he motions for you to eat slowly, picking up the chopsticks and eating bits and pieces here and there.
Looking satisfied that you were eating, he picked up his chopsticks and started to eat, too. In the middle of eating, Jungkook suddenly beckoned for an attendant to fetch a beautifully decorated box.
Jungkook then dismissed all the attendants before handing you the box.
You were hesitant and careful with accepting the box, as far as all the things he had given, you were all something that made you uncomfortable and too burdening. From jewelries to clothes, everything he gave you just weighed your heart down.
“Do open it my flower. I'm sure you will love it.” Jungkook ushered you to open it as he had a big smile on his face .
Hesitantly, you lifted the box and the contents of the box made you shiver and fear dropping the box in the process while you just honestly wanted to hurl the food you had eaten prior.
Inside the box was a book that was drenched in blood that seemed fresh.
Horrified, you look beside you to see Jungkook's smile had been wiped off while he eerily seemed calm, yet you know that he was seething inside.
“It seems like Namjoon would never be able to personally deliver you his gift.” He menacingly said. Jungkook's deadly expression terrifies you to your core as you cover your mouth to muffle your shout and tears are lining up in your eyes.
“I think I have not properly shown you my love, my little flower. You see, there is absolutely no way that I would let you leave me, I don't care who I have to kill just for you to stay beside me, because you'll be the only flower within this palace walls that I would allow, except for the little flowers you may bloom in the future, that is.” Jungkook smiled sinisterly while pulling you close to him, whispering those words to you.
Tumblr media
To the public, Emperor Jungkook was known to be a wise and loyal ruler, as well as a great father. People see him as one of the rarest monogamous emperors that many empires have seen. They painted his marriage with Empress Y/N as an undying love story, as she was the only woman in his life as well as the mother of all his numerous children. But they did know that their Empress was forced to be his only flower.
A/N: I had been reading too many wuxias, manhuas and manhwas. I got inspired and hopefully I did alright since this is my first yandere fic.
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faithdeans · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Talitha" For context, my full name is Talitha (that I don't go by anymore). This is a personal poem about the fear caused by religion when I was a child, how it manifested into anxiety (and probably ocd) and you know, guilt and wrongness etc. Uhm obviously this is very personal so, I hope you guys don't mind me sharing this, but it's cathartic as I've never written about this before. TW: religious trauma
transcript under cut
Mark 5:41 Taking her by the hand he said to her, “Talitha cumi,” Which means, “Little girl, I say to you, arise.”
Little girl. If Jesus was calling to me, he called me by the wrong name. I laid there.
Sunday dresses, the old dears adore me "So quiet, and polite!" They coo- My mother beams, so proud "She has a beautiful sense of faith, too!"
In Sunday School, we learnt about hell. You won’t go to hell if you’re good.
The instruction manual:
Don’t let the devil into your heart
Be good. Be good. Be good. A child spends all day thinking about this.
As I sit alone on the playground I make my own rules to keep the devil at bay:
Wash my hands 5 times when I’ve told a lie
 Don't let the TV volume rest on a 6 (the devil’s number!)
And when I think I’m about to die- Mutter this again and again until I fall asleep: Thank you Lord, I’m sorry Lord, I love you Lord, I’m sorry Lord,I’m sorry Lord, I’m sorry Lord
It’s called repentance, child.
Repenting for sins I have yet to find in me- When I broke my tarnished halo on the stone church steps And the terror that was trapped behind my teeth Starts to bleed out- fill the font I scrub with vigour and a prayer of atonement But the devil caught the scent
Cracks in the mirror Turn to cracks in stained glass And dreams of bloody holes in my palms Beget holes in the word I'm meant to believe in
Is it the Body that rejects?  Or the Blessing?
The congregation look at me like they know The sacrament sours in my stomach Pray until it comes back up.  Try again. Swallow. Repeat. 
There was no divine falling, or hedonistic revelation Just the binds of slow condemnation  That wore my wrists too thin to pray
I stand before the frightened ghost in the pew Face lost and wide eyes fixed on the shattered stained glass window
Taking them by the hand I say, “Child, arise”
With the name I know, I call to them from the aisle One more prayer, and it’s for myself: I’m sorry.
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spilledtee · 6 months ago
𝐏𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑 𝐈𝐒 𝐏𝐎𝐖𝐄𝐑 // 𝐟𝐢𝐫𝐬𝐭 𝐜𝐡. 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐫 ( 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭 𝟐 )
Word Count: likely around 40k because she’s plot heavy
Warning: angst, swearing, enemies to lovers, arranged marriage, slow burn, Knight!Bangchan, Princess!reader, royal au, the reader provokes Chan a lot to the point where he says some harsh stuff so be warned, mentions of supernatural powers, mentions of toxic family relationships, mentions of sexual assault, mentions of child abuse, castration, cauterization, mentions of poison, mentions of war, gore, blood mention, weapon mentions, acts of terrorism mentioned, age gap mentioned, needles mentioned, power dynamics, classism, Chan’s family is mentioned in this, smut, female mastubration, wet dreams, oral (f.receiving), handjob, hair pulling, choking, breathplay, hand kink, degrading( use of the names “mutt”, “lapdog”, “slut”, “whore”, etc.) unprotected sex (wrap before you tap), voyuerism, exhibitism, dom!Chan, brat!reader
Synopsis: Despite trying to help your family, you are rewarded, or rather punished with the prospect of marriage. However, first you have to prove to your new husband the difference between being born with power and having to gain it.
A/N: Please note that the first scene in this chapter does have an SA scene, so if you want skip that the text will be bolded and in italics. No one in SKZ is doing such things only a background character. There is also a castration scene in the middle of this chapter, which will also be bolded and italics if you want to skip. Again, this doesn’t happen to anyone in SKZ nor are they the one performing the act.
Remember the acts committed in this are not representative of Stray Kids and their character. This is purely friction.
Power is Power Masterlist
SKZ Masterlist
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
One of Chan’s hands travelled up from your hip to the lower column of your neck, giving a slight squeeze before coming to rest half in your hair and half on your cheek. His thumb brushed across your lips, making you shiver involuntarily. You would have expected this action from a lover, someone who actually knew you, not someone like Chan. He titled your head back towards him, covering your lips with his own, kissing you hungrily. You were surprised, but too high strung and a little tipsy, all you could do was allow him to kiss you. You had never expected a kiss like this, more so enjoying it and allowing such a behaviour to be welcomed. Had this been any other time you would have slapped him. Maybe you were too drunk, or maybe you were too horny. Either way, you found yourself rather dazed by the feeling of his soft, plump lips kissing you as if you had never been kissed before. Even as he pulled away from you, he spoke slowly into your ear, making sure that you could hear the husky tone of his voice above the music that had been blaring through the club. “We could continue where we were when it was just the two of us.”
You had nearly forgotten that you had threatened him early tonight. It was almost shameful how transfixed you had become with him, completely forgetting why you had invited him in the first place. “You want me to go back to threatening you? I didn’t realize you were such a masochist.”
A chuckle vibrated through him, right his chest all the way to your body. The sound was so beautiful, and cocky, you weren’t sure if you enjoyed the sound of it or it irritated you to no end. “You’re dodging my advances.” He stated rather plainly, ignoring your remark about him. “After all the effort you made to make me jealous. Maybe Schneizel is right, you’re all bark and no bite.” The Knight challenged, as if you hadn’t proved your power to him just a few days ago.
That made you instantly turn to face him, apparently the dance he had stolen from Felix, was completely forgotten now and his challenge ringing in your ears. As you searched his face for some sign of his intentions, his hands wandered down to grab at your ass, eliciting a gasp from you and answering any remaining questions that you might have had about what he was speaking of. You opened your mouth to bite back at him, only to have his lips against yours again, this time with all the feeling as if he might devour you whole. You know you shouldn’t be doing such a thing, especially because you were supposed to hate this man. This man that had agreed to basically steal your freedom in exchange for being your brother’s lap dog. Nevertheless, Chan’s touch was electrifying, intoxicating and you find yourself giving in. Your mind telling you to stop but your body completely shutting out any rational thoughts to just enjoy the simple pleasure of kissing him. The only thing bringing back to reality was the boner you had felt pressing against your clothed core, knowing you should move to somewhere more private. “Chan…” You breathed, fanning his lips as your slightly dazed expression met his.
His response was to drag his clothed erection against your pelvis. You had definitely deprived, writhe against him, trying desperately to resist taking things any further as he spoke once more. Maybe he had a Geas of his own, because you felt completely under his spell. “There’s so many people around. Anyone could see us… see you like this just for me.” He took your lips in another searing kiss. You were awash in a haze of lust once more, feeling this plush lips steal kiss after kiss, making you comply so easily to his wishes unlike before. He pushed his tongue into your mouth and your hand descended to the bugle that had been quite prominent, thanks to the leather pants you had chosen for him to wear. The outline of cock was definitely straining against his pants. 
You squeezed firmly, drawing a low groan from him, the sound vibrating against you. The response you gave was to bite down on his lower lip, sucking hard as you pulled away to whisper into his ear. “We need to get out of here. Now.” You emphasized your words with another squeeze, making the Knight of One chuckle against your lips.
Nevertheless, he complied to your wishes, taking you by the hand and leading out of the crowd and back up to the VIP lounge upstairs. As the music quieted the further you got away from the speakers, you found yourself finally able to speak at a normal volume. “You seem quite eager to have me. Maybe you are just a horny little puppy.”
There was silence as he led you around the corner, shoving the door open and pushing you against it, locking eyes with you. The dim, neon lights of the VIP lounge illuminated his rather handsome face, so much so that you noticed that he had such beautiful dimples that peeked the corners of his mouth when he smirked, you could even see his long lashes as his half lidded and dilated eyes regarded you. His voice had dipped an octave as he spoke once again. “I’ve been holding back this whole week. I can’t take it anymore, so yes I am horny.” He confessed, through gritted teeth.
Cordelia definitely had been right, he was a hot blooded man through and through. Though you were sure that you shouldn’t be thinking about your sister in a time like this. You couldn’t help but think that she had said that the true cure to a man’s stress, especially a man like Chan, had been something like this. There was a somewhat smugness in your voice as you spoke, knowing such a fact. “You certainly are… I like this side of you, Chan.” 
You had never really called him by his name and it seemed to spark something through him. The glint in his eyes had turned black, driven by lust and hunger. “Funny, I was just to say the same thing about you. You’re better when you comply.” As he said that, his hands found their way between your ass and the wall, slipping beneath the leather pants you wore and palming at the bare flesh, before tearing off the skin tight material altogether. Part of you mentally thanked yourself for listening to Omi and deciding to wear a thong instead of something comfortable. You hadn’t planned on being intimate with anyone, however, if this man was to be your husband, it might as well have been him then someone else. Your mind was brought back to reality as you felt Chan’s nimble hands leave your ass to travel upward to your breasts through your sheer top. He lowered his head to where his hands were, tongue darting out to lick and suck his way across your cleavage, rubbing his face in the soft skin. The action was rather gentle, sweet even, and you couldn’t help but comb your fingers through his hair, tugging gently to earn a groan from him. “Do you know how many times I thought about this? Just taking you in front of everyone and tasting you…” He hummed, apparently the words slipping from his mouth on their own accord.
You moaned, feeling his teeth marking you. “I thought…ah! That the Knight of One was the peak of discipline and self restraint… maybe I was wrong. I thought you were supposed to be a-fuck- gentleman.”
Chan immediately looked up from his attentions to your breasts, his teeth still leaving bright red hickeys in his wake as he spoke once again. “What does that have to do with anything? I’ve tried all week to be nice to you, be your friend… but you. Oh, you were teasing me. Moaning my name so pretty while you played with yourself in the shower and then spreading your legs to me when you knew I was watching you.”
This man was detestable, so vile and his words too vulgar for you to handle. You wanted to slap him, tell him off, even mock him for losing his composure so quickly. Yet you could not. This man, the Knight of One, was making your body to such words, despite placing blame on you. His mouth returned your skin, calloused fingers keeping you legs parted as his teeth sunk into your sink, causing you gasp out, even as he licked away the now bruised flesh. He was so close, so dangerously close to your soaked core. His breath fanned the area, making you shiver. It was safe to say that Chan was definitely decisive when he came to pleasing you, knowing exactly where you wanted him. Scooting closer, he lifted up one of your legs, rough palm slowly trailing up the back of your calf. He shifted you slightly, so that your leg lay comfortably over his broad shoulder, he lightly brushed his lips against the expanse of your inner thigh. He was ghosting kisses along your skin. You could feel them, but the pressure was practically non-existent, it drove you mad. “Stop teasing.” You demanded through gritted teeth.
Hearing him chuckle only added to your exasperation as he ignored your request, deliberately straying away from the center of legs. With that infuriating smirk still on his face, he feigned his own ignorance to what you meant. “Hmm, I’m not sure I know what you want to do here, princess.” 
Grabbing onto his hair rather tightly, you brought him closer to your core. “Make me cum with your tongue or it will be the last time you have a tongue, Sir Bang.”
Your words seemed to amuse him more than threaten him. Even so, he did as you commanded him, hoisting your other leg over his shoulder. Your eyes immediately rose to the blackened walls of the lounge as you felt it. A wam, wet sensation right against your sensitive bundle of nerves. The first swipe of his tongue was broad, one that languidly trailed up all the way from your to delve between your legs. Your hips immediately chased his tongue from the action. It was nothing compared to your fingers just a night ago, it was too good. Too delicious for your liking. It was an antithetical combination of what you needed, but there was something lacking. He was holding back. You tugged at his hair once again, wanting him to take a turn to becoming ravenous, to devour you alive. After all this was the sexual relief you had chased after all week. True to his nature of following commands, he sped up his rhythm, the rather sinful sound of you groaning, signaling that he got it right. Not only were you gripping his hair rather tightly, but you were squirming around, even whimpering, just for him. That had only doubled his efforts, using his tongue to turn you into a sobbing mess. “Chan… if you keep that up I’ll-”
He didn’t stop, even when you were cut off by a high pitched, rather sharp, moan that left your lips as he practically buried himself in your pussy. His tongue delving deeper into you with such vigor, you were sure that he could have done this all night. You were sure that his hair might fall out with how tight you were gripping it, as you tensed completely. Your head had been thrown back against the wall, eyes tearing up as you reached your high rather shameful and quick. Your hips move involuntarily, grinding against his face in a last ditch effort to prolong the waves of pleasure that coursed through you. Being kind enough, Chan had flattened his tongue, allowing you to ride his tongue however you pleased. His eyes going to your face, he swore that he had a flash of red in your eyes when your gaze locked. His, however, was that of a smoldering gaze. So intense, so focused on you, it almost made you forget how insufferable he was. 
Pulling away from you once you whimpered out for him to stop and you released the grip you had on his locks, Chan couldn’t help but feel a swell of pride knowing that he had successfully given you what you wanted. Planting a soft kiss on your inner thigh, he continued to smile up at you before standing. “Did I make Her Highness feel good?” The question itself was genuine, however the rather cocky smirk he had on his face was all you needed to know that he didn’t mean it. He already knew that he was good. In fact, he probably knew he was more than good. 
Lightly, you flicked him to which he let a rather surprised yelp. “Clean your face up, you’re a mess.”
More pride seemed to swell through his dimpled face when you had refused to answer the question. “I must have been good. It’s your fault my face is a mess in fact.”
You chose to ignore his first few words as you spoke again. “Aw… I’m sorry.” You said, feigning sympathy for your actions and earning a growl from his end. “I take full responsibility. How can I make it up to you?” You pouted, giving the best, fake, innocent eyes you could manage.
Tumblr media
taglist: @siwii93 @hhjkji @jsung01 @moonseonghwa @lix-freckle3 @linonyah @nirelvega @lovesalljp @eastleighsblog @neonheeseung @channgerine @ofsake @koroleva–rezni @lixesque​​ (if you want to be added to the taglist please let me know)
Tumblr media
Chapter 1
Tumblr media
© All rights reserved to spilledtee. There is no copying or modifying of writing. Translating and reposting work is prohibited. Please inform me if you see anything similar to my work.
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clonehub · a month ago
i mean part of the reason why arcane is as good as it is, besides the stunning visuals, is because it was in development for 6 years. they had six years to go back and forth on the look, the style, the story the story the story. 6 fucking years. that requires patience. that requires cooperation from all writers and directors. that requires seeing the culture change and responding in kind to reflect what people would like to see.
you notice how there's so many female characters, and while even though some of them are on thin ice a little (jinx/powder being that mentally unstable wide-eyed violent young woman/girl who doesn't really wear a lot) they've got beautiful stories that connect deeply with one another's without being centered on a man at all. look at vi's body shape. look at the range of body shapes for female characters, the range of faces. even how they walk (I love Vi's walk). you have a the tale of two cities, political depth and manipulation, meaning displayed in the way character's dress, stand, walk, how they're designed, what their hobbies and interests are, etc. all these things that would take time to figure out. that's partly why arcane is so good. they had time.
anyone who's been following me for a while knows where this is going. im sorry but the reason so many star wars shows falls flat for me is because these stories do not have the time to develop. i see development in the singular. one year here. one year for another show. maybe the concept existed for a while (with DF and GL, it seems they always have concepts that exist for a long time) but because they're concepts and because they basically go in the freezer until they're needed again, they don't really have the time to develop both deliberately and organically. the misbalance of the book of boba fett. whatever is happening with the mandalorian. the general mess that is the bad batch.
arcane is fundamentally a show about politics. you can't have a council, and oppressed class, the rich/poor divide, and all the ways that the class divisions have affected people (vi's incareceration, silco's manipulations, the lack of children in the undercity, viktor's disability) and not have the show be about politics. the writers understood this.
in the bad batch, a show about that takes place during the post-war rise of a fascist regime that has just speedily and aggressively replaced not only an entire republic, but also succesfully committed genocide and now spreads its terror throughout an entire galaxy, hunter, a soldier, says he and his team never cared about politics.
and indeed, theres a clunky way that the bad batch handles the inherently political existence of the clones, the empire, etc. politics should be permeating the interactions that the batch has with greater galactic society, but instead they relegate political discussion to specific episodes or scenes, and then say "okay we'll focus on that later, let's get back to X and Y". the extrajudicial execution of civilians is a political act. running from the empire is a political act. joining the empire is political. having one episode and a handful of scenes dedicated to the political side of their lives doesn't cut it.
its probably because i majored in political science that this is bugging me as much as it is. i know ive moved very far away from the thesis of this post, but bear with me lol. figuring out the political structure of a world and how it affects the characters within that world is hard. like. its not easy. it's not as simple as making a government and slapping a few laws onto it (and notice how even in the well-done political fantasies, there rarely is a government structure that hasn't already been seen in the west specifically). arcane's works as seamlessly as it does because they took the time to figure that out WHILE being aware that there would be large swaths of the audience that know nothing about league of legends (me, all my friends, etc).
people who wanted to watch the bad batch asked if they needed to have seen tcw or any other part of star wars to watch it. most bad batch fans said no. ive seen the bad batch and even i would tentatively say no. but then you watch the series, and nearly every episode has a cameo that you can tell is significant story wise, but if you've never seen tcw and have no idea who anyone is, you'd be really confused as to why everything grinds to a halt to dramatically reveal a character you've never seen before. and then they take two episodes to focus on the development of a character from another series. anyone watching can tell that they're filling in gaps and closing arcs or opening stories for people you will never see again. the bad batch wasn't written with non-star wars fans in mind, as much as people would like to insist otherwise. the main characters want to be apolitical in a politically tumultuous time, while living politicized lives. the political world is not set up very well.
(although i dont know that the "Right" amount of development would have changed much. DF and GL seemed dead set on having their little Trope Troupe, so they may have been doomed from the beginning)
so i know ive contradicted myself in some ways. if the bad batch had time they'd be better but also they've existed for a while and they're still bad and also theyve been doomed from the start. i think all of these are true. conceptually, as characters, doomed from the start--but at least an inch of thought and consideration for the current sociopolitical climate would have undoomed them at least a little. worldbuilding, not doomed from the start but the writers definitely needed more time to consider all their options and write a clear beginning, middle, and end to bridge through, if That Interview with Rau and Corbett signifies anything.
its time and its intent, and arcane takes the cake
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quirklesswriter · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
PAIRING: (Yandere!Werewolves) Toman x (Human) F!Reader
SUMMARY: Werewolves, nothing but a strange mysterious and mythology creatures people portray in movies, books, and etc. Some even go as far as to believe they exist before being ridiculed by others. The topic of werewolves slowly grew out of circulation in society well besides small groups within the internet. But truthfully, they do exist. It’s just that, they don’t roam anywhere near human civilization unless it is absolutely necessary. Tragically, your family has quite the history with werewolves. Only for you to purposely be given to them by your very own family. You can only hope that you’ll live after the first day you arrive in their domain. Now wait and see how you’ll survive this entirely new world.
WARNING: F!Reader being the Sacrificial Bride, Being Marked (Imprinted), Unhealthy Behaviors, Wolf-Shifters, Sniffed and Scented, Hunting, and Not Proofread
[ PART 2 ]
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Many years ago, way before you were even born, your great grandfather, G/N L/N had committed a serious and unforgivable crime. Well one within werewolf territory in the grand untouched sacred forest. You see, he was going on a short three day camping trip all by himself. Fully prepared with all the food, water, and whatever was necessary for the entire trip. By the third day, that’s when tragedy had struck when he came face to face with a wolf. A pure white wolf with the clearest beautiful hazel eyes. For whatever reason, your great grandfather had killed the poor creature. It’s body laid there covered in it’s own blood, lifeless eyes staring into the distance.
This had caused a bunch of other wolves to be spawned into his area in mere seconds. They surrounded him, growling angrily as some even tried to pounce on him. He couldn’t do anything but be trapped in the middle of the wolf circle. Not long after the wolves surrounded him, a singular wolf approached him from the group. He slowly paced to his now lifeless mate, using his paw to close her eyes. His anger towards your grandfather couldn’t even be described into words. In due time, the dominating wolf morphed itself more into a humanoid form. Your great grandfather was in utter terror.
Dropping to the ground as he begged for mercy, crying and pleading nonstop. Though as if a couple of words can undo what cannot be. The alpha shouted insults of all sorts to him for killing his docile and harmless mate. His words were like a stab to your great grandfather’s chest. Tears continuing flowing uncontrollably, nose running, and body trembling. Even after apologizing multiple times, the great superior alpha could do alpha to reverse the evil deed. So all he asked sternly was for him to leave, to never lay a single foot back in his territory. If he does, he can expect to end up dead like his mate.
This was more than what your great grandfather could ask for. Running back home without even a card for the items he had left behind. Like he promised, he never returned or even dared to mention this traumatic experience to anyone. Not even to your grandfather or father. He kept this secret all the way to his grave fearing the consequences if he even let’s a single word out. By the time he passed away, your grandfather too decided to go on a camping trip in the mountains. Again, this was a solo trip so that meant he was all by himself like his father. Without acknowledging your great grandfather’s experience, the wolves were weary about him. He looked and acted way too much like the damn human they despised for decades.
But just like his father, your grandfather too committed a heinous act hated by the werewolves that resided there on the land. It happened at night, when he was near the stream to fetch some water. As his bottle submerged into the water, his ears picked up a low growl near the bushes. Turning around cautiously to see a huge hazel furred wolf. The wolf’s eyes were glowing a gold like shimmer, growling getting slightly louder. Paralyzed in fear, your grandfather stood there, hand carefully creeping up to one of his pockets to fetch his retractable knife.
The wolf’s eyes slowly followed his hand, making him charge straight for him. As the wolf jumped to your grandfather, he pulled out his knife, plunging it into one of the wolf’s legs. It whimpered, whining loudly before then howling. Signaling for backup which didn’t take long as your grandfather was now in the same setting as your great grandfather. The alpha, a different one since the roles are passed down for powerful bloodlines to keep the pack strong. Instead of changing to his human form, he spoke to your grandfather in his wolf form.
Although it was the young werewolf’s fault for attacking first, the injuring he got was not fairly justified in his eyes. To make matter worse was that, they have prior knowledge of the deed his father done before him. Being the passive creatures they are, the alpha banned him from ever returning. That statement didn’t need to be repeated as your grandfather returned home. He looked like a maniac to your mother and grandmother. What was different from your great grandfather was that he earned your mother and grandmother about what happened. They just looked at each other, shrugging their shoulder at this strange story they were hearing.
Couple of more years have passed and your mother came to know your father. The two of them hit it off quickly. You already know how teenagers get when they are that rebellious phase. Feeling the urge to go on a trip, they chose to go the forest. Surrounded nothing but nature, there nothing that can go wrong, right? You can bet your chances that your family is probably cursed to be in contact with werewolves. Although no wolves were injured, they sure did some terrible damage to the area they were staying in. The werewolves are also the guardians of the forest. Anyone or anything who ruins it will be punished without a doubt. Seeing how young the two of them were, the alpha had to take action. It’s was quite the coincidence that your family was constantly causing trouble for the werewolves. Consequently, your parents had to offer a lot of meat to repay the damage.
Your grandfather was absolutely infuriated for their reckless behavior. At the very least, no one was hurt this time. Couple of more years passed by, and you just became the families newest member. You were a ball of energy that no one can catch up to. Also very talented for someone of your age, getting into any hobby possible. Everyone loved you, no matter who it was. Werewolves are going to be no exception to that fact.
For your seventh birthday, you really wanted to go camping. Sadly in the forest that many of your family members have adventures through. Your grandfather forbid it at all cost, no matter when it was mentioned. Yet your parents saw no harm in it as it has been many years since their last incident. You were indescribably excited, jumping up and down for days.
The day had finally come, your parents were setting up camp as you were busy being an explorer. Now you were fairly a distance away when you had come across a river. It flowed slowly down from where the mini waterfall was. You were in awe at the beautiful scenery before you until your focus landed elsewhere. There was a low painful whimper originating behind one of the big rocks. Curiosity getting the best of you, you walked towards it to be shocked. Shaking in pain, the whimpers came from a poor injured wolf pup. You’ve never seen a pup like this one, golden fur, complimented with beautiful clear black eyes. One of his legs seemed to have been scathed by one of the sharp rocks.
Feeling sorry for the poor thing, you looked around to find some vines, big leaves, and a single shark rock. With the items all ready, you approached the pup carefully. Unlike before, the pup was now growling defensively. The gums and teeth out for display to show that he will not hesitate to attack. But soon piped down, sensing their was ill intent from the items you gathered. Your small hands slowly dipped the leaves into the water to replace it as a bandage or towel. To help ease away the pain and wash any germs. There you slowly wrapped the leaves around his leg with the vines gently. After all that was done, you jumped back as you saw another pup run towards you. This one being bigger than the one you had just patched up.
You closed your eyes, arms in front of your face to make a barrier in case the pup does try to bite you. That never happened. Your eyes slowly open to see the pup you just helped be in front of you, sort of like he was protecting you. You were unable to speak at what was happening. To make matters a little worse, your parents found you. They were dumbfounded to see that you came in contact with two young wolf pups. Fearful they picked you up, praying to whatever god out there that this will not lead to anymore trouble. But as fate would have it, your family was at a disadvantage. Like magic, many wolves were summoned the area. Your arms tightly hugged your father’s neck, head buried into his shoulder.
After all this time, the wolf your parents encountered many years ago was standing before them. Not even having the opportunity to say anything first, the young pup greeted the alpha. Communicating to each other in growls, whimpers, and sometimes roars. The alpha then looked up at you. This was the first time any werewolf have gotten any sort of aid from a human. For your actions, the alpha thanked you personally before wanting to speak with your parents about a certain matter. They agreed hesitantly, leaving you behind with the other wolves and two pups.
Their hearts sank when hearing what the alpha wanted. You shall be marked as a sacrificial bride to his offspring in order to repay your great grandfather and grandfather’s past sins. Your mother pleaded for another deal, a fruitless attempt in all honesty. But the alpha would not budge. Your parents had to come to terms with this. The alpha threatened them death if their cooperation was not given. For now you shall live a normal life until your eighteenth birthday. That’s when you will have to part your way from the human world to the werewolf domain. Once the agreement was set, the three returned to the spot. The alpha getting awfully close to you before something magical happened. His eyes glowed brightly like the sun making you go into this trance state. Now this was when the alpha had marked you to become the future sacrificial bride for his young pup.
As of then, you barely had any recollection of what took place on your camping trip. When you ask about it, your parents would always tell you the same old lie as you grow slowly. Your grandfather being very on edge whenever you bring up topics about werewolves or the forest in general. No one seems to like to talk about. Though you’ve never pushed any further. As the years go by, you slowly mature in a beautiful and intelligent young lady. Even if your family is smile at you, their guilt is slowly eating them away like a parasite.
Nevertheless the day came, the night of your eighteenth birthday. You had just finished celebrating before your grandfather and parents had to bring you somewhere. Apparently they said it was going to be a secret surprise. Surely it couldn’t be anything bad? But reality hits you right on gut as you see a bunch of huge wolves. Your grandfather speaking words that you can’t seem to understand. They were saying goodbye to you, but you still couldn’t accept this. Their abandoning you to be left with the wolves? How could they?!
You didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Was this actually happening to you? Well it is after your family was out of sight, only left with the wolves. They started moving, one head butting your leg to make you move which you did. As much as you wanted to cry, your eyes were dry as a desert. Staring into the distance, unable to comprehend the event that just be folded before you. The walking continued for about five hours before your legs gave up on you. Heavy breathing, and soar legs were killing you. And so to make up for their limited time, one wolf bowed down to you. You were confused to then feel another shove you into it’s back. He was giving you ride, “Thank you”, you tried telling him with your throat achingly dry.
Looking at you condition, the wolves took pity on you. Walking to the nearest stream for you to have a drink. Again you thanked them greatly as you wasted not a single drop your palms could hold. Once that was done, you hoped back onto the wolf’s back. Continuing the exhausting and uncomfortable journey. You were really starting to wonder if there were more to these wolves then they seem.
By the time you arrived to their desired destination, it was already morning. Birds chirping, tree branches swinging, and sun brighter than ever before. The wolves seemed to be fine, but you though, you were just about ready to give up on life. Hair messy, eyes with terrible bags from a sleepless night. Yet your still alive somehow.
The wolves then approached a gorgeous waterfall, water being crystal clear. Though you couldn’t stay long to look at the beautiful scenery. One by one the huge wolves jump up into the waterfall as if it was nothing. Leaving the wolf you were on with two others behind you. Just as he was about to leap up, he spoke to you. Clearly and accurately in the human language. “Hold on”, he asked nicely before his legs were bent. You were stunned to say the very least but you did as you were told. Then up you two go, the water from the waterfall wetting the two of you. Behind it was a cave system, dark and slightly scary.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Credits to the creator: Link
Tumblr media
Took about half an hour till you saw an entrance to what is seemed like a huge castle. Surely one that looked like it was picked out a fairy tale. Your expression said it all as you were in awe.
Once you entered the enormous castle, a whole other group of enormous wolves greeted yours. Talking with growls, howls, and some whimpers. Then that’s when the wolf who kindly gave you a ride signaled for you to get off. You obliged happily though nervous. Your heart was likely beating seven times faster than before. But rest assured, you won’t be harmed. Right then and there entered a slightly familiar looking wolf. His stature was a little smaller than the other wolves but gained their obedience and cooperation. Within a blink of an eye, the light blonde furred wolf transformed. Now more human though still having odd features such as a wolf tail and ears.
“I’ve waited for you, my sweet Bride”, he smiled at you innocently before taking a hold of your hand.
Bringing you elsewhere far from the chaos that would soon happen later on. Going up a spiral stair to the staircase to then stop at an gigantic expertly carved door. He then opened it, dragging you along. It was his nest, a huge nest in fact. He sat on it, patting the spot next to him for you to sit. Unable to do anything else, you sat next to him. Chills ran down your spine when he suddenly started caressing your cheek. “You very pretty”, to which you thanked him anxiously.
He can definitely sense your nervousness seeing your body not used to his touch, having a hard time to keep eye contact, and a slight distance from him. So he proceeded doing what he thought was be a great start. Introductions would never hurt.
His name is Manjirou Sano, or best known for his nickname around the pack, Mikey. He’s the same age as you and the strongest out of the entire pack. That’s why he was titled alpha after his late brother, this fairly impressed you which gave him a smile. He further talked about what he does as his role being an alpha, and the. asked you a couple of questions. You answered all of them with a breeze. Though you too had your own question about your now horrifying reality.
He then went on explaining your family’s history with his. You were terrified to hear it especially from a decent of those wolves. Seeing the look he reassured you that there won’t be any hard feelings from him or the rest of the pack. Well at least he’ll make sure of it. Then the other big question, how is it that he and other wolves reside in this castle. He chuckled at the look in your eyes, sparkling like the night stars. Apparently this castle was once owned by humans. But due to the chaos and damage they done to his family’s land, they drove them out. Leaving a free stable home for many generations of werewolves to use. This was fair from your point.
“Hey by any chance do you remember meeting me for the first time”, Mikey asked out of the blue. You shook you head as a response, “No, I’m sorry”.
“There’s nothing to be sorry about, Y/N. You saved me after all”, he then gave you a closed eye smile.
“Saved you? What do you mean?”, pushing further to finally get the answer you wanted to hear.
“When we were very young, I was adventuring near the stream when I hurt my leg due to slipping on one of the big rocks I was standing on. Due to that, you must’ve heard my whimpers, I’ll be honest I was ready to bite you if I needed to. But didn’t when I saw the things you have, I grateful you did that for me cause now I know your not a bad person at all”, he then placed a kiss on your hand.
“But don’t worry now we’ll be happy together”, there was strangely a big emphasis on the last two words of that statement.
After that was said, Mikey then began to scent you. Rubbing his ears, face, and neck on yours. He’s very happy with the result, you small exactly like him. Seeing your eyes slowly blink tiredly, he let’s you rest in the nest be built for the two of you. Your body slowly getting used to the soft branches and twigs below your body. Mikey morphed back into his wolf form, for you to lay your body on his like a fluffy pillow. About fifty minutes later you woke up. Mikey still soundly sleeping, chest slowly rising up and down. As much as you knew about what your family had done, you wanted to go back. Why you? Why must it end up like this? You couldn’t blame Mikey’s family either as they were the victims. Only sighing at the frustration built up, your hand gently scratching Mikey’s ears. This definitely got a reaction out of him. He woke up although he leaned closer to you, head resting on your lap as you continued scratching. Tail wagging like a very excited puppy, you chuckled at how you supposedly husband can be so adorable.
A week has passed and your still trying to warm up to this new lifestyle of yours. The same could be said about the other wolves. Though some were able to hang out with you normally. Like Draken, one of tallest people you’ve probably met in your life. He may look all big and scary but truthfully he quite the softie for you. Likes it when you give him behind the ear scratches. Also likes it when you brush his fur. Mikey would become slightly jelly so he would join in. Not that Draken could say anything cause you are Mikey’s mate.
After getting to know Draken, came Mitsuya. He was calm, level headed, and kind. Enjoys when you tell him things about the human world. Looks like none of the pack ever got the opportunity to go there so asking you was their best chance of getting to know it. His little sister were the cutest pups you’ve seen. You happily help them with their hair as werewolf hair seems hard to maintain nicely.
Baji, Chifuyu, and Kazutora were next to warm up to you. How did you win the hearts of these three werewolves, well that’s a whole other story. During your stay you realized that a werewolf’s diet is mostly consist of raw meat. Tasty for them but not much for you. So you took you portion of raw meat, entered the surprisingly untouched kitchen. Then got to work, setting up a fire and putting the metal grill grates over it. Carefully placing the meat over it with your hands. Using salt and other ingredients to season it. To top it all off, a special sauce you made. With all that finished, you were ready to eat until you were interrupted by the entire pack. Mikey panting, trying to get you away from the fire as he calls it dangerous. But soon his attention turned to the fragrant smell coming from what you were cooking. All their mouths were watering, eyeing at the piece of meat.
“You guys want to try some?”, you offered, they couldn’t be more than happy to accept. There was nothing but, “Mmmmmm!”, coming from their full mouths. Was this really how humans ate? Cause it was divine! From there, you were in charge with the cooking with the help of Draken, Mitsuya, Baji, and Kazutora. But in all honestly Baji and Kazutora would sit around being the taste testers.
Pah was next to confront you, he was a giant, but a soft one. He told you about his insecurities and how he struggles by being so straightforward. But you listened carefully, telling him advice and things he needed to hear. That just made it all better, so whenever he had a problem he’d just come to talk you. Feeling your warmth over him. That just made Peh come to know you better seeing how well you and Pah are.
Afterwards came the Kawata twins, loved it when you ruffle up their hair. Relaxing to feel like they are being taken care of. Which was basically one of the alpha’s mate priorities to make sure every is well taken care of. Then as for Mucho was the last you would need to get used to. He barely talks but that doesn’t mean he dislikes your company.
Well that was it, you had the entire pack wrapped around you. Mikey would need to fight to gain your attention, pointing out to them that you already had a mate, and that was him. Yet it didn’t stop the rest of them from wanting to be with you. Dealing with his childish tantrums are always a challenge but it’s what made him Mikey.
One thing they found awfully strange was your human traditions. For example, when it was Mikey’s birthday, you had a whole feast made. Not like they would complain cause they love your cooking. Could brawl just to get some left overs only to have Mikey snatch it in the end.
When it came to thanksgiving, you asked them for certain herbs and spices for the turkeys they hunted. Draken being nice enough to give you a ride on his back in his worth form to head to a ledge. He literally held you by one of you legs as he held you upside down to get them. Scared but rest assured you lived after that. With a bunch of satisfied wolves asking for more.
Something other than weird human traditions that made them confused was your diet. You didn’t just eat meat, nope you also ate plants or vegetables as you called it. Try as you might but non of the wolves could get over the taste. Plants to them are not their thing, so they’ll stick to meat. Time sure flies, by then it was nearly time for Christmas. The cold season almost made it unbearable for you to do anything. But thanks to your lovely wolf back, you help you warm up. By warming up it means they are stuck behind you by hugging you for the entire day.
Food was becoming scarce, needing to feed an entire pack. Mikey and the rest of the wolves got to work. Draken asked if you would like to join them and mistakenly you agreed to it. Sad to say that you’ll never go hunting with them again. Being chased by a group of wild boar is no fun. Mucho had to carry back, you were freezing and shaken up. Mikey, Draken, Mitsuya, and the rest all were in envy as they had to carry the heavy boats on their shoulders.
That night, you were still awake, surprised to see Mikey sleep so easily. His body was radiating so much heat. But there was another reason to why you were awake. Unknowingly, you yearning to go back to the human world was growing. If there was a chance for you to return then this was it. You felt bad but you just had to go.
Quietly getting off the nest, to then go exit out of the door before making your way back to the entrance of the castle. Through the cave you were met with the now frozen waterfall. The ice was thick enough for you to slide down. Then that’s when you ran through to forest. Snow crunching down your feet as you had the adrenaline pumping through your veins. Home was all you could think of.
But then that’s when you heard it. Heart them. Your heart was racing; you thought you might get a heart attack if it beat any faster. The sound of wolves, running and howling. But you were quite the distance away, the only thing you regret doing was turning around. You bumped into something or someone. It made you fall on your back into the cold snow. Your eyes then met Mikey’s, they were flowing brightly yellow. He looked very angry, a vein popping from his forehead, fangs out as he growling. A very, very unhappy alpha.
“Why?”, he asked sternly as he approached you. You moved back only to hump into Draken’s wolf form. Soon after the rest of the pack surrounded you. “Please Mikey just let me go!”, you pleased as your eyes watered. “No!”, he yelled down at you now crouching to you eye level.
His hand having a deadly grip on your chin, “You mine. You were meant to be mine. If you don’t want to be mine then I’ll force you to be. Your my fuckin mate. Try to escape again and you’ll see what I’ll do to your family like what they did to mine.”.
This Mikey was far from the one you know, you looked for backup from Draken, Mitsuya, Baji, and etc. No one said or did anything. Letting Mikey forcibly place you onto his shoulder as you returned to the castle. You couldn’t do anything, your body just felt weak. Well that’s also probably due to the cold. Your body was terribly cold like ice, Mikey warmed you up back in the nest.
The days after that event, you changed and so did the rest of the pack. Everyone of those wolves were on edge. You did the cooking, brushing, and sometimes cleaning. But there was just a lack of life in you, your eyes seemed dead. Whenever any one of them try to spark a conversation with you, it lasts for about two minutes before it got awkwardly silent.
Mikey hated it. He hated the lack of response you were giving. So one night he just had to burst or else someone was going to end up dead. He pinned you on the nest, “Why?! Why can’t you accept it?! Why can’t you learn love to me?!!!”, he shouted. Your unable to say anything, and worried about what he might do, you only did what you thought was right to defuse the situation.
You moved in to kiss him, he was unable to fathom what just happened after you pulled away. He looked at you dumbfounded before he too landed a kiss, this time longer and hotter. Surprisingly to him, you kissed him back making him calmer than ever now. He knows now. You’ve accepted him. His sweet, beautiful, loving mate, Y/N. He couldn’t be any happier for this moment to come.
Tumblr media
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lemonadecandy · 13 days ago
Meeting Zhongli [Part 6]
Tumblr media
Game: Genshin Impact
About: Zhongli x fem!reader
Note 1: The premise is that 'you' get transported into the game and journey through Teyvat along with the traveler. This is a reinterpretation of the Liyue Archon Quests. Hope you enjoy~
Note 2: Please do not copy, translate, repost, etc., any part or the entirety of my works.
Words: ~2.5k
Warning: This chapter contains some graphic violence and profanity.
Tumblr media
A cold wind rushed into the cave as the rain kept pouring relentlessly. The fire had died down long ago and now the logs were too wet to be rekindled. My body was shivering uncontrollably under the thin leaf covers that barely provided any warmth. I slowly cranked my head to the side to look at the cave’s wall. Cutting my finger on the sharp tip of the wooden branch I held, I marked another line on the wall with the blood that flowed. 27. It had been twenty-seven days since I had been stranded in this strange place, perhaps, even more, I may have been unconscious through a few.
It was a very beautiful place, with a clear sunny beach on one side and lush green pastorals on the other. It looked like scenery straight out of a Van Gogh painting. But my marvel for it only lasted for a short while. I didn’t dare to move beyond a few meters from the area I had gained consciousness at, otherwise strange blob-like creatures would attack. With much difficulty, I had taken a few out, but they only kept coming and I was ultimately forced to run. The only source of food in the small safe zone were the few fruit trees and berries that were scarcely spread. They were unlike any fruits I had seen but they tasted nice and sweet. That time, the only issue I had was water, a mighty ocean stretched out in front of me, but it was all salt water, and just as my throat had started shriveling from thirst, it had started to rain. Unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped pouring yet, in fact, the storm keeps getting stronger. I have already eaten all the fruits and berries I could find and though water is plenty now, I no longer have any food to eat. How long can a human even survive without food?
My head had already gotten foggy, it was harder to stay conscious, but I was too afraid to fall asleep, for that might just be the last time I ever close my eyes. How did I even get here? The last thing I remember is staring at a computer screen as I had finished some sort of video game, it had been a euphoric feeling that culminated after years of following a very interesting story. I contemplated all of this being a mere delusion, but the pain as my organs shut down felt too strong. My leg was still out of commission from trying to fight those blob-like creatures. The impending death felt real as well. What in the world is this situation?! The terror and madness had already swallowed my mind, I could barely even think anymore.
Suddenly, I heard a rustling at the entrance of the cave. I had grown accustomed to all the sounds that nature made as I had waited the rain out in this small cave. That, wasn’t the mere rustling of leaves as water gushed over it. Did the slimes make it all the way here?! I quickly stood up in fear, a shock jerked my legs as I mustered all the strength I had. My vision was cloudy, so it was hard to determine what stood at the cave entrance, but it seemed like a human silhouette. A wave of relief rushed over me. There are humans here! Was I going to be saved?!
I hurriedly limped towards the figure, almost crawling. “Help! Help!”, my voice croaked because it hadn’t been used in so long. But I kept shouting like a mad dog. I had almost reached the person who stood at the entrance, but instead of heavenly aid, what I received was a blow to my face.
I had been struck by what seemed like a wooden club. Pain flowed through the entire right side of my face, my lower jaw threatening to fall off. Blood gushed into my mouth in unimaginable amounts, the metallic taste overwhelming my mouth. The figure was approaching, readying for another hit. I crawled away in the nick of time, as the assaulter just missed my head and struck my back instead. The stick! I didn’t stop to even process the pain and rushed toward the sharp stick that lay next to the fire pit. The attacker seemed to have slowed down as I quickly dashed away from them. 
The stick had been a thick branch of wood I had found while scavenging for berries, it had helped me fight the blobs. It wasn’t a very effective weapon, but it was my only chance at survival. 
Grabbing the weapon I turned to face the assaulter. My vision was still unclear but adrenaline was pumping through my body, giving it strength despite the starvation. The assaulter didn’t have a lot of height but they seemed bulky. Well, the force of that blow to my face had been very strong. “I don’t mean any harm, let’s try to talk this out!”, I yelled trying to reason with them. But all I received was some gibberish. They don’t understand me! 
Before I could say anything else, the attacker directly ran towards me, their wooden club raised. My mind started spiraling in panic. I didn’t know what to do. Do I just dodge? But for how long could I keep doing that? Do I attack? But they are human! No. I had to forsake my morals right now. ‘Kill or be killed.’ That’s what they say right? 
Despite my thoughts, my humanity still shone through as I reflexively dodged instead of attacking the assailant. But, I never was skilled in agility. Before I could fully dodge them, I had already been struck on my left shoulder blade. The force cut through the muscle, opening another wound for more of my blood to pour out of. The adrenaline was starting to fade away too and the pain was multiplied by the starved state of my body. I collapsed in agony, writhing on the ground. My heart rate skyrocketed in shock and I loudly gasped for air. It was unbearable! I had never experienced an injury more severe than a bruise in my entire life. This was too much for me to handle. I loudly screeched in torment, trying to drown out my senses with the sounds. Fuck morals! Why did I fucking dodge?!
The assailant had stopped attacking and was now leaning down towards me probably trying to assess my condition. They seemed to have lowered their guard as their neck and shoulders were entirely open for possible attacks. This was my opportunity.
As I contemplated my course of action, a twisted thought ran through my head. Kill or be killed. 
I clenched tightly at the stick that was still in my hand, and just as the attacker tried to retreat, I pierced their throat with all the strength I could muster. It was hard, I didn’t have close to enough strength. I felt every fiber in the muscles of their neck snap as I pushed the stick in even further. I pulled it back out as dark crimson blood was rushing out, splattering onto my face. The attacker fell back and tried to rush out of the cave. My body had been taken over by an unfamiliar intensity and my mind had stopped functioning. I crawled out into the rain and toward them, grabbing their leg to hold them back.
The clouds were still thundering and the rain still didn’t show any signs of slowing down. The attacker had started shrieking themselves, shouting in whatever sound they could muster from their injured throat. I pulled them back and quickly pinned them to the ground with my legs. Raising the stick, I stabbed them again. And again. Blood kept rushing out and coloring my hands as the creature in front of me slowly stopped struggling. As the flare of survival instincts slowly died down, my mind was starting to become sane again. I yelled as tears flowed down my face at the realization of what I had just done, hands shaking as I still couldn’t stop myself from stabbing. “Kill or be killed.”, repeating the quote over and over again. I could have just severely injured their shoulder, or let them escape while they were trying to run away but I instead chose to murder what seemed like a human. I rolled off the assailant and lay down on the ground as the rain drowned my screams of sorrow.
“Y/n, wake up!”, someone was calling out to me. I immediately opened my eyes and shot up into a sitting position.
“Y/n!”, it was Lumine. She was seated next to me on the bed, holding me by my shoulders. “Are you alright?!”
I looked around trying to regain my bearings. My heart was racing at the speed of light and I was sweating buckets. That dream. 
“Y/n!”, Lumine called out to me once again.
“Huh?”, I tried to break myself out of my daze as I panted for air.
“Did something happen last night?!”, she asked, worry sketching her tone.
“Last night…?”, I raised my hand to my head trying to recall my memories.
“I am so sorry! I should not have left you all alone. I know how scared you get when that happens, but you looked so sprung up around Mr. Zhongli. He is a good man, so I thought it would be a good idea for you to loosen up around him since we’ll be spending quite some time together.”, she rambled. “Was I wrong? Did he do something to you?!”
“W-wait, no, relax!”, I said trying to get my breathing in control.
“But you are literally shaking!”, she exclaimed.
It was true, I just couldn’t stop my body from jittering in fear. That dream, no, those memories, why had they popped into my mind again? When I revisited that cave later, I couldn’t find any corpse around. But, it had really happened, the scars on my shoulder and back were proof of that, it wasn’t a hallucination caused by starvation. Looking back, that assailant could have been a mere hilichurl who had wandered into the cave while looking for shelter, but the body had been washed away by the rain, so there was no way to check. But a hilichurl was once a human too. Unable to find the courage to explain my experiences before I met the traveler, I only rested my head on her shoulder without saying anything. I thought I had long gotten over that trauma, but I suppose it isn’t that easy.
“If you want, we can just tell Mr. Zhongli and Childe that we can’t help them anymore. There must be other ways to get to the geo archon—“, she tried to reassure me as she loosely embraced me.
“No!”, I immediately cut in. “I-It isn’t because of Zhongli. Everything went well yesterday! He’s a swell guy! I was just missing home that’s all~”
Lumine gave me a skeptical glance, “If you say so.” She grabbed my hand as she continued, “Don’t worry! We’ll definitely find my brother and get you home soon!”
I looked at her with a smile on my face. Just like the interpretation in the game, the traveler didn’t talk a lot, especially when it wasn’t necessary. But when it mattered most, she was the first one to ramble on. I found that part of her quiet endearing. “Thank you. That means a lot to me.”
“Again, about yesterday… it’s just that I thought you deserved a fun night out without the two of us bothering you… You even came in late last night, so I thought you enjoyed yourself.”, she looked away in embarrassment. My feelings of gratitude soon evaporated as I remembered how I had been abandoned mercilessly last night.
I chuckled, “Of course, I enjoyed myself a lot.”
“Really?”, innocent curiosity in her eyes.
“Uh-huh. Precisely why I want to share this enjoyment with you!”, a sly smile spread on my face.
“What do you mean?” I motioned for her to get up from my bed as I slowly guided her toward the door.
“One week. You cover all my expenses for one week.”, I nudged her over the threshold as realization slowly dawned on her face.
“But y/n—!”, I shut the door before she could complete her sentence.
“Don’t worry darling, it’s just some petty payback. I promise I’ll be frugal.”, I shouted from inside.
“Y/n! Are you serious?!”, she slammed her hands on the door.
“Quick! Save me a seat at the restaurant, I need to get ready.”
Lumine only helplessly kept banging at the door as I callously laughed at her misery.
My nose felt stuffy, and my eyes were swollen. The after-effects of crying always left me feeling numb, even the next day. The headache from the hangover didn’t help much either. We had parted ways soon after my outburst last night. I was too glum to realize this yesterday, but I have really embarrassed myself in front of him, haven’t I? He must think of me as some poor lost child, not that it’s entirely inaccurate. Besides, him thinking of me as a lamentable youngster is much safer than him considering me a threat. But still, this is hurting my pride. 
Lumine was pouty because of my attempt at revenge in the morning, but Paimon on the other hand was being overly sweet to me. Probably because she intended to freeload off the traveler along with me. I leaned towards her slinging my around her shoulder, “Come on, cheer up! We’re going flower picking today.”
But I was only ignored as she looked away. “Now you are making me feel all guilty.”
“Would that make you reconsider?”, she looked back at me with doe eyes.
“No.”, I giggled.
Our conversation came to stop when we noticed Zhongli waiting for us at the center of Yujing Terrace. “Mr. Zhongli!”, Paimon called out as we neared him.
He waved back at us with a smile on his face, “You’re here.” Glancing towards me he spoke, “Y/n, you seem to have recovered well.”
“Ahaha, yes, you too.”, I laughed awkwardly, unable to make eye contact. Did all of my character development just get deleted?!
But before I could wallow in my embarrassment too much, Zhongli stepped towards me grabbing my hand to place a vial in it, causing me to look up at him in confusion. “It’s some medicine for a hangover.” 
The warmth from last night was still present in his eyes. To be honest, ever since I had woken up, I was kind of wishing that he had forgotten about last night, but seeing that kindliness in his expressions made me glad that he didn’t. 
“Thank you.”, I smiled back at him with gratitude. I wondered if it was because of this intensity of his that seemed to ignore all of my walls, I had slowly started lowering my guard. Was he the reason I had that dream about the past that I had tried my best not to confront?
Strange feelings had started blooming in my heart.
Tumblr media
P.S:  I was looking for some Zhongli fanart for the banners on Pinterest but all I could find was some spicy Ayato content, and now I really wanna write a fic for him just so I can use all the pins I have saved. Any ideas?~~
Banner image art by: Unable to find. If anyone knows, please inform.
Part 7:
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