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the-sera · 3 years ago
I like to imagine the state of Tumblr if there’s a long romantic Bechloe kiss scene in the extras of PP3...
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itsbechloe · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A fight. “I'd better stay away from you than be here and hurt you".
A wish. “I want you, Chloe” “If you want me, it's not complicated”
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orbiting-soul-blog · 3 years ago
Beca: oh come on, I wasn’t that drunk.
Chloe: you tried to color my face with a highlighter because you told me I was important.
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aretheyevenreal · 4 years ago
Beca: I wanna take your clothes off
Chloe: What?
Beca: I'm doing laundry
Chloe: [beams] Will you do mine too?
Beca: [mutters] What am I, your wife?
Chloe: [smirks] If you are, you haven't taken advantage of your benefits package.
Beca: [jaw drops]
Chloe: [walking away] Fold them neatly and we can discuss finding more dirty clothes for you to wash *wink*
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the-sera · 3 years ago
The most infuriating part of Bechloe is that it’s not ambiguous. There is no room for interpretation. Just because people believe the girl-friendship stereotype, they could be hetero. LET’S BE SUPER CLEAR HERE. If in that shower it had been two guys and their eyes had moved the same way and they had said and did the same things, THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE WOULD AGREE THEY ARE GAY AFFFFF ONCE AGAIN DOUBLE STANDARD FOR US WOMEN YAAAAAAYE
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itsbechloe · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bechloe Instagram Aesthetic: always making me smile ♥
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ravenluvsppnbc · 12 days ago
Tattoo parlor au
thanks for the request! i hope this is suffice. <3
Chloe woke up on Tuesday, nerves filling her body. The sun had just risen. The birds were chirping and flying around in circles through the sky. Chloe’s alarm had woken her at eight. She took a cold shower, wishing not to waste the hot water, and was drinking a warm latte just ten minutes after. She watched the morning news, mumbling curses at the political pieces. By the time she was dressed, the news was playing a puppy segment. She smiled, switching off the television when it was done. She left the apartment by ten.
The redhead walked down the street to meet her two best friends. Aubrey and Amy were standing on the block corner, waving obnoxiously. Today was the day Chloe had been waiting for with nerve. It was also the day Aubrey had been dreading. Amy was very excited. They would be getting tattoos. Matching tattoos. The three girls had become a “groupe de trois” in college when they joined an a cappella group. Chloe and Aubrey were already years into college when freshman Amy met them.
They decided to get matching tattoos weeks ago. Today was finally the day. Aubrey leads the others to her car, which she had parked in a carpark an hour prior. The girls laughed, driving to the only tattoo parlor that Aubrey had approved. Aubrey could be a bit picky, but it balanced out Chloe’s open mindedness and Amy’s boldness. The three pulled into the lot at 11:50, which Chloe thought was perfect. Aubrey thought that they were late. Their appointment was at noon.
Chloe’s boot clomped against the ground as they entered the shop. Aubrey was taken aback by the soft rock that filled her ears as the door shut behind them. A little man with long hair peeked his head over the desk. He had a sleeve of skulls, and a nose ring. Amy walked closer to the desk and said, “Hi, we’re here for some tats.”
“Did you have an appointment already?” Little man asks.
“Yeah. We’re supposed to be scheduled for noon.” Aubrey chimes in, stepping closer to the desk.
“Alright perfect. Uh Beca is just finishing up with somebody at the moment and then Jackson is just hanging out in the back. We’ll get going in a minute.” The man said, standing up and walking back.
A guy, who Chloe assumes is Jackson, walks to the front desk and takes Aubrey to the back. Chloe and Amy stand at the front, listening to the music. A brown-haired woman in a leather jacket and doc martens walks out of a curtain with front desk man and another guy in a black tank top. Chloe can’t stop staring at this woman, who she assumes just got a tattoo. Only now, Chloe realizes, the woman jumps behind the front desk and looks at the computer. Amy walks to the back with the small man, waving.
“You’re also getting one?” The woman asks, making eye contact with Chloe.
“Yeah.” Chloe mumbles bashfully, as the other woman scans her body.
“Alright, I’m Beca” The woman says, grabbing Chloe’s hand, “Come on then.”
Beca leads Chloe to the back of the tattoo shop where theres a black curtain hanging from the ceiling. She helps Chloe into the chair. Chloe scans the space. Beca has band posters on the walls, a record player in the corner. “OO Oasis,” Chloe says, pointing to the wall, “I love them.”
“Yeah,” Beca says, sitting down on a chair, getting out a tattoo gun and ink. She spins her chair towards Chloe with a smirk. “So are you gonna tell me what your name is?”
“Oh, sorry. Just nervous that’s all. Uh. I’m Chloe.”
Beca smiles. “Don’t be too nervous,” she says, turning around to prepare the equipment, “You’re really pretty, whatever you get is gonna look dope.” Chloe smiles, blushing.
After a moment of silence, Beca speaks up again, brushing the previous comment off of her shoulder. “So what were we thinking of getting?”
“Oh I’m thinking something simple. I want it to say, ‘Bella’ and then I want to put a burrito next to it.” Chloe says.
“Well I do hope that you and Bella stay together for awhile. This one might be a little hard to explain.” Beca says, letting out a chuckle.
“Oh it’s not a relationship tattoo-”
“Oh I’m sorry. I totally just-”
“No it’s cool. It makes sense that you’d think that,” Chloe says, giggling. “My friends and I met in college. We were in an a cappella group called ‘The Bellas’ and then a guy threw a big ass burrito on one of them. So. That’s what that is.”
“So,” Beca says, sitting back down, “No burrito-obsessed girlfriend named Bella?”
After a few more minutes of silence, Beca turns to Chloe to show her some sample stencils. Chloe really likes all of them, even though it is very hard to take a burrito seriously. Chloe points to the one on the left, and Beca tosses the other one onto the table. “So where do you want this thing?”
“Well I don’t really know. I was thinking maybe my shoulder. I don’t know where they’re getting theirs.”
“Shoulder sounds good. I can put a stencil there so you can see what it looks like.” Beca says, printing a second stencil. “Which arm?”
Chloe points to her left. “Do you want me to move my shirt?” She says, nervously fumbling with the hem of her sweater.
“Only if you’re comfy with it, but I don’t know how great I can do it through this. It is recommended.” Beca jokes, before Chloe pulls her top off entirely. Beca gasps, her eyes lingering on Chloe’s toned abs. Beca curses herself. She shouldn’t be flirting with a client.
Beca places the stencil onto Chloe’s left shoulder, and grabs the mirror to show her. “That looks great.”
“Alright, then we can get going. Do you want some tunes? I have a record player back here, you can pick something. But beware. It sounds super hipster coming outta that thing.” Beca says, pulling Chloe in the direction of the record player. Chloe picked Nirvana.
“Good choice.”
Chloe’s eyes follow Beca as the brunette went to the sink to wash her hands. She throws her leather jacket to the chair next to her, revealing a sleeve of patchwork. “Oo. Did you do those yourself? I love that.”
“Some of them,” Beca says, wheeling a cart over to the chair, “What’s your favorite?”
“I like this one,” Chloe says, pointing to a skull with Hozier lyrics next to it.
“Yeah I did that one. I like the skull, but the song isn’t as meaningful as it was when I did it.” She explains, chuckling. “Don’t do song lyrics.”
“Noted.” Chloe mumbles.
“Ready?” Beca says, hooking up the machine.
“Yeah.” Chloe says, exhaling.
Beca reaches for Chloe’s arm, and grabs the machine. Chloe scans over Beca’s sleeve, looking at each tattoo. After a few minutes, Chloe mumbles, “Shit.”
Beca immediately takes the needle away, and sits back in her chair. “Everything okay?” She asks quickly.
“Yeah, I was just thinking about something. Didn’t mean to spook you or anything. It’s all good.”
“Alright.” Beca says, moving back towards the redhead. She continues tattooing, looking up at Chloe each time she felt her tense up. At one point, the redhead moved Beca’s hair out of her face. Beca swears that she saw Chloe bite her lip. The brunette blushed and continued working on Chloe’s arm. Chloe knew what she was doing, and she liked it.
“Okay, I’ll get started on the burrito now. Just to be clear—you wanted a line drawing? Like not shaded in?” Beca asked, moving the needle away from Chloe’s arm.
“Yeah that sounds perfect.” Chloe said.
After a few more minutes of tattooing, Beca tilted her head to the side, running the needle along Chloe’s shoulder. Chloe caught a whiff of Beca’s perfume. She was intoxicated by it. The slight woodsy scent, but not campfire. The sweet scent made Chloe’s mind wander. “Oh my god. What perfume are you wearing? I literally. Like. I just want to keep smelling you. That sounds weird. What is it?” Chloe said, stuttering over almost all of her words.
“Well. Thanks. It’s ‘Sappho’ by Lush. All the girls love it.” Beca said with a wink.
“So that’s the goal?”
“Not always, but it’s appreciated.” Beca flirts, smiling, wiping a towel over Chloe’s shoulder.
“Do you flirt with all of your clients?”
“No. I’m really not supposed to. But you’re making it a little hard at the moment.” Beca says, blushing as she cleans up the cart.
“Oh. Sorry.” Chloe says, feeling a little ashamed.
“Don’t be sorry. I like it,” Beca flirts, writing on a few papers. “Here’s your guide to having a tattoo. Basically what you should and shouldn’t do. And something you should do—uh. My number. It’s in there. I don’t know what you’re into but I’d love to take you out.”
“I’ll definitely call you.” Chloe says, leaving the space.
She meets Amy and Aubrey back at the front, where they compare tattoos and pay. Chloe leaves a nice tip. She makes eye contact with Beca, who is now standing behind the desk, as she exits the shop. Beca sends her another wink.
When Chloe gets into the car, she opens up the paper to find Beca’s number written neatly with a signature next to it, and a heart. She adds Beca’s number to her phone, as they drive away.
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the-sera · 3 years ago
Imagine this: Opening your twitter & you received a DM from Anna Kendrick saying she’s been cyberstalking you a little & she has the biggest crush on you.
Tumblr media
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itsbechloe · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Songs that remember Bechloe - Enchanted
Insatiable | Leave You With Love | Secret Love Song II
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bechloesnows · 3 years ago
“Just smile. I really need to see you smile right now.”
Chloe Beale was the definition of a ray of sunshine. She was always happy and cheery; quite the optimist. She loved being happy, and she loved making people happy. However, right now, she was far from happy.
 Chloe laid in her bed, snuggled under all her blankets with only her forehead showing. She had bags under her eyes, tear stained cheeks, her hair was a mess, and right now her head was too heavy to even lift it off the pillow. She was exhausted from all of her crying and grieving.
 Her Grandmother had passed away the night before due to a heart attack, and getting the phone call from her father had broken her. It was a movie night with her Bella’s when she got the call, and she excused herself and went up to her bedroom where she hasn’t moved since. The Bella’s all came in one by one to offer their condolences, but they were so overwhelmed and didn’t know what to say or do to their normally bubbly Chloe. It was like when Chloe wasn’t happy, no one was happy; not in the way that when she was sad she bought others down intentionally, no, it was more the fact that when Chloe was feeling down the world went out of whack and it was like looking at a kicked puppy. It just wasn’t right.
 Chloe heard her door squeak open a little and the light from the hallway shone on her face and she groaned.
“Oops sorry Chlo, uh, can I come in?”
Chloe just rolled over, still under all her blankets, giving no response to her favourite Bella standing in her doorway.  
“Okay, well I’m gonna come in anyway.”
Beca Mitchell was far from the comforting type of friend, but when she saw Chloe’s face fall when she answered her phone and leave for her bedroom, where she still hasn’t moved from, she realised she had to “sack up” as Fat Amy had said.
“Sack up Shawshank, she needs you. You’re the only one she can tolerate right now, we all know it, and I know you do to. So, get your skinny ass up there and comfort your girl.”
And now here she was, tip-toeing into Chloe’s room, holding a plate with a grilled cheese and a cup of hot chocolate with 3 marshmallows, just the way Chloe likes it. She wandered over to the bed and placed the plate and mug on the bedside table, and sat down on the bed next to Chloe, looking down sympathetically at her best friend. She hated seeing her like this, it broke her heart.
“Chlo, I brought you some food and something to drink. Do you reckon you could have some for me?” Beca said in a soft voice as she started running her fingers through Chloe’s red locks, something she knew soothed the redhead.  
Chloe rolled over to face Beca, and looked up at her with her big, bright blue eyes, which were even more blue due to all the crying she has been doing. Beca’s heart broke in two when she saw the tears start to fall from Chloe’s eyes.
“Aw Chlo, c’mere.” Chloe shifted so Beca could lay in bed next to her. Beca leant against the headboard and Chloe wrapped her arms around her waist and laid her head on Beca’s shoulder. Beca put her arms around Chloe and let her cry, as she ran her hands up and down her back and through her hair, soothing her.
“It’s okay Chloe, I’m here. I know it suck’s right now, but we are all here for you.” Beca let out a sigh. “I’m here for you.” And kissed Chloe on her forehead. Chloe shifted closer to Beca and put her head into the crook of her neck, letting the tears fall. She was so grateful for her normally closed off best friend, and loved it when she let down her walls and showed her soft side.
“It’s okay to be sad. It’s not easy losing someone you love. But just know that it will get better, and I know for a fact that your Grammy Rose would be so proud of you Chlo. I’m proud of you dude, you’re so strong Chloe. And I also know she would want to see your amazing smile. So please, just smile. I really need to see you smile right now.” Beca kissed her forehead again, her lips lingering a little while longer. Then Beca felt it, she felt Chloe smile into her neck. Not her normal smile, but a smile nonetheless. Chloe looked up at her and said in a tiny voice, “Thanks Bec. I love you.”
“I love you too Beale. Now, how about we go halvies in this sammich I just made, yeah?”
Chloe raised her eyebrow, “did you just say ‘sammich?’”
And there it was, Chloe’s wide, contagious smile that Beca loved so much.
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ravenluvsppnbc · 4 days ago
“she’s gonna have to call you back”
found some kind of prompt for this on tumblr, but i can’t find it anymore. anyways. here’s something bechloe. it’s cheese, i know. it’s also on ao3 (ravenreign).
“Chloe Beale peaked her head into the home-office, making eye contact with her girlfriend, who was on a work call. She knew she shouldn't interrupt it. It was for work. But it was also Saturday. Her girlfriend was supposed to be off of work tonight and she was supposed to be relaxing. Beca Mitchell sat, spinning around in an uncomfortable office chair, with a phone pressed against her ear.
Beca sighed into the phone, again, fiddling with the arm rest on her chair. She had been on the phone with Theo, for almost two hours now, talking about an arrangement. Beca loved her job. She loved making music and singing. Almost everything about her job, she loved. But not the extra time and energy that it stole from her. Beca sometimes felt that her job was stealing her away from the things that she wanted and needed. Sometimes she'd lose sleep, or motivation. The thing she missed most was her girlfriend. Work was taking away time from her most important person. She was almost always in the studio or on the phone, or being called back in because an intern did something dumb and messed something up.
The clock struck nine, and Beca desperately wanted to get off the phone and spend time with Chloe, but she couldn't. An hour ago, Chloe had brought a plate of dinner into the office for Beca. Beca mouthed a quick, thank you, as Theo's voice spilled from the speaker. Beca laid her head back onto the chair and rubbed her eye with her free hand—she was so tired. Chloe hated seeing her girlfriend like this.
She had been sitting on the couch for nearly two hours, waiting for Beca's call to be finished. Every so often, she would peek her head through the door of Beca's office, hoping that she could finally bring her back to the living room to watch a movie or just talk. This time, Chloe tiptoed over to the chair and began massaging her girlfriend's shoulders and neck. Beca tilted her head to the side, creating more space for Chloe. Beca relaxed into Chloe's hands, closing her eyes.
Chloe sees an opportunity and takes it. She brushes her hands down Beca's torso, stopping in all the right spots, making Beca shiver. Resting her hands on Beca's waist, Chloe kisses her girlfriend's neck, working at a mark. Beca smiles, for the first time in two hours, at the contact that she had missed so much. As Chloe continues, Beca has to swallow the sounds that she wants to let out, remembering that Theo was still on the phone and that he didn't need to hear about the frustrating situation she was in. She bites her lip, as Chloe turned the chair around to straddle her lap.
Chloe continues, leaving a light bruise at Beca's collarbone. She isn't quite satisfied. She works at a new one, darker and larger, on the edge of her girlfriend's jaw. Chloe watched as Beca fought her senses.
Beca's eyes widen, her face turning bright red, when she sees Chloe pull off her sweatshirt, revealing a new navy blue lace set. Chloe tosses the sweatshirt over her shoulder. Beca smiles, whispering a quick curse in her girlfriend's ear. Beca sat still in her chair, and sighed into the phone, mentally cursing this long call. Chloe began to get bolder each second, placing kisses all over her girlfriend. She left pink lipstick marks on Beca's neck.
Chloe loved everything about moments like this. She loved the way it felt when her girlfriend's skin touched her lips. She loved the blush that rose onto her girlfriend's face in result of the love bite she'd been working on. She loved the little nods and smiles that Beca gave her. Chloe loved the way Beca rested her hand on her waist, pulling her in, closer, and her girlfriend's scent that absorbed her with each movement. Chloe loved it all.
Beca felt the buttons on her blouse come undone as Chloe kissed down her torso. Finally, Beca thought, as Chloe pressed a kiss onto Beca's lips, making effort to stay silent. But she couldn't help it. Chloe giggled when she felt Beca grasp her exposed chest. "Is something funny?" Chloe heard Theo ask through the speaker.
"Oops sorry. Uh, just thinking. No. Nothing is funny-" Beca chokes out, reluctantly pulling away from Chloe. Beca tries to hold in her laughter as she places a finger over her girlfriend's mouth. Theo starts talking again, which prompts Beca to hit the mute button on her phone.
"You're really hot," Beca whispers, dragging the fingertips of her free hand up and down Chloe's torso, "I'll be off of this call soon. I promise. I'm trying. But oh my god," She whispers, pulling her girlfriend into a passionate kiss. She pulls away, still eyeing Chloe, who then reaches for the phone.
Chloe brings the phone to her ear. After probably two minutes of Theo rambling, Chloe manages to unmute the call and spill some words out. "Beca's gonna have to call you back."
"Oh we were nearly done-" Theo starts. His voice is cut off when Chloe ends the call, throwing Beca's phone onto the other chair that occupies the room. Chloe grabs Beca's face, pulling her girlfriend into a long kiss.”
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the-sera · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
My lil’ baby ❤ What a cutie.
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itsbechloe · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Songs that remember Bechloe - Insatiable
Leave You With Love
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bechloesnows · 3 years ago
“She’s hiding behind the sofa.” Bechloe
“Shit shit shit shit, fucking fuck, shit.” Beca Mitchell was pacing around the kitchen of the Bella’s house, mumbling to herself and nervously wringing her hands, while Cynthia-Rose sat at the counter, eating a sandwich and apparently paying no attention to the nervous train wreck called Beca.
It was a Thursday afternoon, and apart from Beca, Cynthia-Rose and Fat Amy, the Bella’s all had class until 4pm, except Chloe, who’s class finished at 3pm, which means she will be due home any minute. Fat Amy walked into the kitchen and immediately saw Beca acting like a madman. “Uhhhh, what’s happened to Shawshank over there, she’s acting like she just saw a Dingo eat her child…What? That happens in Australia more than you think” Fat Amy says matter-of-factly once she sees the look of CR’s face.
“I don’t even know what to respond to that. Anyways, Beca over here is freaking out because Chloe is due home any minute.”
“What? Why? I thought Beca would be happy to see Chloe, aren’t they twiddling with each other anyway?” Fat Amy asks, clearly confused on why the tiny brunette would be scared of the redhead coming home. Normally they are inseparable when they are both home, and the Bellas are constantly saying they are dating, even though both the girls deny it.
Suddenly the front door crashed open,
“BECA ANN MITCHELL, GET YOUR ASS HERE RIGHT NOW!” Beca stopped pacing and was frozen in shock, her eyes wide open. “BECA MITCHELL!!!”
Suddenly Beca’s leapt over the counter, and ran to the loungeroom, where she then dived behind the sofa with a loud thud and a small whimper. By this stage, Fat Amy is so confused, but not surprised, as chaos in the Bella household was the norm, so she took a seat next to CR, and waited to see how all of this would unfold. Chloe then come’s storming into the kitchen, her eyes wide with fury as she slams her handbag onto the counter, “WHERE IS SHE?”
Fat Amy practically falls off her seat while CR drops her sandwich in shock.
“Loungeroom, loungeroom! She’s hiding behind the sofa, please don’t eat me. I wouldn’t taste very nice, although according to Bumper I tast-“
“FAT AMY I DON’T CARE” Chloe screams, and this time, Fat Amy does fall off her seat.
Chloe is then off again, storming into the loungeroom, while CR and Fat Amy follow and stand at the doorway, watching just in case they needed to be witnesses for a possible murder.
Chloe all but jumps onto the couch, leans over the back and reaches down, grabbing onto Beca’s ear, pulling her up and back over the sofa, and then finally to a standing position.
“Ow, ow, ow, ow, Chlo, let me go psycho, CHLO OUCH” Beca screams as Chloe gave her ear one last pull before releasing it. Chloe’s hands then move to her hips, her eyes glaring at Beca, who is standing there looking like a child who has just been told off by their teacher.
After what seems like hours, Chloe finally breaks the silence.
“Well?! What do you have to say for yourself?” She says angrily, her arms flying everywhere. “Well? Don’t make me kick your ass Mitchell.” Fat Amy and CR flinch, wondering what the hell Beca could have done that has made Chloe so mad.
“I think you already did Chlo,” Beca says quietly, holding onto her ear where Chloe pulled her up from behind the sofa. Chloe slaps Beca’s arm, “I am not in the mood for your sarcastic comments Beca.”
“Hey ouch! I wasn’t being sarcastic, I think you actually almost pulled my whole ear off dude.”
Chloe lifts her arm again, threatening to strike again.
“Okay, okay! Jeez, calm down crazy. I’m sorry.”
“Hmm hm, and what exactly are you sorry for Mitchell?”
After a pause, Beca says quietly, barely above a whisper, “I’m sorry I didn’t give you your morning hug.”
“Sorry, what was that? I didn’t quite catch it?” Chloe says in a sarcastic tone.
Beca rolls her eyes, “I said, I’m sorry I didn’t give you your hug this morning, I just forgot okay. I didn’t mean to. Besides dude, don’t you think you’re overreacting a little bit?”
Suddenly there was a snort and an outburst of laughs from the door way, where Beca and Chloe turned to see CR and Fat Amy bent over laughing, holding their sides and wiping away tears from their eyes.
“God Bloe, you guys are so domestic it actually makes me sick,” Fat Amy says between snorts of laughter.
“Yeah ladies, just admit your dating already” CR chimes in, still holding her sides. Beca and Chloe look at each other, and almost as if reading each other’s mind, both pick up a pillow from the sofa and fling it at the girls in the doorway, who both flee up the stairs, still laughing loudly.
Chloe swings back around to face Beca. “Just so you know, because you ‘forgot’ to give me a hug this morning, my day was horrible. You know I need your morning hug or I go insane for the whole day.”
“I think that’s a little dramatic Chlo.” The redhead gives her a frown and puppy dog eyes, knowing full well that it always wins the brunette over. Beca can’t complain, Chloe is just too damn cute sometimes, even though she’s the biggest pain in her ass.
Beca rolls her eyes, lifting her arms up.
“Bring it in Beale, you pest.” Chloe’s face brightens immediately, a massive smile plastered across her face as she collides into Beca, almost knocking her over in the process.
“Oof, jesus Beale.”
“Love you Becs.”
“Love you too Chlo.”
Yes, this is totally unlike Beca, and is totally killing her badass reputation, but if it keeps Chloe happy and she gets to see that smile, then Beca would happily be cheesy, anytime, anywhere.
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kms-art · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Britt & Anna together at Chrissie’s birthday! ohhhhhh I need a pic of them together.. maybe that’ll calm my heart
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itsbechloe · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
They say that good things take time But really great things happen in a blink of an eye
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