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#because getting rained on is mildly uncomfortable but youre embracing it together
ravenadottir · 9 months ago
fluffly alphabet: tai
Tumblr media
A = Attractive (What do they find attractive about the other?)
first impressions have a big impact on tai. he’s mostly attracted to your eyes, where he believes sincerity and connection reside. a smile that reaches them will definitely win his attention.
beautiful eyes and smile is what catches his eye, but fun and spontaneity is what makes him stay. someone that isn’t afraid to scream laugh or how they look like when they do.
B = Baby (Do they want a family? Why/Why not?)
he wants a big family, at least three kids. of course he understands the responsibility of becoming a parent and that is part of why he wants to give his parents a lot of grandchildren.
he can picture himself throwing a ball with them on a lazy saturday or sunday afternoon, after a late lunch. participating on their lives by helping them with homework and making sure they’re learning the good values he was once taught.
C = Cuddle (How do they cuddle?)
he’s the big spoon in bear hug. full embrace with those massive arms, and it’s amazing to imagine he’ll pick you up from where you are “for a just minute” of cuddling, whether on the couch or bed.
you can find shelter on his chest while he rests his chin on the top of your head, caressing your arms and holding you close to his body.
of course, from time to time he feels safe in your arms, even if you look like a backpack while spooning him. he loves feeling your warmth and won’t let go of that privilege.
there’s always a smile after a deep breath and i think that’s my favorite part about his cuddling.
D = Dates (What are dates with them like?)
tai knows how to be romantic and amorous once the occasion calls for it, but his forte is definitely focusing on the fun part of a date. expect water parks, paintball, laser tag. anything that gets physical and you both laughing, chuckling and having the time of your life.
if a date is supposed to be quality time, then having innocent fun with his partner is definitely what moves him.
if you surprise him with such plans, you can actually make his face hurt from smiling.
E = Everything (You are my ____ (e.g. my life, my world…))
“you’re my best shot.”
F = Feelings (When did they know they were in love?)
there’s a moment a person realizes they’re in love and keep it to themselves, but for tai, he couldn’t hold it in any longer than a day. it happened the moment he realized you were just like him. all he needed to find was someone that understood size doesn’t matter, fun has to be a part of your relationshp and caring about your friends are one of the most important things.
when he realized he was in love, he almost bursted with the words. and even though he can be impulsive at times, he knew how this particular moment was important, so he planned and rehearsed it a little bit.
just enough to not stutter while telling you how he feels. but he couldn’t wait any longer, and wanted to see how happy you would be knowing there’s someone in love with you.
G = Gentle (Are they gentle? If so, how?)
very! due to his size he can’t risk being too rough. he’s used to having a light touch ever since he found out how dangerous he can be if he’s not careful. you’ll notice it when he plays around by putting makeup on you.
he loves spending some light time doing that, and he’s the kind of gigantic guy that you catch yourself wondering how can someone be so big and so delicate, at the same time?
a very gentle touch when he grazes his thumb on the side of your face while kissing you, or when he’s stroking your arm during a cuddle.
H = Hands (How do they like to hold hands?)
fingers twined, always. tai thinks that gesture truly represents how entangled you are with each other, and it represents intimacy to him.
he also loves caressing your knuckles with his thumb, and sometimes brush his lips on the back of your hand.
he might even make a comment about how small yours is compared to his, and put his palm against yours, to measure.
I = Impression (What was their first impression?)
when he saw you walking in that tent, he already knew the damage was done way before. like he said once, your voice had a huge impact on him, and your personality and way of handling yourself were positive first, adorable second, sexy third.
he knew he had to take a shot and it paid off. “my instincts are never wrong. i knew it had to be you.”
and to himself, he thought “damn it, they’re even more beautiful, live. alright, be cool, tai. don’t goof around right away.”
J = Jealousy (Do they get jealous?)
mildly jealous. not trusting of others around you, especially when they make advances that would make you feel uncomfortable. but if a boy hits on you and your response is negative, he’s proud of the person he has next to him.
tai has eyes and he can see how energetic and vibrant you are. it’s natural for people to feel attracted to someone so interesting. he wouldn’t be with you if that wasn’t true.
other than that he has no reason to be jealous. the bond you have is the most stable thing he has and he wouldn’t doubt it. in fact he loves walking around with you, holding hands, so people around know you’re together. he’s proud of you.
K = Kiss (How do they kiss? Who initiated the first kiss?)
he has a way of kissing you that makes the world fade into the background. it’s not only his lips or his tongue. it’s his arms snaking their way to your back, his hands gliding on your neck, hair and face. the heat that emanates from him whenever he suppresses a grunt. it’s in his touch when he’s deep in.
it was mutually started but on his end, he was stunned. he didn’t expect to see so many sparks fly, despite of being entirely enchanted by you. 
and when you pulled away from that first kiss, tai simply couldn’t manage how gobsmacked he was. he already felt a strong connection with you in that date, the conversation going so well.
but he was afraid to crush so hard on you if your kiss was that amazing. and it was. and he did.
L = Love (Who says ‘I love you’ first?)
he does.
tai is not afraid of letting you know how he feels, at all times. he has so much appreciation for you, he can’t hold back at all, and letting you know was one of the most nervous moments he’d ever had.
he’s the type to dive in without thinking too much, even if it means he might get hurt because of the impulsiveness.
he has no regards for preserving himself when it comes to love. taking a risk has always been part of his agenda, and you were worth it.
M = Memory (What’s their favourite memory together?)
in the villa, sharing a bed together for the first time.
the waterfall was rushed and spontaneous, and you both had a lot of fun, but the feeling of having you protected by him, in such an intimate scenario is what he cherishes the most.
outside of the villa, the first real date you had, where he could show you what a good time actually means while with him. he loves remembering your laughter followed by your playfulness. nothing stays with him more than you having fun together, and it’s his favorite memory.
N = Nickel (Do they spoil? Do they buy the person they love everything?)
tai is not the type to buy everything and spoil.
there’s not a lot of thought behind store presents, according to him. he’s the kind of boyrfriend to give thought out presents, something that can represent an inside joke or a moment of importance between you. he will though bring you some items he makes at pottery class.
i believe one of the first things tai would ask you, on the outside, is about your favorite animal, so he can make one out of ceramic and give it to you, sort of as a lucky charm so you can remember him every time you look at it.
he just knows how much work goes into making one, and he would like to show his love and appreciation through that gesture.
O = Orange (What colour reminds them of their other half)
he would probably say orange or yellow. a shade or tone that he says it represents happiness and cheerful energy. that’s how he sees you and if he could attribute a color to you, they would have to have the same meaning.
P = Pet names (What pet names do they use?)
‘babe’ is a given, being the most commonly used.
but “beautiful” sums up everything he loves about you, beyond your looks. to him, you’re beautiful on the inside as well, so he likes to remind you of it.
he’ll call you that at all times, and it becomes a habit that he loves. he might even save your number under this pet name.
Q = Quaint (What is their favourite non-modern thing?)
vintage rugby cards.
there’s something about cards that throws him back to when he was a child, aspiring to play rugby as a professional career, but it was impossible to actually see himself in that scenario.
the cards remind him anything is possible, and he shouldn’t ever let go of his dreams, as absurd as they might see, to other people.
R = Rainy Day (What do they like to do on a rainy day?)
takeout. couch. movie.
it’s just the killing combo tai loves so much. snuggling closer under a blanket, while comfortable on the couch, food in hand and remote on the other. i even think tai has some “rainy days” favorites to watch, that he reserves just for those moments.
also, i have a feeling tai likes baking cookies, specifically, so your place smells like fresh baked goods while the rain dashes outside.
spa afternoon.
goofing around in the bathroom while putting face masks on, and taking ridiculous pictures, might be part of his schedule for a rainy afternoon as well.
like i mentioned before, tai has a delicate hand and it’s not farfetched to imagine he likes painting your nails, or toe nails, or both. he takes extra care to not smudge it, and admires his work from afar when it’s done. he focuses very hard, trying to deliver the best work he can.
S = Sad (How do they cheer themselves/others up?)
tai definitely believes in the power of laughter and clownery. but also, if he can have you talking to him about what happened, he would love to help. being a good listener is one of his many talents, and he’ll insist you vent about what made you saud.
tickling you until you give him information is very possible as well.
he might take your hand and lead you for a walk, while you tell him everything, and when back home, tai might cook. he knows comfort food is one of the best medicine to cheer someone up.
drawing a bath so you can relax is definitely part of his agenda too.
as for him, he goes for a run, alone. he prefers to exercise by himself when he needs a pick me up. however, if you want to make him smile when he comes back, try to make something out of ceramic. if it looks good he’ll be impressed, and if it looks bad, he will lie, saying it’s amazing.
having someone that cares so much, to the point of trying pottery is the reason why he feels better.
T = Talking (What do they like to talk about?)
everything! he loves hearing what you have to say about several subjects, no matter what they are.
he likes learning new things and having your input on matters that a couple wouldn’t talk about, usually. at times, he might sound weird by asking you something completely random, but he wants your insight on whatever it is, because he finds you so interesting.
you’re also the first person he tells good news, and the one he avoids when they’re bad.
U = Unencumbered (What helps them relax?)
from you? getting his shoulders and back massaged. if you’re a gifted singer, he also likes hearing your humming while your hands rub down the tension on his muscles.
by himself: pottery. there’s a reason it became more than a hobby. he does it to stay sane, and would love to share that particular interest with you if you want. but whenever he sits down, ready to turn the pottery wheel on, he already feels much better.
V = Vaunt (What do they like to show off? What are they proud of?)
tai is no stranger to show off his muscles. he definitely does it playfully, and often goofs around about it, but he’s proud of his achievements, body wise. it’s hard work and he won’t shy away from displaying them and be proud.
he also likes showing off what he has accomplished in pottery. there’s no denial someone so big would be a disaster in this scenario. usually, anyway.
he likes being the exception, and the praises people give him. it’s not vain, it’s just a reason to be proud of himself.
W = Wedding (When, how, where do they propose?)
his proposal is not as elaborate as his speech to ask you is. his ideal location would be an empty field, after hours. he would probably slip someone some bribe so you could “jump the fence” and enter the place, having you thinking you’re invading.
i imagine he would warm up to the subject, and when he’s getting to the moment he so desperately wants, the lights will go on, illuminating the whole lawn.
while you’re busy, being shocked and looking around you, he’ll quickly kneel and whip a small box from his pocket. his words might make you chuckle among tears, but that’s how he wants to propose.
as for the wedding, a simple ceremony somewhere sandy and sunny. close friends and family, and food that the guests will remember forever as being the best they’ve ever had.
he won’t settle for less but won’t ask for more.
X = Xylophone (What’s their song?)
there’s a colorful song that reminds me of him, "groove is in the heart” by dee-lite. the energy that goes into that tune has tai written all over. upbeat, fun and always the heart of the party.
and he grew up in the 90′s, so i like picturing his parents dancing in the living room to this type of music, pulling tai by his hand, goofing around together while the colorful videos were on.
but a couple of songs i love to picture him listening to, chilling with someone he loves, carelessly, is “over the rainbow” by israel kamakawiwoʻole. it’s such a chill and hopeful song, but has a light tone to it, and iz’s voice is just so suiting.
or tai being his adorable self, dancing by the sound of “finesse” by bruno mars ft. cardi b.
Y = Yes (Do they ever think of getting married/proposing?)
yes. he definitely will pull out some stops to make the proposal happen. he can’t wait to make it official and start a life with you.
he’s a romantic at the core of his heart and can’t wait to call you his spouse.
Z = Zebra (If they wanted a pet, what would they get?)
dog! dog! multiple dogs! 
one at a time, but the bigger the better!
tai is very charitable and would like to rescue a dog. one to start. he can already picture your weekends and afternoons during quarantine.
frisbees, sticks, balls, you name it. he went to the pet shop and bought a bunch of them, to train your new companion.
that’s why i also picture him in a house, not a flat. eventually he would want a backyard where he can play with the dog, and in the future, your kids.
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bertlebear · a year ago
Your Presence - Eren X Reader
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Prompt: “Hurt/Comfort, Massages, Baths.”
Pairing: Eren X Reader
Word Count:  ~1.7k
Warnings: Mildly suggestive ending.
Summary: You can always count on Eren to provide for your needs after a rough day.
A/N: I accidentally deleted the ask, but fortunately I saved a screenshot. Thanks for the ask, anon! (Y’all seem thirsty for Eren so far haha) 
The creak of the door echoed throughout the house as Eren perked up his head at the abrupt sound. His gaze flitted to the television show he was watching before switching it off and rising off the couch to check it out.
Meanwhile, you had taken off your coat and pinched the bridge of your nose, muttering incoherently to yourself, thoughts jumbled.
"Hey, you're back."
You turned to feel Eren embrace you from behind, a doting smile on his face as you locked the door shut with a disheartened sigh. "I missed you too."
He hesitated as if processing your response carefully before placing your hand over his. "What's with the attitude? Bad day at work?"
"I've just had a lot of papers and files. It's going to be another long night for me because I'm not finished yet." He spun you around to face him while you closed your eyes with furrowed brows. However comforting his presence appeared to be, it merely only chased your worries away for a fraction of time. Gritting your teeth, you moved deeper inside the house while slipping away from Eren's arms.
"Where are you going?"
"To my computer. The work isn't going to finish itself, you know."
You gripped the doorknob when a pair of hands tugged you back and Eren put himself in front of you with a disapproving frown. Shaking your head, you pushed passed him in hopes of getting your tasks done. He didn't budge an inch and instead leaned down to place a kiss on your cheek, expression replaced by a mischievous smirk upon seeing the heat streak across your face. "Eren, stop that..."  
"You need a break, "He placed his hands on his hips, the admonishing stare he shot at you fixing your feet in place. "I thought that out of all people, you'd know that this isn't good."
"I..." The harsh voice in your head was relentless and persisted to fight him back, but deep inside your heart you knew he was right. An uncomfortable silence passed between the both of you and your throat tingled while fighting an upcoming yawn. "I guess I am tired...and if you really insist."
"You won-t regret it ever. I've prepared a surprise for you."
He took your wrist gently, leading you into the bathroom while you shot him a confused look. However you couldn't deny the soft prickling of your skin as he began to undress you slowly, starting with the buttons on your work uniform. "Let me help. How does a bubble bath sound?"
You realized how the miserable and aggravated cloud inside your head, once underneath his patient touch began to waver, eventually disappearing. Awe struck your sight when he peeled the curtain aside to reveal hills of pink, warm suds. Then came a refreshing sensation as the water rose to submerge your body, almost as if washing away all the troubles like light rain. You raised a hand to scoop a hand of foam, the bubbles proceeding to cleanse your skin and scatter around the premises of the bathtub.
There was movement from behind and you felt Eren sink into the water, causing ripples as he too settled himself inside and playfully placed bubbles on your head. With a quiet, almost tender voice he began to rub shampoo into your hair, fingers smoothing over your scalp in abstract patterns. "So? How is it? Do you feel better?"
" feels so good. You're amazing, you know that?" The corners of your mouth curved into a smile.
You found Eren's hum of agreement to be pleasant and reassuring, leaning into his relaxed and sturdy form. The silence overtook your thoughts and you may have felt the intimacy climb to a whole new level but you couldn't find it in yourself to complain at all. The simplest contact of his hands when they started to brush past your neck and move south brought shudders down your spine. Every time Eren's fingers skimmed over your skin it would send the hairs on your arms rising, his even breaths ghosting over your ear.  
It wasn't until he squeezed your shoulders that you let out a grunt, dull aches spiking to claim your nerves in a heated tremble.
"Why are your muscles sore?"
"Ah, well... I did a little bit of lifting stuff around and I do sit in a chair all day," You didn't want to come off as needy so you pried his hands off your shoulders. But Eren only let out a short huff and placed them right back on, began to massage. As irritated as he seemed, you truly thought this was too much, body twisting around to glance at him sternly. "It's fine, I don't need this-"
A particular jostle had you tensing away from him, tucking your knees and curling into a ball. Uneasy waves of guilt overwhelmed your mind at the action, and you averted your eyes to the opposite wall in front of you. As much as you appreciated how much he cared, all you wanted to do was to relax and spend some time with Eren instead of being the source of his troubles.      
He clicked his tongue and only pulled you closer into a tight hug, tracing circles into your back. "I care about you. Don't ever feel like you're a burden, okay? It makes me happy when I'm helping you."
"Really?" Your brain spun like it was short-circuiting, awfully touched by the words but still wondering for a second if they were true. You wanted confirmation, no matter how selfish it seemed to ask. "I'm sorry, Eren. You've done so much for me and yet here I'm making things worse..."
He brushed the back of his hand against your head, his mouth meeting yours in a sweet breathless kiss that left you yearning for more. Your heart pounded knowing it was an affirmation of his own, and only that open forgiveness was enough to finally cease the fidgeting of your hands from under the water.
"Don't worry about it. Just tell me if it hurts or if I'm pushing too hard."      
Eren's body was like a furnace, inviting you closer to the blissful warmth as you pressed into his chest with a comfortable sigh. Although you weren't fond of the kneading and pressing of hands onto your skin, the sensitive, unfamiliar nudges gave way to a new feeling of delight you didn't know existed. It couldn't hurt to let him try; you were already halfway caught under the spell of his ministrations.  
No sooner or later were you arching into his touch, heart fluttering in delight at each squeeze that rendered you speechless on how to express your gratitude. You wanted to speak, your mouth was opening to do so, but no matter how much you longed to, the only words you could utter were meek groans and whimpers of contentment. At this point you were practically squirming in his grasp, an unhealthy shade of pink flushed across your cheeks. Nobody had ever done something like this with you, and it felt so unbearably close, almost intimidating. And yet you didn't want it with anyone else but the person you trusted the most.
In mere minutes the knots in your muscles gradually loosened, unravelling one by one. There was only silence in the room; however it was far from awkward save for the consistent splash of water against the curves of the bathtub. You were trapped in an endless loop of euphoric sensations, having to resort to gripping his knees and steady the heightening pleasure as every breath, nudge, and bare touch from Eren crashed against your senses.  
You swivelled your head to glance at him, only to not quite meeting his eyes as they turned away upon realizing his head was tipped down at the perfect angle to observe. Light had cast a white glow on his cheeks, uplifted in an endearing smile while his cerulean irises appeared to glisten the closer you focused. The sight of his face, smiling and enlightened with such affection made your chest swell.
Once he rinsed off the last remnants of bubbles did you shift around to wash his hair, feeling eager to return the favour. He leaned into your touch, carefully placing a hand on your head in warning. There was a bit of a cheerful lilt in his tone when he spoke. "No running, okay? You and I are going to cuddle after this."
"You are so persistent today." You sensed a laugh building up in your throat, perhaps you could get used to this, letting your worries melt away. Eren had always looked forward to spending quality time, and after all, you probably deserved it right about now.
The two of you dried off, fleeting kisses pressed against each other's form as you slipped on a casual gray t-shirt and playfully ruffled his hair with a giggle.  
Taking a couple steps, your legs wobbled like jelly and it took a while for the unknown throbbing in your head to dissipate. Every drop of blood in your veins weighed a ton, completely drained of energy. Still, you had to admit the warm quiver in your heart was thanks to Eren, he would always appreciate the small things that made your time together special. Although your muscles were sore, the pain had faded to a dull ache and your mind definitely felt cleared, if not immensely refreshed. It was free from the swarms of pestering conflicts, taking a more spacious path where you could stop and ponder without being overwhelmed. You might've guessed that Eren was the one who replaced those urges; there was no time like the present for an occasional break from papers.    
"Thanks, Eren. I don't know how to repay you..."
He only chuckled with a small grin upon noticing your uncertainty. "As long as you're happy, that's all that matters..."  
You hadn't recognized just how tired your body was, but the thought was buried aside when he dragged you into the bedroom without another word, door clicking close and your work a distant memory.
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