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trashcannotcan · 12 days ago
Saw this meme and
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flosimo · a month ago
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Don’t let him into your kitchen ever
Taglist: @dearestdandelion 💕
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snow-white-shadow · 2 months ago
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- Are you married?
- '''''''...No'''''''
(Press X to Doubt)
(From Pinky and The Brain - Of Mouse and Man)
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billkinspp · a month ago
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gun atthaphan phunsawat effortlessly serving us the ✨looks✨
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morelikedoccock · 24 days ago
Doc Ock celebrating New Year with the Peters? :)) That he finally tolerates them just this once😂😂
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Happy New Year y'all!!🍾🥂🎉🎉🎉
They all end up piled on the floor in a heap the next morning😂
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newtsnaturethings · 9 months ago
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Zelda just obliterating Calamity Ganon lives rent free in my head
I got some new brushes and figured the best way to test them out is with memes
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hoegrove · a year ago
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im-actually-ok · 20 days ago
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Virgil? Space boba? Yes.
Art tag: @idontcareaboutcanon @gebder @crossiantgay @fire-and-ash67 @logically-blue @wintersandsunshine @gremlin-gr4pes @justmeandmygayships @blogidentitycrisis
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whynotcherries · 22 days ago
thinking so hard about the idea of kaz and inej having a play swordfight in the attic of the slat when she goes back to ketterdam after her one of her voyages. 
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steampunk-cowboy · a month ago
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Somewhere in an alternate universe
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evernights-dream · a month ago
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You think I'm done with the low quality shitposts? Think again
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genesisrose74 · 2 months ago
what if I just…went into a dune phase…and self indulged on paul atreides fics
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mopillow · 2 months ago
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I’m rewriting history from now on
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tylerhunklin · 4 months ago
“this year’s met gala theme is so limiting so there’s not a lot of room for creativity” a congresswoman showed up in a BEDAZZLED ERA DRESS WITH A MATCHING PURSE. it’s not limiting if you put some effort in!!!!
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smol-and-grumpy · 3 months ago
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kaz-breckmyshit · 3 months ago
to my beloved,
Toji Fushiguro × Mamaguro!Reader
@tojisveryown wrote an amazing fic about Toji writing a letter to Mamaguro and I ugly cried for 2 hours so this is my own take at it. Their fic is fucking amazing so please check it out.
wattpad link: https://www.wattpad.com/1122506165-amy-ths-to-my-beloved
Toji writes a letter to his wife, telling her that he has decided to stay with Megumi.
If this were Ao3 the tags would be: hurt without comfort, major character death, angst
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My thoughts are a mess, so I don't really know how to start. I hope you are happy, my love, wherever you are.
I haven't been doing really well, if I wanted to be really honest. The days just seem to fly by, and I barely notice. Everything is dull, and I drag myself out of bed to...you know.
Actually, I don't know. It's just an automatic thing, I guess. The days mix into one another.
Sometimes I think about joining you. I hope that wherever you are is better than here. And I hope that when it's my turn to pass on, I'll meet you there. Maybe we can start again. Maybe you will recognize me and we can continue from where we left off. Maybe we will meet again the same way we did, at a coffee shop when I barged in, drunk as a fool after finishing one of my jobs.
It's not fair. I still want to talk to you.
It keeps me awake at night. You know, I thought I was stronger than this.
I miss it. I miss everything. I miss waking up beside you, everyday because I really wanted to do that for the rest of my life. I miss waking up feeling safe and warm.
I miss the way you looked at me. The way it made me feel.
But then I see your son. Our son, our little blessing. He sometimes walks into the room we shared. He sometimes asks about you, and I cannot help but lie.
"Mommy's gone to work."
"Mommy is a little sick, so she has gone to get medicine."
He asks me when you will return, and I tell him that I don't know. I can't tell him the truth.
So he waits.
"Mom would like this, we need to show this to her when she gets home."
"Daddy, can we go to the beach together when Mommy comes home from work? It was really fun last time."
Sometimes I see him linger at the doorway, sit on the steps of the porch peering at the crowds of people passing by, expecting to see your face. Hopeful.
I can't tell him. I can't do that to him. But every time I see him there, a part of me just quakes a little and I pray that he would stop. Become bored and maybe play with the children in his neighbourhood. I pray that he would forget; if not now, then soon.
I know one day he will stop asking, one day he will just believe that his mother mysteriously disappeared, and it won't be a painful memory. Just something he would ponder about every once in a while before moving on with his life. I don't know if I can bring myself to tell him.
I wish he had spent some more time with you, but I don't want him to be sad.
Sometimes I think it's my fault. Because I'm always away, because of my line of work, we didn't make enough memories because I was never around.
Our son is going to turn 7 in two weeks. We were supposed to celebrate it together.
I think of joining you, but then I remember that you would have wanted me to be happy. I don't want to leave our son either. He's my only son. He's my entire family now. I lost a lot of things when I lost you, but if I leave him, I'll lose everything. I'm all he knows, and he's all I have now. It was selfish of me to even think of the possibility in the first place.
You would want both of us to be happy. You would have wanted to see him grow up.
So I live on, hoping that you see him through my eyes.
I hope that I can live long enough, to make up for the time you couldn't.
I love you.
Regards, Toji.
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lena-in-a-red-dress · 2 months ago
Just read this snippet by @narraboths and loved it, and didn't want to besmirch it by directly reblogging my crack reaction which is that
Alex glimpses the kiss from over her shoulder while she's waving goodbye to people from the car, and then proceeds to physically climb over the backseat going "I knew it! I fucking knew it!! Fucking finally! Kara I'm suing for emotional damages the way you two idiots have been dancing around each other!!!"
And Kelly just has to gently reel her bride back into the car like "you better put this much effort into OUR wedding night sex, you big doof."
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You can’t have a rainbow without the rain.
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im-actually-ok · 2 months ago
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Tag list: @idontcareaboutcanon @gebder @crossiantgay @fire-and-ash67 @logically-blue @wintersandsunshine @gremlin-gr4pes @justmeandmygayships @blogidentitycrisis
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karihighman · 12 days ago
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“You could tell me you don’t want me to take it.” — remember when we were all having a meltdown over THIS upstead moment?! Can’t believe it aired a year ago today! Happy one year to 8x03 aka: Upstead’s first kiss! 😍🥰❤️
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