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#because i do
carou-cell · 8 minutes ago
#edit: its cheeky for like. one second. the rest is pretty w/e lol#shut up bojack#cheeky vent ////////////#/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////#////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////#only bad things happen when i j/o during the day lol#unless i'm completely 100% isolated with 0 things to do for the whole day#today SUCKED#had a whole fucking panic attack that took me out for almost 20 mins @ work#i've been doing Literally Everything Except Bar even though i have been Begging to do bar for the past 3 weeks#i don't mind the janitorial shit. i hate stocking fridges. and i Loathe the pressure that gets shoved onto me w/ drive thru#i could not hate drive thru more than i do#i don't care for dishes. they're just super boring#i can talk to ppl doing like. in store orders!! but i can't on drive thru for some reason!!!#i wanna say one of my issues is that. when i try to connect w/ customers i have to take off my headset bc i literally .#cannot hear At All if i don't have both ears. especially if i'm listening to my coworkers chat over the headset at the same time#i feel also like i'm being like. Punished for my incompetence lol#that's absolutely not the case i'm sure but like. idk. everyone's pretty cool & nice but they're all mentally ill kids around my age#that said they probably just kinda think i'm dumb because i'm struggling really hard to retain info. idk#idk! i'm so nonconfrontational that i don't want to keep pushing for bar time bc i kept begging and now i'm being given these tasks by my#shifts & thats fine i need to be told what to do bc i literally have no clue otherwise. but i want more bar time. so bad.#god. anyways#hi i work @ starbucks idk if i made any posts abt it LMAO
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kybee1497 · 12 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Here We Go Again by Kybee1497
Julie blinked as she stared at the place Euterpe had disappeared. What did that even mean? What journey? Old places and lost faces? What was she talking about? But before she could dwell on the questions swirling around in her mind, the sky full of stars began to move, shifting in place and descending until they were all around her. Julie felt her feet leave the ground as she rose up and up. One star in particular was burning brighter than the others, growing bigger in front of her.
It grew and grew, until the light was blinding and Julie had to throw a hand up against the harsh light. She closed her eyes as the light surrounded her and then she was falling. Falling down, down, down.
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elektrosonix · 14 minutes ago
HIYA!! As you may have seen there has been a certain Torū charanon going around cause a little bit of a stir. Fortunately for you I was in contact with said anon!! They are offering a daily Anon interaction for these fandoms: Haiykuu-!! - Black Butler - MHA - OHSHC (and others) !! I myself am not the noted anon, but I am simply acting as a go-between. All reblogs and comments made as a request for this service will be seen by the lovely mod and they will send you a message with the -CHARANON. tag.
PLEASE PLEASE GUYS JUMP ON THIS IT'S SO MUCH FUN AND I KNOW MANY OF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR A CHARANON AT THE MOMENT 😩😩 feel free to reblog even if you're not, so that people who are interested will see this! thank you x 100 <3
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fredsythe · 14 minutes ago
listen i understand the trepidation over not wanting to get rid of wearing masks even tho the cdc gave the go ahead... but the way some of yall talk is like you think youre a qualified scientist who has years and years of research under your belt regarding diseases and pandemics and your word is god
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pinkafropuffs · 25 minutes ago
every time I look at my writing it’s’s all “likes”? and of the maybe four or five reblogs, two people will say something. the others just reblog it mindlessly? 
it concerns me. like...I feel like I’ve said it before’s writing. I wrote it, I didn’t draw it. You had to read it and process it to decide to put it on your blog. Mindlessly reblogging it just makes me feel...idk? Like one of those things people do to seem like they’re doing something good. I’m not talking about like...people who reblog my stuff and put nothing in the tags but also engage in other kinds of content I produce, because it means they just generally have an interest in my work. 
it’s just a little...confusing. And disheartening. Especially when I write books for a living?
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ending-to-begin · 27 minutes ago
#personal#random#ignore me#life in general#ranting in tags#🙄#part of the reason we never get anywhere is because I'm always the one instigating and giving two shits#im tired of it. tired of caring yet being told what I'm doing is not something they want#and then trying to fix it only to be beaten down when im asking for give and take#saying i want too much and I'm putting all this pressure and not giving anything back...#when I'm only asking AFTER integrating things they've asked of me and doing it regularly#like... it's not enough. i even point that out- i certainly did yesterday- and then suddenly it's all#about other issues... like ?????.....?????!!!!!#>:( W.T.F. batman... I'm so angry. and I'm so SICK of being the bad guy#sure. maybe tevs is right... I'm the only stupid person who gives a shit about this or that#the only person who can't seem to coexist peacefully (ie who gets continuously triggered)#... i get that im a problem. possibly THE problem... it hurts. it sucks. but if the boot fits#I'm not running away from it. i do my best. jist sucks when no matter who i try with... it's never good enough#just being ME feels so wrong.... i know parts are due to trauma and lack of social stuff... i know#and i am actively in therapy and researching and working on it and trying my hardest#I'm putting in a lot of effort... and yet.. they jist get to exist... and tell me I'm#wrong in so many way when i ask for something to work in ky favor a little more#for them to work WITH me... i thought *i* hated change... but.... i can't believe how easily i adapt#must be all the trauma. both previous and ongoing... doesn't mean i do it right. but I get it#working well enough to keep going until the next rest stop as it were...
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fweet-prince · 31 minutes ago
I’m still frustrated with my professor for suggesting that pop fiction is Less Than and if we wanted to be good writers we should be reading the Great Classics partly just because ugh but also she approved of me reading Lord of the Rings which is Literally About The Value Of Stories That Aren’t Literature™️, where the Fellowship cope by singing deeply important, culturally-ingrained songs alongside Bilbo’s silly little poems, where the first Great person the hobbits meet (aside from Gandalf) is a guy whose whole deal is singing songs that hardly mean anything and he saves their lives twice with it (I understand why Tom Bombadill was cut from the movie but he is Thematically Relevant), where the world is literally saved by an undereducated gardener who hasn’t read the classics reminding Frodo of the stories they’ve shared because ultimately stories are a way we connect with the world around us and a way we find ourselves and keep ourselves and if you’re gonna smugly use me as an example of what my classmates “should” be reading it’s a hell of a thing to directly contradict a major theme of said thing, huh!! I am Literally majoring in storytelling and LotR was a big part of launching me on that path and a major major part of that emphasis is about stories that aren’t Literature ma’am did you know you have pushed perhaps my single biggest button
#bloop#I spoke up in class of course I wasn’t about to let my classmates think I was that kind of pretentious#but I was much more polite about it lmao#and now I’m writing half-trashy fantasy for that class out of spite <3#Lord of the Rings is a book about how Sam hearing Legolas’s song and saying oh that’s nice I’d like to learn it :)#Is a significant response to a work of art and Is something that makes art important#because if a story reaches someone at all it’s doing it’s fucking job!#even if the way it reaches someone is ‘oh pretty’ or even just entertaining them for a couple hours!#other specifics she brought up include!#trashing Star Wars (which I could go off about I don’t even like it that much but it is ABSOLUTELY valuable)#(also trashing Star Trek implicitly since she got them mixed up and said it made no difference#and I could go off just as much about why Star Trek is Also valuable)#lauding Shakespeare and Dickens (who both wrote primarily for people to say ‘oh fun story!’ and not do Literature to)#and *bizarrely* lauding Anne Rice for having drawn inspiration from The Classics™️ when vampire chronicles is *absolutely* trash fiction!#(which! if it wasn’t clear! is not an insult! because trash fiction is great!)#I just want to fucking. sit her down with a copy of Station Eleven and not leave until she’s read it#(which also incidentally would be great counterpoint to her implication that genre fic is inherently inferior somehow)#how about you read this book where Shakespeare and Star Trek keep people alive in the apocalypse and then maybe you’ll calm down
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kotalepersonizu · 33 minutes ago
i like how a lot of my art and creativity stems from me just wanting to write things from how i see it and toss a bunch of thing that i think are cool together. i have an entire wish fulfillment universe i made up as a safe space to imagine and ever since have a bunch more because my coping mechanism is myself and admiring myself and showcasing me in my art.
because i wanna like me and i want me to be happy and spoiled and loved and have the cute soft spots of myself that want nothing more than to dance around large empty ballrooms and stroll through the forest on a worn dirt path in a cloak or to curl up in a window and see the stars and the moon and to feel warm feel seen and heard and to let the more doting and adoring parts of me look at that part of myself and coo and also get comfort from just being happy and have something to make them want to write stupid sweet sonnets about.
i want to love myself and tell myself, “yes you are cute in your big fluffy blankets” and be told “you are absolutely adorable when you squish your face against a pillow”
i just want to pamper and be pampered so desperately, but i’m scared and i don’t want to come off to strange so i do my best to be helpful and supportive in hopes i might get a compliment or two back. i like praise and reassurance a lot.
and so i tell myself that and showcase that in the things i create and i flatter myself over and over again because i makes me happy. if i were capable of falling in love, nobody would hold my heart dearer than myself. it scares me a little how dependent i am on never picking up the habit of self loathing. then again that’s an incentive is it not?
so yea. i love myself. a lot. i wanted to flaunt that. look how much me loves me. i am my own little dewdrop and dearest darling. you’ll have to fight me for my (platonic) affections.
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sir-crocodile-smile · 39 minutes ago
If you've ever talked about your ocs at any point even in passing, I salute your bravery and admire it so muchhh
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starlatte27 · 43 minutes ago
Listen, my monthly has started so I have ZERO tolerance for anyone as of today. So if yall try to pester ANY of my mutuals about this you're getting a full fucking block do you understand????
Say all the shit that you want about me.
But Pride does NOT deserve to be involved in your bullshit.
They want no involvement in this whatsoever and yall trying to force them to be involved in the dramatic pettyness that is this fandom's problems with personal boundaries just because of one typo is goddamn pathetic.
Remember, all of this happened because I blocked ONE person for having broken my trust. And then yall go on a fucking spam rampage, going after anyone who has ever interacted with me with rumor after rumor, accusation after accusation, to deplatform my blog, meanwhile PrincessPetit1 attacks a trans man and a blog that just happened to have the name "star" in thier username and people do nothing about it. All this shows me is that you're the very "problematic" creator that you sought to destroy. Not even Vivziepop would do shit like this! And that's saying something seeing how she treated my friend froot back in 2019.
Be a drama queen about me all you want.
If anything, by doing this you're ironically only giving me more attention by spreading shit instead of just.... I dont know.... blocking like pretty much any mature adult with a brain would do????
But that will never justify how yall just treated Pride just now. Let Pride live thier own life, who they interact with, whether you hate them or not, has nothing to do with you and your online hate campaigns against random teenagers on Tumblr. You're a fucking creep if you think that this is somehow a "critical" behavior. This isnt "criticism" it's being a STALKER.
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