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auripigmentum · 19 days ago
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Beloved resident sad boi ♥ as a kind of continuation of this one
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eveilleeeee · 3 months ago
Too much could be an overdose. Tune in on an all new episode of #Supergirl at 9/8c only on The CW!
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liusaidh-writing · 9 months ago
 I may hate myself in the morning, but here’s a preview of a new WIP... Let me know what you think - should I bother? This does not have a title yet; hoping it’ll jump out at me as I continue writing... Any feedback is appreciated. :)
Modern AU // Jamie x Claire // Friends to Lovers 
The month usually reserved for twinkle lights, ugly sweaters, and copious amounts of food and drink, this December was turning out to be a rather uncomfortable one. 
Claire sat in her flat - well, her and her roommate Jamie's flat - staring at the manila envelope that had come in the mail earlier in the week. Her classes finally over for the day, she'd decided to sit down, have a glass of liquid courage in the form of some of Jamie's whisky, and finally look at the documents she'd requested months ago. 
The envelope sat on the aged brown coffee table, the tv humming in the background, though Claire had no idea what was on. She'd grabbed the remote and hit the power button purely out of habit. The sofa was soft under her bare legs - she'd stripped down to a night shirt and silk pajama shorts after returning home, eager to get comfortable. Bras were a bitch, and so were pants. She knew she wasn't going anywhere, dinner having been delivered and eaten. So, she sat, sipping the whisky, the liquid burning her throat as she contemplated her options. 
She could open it right now. She could tear open the envelope and find out who her mother is.Was? Where she, Claire, came from. Or, she could sit on the information inside,  close herself off to her history. Did it really matter, she wondered, if she knew her birth mother? Knew her full name, her age, her location? Perhaps, she thought, she was better off leaving it be. Claire was fine now, had come a long way, gotten into university without the help of a parent. Did she need this in her life? 
She took another sip, half wishing Jamie would come home, do it for her. It would be like ripping off a band-aid, eyes shut, teeth clenched. Claire's fingers raked through her wavy hair nervously, catching on knots at the end as she tugged. Jesus, she thought, I need a shower.  
She stood, setting the glass down firmly on the table next to the envelope, and pulled her shirt over her head as she went into her en suite bathroom, tossing it on the floor next to the towel rack. 
A shower it was. The envelope could wait. Taking off her bottoms, she caught sight of herself in the mirror, her Medusa curls haphazardly framing her face.  It had always been a mystery to her - her face. Where had her eyes come from? Jamie called them whisky eyes. She blinked at herself once, smiling as she imagined Jamie's attempted winks: they made him look like an amused owl, the way both eyes would shut instead of one.
Claire scrunched her nose up, then pursed her lips. They were pink, full, hiding her white teeth. Thankfully her last and final foster family had been a good one: four years there had nearly erased all the damage the others had done. Almost. She still jumped at loud noises, hated when people yelled, and couldn't stand the smell of cigarette smoke. They’d taken her to the doctor, the dentist, she’d had her first gynecological exam while her foster mother - Claire called her Joanie - held her hand. It was the first time in her life she’d felt as though she mattered to someone. 
That feeling had at first been jarring, surreal, but soon Claire let the warmth cover her. She had known for the first time that she wasn’t somehow defective; Jamie had picked up the torch, in his own way, and she would forever be grateful. His support meant everything to her, and when she’d announced she wanted to search for this big unknown in her life, he’d thrown himself behind her, ready to catch her if she fell.
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jaskie · 7 months ago
If anyone wants to hit me with Sterek or Stisaac prompts, now is apparently the time.
Hit me with your best shot.
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deeranger · 3 months ago
Oldie but goldie
So, umm... Because I’m either an idiot or just suck at tags or possibly both I simply cannot figure out where of if I ever posted my fic “Favorite Brand” on here... which was my very first Supernatural fic, by the way. Posted way back in September 2018 it paved the way for many more SPN fics to come. 😄 Anyways, I crossposted it to my new Pillowfort and I had a sentimental flashback to when I joined the Supernatural fandom... And I made a new “poster” for the fic too (posted below). And so, I just wanted to share. Again. Well, sorta. Maybe. I dunno. Anyways, enjoy if you haven’t already! Beware though... It’s non-con-ish and horrifically smutless. 😲   
TITLE: “Favorite Brand” LINK: My Ao3 PAIRING: Sam Winchester, OMC, Dean Winchester (eventually) WARNINGS: Non-con touching, roofies, violence RATING: Mature-ish WORD COUNT: 4,522
SUMMARY: Sam and Dean are working a case in Colorado and trawl the local bar for information. But no one seems to be interested in telling them anything whatsoever - except for one drunkard who suddenly opens up and starts conversing with Sam. But the man's interest in the younger Winchester turns out to be very different from what Sam had thought.
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earlymoderngothic · a year ago
when you uncheck ‘include footnotes’ and your word count goes from just under 17,000 to just over 14,500
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maisietheweltoncow · 5 months ago
I'm just gonna say it, my alpaca farm is better than yours
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unmistakablyunknown · 5 months ago
You don't need an obx fic yet. Work on the ones you've got plotted, and then when you have SPACE to do it do it then and it'll be so much better.
I love you for jumping in immediately and telling me no because I really do have the worst possible impulse control lmao
I'm not going to stop thinking about it though... Head v full
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doin-stuff · a year ago
I just finished watching narcos and i'm here like
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aceing-it-spaceing-it · 5 months ago
I got my first shot of Pfizer a couple of hours ago, and apart from my arm aching I'm feeling pretty good.
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a-square-6-28-496 · 6 months ago
my Dad, criticizing something I just did: Don’t you think that’s a little strange? me, inventing a new power move: No. 
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inquisitorcastellanos · a year ago
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Have a doodle thingy of Sadie because I have some feelings about her right now. Also, I couldn’t decide which version I like the most so here’s both. I love she <3 
My Ko-fi
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rivendell101 · a year ago
Me: “why is it taking me so long to pre-write for kinktober???”
My kinktober day one fic:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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happythoughhuman · 10 months ago
I would have never chosen a graphic design course if I had known that it would make me a court IT specialist in my family
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samotnya · 8 months ago
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ohstinkity · 9 months ago
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placesyoucallhome · 10 months ago
Also I missed 2(two) ((TWO)) large mist openings this weekend and I'm salty about that.
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timerogued · 10 months ago
alright.  google  docs  is  currently  going  under  a  huge  revamp  including  jack’s  bio  and  probably  his  verses  too.  because  of  my  mental  health  this  will  take  a  while  to  get  to  so  please  excuse  the  mess  that’ll  be  my  about  links.  
as  always,  if  you  have  any  questions  or  don’t  mind  me  yelling  about  this  idiot  feel  free  to  message  /  send  asks.
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spell-cleaver · a year ago
Okay tumblr is still being rude about previews, but Eclipse Chapter 53 is up!
She stopped caring.
She stopped caring about the strange guards, the ease of their break in, whether or not her father was truly absent.
Because when she reached out...
She could sense him now, now that he'd reached out to sense her and lowered the ossified shields around his mind, like the stone doors and walls of Yavin's Massassi Temple grinding open for the first time in centuries. And his light shone in the back of her mind.
Ahsoka and Yoda both lifted their heads when they sensed it too; they exchanged a look, Ahsoka smiling faintly, and if Leia didn't know any better she'd say Yoda was smiling too—
Until she broke out in a run.
"Leia!" Ahsoka hissed, but Leia ignored her. The guards were clearly actively avoiding them, someone was clearly expecting them, but it didn't matter.
Also on fanfiction.net here.
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secret-engima · 2 years ago
Nox is very, very powerful. So powerful, keeping his magic close in around him is. Not painful, but definitely uncomfortable. So he's more free with it than most Lucis Caelums are. After a period of time, the Citadel is almost saturated with his free-flowing magic, and it becomes background to everyone who can feel it. The first time he goes Grave Quiet, he pulls it /all/ in. The only ones who don't freak out are Axis & Ardyn, and even they're worried. It's not a Quiet Day, what triggered this?
Hmmmm I like this. This is good.
It’s probably a flashback. Nox probably ran into someone/something that ISN’T the Hall of Arts that he wasn’t braced for or expecting and it- sent him back. Back where, even he doesn’t know. All he knows is he feels scared and old and in DANGER so he goes GraveQuiet and the whole Citadel proceeds to freak out while looking for him (considering he knows all the old passages and hidden places and they DON’T... Axis and Ardyn are starting to Fret by the time Nox recovers his senses and slowly unfurls his magic enough to be tracked down).
Oh wait.
I know exactly what set him off.
He’s walking down a hallway, passes by two servants cleaning a room who don’t notice him and are talking about something else entirely when one of them (a man) says “You’re such a tease!” and normally he can fight it off. Shudder and go about his day because they TALKED ABOUT THIS. He and Ardyn lanced this wound in the Void and scarred it over. But he’s not braced for it. He’s not in any conversation or in any kind of social event where those words might come up and the man’s voice is JUST RIGHT and suddenly Nox is-
Back in Gralea. Scared and lost and trapped without any weapon but the Ring that whispers in his head and burns his hand, without any of his friends (Ignis is BLIND and they are both unarmed are they okay? They have to be okay don’t believe Ardyn that they’re dying he always lies-lies-lies-), searching-searching-searching for Prompto and crying-screaming-breaking when all he finds is an empty husk of an MT wrapped in an illusion of blond hair and freckles (but what if it isn’t, what if he’s walking away from Prompto while his friend screams and begs and Noctis cannot hear-). He’s stumbling for days-nights-eternities through claustrophobic halls, harried by MT units and chased by the daemon that Won’t Stop Hunting him. That can feel his magic unless he grinds-grinds-grinds it down into his core until he feels like he’s dead all while the Thing-With-Ardyn’s voice cackles-
Such a tease such a tease such a tease sUcH A tEaSE
Nox comes back to himself, shivering and panting and burning up inside from suppressing his magic so hard and for so long, in some kind of safe room buried in the oldest parts of the Citadel. He’s alone and the stones are old and cramped and cold and for a moment he panics because what if he’s really back there no-no-no-no-.
Then he registers Regis’s magic, curling through the stones, vibrating with an ever increasing worry-comfort-fretting that can only mean he is HERE and ALIVE and- and-
And Nox remembers where he is. What’s going on. What happened. He carefully doesn’t think about what set him off (he doesn’t want to fall into that trap again) as he makes his way out of the safe room and stumbles off to find Axis. Axis tracks him down the moment he lets his magic relax, opens his mouth to yell, shuts it quietly when he sees just how pale and hunched in on himself Nox is.
“You’ve been missing for three days,” Axis fusses as he drags Nox off to eat something.
“Flashback.” Nox rasps back, because really that’s all he can say as Ardyn tears into the room with wild eyes and Regis on his heels. Because Ardyn has enough guilt issues, he doesn’t need that one dug up from its grave just because a servant said something only Nox is scared of.
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