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Because it looks sexier to hold a six pack under your arm while you’re walking to the car than a whole case. What if I run into some chick who needs directions or something, I can’t point or introduce myself if both hands are full. Duh. 


I’m always thinkin’ ahead…

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LISTEN . It was  just a passing thought. I just… like… how interesting would it be to see JENSEN in Escape instead of Dean… just sayin’….

…. think about it…. 

Also, yes. and i just had a granola bar. ;)

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scott lang- if you could travel to any point in time, where would you go?

im not exactly interested in time travelling to the past bc it seems even more garbage than the present rn, and the future scares me enough as it is without knowing the answers, so i think i would travel back to when i first saw captain america: the winter soldier in cinemas so i can watch it for the first time again. when i tell you i literally screamed out bUCKY when his mask came off and got aggressively shushed by the entire cinema, i am not lying

carol danvers- what is something you love about yourself?

you’re really hitting me in my abysmal self-esteem here fam, but i guess i would say i love how much i love the people i care about. i really would die for them and i pour my entire soul into caring about them in every way i can. 

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I see you, babe. I know there must have been a reason that DD cast her, but I find her about as alluring as floor linoleum.

There isn’t an ounce of mysticism around her that would attract one, but two men. But hey, it’s probs just not a film for me. I know plenty of others that enjoyed it/Seb’s scenes xo

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