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#becca scott
emiko-matsui · 4 months ago
introducing the new dimension 20 season: the seven!! starring
zelda donovan
riz's babysitter
aelwyn's gf
girl who lives at 42069
buff orc woman my beloved
d20's classic stoner druid
aabria iyengar
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panneshirley · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then Sam doesn’t notice that this trading of barbs will only ruin her. Because at the end of the day, Penelope delights in pain. And Sam doesn’t.
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d20brainrot · 2 months ago
some of the impactful lines in "the seven"
Holly(to Yelle): A heart that is dedicated to speak only for the voiceless may struggle from time to time to speak for itself. There is no great cause of justice in acknowledging that you are a creature of the forest with a heart who may from time to time be lonely.
Katja: Someone has to want to stay.
Corsica(to Antiope): Maybe for you it's not about stepping out of line or stepping into line. Maybe you're supposed to be the one calling the line to attention.
Jawbone(to Penny): Maybe like, in your life you've never had to choose because you could always just try harder to keep every single plate spinning. And maybe as you approach adulthood, something is coming that might actually mean something gets dropped.
Sam(about Penelope): It's strange to have a space that she occupied and not have her in it, because she always filled the space, to the point it was overwhelming.
Zelda(to Sam): It's fucked up that grownups change. Like, I mean that, it's fucked up that they change. It's weird when you realize that like, the people who have always looked the same and been the same and you've been getting older and taller and learning more, and then they, and something of theirs breaks, it's like fucked up.
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rantingandravenclaw · a month ago
I would pay $100 to watch Brian Murphy and Becca Scott have a scene together as Riz and Penny.
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bixbiboom · 4 months ago
Jugglers Alexander Ward and Taliesin Jaffe try to teach Becca Scott their craft.
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desertgirlfig · 2 months ago
Emily “Sexy Rat” Axford 🤝 Becca “Sexy Duck”
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elliesgaymachete · 22 days ago
I love the silent war happening in the Zoom names for The Seven’s last Adventuring Party
Tumblr media
[Image Description: A screenshot of a Zoom call with the cast of Dimension 20’s “The Seven” featuring Becca Scott and Persephone Valentine. Becca’s name on Zoom is “Permadeath to candyheart” while Persephone’s name is “CandyHeart Rights (she/her)”]
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athenas-only-daughter · a month ago
Becca Scott repeatedly stating she WILL fight Sam Riegel on insta?? Truly inspired. Amazing. A matchup of the most chaotic members of their casts.
Someone should warn her he’s taller than he looks
Bonus points for Aabria IMMEDIATELY volunteering to take down Travis
EDIT: I also find it hilarious none of them have volunteered to fight Marisha, Ashley or Laura yet. 
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koalashoes · 2 months ago
I’m losing my mind watching the latest episode of the seven knowing how much Emily Axford would have loved and thrived in this chaos filled battle and how viscerally angry Brian Murphy would be at the player shenanigans
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sexually-ambiguous-loser · 2 months ago
penny luckstone: 🎵 my first kiss went a little like this 🎵
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
... and twist
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