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#becca x chloe
asecretlovesong · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
On the eve of her ex's wedding festivities, Joan is minus a plus one. Until a power outage strands her with the perfect candidate for a fake girlfriend...
Agreeing to go to a wedding with her boss after she gets stuck with her in an elevator is something Zoey Clarke wouldn't normally do. But there's something about Joan Bennett that's too hard to resist.
Could this fake date go the distance?
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drewsb12 · 3 years ago
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camera-9irl · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, I was taking a quiz on which Bella are you on Snapchat. And looks like the one who created the quiz is a Bechloe shipper!! 😱❤️😍🙌 And I love it!!!
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thewickedonee · 3 years ago
I'm so weak this is the 3rd movie I know they're baiting me yet I'm still going to watch it. I'm already angry at them but the same time I just can't wait for it come out
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houseofgay · 3 years ago
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distraughtlesbian · 4 months ago
what if 😳😳 we were dating 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩🥰 until i went missing ❓ one night 🌙🌌⭐️ and was declared legally dead 💀 ⚰️😵☠️ but in reality i was embraced 🫂🧛🏽‍♂️ into clan nosferatu 😱 💔and abandoned 🚫😔 my old life 🌞🌿 for fear of endangering the masquerade 🎭 but you knew 🧐 that i was still out there 🌎 somewhere ❓❓ and one ☝️ night 🌌🌛 five long years later ⏳🕰 i used my vampiric 🧛🏽‍♂️ powers to invisibly 👻 follow you to a cafe ☕️🥯🍨 where i overheard 👂🙉 you talking about your new relationship 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💖💞 and wrote you a note 📝 on the back of the cheque 💳🧾 encouraging 👏🏼☺️🥳 you to finally let my memory go 💀🪦 and you were shocked 😰😱 to see my handwriting 📝✒️✏️ again after all this time ⌛️ but were relieved 😌🥲 to know that i was safe 😌🥺 and when you finally left the cafe 🍵🍩🥙 i followed you out the door 🚪 while still invisible 👁🚫🙈 and watched 👀👀👀 you walk 🚶‍♀️ away 🚷 until you were swallowed up ⬆️ by the shadows 🌑 of the evening 🌃💫🌙🌌 haha jk 😂😂.....unless....😳😳😳?
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uselessgayshit · 3 years ago
The thing about PP3 is that I can’t even think of it as queerbaiting because they know about it and are trying to give us what they can when the big studios 100% will not allow it to actually be canon
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techiegirl13 · 4 years ago
Genie: you have freed me from my lamp I will now grant you 3 wishes!
Me: I wish that Bechloe was cannon!
Genie: your wish has been granted, you now have 2 wishes left!
Me: nah I'm good
Genie: ....are...are you sure... you can wish for absolutely anything...
Me: I guess a pizza would be cool
Genie: ....
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randomkiwibirds · a month ago
Tumblr media
for a moment i was gone speed of light into the red dawn in this space, do I belong? it's dark out here in my own thoughts
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captaincartervalues · 2 years ago
Whenever I read fanfic at work, I feel like I have a dirty little secret. It makes the read more exciting...
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hessafeelsfordayss · 2 years ago
Couples that should/should've ended up together.
Tumblr media
Jacob Black and Bella Swan: (Should've)
Tumblr media
Becca Mitchell and Chloe Beale: (Should've)
Tumblr media
Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper: (Should)
Tumblr media
Stephen Hyde and Jackie: (Should've)
Tumblr media
Jeremiah and Ecco: (Should)
Tumblr media
Madison Montgomery and Zoe Benson: (Should)
Tumblr media
Karma and Amy: (Should've)
Tumblr media
Sierra and Veronica: (Should've)
Tumblr media
Richie Gecko and Kate Fuller: (Should've)
Tumblr media
Maya Hart and Riley Matthews: (Should've)
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drmmyrs · 4 months ago
Dropped (Becca x MC) Part 4
Soo this is the final part of this fic, thank you guys for following their journey till the end. Hope you enjoy 💕💕
tag list: @wlwplaychoices  @alexlabhont @woltk @alexroyard @red-queen1013 @gluten-free-yogurt @uselesslesbianfr @noixngn @dopeyouth @falloutdc-blog @samanthadalton @crazzyplays @baexpoppy @veenast (including some of those who reblogged and replied to the 1st & 2nd & 3rd parts. If you want to be included in the tag list just let me know 😊)
Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
Pairing: Becca x MC (Emily)
Word Count: 1378
Warnings: none
Becca had been pacing back and forth outside the door for the past several minutes. She already knew what she was going to say. She already went through it in her head countless times. But actually saying it out loud... Maybe I should just do this another day? Becca shook her head. No. She needed to do this. She was there now. Any day later, she wouldn't be brave enough. She let out one last anxious breath and knocked on the door.
A few moments later, the door opened. And then there she was, the woman that consumed her thoughts by day and haunted her dreams at night.
Emily looked tired. Dark circles formed under her eyes–eyes that once wore a fiery sparkle now replaced by a dull glint. At that moment, all of Becca's previous thoughts went out the window. All she wanted to do was hug her, comfort her, take away all the pain, all the hurt. But then she remembered she was the reason for those.
"Don't worry. This–this won't take long."
Becca thought of their anniversary night. How Emily waited for her, alone, while she got herself drunk, without a care in the world. How she brushed her off when she got home, ignoring all her shouts, her pleas, her cries. And then she remembered that night—the haunted look in Emily's eyes when she saw someone else kiss her.
"I'm sorry, Em. I am so so sorry for everything. I was an idiot. I–you didn't deserve any of that."
Emily avoided her gaze, her eyes drifting down the floor.
Becca continued. "But you're wrong. I never–even for a second–stopped loving you. I know you probably won't believe me, but I never cheated on you. Hell, I never even thought of cheating on you." Becca bit her quivering lip. "I love you so much which is why I–I–"
Becca closed her eyes as her next words came out almost as a whisper. "Which is why I'm letting you go."
At her words, Emily's eyes trailed up to meet Becca's gaze, and the look on her eyes almost made Becca question if she was doing the right thing.
"I–I won't bother you anymore." Becca stepped forward and pressed her lips on Emily's forehead. "Goodbye, Em."
Becca walked away as tears started streaming down her cheeks, not once looking back.
The next few weeks passed in a blur. The finality of their breakup left a dull, hollow ache in her heart even though Becca knew she did the right thing. She busied herself in school in an attempt to brush away thoughts of Emily while doing her best to ignore Chloe and her friends, leaving her once again alone and friendless on campus. But maybe that was for the best. She didn't think she could be all social even if she wanted to.
One afternoon, Becca was about to go home when her phone rang.
"Yes, hi. Is this Rebecca Davenport I am speaking with?"
"Uhh, yes. This is she."
"This is Samantha Winters. We met on the mock trial? I was calling to see if you'd be interested in an internship here in California."
*** Emily's POV
"'... Not all college relationships last. But even so, the love you shared, the stories you created, even just for a passionate while, will stay with you for a lifetime.' Eeeeek, this is so beautiful, Em." Kaitlyn looked at Emily, pretending to wipe tears from her eyes.
Emily rolled her eyes. "Anywaay, I guess I better show this to James then."
On the way to the campus, Emily had been so preoccupied with her thoughts that she didn't notice the blonde heading straight towards her. At the collision, books scattered all over the floor.
Emily rushed to help pick them up. "I'm sorry I–Madison?"
Madison looked up. "Emily! Sorry, didn't see you there."
When Madison stood up and faced Emily, there was a distant and sad look in her eyes. "Thank you," Madison said with a smile that didn't quite reach her eyes.
"Are you... okay?"
Madison hesitated. "Yes, I–" She sighed. "I just got back from Becca's place. She said she wasn’t leaving till later, but when I got there, her car was already gone. I didn't even get to say goodbye..."
"Becca... is leaving?"
Madison shot Emily a sympathetic look. "You didn't know."
Emily shook her head.
"She was offered an internship at California. I–I'm not even sure if she's coming back," Madison said dejectedly.
Emily shifted from one foot to the other. "I see."
Emily and Madison stood there silently for a moment until Madison spoke up.
"I probably should get going. It was nice bumping into you, Emily."
"Same to you."
Emily continued to walk towards the campus, each of her steps getting shorter than the last until she finally came to a complete stop. She then turned around, knowing where she needed to go.
*** Becca's POV
Becca sat near the edge of the hill, surrounded by trees covered in snow as cold air wafted all around her. She took a sip of the hot coffee she brought with her, hoping to regain some warmth.
"You know, I never understood why you didn't just leave your blankets and pillows here. I don't think anyone else knows about this place."
Becca turned around in surprise at the voice.
Emily gave Becca a small smile as she sat down beside her.
"I couldn't risk it. Decent blankets and pillows are expensive, you know."
For a while, they just sat there, gazing at the city lights below. The only sound heard was the gentle rustling of leaves and the occasional breeze.
"Madison said you were leaving."
"I was going to, but I said no. It was a corporate law internship. I didn't think it was right for me."
Emily nodded in understanding. Soon, the silence grew again between them.
"Becca... what happened to us?"
Becca's gaze drifted over to Emily. Her expression was indiscernible as she continued to observe the stream of tiny movements on the city below.
"What happened to me, you mean," Becca muttered before returning her gaze back in front of her. "Working at Uskea and being at law school at the same time, after a while it just gets to you."
At the corner of her eye, Becca saw Emily turn her head to face her. "Why didn't you tell me you were having a hard time?"
"I–I was scared, embarrassed. I didn't want to look weak. I didn't want you to see me weak" Becca released a shaky breath, creating a misty cloud that rose into the air. "Because then, you'll see that I was never good enough for you."
Becca continued, "Instead, it became easier to fall back on old habits. And before I knew it I–" Becca squeezed her eyes shut, willing the tears away, before opening them again.
"At first I thought, somehow, I was protecting you, protecting us." Becca let out a humorless laugh. "It was too late when I realized that I wasn't. I was–" She clenched her fist, digging her nails into her palm, "I hurt you."
"Becca..." Emily reached out and unclenched Becca's fist, interlacing her fingers with hers. Becca held Emily's hand tighter with her head held down as hot tears started to prickle her eyes.
"I'm sorry," Becca whispered.
Emily took Becca's chin and gently tilted her face up. Becca could hardly meet her eyes. "Becca, look at me," Emily said softly.
Slowly, Becca met Emily's eyes, her gaze warm but piercing. "You don't need to pretend for me. Not now. Not ever." Emily held Becca's face, wiping away Becca's wet cheeks with her thumb as she pulled her closer. Their lips met hungrily, filled with longing and passion. When they pulled apart, their foreheads rested against each other.
"Can we... try again?" Becca breathed.
"As long as you promise me no more secrets."
Becca kissed Emily again. "No more secrets."
Becca and Emily spent the rest of the afternoon in each other's arms. They watched as the sun began to set, basking the city in a gorgeous shade of orange. And when the lights began to dim, they regretfully decided to descend the hill, braving the cold, hand in hand.
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samanthadalton · a year ago
Last updated: 30/08/21
Queen B: 
Poppy x mc: 
Truth or dare 
Star crossed lovers: part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5 part 6 part 7 part 8 part 9 part 10 part 11 part 12 part 13 part 14
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Foreign Affairs 
f!Blaine x f!Mc
Under the stars 
The freshman
Becca x Mc
I got you (collaboration fic) part 1
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penda-bear · 8 months ago
Masterlist of my edits ✨
Updated: 01 June 2021
🔴 BB x The Arcana: BB characters as the Apprentice's tarot cards
🔴 Clan Sayeed and Clan Raines Lockscreens
🔴 Clan Matsuo Lockscreen
🔴 Clan Spencer Lockscreen
🔴 BB LIs x AME outfits
🔴 The BB gang in formal outfits
🔴 BB x TNA AU crossover (Twin!MCs)
🔴 BBAW Day 1: Adrian Raines the Vampire King
🔴 BBAW Day 2: Kamilah Sayeed as a courtesan of Rome
🔴 BBAW Day 3: Jax Matsuo in Victorian Era
🔴 BBAW Day 4: Lily as different fighter classes
🔴 BBAW Day 5: Rheya Apostolous, the First Vampire
🔴 BBAW Day 6: Meet my BB MC + M!MC
🔴 BBAW Day 7: Gender Bent LIs
Queen B
👑 Poppy Min Sinclair and Veronica Lombardi edit
👑 Queen B phone cam edit
👑 ACOR!Poppy Min Sinclair
👑 Pirate!Poppy Min Sinclair
👑 Queen B in TRM outfits
👑 The Unholy Trinity
👑 Angry!Zoey on a warpath
👑 Zoey Wade in ACOR outfits
👑 Zoey Wade in Hayden Young's outfits
👑 Zoey Wade, Veronica Lombardi, and Chloe St James in gold dresses
👑 Queen B girls as modern goddesses
👑 Poppy Min Sinclair in different hairstyles
👑 Poppy Min Sinclair as a KPOP idol
👑 Queen B x Assassination Classroom
👑 Ina Kingsley and Sam Dalton clothes switch
👑 Lexi Montgomery with her hair down
👑 Zoey x Veronica Killing Eve AU
👑 Poppy as Lisa (Genshin Impact)
👑 Lexi x MC on a date
👑 Queen B Mafia AU
👑 Queen B arcade game style
The Nanny Affair
🔥 Robin Flores Appreciation Post edit
🔥 BB x TNA AU crossover (Twin!MCs)
🔥 Sam Dalton as sun, moon, and star
🔥 Ina Kinglsey and Sam Dalton clothes switch
Distant Shores
🌊 Distant Shores x Ride or Die concept
🌊 Modern!Edward Mortemer phone cam edit
Ride or Die
🏁 ROD characters in D&D costumes
The Royal Romance
🤎 Goth Hana Lee concepts
🤎 Goth Hana Lee concepts pt 2
🤎 Tangled!AU Hana Lee
🤎 TRR/TRM wardrobe switch
The Royal Masquerade
🎭 TRR/TRM wardrobe switch
The Elementalists
✨ TEAW Day 1: Double Trouble as shapeshifters
✨ TEAW Day 2: Pend Pals as the Heist Crew
✨ TEAW Day 3: Attunements
✨ TEAW Day 4: Bad Boy!Beckett Harrington and Bad Girl!Aster D'Yew
✨ TEAW Day 5: Griffin Langley and Shreya Mistry as Platinum singers
✨ TEAW Day 6: The Sources
✨ TEAW Day 7: Blood-Atts
It Lives Anthology
🕸️ ILAW Day 4: Douglas Redfield and Josephine Vance
The Freshman series
💫 Becca Davenport lockscreens
💫 Kaitlyn Liao and Becca Davenport in ACOR wardrobe
The Heist: Monaco
♠️ THM x Oceans 8
♠️ The Heist Crew in the Vinyl Awards
The Crown & The Flame
🟡 TC&TFAW Day 1: Modern Annelyse Adair
🟡 TC&TFAW Day 6: Modern warrior queen Kenna Rys
Foreign Affairs
🏳️ Ayna Seth x MC - slow dancing & singing
🎤 Avery Wilshere as Halestorm
🎤 Platinum Weekend Day 1: Vinyl Awards poster of Avery Wilshere
🎤 Platinum Weekend Day 2: Vinyl Awards poster of Raleigh Carrera
🎤 Platinum Weekend Vinyl Awards Challenge submission: The Heist Crew in the Vinyl Awards
Blades of Light and Shadow
🗡️ Blades LIs as Genshin Impact visions
Open Heart
🩺 OPH cam edit
🩺 Bryce Lahela and Aurora x CHB/CJ
🩺 OPH Side Stories Idea
🩺 Bryce Lahela as Jamie Grant from Lovelink
🩺 Bryce Lahela in denim
🩺 Pirate!Harper Emery
🟣 Playchoices female LIs + flower language
🟣 Playchoices female LIs + Candy
🟣 Choices Characters as Lovelink Matches
🟣 Choices Characters + photos I took
🟣 Lovelink Matches as Choices Characters
🟣 Playchoices Minimalist lockscreens pt 1
🟣 Playchoices Minimalist lockscreens pt 2
🟣 Rabiya Mateo in choices assets
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fairycosmos · 4 months ago
hurts when you call yourself a horrible sister to becca. from what you've told us about your relationship you were truly a wonderful sister. i struggle with addiction too chloe and i assure you nothing no one could do/say no matter how much they care or love me could make me stop. i guess it takes more than that and its unfair. but its not their fault or mine. it was NOT your fault and it was NOT sweet becca's either. i lost my big brother to this shit too and i feel you. you were a good sister.
+ you were a good sister and i know just know becca loved you. you were all the other had but it was not on you to save anyone or viceversa. it sucks it fucking sucks. i live with guilt because of my big brothers death too. i know you can try to rationalize it but somehow its not enough but fuck. you were a good sister. she was a good sister. nobody deserves this pain. i love you both
thank you angel. i’ve read this over a lot and cried a few times. it’s unexplainable how i feel and i can’t convey me and my sister and everything that happened over 22 years, i just miss her so much. and i should’ve checked on her more that night, i should’ve looked out for her more. there’s no way around it. even if i couldn’t stop her habits completely on my own, she was clearly in so much emotional pain and she had been for so much of her life. i barely helped her, i tried to in some ways, i tried to show it in the little things. but i didn’t say everything i wanted to say or take a real stand with her and drag her in the right direction or tell her straight up, “i love you and you’ve made my life so much better for being here.” she took care of me all the time and she was my best friend. if this is how the person i loved most in the world ended up i’m just so fucking useless, i know it. and i know the problem was much bigger than me and it was a very fast spiral and she wasn’t being fully truthful about what was going on - i know there’s other factors. it was chaotic, it was like hell and it was all so sudden. but i just can’t get over that this is it for her, it’s not fair. it’s not her fault, and we did love each other very much. it just feels like a nightmare, i hate this so much because it was all so quick. and there’s no chance to go back in time, this is how it’ll be forever. i feel so bad for her, i just want her to know how loved she is and i want her to get a proper shot at things. i’m really really sorry about your big brother too. wishing you nothing but healing with your own struggles, even if it’s a lifelong battle. i do believe in you. i wouldn’t wish this sort of situation on anyone, i’m so convinced it’s not real half the time. love u x
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