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ahhhh 24hrs is brilliant!! Their date is going so well, i'm so nervous jessie will ruin it! If jessie calls and chloe pics up, can beca dump him immediately and hang up!??
Oh I love you so much for sending this anon! Thank you thank you 🥰 I’m loving writing it!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
And thank YOU guys for commenting too 🥰 it’s given me motivation to start on the next chapter right away!
Bechloe-24 Hours (Hr.13)
“How’s your sea bass?” Chloe hears Beca ask, and she looks up to see her best friend smirking, fork in hand. Chloe has to admit, the look on Beca’s face the second her Mac n Cheese had arrived at their table had been the best expression Chloe had ever seen the woman pull. And it had filled her with joy to know that she’s the real reason Beca’s so thrilled.
She’d spent most of last night messaging Emma specifics of what Beca’s favourite things are. For example, Beca loves Mac n Cheese, her favourite song is ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen (even though she tells everyone it’s ‘Run The World’ by Beyoncé), she prefers quiet spaces if a room is busy, and of all the desserts in the world Beca’s favourite is one scoop of coconut ice cream with a fan wafer. Forget cheesecake. Forget trifle. Coconut ice cream - just one scoop - is where Beca’s dessert heart is at.
So far it looks as though Emma’s passed all that information on to Bobby. He’s been so good to them this evening. And to Chloe’s delight, Beca doesn’t seem weirded out by it at all! They’ve only been on this date for just over an hour and already Chloe’s pleased to find that it’s going well. She can’t believe she’s finally told Beca how long she’s had a crush on her for. All because Beca asked her. All because Beca promised her she wouldn’t freak out.
True to her word, Beca hasn’t freaked out. In fact, Chloe’s been delighted to see that Beca’s been looking and smiling at her as much as she has been looking and smiling at Beca in return. They’ve not spoken any further about feelings or what this date means for the two of them and their friendship. Nor about what Beca will do about Jesse if things continue to go well this evening. All they’ve spoken about since their second cocktail arrived was how their respective day at work was.
“Really good.” she replies with a smile. Her heart skips a beat when Beca’s smile broadens, the brunette snapping her eyes down to her own food while her cheeks flush a little. She’s liking this side of her best friend. It’s not a side she’s privy to very often, and Chloe can’t help but wonder if Beca’s like this when she’s out on a date with Jesse. She concedes she’ll never know.
“How’s your Mac n Cheese?” Chloe asks, her soul lifting further when Beca grins, pausing with a forkful of Mac n Cheese to look up at Chloe:
“Best Mac n Cheese I’ve ever tasted!”
Chloe doesn’t doubt it for one second. Beca looks so happy as she takes another mouthful. Both of them chew quietly, coy smiles on their faces as they look into each other’s eyes. As though they’re sharing a secret that nobody else knows about.
Chloe doesn’t doubt it for one second. Beca looks so happy as she takes another mouthful. Both of them chew quietly, coy smiles on their faces as they look into each other’s eyes. As though they’re sharing a secret that nobody else knows about.
“Seriously, this place is awesome, Chlo.” Beca eventually says, once she swallows her mouthful, “You’ve obviously put in a lot of effort to make this all possible.”
Chloe chews a few more times then swallows loudly. She wishes Beca could open her eyes a bit more. She wishes Beca could see how much more she loves her than Jesse does. She knows Beca. She knows that Beca’s sometimes not the sharpest when it comes to seeing the bigger picture. Not because Beca’s dim. It’s because until she joined Barden and The Bellas, Beca was never really close enough to anyone to pick up relationship skills - neither platonic or romantic. Chloe’s spent several years guiding her - unbeknownst to Beca of course.
“That’s the thing,” she replies, letting out a gentle sigh, “I really haven’t.”
She sees the way Beca’s brow furrows slightly, really thinking about what she’s just said. She needs to continue if she has any hope of Beca understanding things further.
“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time now. This has all been easy to organise because I know you and love you.” (Welp! The ‘L’ word again) “Because all I had to do was think of you and what you like and just organise something related to all that.”
Chloe notices the way Beca reaches for her cocktail - their third round - and takes a sip. Her deep blue eyes still peer at Chloe from over the glass. And Chloe is patient. She waits for Beca to place the vessel back down. Gives her a chance to respond if required.
“Jesse organises things.” Beca’s response is lame and Chloe can tell from her best friend’s expression and reluctant delivery that Beca knows her response is lame.
“Jesse organises things, yeah. Big things. He spends a ton of money on things that you guys go to, I know that.”
She’s kind about it. Her voice is calm and soft. But inside she’s screaming, desperate for Beca to get on her wavelength. Making a scene here, and particularly making a scene while on their date, is not the way to go. Chloe’s really conscious of that. She still continues though.
“But I feel like he never thinks about what you like when he decides on those things.”
It’s true. He’s taken Beca to the movies on countless of occasions, to see horror movies and sci-fi movies (both genres being genres that Beca dislikes). He’s taken Beca to restaurants that serve spicy food (Beca hates spicy food), bars that are packed with people (Beca hates tightly packed places - she always feels intimidated because of her petite stature), and to all-day events that don’t pique Beca’s interest in the slightest (like Comic Con 2016).
“He drove me all the way up to that convention one time?” Beca responds weakly, “I met the guy that played that gold tin man in Star Wars. Apparently that’s a really big deal so…”
“Beca, if the first thing that comes to your mind is meeting the guy who played C3PO at Comic Con as the highlight of a weekend you had away with Jesse, and that weekend was over a year ago, then there’s something wrong here.”
Chloe tries not to sound so exasperated. She waits with baited breath while Beca tugs a new mouthful of food between her teeth. Their eyes are still locked. Normally when they have conversations about Jesse it quickly turns into a heated conversation. Fortunately not this time. Instead, Beca finishes her mouthful, and raises her eyebrows with a small smile.
“I guess you’re right.”
Her playful tone takes Chloe by surprise. But it helps Chloe find some peace. Beca’s listening to her. Beca isn’t fighting her on this. And it gives Chloe a glimmer of hope. Is she…winning? She must be winning. Beca must be agreeing with her because she speaks the truth. She knows full well that Beca and Jesse had spent most of that weekend away at Comic Con arguing. That Beca had actually spent most of the second day shut in their hotel room because she found the convention boring.
Chloe doesn’t have to say it, because she knows that Beca is aware: Beca and Jesse just aren’t compatible anymore. Perhaps they weren’t ever compatible. Beca and Chloe however…
“Like I said,” Beca continues, cupping the edge of her plate and shifting it to one side, “this place is awesome.”
Chloe sees Beca looking down at the placemat that’s come into full view now she’s moved her plate. She watches Beca’s face intently as her best friend inspects the laminated mat on the table again. And her heart dances for joy at the sight of Beca’s smile that appears calm and contented while the woman looks down.
Another quirky addition to the dining experience here is that whatever track the customer orders (linked with their meal of course) their placemat is served to them moments before their dish. Each placemat is unique: an original vinyl sleeve of the song or album that the customer’s chosen track (meal) is from, laminated to protect from the heat of the plate and to protect from any food stains that could befall it.
Beca’s eyes practically bulged the moment her placemat was served on the table before her. An original sleeve from Queen’s album ‘A Night At The Opera’. Laminated. Chloe had given Emma to go ahead to scour several music stores in the city in search of one, promising to pay how ever much one was being sold for. This particular vinyl set Chloe back $105. She’s never going to tell Beca that. At least not any time soon.
“I still can’t believe they had this.” Beca adds, shaking her head gently in disbelief while she smiles. Chloe can’t help smiling herself. Beca deserves this. She deserves the world. She deserves to be loved by someone who loves her unconditionally. She deserves to be loved by her.
“Okay now that was incredible.” Beca says with a satisfied sigh, pushing away her empty plate then sitting back in her seat and rubbing her stomach, “God I’m gonna get bloated.”
Chloe chuckles, reaching for the tablet beside her and scrolling through the list of desserts. Here options are a little more limited, giving her the impression that unlike the main meals, dessert orders aren’t one of a kind. Except Beca’s. She knows for a fact that Bobby did something with Beca’s tablet, before handing it to her, that meant only Beca’s tablet had the ‘Mac N Cheese/Bohemian Rhapsody’ option. It’ll also be the only tablet in the restaurant with the option of coconut ice cream too.
“Did you want to order another drink?” Chloe asks, her eyes still on the screen while she scrolls up to the top to find their cocktail. ‘The Bechloe’ hadn’t been her idea. She wishes it had been but it hadn’t. It had been the online community - lead by one of Chloe’s online buddies ‘Sooki’ - that had decided on the name after Sookie had set up a poll. Everyone had voted that ‘Bechloe’ should be Chloe and Beca’s ship name. Which she’d told Emma on Tumblr. But she hadn’t realised Emma had enquired about a ship name for the purpose of naming a cocktail after them. So this has certainly been a nice surprise.
Speaking of surprises, Chloe looks up just as Beca says:
“Waaay ahead of you.”
and she turns to see the barman arriving with two more cocktails and his signature smile. Their fifth cocktail of the evening. If they’re not careful, things are going to get messy.
As with the previous four, Beca and Chloe take hold of their respective cocktails, clink the glasses, and chuckle as they declare “To our first date!” in unison, broad smiles on their faces. The longer they sit here, the more comfortable things feel. The less anxious Chloe gets about tomorrow morning. What will be will be. For now, she just wants to enjoy this date she’s having with Beca. It could be their only date, so she wants to make the most of it.
“I know I said I’m stuffed,” Beca says, sitting forward with a wince she’s so full, “but I’m still going to assess the dessert situation.”
Chloe bites her bottom lip with a smile, watching as her best friend consults the tablet before her, scrolling down to the dessert list. To her delight, Beca’s eyes light up.
“Dude, they have coconut ice cream!”
Chloe takes a deep intake of breath through her nose then let’s out a contented sigh. Seeing Beca this happy is just the best. And knowing that she’s the one who’s made Beca this happy is even better.
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cheapthrillsbeca · a day ago
fic: august slipped away into a moment in time (1/1)
pairing: bechloe rating: mature words: 2,300 notes: @sensiblethingtodo made me a gif & requested smut as payment 
Staying on campus the summer before her senior year might just be the best decision Beca’s made in a long time.
Everything just feels a little more hers. Maybe that’s why she can finally let her guard down enough to explore this thing with Chloe.
Read on AO3!
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becaeffinmitchell · 2 days ago
and i could see for miles, miles, miles
Summary: (it goes: you loved her, you love her, you will love her.)
or, a reincarnation AU where Chloe will always find Beca in every lifetime.
Note: this has been stuck in my head since years ago, and then got kickstarted again with fear street: 1666. they die a lot; each section is a different lifetime; the only history i know is from podcasts these days; this just came out in second person pov and i'm not sure what happened. i hope you enjoy!
Words: 2,291
Read on AO3!
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not-so-average-fangirl · 15 hours ago
“I Hate You” ~ Chapter 26: Dwelling
Tumblr media
Summary: There's a very thin line between love and hate... (Beca/Chloe Pairing) (Bechloe AU)
Rating: M
Chapter: 26/??
Links: & ao3
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redlance · 2 days ago
Hey Red! Hope you're having a nice day! Any chance we can get a little sneak peak of the next chapter of Experimentation? As little as a sentence or two would make my day! Either way, thanks!
Hello! My day is so-so, but if a sentence or two will make yours, then I would be happy to provide that for you. <3 Here, have like... 6.
Understandably, the thoughts distract Beca from the breath still tickling her nape and so it takes her a little longer than it probably should for her to realise that Chloe is chuckling quietly behind her.
“What?” Her voice is groggy, still heavy with sleep, and she isn’t quite able to hold back the gasp that escapes when the arm she hadn’t realised was around her middle tightens. Pulls her closer to the body behind her.
“Mixing in your dreams again,” Chloe answers, her lips brushing the very top of Beca’s spine, and the only indication that she’d been asleep at all is in the slightly raspy quality of her words. As she speaks, her arm moves from around Beca’s waist and she lifts her hand until her fingers are just touching Beca’s elbow, then she slides her palm along her arm, over top of Beca’s hand and laces their fingers together. Squeezes. “Your hands were twitching.”
OoooooOOooooh. 👀 *whispers* what's gonna happen you guys....
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ramonamiraflowers · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Ma’m,stop posting SO MUCH. Slow down my heart can’t take it!
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bechloeislegit · 21 hours ago
My Spy - Chapter 12
Chloe started running to the back of the boat after knocking out Fergus Hobart. She was almost to the railing when another explosion rocked the boat. The force of the blast propelled her into the railing and Chloe immediately felt pain shooting through her left shoulder as she tumbled over the side and down into the water.
Chloe started sinking and was completely submerged seconds after hitting the water; for a moment, she couldn't tell which way was up. Her lungs were starting to burn from the lack of oxygen. She could only use her right arm and legs to make her way back to the top. She gasped in a lungful of air as soon as her head emerged from the murky depths. She looked around but didn't see any of the girls; she didn't see Beca. She tried to tread water, but her left arm was useless and she was struggling to remain afloat. She wanted to call out for Beca, but every time she opened her mouth she took in water. She ended up just spitting and sputtering without being able to say a word.
She held her head up and took in several deep breaths to calm herself. She then looked around only to realize she was at the back of the boat, and away from where Beca, Amy, and the other girls had jumped overboard.
Chloe could hear her name being called and knew the girls were close.
"I'm here," she tried to call out, only to take in more water.
Chloe's heart sank when she realized she would not be able to verbally alert anyone of her location. She decided her only option was to swim around from the back to the opposite side of the boat. She gritted her teeth against the pain but was still unable to use her left arm to swim. She dragged her right arm through the water and kicked her feet. It was slow going but she was making headway.
Chloe was exhausted by the time she made it around to the other side. She blinked her eyes when a bright light swept over her, blinding her momentarily.
"Chloe!" Beca screamed as soon as she saw Chloe under the spotlight.
The spotlight moved off Chloe and toward the Bellas. Chloe blinked a few times and heard her name called again.
"Beca?" Chloe called out, the sound barely making its way over the water.
Beca and Aubrey quickly swam toward Chloe and Chloe tried to continue swimming to meet Beca. Chloe found herself sinking into the water. Beca reached Chloe and pulled her up.
"Help me keep her head above water," Beca pleaded with Aubrey.
Aubrey wasn't sure what to do, so she put her hands under Chloe's back while Beca wrapped her arms around Chloe's shoulders. Beca looked down at Chloe's face and smiled. Chloe reached up with her right hand and caressed Beca's face.
"Beca?" Chloe whispered as if she wasn't sure it was really her.
"I'm here, Chlo," Beca said, struggling to keep herself afloat while still keeping Chloe's head above water. "I got you. I promise I won't let you go."
"I love you," Chloe said softly.
Chloe's eyes closed and Beca felt her grip slipping. Beca used what little strength she had left to gain a tighter hold on Chloe.
The water was cold and they were feeling exhausted. Beca wasn't sure how long she and Aubrey could hold onto Chloe.
"We need a little more help over here," Beca cried out.
Emily quickly swam over to Beca and Aubrey.
"What can I do?" Emily asked.
"Just help keep Chloe from sinking," Beca said.
Emily nodded and moved to Beca's side, mimicking Aubrey by holding Chloe from underneath. Beca tightened her already tight hold around Chloe's shoulders.
"Relax, Beca," Aubrey said. "We're not going to let her go."
Chloe's head lolled to the side and Beca started crying and calling Chloe's name.
"You can't die on me now, Beale," Beca cried. "I just got you back."
Emily and Aubrey felt tears stinging their eyes as they watched Beca falling apart.
"Beca!" Aubrey yelled, causing Beca to look at her. "She'll be okay, Beca. We'll be okay."
A spotlight that had been sweeping back and forth over the water, landed on them and remained locked on their position. Emily noticed several rescue boats making their way toward the beams of light shining directly on them and the rest of the Bellas.
"The rescue boats are coming," Emily said. "We need to get Chloe out first."
"Here, over here," Aubrey called out, moving one hand from under Chloe to wave at a rescue boat. "We have someone who is injured."
The boat veered slightly and made its way to them. Chloe moaned and let out a long, slow breath; she didn't take a breath in. Beca cried and shook Chloe.
"Come on, Chlo," Beca cried. "You have to fight. Fight for me, for us. You have to because I love you and, and yo-you haven't told me how you got that scar on your cheek. And you pr-pr-promised you would. You've never broken a promise to me, so you can't start now."
Beca shook Chloe again and Chloe gasped, sucking in much-needed air.
"Thank you, God," Chloe heard Beca say.
Chloe managed to give Beca a half-smile, just as she was lifted out of the water and into the rescue boat.
~~ My Spy ~~
Beca, Aubrey, and Emily were retrieved from the water and placed in the same rescue boat as Chloe. As soon as they released Beca, she scrambled over to kneel next to Chloe. She took Chloe's hand, holding it in both of hers against her chest.
Aubrey and Emily were sitting next to each other, smiling as they watched Beca and Chloe's reunion.
Chloe groaned and tried to reach up with her left arm; a loud moan followed as pain shot through her shoulder.
Beca reached down and moved the hair from Chloe's face.
"Hey, beautiful," Beca whispered when Chloe looked up at her. "I've missed you."
"I missed you, too," Chloe said, her voice breaking. "I think I dislocated my shoulder. It really hurts."
"That's okay," Beca said. "The doctors will fix you up."
"Are the rest of the girls safe?"
Emily and Aubrey both nodded.
"Everyone's alive and accounted for," Aubrey said. "Thanks to you two and Amy."
"Thank God," Chloe said, closing her eyes. "I'm so tired, Becs. I think I'm going to take a little nap now."
"No, baby, you can't," Beca said, lightly slapping Chloe's cheeks to rouse her. "You have to stay awake for me, okay? It looks like you bumped your head and I think you might have a concussion. Just stay awake. Please? For me?"
"M'kay," Chloe mumbled as she opened her eyes. "I'd do anything for you, Becs."
Chloe's eyes started to close again and Beca let out a small sob. She looked over at Aubrey and Emily, huddled together under a blanket. She could see they were both shivering.
"Are you two sure you're okay?" Beca asked, trying to hold it together.
"We're okay," Aubrey replied, as Emily nodded.
~~ My Spy ~~
Beca held onto Chloe's hand until they reached the ship that would take them back to dry land. Two men came on board the rescue boat and gently placed Chloe in a stokes basket to move her to the rescue ship.
The Bellas were there to greet the girls, as they stepped onto the rescue ship.
"How's Chloe?" Jessica asked Beca.
"She's fine," Beca said, trying to convince herself as well as reassure Jessica and the other girls.
"I don't know how we can ever repay you guys for saving us," Ashley said, teary-eyed.
Amy, in an uncharacteristically somber mood, walked over to Beca and pulled her into a hug.
"I'm so sorry, Beca," Amy said, her voice thick with emotion.
"It's okay, Ames," Beca said. "It's not your fault."
"Excuse us," one of the rescuers said to Beca and Amy, causing them to separate. "We need to get this woman to the medic."
"I'm going wherever she goes," Beca said, glaring at them as if daring them to tell her she couldn't.
"That's fine," the man said and Beca let out a sigh of relief. "Follow us."
Two men picked up the basket and started moving. Beca grabbed Chloe's hand and hurried along next to her as she was carried to the temporary examination room.
Chloe was moved from the stokes basket to an examination table. Beca did not let go of her hand and continued to remain by her side.
A doctor came over to check on Chloe. "I can't do much here except examine her. And based on the bump on her forehead, she'll need a CAT scan to check for a concussion."
"She's having trouble with her left shoulder," Beca told the doctor. "She thinks it may be dislocated."
The doctor checked Chloe's shoulder and confirmed that her shoulder was dislocated.
"I could pop it back in, but I think we should let the hospital get an x-ray to be sure it's nothing more to worry about," the doctor said.
~~ My Spy ~~
Once the ship had made it to shore, Chloe was whisked away to a waiting ambulance that immediately left to take her to the hospital. Beca was allowed to ride in the ambulance and continued to remain by Chloe's side until she was no longer able to.
As the doctors and nurses rushed off with Chloe, Beca remained in the waiting room, a blanket still wrapped around her shoulders. She couldn't sit still and paced back and forth while waiting for word on Chloe.
Beca had been waiting just over an hour and all she knew was that Chloe had been taken for a CAT scan and x-rays. Beca had just thrown the blanket onto a chair when she heard her name.
"Beca!" Jason called out as he and Matt rushed into the Emergency Room.
Beca stood looking toward the man who called out to her. She recognized him as the agent who crashed her date with Chloe in New York. She did not know the man with him.
"How's Agent Beale?" the man asked as soon as he reached Beca. "I mean Chloe."
"Who are you?" Beca asked.
"I'm sorry," the man said. "I'm FBI Division Director Matt Collins." At Beca's blank stare he added, with a smile, "I'm Chloe's uncle. I truly wish we could have met under better circumstances."
"Oh, okay," Beca said. "Last I heard, Chloe was being taken for x-rays and a CAT scan. That's all they'll tell me since I'm not family."
"Well, I am family," Matt said. "I'll check on her. Excuse me."
Beca nodded her head and watched as Jason and Matt went over to the nurse's station together.
"Beca!" Fat Amy called out as she led the Bellas into the Emergency Room.
The girls hurried over to Beca and she was enveloped in a group hug.
"We would have been here sooner," Flo told Beca. "But, we had to give our statements to the police before we could leave."
"They'll want to talk to you, as well," Aubrey said. "But, I'm sure that can wait a bit."
Beca just nodded her head. Matt came hurrying back over and stopped in front of Beca. Jason stood off to the side to listen.
"Chloe is done with the x-rays and CAT scan," Matt said, looking directly at Beca as he spoke to the entire group. "She'll be in a room soon and then she can have visitors. Beca, I'm sure she'll want to see you. So, maybe we can go up together?"
"I'd appreciate that," Beca said. "Thank you."
Emily grabbed Beca from behind and squealed.
"Oh, my stars," Emily said. "Beca! After all the near misses and almost wases, you're finally going to get to be with Chloe."
An ear-to-ear smile came to Beca's face. "Yeah, finally."
~~ My Spy ~~
Beca had to practically jog to keep up with Matt as they hurried down the hall to Chloe's room. Beca was shocked when she walked in and saw Chloe. She looked. . .normal; as if nothing had happened to her. The only sign of injury was a sling holding Chloe's left arm.
Beca stood at the foot of the bed and just stared at Chloe; Chloe stared back. Matt looked from one to the other and smiled. Matt gave Chloe a quick hug.
"I'm going to go call your Aunt Peggy and tell her how you're doing," Matt said and made his way out of the room.
Beca moved to the side of the bed, never breaking eye contact with Chloe. Chloe smiled and reached for Beca's hand. Tears came to Beca's eyes.
"Beca," Chloe said softly, pulling Beca to sit on the bed.
Beca sat and Chloe reached up to wipe the tears from Beca's face.
"I just got you back and I thought I was going to lose you for good," Beca cried. "I was doing fine with knowing you were out there somewhere. But, knowing you were no longer-." A sob caught in Beca's throat. "I couldn't bear it."
"I'm here, baby," Chloe whispered. "I'm here and I'm okay."
Beca sniffled. Chloe moved her hand to the back of Beca's neck and pulled her down into a kiss. Beca shifted slightly on the bed and returned the kiss with as much love as she could muster to show Chloe how she felt about her. How she still feels about her.
Beca pulled back from the kiss and stared into Chloe's eyes. "I love you, so much."
"I love you, too," Chloe said, pulling Beca into another kiss.
~~ My Spy ~~
The next day, Chloe was leaving the hospital. Beca walked next to the wheelchair as a nurse pushed Chloe to the exit. Beca helped Chloe out of the chair and they made their way to the car where Matt was waiting for them. Beca frowned when Chicago and Zeke came up to her; they were wearing civilian clothes.
"Where the hell have you two been?" Beca asked looking from one man to the other. "And why are you here now?"
"Miss Mitchell," Zeke said. "We are here to escort you back to your hotel."
"Who are these guys, Beca?" Chloe asked.
"This is Zeke and that one there is Chicago," Beca said, pointing to each as she spits off their names. "They were supposed to be protecting the Bellas while we were on the Tour. They totally suck at their job."
"Hey!" Chicago said. "I take offense at that."
Chloe stepped toward Chicago and said, "And I take offense at having my girlfriend and her friends kidnapped and practically blown up. She's right; you do suck at your job!"
"If those stupid bitches-"
"Chloe!" Beca screamed as Chicago stumbled back, holding his hands to his nose.
"You bitch!" Chicago whined, looking at Chloe through the tears in his eyes. "You broke my nose."
"Keep talking and I'll break something else," Chloe spit out at him.
Matt got out of the car and looked over at Chloe and Beca. He watched and waited to see if he would need to intervene.
Zeke made a move toward Chloe and Chloe turned to face him.
"You want some of this?" Chloe asked, clenching her fist.
Zeke put his hands up in surrender as Beca got between Chloe and the two soldiers. She put her hands on Chloe's waist to hold her back.
"Easy there, tiger," Beca said. "The doctor is letting you go early so you can be at my concert tonight. Please, don't do anything that will put you back in a hospital bed. They're not worth it. Let's just go."
"Okay," Chloe said and then looked from Chicago to Zeke. "You two are lucky Beca was here to stop me from kicking both your asses. Now, you two are dismissed. I'm the only security she needs."
Beca took Chloe's arm and hurried her into the car.
"I'll be talking to your Commander about you two," Matt said as got back into the car, chuckling at the looks on their faces.
~~ My Spy ~~
Later that day, the Bellas were sitting around Beca's room, laughing as Beca recounted how Chloe took on Chicago and was ready to take on Zeke as well. All while her left arm was in a sling.
"She's a true badass," CR said.
"She's my badass," Beca said her smile wide. Beca's smile fell as she got serious, looking around at the Bellas, she said, "She's coming to my concert tonight and I want you girls to make sure she sits with you, okay?"
"No problem, Beca," Aubrey said.
"We'll take care of your lady," Amy said.
"And, I'm going to do something special at the concert," Beca said. "I can't tell you what, but you'll know what it is when it happens. I want you all to make sure Chloe is included. Please?"
"You got it, Beca," CR said.
"Are you going to propose to her?" Flo asked.
"What? No!" Beca said. "I mean I will eventually, but just not tonight."
"I for one, can't wait for your concert," Ashley said.
"I'm so excited to see Beca in her first solo concert," Emily gushed. "And having Chloe there for it will make it even more special."
"Where is Chloe anyway?" Jessica asked.
"She's with her uncle," Beca replied. "Going through a debriefing or something."
~~ My Spy ~~
Matt had completed the debriefing and he, Chloe, and Jason were sitting around the table in his hotel room. Matt looked over at Chloe.
"So, that's it?" Matt asked. "You're serious about quitting?"
"Yep," Chloe said. "We got Hobart and Beca and I are together, so nothing you can say will change my mind now."
"I'm saddened to see you leave the Bureau," Matt said. "But, I do understand. I hope you'll visit your Aunt Peggy and take Beca with you. I know she wants to meet the girl you can't get out of your head or your heart."
"Definitely," Chloe said, smiling. "I want Beca to know you both. I know we've had some rough patches, but I also know you were doing what you felt was best at that time. I don't want there to be any bad blood between us. We're still family." Chloe looked at Jason. "All that goes for you, too, Jason."
Jason smiled and nodded his head. "Thank you."
"Now, if you don't mind I need to figure out what I'm going to wear to Beca's concert," Chloe said.
"Will you ride over to the Coliseum with us?" Matt asked as they all stood.
"Beca has to go over early, so yes, I'd love to ride over with you guys," Chloe replied. "I'll meet you in the lobby at seven, okay?"
"See you then," Matt said.
Chloe left Matt's room and was surprised to see Emily and Aubrey standing at her door across the hall.
"Hey," Chloe said, getting their attention.
"Oh, hey, Chloe," Emily said. "We're here to see if you wanted to have an early dinner with the Bellas. And then we two can come back and help you get ready for the concert."
"Yeah," Aubrey said. "Beca said you might need help with your shoulder and all."
"I'd love that," Chloe said, smiling. "Thank you."
"Great!" Emily said. "The girls are waiting on us down in the hotel's restaurant."
~~ My Spy ~~
After the concert, Chloe stood at the back of the Coliseum to wait for Beca. Her heart was so full and she was still trying to wrap her head around the welcoming reception the Bellas gave her when she walked into the restaurant with Emily and Aubrey. And then to have them drag her to sit in the front row with them for the concert was amazing, to say the least.
Chloe crossed her arms over her chest and looked down at the ground as she attempted to quell her euphoria from being pulled onto the stage and singing with Beca. She had forgotten how much she enjoyed singing with the Bellas, especially Beca.
Chloe looked up when she heard footsteps coming toward her. She straightened her stance as Beca made her way to her.
"Hey," Chloe said as Beca pulled her into a fiery kiss.
Chloe fell into the kiss and wrapped her arm around Beca. Beca reluctantly pulled back from the kiss and looked into Chloe's eyes.
"I don't have much time," Beca said, looking back over her shoulder. "Theo will be looking for me any minute. There's just one thing I need to know before he gets here."
"What's that?"
"How did you get that scar on your cheek?"
Chloe snort-laughed.
"Rookie agent tried to handcuff a guy," Chloe said. "He was only able to get one wrist cuffed when the guy got loose. They started fighting and the guy swung his arm around just as I was coming to help. The cuff caught me in the cheek. The Rookie got the collar and I got six stitches and a scar." Chloe looked at Beca and smile. "Is that really what you wanted to ask me?"
"No," Beca said.
"What did you really want to ask me?" Chloe asked softly, pulling Beca closer to her.
"Will you go to LA with me?" Beca whispered. "Or at least meet me there later. I mean if that's what you want. I know I do. So, will you? You know? Come to LA and be with me?"
"Yes," Chloe said, leaning in for another kiss.
Beca smiled into the kiss and pulled Chloe closer to deepen it.
Beca and Chloe broke apart and looked to see the Bellas standing just a few feet away.
"We're sorry, guys," Emily said. "Theo is looking for Beca. Amy and Jessica are distracting him but he will be here any second."
Beca pulled back away from Chloe, keeping her arms around her. Just then she heard, "There you are. I was looking for you."
"Well, you found me," Beca said, looking over her shoulder at Theo.
"Khaled needs you with him," Theo said. "There are some interviews he wants you to be a part of."
"Could you give me a minute?" Beca asked.
"Sure," Theo said and stood off to the side.
"It's okay, babe," Chloe said when Beca turned to look at her. "Do what you have to do. I'll be with you in LA and then we'll have a lifetime to be alone together."
"Or I can meet you in your room later," Beca leaned in and whispered. "I'll text you when I'm on my way."
"Okay," Chloe said and pulled Beca to her for one more kiss. "I love you."
"I love you, too," Beca said before turning and walking away with Theo.
"Come on, Chloe," Amy said, putting her arm around Chloe's shoulders. "You can party with us until Beca's done with the interviews."
"Thanks," Chloe said. "But I think I'm going to go to my hotel room and wait for Beca."
Emily walked over and hugged Chloe, and the rest of the Bellas piled on for a group hug.
"Have a good night, Chloe," Aubrey said as everyone pulled back from the hug.
~~ My Spy ~~
Two hours later, Chloe was sitting in her room, wearing nothing but her robe when there was a soft knock at the door. Chloe threw the remote down and jumped off the bed to hurry to answer the door.
Chloe smiled when she saw Beca standing there.
"Come here, you," Chloe said as she grabbed Beca by the lapels of her jacket and pulled her into the room, using her foot to close the door.
Two seconds later, the door opened slightly and a hand reached out to put the "Do Not Disturb" sign on the door handle. It closed again with a thud as Chloe pushed Beca up against the door.
The next chapter will be an Epilogue to show how things are going in the future.
As promised, here is the full prompt from Tumblr User perfectlyimperfectpitch: "Hey, I know you would be busy with Christmas fics and obviously celebrating it. But I want to read some BeChloe AU where Chloe is a secret agent and the Bellas found out about it by accident and hate Chloe for lying to them. While Beca and Chloe were in a relationship, Beca's mom threatened Chloe and told her to stay away from Beca (that she is not good for her, and can't give her a normal life like Beca deserves). Beca moves on from Chloe; so do the Bellas. When the Bellas found themselves in a life-threatening situation during the USO tour Chloe saves them. You can make changes with anything you want because you have a creative mind. So maybe I'll stop my rambling now." [Thank you for your kind words.]
A/N: Okay, so I didn't follow the prompt exactly. It's the same premise, only I took it in a slightly different direction, and here's why I did what I did. First, I don't think the Bellas would hold onto their anger at Chloe not telling them about her job. Two, in my BeChloe loving heart, I can't see Beca or Chloe moving on from the other that easily. Third, most fics have Beca and Chloe pining for each other because they never told the other how they felt. I decided to have them pining over not being able to see or talk to each other, while still giving them hope that they would be together again. So, there it is. Thank you for reading and indulging me in my different take on the prompt.
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You guuuuuys 😍
Bechloe-24 Hours (Hr.14)
“So it’s up to you what we do.” Beca hears Chloe say while the woman searches in her purse for her card. She watches Chloe carefully, enjoying the little frown on her best friend’s face as Chloe concentrates. “We can either start heading home or find somewhere else to have a drink.”
Beca swipes her tongue around her lips. All she can taste is coconut. And berries. She’s not complaining though. It’s been quite possibly the best meal she’s ever had. They ended up having six of those Bechloe cocktails each. Six. That’s a lot of alcohol for two small bodies. And that Mac N Cheese - ugh, amazing. And the coconut ice cream.
Best. Meal. Ever.
“Um..” Beca sits back in her seat, her eyes drifting closed for a moment. She’s not drunk. She’s just…tired. She’s always tired the day after coming back from LA - usually because she’s straight back to work. She doesn’t normally go out for dinner the evening after coming back. Nor does she usually drink. So yeah she might be a little drunk too.
“We can go back home, B.” Chloe says in an amused tone. The use of nickname has Beca’s stomach flipping, and her eyes snap open while she smiles gently at her best friend. Chloe’s looking back at her, looking as serene and as she beautiful as she had done when they’d first met up this evening.
“No. No way.” Beca is quick to protest, sitting forward and grabbing hold of the tall glass of water before her. She takes a gulp of it, already feeling a little more awake, and looks sincerely at Chloe. “Not yet. This is our date. If we go home now then it’ll be a waste.”
She’s not sure what she means by that. By them going home and ending the night now being ‘a waste’. And she can tell by Chloe’s expression that she isn’t sure what Beca means either. Fortunately, neither dwell on it.
“Okay so…shall we go for a wander and see what we stumble across?” Chloe suggests, looking across the restaurant to give one of the servers a wave. Beca’s eyes have found their way to Chloe’s cleavage again. More specifically a lock of Chloe’s long red hair that’s dangling down and caught within it. For a fleeting moment Beca wishes she’s that lock of hair. Then she blinks a few times, shaking herself from the thought. God, she’s falling. She’s falling deep. She needs to get some fresh air to clear her head.
“Yeah that sounds good.” she replies just as Chloe turns to look back at her with a calm smile. This date has felt so stress-free. She’s been loving it. No disappointments. No decisions forcefully made for her. And excitement. She can’t remember ever feeling excited while on a date with Jesse.
“That’ll be $179.”
Beca almost chokes on air when the server, who has handed Chloe the cheque and is now waiting with a card machine, speaks. She looks to her best friend, ready to protest. Ready to insist they split the bill. But Chloe’s already handing over her card with such a relaxed demeanour that Beca has a feeling Chloe doesn’t seem to mind. Which is crazy. Chloe’s always worrying about money!
“So we just have one last thing for you guys.” the server says once Chloe’s paid, and he produces (from behind his back somehow??) two round vinyls. He places one in front of Chloe and one in front of Beca. Beca peers down at it and realises it’s the original vinyl that came with her ‘A Night At The Opera’ album sleeve. If she thought this place couldn’t get any cooler, she was wrong.
“Here’s a white pen each.” the server says, placing a white chalk marker in front of Chloe, and one in front of Beca, “If you wouldn’t mind writing a message or something on your vinyls then we’ll hang them on the wall.”
And he motions to the wall on his right, the wall opposite Beca and behind Chloe. So that’s what the vinyls on the wall is all about. It’s like a ‘guestbook’ of sorts. That’s so cool.
Beca sees Chloe look to her, and not for the first time Beca feels mesmerised by her best friend’s beauty. How has this happened?? How has she fallen so hard and so suddenly for Chloe? Chloe who seems to have thought of everything without too much effort, and has been successful in doing exactly what she’d been challenged to do - she’s proving to Beca exactly how well she could be treated (and loved?) if she was Chloe’s girlfriend instead of Jesse’s.
It’s this thought that brings a lump to Beca’s throat and she fights to swallow it down while Chloe’s gaze drops to her vinyl. Chloe’s long red hair hangs in loose waves on either side of her face as she tugs the lid from her marker and begins writing. And Beca’s suddenly finding it a challenge to form a coherent sentence in her head let alone a coherent sentence to write down on her own vinyl.
Say, hypothetically, she was to embrace the very likely reality that she is in love with Chloe, and that she is very happy with her, and that they could live a really happy and healthy life together.. how much would that change their friendship? Would it be for the best? Or would they find weeks or months down the line that actually they’re not compatible after all? But…what if in several weeks and months time they find that they’re so compatible they wonder why they hadn’t done anything about it before?
Beca bites the inside of her cheek while Chloe’s left hand flips her hanging red hair back, and Beca catches a whiff of her best friend’s shampoo. She’s lived with Chloe for six years. Has shared a bed with her for almost two. And it’s only now that the scent of Chloe’s shampoo is giving her a giddy feeling in the pit of her stomach. She’s no idea how it’s happened, but there’s one thing she finally realising: she’s falling in love with Chloe.
“You got writers block?” she hears Chloe ask, the redhead sitting up again, having finished writing her message with a satisfied sigh. They share a smile, Chloe’s smile a more knowing one than Beca realises.
“Just getting some inspiration.” Beca replies. It’s said with such affection that there’s no denying she’s talking about Chloe. And yet Chloe doesn’t react the way she would’ve done prior to tonight. Prior to this date she would’ve squealed or teased Beca (“Am I your muuuuse??”).
But Chloe makes a surprisingly mature decision in terms of her reaction to Beca’s cryptic complement. She simply smiles. She smiles softly at Beca, while their eyes remain locked. The silence between them isn’t awkward. It’s comfortable and comforting.
“I gotta go to the bathroom.” Chloe says quietly, collecting her purse and shifting along the booth seat until she reaches the end, “I won’t be long.”
“Take all the time you need.” Beca replies, equally quietly, a soft smile on her face while her best friend slowly stands. Again, Beca can’t help but find her eyes drifting down to Chloe’s cleavage while the woman smooths down the back then the front of her dress. This time Beca’s chest tightens a little and she feels her cheeks flush. She’s not embarrassed. But she’s definitely feeling something now she’s taking the time to appreciate Chloe’s full appearance. Because fuck, her date is hot.
She hears a light chuckle from Chloe, but as her eyes quickly snap up to find out what her best friend is chuckling at (or more specifically, if Chloe is chuckling because she’s caught her looking), she watches the redhead simply turn on the spot and slowly make her way towards the bathroom door at the back of the restaurant.
Beca’s eyes drift down to the hem of Chloe’s dress, and she chews the inside of her cheek again. Wow. She hadn’t appreciated how short that dress was until now. Now she does. Now she wants to hold Chloe and have Chloe kiss her neck while her own hands slip their way up the back of that dre-
-“Everything to your satisfaction?”
The voice pulls Beca out of her daydream, causing the brunette to let out a little yelp. She looks up with wide eyes to find that Bobby’s appeared beside her with a teasing smile on his face. God, had he noticed her watching Chloe? Ugh who’s she kidding, of course he noticed her watching Chloe!
“I uh…yeah.” she glances around the place motioning vaguely with a wave of her hand, “Yeah this place is amazing. Love the whole vinyl vibe.”
She looks back up at the man who still has a knowing smile on her face and it’s jarring her a little. She’s good at making polite small talk with strangers when it’s on her terms. And she’s particularly good at it when Chloe’s with her, mostly because Chloe’s a driving force when it comes to making conversation. But Chloe’s not here. And Beca’s not really in the mood to have to endure small talk with a guy that not even Chloe knows really.
“Look I’ve been told about what’s going on here.” Bobby says, his voice lowering as he looks around like he’s in on a secret. He’s tall. Really tall. Which only makes Beca feel a little more intimidated by him because she’s currently seated. In a fortunate twist of fate, however, Bobby crouches down so he’s at her eye level, his voice still low. He looks at her kindly, and it puts Beca at ease.
“I know you guys are on a first date because your boyfriend is in LA and he’s not been treating you right-”
-“He-” Beca attempts, an automatic response of hers being to defend Jesse, even though Bobby’s absolutely right.
-“And I know that you challenged Chloe to try to prove to you in twenty four hours that she loves you-”
-“Well I don’t know if I specified love…”
Their conversation falls silent, emphasising the clattering of crockery filtering into the restaurant from the pot wash out back. Beca looks at the man who looks back at her seriously. Almost earnestly.
“She knows you.” Bobby eventually says, “She knows you don’t like crowded spaces. That’s why we rearranged the restaurant for your booth.”
Beca’s mouth drops open, her eyes glancing around the man to see that he’s right, their booth is out of sight of most of the other booths here. She hadn’t really appreciated how private this all felt.
“And judging by your reaction she didn’t tell you that she’d arranged that specification. I’m guessing your boyfriend would have done?”
Bobby’s right. He doesn’t know her. He doesn’t really know Chloe. And he definitely doesn’t know Jesse. And yet he’s guessed correctly - one of the first things Jesse would’ve done would be to tell Beca all the effort he’d gone into. Not that he would’ve thought about the location and how crowded it might be.
“Listen I’m not here to meddle. It’s not my style. But I know a romance when I see one.”
Beca swallows loudly. Romance. God he’s right, this is romance. Tonight, her and Chloe, here. Chloe looking like that. The looks they’ve been sharing… it’s just all been romantic.
“It’s not a coincidence that my favourite meal and my favourite song were linked. Is it.” Beca says, looking back at Bobby again. It’s just occurred to her that Chloe’s arranged a lot more than she’d realised.
“We don’t usually serve Mac N Cheese.” Bobby says with a kind smile, “Before this morning we didn’t have that Queen vinyl.” he points at the laminated sleeve on the table by Beca’s arm, ready for her to take home, “And I’d never heard of Kodaline before today.”
Beca heaves out a breath through her pursed lips, sharply exhaling as she diverts her attention to the laminated vinyl sleeves. Her sleeve being Queen’s, and Chloe’s being Kodaline’s. To be fair, she hadn’t really heard much about Kodaline. She’d only heard Chloe talking about them from time to time. And she’d heard a snippet of a song by them one morning while Chloe watched a YouTube video in bed. But that’s all.
“That’s not something someone would do if they didn’t love you.” Bobby finishes, and Beca looks back to him, a small smile spreading across her face.
“I know.” she replies quietly, “Thanks Bobby.”
The man taps the table top in a brief rhythm, before standing, giving her a curt nod, then walking back to the kitchen. Beca let’s out another exhale, this time a bit shakier, and her eyes glance across the table at Chloe’s vinyl and sleeve. She bites down gently on her bottom lip. Then she reaches forward and picks up Chloe’s vinyl, reading her best friend’s message written in white chalk pen:
Tonight’s been a dream. Thank You Thank You THANK YOU!
Beca’s eyes read over the first sentence again and again, her heart skipping a beat. Chloe’s had a crush on her for six years. She’s probably dreamt of this date for that long too. Beca finds herself feeling relieved that it’s lived up to Chloe’s expectations (she hopes).
She places the vinyl back down where she’d picked it up and then reaches for Chloe’s laminated sleeve. It’s not an album sleeve, which surprises Beca. Instead it’s a single song. The song Chloe chose: ‘The One’.
Beca doesn’t think much when she turns the sleeve around to glance at the back. She’s intrigued to find the lyrics printed on the back of the sleeve. Her eyes skim across the first few lines, and her heart leaps into her mouth.
Tell me, tell me that you want me,
And I’ll be yours completely, for better or for worse.
I know we’ll have our disagreements, be fighting for no reason,
I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Beca has a feeling Chloe’s chosen this song for a reason. As she reads the lyrics, she hears them spoken in Chloe’s voice. Spoken as though Chloe’s saying it directly to her. Like a love letter of sorts. Maybe?
You make my heart feels like it’s summer,
When the rain is falling down.
You make my whole world feel so right when it’s wrong,
That’s how I know you are the one.
The words hit Beca like a bus. Suddenly her eyes feel like they’re open for the first time in her life. Her eyes and her heart. Because there, printed on the laminated sleeve between her fingers, is it. That’s it! Exactly the words she could use to best describe how she feels about Chloe.
Chloe does feel like summer. Chloe does feel like sunlight and hope and warmth. She is all of that when rain is falling in Beca’s mind or heart. Chloe wraps her up. Chloe cares for her. Chloe loves her. And as Beca reads on she realises she loves Chloe too.
That’s how I know you are the one.
Beca swallows loudly, her heart rate increasing as the line swirls around in her head over and over. She places the sleeve back where she found it, and turns her attention to her own vinyl. She picks up the pen, entirely ready to commit to the words she wants to write.
Just as her pen is about to rest down on the vinyl she pauses, a smile spreading across her face when she thinks about the way Chloe’s been looking at her this evening. The way Chloe might keep looking at her as the evening continues.
‘I’ve fallen in love!’ is what she writes, and she leans back with a smile. It’s simple. It’s raw and it’s true. She has. She absolutely has fallen in love, as if from nowhere. And it’s this that hits Beca the most.
They still have eleven hours of the allotted twenty four hours left. Beca’s keen to keep exploring these feelings she’s unlocked for her best friend. She doesn’t want to rush anything because, if she’s honest, she doesn’t know how to. All she can do is just go with the flow and hopefully an opportunity will develop where she can muster the confidence to speak to Chloe about it. Because at the end of the day, she’s still technically in a relationship with Jesse.
Beca looks up and motions to Bobby who’s been watching her from the kitchen with a grin. She’s not in the mood to be teased. But as he approaches she has a feeling he may not be about to tease her anyway.
“Wow, you like the food that much huh?” he comments in an amused tone as he takes her vinyl, having read her message. She chuckles nervously.
“Yeeeah…the food.”
He looks down at her and gives her a wink. And for the briefest of moments Beca considers how odd it is that even though she’s in the presence of a stranger, this stranger is the only person in the world right now who knows how she truly feels for Chloe.
Chloe who appears beside Bobby with a smile, having just come back from the bathroom. Beca’s breath hitches in her throat at the sight of her best friend. Chloe’s somehow managed to retouch her red hair so it looks fresh, and she’s topped up her makeup and lipgloss. Beca’s particularly transfixed by the lipgloss. It looks shiny and sweet and tasty…
“All good?” Chloe asks Bobby in a breezy tone, as though she’s just given herself a pep talk in the bathrooms. Her eyes find Beca’s causing Beca’s heart to skip a beat. She’s in love with Chloe. Chloe’s the one!
“Yeah!” Bobby replies, hiding the vinyls from Chloe. Beca is a little too mesmerised to wonder why. “Yeah Beca was actually just asking me if I’d mind keeping hold of your vinyl sleeves for you overnight.”
Beca blinks, turning to the man, “I was?”
“Yeah so you guys aren’t lugging around two large vinyls while you continue your date.”
The end of Bobby’s sentence is said between gritted teeth, and Beca’s eyes widen. Oh! Oh he’s doing them a favour. Because of course it’d be hugely inconvenient to be carrying around two vinyls to a bar and then back home when neither she or Chloe have particularly large bags.
“Yes.” Beca nods in agreement, looking from the man back to her date. Chloe looks pleasantly surprised, smiling gently at Beca in return, “Exactly. That’s exactly my thought. If you don’t mind?”
“Not at all.” Chloe replies, and as Beca attempts to slip out of the booth, the redhead reaches down to collect their laminated vinyl sleeves. Beca catches a glimpse further down Chloe’s cleavage and she has to clear her throat loudly to keep herself from falling into a daydream again. A daydream where she launches her face between Chloe’s-
-“Can you take a photo of us?”
Beca, having just risen to her feet, blinks a couple of times at Chloe’s question. Chloe’s already handing her phone over to Bobby who is more than enthusiastic in obliging to her request.
“You okay?” Chloe asks quietly, and Beca feels the heat rise to her cheeks as her best friend nestles into her side, sweeping her arm around her waist. Chloe’s hand feels cool. Refreshing.
“Yeah.” Beca replies, her own arm smoothing around Chloe’s waist. She turns her face to look into Chloe’s eyes and realises just how close their noses are to touching. Her heart races with nerves and excitement, a coy smile on her face that mirrors Chloe’s.
“Ready?” comes Bobby’s voice, and both Beca and Chloe turn to look at him, their sides pressed against one another comfortably. They smile. They exhale gently. And Beca can’t help thinking just how good this feels. How right it feels. How right being in love with Chloe feels…
There’s the most beautiful acoustic version of ‘The One’ on YouTube and I’ve been in love with it for years!
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favberrys · 2 months ago
I see that many ppl are confused about the difference between queerbaiting and queer coding specifically in tv shows and movies, so i'm gonna try to explain it:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I think this definition it's pretty fitting and well done so i'm not gonna elaborate it much, but i will show a clear example of queerbaiting. The first one that comes to my mind is the relationship between beca and chloe in pitch perfect
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Their actions around each other are clearly hinting that there's more than simple friendship between them, the line between platonic and romantic/sexual is very much blurred. In pitch perfect two beca even made a remark about her being "sexually confused" and in another scene chloe told to beca she regretted not experimenting in college.
Tumblr media
Instead of explicitly define the relationship and the sexuality of the characters, the producers used the ship to promote the movie with adversings like this one (in which it seems like they're gonna kiss but then they don't ). This is peak marketing strategy.
Queer coding
Tumblr media
This is wiki's definition of queer coding, basically from what i gathered it's when a certain character can be interpretated by the audience as queer bc they fit queer stereotypes or/and traits, but they are not canonically lgbt.
Some examples can be finn and poe from star wars, luca and alberto from Luca :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Also will byers from stranger things is a heavily queer coded character because he was the only boy in the friendsgroup who hasn't manifested interst in girls, his mom said other kids used to made fun of him by calling him queer or other slurs and in s2 mike told him "it's not my fault you don't like girls" while they were fighting, there's a post about this here .
Queer coding is more subtle, it's not done on purpose by the authors/producers of the show or movie, it's something that the public picks up based on their judgement and perception.
Queerbaiting is more evident because the authors are clearly hinting that the character could be queer (they made the character say certain stuff or behave in a certain way that makes you think "mmm this character could be gay") but then they don't give it to you and act like nothing happened or joke about it or use this outlet to promote the show.
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Who had "Bechloe kiss leaks" on their 2020 bingo card?
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i repeat, fanfiction is the best goddamn thing to ever exist. our gay hearts be full and there’s a will to keep living.
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