#beckons through the leaves
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I just finished Over the Garden Wall and I will never stop thinking about it
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Led Through The Mist
By The Milk Light Of Moon
All That Was Lost Is Revealed
Our Long Bygone Burdens
Mere Echoes Of The Spring
But Where Have We Come
And Where Shall We End?
If Dreams Can't Come True
Then Why Not Pretend?
How The Gentle Wind
Beckons Through The Trees
As Autumn Colors Fall
Dancing In A Swirl
Of Golden Memories
The Loveliest Lies of All...
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only-by-the-stars · a year ago
okay, I spent a couple hours late last night going over the chapter to make more revisions, I do believe I have everything in place the way I want it to set up plot threads and character arcs... I'll look at it all again later today to check for typos/missing words and the like, and then it is going up
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Tumblr media
TASK 005:::….. Digging Deeper
QUOTE: “You’re a traveler on a sacred journey. You’re the master of your own destiny. The hero of your own story! A Pilgrim!��
NAME: Wirt Wood NICKNAMES: Worry-Wirt, Pilgrim AGE: Thirty-Five GENDER: Male PRONOUNS: He/Him
PARENTS: Mother - Jennifer Wood-Dean, Stepfather - Patrick Dean, Biological Father - Curtis Wood SIBLINGS: Has a stepbrother named Gregory “Greg” Dean
FACE CLAIM: Andrew Garfield HEIGHT: 5′10″ HAIR COLOR: Brown EYE COLOR: Dark brown DOMINANT HAND: Left PHYSICAL DISABILITIES: None LEARNING DISABILITIES: None ALLERGIES: Allergic to certain kinds of dusts DISORDERS: Anxiety disorder and post-traumatic disorder FASHION: Button down shirts, sweater vests, sweater shirts, slacks, and generally anything that is in the mix of formal-casual like. rarely in full relaxation mode NERVOUS TICS: Mumbles, presses palms tightly together, avoidance of eye contact, self-deprecating himself
CAREER: Band Teacher/Professor at Corona University 
DRUGS/ALCOHOL USE: Occasionally drinks, but haven’t consumed any drugs in years
ROMANTIC ORIENTATION: Hetero-romantic (?? maybe???) SEXUAL ORIENTATION: Heterosexual (?? maybe???) AVAILABILITY: Single LANGUAGES: English, Spanish and a little bit of French
PHOBIAS: Drowning, being surrounded by trees, the woods in general, and Gnomes HOBBIES: Teaching, playing the clarinet and other instruments such as the bassoon and piano, writing poetry, making random cassette mix-taps, mumbling, collecting old records and VHS tapes, tending to his fern SOCIAL MEDIA: FaceBook, Instagram (but doesn’t use it much), and even still owns a MySpace that is completely inactive but haven’t been deleted
LOCATION: Corona University and Spoonful of Sugar Candy Store MUSIC: Classical and Jazz, but is generally open to listening to all types of music that garners his interests MOVIES: Musicals and comedies FOOD: Mashed potatoes and molasses BEVERAGE: Peppermint or Chamomile tea COLOR: Navy blue and brass
MORAL ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good WESTERN ZODIAC: Cancer CHINESE ZODIAC: Ox HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw SONG: Sing, Sing, Sing by Benny Goodman
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— 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐟𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐤'𝐬 𝐠𝐨𝐭𝐭𝐚 𝐭𝐨𝐧𝐠𝐮𝐞 𝐨𝐟 𝐠𝐨𝐥𝐝
Tumblr media
+ 𝐩𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐢𝐧𝐠: brat tamer! eddie munson x f! reader 
+ 𝐠𝐞𝐧𝐫𝐞: mature
+ 𝐬𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐩𝐬𝐢𝐬: in which reader finds a pair of cuffs in eddie’s room...
+ 𝐜𝐰: explicit sexual content, oral sex (f receiving), vaginal fingering, orgasm denial (kinda), squirting, sassy reader, loser eddie :0
+ 𝐰𝐜: 3.1k
Tumblr media
+ 𝐧𝐨𝐭𝐞: this was a thirst about brat tamer eddie and hopper but i got carried away and focused entirely on eddie LMAO! so, to whoever sent in the thirst, i will be making a hopper version one of these days. but yeah, whore thoughts >.<
+ i feel like with eddie, he’s not as overt in his proclivity for brat taming as opposed to hopper. like hopper jokes around every so often…entertains the idea when you’re being a nuisance…but with eddie? it only comes up when you happen to discover them on accident. 
Tumblr media
“Hey,” you call out, your voice carrying over into the room eddie was currently occupying, “what’re these?”
The brunet replies with a brisk ‘what?’ without bringing his attention to your lingering presence in the doorway of the living room, hands too preoccupied with strumming the chords of his beloved guitar.
You stand there watching as he smooths his hands up and down the body of it, like he were running his hands over the pastures and plains of a person and not…an inanimate object. He’d always treated his guitar like it was his pride and joy, because, well—it was. 
At an attempt to draw his attention towards you, you clear your throat. Once, twice, then another. 
“Edddd,” you drawl. It comes out in a lilt, soft and sweet; almost like you were beckoning him, as a gentle mother would call for her baby. However, your persistent advances to get his eyes on you are to no avail. 
“Oh, sweetheart,” eddie strums, “you are absolutely incredible, just amazing.” It’d be nice if those sweet words of affirmation were aimed towards you, but they weren’t. You were competing with an inanimate object, and to be quite frank, the damn thing was beating you by a mile. A tinge of jealously begins to form in the pit of your stomach when he goes from cooing to having a full on conversation. God, he couldn’t be more of a loser.
He’s taken out of his trance upon hearing you clear your throat for the umpteenth time in the last minute.
“Why’d’ya keep doing that?” He finally looks up, but before his eyes can fix on your own, he catches a glimpse of the item in your hand.
How’d she—
“‘Cause you weren’t paying attention to me. Thought I was the love of your life, but I guess this guitar that’s not even sentient’s got me beat.” You follow up with a small chuckle, as if to hide the fact that a teeny, tiny part of you maybe was a little jealous. And yet, despite the smile you feign, and the tone of your voice, Eddie senses a touch of jealousy? Frustration? Maybe even a mixture of both. Partially because you’re so easy to read, and Partially because you unintentionally let a little pout slip through. Cute, he thinks.
“So,” Eddie rises from his seat and saunters over to where you stand, “you were asking me where i got these old things from?” The sound of his boots padding across the floor create an ominous, heavy thud. He walks in a way that’s a little taunting—intimidating, and his smile only grows wider with each step as he encroaches toward your space in the doorway. 
“Yeah,” you reply, “I wanted…I wanted to…” Now he’s fully in your space. The palm of his hand rests flat against the surface above the crest of your head. His boot clad feet are planted firmly in front of yours, and his face (which wears a smirk now), nears closer and closer to your own—so close that the warmth of his breath leaves zephyr-light kisses in it’s wake. 
“You wanted what, baby? Some attention? Is that why you were in there,” his eyes shift to his room, “snooping around? ‘Cause you were jealous?” 
“Why would I be jealous of a guitar?” You query, but he only replies with a hearty laugh.
“‘Cause I was touching her today. Calling her my good girl, my sweet girl—is that what you wanna hear too? That you’re my good girl? My best girl?” Eddie raises a knuckle to the skin of your cheek, watching for any minuscule changes within your expression. 
“Shut up, Munson.” swiftly, Eddie pilfers the cuffs from your hands. Before you can react, the metal item is closed around your wrists, and then a loud ‘click’ resounds through the air. He’d imprisoned you in the very cuffs that you sought an answer for, essentially beating you at your own game. If that’s how he wanted to play it, then so be it. 
“You damned—“ Eddie interjects with a tsk.
“Don’t be mean, (Name),” he places his hand over his heart, feigning faux hurt. “Good girls listen, and right now I need you to be quiet.” 
The boy promptly grabs you by the forearms and pushes you inside of the room. He walks you all the way back until your movements are put to a halt by the presence of his bed. Without saying a word, he pushes you backward with the force of a finger, and waits until your body settles from the impact. 
“What’re you do—“ 
“What’d I say?” You bite your tongue and don’t attempt to hide the sour expression molding on your face. 
Rather quickly, he begins his assault on your clothes, stripping you out of your denim jeans with unbridled urgency. Next to go are your panties, but before he tosses them into the mess of clothes that vacate his floor, he sits down onto the bed, a creak of springs not too far behind. Your eyes are fixed on him and him alone. They scour every inch of his face, they scour his body, and they track every modicum of a movement he makes. 
His hands slide between the crevice of your thighs, and he slowly spreads them apart as if he were handling something so fragile, that it’d break with the blow a breath. Your eyes are still set on his; they repeat back every small glance, and every blink, and they lower at the same time his face levels with your clothed cunt. 
The blood in that courses in your body is scorching, you’re sure of it. Because the room is getting hotter, and you’re feeling dizzy, and now you’re growing a little restless as you anticipate his next move. Still, he’s unmoving. He’s just sitting there, with his eyes trained not on you, but your pussy. 
There’s a wet spot growing darker and darker with each passing second, and it clings to the silhouette of your folds, giving Eddie a generous view of his precious target. Then, without a beat, you feel the plumpness of his lips on your core. He kisses it once, twice, three times before licking a long stripe up the center. The sudden contact makes your back lurch into the air, ushering a faint whimper from your lips. 
“Eddie…” the desperation in your voice is palpable. He knows you’re growing restless, so he indulges you. The brunet pushes the cloth to the side and swipes a finger over your folds. The second he pulls it away, a tether of essence follows suit until it disappears completely. You’re so damn wet, and so damn cute with your knees apart for him like this, that it’s got him rock hard in the confines of his pants. But his intentions were to get you off, so, unfortunately, he’d have to opt for grinding pathetically into the bed. 
Experimentally, he pushes his middle finger in, slides it all the way to the hilt. His eyes briefly scan your face; you’re looking back at him intensely, though, there’s a softness mirroring back at him—as if they were saying: ‘please’, ‘more’, ‘need you’. At least, that’s what he thinks, but his assumptions must be correct because your cunt’s sucking his finger in so tightly, he can barely pull it out. so, he doesn’t. He adds another, and once again, pushes it all the way until each notch of his knuckles disappear inside. 
“God, look at you,” he breathes, “you’re so…” Whatever he says after is lost on you, because now his mouth’s latched onto your clit, and the shock renders your brain completely, and utterly useless. Jello, you feel like jello with the way he’s working his mouth on you. Very briefly, he sits up, causing a frown to form on your face from his absence. His calloused hands smooth up the pastures of your thighs, up until they reach your hips; and once they find the hem of your panties, he hooks two fingers under the fabric, pulling them down the apex of your thighs. 
Now that you’re beneath him, fully exposed with your cunt front and center, he resumes his attacks. If his eagerness wasn’t compelling before, it is now. Because now he’s getting noisy, he’s getting sloppier, and the smacking and spitting, and popping sounds are reverberating off the walls. For a few minutes, this is all you hear, all that fills your head as he works you open with the thickness of his digits. 
Instinctively, your hands move down to grasp his face but the tightness and cold metal against your skin is a stark reminder than you cannot. All you can do, is reach down and grab a tuft of hair from the crown of his head. A frustrated, strangled whimper emits from your throat. eddie blinks up briefly, then laughs against your folds. 
“Awe, poor baby,” he mocks, “do you want these off?” 
You nod your head erratically, sputtering incoherencies as his deft fingers thrust in and out of your wetness. His once agonizingly fast pace starts to slow, then he stifles his ministrations altogether, pulling all three of his long digits out. Eddie rises from laying on his belly and then settles on his knees. he smiles deviously before opening his mouth to speak.
“I’ll take these off on one condition.” You lift your head weakly from his pillow and mutter a ‘what?’ that comes out more exasperated than intended. 
“You have to admit that you’re a brat and you wanted my attention,” the boy says matter-of-factly, sporting a smug grin that you wanted to oh, so badly wipe off. 
“And if i don’t?” You counter, sporting a smug grin of your own—an iota of seriousness laced in your tone. Eddie only climbs up to your body, using the strength of his fists to hover over you. 
“Then you just don’t get to cum.” 
The statement sends waves of intermittent pulses straight to your core. You weren’t sure if it was his tone, or the fact that you could see yourself within the reflection of his obsidian eyes, or even if was because of the fact that you could feel him pressed beneath you, but you listened. 
“I’m a…brat.” It came out so hushed that if it weren’t for your lips moving, he would’ve been convinced you didn’t say anything. 
“What was that?” You sit up and slump against the headboard, the noise of metal clanging against metal being a loud reminder of your unfortunate confinement. 
“I’m a brat,” you say with a little more energy, but still you’re not done. Eddie wants to hear you say it with more conviction. More, more, more. “And…?” 
“And i wanted…I wanted your attention,” you admit, “i wanted you to touch me all day, but you were too busy playing with that thing, and not me.” oh, this is good. This is more than good—more than what he asked for, but nonetheless, it was something. And how could he hear his pretty baby’s admittances and not indulge her?
“Now, was that so hard?” Eddie asks. “I set a condition and you fulfilled it, now you shall reap the benefits.” Even amidst a setting like this, he never fails to say the most ridiculous things. But his words are of no major importance to you. All you want is to kiss him silly, and for his mouth, his fingers—his hands, to be on you.
“Yeah, yeah, shut up, Munson. Just kiss me.” The handcuffs drop to the bed with a silent thud, and soon as they do, you grab his face into your hands and kiss him. You kiss him silly, urgently. A peck there, a peck there, a peck there…you kiss him until all of the breath in your lungs is knocked out of the both of you. You kiss him until it’s wet, and sloppy, and heated—until your lips swell from the pushing and chasing, until the clashing of teeth and tongue become too much. 
Soon, he pulls away and leaves a slick string a saliva connecting from your lips to his. He grabs you once more by the forearms and brings you to sit up, stripping you of the black sabbath tee he’d given to you months prior. It was more yours than his now, and it suited you better than it ever did him. The sight of your bare chest sends the blood rushing straight back down to his cock, he wants to fuck you so, so, so very badly. 
For a final time, his lips find yours, and then they pull away, and wander down, down, down. They hover over the base of your neck, your collarbone, down the valley of your breasts (before making a pit stop to gently kiss your pebbled nipples), down the plains of your abdomen, and then stop at the top of your mound. This is when he looks up at you. this is when he says ‘i love you’ without even uttering a word. 
His eyes depart from your face and close shut when he places the final kiss on your mound. It’s a little longer than the rest, like he’s been waiting to get here, to worship this place, and this place alone. As soon as his lips leave your skin, they’re on your cunt in an instant. He spares you not a second to prepare; he’s focused, unfettered, and machiavellian in his process, incredibly so.
“Tastes so good,” are the words that you manage to hear. You know he’s speaking to himself and not really to you, because every so often, he mutters something else under his breath. 
“More,” you plea, pushing his head deeper until the tip of his nose brushes the opening of your slit. You can feel the vibrations of his voice against you, but you have idea what he’s saying. All you know is that he complies and gives you exactly what you want. As you stare up at the ceiling, chest heaving and falling uncontrollably, you feel the firsts of his fingers to enter you. It’s tantalizingly slow, disappears and exits in a steady rhythm. with his free hand, he clasps it under and over your thigh to keep you from fidgeting. The free palm finds solace on the bone of your hip before he squeezes it once, and then uses it to draw deliberate circles on the engorged bud. 
“E-Eddie, you feel—fuck—so good,” your voice trembles in pleasure. Wisps of his hair fall over his face, and you grab what you can to form a makeshift ponytail so that he can see. 
The last digit enters your cunt, and the delicious stretch that you were anticipating since his absence was finally restored. You’re sure you could cum just from this alone, from the mere pace his fingers set, from the places they reach, and the burn that resides when he pushes them all to the hilt. The air is getting thinner, and your moans are getting louder…there’s no way in hell you weren’t starting to get close. The final push is when he replaces his hand on your clit for his tongue.
It works in tandem with the thrusting of his fingers, and it laps at you angrily, like he were a man dying of thirst in the desert and you were the first droplets of rain: a miracle. The pink muscle dances and flicks with calculated precision. From your perspective, his movements don’t seem to have any real significance, but Eddie knows what he’s doing. He knows exactly what he’s doing—which is writing the entirety of his name on the expanse of your pussy. 
E-d-d-i-e. pause. then, finishes with M-u-n-s-o-n. Maybe he’s crazy, but the second he finishes spelling out his name, your cunt starts to clench him harder and your thighs start to tense around his head. If you came because your body somehow knew he was spelling his name, he’d never let you hear the end of it; because in his head, in his mind, that meant that it recognized him as yours, and vice versa. 
“‘M gonna…think ‘m gonna cum!” 
Faster than he could blink, you’d come undone right on his fingers—his face. Your back arched into the air, forming a pretty crescent shape before falling limp into the plush of his sheets. He’d lifted himself from his stomach and sat beside your shaking frame, pulling you up along with him. One of his hands pulled your head to lay against his chest, while the other opted to rub comforting motions on the side of your arm. He watched intently as your heaving chest started to settle down, your prior ragged breaths now much more even. 
You were so cute like this, all fucked out, barely able to open your eyes. The two of you stay like this for some time, basking in the tranquility of post-sex. Once you open your eyes, he immediately greets you with a snarky comment. 
“Well, hello there, sweetheart. Almost thought you were a goner,” Eddie exaggerates, sticking out his tongue and closing his eyes as if he were a corpse. You sit up from his chest and turn to him, pinching his sides.
“Ow,” he soothes his side, “but on a more serious note, you will be washing these sheets,” he points down. You take a look at the sheets, and he’s right. Your essence stands out starkly against the color of his sheets, you’ve made a complete mess of them. Smiling, you offer a shy ‘sorry’ and then hide your face in the barrow of his neck. You can feel his hot gaze on you from this position. 
“Guess i did tame you after all,” he gasps, “where’s the sass? You’re all smiles and cheeks now.” You lift your head from his neck and give him an indignant look. 
“What? I didn’t say anything wrong!” You squeeze your eyes into slits. “The guitar wouldn’t be looking at me like this right now if I used my tongue on her…” He shoots in playful banter. 
“Shut up, Munson.” God, he couldn’t be more of a loser. 
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to arachine 2022. no reposts, modifications, plagiarizing, or remaking of any form without proper credit. 
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I just did the Taylor swift fringe and bun and I feel very girl
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currently on loop in my head:
HOW the gentle wind
ECHOes through the trees
and autummnn..... somethinnnggg..... Idon’tknowtheworddds....
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ptergwen · 13 days ago
peter parker in glasses owns my heart. can you write something about him in glasses and reader is all over him. (doesn’t have to be smut but can it be a little spicy?)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
w/c: 699
warnings: 18+, a lil angst, explicit language, suggestive, and implied smut
a/n: oh absolutely! i had to use tom as my reference because his peter never wears glasses :/ also not to sound like a broken record but pls join my new taglist besties
Tumblr media
peter’s lips twitch into a frown as he opens up his new glasses case. he picks the glasses up by their bridge and looks them over, debating whether or not to put them on.
he used to need glasses before he got his powers. the spider bite gave him perfect vision, so he stopped wearing them and hasn’t since. now that he’s older, though, his vision isn’t what it once was. he’s been straining his eyes all these years, squinting through the eyes of his spider-man mask and staring at computer screens for college assignments. it’s back to glasses he goes.
he’s not too upset that he has to wear them again. what he’s worried about is what you’ll think.
the thick, black frames peter wore as a kid were dorky and often got him teased. they were all he could afford, and it’s not like he’s rolling in the dough now either. the new pair he purchased is hardly an upgrade.
you didn’t know peter before he was spider-man. the two of you met and began dating in college, well after he got ripped, taller, and lost the glasses. if he starts wearing glasses again, what if you’re not attracted to him anymore? what if you see him as the nerd everyone else did?
there’s a knock at peter’s dorm door. it must be you. you two have a date later. peter inhales, a deep breath, and opens the door.
“hey, pete.”
“hi, baby. come in.”
you set a hand on peter’s cheek and greet him with a quick kiss, smiling. he smiles back and shuts the door behind you. you take a seat on his bed.
“are those your glasses?”
you point to the pair in peter’s hand.
he’d told you he needed them, but he didn’t tell you they were ready. he was hoping to avoid you seeing him in them for as long as he could.
“uh, yeah. i just picked them up.”
“put them on, i wanna see.”
“i dunno, y/n. i don’t know how they look on me. i haven’t tried them yet.”
“well, then now’s a good a time as any. put them on!”
peter’s face scrunches up, mouth opening to protest. you jut out your bottom lip.
“please? for me?”
as much as he wants to, he can’t say no to that.
“okay, but i warned you.”
peter unfolds the glasses by their hinges and slips them on, adjusting them so they’re behind his ears. he pushes them up on his nose by the bridge. he finally meets your eyes from across the room, teeth clenched nervously. you ogle him for a solid amount of time without blinking, mouth hanging open.
“are they that bad?”
peter starts to take his glasses off.
“no, leave them!”
“but i thought you didn’t like them.”
“are you kidding? i love them!”
you get up from peter’s bed and walk back over to him. peter’s features hold shock. your hands come to either side of his face, lips forming a grin.
“they look so good, pete. they really suit you. and they’re actually super sexy, too.”
“you think they’re sexy?”
“uh huh. they make you look all mature. feel like i should call you sir or something.”
“sir is good. but be honest, do you actually like them? because i think they’re kind of embarrassing.”
you leave a kiss on peter’s nose, just under his glasses.
“i like you with or without glasses, peter. there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, okay? not with me.”
peter cracks a smile and loops his arms around your middle.
“thank you. that made me feel way better.”
“of course.”
one of your hands moves down peter’s body, two fingers inching their way up to his chest.
“seriously, though. the glasses are turning me on. what time does your roommate get back?”
“not til late, why?”
you beckon peter closer. he turns his head so you can whisper in his ear. his brows raise, grip on you tightening.
“oh… oh, shit. but i thought we were going out?”
“not anymore. we’re staying in.”
peter lowers his glasses. you push them back up.
“the glasses stay on when we fuck.”
Tumblr media
tags: @mystic-writings @just-lost-inbetween-worlds @lnmp89 @jenoslov @crvshnburnn @yourlocalomlette @starlight-starks @belovasheart @liltimmyst @eviewriites @hollandsangel @parkerctrl @eichenhouseproperty @inthegetawaycarwithtaylah @varshhyy @ellebutnotwoods @magicalxdaydream @tayyx @parkerdadda
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clints-lucky-arrow · 5 months ago
cerulean shaded. || bruce wayne x f!reader.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bruce makes good on his earlier promise. (Part 2 to ‘copper stained.’)
Hurt and Comfort. Smut. Friends to Lovers.
WARNINGS: 18+ ONLY; Explicit Sexual Content; Descriptions of Blood & Injuries; Likely Inaccurate Medical Care; Pain Kink; Praise Kink; Oral Sex (M!Receiving); Vaginal Stimulation; Face F*cking; Unprotected Sex; Very Minor Breeding Kink; Some Rough Sex Elements; A Single Spank for Good Measure; Reader Has Long Hair - But No Other Descriptors Used; Not Beta-Read.
Word Count: 5.4k
Likes, but namely comments and reblogs are much appreciated!
Tumblr media
A flood of steam fills the room.
The humidity only makes the embarrassment that you feel more tangible. Unbearably pronounced. It’s an unwelcome sensation that crawls up your neck in burning tendrils. But, no matter how unpleasant, it does little to wash away the lingering prickle of desire conjured by his touch.
Nervously, your eyes fall to the door. Will he actually follow?
You wait a moment, chewing your lip, but it doesn't open. Fuck. 
There's a low ache between your legs. A repeated reminder. Wetness is smeared at the apex of your thighs - a leftover remnant of what only just happened. You can almost feel his kiss lingering upon your lips still. 
The drawer underneath the long sink scrapes out. Small wicker-lined baskets dot the space inside. It's one of the handy things about staying in Wayne Manor: All of the cabinets are readily stocked with whatever the guests may need. A sigh of relief almost leaves you upon finally being able to get your hands on a toothbrush and some paste.
Using it is a profound relief. 
The day old sourness swiftly fades. Your breath feels better almost instantly - and a decent scrub of your tongue doesn’t go wrong either. After gargling some mouthwash, your breath feels satisfactorily fresh. About time for some humanity to finally begin to creep back through your veins. 
Across the room, the shower cascades behind the fogging glass wall. It falls in a visibly warm flood onto the flat tiled floor. The steam looks soothing. Enticing. Suddenly impatient, you strip off the rest of your clothes - neatly draping them across the towel rack upon the wall.  A groan leaves your lips upon the moment that you finally step underneath the cascade of hot water, sliding the door closed behind you. 
Fuck. It's heaven. 
The hot flow spreads down to your bones. It chases away the lingering mix of morning chill, and drowns some of the low hum of anxiety. Your eyes flutter closed in relief. God - it’s a nice shower. Far more luxurious than the one you have in the gate house. That one is a lot more compact. Visibly not designed for more than one person, unlike this, where another person (or even possibly something obscene like seven) would fit with ease.
And suddenly, you feel his eyes upon your bare skin.
Breath catching in your throat, you turn - eyes seeking out a familiar shape from over your bare shoulder. They settle upon him instantly. His stare is burning. You could hit the notch controlling the temperature of the shower as far to the right as it could possibly go, and the heat would still not compare.
It barely even registers that you're utterly naked. This is not like earlier, where you were still in some semblance of dress. Now, you're bare before him, and he drinks you in, shirtless, and shifting hungrily upon his heels. That simmering gaze - sky cerulean shades blazing from the remnants of still smudged black - fix on you.
His lips form words that are altogether drowned out by shower spray, but you can read them all the same. "Hi."
The repetition of earlier makes you smile. Seeing the look in his eyes makes you feel braver - courageous enough to lift a hand, and curl two beckoning fingers towards him.
Come here.
At the gesture, one side of his mouth twitches into a wry smirk. There's a rare sparkle in his eyes. Inside, another embarrassed wave of heat crawls up your cheeks as his hands go to grasp the waistband of his trousers. Ensuring that you are watching, Bruce slowly pushes them down.
The waistband snags on his cock, dragging it down, and then his length springs free. A flare of cold shock blocks out the heat of the shower. Your eyes widen almost comically. Down below, your core simultaneously clenches, and your legs subconsciously cross over one another - thighs rubbing together in a bit for friction.
It's a struggle to stop yourself from swearing softly, because - Christ - Bruce is huge. 
And sure - you'd already thought so earlier. He'd be in your hand, after all. It had let you feel him. Yet, seeing it clearly now takes things to a whole other level. 
The urge to make a joke rises - something to downplay how your throat is tightening almost comically. It'd be a flippant comment. Something like "I guess Batman is packing more than just what's on his utility belt," but it doesn't feel like the right time to brush off the effect that he's having on you. It might only scare him off.
Bruce Wayne is a hard man to read, and more confusing still to navigate.
His shadows and secrets have different depths, ringed in a gyre. The further they are, the harder to reach - even if you stretch. However, in this moment, he's close. Coming closer. So, when he silently opens the water-flecked glass door to step inside, you don't have to strain to touch him.
Bruce looms closer, and that firm chest brushes yours. Sharp face angled down, water runs from the tip of his strong nose - dripping in a steady funnel as it spills onto your chest. The cascade barely teases past the swollen peak of your nipple, and the soft tickle has the breath catch in your lungs.
That sharp toothed grin of his reveals itself again - pleased at the response. Slowly, you can sense a breakage from the reserve that normally holds him so stiff. A tentative act of opening up. Silently bidding to reassure him, your hands slide gently up around his neck, clasping over the rippling muscle of his back as your head tilts coyly - eyes meeting his.
Underneath the shower spray, the black soot that Bruce smears his face with is washing away in streams. Your tongue traces your lower lip thoughtfully as you look at him. Those blue eyes are so prominent against the darkness. Light in the shadows. The type of abyss that you could drown in.
He leans in. Your eyes catch on the bruised flush of his own mouth, and the notch in his lip, the one left from where your teeth caught him earlier. It brings another thought to mind - and you shrink back to stop him.
"Did you lock the door?"
“Yes.” There's another rare laugh after that - and the sound has a well-familiar, unsteady heat coiling in the pit of your stomach. "But even for Alfred, bursting in on me in the bathroom might be a step too far."
Despite the rebuttal, you’re not entirely sure if that’s the truth.
"But what if you have Batman things to do?" It still sounds a little surreal. The fact that Bruce is Batman. Your quiet childhood friend is Gotham’s most famous vigilante superhero. “They can’t exactly wait.”
Bruce shifts in, his mouth trailing in gentle nips and kisses across the curve of your jawline as a husky murmur spills from his lips. "I can't focus on anything until I've gotten you out of my system. Can you let me?"
Instead of responding, you just shift in to kiss him again. Hungry. Open mouthed.
The remnants of the smeared eyeshadow seep from his cheeks, speckling the stream of falling shower water. You can taste them in the whisper of his mouth against yours. How the travelling droplets spill across your tongue - mixing flecks of soot with the taste of his earlier remnants of you.
He still tastes like your pussy. Wants more of it too, if the way that his swelling cock relentlessly prodding against your front is anything to go by. Moaning into his mouth - you reach for it.
His hands are already sliding around your back. Fingertips skate across your wet skin, tingling as they mix with the heat of the shower, until he grasps a fistful of your hair and pulls. It tugs at your roots - a slight sting of pain that forces you to break from his lips. Head tilted towards the ceiling, you yield away with a moan as his other hand grasps your rear and squeezes.
Your hands have fallen. Nails dig into the rippling flat of his muscular shoulders, and Bruce's hips flex at the pain when you tighten. He grinds himself against you. The tip of his cock is firm against the pit of your stomach. It nearly throbs against you - needy, eager, and resentful at the delay all at once.
His mouth skates down the curve of your neck. There's teeth too - loosely veiled. Stinging and catching on your tender skin, until you can feel the beginning ache of bruising beginning to dapple over the flesh.
And down below, his cock slips to bounce between against the apex of your thighs.
Your legs open as much as they can with his hand still kneading your ass cheek. Silent invitation. There's no need to ask him twice.
With the pointed flex of his waist, Bruce pushes his swollen head through the gap of your legs. It bumps against your clit - slides teasingly past the entrance of your folds. The sensation of him, the slipperiness that eases the bumping friction, has a low moan spill from your lips. His hold on your rear tightens - firming as he molds his body closer against yours.
Water peppers you both. The mist of the spray makes it harder to breathe. You're already gasping - and his cock isn't even inside of you yet. The length is pressed against your burning slit. So close, but still so far - and it's fucking torture. Unable to form coherent thought, you just whine against his lips.
"Bruce, please-"
He reaches up to pry one of your hands from his shoulder. It's only then that you realize the skin there weeping thin tears of red - that you've dug in far enough to draw blood. An apology begins to form, but then you see the look in his eyes. Those usually cerulean shaded irises have darkened. It's as if the sky is fading, leaching away into the utter eclipse of his blown pupils.
He looks other. Different. More feral than the reserved man that you know by day.
This is the Batman.
His lean fingers tangle with yours. You can feel his palm - flaring with heat - and the momentary collision. Just for a split second, so he can use the push of your arm to press you back against the shower wall. The tile is cold. Pronounced chills flicker down your spine. You gasp, light-headed at that, and at how Bruce is using your entwined hands to drag yours down amidst the cramped space between your bodies.
There, he unfurls your tangled grip - and wraps your own in silent demand around his straining shaft. His cock is hot underneath your touch. Your thumb rubs over the head. He pulses within your hold - so fucking large that your fingertips barely glance as they close around him. Below, your thighs clench.
Another shudder of molten want ripples through the pit of your stomach. It feels as if your insides are on fire.
Helpless to resist, you fumble slightly as you arch backward against the unrelenting wall, and begin to rub Bruce's swollen tip up and down against the leaking slit of your cunt. Each catch of him against your clit has your teeth clamp down upon your lip to stifle the filthy moans that threaten to spill free.
It's so warm within the shower’s misty confines. Almost too warm. The type of spreading heat that fills your head and makes it hard to think past a clouded haze.
The both of you are lost in it.
Bruce's grunt sounds huff against your ear as he pushes in - fucking greedily into your palm. The head of his cock is an angry purple. Glistening, and leaking precum that mixes with the cascading flow of water. Through repeated hitches, he slides in and out of your grip. You can feel him pushing through - pounding against the outside of your entrance so that it stretches, but not slipping inside.
Making a low sound in the back of his throat, Bruce lifts a hand to grope at one of your breasts. His other has untangled from your hair, forearm now braced against the wall overhead as he leans in to close the space even further. His mouth whispers down the side of your face - your neck, your shoulder. You can feel the light scrape of his nails against your tender, stiffened nipple. It rolls in his grip, shifting as he cups and squeezes.
You move against him, hips grating in sync with his own. The head of his cock rubs clumsily against your clit, grinding in, and despite the restriction of proximity, it feels so good.
Already, you can feel yourself beginning to whimper. Electricity is jumping through your veins and it fizzles over your skin in dizzying, burning waves.
His throbbing tip catches upon your aching hole - tipping in to stretch your centre open briefly, before sliding back out. You guide the press of his head back to your clit. Bruce rolls over it, again and again, until it all starts to become too much. Your muscles are beginning to strain and shake - insides alight with twisting heat.
It feels like your lungs can't get enough air.
Soft noises tear from your lips.
"You’re so eager for me," Bruce whispers - and it's not mocking, but husky and proud. “It’s killing me, Scout.”
Your eyes seek out his. Something warm sings from their depths, hitching your heart within your chest. He dips in - blue eyes fluttering closed as his lips press hungrily once more against yours.
Bruce steals the breath from your already seizing lungs, tongue pushing into your mouth to open it wider. He invades easily. Swallowing all of the little whimpers that escape you as the stimulation he brings edges you closer and closer to orgasm. The hand playing so teasingly with your breast falls, drawing slow spirals across your skin by the fingertips.
Underneath his touch, your eyes flutter - heavy. Everything is wrapped in the golden haze of lust. The bathroom light seems too bright when you stare at him, burning like a halo around his silhouette. And then, his brow creases.
Your body seizes in protest as Bruce lowers to take hold of your fingers once more - firmly unwrapping them from his throbbing shaft. Head shaking in confusion, you begin, stumbling over your words. "What are you-"
"Ssh," Bruce whispers, and moves in to swipe two fingers through the wet folds of your cunt.
"Fuck." The back of your head collides with the shower wall as you buck against it. A ragged pant seizes from your chest as you watch him lift his fingers and slide them slowly between his lips. "Holy shit, Bruce."
Leaning forward, the billionaire presses his mouth against yours. It's a light kiss - fluttery. Not quite like the hungry push of tongue and teeth earlier, but softer. His murmur is low, suffocated by the shower stream, but you feel the words more than hear them. "I just wanted another taste. Now, what do you want?"
Down below, you can feel Bruce’s fingertips skating down your body once more. They play against your skin - whispering as they descend. You know where he’s going. The intention is clear, burning from those clear blue eyes. Gaze drinking in your expression, Bruce pauses, and his fingers draw teasing patterns on your inner thigh while waiting for your words.
“Use your words.”
"I..." At any other time, it might be embarrassing. It might make your face heat in shame, and your words hitch and stutter. But here - now - when he's so close to touching you, all of that abates, only leaving the tight throb of need in its place. "I want to come. On your fingers. On your cock. All of it."
"Then spread your legs a little bit more." His voice is husky - low and rough.
He sounds like Batman.  
It reaches down to speak to something inside, and you obey. The tiles are slippery underneath the soles of your feet. His forearm cages you in above - broad chest mere inches from yours. Bruce’s lips tilt into a smirk. You can feel him then, lightly tracing over your slit in a way that makes you clench and squirm.
"Do you like it?” Bruce asks. His voice is soothing as it washes across - raising goosebumps across your skin. “Tell me. Please."
 “It feels good. I need more.”
Obeying with heated eyes, Bruce pushes two fingers deep inside your cunt.
A low whine tears from you. Your fingers rise up to latch upon his chest, nails biting into his skin once again, and a palpable shudder ripples through his torso. He groans once more, stirred by the slight ache. Warm breath washes across your cheeks. Fuck. Your head falls back as the slow push of his arm deep inside begins again.
It feels fucking incredible.
Bruce watches greedily; fingers half-curled at the joint as he pumps them in and out of your heated cunt. Even over the sounds of the cascading shower, the wet noises of his repeated strokes deep within have you whimpering. You watch him through heavy, lust-lidded eyes. His teeth catch on your bottom lip. Another inhale breaks inside of you as the push and hollow stroke of his hand continues.
"Do you like it?" Bruce asks - almost desperate.
"Yes." The gasp is a broken confession, ringed with the lazy burst of stars across your eyes. "You're doing so well. It's better than I could have... Than I ever imagined."
His fingers continue to stroke inside of you. You can feel yourself dripping, slick mixing with the shower water as it coats his digits. Bruce's face nuzzles into the pit of your throat. His lips whisper in a coaxing caress across your skin, just as the pad of this thumb rolls across your clit.
"Oh, fuck-" you whisper, ragged.
Below, your legs are shaking. Electricity sparks over your skin - flaring in dizzying jolts. His pace increases, a quick, repeated strike that has you arching further into his touch. You can feel him now. Perfectly angled. The tips of his fingers strike into that one particular spot deep within, over and over, until you're squirming and gasping against him.
His teeth catch on the side of your neck. It's an unexpected bite, and a sudden, sharp pierce. The burst of pain has you tightening against him, ridiculously close to falling off the edge, and Bruce chuckles against your earlobe. "Do you like that? A little bit of pain?"
Before you can answer, his arm shifts. His thumb presses upon your clit in a painful, tweaking squeeze. It's harsh - stinging. Enough to finally break you with pathetic force, shattering around him as your body ripples with the strength of your shudders. Bruce holds you against the wall as you come utterly undone.
Those darkened, eager eyes drink in the twitches of your expression - the spasms rippling through your body, and the soft cries that tear from your lips. Still, he continues to play against your clit. Coaxes out every last tremor of pleasure. Your eyes squeeze shut - unfocused as they dance across the ceiling.
When the last quake abates, Bruce draws back. You peel yourself off the wall. Sweat and shower water have mixed across your skin. The heat in the enclosed space is stifling - but you push past the haze and turn your attention to Bruce.
Namely, to the sturdy press of his still rock-hard cock against the pit of your stomach.
With some distance, you can finally take him in once again. How he's an angry red, leaking from the tip, and near throbbing with intensity. The sight makes your throat tighten. Shakily, you reach out, running your fingers along his thick shaft. They catch at the top, fondling his swollen head and spreading the bead of precum that your thumb finds there, before descending in an experimental pump.
Against your touch, Bruce's lips tighten into a broken groan.
Watching him, you can't help but wonder if it's been a while since he was last touched. Almost entirely seems like it is - if his responding tremble is anything to go by. Your gazes catch together, sparking, and there's something desperate in the way that his eyes widen when you stroke his length.
"Do you like that?" It surprises you - the fact that you even offer the words, and the tenderness in which you do. "You've got such a pretty cock, Wayne."
He moans at that. Maybe the words, or the use of his last name in such a blatant tease. The sound reaches inside to stroke something bold and brave within you. Seeing Bruce like this, flush on his cheeks and mouth parted in a gasp, brings out a new side - one that you'd never uncovered before.
Unable to help yourself, your other hand lands on his hip. It applies a gentle pressure, and Bruce rotates - now pressing his own back against the shower wall. Your fingers slide up his shaft again, taking in the slight curve of his dick. His gaze burns into your face as you lower to your knees.
His swollen head throbs inches from your face. More precum swells on the tip, before an errant splatter from the shower knocks it askew. The rest of the water falls in a gentle flood down the curve of your back as you lean in.
Bruce's cock holds a faint tinge of something bitter and salty as it slides between your lips.
Above, he gasps. His fingers tangle in the wet fall of your hair. Pleased at the reaction, you hum, and the vibration has his waist twitch. The stretch of him already has your jaw aching. Slowly, you begin to bob against him. Bruce's cock slides through your mouth, uncertainly at first.
Your hand strokes down the length of his shaft simultaneously. The grip on your hair tightens. His pale hips grind slowly into your face. Slow initially, but then beginning to gain speed and going faster - until you can feel the push of him at the back of your throat.
His whines turn to grunts. They burst from above, low and throaty. Rising in volume as Bruce begins to lose himself in the rhythm. His head tilts back, cerulean gaze narrowed in a wave of pleasure, and pulls you closer by the hair as something a shade darker begins to dance across the recesses of his sharp expression.
Wet hair hangs over his forehead - dripping in errant tendrils. Those hungry eyes could swallow you whole. Pupils unholy black, Bruce looks down, and his hand tugs harder on your hair to make you arch further upon your knees - eyes admiring the naked curve of your ass as it juts out further in response.
His teeth catch upon his lower lip, and the cut already etched there earlier breaks. A faint stream of red runs down his chin, but the water soon whisks it away.
Unable to help yourself, your free hand runs up his front. Old scars litter the skin of his abdomen, pink and raised. You always thought that he looked harmless. Tall and thin, but nothing much more. Now, it seems that those expensive suits were just a facade to hide away the muscle and marks.
Your wandering fingertips bump into the soaked gauze. Dulled crimson blossoms across it - the increased pace agitating some of his stitches.
Tears begin to form in the corner of your eyes. Bruce is going so deep that his cock is catching - making you choke. As much as you try to hold on, to just let him fuck your mouth and use you until he's finished, the push soon grows almost suffocating. It's hard to breathe - to think past his cock in your throat and to hear the noises above and know how good you're making him feel.
But it's too much.
With a gasp, you lurch away. Just for a moment, his grip tightens on your hair - as if he means to hold you there and force you to take him further. Then, he relents. A cloud of fresh air fills your lungs as you lean back, an apologetic smile already forming as his cock slips from your lips.
"Do it, then," you smirk, tightening your grip as your hand swells against him faster, and shifting to aim his swelling tip at your face and chest. "Anywhere you want."
You take a few gulps of eager breath. Above, Bruce moans in frustration. In an effort to placate, especially given all that he's done tonight, you reach for his throbbing length once more. He curses as the tip of your tongue flicks playfully against his frenulum. Smirking, you slide it around the swollen top of his shaft, no longer swallowing, but lapping against his leaking head.
Soon, his hips are twitching with each lap of your tongue, eyes rapt as you spit on his cock, before bobbing slightly on the tip. Your hand runs down his shaft, pumping, and as you draw back again to look up - you can see that his eyes are closed in blissful abandon.
"Fuck. You're going to make me..." Trailing off, a thick swallow convulses his throat as you lick him again, soft repeated laps against his underside.
He makes a sound akin to a growl, but it breaks off painfully. "I... I want it inside of you. All of it."
The words alone have you moaning.
Hands cupping your elbows, Bruce pulls you to stand. His fingers trace upwards to cup your face, pushing his thumb briefly into your mouth so that your lips part, before leaning in to replace it with the flick of his tongue. You cling to him, kissing back fiercely. His hands rove freely across your body, tightening upon your hips before cracking across your ass in a sharp sting.
"I can taste my cock on your tongue," he growls, the arousal clear in his low tone.
The feel of him everywhere - and knowing what's about to happen - is making you grind against him freely.
Hot arousal floods through you even thicker than before. The space between your legs is tingling. Soaked. Bruce breaks from your lips, nuzzling briefly against your cheek, before those hands on your body are spinning you around.
It's masked by the shower water, but you're already aware that you're dripping onto him.
A gasp bursts from your lips as cold tile presses up against your bare breasts. Tingles spread through your stiff nipples. Your hands flatten against the wall, straining as Bruce moves into position behind. Glancing back, your eyes catch on the sight of him fisting his cock within his palm. The head bumps against the inside of your thigh. One of his arms wraps around your front, the muscles in his bicep tightening. He drags the curve of your body back into him, and his other hand fumbles between your legs.
Desperate shudders run through you as Bruce's head lines up at your entrance. It tips in - stretching the folds of your cunt. Cheek pressed against the porcelain tiles, each puff of air stains them in a haze, clouding the translucent reflection of yourself and Bruce.
His throat clears behind, low tone ringing gruffly in your ear. "I thought I'd take my time. Play with your pussy some more. Make you squirt. But... I-I can't now. I need this."
Fuck. Your eyes squeeze shut, toes curling, as Bruce tilts himself in. Air catches in your lungs. He's so big - stretching you out completely. Part of you feels that if you weren't so pathetically soaked, there's a chance that he might not fit.
A choked whimper leaves you as he fills you to the brim.
"Tell me how good it feels," he whispers hoarsely. "Tell me what it's doing to you."
Bruce's forehead presses against the back of your head. Barely restrained tremors bleed from his body into your own. Your head turns, watching him from over your shoulder. Gritting his teeth in concentration, Bruce begins to move. His hips grate into your own, and the plunge of his cock is slow and repeated - stirring deep in your core.
His palm flattens atop the back of your hand, clamping it against the wall. Fingers thread with your own. Bruce holds you there, grinding in further, and the fill leaves you light-headed and gasping. His cock punches between your walls. The drag and hollow sets your nerves alight - sends tingles of fire lacing through your veins.
"You're going to make me come," you gasp. "I can't even..."
The hand on your front rises to grope at one of your breasts. He tweaks the stiff bud of your nipple between his fingers - drawing a harsh gasp to tear from your lungs. The other releases your fingers, skating lower until he's rolling your clit between his again, teeth catching on the plane of your shoulder.
Pushing back from the wall, you use the flat surface to strain into him - meeting his thrusts with braced and shuddering arms.
Molten heat is pulsing through your body - spurred by the rapidly accelerating beat of your heart. Your head feels strange, thoughts far away. It's a miracle that the shower water is still so warm after all of this, and the stuffy temperature is making you rasp.
The climax breaks hard. Your body strains as a sudden rush of slick squirts onto the shower floor with a reverberating, high whimper that's closer to a keen.
Bruce's cock continues to strike through you, filling until you ache and stretch at the impale. Your legs are shaking. A strange, unsteady sensation wells in the pit of your stomach. It rises in a twisting wave, consuming all of you, until one final press of his fingers fumbling against your clit sends you right over the edge.
Bruce curses again, but it's far from an angry sound. Your head lolls back against his shoulder as your body clenches, squeezing around his cock. The sounds of wet fucking, skin on skin and merciless plugging, begin to grow louder. All that you can do is hold yourself against the walls as the eager shear of his cock grows harder. Faster.
Soon, the force of his thrusts are rippling through your body.
He's hitting all of the right places, and a crescendo is starting to swell inside of you once more. Bruce's hoarse breaths sound in your ear. The sounds are delicious, mixing with the glorious strike of his cock within. Your feeble noises keep coming - a gentle uh, uh, uh - that mirrors his own husky sounds.
Buried inside, Bruce's cock is starting to throb. Every plunge of his swollen head through your aching walls has him growing harder. You can feel him within, painfully hard and radiating a pent-up heat. He's impaling you, stretching and filling you to the hilt all at once. His touch seizes all over your body, until everything sings with another expectant wave of arousal.
"I can't stop," he hisses, teeth clenched tightly as his waist snaps into you again - the movement stuttering with barely contained restraint. "Fuck. I'm going to-"
The words - the torment in his voice - sends you cracking over the edge again. You come with a cry, fingernails scratching into his arm, scrabbling in an attempt to get away as it all becomes too much. But, there's no avail. Bruce's hold tightens around your front - crushing you against him with such force that you can barely breathe as he pumps through your fluttering centre.
He pushes in a final time, deep within your cunt. Inside, his cock twitches. A pulsing throb that spreads through your entire core. Teeth catch on your shoulder in a harsh flare of pain, and Bruce finally releases with a violent, growling spurt.
Warm release coats your insides. He still holds you against him in that iron grip, shaking almost feebly with each flex of load that bursts free. Christ. You can feel more quaking out. How it pools inside, already beginning to seep in sticky droplets from the point that he’s buried inside of you. 
Spent, your face tilts forward. Your forehead presses against the wall in a way that mirrors how his own comes to rest against the base of your skull. There you stay, gathering yourself, until Bruce finally collects enough strength to ease back upon his heels, cock slipping wetly from your core. You turn - just in time to catch how his hand darts out to turn off the flow of water.
Standing underneath the now quenched showerhead, a tired smile lifts his mouth - slightly unsure. The absence of water allows a prickling silence to set in. It’s curious, and a little uncertain. Neither of you are quite sure where to go from here - even when his cum is slowly dripping out of your swollen and well-fucked cunt.
Just an hour or so ago, you both were simply friends. A lot has changed in just a short amount of time. 
The satisfied aches in your body will more than attest to that. 
There's been no time to use body wash, nor shampoo. Logic would dictate that you do so now. However, being underneath the flow of water for so long has wrinkled your skin, and exhaustion pounds thickly behind your eyes. The mixture of glorious, exhausting sex and lack of sleep has left you shaky as the tingling endorphins start to drain away.
Reading it on your face, Bruce's hand extends. Feeling strangely shy, you step forward, fingers sliding into the comforting touch of his own. A soft rumble sounds in his chest as Bruce pulls you against him. His lips are gentle as they brush over the tip of your nose.
Cerulean blue eyes dance fondly across your face - drinking in every last detail of your expression, but they are also watchful. Concerned. Perhaps a little tentative too, now that reality has crept back in. A slight blush begins to stain his cheeks.
Attempting to reassure him, your hands rub encouragingly over his sides. It's then that your fingers bump against the wet gauze bound across his abdomen. A reminder of why you were here in the first place. Tongue clicking in concern, you glance down. No patches of blood have swollen across the surface to alarm you. Still, the bandages can't be allowed to get mouldy.
"We're going to need to change these," you tell him lightly. "I wouldn't want you catching an infection because of me."
His head tilts - gaze assessing. "Wouldn't be so bad. Not if you're the one who would be taking care of me."
"I wouldn't have the patience," you reply, teasing. "I’ve seen you with a headcold. Animals don't complain, but you can be a real moaner."
His brow arches, and another trickle of that low laughter fills the tentative space between you. "Interesting, Scout. I would have thought after this exchange that the real moaner was you."
Before you can retort, those lean fingers seize your chin again, raising it to press another kiss against your lips. This one is tender. Softer still than those that came before. If the creeping chill of the now vacant shower didn't send a shiver down your spine, you think that you could have lost yourself in it once again.
"Come on, smart mouth," you smile - heart thudding as Bruce reaches up to push a soaked tendril of hair back behind your ear. "We'll change the bandages, and then you can get into my bed, and warm me up some more."
Tumblr media
Likes, but namely comments and reblogs are much appreciated!
A/N: Okay, well... Part 2 done! I really hope you all liked it. It hasn’t exactly been easy to write through this brain fog. I’m looking forward to taking the rest of the weekend off!
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ghostsberry · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Oh how the gentle wind beckons through the leaves
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genacity · a month ago
can i request having sex with virgin!diluc? riding him and making him feel good just praising him and he can barely get a word out bc he feels so good
Tumblr media
⌗ — ★ RIDING DIRTY! ⌇diluc ragnvindr!
★ nsfw! dom! gn! reader x sub! virgin! diluc. cock riding lololol, dumbification, praise, unprotected sex, use of “darling”, a little plot before porn, fluff @ the end because i need to write it more often lmao
★ an : gaww omg i love diluc… also new fic layout for my works LOL i kinda js wanted to try smth new.. anyways hope u like it cause this been on my mind 4 a while </3
Tumblr media
the conversation was brief.
half a glass of whiskey down the hatch, many more to come. and already, you sat beside kaeya at the bar in angel’s share, snickering like a drunken lowlife.
“you, diluc ragnvindr, are a virgin?” you snorted, bringing your glass to your lips and drinking down the copper liquid. the rush of the whiskey burned your throat, its tangy aftertaste leaving your tastebuds almost shivering.
diluc grumbled and turned away, his actions making both you and kaeya cackle. “aww, is someone embarrassed?” kaeya giggled, words melted together. you could tell the multiple glasses of alcohol he had succumbed to earlier were taking a toll on him.
you teased poor diluc later into the night, but it only lasted for a few more minutes before kaeya had mentioned something else— something more important than humiliating the redhead in front of all of the visitors at the bar that night.
but you couldn’t stop thinking about it. so, you decided that maybe you could help him solve his little predicament. which is how you ended up here.
“c’mon, let me hear you…” you beckoned to diluc, leaning into his ear, voice barely above a whisper. you had him sprawled onto his own bed, naked, with your hands around his aching cock for the first time in his life. he gasped, bringing a hand up to his mouth the muffle the whimpers and groans he dared to let slip his mouth.
dissatisfied with his ability to listen, you pulled your hand away from his cock and sat up on your knees, shuffling around to straddle the poor man.
diluc looked up through his long lashes, mouth slacked open and eyebrows raised in hunger and disbelief. his stomach twisted into knots. feeling your body hover above his had him whipped.
“you ready?” you cooed, looking down at the gorgeous view. “yes— please, i want it, i want you—” diluc said shyly, a small smile appearing on your face before you pushed yourself down onto his cock.
“fuck!—” diluc sobbed out, his thighs tensing, head thrown back and mouth open. pathetic streams of sobs and whines filled the air, symphonies of pleas and mantras of begging following suit as you slammed yourself down on his dick repetitively.
your head hung low to watch the sight beneath you, your own lips parted to let out breathy pants and satisfied chuckles. “so gorgeous, fuck.. so pretty for me, darling.”
diluc could only whine, the feeling of your hole just too much for him to bare! you worked him so easily, it felt so good— his mind went foggy, all remaining composure slipping from his grasp.
“so good, baby. you’re being so good.” you grinned, putting your hands on his stomach to steady yourself. diluc moaned loudly at the feeling of your touch gracing his body, the ability to string words together completely gone.
“m—mmh! oh, i— i’m— fuck!” diluc sobbed, bringing a quivering hand up to his mouth. but the pleasure, oh the pleasure… it left him helpless, for all he could do is hover his hand over his mouth and just barely cover it. “no no, baby, don’t do that. lemme hear you,” you cooed, pulling his hand away by his wrist, a loud whimper escaping his lips.
diluc’s head began to spin, an unfamiliar feeling bubbling up in his lower abdomen. he opened his mouth to warn you, to tell you he was going to cum, but all that came out were incompressible moans and sobs of pleasure. “y—n!” he stuttered, just barely able to think. “cuh— mm! gon’— haah!”
he was almost there, he was so close— all he could do was chase his high hungrily. diluc bucked his hips up into your ass, eyes squeezed shut, body shaking. this feeling was nothing like he’d ever been used to before. the bubbling grew stronger, threatening to spill over and completely ruin you— ruin him.
“you gonna cum, ‘luc?” you purred, that familiar knot twisting in your stomach as well. diluc nodded, thighs trembling as you rode him out. “go ahead. cum.”
and at your command, diluc could only moan and take your order, waves of pleasure crashing down, spilling inside you. that spark of greed exploding in his stomach, gulping him down and swallowing him up, an almost euphoric feeling taking over his entire body.
you stilled yourself after your high, heavy breaths making your chest heave up and down. you looked down at diluc to see him completely ruined. bangs stuck to his face, long red locks scattering the pillow, long out of their high ponytail. the hair tie was probably on the floor.
“you okay?” you asked. he nodded, smiling softly. you grabbed diluc’s hand and brought his knuckles to your lips, leaving small kisses on his flushed fingers. “you did so well. i’m so proud of you. thank you for letting me do this.”
you lifted yourself off of diluc to put yourself beside him instead, pulling the covers over your bodies. he leaned into your chest, strong arms pulling you in as he quickly melted into your touch. your hands found their way to the back of his head, fingers intertwining with individual locks to wrap them into weak curls before letting them slip into their original wavy state.
diluc sighed and looked up at you, amber eyes glimmering with love as they hung low. even if he was tired, he still needed to say something before he went to sleep. he smiled, snuggling into you before saying something that made your heart sigh.
“i love you, y/n. please, don’t let me go.”
Tumblr media
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ikaruzim · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
pairing: kurt kunkle x amab!reader
type: nsfw + fluff
cw: sub!kurt, dom!reader, spanking, weapon play, overstimulation, degrading, hair pulling, face fucking, photography, first time, fingering, unprotected sex, toys, slight feminization (sissy, referring to his anus as a cunt), aftercare <3
other: no specific timeline, cutting 'attention whore' into his stomach / maybe a hc?? but when kurt is overstimulated he can become non-verbal
Tumblr media
"What's wrong, baby?" You spoke innocently, running a hand down Kurt's sweaty back. He flinched under your touch and let out a groan in response. "Isn't this what you wanted?"
A throaty groan escaped past the brunette's lips. He let out a shaky breath and clenched the bedspread underneath him for dear life.
"I said. Isn't this what you wanted, Kurt?" Your voice became stern as you grabbed a fistful of his hair. "What's wrong? Does the sissy not know how ta talk?"
"M'sorry," Kurt mumbled exhaustively. A layer of sweat coated his entire body and he felt a burn. Even the slightest touch from you felt like hot coal pricking at his skin. "Yes..I—- I wanted this." He managed to say through gritted teeth.
"Guess your mouth does have a use besides dick sucking, hm." You hummed as the wimpy man in front of you whined. The grip on his hair loosened as you let his head fall slack. "So, Kurt. Do you know why you're here?" You spoke smoothly, running your hand down his back and onto his red and sore ass. A wooden paddle sat next to him which was previously used on him.
"I—- I was being a dirty little whore." Kurt uttered sheepishly. His face flushed at the words that came out of his mouth. "I talked back and..and I used your c-clothes." He whined. Kurt attempted to turn his head to face you but a firm smack to his ass kept him in shape.
"Mhm, and how did you use them?"
"I was - mph! - j-jerking off and—and smelling them." Kurt whined, embarrassed. He squirmed under your touch letting out a gasp as your fingernails grazed his leaking, untouched cock. Kurt swallowed thickly, attempting to control himself.
You smiled at his poor stature. You stood up off the bed and took a few steps back. The sight was extravagant. Kurt was forced on his knees into doggy style, a cock ring around his swollen red dick and a blindfold. He was visibly shaking and you could tell he would have a dry orgasm from just the slightest touch. Despite all of this, you were fully clothed. The tent in your pants was unbearable but you couldn't help but just tease the poor boy.
"For the past week, you've been teasing me. Wearing my clothes, jerking off to them, grinding against me. If I'm not mistaken you did this for my attention, no? Sick little pervert." You mocked.
"Please..please I'm sorry. J-just touch me." Kurt moaned loudly. The grip on the sheets tightened turning his knuckles white.
"Now why would I do that, hm? I don't think you deserve it after what you did. To be fair, I'm doing what you did to me. I'm going to edge you. Make you go insane until you can't handle it anymore." You smiled slyly, watching his meek frame twitch and squirm.
"I'm sorry, please! I can —- I can make it up to you. I'll do anything, just - just take care of me." Kurt begged. It was cute to see how desperate he was, it made you want to ruin him even more. Satisfied with his answer, you decided to give him some relief, you sauntered over toward him and slipped the blindfold off.
"Remember, your safe word is blue." You whispered, kissing the shell of his ear. You rubbed his shoulder and walked toward the middle of the room beckoning him to follow. "Crawl." You demanded and he obliged. Kurt slid off the bed and crawled to you with such big doe eyes.
"I almost feel bad for what I'm going to do to you, baby."
Kurt sat in front of you, patiently waiting for your next move. He watched intently as you slowly unbuttoned your shirt, leaving him in an agonizing sense of excitement and impatience. The brunette licked his lips eagerly as you finally finished undressing your top half.
Your hands reached to your lower half, unbuttoning and unzipping the jeans you previously wore, now in boxer briefs with an obvious thorn in your side poking out loud and proud.
Kurt had reached to pull your boxers down but stopped for a second. "C-can I?" He mumbled a lopsided smile crossing his face. The moment you nodded he gave you a small 'thank you' and shimmied your undergarments off fully, throwing them somewhere.
Kurt let out a shaky breath as he faced your cock that was already leaking pre-cum. Knowing his job, he spat on his hand and started jerking off the shaft. A low groan signaled that he was doing a good job. This became a sort of routine, the two of you would give each other a blowie or a handjob but you never took it as far as to fuck him. You didn't know if Kurt was ready for that stage so you never pressured him to do anything, but God was he ready. He wanted to take this as far as possible.
Kurt gave your cock a few pumps before licking the pre-cum away sheepishly. You loved that act. Him acting all shy and sweet but deep down you both know he's a dirty little cockslut. Without warning, you pushed his head down completely, forcing him to deepthroat your length. Kurt gagged and gripped your thighs, his eyes watering just the slightest.
"Keep your tongue down, bitch. Don't want you to throw up now." You murmured as Kurt adjusted his mouth to where his jaw fell slack so you could use him like a fuck-toy. Satisfied with this, you gripped Kurt's hair and you began to fuck his mouth. He gagged every time the tip of your dick touched the back of his throat.
"You look pretty—- cute like this. You like being treated like a filthy cocksleeve you pathetic scum? " You grunted as you continued to slam your length into his mouth. Occasionally, you'd make him deepthroat your dick for five seconds max before fucking his brains out. While this happened, Kurt gagged and attempted to gargle the best he could. With one hand he fondled your balls while he kept himself steady by gripping your thigh. Drool dribbled down his chin and snot began to peek through.
"S'rude to talk with ya mouth full, sissy. Not very lady-like." You mocked Kurt, your voice uneasy due to putting full force into skullfucking him. Grunts and moans passed your lips as you felt yourself come close to your orgasm. You almost felt sorry to cum before Kurt but this wasn't about him now.
You forced Kurt off your cock, his face covered in saliva, snot, and tears. He coughed a bit, licking his lips and swallowing thickly. He shuddered as you just stared at him and masturbated.
"C'mon, pretty boy. Open wide." A grin spread across your face but it soon left as he shook his head. You let your facade die down and crouched in front of him in an instant. "What's wrong? Was I too rough? Do you need anything? " You rambled, moving his hair that stuck to his forehead.
"No. No, it's okay." Kurt attempted to clear his throat and he looked at you shyly. "I—- I want it in." The brunette whispered, obviously embarrassed. His cock twitched eagerly as you rubbed his thigh (for a moment the two of you forgot about his aching dick entirely). You nodded and lifted him up easily.
You gently placed Kurt onto the bed and rummaged around the drawer for a bottle of lube and a toy or two. Vibrator and a medium-sized blue textured dildo.
"Just let me know if you feel uncomfortable."
You flicked open the cap of the bottle and Kurt eyed your fingers eagerly. You lathered at least three of your fingers and circled your index finger around his pink rim. He flinched upon contact but kept his cool. You leaned forward and kissed Kurt as you pushed a finger in. The brunette groaned and clenched around you yet you remained still.
You slipped your tongue into his mouth, lavishing his taste. With your free hand, you ran it up and down his chest to put him at ease. This went on for a while until Kurt gave you the signal to move. You started slow, curling it and massaging his insides. You knew a thing or two about prostate milking, so you used that to your advantage.
"Another one okay?" You whispered in his ear, kissing the lobe and leaving small hickeys along his neck. Kurt nodded eagerly, grabbing you for dear life for stabilization. The same process replayed, this time Kurt was a moaning mess.
Your two fingers curled and moved in a scissoring motion and it drove him wild - you hadn't done anything yet - and he was practically on the brink of an orgasm. You guessed it was more intense for him due to it being a new feeling.
"Do you want me to keep stretching you out or do you want the toy?"
"Nghh..I want—- I want you. I want you. I want your fucking cock to split me in half, please. I can't wait any longer, please! I need you so deep in me, that I want to sink into your skin. I want us to be one. So please take me. Fuck me please." Kurt spread his legs wider and whined. He ground into your fingers eagerly and you couldn't help but stare at him silently.
You snapped out of your daze and couldn't help but feel hot. The two fingers in Kurt's cunt were immediately removed and the man under you moaned at the lack of feel. His rim puckered, practically begging for something to enter it.
You eyed his body. Your hands roaming, completely ignoring his cock entirely. It was red and swollen and Kurt didn't like the fact that you massaged every part but his cock. He was desperate for you.
He reached down to grip his cock but you slapped his thigh causing him to yelp.
"Did I say you could touch yourself? " You sneered. Kurt babbled and you drowned it out. You picked up the vibrator you took out previously and put it up to the max, gently caressing his cockhead. His whole body convulsed and he arched his back, an almost yell came from the back of his throat.
"Oh, FUCK!" The man cursed, desperately clawing at anything he could get his hands on. Kurt was too busy focusing on his neglected cock he hadn't noticed your dick lining up with his cunt. The moment your tip prodded at his entrance he let out a choked sob. It was beautiful.
"What's wrong, whore? Can't handle it? " You smiled eerily as Kurt shook his head aggressively, he was impatient and you could tell.
Deciding that it was no longer fun to tease and torture the poor boy, you hunched over kissing Kurt once again, sloppy moans and whines were exchanged as you placed one leg up on your shoulder. As the hours of foreplay came to an end, you pushed the tip in slowly, earning incoherent babbles from the boy below you.
Kurt felt as if he were being split in half from just the tip, he couldn't imagine the more pain he would soon later feel. The pretty boy clenched around you, his fingers clawing at your back. The sloppier the kiss got between the two of you, the more your length entered him.
"M-more." Kurt urged between the kiss, grinding into your cock eagerly. You had to hold his hips still, possibly leaving bruises later. "Please."
Your cock was halfway in by now and you had to stop yourself — for now at least — from fucking him senseless into the bed.
Small words of praise were being murmured to poor Kurt as he was being overstimulated by the vibrator and your cock up his ass. He was practically melting, relishing every little thing you did to him. Especially when you kissed and bit at his neck, God did that make him desperate. He felt dazed, so distracted from the vibrator and your words of praise that he hadn't noticed you were all in. Every last inch. That was until you adjusted yourself. He felt euphoric.
You clicked the vibrator off and tossed it to the side, this time using your hand to jerk him off. One spit on the hand and you got to work, swirling your hand around, teasing the cockhead with your thumb. You decided to take this time of adjustment to finally make his cock feel good. You jerked your hand to the side unexpectedly, practically making him insane. God did you love that.
You let your hand slide down the shaft slowly before coming in contact with the cockring. You decided it was enough, he was being a good boy for you, trying something new and all, and being so trustworthy at that moment. In one swift motion, the cockring was discarded with the toys, and you swore you saw Kurt's soul exit his body. A visible relief lifted off his shoulders.
"T-thank you..s-so so so much." Kurt stuttered, his back arching once again as you pumped his cock a few more times before stopping completely. You received a whine instantly.
"Do you want me to move, baby? " You spoke softly, rubbing your hands against his hips in a loving motion. In an instant, Kurt nodded, shutting his eyes tightly and groaning 'yes' over and over again.
"Remember, your safe word is blue, baby." You repeated once again as you slowly pulled your cock out only to push it back in with a little more force, not enough to hurt him though, and you kept this pace. It wasn't necessarily fast or aggressive, just soft and sluggish for him to adjust to.
Despite this, Kurt loved it. To him, it already felt amazing. He gritted his teeth and kept his eyes shut, still feeling overstimulated. He bit his lower lip and whined and whimpered as you slowly but surely sped up.
"S-so so, good." He mewled lovingly, unable to think of anything to say.
Deciding that the small and lazy thrusts were boring, you sped up, earning loud moans from Kurt. He clawed at your back and dug his face into the crook of your neck. The sound of skin slapping together and the lewd noises Kurt's cunt made when you thrust into him were amazing.
"Oh, f-fuck!" He emphasized the 'ph' as you became more aggressive. "I-I've wanted — I've wanted t-this for so long! I couldn't..stop thinking about you..and your massive cock in my cunt! Mm, and I f-finally got it!" Kurt practically yelled the last part.
"You like my cock that much? Is that why you're so desperate for my attention? I bet you like being put in your place, huh? " You sneered at the brunette who only nodded in response.
"I get it now. You're an attention whore. Hell, I'd bet you'd like it if I fucked you in front of other people. Bet this would do great on a live stream, don't you think? Having everyone see how much of a slut Kurt Kunkle is for another man's cock."
Just from that, Kurt spilled over. He came, finally. White ribbons of semen landed on his stomach and a little on his chest. He felt so defenseless.
"Aw, how cute. I really hope you don't mind if I take a picture." You commented slyly, reaching under the pillow and slipping out his phone. You unlocked it and opened up the camera app. "Say, cheese."
Kurt could barely say anything. He weakly put up a peace sign and smiled lazily, he looked like a mess. His face was flushed and a layer of sweat coated his body. Some of his hair stuck to his forehead. God did he look good, and it was even better due to the hickeys being a perfect contrast against his skin.
You continued to take pictures of him as you fucked him ruthlessly, now feeling a burn in your thighs with each movement. With every single thrust, your cock seemed to hit all the right places because not even a minute later Kurt was hard again.
You would switch between taking videos and pictures, sometimes a picture of the two of you kissing or a close-up of your cock just to remind him later about what happened.
After about twenty or so pictures later, you placed the phone under the pillow once again. You slowed your movements as you stretched yourself to the drawer fumbling around and searching for something. Kurt was displeased but didn't have the energy to do anything. He was worn out and sore. It felt as though he ran a marathon but ten times worse. He squeezed your arm softly.
After what felt like forever, you retrieved the item that took so long to look for. A small pocketknife. Kurt eyed it intriguingly, a small smile etched across his face.
The topic of masochism was not new to either of you and you found out right away about Kurt's kink. It was a weird conversation but you found out he liked being cut. Despite you finding it strange, you went along with it. Throughout heated masturbation and whatnot, you would cut him (not so much as to die, just light things) and he egged you on to do much more stuff. Sometimes you would cut phrases such as 'whore' or 'cocksucker' onto his skin and he loved it.
The blade shined in against the lights in the room and you smiled down upon him, finally penetrating him once again.
"Here. A little gift from me to you." You bit your lip as you held Kurt down. Tracing the blade along his body you made your way up to his soft and vulnerable stomach. He watched you intently, shivering every time it felt like you were going to nick his skin. Right in the middle of his stomach, you pushed down, the blade immediately causing him to bleed as you began to carve 'attention whore' on his tummy.
Meanwhile, Kurt was a moaning mess, just from this he felt like he could cum again. It made him feel owned and he loved it so much. His body fell limp as he allowed you to abuse his stretched hole, feeling pure ecstasy between the pain from his cuts and the pleasure from your cock rearranging his insides.
Your thrusts became sloppy as you put more force into each thrust feeling that heat at the bottom of your stomach rise. You attempted to chase your high, nicking Kurt in the process to make him feel good as well. Soon enough you felt the pressure build-up.
"Where do you want it, baby? In or out? " You spoke through gritted teeth, trying your best to sound stable.
"In," Kurt stated nonchalantly.
A few thrusts later and you got faster, the headboard hitting the wall in the process. Around the fourth thrust, you slipped out and slammed your length back in, shooting your hot seed into his needy cunt. You held Kurt close to you, hearing him let out a high-pitched moan. You rode your orgasm out sluggishly, panting as you left a trail of sloppy kisses against Kurt's chest.
The two of you stayed like that for a bit, holding each other. That was until you pulled out your flaccid cock from Kurt's overflowing cunt. It puckered the same as before and you did your best not to stare for too long.
You left Kurt on the bed as you went to the bathroom to run some warm water for the both of you. You pulled the first-aid kit from below the sink and rubbing alcohol, gauze, and ointment for his cuts. You set everything on the counter before heading back to Kurt who now how had his knees up to his chest looking like he might fall asleep despite all the fluids on him.
"Kurt, baby. C'mon, let's take a bath." You whispered gently, rubbing his back softly, causing him to look up at you with soft eyes that you can only describe as 'baby cow eyes'. A tired smile etched across his face and he untangled his limbs and you gladly picked him up.
Kurt snuggled close to your chest, breathing in your scent that made him feel so much comfort.
When you felt the water was warm enough, you stepped in, still holding Kurt, and placed him on your lap. He hummed softly as he rested his back against your chest. You prepared soap and shampoo for him.
After the bath, you two had you both got dressed in comfortable clothes. However, Kurt was shirtless and sitting on the closed toilet watching as you dabbed the rubbing alcohol onto his cuts. They stung for a bit but he didn't mind too much. He was completely mesmerized by your face.
After you applied the ointment and gauze to his wounds the two of you made it to the bedroom once again, slipping under the bedsheets and spooning.
"I love you, Kurt. You did so well for me today, pretty boy." You murmured in his ear. Light praise went on for a while as you stroked his hair knowing it would help him fall asleep.
"I love you, too."
Tumblr media
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eddiemunsonswhxre · a month ago
Hi, i don’t know if this is right but i was thinking about Eddie being tutored by his classmate, a girl who is the best on Miss O’Donnell class and she’s helping to get his D, but he invite her some weed and she accepted just for being curious, but after that he invited her a beer and she accepted too even when she doesn’t drink and you can imagine what happened…😏 the thing is that the next morning he wakes up feeling a headache and found her sleeping beside him, naked just her body half covered with the sheets, the condom box almost empty and he realized his uncle is about to comeback from Work in some minutes…
Hope this doesn’t is such a mess…thanks 🌼🤍
didn’t know if you wanted the smut written out or not, but i simply did not have the inspiration for it this time.
innocent little nerd girl / eddie munson
one shot
cw: use of marijuana and alcohol, mentions of sex, shotgunning smoke, bit of angst
eddie’s always been a charmer.
“eddie, i need you to see me after class,” miss o’donnell says in an unimpressed manner as she places down his most recent quiz. he looks from her to the calendar. he had less than two months to pull his shit together. he looked down to the paper, turning it over slowly.
of course, in bright red pen was an amazing 7% staring back at him. “shit,” he grumbles to himself, letting his head fall in his hands. he did not want to do his senior year a fourth time. he would admit, he didn’t really try that hard for most of it, but now he was. he was getting desperate and he was maintaining passing grades in every class except this one. fucking chem two. he simply didn’t get it no matter how hard he tried.
once the bell rang, everyone began filtering out to head home for the day. eddie hung back, moving his one and only folder from hand to hand as he waited for everyone to leave. and everyone did. except you. eddie approached miss o’donnell’s desk slowly, honestly kind of nervous at what she may say.
“y/n, get the door, please,” miss o’donnell spoke to you, causing eddie’s eyes to snap to you. you nodded with pursed lips, going and closing the door quietly while o’donnell looked to eddie. she sighed and looked up at him through her glasses. “okay, eddie, we have some things to talk about,” she says, folding her hands together.
eddie nods, his finger lifting and pointing towards you. “and her?” he asked quietly, o’donnell slightly taken aback at how he was actually cooperating.
miss o’donnell nods, beckoning you over. “yes, she’s involved,” she nods to eddie. he nods slowly, eyes flickering between you and her. “now, you’ve been in this class three times, right, eddie?” she asks.
eddie bites his bottom lip, looking away. “yep,” he says quietly, feeling slightly embarrassed which was unusual.
“the first two years were the same, but i’ve noticed you actually putting forth a bit of effort this year, which tells me you’re more serious about graduating. believe it or not, i want you to graduate and i want to see you succeed. and i’m starting to realize that maybe part of the reason you’re not picking up grades in this class like your others is because it’s a bit of a higher level for you,” miss o’donnell explains, eddie nodding his head along with her words.
her eyes flick to you, making eddie do the same. “there’s nothing wrong with that, but, since this class is the only thing holding you back from graduating i’m going to assign you a tutor. that’s what ms. y/n is here for. she’s top of the class and has agreed to help you in her free time. this is a stressful time of year for everyone, don’t make her regret this, do you understand?” miss o’donnell questions with a more serious tone taking over her words.
“yes ma’am,” he says, fiddling with his rings.
miss o’donnell nods, and then opens her desk drawer. she pulls out an extremely thick packet and holds it out to eddie. “this is blank copies of all the homework assignments and quizzes you scored less than a 60% on. mr. higgins said i can’t let you retake your tests, but if you redo all these and get at least a c on them, keep up with the projects and tests we still have coming up, and get at least a 68% on your final, you’ll be able to pass my class. i know it seems like a lot, but i believe you can do it,” she finishes.
eddie blinks a few times. how was he going to be able to do all that when he probably should’ve never passed chem one? “i have a pretty open schedule, so we can work around yours,” you finally say, his eyes snapping to you. for the first time he really took you in. you looked really cute in your school clothes which was just a pair of jeans and a rolled up t-shirt.
he nodded. “that’s- um, that’s great. thanks,” he nods, slightly caught of guard by how cute you were. you nod and pass him a piece of notebook paper.
“here’s my phone number, just ask for me,” you say with a smile, holding your books closer to your chest.
“i’ll call you tonight,” he says, tucking it into the front pocket of his vest. you give him a thumbs up before turning and exiting the classroom.
the two started meeting up three times a week, giving eddie free days for his performances and hellfire. you always met at your house because you had younger siblings to watch over but eddie didn’t mind. you actually were really good at teaching and eddie felt like maybe he’d actually be able to pass because of you. the workload was immense though, and after two weeks of meeting after school, eddie knew he needed more time.
so, that’s why you were on your way to his house on a saturday night with a bag full of review material. this was the first time you didn’t have to watch your siblings and eddie was slightly nervous. you two had, dare you say it, become friends in the two weeks of working together on chemistry. eddie felt himself developing a crush on you, and the fact that you were coming to his house had him scrambling around and cleaning like a mad man.
he didn’t know why he was nervous, because once you got there you both fell into your comfortable grove of working through the reactions of different acids to different things. this study session was going to be long, and you knew that. eddie knew that. but once the two and a half hour mark hit he leaned back in his chair and tossed his pencil on the table. “i need a break,” he groaned.
“take one, you’ve been working hard. want me to buy us a pizza?” you ask, highlighting a line on an information packet for eddie.
eddie looks at you in a sort of embarrassment. he wanted to be able to buy the pizza since it was his house, but sales haven’t been too good this week so really he couldn’t afford it. “uh, if you want to,” he says with a shrug.
you nod, pushing yourself out of your seat and cracking your back. “what kind do you want?” you ask, catching eddie staring at the bit of skin that was revealed when you stretched.
eddie’s eyes snap up to you, and he knows by the small smirk on your face that you noticed. “whatever’s good, uh do you want a beer? i’d offer you pop or something, but i really only have beer and water…” he asks, standing up and walking to his fridge.
“hm, i guess i’ll try it,” you shrug, picking up his house phone and dialing the number to the pizza place.
“you’ve never had a beer?” eddie asks, grabbing it from the fridge. you shake your head no, placing your finger to your lips as the phone begins to ring. eddie pops the cap off for you before setting it on your side of the table as he listens to you order a pizza. he admires you, twirling the phone cord between your fingers as you switch your weight from leg to leg.
he was so lost in his trance that he didn’t realize you were trying to talk to him. “eddie,” you say louder, snapping to get his attention.
he shakes his head, pulled from the trance and looks at you. “huh?” he asks dumbly.
you rolls your eyes at him. “what’s your address?” you ask him again. eddie feels his cheeks heat up but tells it to you quickly. he takes a sip of his own beer and leans against the counter. you hang up the phone, moving over to the table and grabbing the bottle. “they said like thirty minutes,” you say, taking a small sip of the beer. your face contorts in disgust as you force the sip down your throat. “what the heck, that’s so gross,” you say, holding the bottle away from you to examine it.
eddie laughs at your reaction. one thing he noticed pretty quickly is that you don’t cuss. ever. he found your innocence to be adorable. “no good?” he chuckles at you.
you shake your head no, taking another sip and hoping for it to be better. it wasn’t. “ick,” you mutter, but still take drinks anyway.
“why are you drinking it if you don’t like it?” eddie laughs, amused by you.
you shrug, analyzing him slightly. “i don’t think anyone who drinks it really likes the taste,” you say pointedly. eddie nods as he thinks about it.
“i’d love to see your reaction to weed,” he jokes, looking back to you instead of spacing out.
you shrug, picking at your pants. “i’d be down to try it,” you say quietly.
a small smile spreads across his face. “right now?” he asks.
“mmm, i mean, sure,” you stumble before looking up to him. eddie looks at you in shock before he’s bolting into his room to find some weed to roll into a blunt.
this is how you two end up sitting on his couch, facing each other with a blunt between you. “i don’t know how to smoke,” you say seriously, your eyes flickering between his eyes and his mouth as he puts the joint between his lips.
he lights it expertly before inhaling. he holds it for a second and then blows it to the side of you. “i figured, i’ll teach you,” he says, scooting slightly closer to you.
your nose scrunches up at the smell causing him to laugh. “that smells horrid,” you mumble.
eddie waves his hand in dismissal before carefully turning the blunt in his hands. “i’m gonna put this to your lips and i want you to suck in like you’re taking a deep breath. since it’s your first hit i wouldn’t hold it, just blow it back out,” he says and you nod nervously.
he holds it up right in front of your lips waiting for you to put it into your mouth. you eye the blunt suspiciously, feeling nerves bite at you. eddie raises his eyebrows out you and nods, trying to tell you to do it. you sit back a little shaking your head. “i’m nervous,” you say and eddie internally awes at how cute you are.
he brings the joint back to his own lips, thinking about how to encourage you. as he watches the smoke he blows from his mouth, he gets an idea. a risky idea, but an idea nonetheless. “what if you didn’t have to inhale directly from the blunt? would that help?” he asks.
you cock your head to the side curiously. “how?” you ask, so much innocence in your voice it makes eddie’s pants tighten.
“well… it’s kind of like, well, a kiss. do you trust me?” he asks, searching your face for a reaction.
you think for a moment. the main thought being ‘holy crap the hot guy i tutor wants to kinda sorta kiss me.’ so obviously you said, “yes.”
eddie feels himself become excited as he moves even closer to you. with the hand that’s not holding the blunt, he wraps it around the side of your neck so he can pull you closer to him when he’s ready. “i'm going to hit it, then when i'm ready to exhale i’m going to put my mouth to yours and exhale. you’ll just have to inhale at the same time. so just have your mouth open- yep, uh shit, yeah just like that. and then-you, you can um exhale when you need to,” he explains, his mouth wanting to water at how obedient you are, just dropping your mouth open for him.
he inhales a smaller hit, holding it in his chest as he moves the blunt away and then pulls you closer by your neck. he slots his mouth to yours causing chills to run down your spin. as you feel the smoke exit his mouth, you begin taking a deep breath in. it hits the back of your throat hard, causing you to turn to the side and start coughing rapidly. eddie rubs your back as you do, waiting until you calm down to ask you if it worked. “can we do it again?” you asked before he could and how could he deny you.
you take two more hits from him like that, coughing still. he still has his hand on your neck and his big brown eyes are just staring at you. his lips are wet and full, open as he analyzes you. you were tired of being the reserved innocent girl, you wanted him. “sorry,” you mumbled, watching his eyes flash with confusion.
before he could ask you what’s wrong you grab his face in your hands quickly and press you lips to his. he makes a noise of surprise, but then relaxes into the kiss and following your pace. you’re disturbed from the kiss when there’s a knock on the door. right, pizza.
while you guys ate you forgot about the kiss, well, you pretended to. but when it was time to get back to studying you just couldn’t do it. you let eddie share mores beers with you as you turned on some shitty movie and shared lazy make out sessions. then you got really drunk and couldn’t even remember what came next.
eddie groans as the sun shines through his curtains, waking him up. his head is pounding in the familiar way as when he gets cross faded and he screws his eyes together. he tries to ignore the pounding by burying himself further in his blankets and pillows. but what he was holding… was not a pillow. his eyes shot open, causing him to grunt in discomfort from the sudden brightness and blink his eyes a few times before he takes it all in. he was laying naked with a sheet barely covering his dick that also covered your bottom half.
his arm was wrapped around your naked frame, his hand literally holding one of your tits as you breathed heavily in your sleep. he sat up quickly, his hand flying to his head as it throbbed as he looked around his room. your panties were hung off of his guitar, your bra thrown on the chair, and both of your clothes strewn around his already messy room. next to, yes, next to not in, his trash can were two used condoms causing him to look at you in shock. he put a hand to his mouth as he saw the abundance of hickies he left all over your neck and chest. his eyes looked to the clock next and his heart dropped. “shit,” he muttered, seeing that his uncles shift got done five minutes ago, meaning he should be home in about a minute or two.
“shit, shit, shit,” he grunts, placing his hand on your shoulder and shaking you. “y/n, y/n get up,” he said quickly. your eyes fluttered open, making you wince as you tried covering your face with your hands. “hey, hey you’re up, great,” he said, pulling his hands from your face.
you looked at him in confusion as bits and pieces of the night came back to you. oh shit, you had fucked eddie munson. a lot. “y/n, um, yeah you gotta go home,” he says, trying to usher you out of his bed.
you felt your heart break a little. did you really give him all that just to be kicked out like you were nothing? what you didn’t realize was that you were only still emotional from last night. you and eddie had some pretty rough sex and your mind was still fragile. “w-what?” you stutter, tears filling your eyes as eddie gets out of bed. he pulls on a pair of boxers first before starting to search and gather your clothes.
“c’mon, l/n, you gotta go,” he says hurriedly. he didn’t even realize he’d used your last name. but to you it was a very harsh contrast to baby and sweetheart. grabbing your underwear as the last piece of your clothing he turned around to bring them to you. he saw you sit up and wipe your eyes, but not from sleep. you were crying. “hey, hey, what’s wrong?” he asked, throwing your clothes on the bed and kneeling in front of you.
you wiped your eyes quickly, feeling very pathetic. “i just- i just thought after… after that that we’d um, i don’t know actually but i figured it’d be okay because um… right, you want me to go. i-im sorry i shouldn’t have um, i shouldn’t have kissed you,” you spoke brokenly, shaking your head and reaching for your shirt.
eddie’s eyes widened, you were taking this the whole wrong way. “no- no, wait! i’m not kicking you out because i don’t want you here, if i could i’d keep you here all day and honestly keep fucking you. but, my uncle, he’s supposed to get home soon and his like only rule is i can’t have girls over so-“ his fumbling words are cut off short by the sound of the trailers front door opening. eddie’s door was also open, meaning his uncle had a clear shot of you naked and eddie in front of you.
“eddie, what the fuck?!” his uncle yelled as eddie ran to the door, slamming it shut.
eddie lets his head hit the door. “sorry! i’m sorry, just uh- hold on,” he yells through the door before turning back to you. you were now holding his sheet around you with wide eyes, even though you were pretty sure his uncle saw nothing due to his position in front of you.
eddie helped you gather your things and get ready, grabbing everything of yours from the kitchen as you got dressed ignoring the lecture from his uncle. he then went back to his room, pressing a kiss to your lips before guiding you outside and to your car.
let’s just say that wasn’t the last study session gone wrong.
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upsidedownwithsteve · 2 months ago
Five New Freckles
Tumblr media
Steve Harrington x fem!reader
[1.2k] prompt: “I’ve been thinking about you all day.”
You loved your job at the Hawkins local pool, you truly did. It was a means to an end, really, a way to earn money as you saved up for college, for a place you could call your own.
And sure, it could get a little busy, a tad manic during the summer holidays. When the heat was high and the kids were screaming, it was easier to try and close your eyes for a second or two, and believe you were somewhere else, somewhere exotic - somewhere so much quieter.
But you loved being outside, you loved the smell of chlorine and sunscreen and when it hit five o’clock and the kids had to leave, you relished in pulling out the lane dividers, basking in the calm of the adults swimming lengths in the water as you sat in the lifeguard tower, the cooler air washing over your bare legs and arms.
Despite that love for the calm, the blue water, the leftover smell of cotton candy and cherry slurpees, you were rushing out of the gate that night.
You were pulling your shorts up your still damp legs as you kicked the forgotten floats into the lock-up, hardly listening as your colleague chattered aimlessly as they hit the button that dropped the shutters at the food kiosk.
You had seen your boyfriend pull up through the chain link fence ten minutes ago, his car sitting across the street as he got out from the drivers side and propped himself against the hood.
He’d been watching you race around the pool, a soft smile on his face as you finished up your duties, in nothing but a red swimsuit.
You loved your job, but god, you loved Steve more.
It had only been a day since you’d last seen him but suddenly you were desperate, bubbling over and wanting to turn yourself inside out with the urge to throw yourself at him. You tried to keep the polite smile on your face as you urged the other girl out of the front gate, keys in hand and feet stuffed into your sliders.
She’d looked confused at your sudden rush before spotting the boy across the street, body lazy against the car, legs crossed at his ankles and his hands shoved in his pockets. He still hadn’t taken his eyes off of you and the feeling of it made your entire being light up, body electric.
The girl gave you a knowing look, one that made your cheeks warm and she poked at them playfully as you mumbled something about too much sun. But she took the hint, waving goodbye as she took off down the sidewalk, leaving you to fumble impatiently with the keys and the old gate.
It squeaked when you locked it and you tried not to turn and run at the boy, you tried so hard to play it cool but by the time you’d made it halfway across the road, Steve’s smile had turned into a full blow grin and he’d taken his hands from his pockets, one finger crooked as he beckoned you to him.
You beamed at him, a nose scrunched, cheeks sore, heart hurts kinda smile, and you practically rushed at him, arms looping around his neck as he caught you easily.
You wasted no time in pulling him down to you, hands in his hair and he obliged, more than happy to press his lips to yours in a kiss that made your stomach flip. You pushed yourself up on your toes to deepen it, to part his lips with yours and you felt his smile, heard his quiet sigh and you wondered how someone could make the day feel warmer, slower, softer, better.
Steve hummed against you, a sound of absolute happiness as he wrapped his arms tight around your waist and pressed you to him, leaning over you until you started bending backwards and you broke the kiss, laughing.
He grinned, pushing his lips to your cheek and neck instead and you smoothed your thumb over his bottom lip, wiping away the gloss you’d left on him.
“Hello to you too,” you murmured, nose bumping against his own, refusing to part from him.
His hands snuck under your shirt, finding the space of bare skin that your swimsuit showed and he smoothed his hands over it, your back warm from the sun and his touch.
The boy nipped at your jaw, laughing when you squirmed in his arms and he sat back down on the front of his car, bringing you to stand between his legs.
“Hey pretty girl,” he whispered against your lips, loving the way you smelled like coconut sunscreen, something sweet and just like summer. “How was work?”
“Hmmm, warm,” you mused and Steve made a soft snorting sound as he laughed into your hair. “The sun was pretty vicious today.”
“Tell me about it,” he replied and you suddenly felt sad that he had to spend his day inside the video store.
But then he was cupping your cheeks, titling your face gently up to his and he was smiling at you, soft and warm and god, he looked at you with so much love. Did you look at him like that? You were sure you did.
“Pretty sure you’ve got like, five new freckles,” he gasped in faux shock, nudging his nose against the bridge of yours and you laughed at his ridiculousness, wondering how someone who looked that hot all the time could be so fucking cute, wondering how you got so lucky.
“Oh yeah?” You raised your brows at him, lips twisted as you tried to keep the smile off of your face.
“Oh yeah,” he shot back, “don’t you know I counted them last night? I know these things babe.”
The bubble of laughter that escaped your throat was like a reward to him and he ate the sound up, pride bursting in his chest at his ability to make you look the way you did right now.
Eyes shining, cheeks flushed, hands on his chest as if you couldn’t bear to let him go.
“You’re an idiot, Harrington,” you told him but you said it so softly, so full of affection and love that Steve beamed at you, another kiss placed on your lips instead of a rebuttal.
He pulled back, just a little, foreheads kissing as he told you, “well, this idiot has been thinkin’ ‘bout you all day.”
Your heart stuttered then and you weren’t sure if it was his hands on your waist or his words, or even the setting sun on your back, but god, you felt so warm.
Steve’s thumbs hooked into the sides of your shorts, the old denim moving easily for him as he stroked the skin he found there, smooth circles that made you want to push into him a little harder.
You sounded almost shy when you asked, “you have?” You rested your chin on his chest, head back and eyes full of wonder as you looked up at him.
Steve kissed your forehead, placed a noisy smack to your nose that made you laugh and squirm but he held you tight, bringing lips back to yours, kissing you deep and warm and a little dirty.
You were practically swaying together at the heat of it all, languid and slow, completely uncaring at the side of the road. You only jumped apart when a car sped past, the group of teens inside it pressing on the horn and hollering out the window at your public display.
You flushed, smiled when Steve laughed and as he opened the passenger door for you, hand on the small of your back to guide you in, he answered your last question.
“All day, everyday sweetheart.”
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kpopboysxtogether · 2 months ago
Lee heeseung •First heat•
Genre - Smut! Hybrid AU!
Paring - Deer!Hybrid Heeseung X Female reader!
Summary - Heeseung is in heat and he needs your help
Word count - 1.5K
Warnings - NSFW! Read at your own discretion, contains rough sex, unprotected sex, vulgar language, graphic sexual wording, Dominant! Heeseung
Note - Requested ✔️ (First heat series 1/5) inspired by my hybrid reaction First heat with their S/O! ⬅️
• Heeseung • Jay • Jake • Sunghoon • Sunoo •
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The silence was deafening as you made your way through your shared home, it was unusual, heeseung had been noticeably more quiet, simply shaking or nodding his head in response of your questions but you thought that giving him space was the best approach, believing he’d be okay in a couple of hours but as the day drew closer to an end nothing had seemed to change. You noticed a single bead of sweat running down his temple, the heavy raise and fall of his chest and now his whitening knuckles as he clutched them tightly across his lap, “are you sure you don’t want anything to eat?”, you said in a soft tone, “you haven’t eaten all day”, you tilted your head in question but heeseung just stared off into space. With a motion of swallowing his adam’s apple bobbed, remaining frozen and nervous as he stayed seated on the couch, “hee?”, you said worryingly bending down to match his seated level watching as a noticeable shiver rushed through his body, “Y/N?”, he said pretty quietly but you could hear the gravelly lust in his tone as he directed his gaze to you, “yes?”, you replied with gentle eagerness, your voice alone signalled for his cock to protrude from his sweats, he was already crumbling under the pressure with just the scent of you, he couldn’t hide from the situation any longer, “I’m in heat”, he whispered like he was embarrassed, his eyes softly staring into yours but it only intensified as you let his words sink in, “oh”, you responded completely speechless.
Breaking eye contact he uncomfortably shuffled palming himself in a way to hide his erection from you, “you can leave me.. i.. i just need to be alone”, he groaned averting his eyes embarrassingly, “no.. y-you know I can help you”, you said sheepishly knowing exactly what you were getting yourself into, he paused slowly focusing his vision on you once again but you saw a different man as his dilated pupils stared into your soul, a smirk creeping up his face as one of his eyebrows tugged up flirtatiously, “then come here”, he said in a breathy tone completely giving up in concealing the tent in his pants, “come help me, you don’t even have to do anything”, he said lustfully leaning back into the couch his clothed erection on full display as he spread his legs shamelessly in front of you.
Bringing his hand to his crotch he rubbed himself teasingly, “it hurts Y/N”, he said trying to conceal his whimpers, you instantly gulped at the scene your lower lips moistening with need as you stared on, “what do you want me to do?”, you shuffled, “sit”, he whispered deeply bucking his hips in one clean motion beckoning for you to come closer, “take it off first”, he groaned gazing at your bottom half, already picturing how your aching pussy would feel around his throbbing cock. Shyly you did what you were told removing your bottoms and stepping forward so you were practically standing in between his legs, “that’s it baby”, he said reaching for your naked hip, his other hand staying firmly against his bulge as he jolted you forward towards his lap seating you comfortably, “Ah yes”, he whimpered erotically, his voice straining as he tried his very best to not stare at your naked bottom half, the bob of his adam’s apple revealing his uncomfortable state heeseung’s doe like eyes stared into yours as he stuck his fingers into his sweat pants, understanding you slightly rised successfully letting him tug down his pants past his thighs, “wow”, you gulped staring down at his impressive length that appeared larger then ever before, it stood proud and hard before you as your mouth naturally started to water by the glorious sight, “looks painful”, you cooed tracing your finger along the angry vain that was risen from his cock, watching as it twitched with need a appearance of pre-cum leaking from his tip, “baby”, he choked out, “sorry”, you snapped your hand away, with a deep breath heeseung nudged your hips closer to his member, “can you take me”, he groaned, his teeth sinking into his lower lip painfully as you nodded, running his long fingers on either of your glistening folds heeseung’s middle finger slowly disappeared into your heat, “fuck, you’re soaking baby girl”. Hovering over his member the tip pressed against your self lubricating hole, a small wince leaving your mouth as you gradually sunk down his shaft taking a satisfied breath when you finally took him whole.
A suppressed cough left heeseung the veins popping out of his neck as he restrains himself from moving, beads of sweat run down his throat, “a-are you okay?”, you said softly, “don’t talk”, he painfully spoke closing his eyes in concentration, “move w..when you can”, he whispered swallowing the spit that was being collected in his mouth. The pressure to please him was high as you started to circle your hips, you grasped his shoulders tightly as the stretch of his cock pushed you to the limits you didn’t know existed, eventually gliding up and down his aching member, “fuck me”, he gasped, “shit, fuck!”, heeseung’s eyes shot open his pupils completely dilated as he stared on watching as your pussy evidently devoured his cock, reaching forward he wrapped his arms around you like a protective hug the side of his head laying flat against your chest, you felt the upwards buck of his hips, strong yet careful, clean but desperate, “your antlers hee”, you whispered feeling the dull poking sensation of his growing horns, he didn’t reply instead a high pitched whimper left him as his hesitated thrusts shake your body, “I can’t”, he said breathlessly, “can’t w-“, you didn’t get to finish as heeseung started falling off the couch, taking you down with him in a hasty attempt to manoeuvre you onto the floor, twisting your limbs till you were on all fours, a slight squeak leaving you as he forces your face to the cold ground without a word.
“This is how it should be”, he said pushing his length back into your excited pussy, instantly letting loose the sound of slapping wet skin echoed throughout your home as he thrusted continuously into your needy hole, his hands gripping onto both sides of your hips carefully snapping you back into his pelvic bone, “fuck”, you moaned out not even caring for the saliva that leaked from your mouth, creating a wet spot upon your floor, “my good girl, you take my swollen cock so well”, he grunted running his tongue teasingly against the skin of your spine sending shivers up your back. Heeseung’s thrusts jolted you forward every time rubbing your cheek raw against the floor, leaning up your hand flung against the couch grabbing onto it as you stabilised yourself from the assault you were enduring, your mouth gaped open like a fish gasping out of water silent moans of pleasure rumbled in the pit of your stomach, “I can’t handle this any longer”, you cried dropping your head in exhausting ecstasy your eyes immediately glued to the under view of heeseung fucking you senselessly, the way his rock hard cock slid and disappeared between your lower lips only to reappear once again wetter then before, your self lubrication dripping with each impact and the violent swaying of his balls slapped against your sensitive clit was a sight straight out of porn, “I’m going to cum”, you whimpered placing your cheek against the floor in a fucked out state, “cum baby, cum around my cock”, he heavily breathed flinging his head back in pleasure, he knew he could go on forever wanting nothing more then to nest inside you but as you squeezed around him tightly it triggered his animalistic side to fully ejaculate and breed you, your legs shook uncontrollably as your orgasm lit up and spread throughout your body like a virus, heeseung’s sperm covered your inner walls like paint some starting to leak out of your sensitive hole as he rutted and spasmed, milking himself of his first ejaculation inside your welcoming uterus, “oh my god”, you breathed exhausted, slowly becoming more limp the longer heeseung held you up by your hips, slowly he lowered down his cock still buried deep inside you as he held you in a spooning position on the floor, he lightly peppered your neck with kisses, “thank you”, he whispered, “it’s okay, I think I enjoyed it more then you did”, you smiled resting your head against you forearm, “well that’s good, because my heat will start up again soon, I need you ready Y/N”, he spoke softly as his words slightly muffled against your neck, your eyes slowly widen fear and excitement washing over you. It’s gonna be a very long week.
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onlyswan · a month ago
Tumblr media
summary: in which you come home tipsy and jungkook is upset.
> fluff, angst / wc: 3k
> warnings: well we have alcohol of course
note: we already got happy drunk, now let’s get to the sad drunk :P
this is like a prologue to this drabble ^^
you stumble into your doorstep with a shaky vision and exhausted knees, slotting your key into the doorknob only to realize that the door is already open.
“i’m sure i locked it though?” you mutter to yourself quietly, shaking your head in a frail attempt to refresh your memories from two hours ago. but the two bottles of peach soju you drank and the bitter tears you shed have clouded all of your senses, and no images prior from before appear in your mind.
you just decide to brush it off, entering your apartment and making sure to double lock the door this time around. you take off your shoes and leave it on the doormat, too tired and tipsy to place it back on the shoe rack.
you enter the living room to see the last person you would’ve expected to come this late at night, and you tumble backwards in surprise.
“god, baby, where the fuck have you been?” jungkook exclaims in distress, quickly rushing over to you from the couch.
“why are you here?” you ask, dumbfounded as he pulls you in for a bone crushing hug. your arms remain on your sides, too lost and dazed to do anything but to stay rooted at your spot on the wooden floor.
“you haven’t answered any of my texts and calls for the past day. and your location was turned off. i was worried sick. what was i supposed to do?!” he answers frustratedly, running his fingers through his messy hair. you look up at him to observe his face- dull doe eyes, knitted eyebrows, lips forming a frown.
you feel your heart being squeezed inside your ribcage.
“you’re still mad at me.” you form your conclusion. the alcohol in your system leaves you more vulnerable, and your lips quiver as hot tears start to pour from your eyes for the third time tonight.
his face softens at the sight of your tear-stained face. you don’t need to tell him that you drank alcohol either. he can even smell it, especially from the front of your shirt where drops of it spilled from the careless shots you poured down your throat.
“come here.” he beckons you calmly, guiding you to the spot he previously occupied on the couch. you follow him idly.
he sits next to you and brings out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe away your tears, but his tenderness only fuels the urge to cry harder.
“why did you drink? baby, it’s past 2am now.” he sighs deeply, scooting closer to leave no space between the two of you. god knows the past day away from you has been torturous enough. “it’s dangerous out on the streets. something bad could’ve happened and i wouldn’t have been there to protect you.”
“i made you more upset now, didn’t i? i’m sorry.” your forehead drops on his shoulder, delicate hands grasping at the material of his oversized shirt.
“i’m sorry.” you repeat yourself to express the severity of your regrets. “i’m a coward. all i do is run away from things i’m afraid of. i’m sorry.”
he feels your tears soak through the cloth covering his torso, but he doesn’t mind it one bit. what bothers him most, however, is you apologizing to him profusely. he has realized how big of an asshole he has been, and now he feels like utter shit for putting you through this.
you recently got into argument about meeting jungkook’s parents. you’ve been avoiding it for the past months, and he has finally caught on and confronted you about it. sensing your transparent hesitation made him feel as though you aren’t as serious in committing in this relationship like you claimed to be- made him feel like a fool for being the only one willing to take the steps necessary in bringing the relationship to a new level. in the end, he questioned your feelings for him and in turn, he got ridiculously defensive.
holding your weeping vessel, it dawns on him how he has failed to look at the circumstances from your point-of-view. he has been self-centered and selfish, inconsiderate of your feelings. he kept on demanding and demanding, and he got upset like a spoiled little brat when he didn’t get what he wanted right away.
of course, you’re afraid. of course, you are. what a useless boyfriend he has been for not noticing right off the bat.
you pull away to look at him with pleading eyes, sniffling as you do so. and his heart breaks at the sight; seeing you cry because of him makes him want to beat himself up.
“i love you. i do, i really do. you know that right? it’s just that- i’m scared that they won’t like me. i’m not good with parents.” you babble aimlessly, grasping at the chance to speak out your mind as if it may slip away at any given second. “i had to grow up on my own and i-i don’t know what’s it like. i don’t know anything. i don’t know what to do. i’m just so scared of disappointing you, but it looks like i already did becau-”
“stop, stop. baby, shhh, that’s enough.” he hushes you, manhandling your figure onto his lap to calm you down.
he cocoons you into a tight embrace, rubbing your back comfortingly as he whispers, “shh, i love you too. i’m not upset anymore, okay? i understand now. i’m sorry. i’m so sorry. i should’ve let you talk the other day instead of storming out. i was too childish and immature.”
“what i’m trying to say is,” you shake your head repeatedly. “i don’t think i’m a person i could be proud of infront of your parents. you’re too good for me.”
you finally voice out the thought that has been feeding off your fears, baring your innermost self to your boyfriend.
you feel ashamed to say the least. you’re a hundred percent sure his parents are lovely. he tells you heartwarming stories about them all the time, and he casually mentions them during the most random moments. an example is when he teaches you how to do something, and he always goes my mom told me . . . or my dad used to do it like this . . . and even only through those unconscious utterances, you learn the immeasurable amount of adoration that fills up the space in his heart.
they raised him well, gave him nothing but love and trust and respect. and it evidently shows in jungkook’s each stride, the confidence he got from being supported by his parents in his decision to fly away from the nest and to pursue his passions. in his playful smiles, the unadulterated joy he carried from his childhood up to adulthood. in his polite bows, the good values and virtues he either learned or unconsciously picked up.
you came to realize the one thing that you have in common with his parents: the three of you only want the best for jungkook. that’s what makes it terrifying.
you feel . . . what’s the word?
so what do you do? you run. you nod and smile when he brings up meeting them soon. you pretend you’re busy when he tries setting up the date. and as embarrassing as it sounds, you silently pray that he just forgets about all about it.
he tilts up your chin with two fingers to look at your eyes, and you see that his frown is deeper from before. “i should say this more often, but i’m so proud of you. that’s why i always talk about you with my family and friends. but it just doesn’t feel enough sometimes, you know? because i can’t properly put into words how amazing you are.”
his thumbs brush away the tears on your cheeks before pressing kisses on your face, his plush lips puckering up to shower you with affection.
his warm breath ghosts over your skin, and you smell the familiar scent of mint he puts in his mouth when driving. “you won’t disappoint me. or anyone. never. most of the time you’re too busy making up for the things you think you’re lacking in, that you forget to take a step back for a minute to look at what you’ve accomplished so far.”
“my baby, i wish you could see yourself the way i see you.” he looks at you lovingly, the sparkle of his doe eyes making an appearance for the first time tonight. the beautiful sight, along with his consoling words, make you want to burst into tears once again. “you say you grew up on your own as if you turned out to be a bad person, but you grew up so well. you’re the kindest and strongest person i’ve ever known.”
“you’ve been walking on a road that you pave as you go. you must be having a hard time, aren’t you?” he offers you a fond smile, caressing your head gently with his tattooed hand.
more of your tears spill down as you nod your head, leaning further into his soothing touches. god knows how much you’ve been craving to hear these words from someone, anyone- just to be seen and acknowledged, to feel less lonely and meaningless.
“but you don’t have to carry the world on your shoulders anymore. you have me now, hmm? i’m right by your side. and my family welcomes you with open arms, too. they’re not going anywhere, so we can go meet them when you’re ready, okay?”
true enough, jungkook’s words are magic.
you feel significantly lighter after hearing his unsparing comfort, in contrast to the last time he spoke to you. you haven’t been able to sleep— the moving image of a distraught jungkook asking if you truly want him in your life the way that he wants you in his, then him slamming the door shut when you couldn’t answer right away- it haunted you every time you closed your eyes.
you haven’t charged your phone because you wanted some space to think, and you drank alcohol because you couldn’t sleep from the thinking.
being in jungkook’s arms, the worries clouding your head are shooed away by him, and the drowsiness finally takes over as the veil you’ve been desperately waiting for.
you manage to offer him a half-smile through your hazy state.
“i love you so much. you know that, right?”
he catches on to the uneasiness in your voice, and he jumps in to clear up the uncertainty he has caused. “i know, and i love you, too. i’m sorry for everything that i did. i was just being greedy. you always make me feel loved and cared for, so please, please, don’t think that you’re not doing enough. if anything, you probably spoil me too much.”
another apology sits at the tip of your tongue, but you swallow it down. it’s best to just put this matter behind you in this note, so instead, you wrap your arms around jungkook’s neck to be the one to hug him this time.
you bask in the silence for a while. you can only hear the occasional zooming of vehicles taking advantage of the almost deserted highway, his rhythmic breathing, and your sniffles.
with a pounding headache intensifying in your temples, you almost fall asleep then and there, but then you wake up when he starts bouncing his legs up and down. “don’t fall asleep on me yet. let’s get you hydrated before going to bed.”
a whine bubbles in your throat at the sudden movements, weakly clinging to him as he carries you to the kitchen. he leaves you on the counter top to grab a bottle of water from your small fridge.
“where did you drink soju?” he asks as you drink big gulps of water. he has a hand on his waist and the other is anchored on the edge of the counter top beside you.
you briefly detach the bottle from your lips. “at the convenience store. you think i’d go to the bar in pajamas?”
he shrugs with a chuckle, shaking his head. “who knows? you’re more spontaneous than you realize.”
and then he turns serious to bring up the reason why he asked. “don’t go outside alone past 11pm from now on, please? whatever happens, call me or one of your friends so i’m sure you’re safe. especially if you’re going to drink. i was really worried out of my mind earlier.”
you nod your head obediently, swinging your legs back and forth. “okay, i promise. i won’t make you cry again.”
he huffs, taking a step forward to pull you in for another embrace. “i almost did cry. i thought something bad happened to you. i had to call your friends, too. they said you probably went out to buy alcohol. they just ended up scaring me more instead of helping.”
damn, being apart from you for more than a day because of an argument made him realize how clingy he truly is.
“they know me too well.” the freshly learned information makes you giggle. “i’m sorry, baby. i’ll just drink with them next time so i’m not alone. i promise.”
he grunts in disagreement, pulling away for you to see his lips forming a pout. “there is no next time. i won’t let us have another argument like this. it’s unbearable.”
oh, jungkook, your sweetest boy.
“that would be nice.” you respond with a soft voice.
he kisses your cheek before tapping your thigh lightly, urging you to move. “let’s go brush your teeth then so we can sleep.”
your face visibly lights up like a christmas tree. “you’re staying?”
he rolls his eyes as if you just asked him what one plus one is. “of course i am. i never want to be away from you again.”
“yay!” you rejoice, but your voice comes out small. unfortunately, your throat has been having a hard time with all the alcohol and the crying.
you hop off the counter only to end up almost falling on your ass, your knees being too weak and unstable to keep you steady on your feet. giving credits to jungkook’s incredible reflex, he catches you faster than you can blink.
“shit- baby! be careful.” he hisses, adjusting his hold on you.
he ends up carrying you to the bathroom, and you brush your teeth together.
fun fact: jungkook has already changed the toothbrush he uses at your houses three times.
once you’re both finished, you climb on his back for your transport to the bedroom.
“jungkook? you’re a tree.” you state out of the blue, leaning your cheek against his as he walks outside of the bathroom.
“a tree? why?” he asks curiously.
“you’re very fun to climb.”
the sound of his laughter echoes through your apartment. his body shakes as a result, and you hold onto him for your dear life.
“you’re extra honest when drunk, huh?”
“nuh-uh.” you tut. “not drunk, just tipsy. i’m worse when i’m drunk for real.”
this piques jungkook’s interest. “well, i gotta see that for myself someday soon.”
oh, he will be in for a ride.
he carefully bends down by the edge of the bed to let you get off his back, and you automatically crawl to your soft pillows. a yawn escapes you when your head sinks into them, and loyal to your habits, you cover your mouth as you let it pass.
“babe, wait- let’s change your shirt first.”
you groan, forcing yourself to sit up on the bed. jungkook holds the bottom of your shirt, and you raise your arms as he takes it off. he helps you put on the new one, bunching up the sleeves so it’s easier for your arms to slip through the armholes. you drop back into your previous position on the pillows right after.
jungkook lays next to you after turning off the lights and taking off his clothes except for his boxers. without needing to say the word, you both move to allow your head rest on his tattooed arm instead. his natural body warmth coaxes your tense muscles to relax, and you slip deeper into sheer contentment as you put an arm over his stomach.
“goodnight, baby.” he whispers sweetly, tucking your hair behind your ear.
a lazy smile spreads on his lips when he doesn’t receive a response. you fell asleep as soon as you settled into your usual sleeping position with him, and he feels a lone tear from your drowsiness drip on his chest.
he bends down and cups your cheek in his hand, softly pressing his lips against yours. he just lets them touch for a few seconds, before he spontenously decides to pucker up his without pulling away, giving you a hundred (almost) loud kisses in a row.
he backs away to observe you again, but you remain asleep even after he has poured all his love on you. he chuckles in amusement, restless fingers tracing your features until they reach your puffy eyes.
sadness blossoms in his chest when he is reminded once again that he is the reason why you are so tired. he swallows thickly, promising both you and him that he will make it up to you starting the second that he wakes up in the morning- from making you a delicious breakfast in bed to doing whatever it is that you want to do.
hell, if you suddenly ask for a vacation in antartica, he would book the flights in a heartbeat.
his doe eyes comically wander to his phone laying on the nightstand. “fuck, should i?”
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