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Random Pokemon SWSH character headcanons:


- speaks with a thick cockney accent

- practically a night owl

- good luck waking him up before 11

- actually don’t, he’ll be grumpy as hell if you do


- Lowkey himbo

- is pretty dense at times

- master of terrible puns and cheesy pick up lines

- able to get lost on his way to the bathroom and end up in the reverse world


- 100% a big sweetheart

- will give you the shirt of his back if you need it

- rarely gets angry but is pretty scary if he does

- gives people wooloo eggs he sometimes cone across


- is very laid back when not in a gym battle

- Ball guy kinda freaks him out but he wont admit it

- baby talks to his pokemon

- the meme king


- likes to have tea parties with Opal

- has a super cute smile

- Thinks of Bea and Marnie as his big sisters

- pranks people with Gengar


- don’t challenge her to a staring contest, you’ll loose

- loves bad puns

- if she trusts you enough she’ll allow you to feed Morpeko

- secretly a huge comic nerd


- spends a lot of time preening to make sure he looks his best every morning

- likes spicy foods

- after he becomes the fairy gym leader he mellows out a bit and tries to genuinly uplift his gym trainers to help them be better

- but he still remains prideful as ever most of the time

And thats all for now folks

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So I’ve been playing Pokemon Shield and just wanted to give my thoughts on the 3 main rivals in the game.

First off Hop.  Now at first I didn’t understand why people hated him then I played the game and I hated him.  While many reasons play into it he’s energetic, honestly a terrible trainer despite claiming he’s done his research when it comes to Pokemon, and a walking tutorial that keeps getting surprised you know type match ups like holy cow you picked into the type disadvantage.  But I feel like it’s mainly that first point he’s too energetic and friendly.  While he does start to develop as a trainer it’s too late in the story.  He’s great for very new players to the franchise but all us old veterans just clash to hard.

Next Bede.  I really thought Bede was a girl up until he got really to big for his breeches.  I feel like Bede was supposed to hearken back to the old days have having a jerk rival but bede ends up too mean without any real reason other than “The Chairman Choose Me”.  And while I know that him being an orphan should make us feel bad but I don’t think he deserved to get a happy end.  (don’t at me yes everyone deserve to be happy but you don’t get to be a little shit and not have karma be a bitch).

And Finally Marnie.  I feel that Marnie hits that sweet spot for a rival.  She was treats you like an actual person and is nice but really does want to kick your ass in a pokemon battle.  That’s it I don’t have anything else to add to her 

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What a close match, wouldn’t you say?

I did an art collab with @azuremist! He drew Bede whereas I drew Hop, the background, and did all the lighting and such. I really enjoyed this, thank you to Bede and Azure 💖

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anon asked: “if requests are still open 👀 bede, oleana, and silver with a trainer s/o whos got extreme wanderlust? like, “i can’t stay in the same place for too long or else i get sad but ill visit frequently and still want you in my life”-type of thing. tia and hope ur brain recovers from quarantine rot 💕💕💕💕”

a/n: every day i love oleana more n more like yes i am ur simp queen – mod touko


  • he’ll be super upset at first. bede has abandonment issues and so to him, this is just you giving an excuse to leave him. he’ll sulk around, ignoring your texts and calls for the first few weeks you’re gone. opal has to knock him over the head a few times after he makes mistakes in battle because he’s so upset. 
  • though, he’s very easy to win over once you come back. one hug from you and he’s melting into your arms, tears threatening to spill as he calls you so many mean names, despite being unbelievably happy that you’re back. 
  • it gets better after the first time, after being the proof of you coming back reassures him that no, you’re not leaving him forever. he texts you a lot when he’s free, rambling on about his day and occasionally complaining about gym challengers (and hop).
  • if he has time off from his gym, he’ll occasionally fly over to visit you when he gets a bit lonely. you’re his favorite person and he misses you SO much when you’re not there.
       + “i-it’s not like i came all the way here for you or anything… j-just wanted to see what it’s like in unova.. ‘s all…”


  • she understands the feeling. if she could, she’d do just the same to you. but unfortunately for her, she’s bound to her work and sense of responsibility to the chairman. oleana supports you, though, and would happily send you off each time you leave.
  • doesn’t often have time to call or text, but when she does, it reinvigorates her. something about seeing you happy and free doing what you love most warms her heart like nothing else can. 
  • does get lonely from time to time. you’re really the only person who understands her, and not having you by her side makes her pine for you. hearing your voice over the rotomphone isn’t anything the same as holding you in her arms. she misses the physical contact much more than she thought she would.
  • when you do get back, rose always gives her the day off (despite her protests). oleana will be hard-pressed to let you go the whole day, her listening to the new stories of your travels while humming contentedly. she could listen to you talk all day and never once complain.


  • like bede, he has abandonment issues, but unlike bede he’s not honor bound to his region in any way. of course, he wants to be stronger, but after losing the championship match he really has no sense of purpose. he wants to get stronger, but is staying in johto really the best thing for that? that he wants to know.
  • he decides on a whim to accompany you on your escapades into other regions. he finds that he can strengthen himself all the while watching you be your happiest self. it’s something he wouldn’t trade for the world.
  • when you two are apart, like when he goes back to johto to stay, he tries to take his mind off of things by throwing himself into training extra, not giving himself many breaks. his mind will start wandering to you and then he’ll find that he’s gone soft which he does not want to think about.
  • though, when you get back, ethan would tease silver on just how happy he looks (even though his face still looks stoic). silver tries to deny it, but he can’t. he’ll pull you into his arms, rubbing your back as he whispers into your ear “welcome home”. 
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in a pokemon mode so can I trouble you for a Bede from pokemon? Dango, Moichi and Kitkat.

You’re not troubling me at all with it, in fact I am always delighted for new requests! Thank you for requesting ^-^

»»————-———— ♡ ————————-«« 

♥ KitKat - What do they do to break their Darling?

  • Most likely, Bede won’t be able too. He’s way too emotional, screaming, and being the one to throw a tantrum or do something rash. He doesn’t have a lot of patience, and he isn’t really able to gain any respect that he wishes for desperately from his darling. Thus, they might never get tired of his doings, annoyed, sure, but not really into a position that will make them lose their mind or fight. If they aren’t strong-willed, maybe the time of his captivation is what will bring them to fall, or once he grows older his new actions may become unbearable, but he isn’t out to break them, and it shows

♥ Mochi - Do they believe in punishing their Darling?

  • Bede mostly believes in gaining respect. And there is nothing he wouldn’t try to get that. It moves from showing off, to being dismissive towards them, to punish them for not giving him the respect he deserves. So whatever is necessary to fulfill his desires, he will go through it, and it doesn’t matter if it needs to be as bad as showing them just how much a knife can hurt. He also has a big range on how he punishes them, from using the ever so expensive tools to his pokémon, there’s nothing that would make him go “Oh, maybe I shouldn’t”

♥ Dango - Do they prefer manipulation over a long time, or quick actions?

  • Quick, and mostly imprudent actions. As much as Bede wants to be seen as the great person, he thinks he is, after all, he still has a lot to learn and mature, and it shows in what he does. Their kidnapping is a simple spur of the moment, so is everything that follows. No one teaches you how to take care of someone, but Bede at least… tries. He has never been good with other people, it’s quite hard, but at least they won’t starve, even though they shouldn’t expect a balanced diet either
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