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#bedlam answers
bedlamsbard · a year ago
What would Sith Ahsoka's name be?
Darth Atropos, after the Fate who cuts the thread of mortal lives.  You know.  Snip snip.
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lotstradamus · a year ago
Lottie I’m crying out for book recs. do you know any good historical fiction?
general war/soldiers
Ancient Greece
weird and queer
just that real good shit
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pagingdoctorbedlam · 5 days ago
ok so an idea popped into my head recently: cp9 as pokemon. the current roster:
looch as absol. big goth cat that's really powerful.
kaku as girafarig. bc giraffe.
jabra as lycanroc, specifically midnight lycanroc bc he's so... eehh??? but hes a wolf so
kalifa is a tough one, but i think pheromosa fits best because pheromosa allegedly sees everything as dirty and fights mostly with kicks
blueno as bouffalant. i dont think i need to explain this one.
kumadori was another tough one. i initially wanted to go with (pink) nihilego for the tentacle-hair look, but eventually i decided on shiny mawile for him
fukuro is either banette or decidueye, leaning more toward banette
Oooooh, interesting idea Anon...I've definitely put some thought into what pokemon teams they'd have, but not each member as a single pokemon!
Lot of good matches here! I wanted to see if I could come up with some alternatives, so here goes...
Lucci: Absol's a good choice, but I'd like to posit a similar option: Incineroar. Still a dark cat, but has more of that arrogant swagger Lucci has, and the fighting style matches quite a bit too!
Kaku: Yes, absolutely Girafarig. But if we choose a non-giraffe option? Consider Bisharp. Entire body is a sharp and stabby weapon. Swords permanently on-hand. Designed after a chess piece, which I find fitting for how CP9 is used (and thrown aside).
Jabra: Oh gosh, Midnight Lycanroc is SO DARN PERFECT. But I've dedicated myself to coming up with alternatives! So, hmm...well, Lucario is a steel/fighting type, which fits Jabra being a martial-arts master with a focus on the Iron Body technique. Plus, it's still a canine!
Kalifa: I tried to think of a sheep pokemon, but much as I'd love to pin her as an Ampharos, those...are electric, which is what defeated her. But if we look at water types (befitting bubbles AND getting zapped), how about Suicune? Also beautiful, and as listed in its Pokedex entries, it's themed around purifying things, like how Kalifa's soap "purifies" her enemies.
Blueno: This was a hard one, because I wanted something that could replicate his powers to a point but still had horns...turns out, a male Indeedee has his horns, PLUS is a psychic type, allowing it to use things like the Room abilities! Plus, having it be designed after a valet fits with Blueno's service industry bartender job, and its Inner Focus ability helps it remain relatively unflappable, much like Blueno (until Luffy curb-stomped him...)
Kumadori: When I think of a hair focus for pokemon, I think of Furfrou. First off, it has a Kabuki haircut, perfect for Kumadori. And its Fur Coat ability halves damage it takes from physical sources, like how Kumadori can use his hair as a weapon and shield alike. Plus, I've raised furfrou and they are POWERFUL AND TERRIFYING.
Fukuro: Okay, I don't think I can top Banette with the zipper-mouth and all, and my second idea would've been Decidueye. I do LOVE the idea of him as a ghost type though, makes sense with his taunting nature and how he zips around the battlefield. So if I had to go for one you didn't pick, I'd like go for, say, Gengar or Dusknoir. But heck, Banette is so darn perfect.
This was a lot of fun to consider, anon! Thanks for the discussion; now I want to build this team and see how it plays out in battle! (I've raised quite a few of them already, I might be able to pull it off...once I get everything into the same game, at least.)
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bedlamsbard · a year ago
*Sees a Twi’lek in The Mandalorian trailer* Bedlam will be happy
Tumblr media
Bedlam is THRILLED.
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bedlamsbard · 3 years ago
What are the top 10 sw comics you would recommend to someone (particularly from the dark horse years)? I'm taking advantage of the comixology sale and thought you'd be a good person to ask ^^
Star Wars comics! My favorite thing and in all honesty, I think the best thing Lucasfilm is putting out right now.  And they’re putting out a lot of them.
As with anything in Star Wars, answers will vary based on what era of Star Wars you’re into; for Dark Horse I’m very weak on on the OT era because I don’t particularly care.  I’ve read a lot of them, at least from the 2000s (if not the ‘90s and earlier); they just didn’t stick with me.
(I’ve done some recs in the past that cover both books and comics; you’ll have to search a bit through my book rec tag, and they’re sometimes dated because comics come out all the time, but the Dark Horse ones will be more up to date since they’re not new.)
Dark Horse:
Knights of the Old Republic, John Jackson Miller -- one of my favorite Star Wars titles of all time, by my favorite Star Wars author.  Set during the Old Republic, about a Jedi padawan who’s framed for murder and has to go on the run.  So much fun, and one of the most thoughtful views of the Force that I’ve ever seen.
Legacy, John Ostrander & Jan Duursema -- my other favorite Star Wars Legends comic, by a great author/artist pair (who are probably best known for creating Quinlan Vos and Aayla Secura, actually!).  Set a century and change after the OT; probably the most purely epic stories ever told in the Star Wars comics.  It revolves primarily around Cade Skywalker, Luke’s great-grandson, who’s a hot mess of a human being, but has some of the best characters I’ve ever seen in Star Wars, hands down.  And a really interesting take on the post-Sidious Sith.
Legacy II, Corinna Bechko & Gabriel Hardman -- set after Legacy I, but you don’t have to read the former to read this one, though it helps.  Centers on Ania Solo and some misadventures she gets into -- if you like TFA, you’ll probably like Legacy II; there are some superficial resemblances.  This one ends rather abruptly because it was ongoing when Marvel reacquired the Star Wars license from Dark Horse, and had to wrap up much more quickly than planned.
Republic/Clone Wars, various authors -- this is the old Clone Wars continuity and directly contradicts TCW (though I actually still believe it ties AotC and RotS together better than TCW, much as I love TCW).  These are published in trade as “Clone Wars” but ran under the Star Wars: Republic title back in the day.  The quality is a bit variable because of the different authors, and because they came out between AotC and RotS they can sometimes feel a little dated, but the ones that are good are very good.  My favorite is the Last Stand at Jabiim arc by Haden Blackman, which is just...incredible.  It’s about Anakin after everyone thinks Obi-Wan has been killed, and a group of padawans whose masters have all been killed, and a doomed war zone.  The Ostrander/Duursema arc, which follows Quinlan Vos, is also a favorite.
Knight Errant, John Jackson Miller -- another title set during the Old Republic.  This one has a novel tie-in, also called Knight Errant; it’s set after the first arc of the comics (though you can read either the comics or the novel without the others).  Follows a young female Jedi who’s trapped behind Sith lines, Kerra Holt.
I can rec all the ongoing titles -- Star Wars, Darth Vader II, Poe Dameron, Doctor Aphra, along with IDW’s Star Wars Adventures -- without hesitation.  They’re all a lot of fun; I don’t really have reservations about any of them.  Same for the Gillen Darth Vader, which wrapped last year (and crossed over with the main title and introduces the title character for Doctor Aphra).  Let me talk a bit about the miniseries
Kanan, Greg Weisman -- I think it’s been well established that this is one of my favorite comics Marvel’s put out, but I can’t do a rec post and not mention it.  It’s gorgeous and funny and heartbreaking, and it’s full of clone feels and Jedi feels and Rebels feels.
Darth Maul, Cullen Bunn -- I loved this, and I really didn’t expect to at all.  It takes place prior to TPM and sees Maul pushing his boundaries with Sidious as he goes after a Jedi padawan on his own.  It’s a great comic for anyone familiar with TCW, since there are some familiar faces there (Cad Bane and Aurra Sing, anyone?), and even a few nods to Rebels.
Han Solo, Marjorie Liu -- THIS COMIC IS SO GOOD. It’s Han and Chewie on a mission for the Rebellion that requires then to enter a race, and then things get interesting.  It’s so delightful and colorful and so much fun. (And really explains, for me, why Han in Bloodline is off being a race star, which in Bloodline came out of the blue for me; you can see here how he realized this was a thing he could do.)
Mace Windu - Jedi of the Republic, Matt Owens -- this one just ended last week, so isn’t available in trade yet.  I’m fascinated by this one, because it takes place very early in the Clone Wars -- very early, and you can really see how the Jedi were operating at that stage and if you’re familiar with TCW, there are a lot of seeds laid here for things that come later (as well as in RotS).
Shattered Empire, Greg Rucka -- this was part of the Journey to The Force Awakens line that came out a few years ago.  It takes up immediately after RotJ and follows Shara Bey, an A-wing pilot who fought at the Battle of Endor -- and who also happens to be Poe Dameron’s mother.  It’s only four issues, but there’s a lot packed in there, from Palpatine’s slash-and-burn contingency plans (which reappear in Battlefront II, I believe) to some deep Force stuff to Naboo!!!! Completely delightful.
I do like the other minis -- Princess Leia, Obi-Wan & Anakin, Chewbacca, Lando, and Captain Phasma -- and I can talk more about them if anyone is interested, but of the minis those four are my favorites.  There’s also Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir, which was originally published by Dark Horse and was recently reprinted by Marvel; it’s based on unused TCW scripts and is the only Dark Horse comic to carry into the new canon.  The quality of the singles and the annuals can be variable, but some of them are really good -- the 2016 Star Wars Annual #2 by Kelly Thompson is incredible, and I’ve recently talked about how much I liked The Storms of Crait.
I’m happy to talk more about any of these if anyone wants!  I’m up to date on all of Marvel’s Star Wars comics except for the film adaptations, because I don’t think those ever transfer well to comics, so I don’t read them.  I’m weaker on the Dark Horse stuff because I haven’t read it all, but I have read a lot of it.
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pagingdoctorbedlam · 5 days ago
how in the name of heck does kumadori comb his hair
i myself have somewhat long hair and it can be. difficult to comb even though it's only mid-back. kumadori's hair is literally floor-length!!!
That's a good question. I have some family and friends with long hair, so I'm guessing...
-He uses the horse-strength shampoos and conditioners (those can tame ANYTHING)
-He takes ~ f o r e v e r ~ in the shower, with multiple rounds of shampoo and conditioner. Likely has specialized combs and brushes too.
-Maybe he can use Life Return to help manage his hair? If he can control individual hairs, that'd help with sorting out knots and the like.
(Also, if you're the anon who requested the Kumadori summer prompt, worry not! It's in progress~)
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pagingdoctorbedlam · 10 days ago
Hi Bedlam! I want to send you a summer prompt + character but was wondering if you had a list of OP characters you write for? I know you primarily write for CP9 but I was wondering if there were other characters besides them you enjoy writing for. Thanks! 😊
Oh goodness, I should make a list of that! Until I do that, here we go:
While I'd love to say I write for anyone in One Piece, I'm still in pre-timeskip (I'm in Amazon Lily right now!), other than having seen Gold and Stampede. So that being said:
I'm comfortable writing for CP9 and the Straw Hats, plus anyone else who appears in the Water 7 saga. I think I could do alright with Smoker and Tashigi too, and I can take a swing at characters from previous arcs if we saw them a decent amount. (Sorry, no super minor characters unless you don't mind me Headcanoning The Hell out of them.)
The Supernovas and later characters seem Cool As Hell, but as I've seen so little of them, I don't feel comfortable writing them yet. I can give them a whirl, but it'll likely be primarily based on Fanon appearances instead of Canon.
Otherwise, ask if there's anyone you're curious about, and I'll give it a go?
Also: I am flexible with format. I will write x Reader (default to Gender Neutral), I will write fics with different characters interacting (even outside of canon!), I can solo write them, I can even handle OCs *if the mood strikes me and a mutual requests it*.
Thank you for checking!
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bedlamsbard · 3 months ago
I hope things get better for you and that you feel better💕
Thank you. <3
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bedlamsbard · 2 months ago
Person I’m following with the coolest tag system
sometimes I can’t remember my tagging system and have to look at the list of tags, which I probably need to update.
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bedlamsbard · 3 months ago
Hey there! I got accepted to Agnes Scott College, and as someone who works in academia in Atlanta have you heard anything about them? I've researched on my own but I like multiple perspectives .-.
I’ve never been to their campus, but grad students from my university teach there fairly commonly (I haven’t but I know someone who has) and it’s not terribly far from me so in the Before Times I’d see students in my local Starbucks.  I’ve heard relatively good things about it (or at least never heard anything actively bad).  I realize this isn’t exactly the most useful information, but fwiw the suburb it’s in is very nice as such things go.
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