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agnidusagate · 6 days ago
If it's okay to ask for gg gifs, might it be possible for me to get one for Bedman's respect animation? (the one where he takes his head off) I just think it's cute
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incorrect-guilty-gear · 14 days ago
Leo: Mind if I cut in?
Bedman: Really? That’s the best you could come up with?
Leo: Maybe I would’ve had something better if someone didn’t murder all my speechwriters!
Bedman: People actually wrote your speeches? And you paid them? Fuck it, I’m glad they’re dead.
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guiltygearofficial · 20 days ago
did bedman just take over the blog and you just let him go at it?
No, he runs the Guilty Gear Reddit Account, not the Tumblr. That one belongs to me, Daisuke Ishiwatari.
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guiltygearofficial · 23 days ago
Robo-Ky has succesfully passed the turing test. Bedman has not.
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guiltygearofficial · 25 days ago
Has Bedman ever wet the bed?
Despite what some people may think, the Bed is in fact always wet. This is due to the fact that it’s a water bed. Now you may say “Mr. Daisuke Ishiwatari, creator of the Guilty Gear Franchise and very handsome videogame developer, it looks nothing like a waterbed!” You see dear Gearster, that’s just what waterbeds look like in the year 2187.
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guiltygearofficial · 26 days ago
Bedman has a rantsona. It's a sheep.
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guiltygearofficial · 27 days ago
When Slayer launches people into space with his final smash who's job is it to get them back?
Nobodys. Slayer’s instant kill is how we trim down the roster for new installments. You get hit by Slayers instant kill? You get removed from the roster. It’s why Bedman is never coming back.
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guiltygearofficial · 29 days ago
What did the GG characters bring for show and tell?
Sol brought the Sheer Heart Attack Queen Album, he then proceeded to infodump about its history, discography and impact on the musical world at large for the entire school lesson.
Ky brought his collection of tea cups. The teacher gave him an A cause she fell asleep midway through his presentation
May brought a dolphin. She learned during show and tell that a dolphin can survive exactly 80% of a regular school lesson without water.
Zato brought Eddie and got a passing grade in exchange for never bringing Eddie again (he ate a child)
Millia brought Eddie again
Potemkin brought his dad Gabriel cause he thinks his dad is really cool. Gabriel then proceeded to give a Zepp history class. The students hated it but the teacher loved it.
Chipp presented the 2nd volume of Naruto in original japanese for the 7th time in class
Faust brought Zappa
Axl brought a bunch of bootleg disney merchandise that he claimed was from another timeline. In truth, he forgot today was show and tell and he got those from a second hand store
Kliff brought the corpse of a gear and has since not been allowed to go within 500ft of any school
Testament brought his bird, which he used to curse three different students before being escorted from the building
Baiken brought sake and promptly failed that class.
Anji brought a cool butterfly. The teacher failed him because he got crossed up by the butterfly thrice during that lesson
Venom brought his favorite book like a normal person
Johnny also brought his favorite book. He is also not allowed to go within 500ft of any school now.
Jam brought delicious food. Techncially not in the spirit of things, but nobody complained. 
Dizzy brought a bunch of animals, which at first were a huge hit, until they ended up running lose within the school. They’re still looking for Eddie.
Bridget brought his yoyo, with which he did really sick tricks all lesson.
Slayer brought a haiku of his own writing, after which he encouraged all children present to write their own haikus. He was a huge hit, even if nobody was quite sure why this old man showed up in the middle of an elementary school math class and handed out haikus.
I-no brought her guitar, on which she played a guitar solo hot enough to set the school on fire. She also brought arson equipment, which was surely unrelated.
Robo-Ky was brought in for show and tell. All the kids made him fortnite dance while yelling “go robo-boy go”
That Man brought Gears to show and tell which is why he’s the FBI’s most wanted.
Sin brought Ramlethal. After being asked whether she is the same Ramlethal that threatened to destroy humanity two weeks ago, he assured everyone that no, this is a completly different Ramlethal.
Ramlethal brought her dog. Suprisingly, she had  the most normal presentation out of everyone.
Elphelt brought guns. She then joined Kliff and Johnny in the “not allowed near schools anymore” club.
Raven is also in that club and I will not elaborate why
Leo brought his own dictionary, which was quickly filled with youthful slang. He wrote his own name under the definition of “swag” and “drip”
Bedman brought his own bed and was sent to the principals office for sleeping in class. They’re still looking for the principal.
Giovanna brought her dog. Spirit dogs meet the perfect middle ground between “acceptable” like normal dogs and “please never come back” like Eddie.
Nagoriyuki brought a rice ball, which he lectured the entire class on for 20 minutes.
Answer brought visa cards to the Chipp Kingdom for everyone and also ballot papers with Chipp premarked.
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yggdrsyl · a month ago
Tumblr media
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guiltygearofficial · a month ago
Which guilty gear character is the best at wii sports? and at which sports?
Ky bought Sin a wii because it’s “One of them videogames the kids like but it’s also keeping you fit so it’s good for you!”. He hasn’t played any sport except Golf, thought he plays that one exceptionally well because he’s a boring rich dude
Sol and Leo both “Play” the boxing game. Play in this context meaning that they select a Ky Mii for the second player and beat the shit out of it as stress relief
The Jellyfish pirates have a Wii Bowling night every thursday morning, most of which are won by Johnny. May personally prefers Wii Sport Resort Jet-Ski instead
The assassins used to have a Wii in the common room, but now nobody gets to play it because Eddie ate both of their wiimotes when he lost at table tennis for the 4th time in a row.
Potemkin is unfortunately unable to play wii sports without instantly destroying the TV, however he finds much enjoyment in watching Gabriel break his record in the frisbee game. 
Whenever Answer opposes one of Chipps newest laws, he is forced to challenge him to the Swordplay game in Wii Sports Resort. If he loses, the law goes through. If he wins, Chipp complains about how his wii motion plus isn’t working right and the law goes through anyways
Axl plays the archery game and flexes about the fact that he managed to hit one of the secret targets once. 
Kliff and the rest of the holy order regularly play the canoeing minigame together, as a teamwork excersize. They’re currently on their 7th TV.
Faust plays wii sports resort basketball because  he was disqualified from real basketball for being too tall
Baiken beat the swordfighting gauntlet minigame perfectly on the first try. The wiimote wasn’t even connected.
Anji plays the air sports exploration minigame because he likes to air sports exploration things
Dizzy doesn’t care much for it, but Undyne and Necro play boxing against each other whenever Dizzy gets too close to any TV in the kiske manor.
Zappa is completly unbeatable in the tennis minigame, which is very easy when your entire existence is waggling due to ghost posession.
Bedman has collected every single Wii Sports Resort stamp to prove that he’s a real gamer.
Ramlethal plays the frisbee minigame because Dogy
I-no invented the game “Strip Wii Sports”. No one has yet to play it with her
That spike through Ravens head? That happened during a game of Wii Sports Baseball.
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earluydx · a month ago
Tumblr media
Gear Xrd
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Elphelt: Bedman, explain it like a normal person
Bedman: Ramlethal seems to understand
Ramlethal: *Scribbling in a notepad*
Elphelt: Ram is drawing stick figures
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gear-project · a month ago
Even though Bedman is currently 'dead' and whatnot, is the Nightmare Theater still probably up and running...or at least capable of being entered? I've wondered about this for quite sometime. Dreams are linked to the Backyard, so it probably part of it since Sol compared to the dimension, though it was Bedman's own personal dimension more or less in XRD.
Bedman is known for “taking over” other people’s dreams and transforming them in to his Nightmare Theater, but I can’t say for certain how that works, if it has any drawbacks (given how powerful it is).
Most dreams are formed beyond a person’s control... meaning they are detritus from all the information humanity engages with in the day-to-day.
You could say it’s like taking a “memory dump” when your brain is full of observed data.
That data, then gets transported to and “merges” with the Backyard itself.... a dense ball of Dream-like data.
The only reason Dreams are somewhat separate from the Backyard is because of the data they generate.
In other words, what you experienced in the “real world” gets generated as a “copy of itself” in to the Backyard as a Dreamspace.
So, in a way it’s like an “island space” within the current of the Backyard, but such data is usually only temporary and eventually gets subsumed and deconstructed (being subsumed means it turns back in to Dream Sand, like what we saw in the Theater’s secondary form).
So far, the only “Artificial Space” that is stable enough to exist within the Backyard for an extended period is the Cube that Asuka created (or his living residence, when he was inside the Backyard for an extended period).
It’s like living in a really thick “bubble” that gets tossed around in a huge torrent river... which hopefully won’t collide with any solid data or matter and get smashed.
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valentinecult · a month ago
“A Happy Family”
The one stage in the Open Beta that stood out to me was the ‘A Happy Family’ stage. 
It’s too...creepy and unworldly. I kind of got Nightmare Theater vibes but this stage is different with the floating cubes that have images of an interior of a house and shadow people. 
There was a description for the stage that said; ‘it defies the laws of physics’
If this description is right about the bizarre nature of the stage, it might be connected to the Backyard. 
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broken-clover · 2 months ago
After over a year, I finally finished the next chapter of A Place to Call Home, featuring Chipp and Answer! I’m so excited to have this one completed! I don’t normally broadcast my uploads on tumblr, but over the past year I’ve had several people ask when the next chapter would be up, so I thought this seemed appropriate
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mogai-headcanons · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bedman from Guilty Gear is a genderhoarder felisgender sleepygender menheracoric bxy who uses he/him and ⌛/⌛s pronouns! ⌛s caretaker is Faust, a floric demiboy who uses it/its and they/them pronouns, and they’re in love with Slayer, a panromantic reciprosexual xenogender man who uses he/him and they/them pronouns!
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cavalrycat · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
excuse me
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gear-project · 3 months ago
Rev0 Mod Project and my Thoughts...
It has come to my attention that Rev0 (a fan-made mod) of Guilty Gear Xrd Rev2 is in the works.  Details here.
And, to be honest, I have a wishlist, specifically for "Nightmare Bedman"... as a boss.
Tumblr media
Here's what I want:
---Bedman's old Forward-Heavyslash (6H) crossup from Xrd Sign (he has to have this back... it's what made him scary in the first place).
---And just for good measure, make it so he can Deja-Vu his 6H as well, as a single-hitting Gamma-blade-like Projectile.
---Aerial Deja Vus like his Rev2 incarnation.
---Air/Ground Backdash can "warp" to the other side of the screen when Bedman's near the screen corner/screen edge, like Arakune in BlazBlue.
---Bedman's "Dash Parry" can be done multiple times consecutively without resetting Bedman to neutral standing state (i.e. he can dash at you, warp-parry, if you attack again quickly, he can warp-parry that too without standing startup).  This would be limited up until Bedman parries a special attack (i.e. Volcanic Viper/Stun Edge).
---Deja Vu Seals last longer and have different strength levels, depending on the special move: Level 1: Task A (headtoss), Task B (beyblade spin) Can be dispelled immediately if the seal is attacked, like normal. Level 2: Task A'Prime (slow headwarp), 6H (dash projectile) the seal can be dispelled after two hits. Level 3: Task C (Bedflip/Beddrop), Synusoidal Helios OD (Bedman's only reversal), these seals take 3 hits to be dispelled or the player has to wait until they disappear.
---Synusoidal Helios can NOW be Deja-Vu'd (Deja Vu input is 421+H) and has two versions: the fast version (421+H) (which now requires no Tension), and the enhanced Overdrive Version (632146+H), which is now a SAFE reversal and cannot be thrown/interrupted. ---Deja Vu version of S.Helios (421+H) is a Level 1 Deja Vu when used with the 421 Tensionless input, but is a Level 3 Deja Vu (same input) when 632146+H version is used.  Burst Overdrive version 632146+D has the same effects, just enhanced damage as per usual. ---Worth noting, Fast S.Helios (421+H) can still be thrown on startup but has no Overdrive animation, but can be dash-buffered like other DP reversal attacks.
---Hemi Jack Summon (632146+S) now has an enhanced input 6+S that determines if Hemi Jack will appear in front of Bedman or behind  Bedman's opponent.  Now only costs 50% Tension instead of the full amount. ---Hemi Jack can absorb/super armor three hits for Bedman but won't disappear until the 4th attack, otherwise he will continue to either track the opponent (can still hit them in crouching or standing position), or will track relatively in front of Bedman's position (632146+S, then 6+S). ---If Hemi Jack hits the opponent there is a 50/50 chance that instead of dizzying the opponent, that their controls are completely randomized for a certain amount of time.
---New Nightmare Theater Overdrive: If Bedman has 100 Tension, he can now perform 222+S, 222+H, or 222+D, and he will perform his "screen wipe" animation (from his second winpose) that instantly transports Bedman and his foe into his "Nightmare Realm"!!!  This move can be done regardless of if Bedman is on the ground or in the air.
222+S version will turn the screen grey and will slow his opponent down to a near-crawl (similar to how Roman Cancel effects work), this effect will last until Bedman runs out of Tension, which will slowly deplete in this state.  The opponent can still block if they are currently in guard frames, but can still be thrown/air thrown, and active hitboxes will still "hit" Bedman, but cannot interrupt this state until Bedman runs out of Tension.
222+H version assails the opponent with a series of Deja Vu attacks (similar or equivalent to Jedah's Finale Rosso attack in Vampire Savior), this move acts as a command grab, regardless of whether or not the opponent is standing, crouching, or jumping.  The attack hits for 66 hits.
222+D version is the Burst Overdrive version, which enhances the damage but has the same effect as the 222+H version, only it performs 666 Hits.
---ULTIMATE Deja Vu Overdrive: This move costs Bedman his Psyche Burst and Full Tension to execute: (input is 2363214+H+D).  Once executed, Bedman will perform an enhanced Deja Vu animation that will completely restore his Lifebar (ala Gill's Resurrection).  Can only be done once per Round.
During this state, the opponent cannot move to attack Bedman, or if they have, their attacks cannot interrupt the startup of this move, only push them backwards.  Blocking the move cannot interrupt the pushback/timefreeze.  Bedman can perform this state from Standing, Jumping, or Reversal.  It does no damage to the opponent.
Welp... I posted everything I want to see.... we'll see what they come up with!
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cannondisabledcharacters · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Today’s disabled character of the day is Bedman from Guilty Gear, who is in a persistent vegetative state
Requested by Anon
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