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#bedtime roundup

bedtime roundup day 8 (8-9 Nov 2020)

+ excellent sleep last night and a promising one coming up

+ my friend made cookies

- only a couple weeks to end of the semester, scary grades time

+ my other friend is practicing establishing healthy boundaries and working on her self-esteem and i can see her progress and she’s doing so well. we have a self-care spa night set up soon

how was your day?

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bedtime roundup day 5 i think? (4 Nov 2020):

+ i had a nice dinner with my friends and it was so yummy. my friends are so good at cooking I am overflowing with love for them

+ i did my homework for chemistry and took a lab exam that i feel good about

- election anxiety. my back aches with it.

+ i am going to drive my friend to work tomorrow and i love being able to wake up early and spend quiet time listening to music with him and help him bc i love him mucho, so it’s three wins in one

what’s up with you guys? how was your day?

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missed bedtime roundup the last couple days on account of being HELLA busy, so here’s a good morning roundup!

day 4, (03 Nov 2020):

+ i am OFFICIALLY DEDICATED to changing my major to english! i’m free of stem after this semester! woohoo!

+ yesterday was my friend’s birthday! we ate cake and indian food from our favorite place and hung out with our favorite people!

- i am scared about the election, but that’s an okay and reasonable emotion to feel. things are scary right now. it’s okay to be scared and for that fear to make it hard to do things, so long as it doesn’t keep you from doing the important things, like voting. please vote if you’re eligible. please

+ I got to sleep in a room full of my friends whom I love very much, which always makes me feel good. I get lonely very easily and don’t like sleeping on my own lol

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forgot to do last nights bedtime roundup, but we can do it late! day 3 (30/31 oct 2020)!

  • I had a nice dinner with my friends
  • I carved a pumpkin that looked like a rat!
  • there was an armed person on campus that had to be detained and that was scary, even if it turned out okay and nobody got hurt
  • my friend felt overwhelmed so we and another friend walked in our pajamas down to the park and put our feet in the river even though it was cold and 10 at night and listened to Donna The Buffalo

you can add on your three positives and one negative of the day if you want! or just anything about your day!

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bedtime roundup day 2 (29 oct 2020):

  • i visited an old friend at her place of work and got a Nightmare Before Christmas pin that says “simply meant to be,” which reminded me of sanders sides and made me smile!
  • i am wearing my favorite shirt that makes me feel like a cool lesbian pirate
  • i’m scared of talking to my family about changing my major because i want them to sulport me but don’t know if they will
  • a dog is sleeping on my feet right now and he is so snuggly and cute

add on 3 positives and 1 negative of your day! or just anything about your day!

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bedtime roundup day 1 (29 Oct 2020)

  • Positive 1: I messaged an old high school teacher asking what it was like to teach English in a public school in NC. It was a nice conversation and I think I wanna learn more about switching my major so I can go into education instead of healthcare! (I hate healthcare, I don’t know why I’m in STEM, I can’t do math)
  • Positive 2: She said her favorite part about teaching was “adopting” kids with nowhere to go for lunch and I think that’s great bc she lowkey adopted me and all my gay friends back in high school. Had a whole flock of baby gays in her room for lunchbreak. idk that was just very validating for me to know she liked me being in her space. I wanna be her when I grow up
  • Negative: I have a bunch of late lab work I need to email my TA about and that sucks. The chem department at my school is super strict but maybe he’ll be lenient if I beg
  • Positive 3: My best friend and roommate gave me a kiss on the head and I think that was nice

Feel free to add on! Any format is fine, but I do 2 positives, 1 negative, and finish off with 1 last positive!

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hey i think before i go to bed i’m gonna start listing good things in my life because i’m very stressed and think it will be good for my mental health. block the tag “#bedtime roundup” if you don’t want to see it, but otherwise feel free to add onto the posts i make with good things about your days!

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