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homoquartz · 3 months ago
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another barry allergy comic sorry
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lostcoves · a year ago
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ft. bunny!tamaki amajiki x fem!reader
genre: smut
wc & warnings: 2.3k | hybrid au, use of sex toys, blowjobs, titty sucking, mommy kink, handjobs, praise kink, breeding kink, cunnilingus, possessive tamaki
premise: you’re tasked with babysitting your friend’s bunny. little did you know what kind of bunny he was. sexy shenanigans ensue. 
note: my piece for @ultimate-astridwriting​’s hybrid collab! this is my first time writing nsfw so i hope you enjoy this! and please, minors.. don’t interact with this. filter #lostcoves.nsfw!
Tumblr media
your friend needed a babysitter. you were more than happy to volunteer! but you didn’t realize who– or better yet, what– you would be babysitting.
“(y/n)! thank you so much for coming!” your friend nejire greeted you with a hug, dark bags hanging from her eyes. you embraced her and exclaimed, “nejire! it’s so good to see you–” but paused at the sight of her exhaustion, “–you look like shit, girl. are you okay?”
“yes!” she chirped with a grin. her grin faltered slightly when you frowned, “well, no. i’m tired. i need this date night with yuyu so badly.”
“that’s what i’m here for!” you chuckled. you looked around the foyer of the apartment and asked, “who am i looking after?”
“oh, my bunny tamaki!”
a bunny? a pet bunny? you smiled, that should be easy enough. 
“aw! cute! can i meet the little fella?” you set your belongings aside in the foyer. nejire nodded and shouted, “tamaki! your babysitter is here! come meet them!”
a crash echoed throughout the apartment, as a figure timidly emerged from behind the archway to the living room. your eyes widened at the sight before you, your jaw going slack.
it was a bunny, all right. a hybrid bunny, to be exact. his fluffy bunny ears perked up and his cotton ball tail wagged nervously, as the indigo haired hybrid slowly approached you and nejire. swallowing your nerves, you whisper-shouted to your friend, “you didn’t tell me that you had a hybrid, nejire!”
“i did?” don’t play dumb, nejire! “but he’s a good boy. he won’t give you any trouble. isn’t that right, tama-tama!”
the bunny boy nodded, hugging his shoulders and adverting his eyes from the two of you. nejire handed you a list and informed you, “everything you need to know about bunny hybrids is on this list! i’ll be back tomorrow!”
“wait, ne–” it was too late, she was already out the door. you let out an annoyed sigh and eyed tamaki, “so.. you’re a bunny hybrid, huh?”
tamaki nodded, still not looking you in the eye. you frowned, “i don’t bite, tamaki. it’s okay. you don’t have to be so nervous around me.”
“sorry..” he muttered, finally speaking. his voice was soft like his fuzzy ears, your heart skipped a beat. 
“it’s okay!” you reassured him. you looked down at the list nejire gave you and offered to tamaki, “you want something to eat?”
tamaki’s bunny ears twitched at the mention of food, “y- yes please!”
“okay! i’ll go fix something up for you,” you made a beeline to the kitchen and opened the fridge. bunny hybrids mainly ate a variety of vegetables, surely nejire had some vegetables for tamaki. 
“do you want some bell peppers and–” you whipped your head around and found tamaki collapsed on the floor. you rushed to his side and cradled him in your arms, “tamaki! tamaki, what’s wrong?”
“hh.. too hot..” he whined, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead. 
“don’t worry! i got you!” you picked up the bunny boy and carried him bridal style to nejire’s bathroom. once inside, you helped tamaki strip– keeping your eyes close as to not invade his privacy– and placed him in the bathtub, running a cold bath for the hybrid. 
“just stay here for now, okay? i’m gonna call nejire,” you told tamaki. he gave you a nod and curled up in the tub, allowing his body to soak in the icy water. you stepped outside the bathroom and dialed nejire’s number, waiting for her to pick up the call.
“hello?” nejire answered the call.
“oh thank god- look, nejire. i think tamaki’s sick.”
“sick?” nejire sounded concerned.
“yes! i was getting him something to eat when he just collapsed. he was complaining the heat.. god, what do i do?!”
“first, calm down. second, he might have gone into heat.”
“heat? like horny heat?!”
“yes. i track his heat cycle and i thought he wouldn’t go into heat for another week or two but sometimes sudden bursts of heat can happen. i’m gonna need you to help him, (y/n).”
you pulled the phone away from your ear and covered the speaker, letting out a muffled scream. you were not qualified for this! you put the phone back to your ear and asked, “what do i need to do?”
“i have a fleshlight in the trunk by the foot of my bed. give it to him and he’ll take care of himself,” nejire gave you instructions, “good luck. i gotta go back to my date, okay?”
“wait, ne–” too late, she hung up. you let out a frustrated scream and pocketed your phone. taking a deep breath and centering yourself, you made your way back into the bathroom and told tamaki, “hey tamaki, i’m here to help you.”
the poor bunny boy hugged his knees to his chest, tears forming in his eyes. he looked like he was in so much pain. it made your heart break from the sight. you helped him out of the tub and dried tamaki off with a towel, “it’s gonna be okay. we’re gonna take care of this. together.”
“together?” tamaki pouted a bit.
“together,” you promised.
tamaki hugged you, “th- thank you,” unaware that his boner was poking your pelvis. you blushed at the sensation but pushed those thoughts aside and focused on the primary objective, “come with me.”
you guided tamaki to nejire’s bedroom and sat him on the bed, as you approached the trunk and opened it. you rummaged about the trunk and pulled out a fleshlight. your face grew hotter at the sight and you gulped, “you can do this, (y/n).. you can do this.”
“help me..” tamaki whined, tears streaming down his cheeks. poor baby, you thought to yourself, this must be really painful for him.
“lean on me, okay?” you climbed onto the bed and placed tamaki between your legs, his back leaning against your chest. a whimpered escaped his pretty pink lips, his cock twitching and leaking some pre-cum. 
“i’m gonna use the fleshlight on your cock, okay? it will relieve some of the pain,” you whispered to tamaki. he whined again and thrusted his hips, trying to get his cock into the fleshlight. carefully, you inserted the fleshlight on tamaki’s cock and stroked him with the toy. 
“ah! ah!” tamaki gasped, already coming from a few strokes. what a sensitive baby. you pulled the fleshlight off his cock, some of the cum spilling out and straining the bedsheets. 
“aw.. poor baby,” you cooed to tamaki, his pheromones making your head fuzzy. maybe the fleshlight wasn’t the best way to relieve tamaki of his boner, for his cock was still hard and angry. 
“tamaki, can i suck your cock?”
you weren’t sure what came over you but now you were feeling horny. tamaki nodded rapidly and you hopped off the bed, tamaki doing the same and standing up so you were eye– or mouth– level to his cock. you got on your knees and gently caressed his cock, “you’re so big, tamaki..”
“hhh.. i am?” he asked, legs trembling. 
“yes. such a pretty cock you have, too. i can’t wait to suck it,” you elaborated, your mouth salivating at sucking his cock. sure, you weren’t a virgin and have sucked a few dicks before, but none were as pretty as tamaki’s. 
“ah!” tamaki cried out when you took his cock in your mouth. you slurped and sucked on his dick, starting out gentle and increasing your intensity with each minute you sucked. tamaki entangled his nimble fingers in your hair, gripping down hard when you managed to lick a fairly sensitive part of his dick.
“th- there! right there!” you were more than happy to oblige his wishes, licking a long strip around the sensitive part of tamaki’s cock. it wasn’t long before tamaki was coming again, shooting hot spurts of cum down your throat. you pulled off of tamaki’s dick and hesitantly swallowed his cum. it was sweet, kinda tasted like carrot.
“sorry for coming without a warning,” he apologized softly. you patted tamaki on the thigh and smiled, “it’s okay, honey. i don’t mind.”
“can.. can i return the favor?” he asked, his doe eyes staring at you expectantly.
you clasped your hands together, “you can.”
you climbed back on the bed and beckoned him to take you clothes off. with shaking hands, tamaki stripped you of your clothes, taking his sweet time when it came to your undergarments. he seemed to be fixated on your breasts, latching on your nipple and sucking your breast with virgin-like inexperience. 
“oh!” you giggled, stroking tamaki’s hair. you smiled down at him sucking on your breast and wrapped your hand around his cock, stroking it while tamaki suckled, “you’re so good for mommy.”
tamaki whined against your breast and came from those words alone, covering your hand in cum. you made a ‘tsk’ sound and removed your hand from his cock, “clean mommy’s hand.”
tamaki unlatched his mouth from your breast and slowly licked his cum off your hand. god, he looked so erotic, his eyes blown with lust and his cock rock hard. you pressed a kiss to his forehead and hummed, “you’re such a good boy, tamaki.”
his ears perked up at the mention of being a good boy, “i- i’m a good boy?”
“yes, yes you are! a very good boy,” you added. you laid back against the pillows and opened your arms to tamaki, “you gonna take care of mommy now, my sweet boy?”
eagerly, tamaki’s hand flew and attached themselves to your breasts, squeezing them hard. a moan slipped out of your mouth and tamaki began massaging your breasts, his face inching closer and closer to your pussy. he pulled his hands back and licked a stripe on your pussy, his nose bumping into your clit.
“oh!” your toes curled at the sensation, “come on, tamaki. eat mommy’s pussy out. pretty please? mommy would be so grateful, pretty boy.”
“yes, mommy!” tamaki got to work, eating you out like a thanksgiving feast. your hands found their way into his hair, gripping hard whenever tamaki licked your clit. you were practically gushing, covering tamaki’s face in your juices. 
“good boy, good boy!” you sang, tears pricking the corners of your eyes from the pleasure. wanting to please you, tamaki spat on your clit and began rubbing it vigorously. you squealed at the change and suddenly came, your juices spilling out and onto tamaki’s face. 
“woah..” you panted, “you did a good job.”
“i did?!” he exclaimed, his cotton ball tail wagging excitedly. you patted him on the cheek and nodded with a small smile, “you did.”
“can i put it in, mommy? pretty please? i’ll be a good boy, i promise!” this was a far cry from the soft and nervous tamaki you first met. this tamaki was eager to please.
“okay, honey. you can put it in.”
immediately, tamaki pinned you down to the bed, surprisingly strong for such a timid little bunny. forcing you into a mating press, tamaki lined his cock up to your entrance and shoved his entire length into you, you choked out in shock.
“w- woah! slow down!” your words failed to reach tamaki’s ears, as he pounded into your poor pussy. you couldn’t complain, though. the pleasure was overwhelming, clouding your mind with lust. 
“gonna- gonna fuck a baby into you..!” tamaki cried out, jackhammering into you, “gonna make your tummy so round! can’t wait for- for your tits to be so full with- with milk! gonna suck them dry!”
“yes! yes, fuck a baby into me!” you sobbed, tears rolling down your cheeks. your gummy walls sucked tamaki’s cock in, locking him in a vice. tamaki grabbed the headboard and stared down at you, his sharp features being highlighted by the shadows his hair created.
“you’re mine.”
the possessiveness in his tone caused your eyes to widen, “tama-”
“mine,” he kissed you roughly and continued to thrust, the stretch becoming unbearable. you wrapped your arms around his neck and deepened the kiss, moaning against his lips. you were close, so fucking close.
“tamaki, baby! cum inside!” you weren’t thinking straight. surely, your birth control would protect you but you didn’t know how potent bunny hybrid cum could be.
tamaki slammed his pelvis against yours and emptied his load into your pussy, you coming soon after. he waited until his cock softened before pulling out. some cum spilled out and onto the bedsheets, tamaki aggressively shoving it back inside. you let out a sigh of contentment, “you did a great job.”
“mine..” he mewled, rubbing his face against the crook of your neck.
“yours..” you muttered back sleepily. yet, it wasn’t long until you felt his cock hardened again. you smiled at tamaki and gave him a kiss on the cheek.
“round two?”
Tumblr media
bonus ending
nejire arrived back at her apartment the next morning, her clothes messed up and lipstick strains on her face. she hoped that (y/n) and tamaki were okay. dealing with a bunny hybrid’s heat could be messy.
“hey, (y/n)? tamaki? i’m back!” nejire shouted. no response, nejire frowned. she ventured off into the apartment and opened the door to her bedroom, “(y/n), tamaki? you guys–”
nejire’s jaw dropped to the ground at the scene she was greeted with. her bunny and good friend naked and covered in cum, holding one another and snoring peacefully. 
“you guys seriously did not fuck in my bed.”
she examined the bedsheets.
“oh my god, you guys fucked in my bed.”
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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pinning his design down slowly but surely
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mostlikelyshutup · a year ago
Hey, it would be awesome if y'all checked out the link to my redbubble! No pressure. (But you'd get to see the other cool stuff I do besides scream into the void and hope it doesn't scream back.) Also, follow my art instagram if you want to see more of my art, k.m.h_art! Thank you!
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gay-war-crimes · a year ago
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pellucidheart · a year ago
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How can you be gay when you’re already homosexual.
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wowgirl · a year ago
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mhill268 · a year ago
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I am currently on VACATION.
I have family from out of town in for the first time in a few years. So i have been focusing on family time.
BUT i’ll be back, full force, in a few days. Back to posting every day.
I have 5+ drawings waiting.
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homoquartz · 6 months ago
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i dont remember drawing this askdj
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bisexualkatelyn · 3 months ago
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happy birthday @pidgeon-peas !!
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5gcomics · a year ago
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Kicking things off with a short manga! this is just a short comic so you know what I'm like.
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scribblehoneybee · a year ago
Are you still taking those sweater prompts? If yes, could we get JJ in dos weird? The peach thingy one
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him 🥺
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star0arts · 4 months ago
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cringe lmao
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miss-match01 · 9 months ago
Okay guys have this rough concept to whatever the Bee Duo super villain au is.
Aka: Tubbo and Ranboo rob a bank, Tommy wants them to buy Shroud some clothes while they're out.
Tubbo paced across the floor, steps echoing off the gleaming tiles as he surveyed the group in front of him. They were cowering against counters, trying to disguise the tremble in their bones as Tubbo’s smile only widened.
He shifted his head towards his partner, a wicked sparkle in his eye. Ranboo returned it, a grin splitting across his face. A small gasp echoed throughout the bank at the sight, but Tubbo payed them no mind. Fear was a very useful motivator, after all.
“As I am sure you are all aware,” he started, adjusting the straps of his mask, “This is a robbery.”
The threat of conversation pulled at the lips of the hostages. They shook with the desperate look to cry out or plead for mercy, but one sharp look from Ranboo silenced them. Tubbo shook his head in amusement, they always were so terrified of Ranboo.
They saw him as the monster. Horns shot up from his head, and each laugh or grin revealed a jaw that split far too wide across his face. And with midnight skin on one half, and a stark white on the other, he always shone out even amongst a world of terrifying villains: a monster amongst even the most monstrous of men.
However, it was strikingly ironic, for out of the two of them, Ranboo was the one who always tried to restrain from violence.
“If you all do exactly as we say, I promise that you will all make it out of here unharmed,” Tubbo twisted the weapon in his finger tips: a laser weapon of his own design that would pulverize anything it got close to, “Well, alive, at least.”
The crowd froze, terror washing over them in a perfect chorus.
“Now, my friend Amalgamation over here is going to keep watch over you lot while I go check the vaults,” Tubbo took a few steps away from the group, before he turned back with a sharp grin, “And I wouldn’t make any sudden movements around him. He startles easily.”
The crowd turned towards Ranboo with frightful eyes, and Tubbo simply laughed.
“Oh!” He cried out, “And I almost forgot—“
His speech was split by the sharp echo of a phone ringtone, piercing the uncomfortable silence of the bank. The sound continued, droning on uncomfortably as Tubbo, Ranboo, and all of the hostages awkwardly waited for it to finish.
Once the melody finally stopped, Tubbo took a deep breath.
“As I was saying—“
The melody interrupted the speech once again, and everyone froze. Tubbo let out a small annoyed breath, as Ranboo laughed lightly.
One of the civilians, a rather brave one apparently, shuffled uncomfortably.
“Uh…Mr Buzzkill, sir?” Tubbo turned towards the hostage with sharp eyes, “Is that—is your ringtone that ‘You spin me right round’ song?”
Tubbo took a few steps towards him, looming over him threateningly, “Yes. Yes it is.” Without another word he backed away. He turned towards Ranboo, sighing slightly.
“I have to take this.”
Ranboo nodded.
Tubbo threw his phone up to his ear as he stalked into the other room of the bank, leaving Amalgamation alone with the hostages.
Ranboo surveyed them, a small smile threatening to spill onto his face, “Just so you guys are aware, that man he’s talking to is one of the worst people I’ve ever met. He’s worse than Buzzkill, worse than me, that man…he’s on a level of his own. Buzzkill is currently talking to the most terrifying, malicious, unhinged—”
“Tommy I’m in the middle of a bank robbery! I can’t fucking buy your pet spider clothes right now!”
Tommy lounged on the couch, phone precariously balanced on his arm as he stroked the back of Shroud.
“A top hat,” Tommy corrected, “I want to buy Shroud a top hat.”
“What the fuck—you know what? I don’t care.”
“Aw come on, Tubs!” Tommy cried, “I’m sure you could swing it somehow! You’re right by downtown, aren’t you? Oh! Maybe one of the hostages knows a good place! Could you ask one?”
“Tommy, I am not going to ask a hostage if they know a good arachnid tailor.“
Tommy threw Shroud a baffled expression, as if he couldn’t understand why Tubbo was so opposed to the idea, “Okay then just put me on the phone with one of them!”
“What??” Tubbo cried, pressing his hand against the phone, “I’m sorry, I think you’re cutting out???”
“I am not fucking cutting out you bitch now put me on the phone with a hostage so I can ask them where the best place to buy Shroud clothes is!!!”
“I—cutting—phone—pshhhhhhhh” Tubbo hung up before Tommy could echo another word of protest. He cringed slightly at the phone. It’d be fine. Yeah. It’d be fine.
He intimidatingly strolled back into the room to find Amalgamation awkwardly perched on a table.
“So…how about that New Jersey, huh?” Ranboo murmured, twisting his hands. The hostages all looked at him confusedly, most likely fearing that it was a trap of some sorts. Tubbo, however, knew otherwise.
He simply knew Ranboo was hopeless with conversation.
“Alright then!” Tubbo announced, “Let’s get on with it, shall we?”
He turned towards Amalgamation, eyes narrowing with a short nod. Amalgamation returned it and stood up from his position.
Without another word, Tubbo strolled into the vaults, planting his safe cracker on the vault lock. He’d designed it himself, it could break through any safe, any key pad, any lock. Anything that these idiots could come up with to protect their money, his technology could match easily.
The vault opened with a small click, and Tubbo grinned as he slid open the vault doors. His eyes widened as the perfectly lined safe-boxes stared back at him, each no doubt filled with any sort of riches and treasures.
He was going to take all of it.
He methodically cut into every safe, placing the contents neatly into a simple black duffel bag. In all honesty he didn’t know how much it was all worth, but every time a box yielded diamonds or golden watches, something giddy bubbled up inside of him.
Once the bank was stripped he headed back out to find Ranboo watching the hostages silently, an impassive look on his face. The bag was heavy on his back, digging into his shoulder, and he let out a small sigh of relief as he handed it off to Ranboo. Amalgamation carried it lithely, as if the weight barely even bothered him.
Then again, it probably didn’t.
“Well, it’s been fun!” Tubbo declared, giving them a mock salute, “But I’m afraid we have to make our leave.”
The hostage, the same brave one from before, stuck out his chin, “The SBI will be here any minute. I dialed 911 while you weren’t looking. They’re going to catch you both.”
Tubbo turned towards Ranboo with an amused smile, before returning his gaze to the hostage, he reached into his utility belt, bringing out a small remote device, “It’s and electromagnetic disrupter. It hacked into the banks security cameras and played the footage on loop, not to mention disrupted any communication to the outside. So no. I don’t think they will catch us.”
With one last smile, Tubbo turned away, and Ranboo moved to follow him to the van they had parked out in the alley way. Tubbo felt something small twist in his gut, and he stopped himself, turning back to the group of hostages.
“One last thing,” he started, shaking his head in disbelief of himself, “Do any of you lot know where I can buy clothes for a spider?”
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pellucidheart · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
I painted aiona a few weeks ago n I’m thinking of painting Estelle (ToV) soon ;) I lov her... haven’t seen that baby in like 5 years uwu
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birthdaycakeplatter · 3 months ago
Hold the baby tenderly, but also toughly
Tumblr media
Oh God- that size ratio is not my fault
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homoquartz · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
asdffkf this is stupid
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lostcoves · a year ago
hihi, happy one month to you <33 hmm can i request “pretty eyes” as the title for a bakugou drabble? i hope you’ve been getting plenty of watch love.
pretty eyes ft. katsuki bakugou
Tumblr media
“you have the prettiest eyes.”
“what?!” bakugou shouted, confused and a little bit flustered. you leaned against the palm of your hand, your elbow propped up against your desk. it was after class and everyone was packing up to head back to the dorms.
“you heard me,” you straightened yourself up, “i said you have the prettiest eyes, suki-suki.”
“what did i say about you calling me suki-suki?” bakugou gave you a death glare but you remained unfazed. you simply smiled and commented to him, “your eyes are the loveliest shade of red. bright red like victory.”
bakugou paused.
“victory?” he asked. he liked the sound of that.
you nodded, “victory. i think red is the prettiest color in the world.”
“oi, i ain’t pretty!” he countered.
“sorry, sorry. lemme rephrase it then,” you tapped your finger against your chin, “you have the eyes of a warrior.”
bakugou smirked, “much better.”
you smirked back.
“your eyes are still pretty, though.”
“oi, zip it!”
“okay, suki-suki.”
“don’t call me that, nerd!”
Tumblr media
one month anniversary of lostcoves
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