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class discord is where we go to clown on the class whatsapp

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botanica + co, alila bangsar.

was here with friends for new year’s brunch, to celebrate and wish for a great 2021.. XD actually, just an excuse to gather and eat, so yeah… lucky to be able to get a table since the place was really popular.

restaurant ambiance is nice, lots of natural lights and greenery around to make the tables more private. the menu was switch to online PDF, it was a little hard to see and decide using phones when you have a group of people, but we did manage, after quite some time.

ordered pan fried chicken, mushroom benny, mushroom ragu tagliatelle, beef ragu linguine, bo+co spicy shashuka and wagyu beef burger for food, and different juices for drinks, but they all tasted so similar and bland, it’s not worth ordering at all.

the food was nice though, recommend the chicken and pasta which all of us did enjoyed. they did mixed up our orders but rectify it, it took a while since the restaurant was packed, and some of the items on the menu were not available as well.

overall a decent dining experience, good company is always crucial to make a meal awesome, besides having good food. staff was polite and rather efficient and i do like the ambiance a lot. would be a good spot to return for other food of their menu in the future.

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“andy doesn’t wear makeup anymore and it’s such a glow down”

november 2019:


march 2020:


august 2020:


november 2020:


andy in a 2013 interview with altpress:

That time period that we looked that way, the Set The World On Fire era that everyone kind of attaches to, the ‘Fallen Angels’ video—that was actually a shorter time period than even the way that the band has currently looked. But that was such a distinctive image and it was so different from what else was happening that it became the all-encompassing image for the band. And that’s fine with me, because I still stand behind it. People go, ‘Oh, isn’t it ridiculous that you used to [wear makeup]’, and… no. For what that was, that was the style for what that band was.”
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why is this drama with the hsmtmts cast more interesting than the actual show 😭😭

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I remember in 2017 when rose twitter shat on anyone who was excited about Jon Ossoff after he lost a close house race and now he’s the youngest senator and played a role in flipping Georgia in the senate and electoral college hahahaha suck my dick and balls I hope those freaks don’t get a 2k check

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i mentioned this already but every once in a while i remember that slowburn scorbus fic i read when i first entered the fandom, that was like 30 chapters long, and ended with Albus picking the autor’s OC instead of Scorpius

i swear to god that fic gave me ptsd or something, it still haunts me to this day and i have a personal vendetta towards the autor

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It’s basically the same batter as Yorkshire pudding, but baked in individual cups instead of one large pan, and with butter instead of meat drippings! There’s also more variations–the standard popovers are savory and are often eaten with soup, but it’s also common to dip them in cinnamon-sugar or other more dessert-like toppings!

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honest 2 god last post but music drama is so fucking dumb how is eminem gonna get all the way mad and make a whole fucking diss track because someone said “music i can go without?  that shit” like eminem doesnt have the whole fucking mess that is “kim” and the rest of most his discography.  bro.  the only thing you do is trash on everyone else and scream curses while rapping fast as fuck.  not to be like “music should be so much more” but it should certainly be more than “fuck my mom fuck my dad fuck all life all i care about is my daughter everyone hated me so baaaaad now im the baddest motherfucking man”.

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