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Happy to finally catch one of my girls working the garden’s hellebore patch. I love the splash of colour they bring to the winter.

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Gotta love a mahonia. Prickly, but they are usually the only thing in bloom in February and they smell amazing. A fabulous source of early forage for the girls.

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The Beekeeper

Pouring spring and summer on glass

Every year is different

Can you taste the linden?


Can you taste the raspberries?

Heavy and round

Can you taste the field?


Some years have whittled down to nothing

Rained away

Dried up

Others have abundance 

Can you taste the sun?

Golden and Sticky 



- homemade rhythms

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Beemoval time!

I was called out to see about removing some bees yesterday and HOO BOY were they some fun ones.

Not only were they located on the corner of this house, but they were 2 stories up on the outside, and had an internal light soffit in front of them on the inside. (You know, those rows of drywall protrusions that are supposed to make the room look bigger or something.)

I finally decided to go at them from the inside and that ended up being a good idea. They were up and around a corner so I couldn’t see half of them directly, but I’ve felt my way around enough hives to know what I’m grabbing. A 1x1’ hole in the inside soffit later and I’m cutting HUGE combs down that ran a good 3’ down the length of the space. I have 8 deep frames of brood now, as well as a 5gal bucket of honeycomb that I’m going to crush and slowly feed back to them since it’s still technically winter here.

In the above photos you can see a rather hilarious situation I found myself in when I brought them home. All of their brood was in the blue box, but because I happened to have a 10-frame medium swarm trap next to them they decided that box would make a better home! To make sure they tended to their brood still, I took an old 10-frame deep and moved the frames on top of them. That seems to have kept them in one place for now, so I’ll check on them in a week or so to make sure they’re still healthy and don’t have any sliming going on. The comb I cut down was largely dry, but there were some honey sections that I might need to remove if the gals don’t clean them up fast enough.


They also still have a good handful of bees on the vac and bucket, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do about them. They were the stragglers that I picked up about an hour after cleaning out the hive, so they might just be lost bees at this point. Hopefully they find a good home in my bee yard~

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Working on the last chapter of act III. Can’t wait for all the angst and heartache to start easing!

Meanwhile here’s one I made earlier:

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I live in Northern California, right by a whole freaking bunch of almond orchards. The other day I was driving past some with my younger sister and started telling her about how bee keepers come in from out of state to place their bees and help pollinate the orchards but I FORGOT THE WORD FOR BEE KEEPERS. I ended up calling them bee herders instead. She laughed so hard I thought she was gonna be sick.

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Busy Bee and the Silent Spring - About the story

Busy Bee and the Silent Spring – About the story

Silent Spring is the second of my Busy Bee stories and is aimed at the 8-12 year old reader. In the story the bees have to find out why the creatures of the meadow are all feeling ill. They discover a farmer using banned pesticides but how can they stop him? The story covers various environmental issues. Some teachers at a school that keeps bees said of the story that it could, “form the basis…


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There’s a brand new bonus chapter of On The Market available on

My (almost) modern Alternative Universe take on Pride and Prejudice is set on a turn of the Millennium trading desk. Fall in love with a handsome trader this Valentine’s Day month. He’s also the patron saint of beekeepers, you know.

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Biene - Honey Shop, Organic Food Shopify Theme

Biene – Honey Shop, Organic Food Shopify Theme


Easy to use:
This is a versatile and user-friendly Shopify theme. It gives you stylish page layouts and sections so you can easily design your attractive online store. You can use its intuitive Drag and Drop interface to create your unique Homepage. The specially designed Shop Page of This is ideal for showcasing your products in the most attractive way. Not just Homepage…


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