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leviathans-watching · a day ago
Hey im not sure if you take request but here i am.
So feel free to ignore this if you're uncomfortable, but ive recently been dealing with a creep asking me uncomfortable questions and just trying to get way to close. Not trying to load my problems here, but can i request the demon brothers reacting to this?
It would really mean a lot
(you can ignore me if you are not comfortable writing something like this)
the brothers defending you from a creep
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (they/them pronouns used)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: a creep creeping (non-explicit), vague violence, very brief and vague allusions to (sexual) assualt, cursing
a/n: i am so sorry this is happening to you. i hope you've managed to get them away from you and gotten help. please be safe and take care of yourself. my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback so stop by <33
Tumblr media
➳ lucifer steps in front of you, eyes glowing red. “back. up.” he says firmly, leaving no room for argument. “you’re too close.” the demon tries to argue, but lucifer’s having none of it. “i said back up. no one wants you here, so just leave.” the demon seems to sense he’s angered the most powerful demon in the devildom and backs away, hands raised. once he’s gone lucifer wraps an arm around you, glaring at anyone who stopped to stare at you, attention caught by the confrontation.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon is all bark and bite. they’ve made you uncomfortable, and he’s not about to let that slide. “hey, dumbass, what do you think you’re doing?” mammon grits out, hands clenched into fists. “you’re makin’ mc upset. and i hate when mc gets upset.” rarely is mammon serious like this, purely in protective mode. “now scram! get out of here before i make you!” the demon wisely runs, and mammon’s instantly switching to worry, hastily making sure you’re okay.
Tumblr media
➳ levi knows he has to step up so he does, putting himself between you and the offending demon. “stop bothering them,” he says quietly, horns slowly forming on his head as he switches to demon form. he’s staring the demon down relentlessly, a ball of magic and energy slowly forming in a silent but sturdy threat. “i hate people like you. creeps like you. if i see you near mc one more time…” he trails off, tail lashing angerly. it’s enough of a warning for the demon, who quickly takes their leave.
Tumblr media
➳ satan raises an eyebrow, lip curling into a sneer. “what are you doing here?” he asks snidely, leaning in towards the demon who had been bothering you. “can’t you see you’re not wanted nor needed?” his glare is withering, wrath emanating from his body in almost palpable waves. hand coming to rest on the demon’s shoulder, satan squeezes slightly, claws sinking into their shoulder. “or are you too dim-witted to take a hint? fucking creep,” he spits, fangs glinting in the light. shoving the demon back slightly satan waits until he makes sure they're gone before comforting you.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo fixes his eyes on the hand that rests on your arm, the uncomfortable way you’re leaning away from the demon. in an instant, he’s at your side, hand coming down to tear theirs off of your arm. “if i’m reading this right,” he says, faux-pleasantly, “then mc isn’t into this. surely you wouldn’t keep pushing when someone said no already now, would you?” asmo looks dangerous then, truly demonic, but you feel no fear, just relieved he was there. the demon shakes his head viciously, and asmo bares his teeth in a painfully fake smile. “good. so what are you still doing here?”
Tumblr media
➳ beel stands tall in front of you, looming over the demon who was giving you grief. “what are you doing?” he rumbles, uncharacteristically serious. the demon tries to sputter out a remark but beel doesn't want to hear it. “don.t care. get out of here before i eat you.” the demon leaves with a dirty look towards you, and beel has to resit the urge to devour him anyway. “you alright?” he asks you, softening his tone. “they didn’t do anything, did they?”
Tumblr media
➳ belphie isn’t known for his patience, and this makes itself abundantly clear when he intervenes in the conversation you were struggling to get out of, attaching himself to you. “you ready to go?” he asks, but before you can nod, the demon tries to interject. “i’m not asking you,” belphie says dangerously, hissing the words. “so shut your worthless mouth.” you nod, and belphie whisks you away, already plotting the ‘accidental accident that demon was going to be in.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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long-furby6 · a month ago
The Younger Brothers Realizing They Have A Crush
What I probably should be doing rn is getting through all the asks I have in my inbox but not finishing this idea was bothering me for the past few weeks so here. I also want to do one for the side characters sometime
Also @backalleykat since they asked to be tagged 👌👌
Tumblr media
Satan realizes he likes someone when he starts mimicking them
It doesn’t seem like anything important, but to him, a demon who spent most of his life searching for individuality, it’s huge
He pauses mid sentence one day, blinking in surprise as he realizes what he just said was the same thing you always did, and the realization that a few of his recent small habits came from you came right after
Did he really spend so much time observing you without even realizing it? Enough to pick up on your seemingly insignificant mannerisms?
Asmo’s just staring at him like ?? Cause he’s still standing there with his eyes wide 💀
After that realization, he suddenly can’t stop noticing every little thing you do. The way you walk, laugh, fidget, how you act when you’re nervous, or excited. He perks up immediately when he catches a sign of repressed anger, especially if it’s at Lucifer. Gotta see where that goes, ya know?
Eventually, you’re going to have to notice the amount of times he stares at you, only to quickly avert his gaze when you turn to look at him, a tint of red on his cheeks as he pretends to have been reading the whole time
Don’t bring it up though he will short circuit. He thinks he’s being sneaky
It’s also kinda ruining his life bc he’ll catch himself doing something he got from you in public or in the middle of a test and just… man he’s distracted now. How can you expect him to focus when the thought of you just entered his mind?
What’s worse, other people can probably see the flustered, panicked expression on his face as he scrambles to get back on task
You Are Killing This Man Softly
Tumblr media
Asmo realizes he likes someone when he doesn’t think about himself around them
Ok, let me explain. In most situations, he’s always subconsciously thinking about how he looks in the moment, the way he acts, the words he’s saying. It’s not uncommon for him to move into an uncomfortable position or stand a certain way to ‘play up his natural beauty’
He’s constantly analyzing how other people are seeing him without even having to really think about it, it’s just an ingrained response at this point
After all, what if he wasn’t pretty? What if he loses all the people that have ever looked up at him in awe? What if he loses his only source of validation? What if he’s completely alone?
And most of all, how would you, the one person he puts above himself, have to say about it?
However, those thoughts seem to just… dissipate, when you two are alone
It’s not like he’s suddenly not insecure anymore, it’s more like he simply doesn’t think about it. When with you, all he can really focus on is the way your lips move, or that small spark in your eye when he says something that makes you laugh, and oh god, that laugh
Within 5 minutes tops, he’s doing things he wouldn’t be doing normally. Snorting when he laughs, saying things that are most definitely not cute or hot but plain stupid, sitting in unelegant, but comfortable, positions, and a goofy grin on his face, one that could only be pure and happy and, above all, genuine
Things that he’s usually suppressing the hell out of come out when you’re around. Which is strange, wouldn’t you be the person he wants to impress the most? Aren’t people usually overly conscious of themselves around someone they like?
In any case, seconds after you leave when his excitement dissipates and the memories start coming back to him, he freaks
Gotta stare himself down in the mirror and scream bloody murder
Please just. Play with his hair and tell him he’s good enough. Let him have some fun and goof off without astronomical amounts of alcohol. Let him lay his head in your lap and dramatically rant about his day while you add in equally dramatic agreements
Not only will it be wildly appreciated and make him near feral, but he’ll definitely try doing a few favours back
Tumblr media
Beel realizes he likes someone when he wants to impress them
He’s not exactly the type to care about what others think of him, let alone wanting to show off around them. He’s not Mammon, of course
So he was, undoubtably, quite confused as to why that changes around you
Picking up large objects that he really didn’t need to, working out twice as hard, saying some joke in a group of people and turning to you to gauge your reaction, then feeling heat bloom in his chest when you laugh or smile along, or the cold disappointment when you remain unfazed
He doesn’t realize it at first, but it seems that everyone else did. Even Luke mentioned it, pointing it out while Simeon smiled and agreed
Asmo, of course, was the most ruthless, constantly on his case about it and lowkey acts offended that he doesn’t try to impress him, too
He just tilted his head in confusion the first time it was brought up. Impress you? Why would he want to do that?
It suddenly hit him what exactly he wants from you. For you to be proud of him, proud to have him, for you to run your hands down his sides and tell him so with nothing but love and adoration in your eyes. It’s an embarrassing thought for him, but also a quite enticing one
If only…
He doesn’t deny it like SOME of the others. Instead, he accepts it, and continues to show off around you, this time with more self awareness
Tumblr media
Belphie realizes he likes someone when he dreams about them
He’s said before that he doesn’t have many dreams, even with how often he’s sleeping. So when he does wake up with even the fuzziest of memories, it’s a bit of an exciting thing for him. Unfortunately, the only vivid ones he has are nightmares
However, lately, that began to change
It started while he was still up in the attic, when he would drift off after one of your visits, only to see your face again
He was confused at first. And, dare I say, a little angry. The only dream he had in the last few months and it’s about a human? A human that smiled down at him and laid next to him on the grass, looking up at the stars?
Why was he having these thoughts about you? Why would his subconscious throw him for a loop like this? And, most importantly, why did he feel so giddy when he woke up?
The more time he spent with you, the more he started to get it
With every evening spent napping in your lap, with every time you smiled and ruffled his hair, with that ethereal feeling he got just from seeing you first thing in the morning. Little by little, the realization was coming on to him
It finally hit on a strangely ordinary day, all but for the dream he just woke up from
‘Dream’ wouldn’t be the right word, it would be ‘nightmare’ or ‘night terror’. No matter what you called it, he woke up shaking, grabbing the nearest object and pulling it closer to him
He was too shaken up to fully he realize what he was doing, but he had already nuzzled into your neck and secured his arms tightly around your waist, eyes squeezed shut tightly that slowly relaxed when you finally reacted, sleepily burying your fingers in his hair
God, he hated feeling weak
So why did he feel so comfortable right now? Was he not at his most vulnerable?
He’s not stupid, he knows exactly what that meant
After that night, the dreams of you grew more frequent, but this time, they weren’t unwelcome. Through them, he was able to say and do things he would’ve never even considered while awake. No fear of rejection, am I right?
And let’s just say dream-you did their own fair share of things that left him not even being able to look you in the eye the next day
One day he’s gonna mess up and confuse talking to you irl as a dream, but that’s a story for another time
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certified-sloth · 3 months ago
One of the anon asked about mc calling Levi, asmo,beel and belphie by their full name
But imagine mc who usually call them by their Nick name but suddenly used their full name
I'd just drop with all the bros lmao
Already gave up when you started calling him by a nickname
And got used to it
But then you call him with his full name
He never looked up from his papers so fast that you swore you heard a crack
Listen, the moment you don't CALL him by his nickame
He is going to panic
Just ends up apologizing profusely
Didn't know what he did but you better apologize to him for doing this
Would call your name back
Absolutely horrified why you're attacking him like this
But you need to go back to calling his nickname
Or he WILL cry
Will look up at you with furrowed eyebrows
You didn't call him by his nickname
Has he done something wrong?
Truth be told, he only allows just you to call him with a nickname such as Tantan
If it's about the party that he didn't get to drag you in, then he's sorry's not that?
Then what did he do? He didn't take anything from you besides your heart
Hm? Why are you flustered suddenly? Was that too much?
Stops whatever he was doing
And looks at you like a kicked puppy
Did he do something wrong?
Why are you calling him like that?
Would snap his eyes open real quick but pretends he doesn't know who you're calling and even ACCUSES you
Looks at you with the most disgusted face he ever shown his whole years
Because he loves and got used to you calling him by his nickname
"Who's Belphegor? I don't know someone like that. You better not be cheating on me."
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babydai · 5 days ago
hq version here!
what piercings i think the demon brothers would have !!
a/n: this is my first time writing anything for obey me so pls be nice :,) but i had a really fun time! will definitely start writing for them some more !!<3
tagging: @chesirekittycat @hisvillainess @isseihub
Tumblr media
septum -> leviathan
always wanted a piercing but it took him ages to actually do it, likes that he can flip it up whenever he feels like it + wont admit it but knows he looks hot, not to mention it ups his intimidation factor a bit
tongue -> lucifer
wanted something pretty discreet that he could still show off and REALLY learned how to use it to his (and your) advantage…. he knows what he’s doing
nose ring -> beelzebub
never really thought about piercings till his brother got them and all he knew is that he didn’t want anything around his mouth + messed with it when he gets nervous and doesn’t quite understand why you find it so attractive
runner up -> solomon
bellybutton -> asmodeus
looks so pretty on him and he loves wearing crop tops to show it off + loves piercings and convinced a bunch of his brothers to start getting them, he also changes the jewelry regularly whenever he finds a new piece he likes
double helix + industrial -> mammon
already has his lobes pierced so moving up the ears just made sense, brings it up in conversation regularly because he wants compliments without having to ask for them
eyebrow -> satan
makes him look way more intimidating which he loves + gets indescribably frustrated when it gets caught on his sweaters and shirts but it looks perfect on him
runner up -> diavolo
nose stud -> belphegor
super subtle and classic but really attractive, now only poses for photos with that side of his face cuz he lives how it looks + asks you to help him clean it sometimes cuz he gets lazy
runner up -> simeon + barbatos
Tumblr media
reblogs are greatly appreciated !! <3
my masterlist
requests: open
© babydai 2021- do not copy, edit, or repost
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gxr-dove · 28 days ago
Hi! I just found your blog and I love your work! Can I request the brothers reactions to seeing a super cute photo of MC from when they were young? Thanks! 💕
Obey Me!Brothers React to Photo of Young MC
Aww I love this request and the “Kid You Not” event seems to fit this prompt!
Everyone is curious since you have been able to see the brothers cursed in a child-like state, but they have yet to see you when you were young
As he poured his second cup of coffee he tried to ignore the loud commotion of his brothers as they hovered over you
He planned on staying close by to keep an eye on the trouble makers, but something else peaks his interest in staying around
His ears perked to the sound of Beel asking if you had any pictures from when you were young
“I’ll try to find some” That’s all Lucifer needed to hear before he started to slowly walk in your direction without bringing to much attention to his presence. He didn’t want his brothers to notice that he also wanted to see this adorable photo
You pull up a picture of you outside with a very adorable expression on your face
His heart immediately melts. It brings him back to when Satan was still a child
As much as he tries he can’t prevent the kind smile and warmth he feels seeing you look so adorable
When his presence is noticed by Beel he quickly clears his throat and rushes out of the living room hoping Beel saw nothing
After seeing your old photo he can’t help but give in to his dad instincts. Throughout the day you notice he’s a bit more protective of you than usual, and he keeps doing small things like checking up on you, even wiping your mouth at one point during dinner, and you had to stop him when he told you it was “bed time” and it was only 8
Mammon was sitting by you and everyone else as you talked about how funny it was to see them cursed in their child-like state
“Oi just forget everythin’ ya saw alright!” A small blush flushes his cheeks as he crosses his arms in embarrassment
Beel asks you about your own baby photos and if he could see them
Pushing through a few of his brothers he tries to see the screen first
His intentions were to make fun of ya to cover up his own embarrassment of you witnessing him act like a child, but all of his thoughts have disappeared and are replaced with your cuteness
His heart is struck, he feels like your killing him by how adorable you look
He tries his best to make it look like he doesn’t care
“Y-Ya don’t look that adorable anyway…” He mumbles while turning his face away from you
He can’t help but keep looking at the photo to see how tiny your hands would be compared to his
Later during the day he’ll demand Asmo to send him that photo of you. In the end he knows he’ll have to do a favor for Asmo but it’s better than asking you for it and letting you find out that he thinks you looked adorable even though it was very obvious
Playing on his DDD he’s not exactly sure what’s going on around him until he hears Beel ask you about your childhood photos
All he feels is a sudden push from Mammon moving him aside to see the photo first
“Moron don’t shove me” His anger stops abruptly to the sight of your childhood photo
You look so small how could someone so small be so cute
He almost voices an “awww” but he covers his mouth
Your outfit is so adorable in your photo he wishes he could’ve made you some small clothes when you were still a small child
Afterwards you’ll hear a knock at your door as Levi hands you an outfit made by him. A bright red flush covering his face
Satan was trying to read peacefully near you in the living room
He tried to focus on the words, but he couldn’t help but glance at you frequently
He looked at you momentarily to see his brothers crowd in your direction
He could feel a pulse of irritation seeing this sudden gathering around you
Closing his book he quickly walked over to see what all the commotion was about
Looking over your shoulder he could see a rather small child that he realizes is you
His heart is struck as if he found a new born kitten, you are equally if not more adorable than that
He tries to compose himself by quietly adoring your cute photo and slightly covering his face, but you can clearly see through his facade
Later that night you here a small knock on your door, and outside Satan has an array of books for you to chose from. He couldn’t stop thinking about how he would’ve liked to read to you as a child, so why not let him read to you now
Just let this man read to you he’s excited to read a bed time story
Asmo was on the other side of you, opposite of Mammon, trying to get your attention
You were paying attention to Beel asking you a question about photos from your childhood
He’s already squealing before even seeing the photo
A cute adorable photo of you a child he already predicts that you are the cutest human child
He wraps his arm around yours moving closer to your DDD
The photo of you pops up of you playing outside
He squeals even higher pitched than before and lists everything that makes you so adorable in your photo
“Uwaaa you’re so tiny MC! So adorable!”
Makes you send him that photo
Beel was eating while listening to you express your thoughts about everyone in their child-like state that was caused by the forbidden book
It got him thinking about what you were like as a child, how you acted or how you looked
“MC do you have any photos of you as a child?” He curiously asked
He moves closer to you to get a better view
An old picture of you as a child appears. You’re playing outside and you look very adorable
He stops eating, shocked by how small you look
He feels a familiar loving warmth in his heart as it reminds him of his twin and Lilith when they were younger
He smiles brightly and also asks for the photo
He becomes a bit more protective of you than he usually is. He walks around with you, and reaches things for you, picks things up for you, and if you want him to pick you up for fun he will gladly do so
Belphie was napping next to Beel
Even though his thoughts are cloudy with sleep he can hear Beel ask you about childhood photos
He sleepily opens his eyes and sits up to look over Beel
If he wasn’t fully awake he definitely is now
He underestimated your cuteness
Leaning his chin over Beel’s shoulder he smiles slightly
His heart feels the way one would feel when they see a cute animal
He gets the photo from Beel
Similarly to Beel he’ll follow you around, and the rest of the day you and the twins spend time eating and sleeping together
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thoughtfullydopedragon · 3 months ago
Uuugggghhhhhhh they are so cute my heart can't handle them pure idiots I LOVE THEN SO MUCH
Yeah I am gonna talk about Mammon more, DiD wE sUpRiSe? No!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Other brothers: *breathe*
Mammon: (*˘︶˘*) I am so proud I swear to-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He just...He just...protecting cute little bros, my heart
Tumblr media
I feel like this feeling more coming from when they were angels
But I think Mammon didn't change his attitue against brothers
Just take my heart Mammon I don't mind
Tumblr media
My heart just go SJKXJDKQJDLCŞVK while I roll on floor from sweetness
Tumblr media
Oh wait I see the reference while I do this post lol
Tumblr media
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asmo-baby5 · 6 months ago
Back In The Devildom
Solomon had successfully hijacked Mc's life in the human world to drag them back to the Devildom. A certain family of demons are so happy they don't know what to do with themselves.
•was working late and was the last to know Mc was back.
•rushes home to see them,
•being pissed at his brothers helped with his speed.
•had to compose himself before he walked through the front door.
•as soon as he see Mc he glanced away.
•he knows they're real and that they're really there but he can't help but question his own sanity.
•he may have made a pact with them right before they left,
•but he never actually expected them to come back,
•no matter how much he wished they would.
•once he had calmed down from the initial sight of them, he dragged Mc away from whatever they were doing with his brothers.
•he has to be alone with them.
•doesn't let them leave his room for hours.
•oh my Diavolo,
•this boy smelled Mc before they even set foot on the front doorstep.
•once he had checked, and double checked, that his nose was working fine, he ran.
•ran through his room, through the hallways, down the stairs, and straight to the door.
•he had an embarrassingly large smile on his face that he just couldn't wipe away no matter how hard he tried to.
•as he stood there waiting for Mc to either knock or use the key he assumed they still had, he started to overthink.
•would Mc want to see him first?
•would Mc want to see him at all?
•Would they even show up at the House of Lamentation first?
•or would they head to RAD to see Lucifer first?
•would they be mad he barely contacted them?
•the questions just kept running through his head and he got so distracted by them that he just barely caught the doorknob starting to turn.
•all doubts were washed away by the bright and warm smile that greeted him for the fist time in what felt like forever.
•he dragged Mc to his room and locked the door before any of his brothers interrupted their reunion.
•he was their first, he had a right to have time with them first.
•couldn't believe his eyes when he opened his bedroom door to Mc smiling and holding a new package he had ordered from Akuzon.
•no, seriously, he didnt believe it.
•he slammed the door in their face without a word.
•he thought it was a cruel prank being played by one of his brothers.
•Mc's soft voice rang throughout his room despite being muffled by the door.
•"Levi, it's really me. I swear."
•"S-Say the special phrase!"
•"the second prince-"
•thats all he needed to hear before swinging his door back open and catching Mc in his arms, tossing the package to the side.
•the best gift, one he could never buy off Akuzon, was finally back in his arms.
•somehow managed to snag Mc away from Mammon.
•didn't say a word as he took them back to his room, holding their hand with a strong grip to make sure they didnt leave him.
•still didn't say anything after closing (and locking) his door and sitting down on his bed.
•Mc kept their distance from him and it really pissed him off.
•until he realized he was oozing wrath.
•any and all relief he had felt had melted away into anger at them leaving in the first place.
•they left him...
•"I'm back."
•but they were back.
•and those two little words replaced all his anger with sadness and love as he silently pulled them into a hug.
•he refused to cry but almost lost it when Mc started to pet his head to sooth him.
•his mind went blank for a while but eventually realized he was now sitting on the floor with Mc between his legs, reading a book.
•he felt more at peace those few hours than he had felt the whole time Mc was gone.
•he was out partying.
•after Mc had left he started to go partying even more to fill that empty hole they had left in his heart.
•but when he got a text from Satan saying Mc was back, he dropped everything (and everyone) he was doing and rushed home.
•he caught them right as they were headed for an evening bath.
•perfect timing!
•Mc had fell into his open arms, crying.
•"Why are you crying, Darling?"
•he rubbed circles into the small of their back, trying to hold back his own tears.
•"I dont know"
•Mc's watery laugh seduced him into following them to their bath and preparing an extra special skin care routine for them.
•no way he'd let the trip between the human world and the devildom ruin the skin he had spent a year fixing to perfection.
•needless to say it was probably the longest bath either of them had ever taken.
•Mc had tried to be sneaky when they got back.
•Mammon was inevitable because he was at the door, Satan just knew, and Asmo found out from Satan.
•but that didn't stop them from wanting to surprise the others.
•Beel's nose picked up on a scent he hadn't smelled in months.
•if his brain were to control his actions instead of his stomach he probably would've questioned why the smell was coming from the kitchen when the only person who could cause it wasnt even in the devildom.
•but of course his stomach normally takes charge and so he was out of his room and down the stairs faster than Belphie could wake up to the sudden commotion.
•he walked in on Mc leaning over the stove.
•they pouted when they noticed Beel but nothing else registered for him as he slowly made his way towards them.
•"you weren't supposed to see me until the food was ready. I suppose your nose is working just as well as I remember."
•Mc's sweet laugh filled the kitchen, and Beel's heart, to the very brim.
•"you're here?"
•he put a hand on their shoulder to test if they were or not.
•Beel, I'm home."
•Mc jumped into his arms and he quickly wrapped them around them.
•his hunger had been satisfied by the mere presence of Mc and he almost refused to eat what they had made in favor of keeping them wrapped in the hug.
•he was sleeping more and more since Mc had left but he was never rested.
•every little thing pissed him off and he would wander the House of Lamentation for hours, long after everyone had gone to bed.
•he couldn't settle down and was nearing a complete breakdown.
•when Mc had left he tried to make peace with the idea that they'd never be back.
•they were going home and he couldn't be mad about them wanting to stay home.
•at least he thought he couldn't.
•but he felt betrayed, abandoned, forgotten...
•he tried to fix it by trying to convince himself that Mc never cared about him to begin with.
•that they were just a lowly human searching for power by making pacts with strong demons.
•he hated that he knew that was completely wrong.
•Mc loved him,
•and he loved them....
•which was why when he smelled their scent for the first time in months (he'd been avoiding their room) he perked up.
•he knew it was probably too good to be true though, so he settled back down on the couch in the attic.
•reaching for a sleep that would never come.
•but then something weighed down the other side of the couch.
•and then ran its fingers through his hair.
•and rubbed his head.
•and kissed his nose.
•and lied down on his chest.
•and kissed his neck.
•and fell asleep.
•he cracked open one eye to confirm his suspicions.
•when he saw Mc lying there, it felt like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders and he finally relaxed. All the tension faded away.
•he loosely wrapped his arms around them and fell asleep with a smile.
•he would talk to them when they both woke up,
•but for now, he could finally sleep peacefully with his human in his arms.
•no way was he gonna pass that up.
Feel free to send in requests for little drabbles like this!
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leviathans-watching · 2 months ago
Brothers reaction to mc saying "I can hold the whole world in my hands" then and then proceeds to hold his cheeks into their hands.
the brothers' reactions to you calling them your whole world
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (they/them/theirs pronouns used)
wc: .6k | rated t | m.list
warnings: one wear word (satan), slightly suggestive tones (asmo)
a/n: this req is actually soo adorable!! the imigines are a little shorter than normal, but i hope they're still cute. thanks for requesting and my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback, so come talk to me!!
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Tumblr media
➳ lucifer scoffs. “seriously, mc, that’s untrue. it’d be a little ridiculous if i were your whole world, not to mention unhealthy.” his cheeks are warm under your hands and the tips of his ears are red. he doesn’t pull away, though, and you count that as a win, slowly scraping your thumbs across his skin. he rarely lets you do this- rarely succumbs to the craving for affection he so clearly has, but when he does, you take full advantage, milking it for as long as you possibly can.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon stares at you, wordless. you watch slowly as his cheeks flush under your hands, a little concerned. “can ya say that again?” he asks, almost whispering, and you repeat yourself, willing to say it as many times as he needs it. “i can hold the whole world in my hands. mammon, you’re my world.” after a few minutes, his bravado returns, allowing him to preen under your touch. “damn right you can,” he crows, brilliant smile peeking out from under his smirk. “because i’m your world, ya got that!”
Tumblr media
➳ levi squeaks, closing his eyes. “this is like that one anime i watched!” he says, more to himself, tail lashing back and forth. “oh my god, mc said i’m their whole world!” his eyes open in record speed, and he looks at you, eyes flickering from your face and the wall behind you, suddenly worried. “were you kidding? please tell me you weren’t.” soothing him, you promise you weren’t, making him all flustered again. he smiles at you, adoration clear in his gaze and you’re sure you look just as dopey staring back at him.
Tumblr media
➳ satan chuckles, taking your hand and pressing a kiss to your palm. “that’s cute, mc. and what a coincidence, too.” flipping your positions, his hands are suddenly on your cheeks. “i can hold my whole world in my hands as well.” now you’re the one flustered, goddammit. he chuckles once more, sliding his hands off of his cheeks and down to your shoulders, pulling you closer to him. from there, he drops a kiss on the top of your head, leaving you to reboot as he saunters off.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo smiles, slow and intentionally, hands coming up to grip your wrists lightly, holding you there. “oh? can you?” he asks, sliding closer to you. “i’ll admit, i’ve been called a lot of things, but someone’s whole world? that’s a new one.” leaning in, you expect him to kiss you, but he bypasses your lips and goes right to your ear, breath fanning against it. “you already know what you mean to me,” he purrs, sending a shiver down your spine. “but i suppose it can’t hurt to remind you.”
Tumblr media
➳ beel furrows his brows, confused. “what? but i’m not a world. i’m just beelzebub. mc, are you okay? did you it your head? do you need to go to the doctor?” laughing, you squish his cheeks in your hands. “no, silly, it was like a metaphor. it means that you’re my world, not a world.” beel is quiet for a moment. “oh! i see what you mean now. well, in that case, i guess i can hold the whole world -no, all of them- in my hands too!” he cups your cheeks, smiling at you sweetly, and you can’t help but grin back.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie rolls his eyes, acting unaffected, but really, he wants to melt. you’re insinuating he’s your world! he knew he was important to you, but this important? you watch in amusement as he tries to push down the flattered and embarrassed feelings, and he definitely isn’t as successful as he thinks he is, as you can feel his cheeks heat up and see him swallowing his words down. it’s cute, and he’s cute, and when you tell him that, then he’s really unable to keep the blush off of his face.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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long-furby6 · a month ago
I know for a fact you’d give Lucifer so many stress lines 😭😭
The Brothers With A Venti-Like MC
Tumblr media
The minute he met you, he just new you were gonna be a pain in the ass
Maybe it was your smug look, or the intuition built over centuries of pseudo-parenting that something was off. But either way, he was, unfortunately, right
At first, he thought you were just a really weird human with no preservation instincts. Extremely annoying, too. Constantly breaking out into song in the middle of his lectures in some language he didn’t understand, swindling bartenders into free drinks, etc etc
oh god is this a Mammon with Asmo’s charm and his own pride???
Until he started seeing stuff about you that made him do a double take. What kinda human can drink that much and survive? Why do you always talk about events that took place a millennia before as if you were there??
Your actual identity clicked for him one day when he saw you wind current some poor guy into the next dimension
Turns out the 2nd human exchange student isn’t even human
Boy was he pissed. And you have an entire religion based around you??? Just how much did you not tell him????
His punishments are not the funnest so good luck
Once he gets used to this new information, he comes to quite enjoy your company
He’ll ask you to come play your lyre for him while he works in exchange for an apple or maybe some wine, he’s gotta admit that you’re one of the best bards he’s met. You often tell eachother stories of past friendships and fallen empires just to reminisce
Tumblr media
There’s no way in hell that you aren’t just instantly best friends
He’s the first person who knows about the whole god thing. Mostly because you blurted it out in a drunken stupor.
He thought it was a joke at first, until you actually showed him some of your abilities and he just went ???
SO happy that you told him and only him. Sure you were poster boarded to the forth dimension but still
Makes you play constantly and demand people pay for your entertainment
He’s a pretty good singer so maybe you two can duet? Join his modelling magazines as a guest?
Broke squad
Since you can shift your body into basically anything, he might try and get you to pose as him when he’s getting in trouble so he can escape through the back door
You’ll probably both get borderline executed after, but hey, it was fun while it lasted
Tumblr media
Will. You. Stop. Coming. Into. His. Room. Drunk. Off. Your. Ass. And. Messing. Up. His. GAME
Seriously, it’s kinda hard to concentrate when you’re clinging to him and screaming the lyrics to some weird song. Hey! You’re getting tears on his Ruri-Chan Limited Edition T-Shirt!
While your eccentric tendencies can annoy him at times, he can’t say he doesn’t enjoy your company when you’re not being annoying with Asmo or Mammon
He actually finds himself running excitedly to find you after some new anime comes out, or one of his favourite idols releases an album, just because you seem to get so hyped along with him
You gotta scream along to anime openings with him. He’s also very interested in any old sea shanties you might know
When he found out you were a god, I swear he nearly lost it
Like, you have all these people who love and worship you so much??? That’s so not fair!!
You’d think the archon of wind and a demon of the sea wouldn’t get along very well, but besides the occasional squabble, you two become quite close
Mostly he just like the fact that he can bribe you so easily. All he needs is a couple apples and you’re off to pester Mammon for his money back
Tumblr media
Doesn’t care, doesn’t bother. At first anyway
He ended up seeing how annoyed you make Lucifer, and decided to maybe talk to you a little more
Actually ends up liking you a lot! And that’s surprising considering how different you two are
Finding out you had a cult based around you was a little… shocking, however. What do you mean they call you Barbatos??? One is enough!
After the initial surprise, he gets the unbearable urge to go talk to one of your followers. Hearing them talk about how benevolent and mighty their god is when he literally saw you jump into a fountain while wasted to all hell slurring something about lost treasure not even two days ago is comedy gold to him
Gotta restrain himself from laughing when they say something about how know all knowing you are. He’s the one who has to tutor you all the time
Hearing about the archon war was more off putting then anything, tho. Like, who knew you were capable of so much destruction? He’s gotta be more careful around you…
When he finds out about your cat allergy… oh lord he feels so bad
He’s not even angry abt it he just pities you so much. You’ll never experience the pure joy of kissing their little foreheads :(
heart been broke so many times
Tumblr media
So excited when he hears your musical talent
Though that does mean he’s constantly bothering you to perform with him in front of his fans or at his parties
Definitely drinking buddies. You him and Mammon are kinda a bar hopping trio
Tries to get you to compete with him on who has a bigger cult. Gets lowkey upset when you win because you’re literally a religious figure—
Dramatically flops onto you when you’re sitting on the couch and starts ranting about how unfair it is
Gets you an apple or a bottle of wine anytime he can. He likes seeing the happy glint in your eye when he gives it to you
Gotta get drunk with him and start telling eachother everything
Forces you to let him style your hair
Tumblr media
When you first meet him, he kinda senses something off about you? You don’t feel quite human to him…
Turns out he was right. He wasn’t surprised at all when the whole Archon thing was revealed
It made sense now why you jumped in front of him and Luke that one time. You could probably put up a fight with even Lucifer!
Always tries to leave you some apples when he’s raiding the fridge. It’s hard to resist, but, they seem to make you very happy
When he finds out you took the form of a friend that died, holy shit dude
He’s always there to comfort you when those memories get a little too much. You did the same for him, after all
Tumblr media
Do you gotta be so loud all the time? You keep waking him up :/
He’s the only one who heard of the Anemo Archon, Barbatos long before he even met you. He spent so much time with humans as an angel, after all
Though he had no idea it was you until the day he tried to kill you. You nearly broke the wall with the force of that wind blast, sending him flying into all manner of furniture
He just stared at you like ??? 😳 ??? For so long
Very curious about your abilities and backstory. Maybe you can tell him some stories and play with his hair while he lays on your chest? Until he falls asleep? Please?
The schemes you two make together are enough to bring down the whole House Of Lamentation and it’s lowkey frightening
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certified-sloth · 14 days ago
Simeon: apologies father for I have sinned
asmo: sorry daddy I’ve been naughty
Solomon: we’re not supposed to talk about sky daddy like that
Simeon:*questioning why he’s friends with these people*
Demon bros react
This is one of the few times you could ACTUALLY see Lucifer slip up and laugh
Because hey, it's his father we're talking about here
Would try to cover up to save a bit more of his pride
Normally is so done with everyone but he'll admit it's funny this time
Definitely the one that tries to join in the fun
But it'll just end up awkward one way or another
It's funny, especially with the Chihuahua's expression
And Simeon looks like he's so close to smacking the unholiness out of Solomon and Asmo
Ok but WHERE did 'sky daddy' come from?
But like- is it time for Simeon to start his villain arc?
Already thinking up a long anime title he could relate this wi-
Is that a giant bible?
Never met the father personally
But it's funny how even Lucifer slipped up
Don't mistake him letting it off so easily
He can and WILL use it as blackmail
See? Solomon understands him!
Oh come now, Simeon!
It's not that bad, look! Even Lucifer is laughing
...uhm, Simeon- why are you holding a bible?
You really shouldn't be surprised by now Simeon
Gives the angel a pat on the back as if this was normal
He means it is kinda funny
Lowkey agrees with Belphie that Simeon needs better friends
HA! May the one above forgive you, but the angel will not the saying goes, anyway
He just enjoys the show from a distance
But seriously, you need better friends Simeon
Is so done
He already pulled out a giant bible to squash Solomon with
And is already planning to drown Asmo with holy water
Now just because he's an angel doesn't mean he can't commit 'a reasonable murder' :)
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trueshellz · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Day 7: Belphegor and Beelzebub + threesome
Tumblr media
Previous day | MASTERLIST | Next day
Warnings: threesome, spit roasting, praise, dirty talk, oral (m and f recieving), hickeys, female reader
Summary: A birthday present for the twins...
Tumblr media
Sandwiched between their hard bodies, you could feel Beel's hard dick slip and slide between your asscheeks as he licked at your neck. Hands cupping your breasts, massaging them gently before thumbing your nipples and moaning quietly in your ear. His brother was laying under you, hands gripping your thighs as he licked and sucked your clit, humming into your wet folds when the slick dripped down his chin. One hand gripping Beel's hair while the other was stroking Belphie's cock, long length curved up to his stomach leaving trails of precum on his stomach.
"Such a good girl aren't you, princess? Letting us both have you like this. So sweet too, does she taste sweet Belphie? Can't wait to feel your sweet body around me, squeezing me tight. You gonna be a good little slut and take it too, huh?"
You could barely focus on words being said as your first orgasm rocked through you, long fingers curling inside you as Belphie's tongue swirled on your clit. Beel's warm hands spreading your pushy lips open so his twin could get to the most sensitive parts of you. Whining at the loss when Belphie moved away, pulling you over so you could return the favour and suck him off while Beel fucked you. Hard length running up and down your slit once before pushing in slowly, the flared head opening you up and making you moan. Beel pulling out and pushing in a few times to get you used to him, while Belphie was long Beel was thicker, fat cock nestled between muscled thighs as he started moving slowly.
Peering up, you watched Belphie's eyes drifted close, moving your mouth to leave a hickey on his thigh which made him jump and glare down at you while you grinned at him. His response was to wrap his leg around your back and pull you forward so his dick hit the back of your throat, the gagging sending vibrations up his spine. A small chuckle from the both of them when you started whining, pace picked up on both ends making you drop your head and gasp loudly.
"You're so pretty, angel. Taking us both so well. Bet you're stuffed full, huh? Pretty cunt full of Beel while I fuck your mouth. Aw, you gonna cum again? Hmm?" You couldn't answer, simply nodding your assent as the pace picked up, the sound of skin on skin as his balls his the underside of your wet pussy. "Go on. One more for us, ok? Be a good whore and give us one more."
Shaking your head even though your legs were shaking, mouth open around Belphie's dick he started thrusting in and out slowly using your mouth until you had to pull off. Your arms shaking, Beel holding them behind your back as you flopped forward and simply took the fucking from both ends. Pussy fluttering around the thick cock inside you, pulsating as you felt your body gush and cum again. A loud groan behind you as Beel soon followed, hands gripping your hips, fingers digging into the soft flash of your ass and pulling back to watch the white globs drip out of you.
A small chuckle making you peer up, his hand moving up and down slowly using the combined spit and precum to ease his way. You yelped when Beel picked you up and placed you leaking pussy on his brother's dick, the intrusion making you whine and grab onto his chest. Breath hiccuping when Beel simply held your legs up and fucked you up and down, Belphie laying back, hands over his head and watching you both with a satiated smile on his face. His hands reaching down to run up and down your stretched pussy, eyes glinting with amusement at your fucked out expression.
"The days not over yet, angel."
A hum behind you as Beel's fingers trailed through your wet folds. "I'm still hungry."
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gxr-dove · 2 months ago
Obey Me! MC Who Is Stubborn When Sick
In case any of you are sick here’s a little something for you. I will learn how to make a masterlist later when I have time. Enjoy.
You had been staying up quite late from studying and other late work nights in devildom
Lucifer once caught you up past 3am studying. He lovingly scolded you and forced you to bed.
However those late nights have caught up to you and you start feeling like you have a cold
Lucifer notices right away when you sluggishly walk by him in the halls
When you come back from school you see someone rapidly approaching you
Lucifer Immediately takes off one of his gloves and feels your temperature
A frown and long sigh are followed as he drags you to his room to get rest
If you protest saying that you’re fine and you’d like to keep working, he will go from dragging you to sweeping you off your feet and carrying you
When he comes back with medicine from the human world and sees that you’re working or not resting in anyway, he firmly restates that he wants you to rest, “What do you think you’re doing. Didn’t I just tell you to rest *sigh* I am confiscating your textbooks.” He takes your textbooks
He’ll make room in his schedule to give you your medicine and to comfort you. When you deny that you don’t need anything. Expect to be responded with a concerned and irritated look that loves you too much to yell at you while your sick but he will later
If you give him a kiss on the cheek to thank him Lucifer would lose all reason he had to scold you and quietly gives in to his cute human as he rests next to you allowing himself to forget about paper work for a few minutes
It was getting colder out, however you refused to wear a jacket because “you don’t need one.” At least that’s what you told Mammon while walking back to the House of Lamentation.
Mammon the entire time was trying to make you warm or give you his jacket, “stupid human you ain’t a demon you’re gonna get sick!” he warned.
And just as The Great Mammon predicted you started sneezing and coughing the next day
Oh he was not having it
“What’d I tell ya come here ya idiot” He scolded you as he took your hand in his and dragged you to his room
You tried to protest telling him it’s just a cold and that it’s no big deal
Mammon turned to you and promised to you that you’re gonna rest today and let him take care of you and nothing you do will stop him from doing so
Mammon cancels any plans he had to stay by your side
He even made you his favorite ramen because he knows soup helps, but he doesn’t know how to make the kind of human soup that helps you when you’re sick
“Just take the damn ramen already I-I don’t know what else to make ya” He stutters as he hands you his ramen trying to hide his blush
You give him a peck on his cheek
He’s now 10 times more protective of you than he already was
You and Levi had been staying up playing video games for hours on end
Levi noticed that over the past few days of you staying up so late with him that you had been coughing a bit. He also notices that you have goosebumps even though the room isn’t that cold.
“Ehhh are you alright normie can you not handle staying up this late?” He asks. You tell him you’re fine, followed by yet another cough
Now Levi is worried. Without thinking he moves closer to you to feel your temperature. You’re burning up!
“You’re not fine! You’re forehead feel hot.” You tell him it’s nothing and that you can keep playing. “Are you crazy no way!” He says
He gets up and tries to find you something to cool you down. You can hear him shuffling through his stuff followed by multiple “moe” sounds
When he can’t find anything he decides to just use his hand since his skin is already sort of cold
He adds a few more pillows in his bathtub bed and orders you to stay put in there
He’ll lay his hand on your head allowing you to sleep
It’s only after you sleep that Levi becomes less worried and realizes how close he was to your face and how now his hand is on your head. He’s now dying of embarrassment as he tries to keep his hand on your head.
You had started reading this amazing book series together and stayed up for the past few nights to finish it as fast as possible
After you both finished Satan noticed how you often coughed while talking to him about your opinions on the series
Satan becomes worried and pushes away some of your hair to feel your temperature with the back of his hand
“You’re temperature is high, I should’ve known not to keep you up so late. I’ll take responsibility for this”
You tell him you’re fine but Satan ignores your protests and orders you to stay in his room while he makes you some tea
When he comes back he has you sit with him so that your back lays on his chest while he reads to you
After finishing your tea and snuggling in his lap you end up falling asleep
Satan tucks you in and kisses you good night and makes sure you get enough rest tomorrow
Don’t even try to argue with him he won’t allow you to further ruin your health by staying up late again
You had been sneaking out and partying with Asmo for a few nights
Even though you were only there to keep Asmo company you notice that you had been feeling a bit warm. While you brushed it off as nothing, Asmo noticed right away when he grabbed your arm to pull you on the dance floor. Only to freeze from feeling how warm your arm felt. He then felt your forehead and gasped.
Asmo will immediately take you back home
If you protest and tell him you feel fine and to keep partying. Asmo will lovingly yell at you, “Absolutely not! We’re going home.”
He’ll hold your hand the entire time sneaking back to the house and makes you take a bath that has a scent that can clear up any stuffiness in your nose
“Does that feel better hun? You need to take the day of tomorrow I’m not letting my sweet human get sick on me.” He says while smiling at you and kissing your forehead.
How can you not accept his comfort when he’s smiling like that. You give in and let him take care of you the following day.
Beel had noticed you staying up late because he encountered you more often in the middle of the night when he was out to get food
You would often wave to him and say goodnight
One night you give him a hug and Beel can feel right away how warm your body is
He’ll pull you away and feel your forehead
He won’t say anything at first but instead frown at you worried about how hot you feel
You tell him your fine and that you always stay up like this so it’s no big deal
Before you can even finish what you have to say Beel picks you up and carries you to his room. Even if you tell him to put you down and that you’re fine Beel will look at you concerned and you will have no choice but to give in to his precious face.
He’ll tuck you in his bed and leave to bring you something warm to eat since that’s what Lilith did when he was sick
He will careful wrap his arms around you while trying to give you enough space to cool down but also keeping you close to him
When you fall asleep he focuses so much on keeping you safe and watching your temperature that he stays with you all night not even leaving to get food
When he sees Beel bring you to their room he comforts you along with Beel
While Beel goes to make you food he keeps you company
You complain to Belphie about how you’re not sick and this is unnecessary
“You’re so stubborn. You feel hot don’t even try to leave this bed.” He’ll say while resting his head on your thighs to keep you from leaving
He’ll rest next to you on the side Beel isn’t on and will influence your sleep with his sin helping you rest
Will kiss your forehead goodnight and watch you rest for a bit before going to sleep himself
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obeymefictionwriting · 4 months ago
MC: Wow, your legs look great in those jeans!
Asmo: You should see me without them~♡
MC: Why would you take off your legs?
How would bros react?
Mammon: "Huh? I didn' get it! Hey why y'all laughing?!"
Levi: LMAOOOO NICE ONE MC (also posting it on his Twitter)
Satan: ~Ara Ara~
Asmo: "HUUUUUUH??" (on the verge of tears tbh)
Beel: Nani? What happened?
Belphegor: Ouch, Smarty Pants alert!
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