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#beel obey me
halli-walli2 hours ago
Heyo send me ideas to write :) I write for:
- the arcana
- obey me
-miraculous ladybug
- bnha
- Haikyuu
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crispyduckpatrol3 hours ago
Obey Me! Characters as things me and my friends have said (and very out of context) Part 10:
Diavolo: i'm gay. i would kiss a man on the lips.
Beezlebub: these are red onions. get your facts straight.
Mammon: i'm broke, i don't owe you shit.
Satan: *proceeds to drink straight up ranch*
Leviathan: when you can't marry your waifu.
Asmodeus: you had me and lost me at titties.
Belphegor: would you listen to my soundcloud?
Lucifer: now is not the time to be thinking about that. i need to get this fucking essay turned in.
Solomon: i have a question, and no, you cannot answer it with "the bible".
Simeon: oh hello.
Luke: why did i have to be born short?
Barbatos: rat jizz.
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moemammon7 hours ago
An MC that steals clothes to the point where they have more of the boys clothes than the boys do
Big Boyf hoodies
The Demon Bros react to MC Stealing their Clothes!
You have ten seconds before you're subjected to a vibe check
Jk, Lucifer MIGHT be okay with you wearing his clothes, depending on his mood. If he's got things to do, you'd best leave his stuff alone
Otherwise, the sight of you walking around wearing that huge fur coat of his is enough to put him in a much better mood for the rest of the day. Maybe he won't beat Mammon's ass today after all? 馃
As long as you keep his fancy coat clean, he's happy. He might even start "accidentally" leaving things out for you to get to, and his ego inflates tenfold when he sees you've found them.
He'll tease you a little bit about it, asking "Did you miss me so much that you had to wear my clothing?"
Bruh???? Where the hell did his jacket go-
He tossed it in the dryer and now it's gone! Time to destroy his room in the search-
And that's when he sees you walking around wearing it, like it's no big deal. You haven't even spotted him yet but boy is he staring
He doesn't even have a CHANCE to think about being mad at you, because you chose to wear his clothes specifically. His ego? Through the roof. Definitely considers buying you things to match what he wears.
Now everyone knows you're HIS human! He'd never let anyone else wear his stuff, after all! "You're the one that's been takin' my jacket?? Well.... I guess it's only natural that ya wanna wear the Great Mammon's clothes! S-so don't go takin' it off, ya hear?!"
The normie??? Is wearing HIS clothes??? Specifically the Ruri-chan shirt he sleeps in?????
The fact that you went out of your way to get them... He doesn't know if he's horrified or honored, but he's definitely somewhere in the middle considering the look on his face. And honestly he's so damn shocked that he thinks his heart might explode.
This is LITERALLY an epic gamer anime moment. When the male protagonist finds his lover/love interest wearing one of his oversized shirts.... m-moe...
He can't even look at you directly, so he has to do it through his camera lens. Did you really think he wouldn't fill up his entire phone's memory bank with photos of you? Think again. Maybe if he leaves some cosplay out, you might wear that too..?
"Wh-Huh? O-o-of course I knew you took my shirt! There's no way I wouldn't notice. B-But you don't have to take it off! I mean... you can keep it if you want... I have three more."
Satan doesn't know how to wear a coat properly anyway so it's no wonder you took it, to show him how it's done one sleeve wearing ass
It didn't take detective Satan very long to find out where it'd gone, because he soon spots you wearing it.
You're sitting in an armchair with his coat draped around you, clearly content and comfortable with your newly acquired clothing.
And he pauses, just outside of your line of sight so he can compose himself. He鈥檇 be lying if he said his heart didn't skip a beat when he saw it draped over you. It made him want to gather you up on his lap and keep you there forever.
Instead, once he's calmed down, he rounds the corner to question you about it. "If you were cold, why didn't you tell me? Here, let me sit next to you. Ah, you can keep the coat on. It suits you."
This is literally all he's ever wanted tbh. He's not even surprised that you want to try on his clothes, because?? They're HIS.
But he's gushing about it forever. He's so quick to snap a million photos of you and posts them to devilgram, sets it as his home and lock screen, maybe prints a couple of photos to keep-
You never hear the end of it. Whether you were trying to be covert or not, he's got you and he's never letting go.
He'll literally give you the clothes he thinks will suit you best, and gushes over the say they compliment you.
"It's like having my own doll to dress up! You don't know how happy I am to put my clothes on you~! Shall we buy matching outfits? Or maybe... you prefer that they belong to me~?"
Beel can be a little forgetful, so sometimes he misplaced his jacket. He always finds it in the end, either through his brothers or his own means, so he's completely stumped when he's looked everywhere and STILL can't find it. And he's starting to get hungry again, so now he's more interested in going to the kitchen.
Then he finds you exiting your room, rubbing the sleep of your afternoon nap from your eyes. You don't seem to notice him and just quietly wander past, wearing Beel's jacket.
He doesn't even stop you, just watching you go before he's suddenly forgetting all about his hunger pains, and more interested in quietly following you like a dog.
You both end up in the kitchen, and he's still watching over you happily while you eat some chips. Don't mind him while he uhhhhh picks you up and takes him to his room so he can hold you lmao
"MC.... did you have my jacket this entire time? I was looking for it. Oh, I'm not angry or anything, I like seeing you wear it. You should do that more often."
He realizes that you took something so fast-
Belphie may be able to sleep anywhere, but he has to be comfortable enough for it. That comfort usually comes in the form of his jacket, so when he discovers it's missing and has looked everywhere, he gets a little agitated.
Grumpy boy goes to find you to force you to take a nap with him until he feels better, and discovers that you're guilty. But his annoyance is replaced by pride when he sees how comfortable you look, napping away in his jacket.
He's not letting you keep it of course, but he's sure there's something else he can let you wear instead. Part of him is convinced you're only wearing it because it's comfortable, while the other part wonders if you're wearing it because it's his...
So he pokes your face until you wake up, and demands an answer. "You took my jacket without asking, huh? I couldn't sleep a wink because of you.....If you wanted to feel like I was with you, you should've just went to my room. Scoot over, I'm joining you."
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harunayuuka206010 hours ago
Can we have more nonchalant!mc (the one reattaching their teeth lol) i just love their vibe, its so funny XD
Belphie: *tries to kill MC with sleep paralysis*聽
MC: *every time they closed their eyes, they see an ugly ghost staring at them* *opens their eyes* *then closes it again*聽
Belphie: What are they doing?
MC: *opens their eyes for the fifth time* Wow. What an ugly shit. *closes their eyes again* *and sleeps*
Belphie: ...
Belphie: You鈥檙e supposed to be scared!
MC: *hearing someone walking on their ceiling*
Levi: I鈥檓 sure they鈥檙e going to be scared by this.聽
MC: *getting annoyed* *glares at the ceiling* Shut up!
Levi: W-What?
MC: *goes to the kitchen at 3AM*聽
Beel: *pushes a glass to fall from the table*聽
MC: *just knocks on the wood and left*聽
Beel: *follows them*聽
MC: *starts dancing with no music*
Beel: This human is crazier than I thought.聽
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wannameetmyson11 hours ago
Things from The Boys in the House 2 video
-leviathan has a lisp
-Some characters got a new home screen message. Sorry Beel, Satan, and Luci fans. They did do new lines but they weren鈥檛 put into the game, so you might want to watch the video! Leviathan might get two new messages.
-Shinya Sumi being really confident and then being rejected. Then cheering when Kazuya Yamashita was also confident and also rejected.
-raising your hand by holding your sheep plushie up
-we love to see the others supporting Muira Ayme鈥檚 music career!
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obey-me-rules-my-life-now11 hours ago
Hopefully I'm not bothering once again but I wanted to share yet another thingy thing I thought of
Mc suddenly didn't show up for 2 classes, so one of the brothers goes to search for them, and see that- They fell asleep, and a small cerberus puppy was asleep on them as well (basically just,, like a different breed of cerberus)
Awww this ask is so freaking adorable I can't~ thank you so much. YOU NEVER BOTHER ME. Ask as much as you want I'm always delighted.
Tumblr media
You're usually a pretty responsible student. Of course you occasionally bunk a class because either Mammon drags you onto one of his misadventures or Belphie doesn't let you leave till late.
But two classes in a row? He didn't like the sound of that. What are you becoming MC?
"Where did you see them last?" Lucifer inquires around as he tries to find you.
It didn't take him too long, you are at the house itself. In the living room, near the window.
With your head tilted against the headrest, your eyes closed in deep sleep. You even had your uniform on. And what's that in your lap? A puppy?
A three headed puppy lay curled up in your lap, all three heads asleep and nuzzling at stomach.
Lucifer broke into a smile, his face reddening. Damnit who gave you the right to look this cute?
If this is the reason you didn't show up... Well he can write some absent notes for you.
Gets his jacket to cover both and the pupper up.
Strictly warns his brothers not to go in and disturb you.
"Oi human! Pick up the damn phone!" He keeps trying to call but you don't pick up. And then sighs knowing you probably can't even hear your DDD cause you keep it on silent.
Classes are boring as they are, now he's even more restless. You are the one person who helps in concentrate in class. Two at a time is too much to take!
Starts hunting for you in the all classrooms and then heads home.
Oh look there's MC! "MC what are ya doing at home- OH!" Shuts up when he sees you sleeping, holding a puppy in your arms.
Involuntarily snaps like 50 pictures of you. One of them is his wallpaper now.
IT'S NOT LIKE YOU LOOK CUTE OR ANYTHING! He just couldn't help it!
Also grumbles at the puppy for a while out of jealousy.
Stays next to you until you wake up.
MC where are you!!! The second class just ended!!! Are you bunking on purpose LOL - Levi constantly kept texting you like this and yet no replies.
Now who will ramble to about the new TSL series? No this is too much.
Gets busy looking for you. Man this is just like that anime 'Hunting down my missing best friend or else I die of boredom'!
Starts a whole detective game sequence where he interacts with anything and everything to get a clue of where you are.
He almost nosebleeds when he sees you and the puppy curled up and sleeping.
Too cute MC. Too cute. You're killing him.
Took a lot of pictures and but it didn't feel like enough. Also low-key jealous of the puppy.
So he just sits there and starts drawing you and the puppy in anime style with different costumes.
'MC you're missing important classes, are you okay?' He also sends you a message. Usually you reply to him almost instantly. He gets worried when you don't.
He usually takes down notes for you and explains when he gets back. And he is certain that sometimes you miss classes just so he can teach you instead.
Detective Satan mode activated. He is also the fastest at finding you.
When he says fast asleep with a puppy on your lap, he breaks into a chuckle.
How typical. You fell asleep exactly the same way in his room with a two kittens on your lap last week.
He also takes a photo adding to his secret gallery 'MC + pets'. It's top secret.
Gently raises your head and places a pillow so your neck doesn't hurt when you wake up.
Decides to stay by your side and make notes for you till you wake up.
Why isn't MC picking up his calls?! MC stop stressing him out, it's bad for his skin!
If you were planning to skip classes, then you could have joined him in a shopping spree instead.
Promptly starts a search for you by charming whoever he can. Creates so much fuss over a missing human.
Eventually Satan tells him and he finds you at home in deep sleep with a cute puppy on your lap.
He will literally set up the lighting and clean up the surroundings so fast and so noiselessly.
He secretly marvels at how much you've accepted Devildom as your own.
A three headed puppy doesn't even faze you, you love and hold it all the same.
Falls asleep next to you. Extra beauty sleep? Yes please.
MC isn't in class? Perhaps they're in the cafeteria? He's usually lost in his own thoughts about what to have for lunch so he didn't notice at first
MC come back he needs to share his snacks. He even got your favourite pudding.
Almost sniffs you out like a dog when he goes home. He chuckles and smiles, as he sees you in deep sleep while the puppy lies on your lap, it's tail wrapped around your finger.
It reminds him of how Belphie used to hold Beel while sleeping when they were kids.
Carries you so gently to the bed, puppy and all and covers you up with a blanket. And he does it flawlessly cause he has had to do it with Belphie before.
Leaves your favorite pudding and school lunch all wrapped up on the table for you to have when you wake up.
He could tell MC wasnt in class cause he couldn't sleep well. He generally sat beside or behind MC, their presence gave him the better sleep.
Of course none of his idiot brothers know where MC is. Ugh. Why does he have to everything around here?
He goes straight home, he knows there is nowhere you like to be alone at school. And he is right when he finds you.
How can someone possibly look so cute when they're sleeping? He cups your cheek and runs a hand through your hair like you do to him when he's asleep.
Also that's a lucky puppy to be sleeping in your lap. He knows it's where he sleeps best.
Also takes a picture and sets it as his screensaver.
And then he gently shoves the puppy aside and rests his own head on your lap and falls fast asleep.
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leannamsinsomnia13 hours ago
YO!!!! 馃槼 I think you might be on to something.馃
I'm not sure really, but it's the only theory I've honestly heard that makes sense.
This is about the conversation about the shady ass butcher.
Tumblr media
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obeyme-ever19 hours ago
馃А *jumps, startled slightly not expecting him to be behind her so fast, almost falling off the counter before the demon lifted her off and set her back down on the floor, cheeks dusted pink at how easily he's able to lift her* I didn't hear anything when I called for you, I didn't wanna wake everyone by being too loud. I thought maybe I could reach it myself..*takes the bread, smiling softly, motioning for him to lean down, standing on her tip toes to kiss his cheek* Thank you for all your help beelzie! *pops the toast in the toaster, grabbing devildom jelly from the fridge and butter to set out on the table, grabbing the toast when it pops and stacking it all on a plate, grabbing some juice too for good measure and placing it all down on the table* I think we're all set! *smiles brightly, proud of them both for making a nice breakfast for everyone*
Beel nods leaning down for her and smiling at her kiss, 鈥淵ou鈥檙e welcome!鈥 He watches her finish up the breakfast helping when he could and trying his best not to steal food. Once they were done he smiled to her and hugged her, 鈥淭hank you! It looks so good..鈥 The tall demon stared over at the food drooling at the sight.
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mammons-tax-returns19 hours ago
comforting you about your body insecurities pt. 1
beelzebub, mammon, lucifer
:) ! first post back!! (rest of the brothers coming later)
Tumblr media
Lucifer is a very attentive demon, despite being busy with his nose shoved in a stack of papers around the clock
He really does find you wonderful, both just to relax with and to admire.
And he鈥檚 known that you piqued his interest ever since you appeared before him in the stuco room. And this is LUCIFER. He normally doesn鈥檛 give any human a second glance. Unless ur some powerful and dangerously talented sorcerer with white hair 馃ぇbut that aside
Tonight, he gets a break from Diavolo鈥檚 workload because there is yet another ball being held at the castle.
He sprays a faint but expensive cologne on his skin, quietly hoping that you would like and comment on it so he could respond with some flirty line. That would be nice, he thinks.
Then, he鈥檚 taking long strides leading out of his bedroom, and heading over to yours beside the kitchen, where he hears his siblings bickering over the best fruit.
He knocks on the door first, waiting for a response that never comes. He only hears your favorite song from within.
He calls your name, only becoming more confused the longer the silence grows
When he pushes open the door, he鈥檚 nearly relieved to see you standing in front of the body mirror, fixing the the collar of your outfit. You turn to look at him offer a smile. 鈥淗ey, Luci. You鈥檙e punctual, as usual.鈥
He hums under his breath in response. A silent 鈥渋 know鈥. He pads over to you, placing a hand on your hip affectionately. 鈥淵ou look good enough to eat, handsome. Asmodeus may have his moments but he certainly knows how to dress anyone with anything.鈥
You look at your own eyes in the reflection, not able to respond entirely. Lucifer means well, you鈥檙e sure of it. He doesn鈥檛 know that the past hour of preparation for the ball was spent scowling at the parts of you that you could never quite enjoy entirely.
Lucifer looks questioningly at your expression from the mirror. 鈥測/n? Is something the matter?鈥
At that, you snap back to reality and look back at him. 鈥淗uh? Oh... Right鈥 Sorry, I just,鈥 you trail off, at a loss for words. Was this the right time to mention your thoughts, before a ball? 鈥淚t鈥檚 nothing, just lost in my thoughts, I suppose.鈥
Lucifer鈥檚 eyebrows knit in the way that they tend to do when he worries. 鈥淢ind sharing? I鈥檇 love to sit and listen.鈥 His hands slide around your waist until he鈥檚 hugging you, and you catch a whiff of his cologne which makes you melt. Once again you wonder if this relationship was something you deserved.
鈥淒on鈥檛 give me that, lovely. I said I鈥檇 like to listen, no?鈥 As you turn your head away, he takes the opportunity to rest his head on the crook of your neck.
You sigh, smiling hopelessly. You hate to admit it, but his response makes you feel jittery on the inside. 鈥淚t鈥檚 silly really, I just wasn鈥檛 feeling myself just now. The clothes are amazing! But...鈥 You know exactly what you鈥檒l say next, but the words feel venomous in your mouth. 鈥淚鈥檓 wondering if Asmodeus understands how wasteful it is to put them on me, you know?鈥
Lucifer is at a loss, and his heart aches at your words. 鈥淥h dear... Well that鈥檚 no good. I can鈥檛 have my gorgeous lover worrying himself over something that鈥檚 so far from the truth.鈥
You are already aware that Lucifer will always support you no matter what, and the thought is both heart warming and bothersome. 鈥淵eah, yeah, Lucifer... I鈥檝e heard it all alr-鈥
鈥淭hen what do you not understand?鈥 Lucifer cuts you off promptly and confidently. 鈥淒o you really believe that I鈥檇 sugarcoat this? Anything?鈥
You swallow thickly. 鈥淣-... No. You wouldn鈥檛...鈥
鈥淕ood. That鈥檚 a good response.鈥 He places a sweet kiss on your cheek, ruby eyes flitting up to your own gaze in the mirror. 鈥淚鈥檓 almost afraid of other demons trying to steal you away in such a dashing outfit, to be honest. Enjoy yourself, but if any of my brothers try anything, I swear...鈥
You laugh a little, running a free hand through his hair and noting how he almost sinks into your touch. Almost like a cat. 鈥淭hank you, Lucifer. For everything.鈥
Lucifer kisses your hand softly. 鈥淵ou are perfection, darling.鈥
You look forward to slow dancing alongside the eldest brother now, losing yourself in the music. Lucifer was right, there was really nothing to worry yourself over.
Tumblr media
Mammon, unfortunately, had to cancel date night plans for the weekend for a modeling gig.
You were disappointed, but not mad at him. He told you in advance, offered to make up for it, and usually tries his best to uphold his promises.
He offers to bring you with him, guilty at the thought of your alone in your room.
You don鈥檛 know whether to accept it or not. Would you fit in on a set full of gorgeous, picture-perfect demons?
Mammon has his hand on the back of his neck, nervous that you鈥檙e too angry at him to want to say yes.
To his delight, you smile and agree to go with him. Maybe, this way, he can avoid others flirting with him when they know that his boyfriend would be in the room.
At first, it makes you feel a little bit happier seeing Mammon light up with joy after seeing him pout like a puppy moments ago.
The day has come that you step onto the modeling floor. The photographers and staff know you well due to Mammon鈥檚 insistent bragging about you and your relationship. Clutching your D.D.D. anxiously, you make your way over to Mammon, who is already posing for a camera under bright studio lights.
You keep to the shadows as you watch him intently. Mammon is well known for his idiocy, but he is one handsome devil.
The evil snickering of two demons sound behind you, to which you ignore. You were too nervous to actually move, anyways.
Whatever... It doesn鈥檛 concern me... Right?
The giggles don鈥檛 stop, and you can鈥檛 help but listen in on their whispers. It sounds as if they purposely spoke louder than normal just to bother you.
鈥淟ook at how his eyes are shining... Obsessed with Mammon, much?鈥 Oh boy. It really seems like they鈥檙e talking about...
鈥淟et鈥檚 talk about those clothes, though... Are you kidding me... Does the human world really have that low of standards鈥 or is this the bottom of the barrel.鈥 At that, the two burst into a fit of cackles.
Luckily, a photographer hisses at them, irritated with the noise breaking his concentration. They quiet down, but continue to berate you in ways you had never even considered.
You鈥檙e sweating bullets now, itching to use your hand to wipe the oncoming tears of embarrassment. You blink them away, and don鈥檛 notice that your boyfriend is now finished with his shoot.
You tense upon seeing him speaking to the camera tech. Your heart nearly jumps out of your throat. The last thing you needed was him seeing you cry right now. He鈥檇 be worried sick.
Not even bothering to excuse yourself, you slip into the bathroom and can only focus on the laughter of the other demons behind you. The sound causes you to shake slightly as you shut the door behind you.
There is more than one stall, so you briefly worry that someone would come in and find you bawling your eyes out in the middle of a semi-professional setting. You sigh heavily and turn the sink on to wash your face.
The more you stood in front of the sink rubbing your face, the more vividly you remember the rude comments made about you. Could they have been true?
With a troubled look, you sneak a glance at yourself in the mirror.
You didn鈥檛 think that your clothes were particularly 鈥渂ad鈥... They said so much, and it鈥檚 all coming back like a vicious and cruel tsunami.
No matter what you do, you can鈥檛 seem to stop crying.
鈥淥h y/n!!~ Where are ya鈥 at?鈥 Mammon crashes through the door, hands on his hip with a toothy and closed-eye grin.
Thinking quickly, you reach over to grab a hand towel and press your face into it. 鈥淗-Hey, Mammon, you looked good out there...鈥
Mammon must have picked up on your wavering tone, because he pauses.
You鈥檙e frozen on the spot when he places a hand on your shoulder, although you can鈥檛 see him through the towel.
鈥淯hh... What鈥檚 up with you? Don鈥檛 tell me that you鈥檙e...鈥 It鈥檚 too late to react when he pushes the towel aside to find your teary eyes.
鈥淲h-What?!鈥 His heart drops immediately. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong babe?! Are you like... I dunno hurt or something?!鈥
You exhale shakily, still trying to calm yourself. 鈥淭hose models out there are just... A little too honest about me, I s-suppose... But it鈥檚 really fine. I just... I don鈥檛 know... I guess I just needed a minute to... Freak out a little?鈥
鈥淗onest? What the hell do you鈥斺 A sudden feeling of recognition pulled at his features. Truth be told, he knew those demons personally, having worked with them before. Then the guilt of knowing exactly what happened began to eat away at him. 鈥淥h...鈥
You shifted, wishing that he would drop the subject. This was getting much too embarrassing to bear, and the way his eyes drooped with sadness made your stomach churn. 鈥淢ammon. I-I鈥檓 serious, I鈥檓 okay鈥斺
Mammon鈥檚 arms surround you like a sturdy, calming veil.
鈥淚 know you鈥檙e not, y/n!鈥 Mammon had no desire to listen to you pretend to act unbothered. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what they鈥檝e told you, but I can guarantee that I have been given comments just as bad as those- and I鈥檓 The Mammon.鈥
You grip onto his shirt, avoiding making eye contact with him. 鈥淏ut... That鈥檚 the thing Mammon. I鈥檓 not nearly as confident or perfect as you.鈥
Mammon holds you tighter, voice softening drastically. 鈥淒on鈥檛 you think that鈥檚 exactly what I think of you when you comfort me on my bad days?鈥
A pool of warmth starts to seep from the depths of your chest. And your furrowed brows start to relax. 鈥淩eally..? You mean it?鈥
鈥測/n, you are precious to me, and all of my crazy ass brothers. And there is no way in hell that I鈥檒l allow some scum of the world get in the way of realizing how flawless you are.鈥
Tumblr media
Beel wants nothing more than to spend every second of the day with you. And Belphie.
But unfortunately, most of his time is spent in the gym, if not the kitchen.
So he asks you if you would like to start working out with him at the gym, or even if you were just interested in hanging around and nothing more. He just wanted your presence.
The idea itself made your heart swell. But after a bit of thinking, you weren鈥檛 so sure. You鈥檝e never been to a gym in Devildom before, but you were sure it wasn鈥檛 very different from human gyms.
It would be filled with confident and toned bodies that would put you down without even trying.
And as much as you wanted to be there with Beel, you weren鈥檛 ready for the prospect of the nasty looks you鈥檇 receive sitting beside the sixth-born who is a perfectly sculpted athlete.
After all, he seemed a bit too good for you, as it seemed in your head.
Beel wonders why you turned him down. Had he done something to upset you?
He鈥檇 have to get down to the bottom of it, lest he regret ignoring your behavior.
To do this, he takes a day off from the gym, thinking that the answer to this situation would be to spend time together. Smiling to himself, he clutches a bag of sweets to his chest.
y/n has got to love this, he thinks excitedly.
Knocking once, he can barely keep himself from barging in and tearing into his baked goodies. 鈥測/n, I鈥檓 here. Wanna share these cookies with me? There鈥檚 also pound cake and cupcakes... The mini ones with enchanted apples on them.鈥
His smile falls a little when there鈥檚 a long note of silence. 鈥測/n?鈥 He questions.
鈥淥h! Uh... Sorry, Beel... Maybe another day. I鈥檓 studying for that final right now.鈥 Beel knows you sound sincere, but something about this response seems off.
His heart sinks a little, feeling a little embarrassed after being rejected. He hadn鈥檛 expected this.
鈥淎h... Are you sure?鈥
There鈥檚 a silence from the other side of the door, and the sixth born starts to genuinely worry.
Truth be told, you had been weeping alone looking through images of famous demon athletes that advertised the same gym that Beel attended regularly. It was a dangerous thing to do, but how could you look away?
You take a glance at yourself in the mirror. your eyes were barely puffy. A bit red too. But overall, nothing seemed very different. Maybe鈥 Just maybe, he wouldn鈥檛 even notice.
鈥淗ello? You in there?鈥
You stiffen at the sound of his voice.
鈥淐oming!鈥 Hopping to your feet, you rush to the door and open it.
鈥淥h man, I was starting to get antsy smelling this bag... Let鈥檚 hurry and dig in.鈥 His eyes are trained on the food in his hands, and his mouth is watering.
鈥淥h, Beel... You have some drool again!鈥 You lightly scold him and wipe the corner of his mouth with a napkin from the table right beside the door.
At that, he finally gets a good look at you.
鈥淥h, thank y鈥... ou...鈥 He trails off instantaneously. 鈥淵our eyes...鈥
You sigh and bow your head sheepishly. 鈥淎gh... I should鈥檝e known you鈥檇 catch me. It鈥檚 not anything serious, I just was... I was watching a sad movie is all.鈥
His eyebrows knit together. 鈥淪o were you studying or watching a movie?鈥
He caught me.
He pushes forward, closing the door behind him and taking your hands in his. He leaves the bag abandoned on the floor.
鈥測/n... What鈥檚 been up with you lately? You鈥檙e seriously not yourself.鈥
Your face flushes, and you sigh. Your throat suddenly feels tight. 鈥淯h... That鈥檚...鈥
He鈥檚 noticed this entire time. I鈥檓 an idiot.
鈥淟isten, Beel...鈥 You squeeze his hand. 鈥淚鈥檒l tell you because I know that if I don鈥檛, you鈥檒l be worried sick.鈥
He nods hurriedly, heart rate increasing.
鈥淚 guess I just...鈥 The words struggle to make their way out. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 understand how-how someone like you; handsome, kind, and strong could end up with...鈥 You pause, starting to tear up. 鈥淲ith someone like me.鈥
Beel takes a moment to process your situation.
And when he does, his head starts to spin, and his heart feels heavy like a boulder.
鈥測/n... What are you even thinking?鈥 Is all he manages to whisper. He pulls you into a tight, comforting hug and sniffles.
鈥淵ou mean literally more to me than anything or anyone else.鈥 He says firmly. 鈥淚 don鈥檛 know what part of you you鈥檙e so hung up on, I couldn鈥檛 even imagine there being any reason to be.鈥
鈥淵ou don鈥檛 have to鈥斺
鈥淚 do.鈥 He cuts you off firmly. If he didn鈥檛, you may try to deny his definite truth. 鈥測/n, I know i鈥檓 all about food and training... I鈥檓 sorry I don鈥檛 know how to make you realize how wonderful you are.
But I鈥檇 like to learn that with you. Is that okay?鈥
Your tears finally fall, soaking through his tank top.
鈥淥f course... I鈥檇 love that.鈥
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leannamsinsomnia21 hours ago
Ok, it can't just be me.
Who else gets a "shady vibe" from this "butcher" man, like he pops up every other lesson. He has to be important some how.... RIGHT?!?!
Like, something tells me he's not an actual butcher, that he is something more, someone who is observing us from the sidelines, and it's kinda weird. IDK, but I call SUS!!!!馃し鈥嶁檧锔忦煠煠旔煒
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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www-artforoddballsa day ago
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obeymesidebloga day ago
Beelzebub: If i was a demon, would you still love me?
MC: You are a demon
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oceanatydesa day ago
Tumblr media
wanted to do this adorable relationship meme by blewbeary on twitter for nishith! I added a friends category bc I needed smth btw acquaintances and best friends for some of nishith鈥檚 relationships :)
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iamelisepostsa day ago
Beel: Shake it.
Asmo: *Shimmies*
Beel: ...
Beel: The container, Asmo!
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