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#beel x reader
nyansatan · a month ago
Hello! May I request headcanons of the demon bros reacting to gn!MC having a photo of them in their transparent phone case?
Hi! Of course, thank you so much for requesting, this is such a cute idea! I hope you like these headcanons :)
He asked you to accompany him in his room while he gets some work done and the two of you were currently having a small break. You were on your phone and that's when he notices it - his picture inside your phone case.
His first thought would be ''who did MC get that photo from?'' because he knows for a fact it sure as hell wasn't him. Would immediately bring it up and question you, trying to bring out the truth. When he realizes he wouldn't get the origins of the picture from you, he gives up.
''If you wanted to have picture of me so badly, you could've simply asked, MC.''
Has a rather cocky grin on his face, pleased about the fact that you carry his picture in your phone, flaunting everyone that you are his. Lets you keep the photo but is still lowkey curious of how you got it.
(You got it from Diavolo but that's a secret you'd be taking to your grave.)
He pays attention to little details, especially when it comes to you. So, as soon as you put a picture of him - one from his most recent modelling gigs - in your phone case, Mammon picks up on it.
He snatches the phone from your hands, cheeks heating up as he stares at picture of him in your phone case. It would make him incredibly happy and he will not shut up about it for days. Will also brag about it to anyone who will listen. And to everyone who won't listen. It's basically the highlight of his week.
''MC has a picture of ME in their phone case! ME! Because I'm their favorite!''
Whenever he see the back of your phone, he will have the dumbest smile on his face, reminded how fond of you he is. You might not know it, but he also has a picture of you in his wallet - one of the first selfies you two ever took together and he cherishes it almost as much as he cherishes his precious Goldie.
He did not expect to see a picture of himself when he asked to borrow your D.D.D. to enter in a giveaway on Devilgram to win a rare Ruri-chan plushie. Nearly drops the device with a squawk when he sees the picture, face heating up in seconds.
It's picture of you and him taken in a photobook with silly effects and overly cute heart stickers. He remembers the day you had that picture taken together well - it was one of the most fun days of his life and the memory makes his heart race. He didn't think you would keep the picture let alone put it somewhere everyone could see it!
''Are you sure you want to have a picture of a shut-in otaku like me in your phone case?''
He would be over the moon from the revelation and can't help but to blush whenever he thinks about you having a picture of him in your phone. He doesn't brag about it and gets nervous when other people notice but above all he feels reassured that you like him as much as he likes you.
Would definitely think having ones picture in your phone case is equivalent to having ones picture in a heart locket necklace. Needless to say, he thinks it's incredibly romantic and as soon as he notices it, it has him blushing furiously. He tries to hide his obvious reaction behind the book he is reading. 
He is flattered that out of everyone you know, his picture is the one you chose - of course choosing someone else wouldn't have made sense, but still.
"Do you have my picture with you at all times because you'd miss me terribly otherwise?"
Would gently tease you about it but without any bite and with the most fond smile on his face. If you admit that yes, you indeed miss him when he isn't there, you'll get to see flustered Satan again.
The picture you have is one Asmo gave you as a half joke - it’s a selfie of him all dolled up and a kiss mark by yours truly at the right bottom corner. This man beams when he notices you actually kept the picture and didn’t toss it away like others would.
Would become so cuddly, wrapping himself around your arm, claiming he is simply in a good mood, nothing else. Not like a simple gesture like having his picture in your phone case makes him extremely giddy and satisfied.
‘‘If you want another picture, I can give you one, MC. I have tons!’‘
Much like Mammon, he will let everyone know that MC chose his picture over everyone else - as they should. He is a gem to be showed off, after all. He is one to return the sentiment and sneak a picture of you in his phone case as well - he wants to be matching his MC and no one can stop him! 
He notices the picture when you ask him to show a recipe from your D.D.D. and at first he is confused - why do you have his picture in your phonecase? Not that he dislikes it though. No, it's quite the opposite actually.
He doesn't comment on it at all, only gives you the device with an adoring smile. He doesn't know why, but the fact that you have his picture with you really warms his heart.
"MC, I want to have your picture with me as well."
Next time you go on a date to eat something, he will snap a picture with you so he can have two things he loves in one picture.
You couldn't help but to put the adorable shot of Belphie taking a nap with his head on your chest under your phone case so you could have ith with you wherever you went. He looks so peaceful and cute asleep. Almost like an angel. Almost.
As soon as he notices the picture, he steals the phone from your hands and squints at the picture, making sure he isn't making it up and hallucinating. That you actually have a picture of him for everyone to see.
"Geez, MC, you can be so cheesy sometimes."
He says that but really his cheeks are tinted pink and he is playing with his bangs to hide the flustered state he is in. But if you comment on it, he will deny it.
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rin-itoshi · 4 months ago
mc’s departure | obey me
Tumblr media
summary: how the brothers would react to MC returning to the human world after a year in the devildom
contains: fluff , angst , ?!!!!&;@;&:idk
Tumblr media
he’s the one to see you off, reminding you of the many things he had taught you so that you’d never forget.
his pride is much too large to admit that he will miss you to death and that he loves you dearly.
after you’re gone, he’s gone for hours at a time, holed up in his room with as much as work as he can take on.
he overworks himself with the intention of getting rid of the heavy emotion on his heart.
everything reminds you of him, even the paper clip on his desk that you had once found under his bed.
he gets easily irritable, feeling rather empty now that you’ve gone and left him alone in this now quiet house.
barely leaves his room, only works.
never cries but gets quite emotional when he finds a belonging you left behind.
he cried every single night up until your departure but never showed you that side of him once
after you left, he cried non-stop, not caring if he looked like a cry baby in front of his brother’s who watched him with pitiful eyes.
once his eyes dried up, he soon never returned home as he partied all day and night.
he forced himself to attend parties after parties in order to forget about you.
it never works because everything reminds him of you.
sometimes he sits in his car and just stares into space, wondering what you’re doing now that you’re back on earth.
literally cannot stand the mention of you or your name or he may break down.
pretends to be okay but can’t go a day without getting upset about your absence.
money soon becomes pointless when he realizes no amount of cash will bring you back to the house of lamentation.
curled up in his bath tub and cried himself to sleep.
stopped leaving his room in general, continuously playing games all day and night.
couldn’t look at his ruri-chan figures because they somehow reminded him of you and how much you used to admire them with him.
every inch of his room has your touch on it and it makes his heart ache painfully.
struggles to attend online school but manages to make it through the day by zoning out in class.
claims he doesn’t care about a normie like you but genuinely misses you
sends you messages, forgetting you can no longer contact him without your D.D.D
writes about how much he misses you on his blog fully aware you’ll never see it.
reading. that’s all he does.
he hides in his room and reads every single book he has stacked up along his room, even rereading them if he finished everything.
uses books to get his mind off of you—or more so the lack of you.
will sometimes get excited about a stray cat he sees but stops himself when he realizes he can’t tell you because you aren’t here.
gets angry. a lot.
the smallest things set him off and he can longer feign a smile when he hears your name or anything related to you.
he misses you so much that he wants to tear out his hair and rip apart all these book page by page.
his room is in shambles and he can’t seem to think straight anymore.
loses his interest in everything.
forgets his skin care routine and lets himself go without caring about it.
forces himself to go to parties and tries to sleep with someone to feel better but when it fails, he stops sleeping around in general.
like mammon, he doesn’t come home often to avoid seeing the house he had lived in with you happily.
cannot forget about you no matter what he does, and that frustrates him the most.
wishes he had done something to stop you or at least slept beside you one last time.
neglects himself for a while.
poor bby isn’t hungry for once.
can’t seem to eat now that you’re not sitting beside him, giggling about something he had said.
spends a lot of his time doing weight training and exercising to get his mind off of you.
misses all the meals you used to make on the nights you were in charge of cooking.
sometimes forgets you’re not around whenever he’s about to go downstairs to eat dinner.
clings to belphie in hopes to fill the gap in his heart.
accidentally broke down your room door in an angry fit when your absence finally set in.
either he sleeps even more or somehow gets less sleep.
no matter what, he feels sluggish and blank.
locks himself in the attic, almost as if he was never released in the first place.
even though he hated humans, your absence affected him the most after he had grown to love you as a human.
nearly went demon mode on diavolo when he found out that you were being sent back to the human world.
partially wishes he never met you but cherishes his memories with you too much to ever wish for that wholeheartedly.
sleeps in your bed often to hold onto your lingering scent that was fading quickly.
complains to beel that you were nothing but a stupid human who turns their backs on demons like them, but he never means anything he says.
Tumblr media
“Why is it so quiet in here?” Diavolo asks as he opens the front door of the House of Lamentation with Barbatos at his side. The man’s golden eyes scanned the entry hall, noticing how it was so eerily dark and quiet that it almost felt like something out of a horror movie. It felt like no one had lived here in over two thousand years. “Hello?”
Upon receiving message from Diavolo, everyone had exited their rooms for the first time in a while, looking like they were dragged through the mud. The state they were in made Diavolo jump with surprise, shocked to find that even Lucifer looked like he was ill. “What happened to you guys?!”
“What is it that you need, Lord Diavolo?” Lucifer asked as he ran a hand through his hair to compose himself a bit in front of the red haired man. “If is nothing important, may I kindly ask you to leave and return another time?”
Diavolo sighed, shaking his head lightly as he crossed his arms over his chest. “I don’t know what’s up with you guys, but I brought everyone’s favorite person along with me so sing your praises now!”
Mammon huffed, “If ya’ talking about that butler of yours, ain’t nobody care right now! We got bigger things to worry about!”
Barbatos simply smiled, taking no offense to the sly insult thrown his way.
Diavolo cocked a brow in confusion. “What? Of course not! It’s-“
The person stepped out from behind Diavolo, catching the attention of every single male in the room. The seven brother’s choked, staring at the one person they had longed for these past few days.
“[y/n]!” They shouted in unison, practically flying down the stairs to get to you. Mammon was the first to reach you, wrapping his arms around your entire body as he tackled you to the floor. The other brother’s climbed on top of you two, hugging you so tightly that you feared this would be where you’d die. “You’re back!”
Diavolo chuckled boisterously. “This is amusing! You lot are acting like you didn’t know they’d return today!” His laugh came to an abrupt stop when he saw the flat expressions coming from each and every brother. “Oh- Did I not inform you?”
“Obviously you didn’t.” Belphegor scoffed with a roll of the eyes, burying his face in the crook of your neck to inhale your scent. “[y/n]...”
“Ya can’t ever leave again! I’ll seriously get angry at ya if this happens again! Ya either go to the human world with me or ya don’t go at all!” Mammon snapped, cupping your cheeks while getting dangerously close to your face to yell at you.
“I’ll severely punish you if you ever leave this manor without giving me a heads up as to where you’re off to. You’re not just an exchange student anymore. You’re special.” Lucifer explained, a panicked glint in his tired eyes as he reached out to pat your head gently with his gloved hand.
Satan sighed, pressing his forehead against your back. “If you leave again, I don’t know if I’ll be able to control my emotions, so don’t leave.”
The avatar of lust whined loudly, “my beautiful self can’t handle a life without you! Don’t ever go anywhere without me again!” He clutched onto her waist tightly.
“Don’t... Don’t go anywhere.” Leviathan said with a sad frown on his lips as he held your hand, bringing it up to rest against his cheek. “It’s so empty without you.”
“Let’s eat dinner together, [y/n].” Beel suggested, his voice full of emotions as he drooled at the thought of dinner with you.
A million emotions ran through your veins as you sat there, basking in the warmth of their touch. It was overwhelming to receive so much love all at once but it was amazing.
A smile slowly crept onto your lips as you leaned into their touch, enjoying the way they clung to you as if you’d disappear any moment now. “I missed you guys, too.”
“What a lovely reunion!” Diavolo exclaimed happily, snapping a view blurry photos on his D.D.D to send to the group chat later.
After the heartfelt moment, they quickly disappeared upstairs to fix up their appearance before rushing downstairs to the kitchen where you stood. They clung to you like bugs to a light, hounding you about your sudden departure, only to find out that you had gone up there with Diavolo and Barbatos to help the man experience human world activities he had never gotten to try before. Diavolo was sure he had told them that but seeing as they were genuinely distressed, he assumed the message never reached.
Even though they were beyond pissed with Diavolo and his carelessness, they were just glad you were back. Them being here with you really was their idea of a perfect life.
Tumblr media
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obeymeluv · 9 months ago
“I Got All A’s! Can I Have Some Dick?” (Bros + Undateables)
Just something stupid and funny I thought about. You had a very tough semester in the Devildom and you got good grades! You want to celebrate and go to your favorite demon to ask for a special reward.
Obvious NSFW warning. No minors allowed!
No Luke. Luke is baby.
I have a personal headcanon that Simeon likes to be totally cozy when he writes. We’re talking big fluffy sweaters or a blanket cozy. I like to think he wears glasses when he writes, too.
He’s part of a special committee who’s notified about your grades/progress so he actually knows before you do
Proud boyfriend is proud
Purrs when he opens up the wax-pressed envelope and reviews your marks
Secretly plans a cute, fancy dinner date at Ristorante Six
Is thinking of being suave and breaking the news to you when you bounce into his study (he may or may not have poured a couple of glasses of your favorite age-appropriate beverage)
He’s got something witty prepped and is ready to toast you and maybe steal a few kisses but you come out of left field like a bullet with a simple “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Lucifer.exe is broken
That’s what you want as a reward? No dinner, no date?
Literally doesn’t know what to say for a few seconds. Totally freezes. Starts to stutter.
His brain kicks back in when you start playing with the folds of his collar and petting his chest and staring at him with those wanting eyes
Sets his glass down, fixes the cuff of his gloves, and hoists you up to plant you on the nearest surface. “I will make it worth every point, and you will say all the letters.” he purrs.
He’s just happy he passed.
Mammon actually does pretty well, he’s just a very...chaotically successful type. A lot of last minute turn-ins and such. Not top marks, but no dunce either.
Now that the semester’s over he’s checking his schedule to see when the next shoot is or if he has time to squeeze in a party. Maybe a trip somewhere. Something fun!
He’s feeling lucky! Lucky enough to win some money and make Goldie happy!
If he’s going anywhere, he needs a good luck charm though! He goes to hunt you down and his stomach just warms because you’re smiling and clearly in a good mood
It makes him purr in that cute, curious little way. Basically using the demon’s language to ask you why you’re in such a good mood (but you don’t know that. It’s basically a cute chirp).
You both shout your good news at the same time.
His invite to go tear it up was a bit long so it takes a minute for his brain to process what you said. You want...his dick?
Boy wants to blush SO BAD. HE’S SO RED!
Well now his thing seems stupid, doesn’t it? He wants to do your thing! Your thing sounds GREAT!
“OF COURSE you want to be with the GREAT Mammon!” he’s got his hands on his hips and his chest is puffed out big in that happy, silly way he has about him.
No, really, you do your thing. It’s a great thing.
It’s a good way to unwind from exams, right? He likes it!
If Levi didn’t get good grades, Lucifer would kill him.
Probably force him to go to school physically ALL THE TIME!
He’s a solid B student (at least). No desire to be all A’s. Too much time away from other passions.
Because he’s well-behaved and leas likely to get on Lucifer’s nerves, he gets a little bit of bonus money for good grades.
Levi’s neck-deep in his charts and comparisons and muttering to himself about where to invest that money when you pop into his room
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?!”
You get The Noise
How indecent! How naughty of you to ask! But yes, yes you can. Absolutely. 100%!
He’s really shy about it because it’s sudden and you asked him instead of him having a cool moment or anything, but it ends up being a giggle-filled romp that ends with a cuddle in his bathtub bed and you wrapped up in his tail
He totally suggests a round two with a sexy VR game or just making bets with ‘winner take all’
He’s a grade juggernaut with lots of self-discipline so Satan expects to get out what he gets in
The type to be smug because he knows he did well. He owes it to himself and he’s glad.
Likes to treat himself to an outing, be it a simple walk or a visit to a cafe or even a new book
Satan’s 100% ready to settle down with some books by the fireplace. At the end of the semester he typically makes a one or two-portion charcuterie board and picks at it while he reads
Thumb keeping his place, Satan’s in the middle of stacking a fancy little cracker with meat and cheese when you let yourself in
His eyes flick to you and he smiles, eating his little cracker
You pick at his tray with him (he’ll let you, of course). “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Chokes on cracker. It’s not a good time
Almost drowns himself/further chokes trying to wash it down with drink
Can’t help but laugh at your...bold request
When he sees he’s kind of sputtered all over himself, he slips out of his clothes and makes a few witty jokes as your ‘naked butler’
Naked butler happily provides his services
Later he makes you picked crushed cracker off the floor with him
The second Asmo knew he passed everything (like he always does. Just because he’s pretty doesn’t mean he’s stupid!), he booked himself a full day pampering experience
His inner circle of beauty specialist know his routine so they save his spots for him
Asmo sweet-talked them into including his favorite human and he’s DYING to tell you and DYING to make his brothers jealous
You skip into his room, so bright and lovely, and hold his hands in the cute excited way he likes. Makes his heart skip a beat every time like it’s young love.
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Doesn’t expect it and has probably never been asked ‘Can I have some dick?’ in the thousands of years he’s been alive
Boy gives an airy laugh because he’s surprised and flattered. Of COURSE you want him (because who wouldn’t?) but he always gets a bit shy when it’s YOU asking
“Sounds amazing,” he’s already peppering you with kisses, “and I’m happy to provide but can we do it after our special spa day?”
You guys have a sweet, lazy round the day of the booking to ‘loosen up’ and ‘fully appreciate the services’ and he DEFINITELY worships you when all is said and done because ‘the epitome of beauty deserve the epitome of devotion’
Boy works hard and celebrates even harder. Usually with food
Because he’s always hungry and looking forward to eating, Beel likes to do his work ahead of time. The sooner he does it, the more time he has to eat!
He has to keep up good grades to stay on the sports teams, anyways
Solid B student, sometimes A’s. C’s and below aren’t a thing. He refuses.
Because he is also best boy and generally acts as Lucifer’s pseudo-enforcer, he also gets some bonus money.
The coach of his local sports team also pitches in because Beel is best boy and a TANK. He could literally carry the whole team
Beel’s all set to hit the town with his food money when find him and wrap your arms around him
He’s all excited and ready to tell you about the food money when you make his face catch fire. “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Brain also stops. BEEL IS SO EMBARRASSED!
You’d rather have him than food? That’s pretty impressive! He’s honored!
But...what if you could have both? He’s totally down for both!
You celebrate your success by staying in (bed) and spoiling yourselves with food in-between rounds
Belphie is a ‘C’s get degrees’ kind of guy but C’s are his minimum. Tries for B’s and usually gets mid-to-low B’s.
With exams over he’s 100% down to sleep the day away and there’s NO REASON for ANYONE TO BUG HIM ABOUT IT!
Totally prepared to live in his finest pyjamas until school starts again. Might even treat himself to a new pillow or blanket!
If he hadn’t learned your scent by now, you wouldn’t have a face when you breach his blanket cocoon
Belphie just snorts and smiles at your little face and messy hair (the blankets give it static and mess it up)
You kiss his nose and wait to make sure he’s really awake before sharing the good news. “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Laughs himself to the point of almost choking on one of his blankets
Throws himself out of the cocoon to breathe and wipe his tears away
But yes, yes you can. After he calms down, he pulls you onto his lap to straddle him. 
It’s fun and lazy but a genuine celebration of the end of the semester
He’s the other part of the committee that saw your grades, so he knows
It’s a bit off his plate so he won’t have as many duties to attend to
Diavolo wasn’t sure when you’d come over, but Barbatos assured him you’d be over that day. He did his best to speed through his meetings and arrange his schedule to have a rest period
He asked Barbatos to prepare a small, modest lunch of finger foods and some complimentary tea
You may have thought Diavolo was making himself a plate when you walked in, but it was actually a plate for you
The prince of the Devildom almost dropped that plate when you said, “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Prince of Hell is super blushy and flustered and awkward and almost knocks his teacup off the table. Is suddenly scrambling to make sure he doesn’t know anything else off the table
Tries to compose himself but can’t help the boyish smile and laugh that escapes him
You’re just such a lovely, fascinating person! He’s so happy to have you. His life seems eternal but you make it so fresh and new! His heart just bursts with love and delight.
Is no longer worried about the food or pushing in your chair for you. Offers his lap instead. “I have an opening for that,” he assures, pulling you onto his lap.
Diavolo likes to think he’s thoughtful about taking you on the floor because Barbatos doesn’t have much to clean up.
If your stomach grumbles after you’re settled and sleepy, he pulls himself off your body long enough to grab a plate from the table and put it beside your head. 
Demons have more stamina and it would be un-princely of him not to spoil you, so he feeds you until you’re too sleepy to eat.
It’s exhausting to be able to see multiple timelines and see into the future.
He never knows how far into the future he’s seeing, or if it’s in the timeline he’s currently in
All he knows is he heard you ask him for dick and almost dumped the wrong thing in the soup, okay? 
Had to excuse himself and ask someone on the cooking team to take over for him while he “dealt with another matter” (laughed it out where no one could hear him)
I’m not sure if Barbatos is considered a student at RAD, but Diavolo must be too. We’ll say he is. Boy is a master of self-discipline and scheduling so he’s fine. Flawless, as a butler should be. It carries over into all things.
It’s a delicate balance sometimes, but he’s type A and used to being busy so it works itself out. He does well.
Barbatos simply looks forward to having less to do. Focusing on Diavolo can be a job all its own.
He was planning on making a few sweets for Luke and the others. Diavolo suggested a “pot luck” to celebrate. It’s something the humans came up with and he seems to like it. It turns into sweets for the pot luck
Probably makes you a special mini-dessert or a special portion of the dessert
If he’s in control of plate presentation, you might get a special sauce heart of chocolate heart
When Diavolo is generous enough to include him in the celebration (because he deserves it and you’re there, so it’d be cruel not to), Barbatos makes small talk and woos you subtly
You ask him to “show you where to take the dishes” to get him alone. He can feel it in his little demon bones. You’re about to do it.
You do it.
You’re basically vibrating with excitement because you probably planned this and think you’re very clever. Human enthusiasm is so darling and it makes his heart pitter-patter to think you were simply bursting to ask HIM this.
“But of course,” he helps you stack the plates and guides your hand to the silverware sorter because you’re looking at him instead of what you’re doing. You almost put a fork in the spoon section. “Covered in chocolate? Plain?”
He’s trying to one-up you. He loves seeing his human change colors and not know what to do.
You whisper “I prefer wet,” back in his ear and Barbatos wonders how he didn’t see THAT in any of his visions
You: 1, Barbatos: 0. Helpless. Defenseless. Horny.
“That will be ready shortly,” he’s already pulling you away, down the hall, to meet your request.
It wouldn’t serve him to do poorly in the Devildom. Basically wasted opportunity
He’s not a straight A student but he does well. Really pulls out the stops on major projects and things that are worth more points than others
Isn’t perfect at everything but makes up for it. Solid B’s, always really close to A’s. At least a couple low A’s.
Solomon doesn’t quite know how he wants to celebrate. He knows Asmo’s already pestering him to go shopping or clubbing
He’s considering it. He’d like to drink, honestly
You show up, light of his life, his favorite person, and he feels himself warm with joy
He revels in being the only other human in the Devildom. It makes your relationship that much more special, he thinks. It’s kind of stupid, but it’s something to coyly hold over the others whenever he sees fit. All in play, of course (not).
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Pretends to think and looks anywhere but your face. If he looks at your face he’ll blush himself stupid and won’t be able to say anything smart.
He can’t lie. He’s already hard. He appreciates humor and wit and you’re all of it.
Very bold of you to come onto him like that, and he’s 100% for it.
“Can you take it?” Solomon wishes he said something smoother, that he wasn’t already slipping between your legs and grinding against you like the weak man he was. He doesn’t regret it though because the friction is good. Something you both need.
He whispers against your skin and gives you light, sloppy kisses with a hint of teeth.
He gives, and he’s generous. He wants to reward your efforts.
Simeon makes it a point of personal pride to do well in the Devildom
That’s the utmost symbol of peace and understanding, isn’t it? To embrace their culture and livelihood and do well? To do well means he’s understanding them and walking in their shoes. It’s only right
He works hard and does well. Doesn’t stress himself out with A’s since he’s keeping up his grades because it’s required. He’d rather reconnect with the brothers and try to help Luke enjoy the Devildom.
He’s happy to spend his free time taking Luke to places in the Devildom, trying to visit the House of Lamentation, and maybe working on some things for TSL since editors are clamoring for more
You stop by because he’s been fairly quiet, wrapped up in his favorite writing sweater with his little editing glasses on
Simeon smiles and greets you with his little ‘Hi, angel’ as he kisses your hand. 
Boy almost breaks his favorite pen when you ask him for...for dick?
He’s not absolutely clueless but this boy has been in ‘holy angel’ mode for centuries. He struggles with texting and stickers and you expect him to know slang?!
So confused he takes his glasses off. Boy can’t comprehend
“You’re asking me to procure one? Like...the ones humans use from those stores? You want mine? Well, I certainly hope so because we’re--oh...”
He could write books of poetry about you, and though he doesn’t like to admit it, he’s had those thoughts
“Well,” he’s standing up from his chair and guides you so gently to his bed it’s like you’re floating on a cloud. He lays you down just as gently, fabrics whispering as he slips out of his sweater and it pools at his feet. “I wouldn’t be a very good angel if I ignored the wishes of my dear human, would I?”
Doesn’t really see the point of sex as a reward, but will never turn down a moment to show how cherished you are. 
Hope you liked it :)
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beelzeball · a month ago
Hello 👹 may I request how the demon brothers would prefer to kiss their s/o and where? Ty ily
where and how they kiss their s/o
genre: fluff
gn! reader
warnings: maybe a little suggestive? nothing major just making out/kissing a lot
a/n: ty for requesting !! this was so fun to write and i was extremely self indulgent i am sorry
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
one trillion percent treats you like royalty, he is always kissing the tops of your hands
he isnt into pda much but will kiss your hands anywhere no matter what
i feel like he also enjoys forehead kisses but only in private
if we talking about kisses kisses, he's a very passionate guy so,,, very passionate kisses when you're alone,, grabs the back of your head and pulls you in
will leave a trail of kisses from your neck to your lips
Tumblr media
this is my simp talking but he loves to kiss your cheeks if he's feeling brave in public
an avid nose kisser/booper no i do not take criticism (obv in private, he would die before he booped your nose in front of anyone else)
once again, not much into pda but only bc he's a huge tsundere, in reality he wants to kiss you all the time no matter where y'all are but he gotta hold back <\3
how does he kiss? i'm not even gonna lie he's a very messy kisser and had no idea what he was doing at first but now he's 100% got the hang of it
before he got better he used to bash teeth w you a lot LMAO
overall very soft lips 10/10
Tumblr media
oh boy
okay so he doesn't kiss you much because it's embarrassing, however on the rare occasions that he does, he always goes for the temple
definitely loosens up over the years but at first he refused to kiss you in public bc he was nervous 😭
during your alone time, just at the right moment, he kisses the top of your head if you're gaming together
surprisingly, he kisses way better than mammon 💀
it's the plethora of romance anime he's watched ngl
definitely not GOOD but not too bad either, you have to tell him to slow down because he has no sense of pace
Tumblr media
lord have m
is not afraid to kiss you anywhere and everywhere at all times
i feel like no matter what, he doesn't have a specific place he likes kissing you in public, he always goes for the lips
whether it's a peck or not
not so much a rough kisser as he is a romantic one, he's not as rough/passionate as luci
he's a slow kisser and definitely holds your face in his hands while you kiss
Tumblr media
same as satan but more obnoxious about it
will cry if you don't want to kiss him in public 💀💀
anyways he's always wanting to kiss you everywhere and anywhere
will full on make out w you in the middle of the street
his kisses are very passionate and have lots of unfortunate tongue 🙁
this is not asmo slander i love him <3
Tumblr media
forehead kisses
he is so tall idc how tall you are, he's taller than you end of story
doesn't care about pda in public but also doesn't initiate it
if you need a kiss he will give you a kiss no problem
he's a very proper kisser, idk how else to describe his kisses other than neat
like he isn't sloppy or too rough it's just perfect ilysm<\3
holds your waist when he kisses you and you try to put your arms around his shoulders but you can barely reach
Tumblr media
likes to kiss you on the cheek when he's half awake and you're standing next to eachother
if he's feeling really good when he wakes up he'll lightly kiss both of your eyelids to wake you up
possessive so he will kiss you in front of anyone
extremely sloppy literally does not care bc it's just a kiss and he wants to go back to sleep
if he just really wants kisses he will grab your face (like satans pic) and kiss you a bunch
Tumblr media
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cyberphantic · a month ago
The bros and dateables reaction to mc telling them "Dab me up" please do this...
This is literally funny for no fucking reason. 😭
I'm gonna split this into two parts! I'll do the dateables later. | part 2.
Tumblr media
Lucifer just stares at you. What the fuck does "dab me up." Mean?? He doesn't know and he surely doesn't care.
Tell him "dab me up." And get his office door slammed in your face.
Stop following him! He's not dabbing you up, he has bills to pay, and lots of other work to get done, leave him alone.
If you keep asking, he'll get frustrated and send you to your room, or give you a chore list.
This man is the only man who can be no fun and also fun all in one. And it's fucking hilarious.
Doesn't give in, refuses to hurt his pride by dabbing you up.
"Dab me up, luci." "Dab up yourself."
I think it's best you leave him alone for a bit, go bother mammon or something, at least untill he's done doing paperwork.
Tumblr media
This man will always dab you up. At first he was like "what the fuck??" But when you told him it was a bonding ritual, he did it and now he won't stop asking for you to do it. And honestly, your not mad about it.
10/10 recommendation.
He'll dab you up as much as you want, wanna make up a little handshake routine afterward?? This is your first man for a reason.
Especially loves doing it in public, because no one else, except maybe levi and Solomon knows what your doing, but no one knows why you KEEP doing it.
Sometimes you'll get a chair and get on top of it, so you can dab him up, while he's hanging off of something.
That right there is a pro gamer move.
"Oi, human, let's do our handshake." "Oh, you wanna dab me up?" "Yeah, yeah, that thing."
This man is proud to dab you up at anytime, even when class is in session. And whenever your feeling sad, come and DAB this man up.
Tumblr media
pauses his game, and Stares at your hand being offered. He knows what your doing, but also doesn't. Why the fuck are you dabbing him up in the middle of a game?
Nervously dabs you up, in case he might do it wrong. Cue you Telling him that's if he does it wrong it's okay. After all it's a handshake.
The more you do it, the more confident he gets, and eventually he starts asking you to dab him up. But never in public.
That would seriously humiliate him. And he already doesn't come out his room.
Dabbing him up is starting to become a reward for if he does something right.
Won a game? Dab him up. Ate dinner? Dab him up. Actually studied for a test?? Kiss on the cheek + dab him up.
You have unlocked a unknowing power. 10x stronger than a mark. Don't use it wisely.
Please don't take dabbing up away from him, whenever you do it, it means he's accomplished something good, and small things matter.
Tumblr media
When you tell satan "dab me up." He stares at you like your fucking crazy. Because you are. In all of the human books he's read. He's never once heard of the term. "Dab me up." What the fuck are you doing?? Get your hand out of his face.
You have to explain that dab me up, is a new generation bonding ritual. And he'll comply. Maybe.
I'm joking, he'll dab you up. But it's more depending on his mood than anything.
Wait, the serotonin is Manifesting
Imagine him really happy because he made luci angry, and he's just smile and laughing and then he pulls you by the waist and tells you to dab me up.
It's funny, but also genuine serotonin.
Once your there for him to dab up, after pranking his elder brother, oh yes, he loves dabbing you up.
He'll even do it, when he's reading, but it's a much calmer dab up.
"I'm heading out to go out to eat, dab me up before i leave?" "Of course, be careful, okay?"
He doesn't dab you up as often as his older brothers, but he still does it. Especially when lucifer is angry. Oh yes, dab him UP.
Tumblr media
"Dab me up, deus!!" "Huh?" Baby, asmo does not know what that means. He first assumes it's some sort of 'position' but you quickly erase that from his mind explaining it's a type of handshake. He's a little disappointed, but also very happy you wanna handshake with him.
In this dynamic, he NEVER asks to be dabbed up. But that doesn't mean he won't when you ask.
In fact, he loves the attention! He loves when YOU run to HIM, Just to dab him up. And he often encourages the behaviour.
On some occasions however, he'll whine because he doesn't want to be dabbed up. What he wants instead is a real hug from you.
He'll also whine if you ask to be dabbed up while his nails are drying, because he probably takes hours to do them.
However, beggers can't be choosers. So when he whines you tell him. "Dab or leave." And he dabs you up. And he perks up when you go. "That's my boy..."
Honestly idk what I'm doing at this point. But over all. He's a pretty good person to dab up.
"Dab me up." "Hon, my nails are drying, how about a kiss?" "How about my fist."
Okay, Okay, sorry. But I'd 100% dab up the great asmodeus! He's amazing and needs more affection. Do it 💙💙
Tumblr media
Baby boy. Baby. He'll be confused at first. He's the least cultured on this type of human interaction. All he does is eat, work out, do sports at school, comfort his twin and....uhh, eat.
Please, he's not the brightest lightbulb in the pack. And it shows, when everytime you go "dab me up." He assumes your talking about dipping something into sauce.
Eventually (a month or two) he gets the hang of it. And kinda looks forward to it. And will show it to his beloved twin, proudly. Not in like a prideful way.
But in a sort of. "Look at what we made up." Way. Don't tell him. You and him aren't the original creators, it'll make him feel sad.
I think it's funny, cause imagine he gets angry at a restaurant, and your just like. "Ayo, dab me up." And he Gently dabs you up and then Continues to destroy the restaurant. Yes, we support it. 10/10 dab me up partner.
"Dab me up, big boy." "I'm glad you enjoy shaking my hand, it was creative to make this, right?"
Dab him up, forever and always, or else your homophobic. I make all the rules. And I'm not changing any of them.
Tumblr media
Oh boy. As soon as beel showed him this handshake. He knew he'd never get peace again. And he was right. As soon as beel left the room, you told belphie. "Dab me up." And he stared at you, before rolling onto his side. He indeed did not dab you up.
Sadly, you didn't give up. You kept asking, every chance you got. School? Dab me up. The kitchen? Dab me up. At work? Dab me up. Getting your Neck rung? D-Dab me...u-up.
You knew that belphie wouldn't give in, not to you atleast. So you decided to pull out the big guns.
You guilt-tripped him, by telling beel that belphie wouldn't do the handshake. And before belphie can react, he sees how sad beel looks and realizes beel is proud of creating the "dab me up" and he can't hurt beel. So he sighs and..d...dabs you up.
You smile, and Continuously dabs him up every day every couple minutes. Eventually he doesn't care. And begins to kinda crave the Interaction whenever he wakes up.
Sometimes you dab him up in his sleep.
"Dab me up, cowman." "No." "....." "....fine."
Honestly, who wouldn't have Beel as a soft spot, hm? He's amazing. Anyways, make sure to interrupt his naps for a quick dab up. He can't do anything to stop you.
This was...interesting, i hope you enjoy! 💚
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gxr-dove · a month ago
Obey Me! MC Who Is Stubborn When Sick
In case any of you are sick here’s a little something for you. I will learn how to make a masterlist later when I have time. Enjoy.
You had been staying up quite late from studying and other late work nights in devildom
Lucifer once caught you up past 3am studying. He lovingly scolded you and forced you to bed.
However those late nights have caught up to you and you start feeling like you have a cold
Lucifer notices right away when you sluggishly walk by him in the halls
When you come back from school you see someone rapidly approaching you
Lucifer Immediately takes off one of his gloves and feels your temperature
A frown and long sigh are followed as he drags you to his room to get rest
If you protest saying that you’re fine and you’d like to keep working, he will go from dragging you to sweeping you off your feet and carrying you
When he comes back with medicine from the human world and sees that you’re working or not resting in anyway, he firmly restates that he wants you to rest, “What do you think you’re doing. Didn’t I just tell you to rest *sigh* I am confiscating your textbooks.” He takes your textbooks
He’ll make room in his schedule to give you your medicine and to comfort you. When you deny that you don’t need anything. Expect to be responded with a concerned and irritated look that loves you too much to yell at you while your sick but he will later
If you give him a kiss on the cheek to thank him Lucifer would lose all reason he had to scold you and quietly gives in to his cute human as he rests next to you allowing himself to forget about paper work for a few minutes
It was getting colder out, however you refused to wear a jacket because “you don’t need one.” At least that’s what you told Mammon while walking back to the House of Lamentation.
Mammon the entire time was trying to make you warm or give you his jacket, “stupid human you ain’t a demon you’re gonna get sick!” he warned.
And just as The Great Mammon predicted you started sneezing and coughing the next day
Oh he was not having it
“What’d I tell ya come here ya idiot” He scolded you as he took your hand in his and dragged you to his room
You tried to protest telling him it’s just a cold and that it’s no big deal
Mammon turned to you and promised to you that you’re gonna rest today and let him take care of you and nothing you do will stop him from doing so
Mammon cancels any plans he had to stay by your side
He even made you his favorite ramen because he knows soup helps, but he doesn’t know how to make the kind of human soup that helps you when you’re sick
“Just take the damn ramen already I-I don’t know what else to make ya” He stutters as he hands you his ramen trying to hide his blush
You give him a peck on his cheek
He’s now 10 times more protective of you than he already was
You and Levi had been staying up playing video games for hours on end
Levi noticed that over the past few days of you staying up so late with him that you had been coughing a bit. He also notices that you have goosebumps even though the room isn’t that cold.
“Ehhh are you alright normie can you not handle staying up this late?” He asks. You tell him you’re fine, and then you cough again.
Now Levi is worried. Without thinking he moves closer to you to feel your temperature. You’re burning up!
“You’re not fine! You’re forehead feel hot.” You tell him it’s nothing and that you can keep playing. “Are you crazy no way!” He says
He gets up and tries to find you something to cool you down. You can hear him shuffling through his stuff followed by multiple “moe” sounds
When he can’t find anything he decides to just use his hand since his skin is already sort of cold
He adds a few more pillows in his bathtub bed and orders you to stay put in there
He’ll lay his hand on your head allowing you to sleep
It’s only after you sleep that Levi becomes less worried and realizes how close he was to your face and how now his hand is on your head. He’s now dying of embarrassment as he tries to keep his hand on your head.
You had started reading this amazing book series together and stayed up for the past few nights to finish it as fast as possible
After you both finished Satan noticed how you often coughed while talking to him about your opinions on the series
Satan becomes worried and pushes away some of your hair to feel your temperature with the back of his hand
“You’re temperature is high, I should’ve known not to keep you up so late. I’ll take responsibility for this”
You tell him you’re fine but Satan ignores your protests and orders you to stay in his room while he makes you some tea
When he comes back he has you sit with him so that your back lays on his chest while he reads to you
After finishing your tea and snuggling in his lap you end up falling asleep
Satan tucks you in and kisses you good night and makes sure you get enough rest tomorrow
Don’t even try to argue with him he won’t allow you to further ruin your health by staying up late again
You had been sneaking out and partying with Asmo for a few nights
Even though you were only there to keep Asmo company you notice that you had been feeling a bit warm. While you brushed it off as nothing, Asmo noticed right away when he grabbed your arm to pull you on the dance floor. Only to freeze from feeling how warm your arm felt. He then felt your forehead and gasped.
Asmo will immediately take you back home
If you protest and tell him you feel fine and to keep partying. Asmo will lovingly yell at you, “Absolutely not! We’re going home.”
He’ll hold your hand the entire time sneaking back to the house and makes you take a bath that has a scent that can clear up any stuffiness in your nose
“Does that feel better hun? You need to take the day of tomorrow I’m not letting my sweet human get sick on me.” He says while smiling at you and kissing your forehead.
How can you not accept his comfort when he’s smiling like that. You give in and let him take care of you the following day.
Beel had noticed you staying up late because he encountered you more often in the middle of the night when he was out to get food
You would often wave to him and say goodnight
One night you give him a hug and Beel can feel right away how warm your body is
He’ll pull you away and feel your forehead
He won’t say anything at first but instead frown at you worried about how hot you feel
You tell him your fine and that you always stay up like this so it’s no big deal
Before you can even finish what you have to say Beel picks you up and carries you to his room. Even if you tell him to put you down and that you’re fine Beel will look at you concerned and you will have no choice but to give in to his precious face.
He’ll tuck you in his bed and leave to bring you something warm to eat since that’s what Lilith did when he was sick
He will careful wrap his arms around you while trying to give you enough space to cool down but also keeping you close to him
When you fall asleep he focuses so much on keeping you safe and watching your temperature that he stays with you all night not even leaving to get food
When he sees Beel bring you to their room he comforts you along with Beel
While Beel goes to make you food he keeps you company
You complain to Belphie about how you’re not sick and this is unnecessary
“You’re so stubborn. You feel hot don’t even try to leave this bed.” He’ll say while resting his head on your thighs to keep you from leaving
He’ll rest next to you on the side Beel isn’t on and will influence your sleep with his sin helping you rest
Will kiss your forehead goodnight and watch you rest for a bit before going to sleep himself
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yandere-daydreams · 4 months ago
Title: Closed Casket.
Commissioned by the very lovely @99shadowcat99.
Pairing: Yandere!Demon Brothers/Reader (Obey Me).
Word Count: 2.4k.
TW: Toxic Relationships, Dehumanization, Codependence, Threats of Violence, Mentions of Death, Implied Imprisonment.
Tumblr media
It was a closed-casket funeral.
For such a small detail, it bothered you more than it had any right to. You hadn’t been the one to arrange it, the one to speak to the undertaker and evaluate the damage – that was a responsibility that fell to her fiancé rather than you, a distant cousin, only brought up in conversations about postponed friendships and quickly thinning family trees. You’d done what you could to help, what a last living relative should do to help - paying for flower arrangements, speaking to financial advisors, sorting through her belongs and trying to guess at what might’ve held some sentimental value to someone more present in her life, but you never saw the body. No one ever offered, and you hadn’t known how to ask. She was gone, now, dead and buried, and you'd never gotten to see her, even if everyone who had said that it was probably for the best.
And it probably was. They were probably right. You wouldn’t feel any better, if you had.
And yet, you found it difficult to believe you could feel any worse than you did now, either.
Belphegor was curled around your arm. He had been since you came back from the Human World, slotted against your side, draped over your shoulders, and currently, splayed out on top of you, his face buried in the flesh just above your shoulder blade, his body forcibly tangled with yours in a way that was too awkward to be comfortable for both of you, a sacrifice he seemed more than willing to make on your behalf. You’d tried to shrug him off earlier, when he first decided there was enough space on the smallest loveseat in the common room for his strange, daily ritual, and when that failed, you’d tried to talk him into letting go, into loosening his grip enough for you to slip away when he fell asleep, into relocating to somewhere else, somewhere softer, somewhere with a pillow that could easily replace you when he was too busy tossing and turning to care, but Belphegor had always been so frustratingly picky when it came to where, how, and when he chose to sleep.
He’d chosen you, and he’d chosen like this, and he’d chosen now. There was little you could do to change his mind, after he’d already made it up.
Still, you tried. He wasn’t asleep yet, caught somewhere between permanently half-conscious state and a sleep deep enough to warrant medical concern for most living creatures, supernaturally inclined or otherwise. “Belphie,” You called, gently, pushing the temptation to try more forceful methods into the back of your mind. “Think you pick another spot? Just for today?”
“Can’t.” It was a simple response, his voice heavy with sourceless exhaustion, just as short and just as blunt as it had been the last time you asked. You weren’t sure what you’d expected, honestly. “You were gone. I can’t.”
Your frown deepened. You’d left for a week – nine days, at most. And Belphegor couldn’t have been awake for more than half of that. “That’s not--”
“He was lonely, sweetheart.” It was Asmodeus, this time, as he perched himself on the loveseat’s arm. He wasn’t any better than Belphie, nimble fingertips soon tracing aimless patterns over the side of your neck, the dip of your shoulder, taking up the space he could occupy since the space he’d like to was already in-use. “He’ll get better, in a few days. Once it sinks in that you won't be leaving again.”
You were out of practice. A month ago, you would’ve known better than to respond, than to ask questions to someone who took as much delight in festering doubts as Asmodeus did. A month ago, you would’ve brushed him off and found your way to Purgatory Hall for the rest of the night. But, it wasn’t a month ago, and you were tired. You were still thinking about that casket, and you couldn’t seem to think of much else. “What do you mean?”
“Oh?” There was a pause, a laugh, light and melodic and fluttering. You’d always liked his laugh. You could bring yourself to enjoy it, though, not right now. “No one’s told you, yet?”
“Don’t tease ‘em.” You hadn’t noticed how full the common room had gotten, not until Mammon spoke and you reflexively turned to face the sofa opposite to yours. He was standing, leaning against the back, his hands clasped in a way that’d put his anxiety on display far more transparently than his voice ever could. Beelzebub, too, his arms crossed over his chest as his attention shifted idly between you, the console in Leviathan’s hands, and the book splayed out in Satan's lap, his scowl serving as evidence of his annoyance. It always bothered you, how easily he grew frustrated by situations he chose to put himself in. It bothered you a little more, today. “Might as well spit it out, if you’re going to bring it up,” Mammon went on, shifting his weight, letting his eyes fall to the floor, then rise to the ceiling, then drift back to you. “There’s no point putting it off.”
“Weren’t you supposed to tell them, Mammon?” Beelzebub chimed in, absent-mindedly. If it'd been Satan, if it'd been Lucifer, it would’ve been pointed, malicious, purposeful. Beelzebub just sounded like he was trying to remind his older brother of something he’d forgotten. “You said you should be the one to do it, since you met them first. Then, when Lucifer said you wouldn’t be able to do it, you said that if the human threw a tantrum, you could just--”
“I didn’t say shit.” Mammon cut him off, his tone hostile, but it was a half-hearted anger, more petty than vengeful. “I said I could, not that I would, and Lucifer shot me down. If he hadn’t, there’d already be a deadbolt on every fucking door in the house. We wouldn’t be sitting around, talkin’ about it.”
“Every door?” Beelzebub looked confused. Then, he looked concerned. “I thought we agreed to just seal the exits.”
“I still think we should just use their bedroom,” Leviathan chimed in, never looking up from his hand-held. Something tightened in the back of your throat. Experimentally, you tried to pull yourself out of Belphegor’s arms, but he only held you tighter, and Asmodeus’ nails dug into your shoulder, rooting you back into place without a single word. “It’d be cool, kinda like a permanent save-point. We wouldn’t have to worry about baby-proofing the entire house, either.”
“We could use a leash,” Asmodeus suggested, never breaking his stare. He didn’t look away. You wished he would. You wished they’d, if nothing else, have the courtesy to wait until you’d left the room to start talking about things you didn’t know and didn’t want to know. “So we can make sure they’re always close by! Or, we could have Lucifer enchant a collar – having to hold a tether might get in way when I have to--”
“He’d never do it.” It was the first time Satan had cut in, but it was clear he’d been listening. His book was still open, his expression still concentrated, but he was tapping his foot, the disruption soundless against the thick carpeting, and you couldn’t remember the last time he thought to pretend to turn a page. He was listening, but he didn’t want to be. He was a part of this, but you doubted he’d every say as much out loud. You doubted he’d ever let himself admit he’d stooped to that level. “And if he did, we’d never hear the end of it. In a week, there’d probably be a new kennel in the catacombs, right next to Ceberus’.” He stopped, for a moment, shaking his head. For your own sake, your chose to believe the envy lingering behind his voice was his attempt at a bad joke. “You would prefer a bedroom, wouldn’t you, (Y/n)?”
He asked you a question. He was talking to you, now, directly, which was more than you could say for any of his brothers. It should’ve been an improvement. An opportunity, if nothing else, a chance to ask why Asmodeus was looking at you like that, why you could feel Belphegor’s careless smile pressing into your skin, but you hesitated, something catching in your chest. It felt too solid, too heavy, too rough and too jagged. It felt like it’d hurt to swallow down, later on, once the unease passed and you got over whatever scheme they’d planned out, while you were gone.
“I… What?” You weren’t sure what you wanted to say, but it came out as a question regardless, your reluctance blending messily with your confusion. “This isn’t funny. If you’re going to act like this every time I visit the Human World, I might have to stop coming back.”
Finally, Satan glanced up from his book. If you didn’t know better, you might’ve said he was smiling. “Right. Because you still think you're allowed to leave.”
The rest of the room fell silent. Or, maybe it didn’t, maybe it was louder than it'd ever been. You didn’t know. You couldn't hear anything, not over the sudden ringing in your ears. “I’ll have to, eventually. It’s not up to me.”
Beelzebub shifted in his seat, suddenly uncomfortable. “It’d be safer if you stayed in the Devildom. We can’t protect you in the Human World.”
Leviathan’s grip tightened around his console. In the background, you could hear the plastic shell start to crack. “We wouldn’t be able to see you. Not all the time. Not for more than a few weeks at a time.” He was quiet, for a moment. Then, he added, “It wouldn’t be the same. It wouldn’t… It wouldn’t feel like it does when you’re here.”
Mammon looked away, letting his head lull to the side. “You belong here, with us. You’re supposed to be here. We’re just doin’ you a favor. No one wants to watch you figure out how fucked you’d be on your own.”
And, finally, Belphegor groaned, exhaustion heavy in the gravely sound. He untangled himself from you, but the freedom was temporary, fleeting, his arms snaking around your waist, instead, his face soon gracelessly buried in your chest. His eyes flickered open, but barely, just enough to let him stare up at you through his eyelashes, a thoughtless grin pulling at the corners of his lips. He wasn’t divided, not like his brothers were. He didn’t try to pretend he was above holding you against your will. “You're not leaving again.” It wasn’t a question. It wasn’t even a threat. It was just a fact, to him. It was something that wouldn’t happen, that couldn’t happen, if only because his older brothers were willing to work so hard to make sure it didn’t. “We’re not gonna share you, anymore. We’re not gonna have to.”
You didn’t want to hear anything else. You didn’t want to be here, anymore, not if this was what it meant, not if it was going to feel like standing in front of that closed casket all over again, the urge to run and sob and scream silencing every reasonable thought you’d ever had. You didn’t bother trying to talk to Asmodeus and Belphegor, you didn’t bother trying to coo and edge and skirt around their anger, their unspoken threats, not anymore, not when your body was already standing on its own, shoving at Belphegor’s body and swatting at Asmodeus’ hand as he reached out, aiming to cup your cheek and tell you so gently to sit down and shut up. Beelzebub leaned forward, Mammon flinched, and you could’ve sworn you caught a row of long, pointed fangs flash across Satan’s sneer, but you didn’t care. You wanted to hit something. You wanted to yell. You’d wanted to ever since you came back to this damned house and its overly affectionate occupants.
“You don’t get to share me.” You couldn’t be shared. You weren’t theirs to share, even if they already seemed geared against the idea. You weren’t theirs to trap, either. You never would be. “I don’t need your protection, and you don’t need to see me, and the only place I’m supposed to be is the Human World. I don’t know what got into your fucked-up heads while I was gone, but you can’t just--”
“Sit down, (Y/n).”
You stopped mid-sentence.
Right. You’d almost forgotten Lucifer hadn't gotten a chance say his piece, yet.
He didn’t give you time to cooperate. There was already a fist curled around the back of your collar, dragging you back into your seat, the action so much more aggressive than Belphegor’s oppressive dead-weight or Amsodeus’ sweet, sickly temptation. You couldn’t see him, but you could feel Lucifer looming over you, standing tall, towering above his younger brothers as he took control of the room. You wondered if he’d been here the entire time, if he’d heard everything, rather than just your sudden outburst. You wondered if you should hope that he had.
“We missed you, while you were gone.” He didn’t sound mad. He didn’t sound mad, but none of them did, none of them sounded like they were plotting to keep you away from your home, your friends, the life you had outside of demons and angels and magic. None of them sounded dangerous, either, save for Lucifer. He’d always been easier to trust when he wasn’t pretending to be kind. “We’ve all been alive for centuries, and yet, you went and made a week feel like a small eternity. Do you know how difficult it is for a human to inflict that kind of suffering onto a demon?”
You didn’t answer. Across the room, Mammon laughed and Satan bristled. Belphegor melted back into your side, more than happy just to have his resting place scared into immobility.
“You’ll stay.” It was an order, this time. Not a suggestion, not a passing concern, but a command, something you would be expected to obey. He had the nerve to use that low, calm cadence, measured and pre-meditated. He didn’t want to let you convince yourself he was as prone to bluffing as his brothers were. “You’ll stay because we want you to. We’re willing to use force, but there’s no need for that. Is there, love?”
You nodded, your body tense and your eyes glassy, and Lucifer rewarded you with a breathy chuckle, a row of knuckles delicately pressed to your cheek. A miserable reward for such an unwilling sacrifice, but Lucifer didn’t seem to mind. It certainly didn’t stop him from leaning in, his lips brushing against the top of your head, his voice falling just low enough to make something sharp and cold shot down your spine, as he went on.
“It’s not like you have anything to go back to, anymore.”
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bbyzenny · 4 days ago
the demon brothers’ react to you having a nightmare
Tumblr media
+ INCLUDES. lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, and belphegor
+ WARNINGS. hurt/comfort, fluff
+ AUTHOR’S NOTE. this is reposted from my old blog. i will post the dateables’ reaction either this week or next week
Tumblr media
it was no surprise that lucifer would be up at this time of night. but what is surprising is hearing a knock at his door.
it’s only 1 in the morning and he’s still going over documents for RAD.
doesn’t even look up when saying, “come in”
he hears the door open but no one enters. after a few seconds pass, he does finally look up; to see you standing in the doorway, holding onto the door frame.
you tug the blanket around you a little tighter, as you chew on your lip.
concerned, lucifer shifts his attention to you.
it’s normal for you to pop in every once and awhile when he works but there was something clearly off.
he then stretches out his hand towards you, beckoning you to come closer. you take his hand and the door closes with a click as you enter his room
once you reach him, he immediately wraps his arms around you, gently lifts your head so you meet his eyes.
“what’s the matter?”
“oh i.. uh, it’s nothing,” you mumble, trying to look away from him but lucifer doesn’t let you.
you sigh and continue, “i had a nightmare..”
you can’t help but feel a little silly at the fact that you had sought out lucifer, a demon. but he can’t help but to feel a hint of pride know that you specifically sought him out.
“would you like to stay with me, tonight?”
upon hearing him say that, you nod at him and start to lean on him. lucifer immediately picks you and carefully lays you on his bed.
“sleep now, it’s okay,” he says before pressing a kiss to the crown of your head. with lucifer at your side, you began to nod off. you spent that night safely tucked in his arms
it was one of those nights, where mammon went out and stayed out until dawn.
so it’s around 5-6 am and he passes the library, seeing your huddled up form in front of the fireplace.
mammon immediately reels back to see if he saw that right. it’s the weekend and why the fuck are you up this early?!
“oi,” he calls out to as he enters the room.
the dark circles under your eyes show how little sleep you had gotten.
“why in the hell you are up?”
pulling your legs closer to your chest, you give him a weak smile. you have blanket thrown over your shoulder, showing him that you’ve been here for a while.
“well… i had a bad dream.”
he frowns at the thought of these dreams scaring you. mammon didn’t like it, not one bit.
“how long have ya been up?”
“uh.. since midnight,” you say letting out a soft laugh.
mammon may be drunk but he can clearly see that you’re exhausted and he won’t stand for that!
“come sleep with me,” his checks turn a slight red color as he sheepishly smiles at you. “i’ll make sure that no more dreams come at ya..”
your eyes widen in surprise, only for a few moments, before you stand up and mammon quickly grabs your hand.
he leads you to his room, grumbling about how he’s not taking care of you cause he wants to but the moment you two lay in bed,
he quiets down.
when you two finally wake up, it’s well past the morning and into the afternoon, snuggled up together under his sheets.
levi is a very light sleeper, you can’t blame him, he has to be. just in case mammon tried to break in and steal his stuff to sell.
so he jumps awake when hearing his door click open. he immediately sits up in his tub, eyes wide as he stares at the door.
he freezes when seeing you standing there, slightly confused. he thought you were mammon for second.
“i.. oh,” seeing how you had startled him, you start to feel a little guilty. “i’m sorry, i’ll just–“
you start to back out of his room and into the hall. levi quickly reaches out towards you, stopping you in the process.
“wait! n–no, you can stay. i… you just surprised me.”
you nod, walking back into his room. he stares at curiously. was there something about you… that just seems a little… off.
sitting cross-legged, “are you okay?” he speaks up. seeing how you refuse to meet his gaze, his suspicion was confirmed.
seeing you, suddenly reminds him of a scene from one of his games, but he quickly brushes that off.
“i had a nightmare, and i… i guess, i just ended up… uh here.”
levi tried to ignore the way his heart is fluttering around in his chest. right now he’s more concerned about you, then getting flustered over your comment.
“i.. well you can stay her– here, if you want, of course,” he starts to fix up the mess of pillows and blankets in the tub. “i don’t want you to be uncomfortable, since there is only one bed… but,”
you give him a small smile with small remnants of fear on your face. “i’m fine with it, as long as you’re okay with it.”
the second he nods at you, you climb into the tub with him.
not knowing what to do, levi sleeps with his back towards you.
when morning rolls it’s way round, he’s manage to entangle with himself with you. having his arms wrapped around your waist, and his tail lightly slung over your hip.
walks out of his room to find you standing outside his door, hand raised, ready to knock on his door.
you both freeze when you see each other.
dropping your hand, you try to find the words to say.
satan is very confused and concerned at the sight of you in front of his door, at nearly 3 am.
he had gotten a little wrapped up with his reading, but you have no reason to be up.
“is everything okay?” satan spoke up.
you look at him with eyes that remind him of a scared kitten, and he can’t help but feel a tug at his heart.
“i… had a nightmare. i.. uh saw the light from under your door, and um…”
refusing to meet his eyes, satan begins to understand why you’re acting guilty. you need not to worry, you’re not imposing at all.
“why don’t you come in?” he asked giving you a gentle smile, hoping to ease your worries. “i may not be much company, but i’d be happy to be in yours.”
hearing his words and seeing his smile, you give him a smile of your own. he can see the small hints of fear leave your eyes.
“thank you satan.”
when inside, he invites you to sit on the bed. letting you know that if you fall asleep, it’s not a big deal.
your fear may have dissipated but you were determined not to fall asleep. then… about an hour and a half, satan looks up to find you, asleep and snuggled up under his covers.
satan lets out a small laugh, he closes his book and carefully maneuver himself with one arm wrapped around his waist.
he feels your body relax against him, satan find himself at peace too.
he was walking back to his room after getting himself something to drink when he passed by your room.
he hears you cry out and shuffle around in your bed.
concerned, he knocks on your door and waits a few moments before walking when he doesn’t get an answer.
asmo sees you thrash around in your bed. tears peeking through your shut eyes, showing him you’re having a nightmare.
“hey… y/n, wake up,” he says as he gently shakes you awake. he reaches out to hold you when shoot up in bed.
“who– asmo?”
once realizing it’s him; who’s holding you softly and whispering reassuring word to you, you clingy to him.
while you ground yourself, asmo sits down on your bed, pulling you into his lap as his hand pets your head.
“asmo, ca–…” you say breaking the silence in the room before look away.
“would you ok with me staying with you tonight?” asmo asked the question you were hesitant to ask. “it’s just doesn’t feel right leaving you here, alone.”
you smile and give him a nod. asmo start to tuck you into bed.
you grab the front of shirt, seeking more comfort from him and he curls up with you. legs and arms intertwined together.
he presses a sweet kiss on your forehead before dozing off with you.
around 2 am, getting himself a snack after being woken up by his stomach growling.
he sleepily makes his way towards the kitchen, pausing to see your figure propped up on the counter, holding a cup of water and staring idly at the wall.
beel shoots you a concerned look, “uh, y/n?”
his voice seems to snap you out of your daze causing you let out a gasp. your head snaps towards him, eyes wide in fear.
you hold your hand to your heart after realizing it’s only just him.
“are you okay?” he ask, making his way to you. there was something clearly amiss.
he raises his hand to cup your cheek, heart aching when he sees you flinch away. but soon after, you relax and lean into his touch.
“i had a bad dream.”
beel give you a nod before pulling away. “here,” he walks over to freezer and pulls out a tub of ice cream, snagging some spoons on his way to you. “this will help.”
he hops onto the counter with you as you giggle and take a spoon from him.
with beel having an appetite bigger than yours, he would loose track of time while he devours the dessert. he stops eating when he feels a weight press on his shoulder.
you had fallen asleep.
he carefully picks you and walks back towards his room.
since belphie sleeps schedule is pretty much non existent. he usually sleeps when you and his brothers go off to RAD.
and he’s used to having the place all to himself, so he in for quite a surprise when he walks past the lounge.
he finds you tucked away in a chair near the fireplace, nursing a cup of coffee, exhaustion shown on your face.
“why are you here?” he asked walking over to you. he takes a look at you and nearly asked, “why do you look like shit?” but that was a little mean.
“i had a nightmare, and couldn’t go back to bed,” you sighed. “i’ve been up for awhile.”
“you should’ve come get me,” he spoke. “you know that i’m always up late.”
“i… yeah, but…” you hold your mug closer to yourself. “it was a stupid dream. i didn’t want to bother you…”
belphie frowns at you. he wants to be someone you can rely on. he wants to be there for you when you need someone.
you look at him in shock when he yanks the mug out of your hand and sets it down on the table near you.
he takes your hand and tugs you to your feet before he starts leading you through the halls.
“since i’m going to bed anyway, you’ll sleep with me. you need the rest.”
“but i have to go to RAD later!”
“self care is more important.” his word were firm and left no room for protests. a few minutes later, you find yourself buried within the warmth of belphie’s bed with his arms wrapped around you.
“is this okay?” he mumbles as you start dozing off. you nod at him before succumbing to sleep with him joining you.
Tumblr media
© bbyzenny 2021. do not modify or reposit.
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smolchildlevy · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Solomon’s Potion Mishap
Warnings: suggestive?, fluff, crack
Summary: Solomon screws up a mixture for a new potion. You were asked to try it out and well- something strange indeed happened.
Tumblr media
Solomon was a man constantly making potions and spells all the time.
You were usually his tester for them.. the safe ones at least.
So when he conjured up this one, he messaged you that he wanted you to try it out. Of course your first question was “is it safe for me?” .
He assures you that it’s fine.
You sigh and tell him you have nothing better to do, so you were heading over there.
When you get there, you say your hellos to the other occupants of Purgatory Hall, Luke and Simeon.
As you step into Solomon’s room, you see him holding the elixir.
“MC, just in time. Here, drink this slowly so you don’t choke.”
“Got it.”
He holds the potion out so you can grab it.
You gulp down the liquid.
After consuming the whole thing, you set down the empty bottle on a nearby desk.
“So? How’re you feeling?”
“I feel fi-“
You got cut off by a strange feeling in you. You feel like something sprouted from your body but decide to ignore it.
“You uh.. just- go look in the mirror real quick.”
You raised a brow in confusion to his suggestion.
Shrugging, you walk over to his bathroom.
“Is something wrong?” You question in your head.
Your eyes gaze upon yourself in the mirror. You blink several times.
“IM A NEKO??!” you shouted.
“Heh.. yep.”
He laughed in the other room which made you stop mid-sentence.
You stomp back to him.
“Did you plan this?” You cross your arms.
“You did, didn’t you?”
“You’re an asshole! How long am I gonna be like this?!”
“For about 24 hours I think.”
You fell silent.
“At least you look nice.” He smiled.
“24 HOURS?”
“I TOLD LUCIFER ID BE HOME IN AN HOUR! I DONT WANT THEM SEEING ME LIKE- THIS!” You gesture to your cat ears and tail.
“You’ll be fine, just ignore them.”
“Easier said than done!!”
You scold him before hurrying back home.
Your thoughts were racing to think of ways to avoid the brothers.
“What will I do??”
Quietly, you step into the House of Lamentation holding your breath.
So far so good. There’s no brother in sight. You let yourself breathe.
Just then, you hear footsteps. You tried speed-walking to the living room.
“Good, no one’s here.” You think out loud.
“You sure about that darling?~” a voice chuckled.
You whip your head around to see Asmo.
“What’s this?”
“I don’t wanna talk about it.”
“Oh come onnnnn you look adorable, MC!”
“Shut it.”
He continued his squealing, showering you in compliments.
“Asmo, do you know where my-“ another voice says.
“Satan look! She’s so cute!” Asmo hugs you tightly.
Satan freezes in his spot. His face is covered in a red hue.
“I- MC what happened?” He spoke.
“A potion happened.”
Just then, Beel and Belphie walked in.
“Oh god..” you mutter.
“MC, why are you a neko?-“ Beel asked, confused.
“It’s a long story.”
Don’t get me wrong, they were blushing. They were just puzzled on why you had cat ears and a tail.
“Your tail looks fluffy.. can I lay there?” Belphie comments.
“Uh.. sure.”
You sit on the couch and pat the spot next to you. He gladly takes the opportunity to lay his head on the tail.
“So soft..” he doses off.
“Ooo! Let me feel!” Asmo grinned.
“Fine.” You say.
He skips over to you and strokes your soft cat ears.
For some reason, your face gets hot.
They’re coming closer. Belphie woke up due to the loud noise.
Mammon kicked down the door, running in.
They look at the scene before them. Your new features.
“M-MC.. why do you l-look like that?-“ Levi and Mammon stutter.
“What is all this commotion?” A deep voice approaches.. Lucifer’s voice.
He spots you on the couch and slowly, his cheeks have a pink tint to them.
“What happened here?” He asked.
“Solomon messed up a potion.” You pout.
That expression made it hard for everyone to keep their composure.
Your just too cute. It’s like their hearts will beat out of their chests.
Satan wanted to feel the ears and tail to see if what he was seeing was real, along with the rest.
One hand ruffles your hair.. and you purr.
“WHAT WAS THAT??!” You scream mentally.
Most of them stop what they were doing.
“I-I don’t know what that was-“ you waved your hands, shaking your head.
“MC, your killing me!! You’re so irresistible!” Asmo squealed again.
“Ahem.. S-someone take MC to their room.” Lucifer demanded.
“I WILL!” They all say in unison.
Then, they started arguing.
In the midst of all the blabbering about who should carry you to your room, you feel someone pick you up.
They run with you out the room.
“I SHOULD BE THE ONE TO- wait where’d MC and Satan go?” Mammon pointed to the spot where you were.
“THAT SLICK BASTARD!” Asmo groans.
—with you and Satan—
The two of you made it to your room. He sets you down on the bed.
“Asmo is right though.. you look delectable.”
“T-Thanks..” you blush more than you did earlier.
“I should go now. My brothers have to be fuming by now..”
He walks out, closing the door.
You realize you’re gonna have to deal with them in a bit for dinner.
“Not again…” you complain.
The meal was very quiet, the brothers glancing at you and blushing every now and then. Also giving the occasional compliment.
..You’ll get Solomon back for this someday.
Tumblr media
This is an idea that’s been in the back of my head lmao
Tumblr media
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matching-with-my-demons · 4 months ago
Demon Brothers And Royals With AN MC That Wants to Become a Demon
A/N: Sudden urge to write this and was suddenly 3 pages into a google doc- have at thee-
Warnings: None??? I think??? Angst if you squint maybe-
Summary: You know you're life is barely a moment in the lives of the demons you love, so what better way than to become one, so they don't lose you.
(the Gif doesn't quite fit this but I look it so fuck it-)
Tumblr media
The eldest is... hesitant, to say the least.
Don't get him wrong, he understands, and he doesn't want to lose you either, but this could do more harm than good if something went wrong.
He won't stop you, and he doesn't hate the idea, it's more he's just worried.
He will definitely research it, asking everyone with knowledge on the subject for their opinion to relay to you later.
At the end of the day it is your decision, and he'll be by your side if you decide to go through with it.
At first doesn't agree, but the more he thinks about it, the more he realizes how little time he has left with you if you stay mortal.
Immediately on board.
Mammon isn't usually the most serious brother, but he loves you, and never wants to lose you again, so he's very openly supporting your decision.
Your his human, and while you may not be human much longer, he'll still love you either way!
You? A demon?
Will never admit it to anyone but the thought of you in a demon form made his nose bleed just a shit ton bit-
Unsure of it, but he trusts you, and he'll be by his Henry's side no matter what!
But when he realizes that if something doesn't happen, you'll be gone within the next 100 years, he's immediately hoping this will work.
Immediately hits the books.
You're extremely stubborn, so he knows the best course of action is help make this process as safe and comfortable as possible.
Completely understands, and is on board immediately.
He loves you, and you've made his life so much more lively and bright.
He'll do whatever he can to stay with you for the rest of eternity.
On board immediately.
The thought of you getting old in wrinkly is a huge fear of his, and if he can prevent it HE. WILL.
Doesn't understand why for a while, just thinking you want to be more like the brothers, but one night while he was taking a bath, it hit him like a truck. You were mortal. If you didn't do something like this, who knew what little time you'd have left.
Ran out of his room soaking wet and naked to hug you and cry, the thought of losing you for good was too much.
A lot more clingy after this.
He had thought about this before multiple times, how you wouldn't live forever.
But you thought of something he didn't think would be possible, becoming a demon to stay with them.
Low-key cried, was also on board.
Was more protective of you after this, the reminder of your mortality, coming from you, really shook him up.
Please give this man a hug.
Also thought about it before.
A bit cautious at the idea of you going through a process to do it, but believes you, and trusts your decision.
Just hugged you for a while to calm himself down.
This does not mean he doesn't get more clingy- because now you are sandwiched between Beel and Belphie most nights now.
Thinks it's a great idea, in all honesty.
They all love you, and you've helped him and his brother more times than he can count.
You make the Devildom exciting, and honestly, the fact you treat him like a friend and don't put him on a pedestal is relieving and a wonderful change of pace.
The one to help you change from human to demon, with a little bit of Barbatos' help.
It's an exhausting transformation process, and he'll be there every step of the way.
Literally saw this coming, so he's not surprised.
That being said he still is doing his best to keep you comfortable and safe through the process, helping Diavolo when the prince needs.
He's had time to think it over, and accepted your decision, you make the Prince happy, as well as so many other people.
And though he'd never say it, he'd miss you dearly if you left.
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devildomsexting · 3 months ago
Beel and Belphie 💤 plaese.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ugh I just want to cuddle in between the both of them and sleep for like 3 days straight I deserve that 🥺
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asmos-pet · a month ago
I dont know if 22: size difference has been taken but if not, what about with our big boi Beel and a small 5'0ft ! (Female or GN. would be fantastic.)
genre: smut with beel x f!reader
prompt: size difference
Tumblr media
You couldn’t wait any longer. With your legs shaking from your second climax, Beel had already made you cum twice just from prepping you to take him. He had three fingers pushing into you, every single digit covered in your arousal that pooled beneath you on the sheets. He’d wanted you stretched out to minimize your pain. 
You two had taken your relationship slow, the Avatar of Gluttony not wanting to overwhelm you with everything he had to offer. However, your patience was wearing thin, especially as you felt yourself approaching a third orgasm. At this rate, you’d pass out before even getting started.
“Beel.. Please, I’m ready..” You whined, eyes looking up at him earnestly. “I want to feel you.” It wasn’t that his fingers weren’t amazing, but you craved more— you wanted him to reach places inside of you that only he could. And it seemed he finally decided it was time to grant you your wish. 
Crawling on top of you, he rubbed his length in between your folds to lubricate it before lining it up with your slit. “If you want me to stop.. You have to tell me.” He murmured, pressing a peck against your lips. With that, he began pushing into you, his violet eyes never leaving yours. 
Inch by inch, he filled you so completely you couldn’t even remember what it was like to be empty. All you could do was lie there and dig your nails into his shoulders until he was hilted all the way inside, his cock creating a bulge in your stomach. The motion was enough to send you over the edge, your body shuddering as yet another climax hit you. You were already blissed out of your mind, but the night had barely begun. 
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beelzeball · a month ago
can i please request how the brothers would react to the MC just. softly crying into their shoulder when they cuddle bc they feel like they can finally let their guard down? the fluffier the better.
thank you! have a wonderful day :)
when you cry into their shoulder
genre: fluff !
warnings: none!
a/n: i'm sorry this took a while !! i am extremely unmotivated 😍
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he went stiff when he felt you crying
backs away to put his hand on your face and wipes your tears
"has something happened? i'd be more than happy to help, you ask and you shall receive."
but when you replied with your feelings pouring out of your chest, he had no idea what to say
you told him you were thankful for him in every way imaginable, and that these were happy tears
he's most likely not used to being on the receiving end of thankfulness, considering his brother's lack of proper communication. he knows they are thankful, but he is not used to hearing it out loud
it startles him, but he brings you closer as he brushes your hair back from your tear soaked face.
"i should be thanking you. i'm greatful you're comfortable around me, as i am beginning to loosen up with you as well. i hope we can both understand eachother."
Tumblr media
when he feels you crying he absolutely panics. did he do something? why aren't you saying anything? did someone hurt you?
"hey hey hey, no crying allowed. what's going on? did someone hurt you?"
when you replied, he was beet red. he honestly had no idea what to say
someone?? showing open appreciation??? for him?? instead of harassing him??? huh???
he isn't used to people giving him compliments, especially in such an intense manner.
"well of course ya feel safe around me! you have a big strong demon to protect you!"
doesn't quite get the memo but at least he's happy
"don't scare me like that again!"
Tumblr media
oh no
someone crying???? his s/o crying???? in his chest???? there has been an error with your software. leviathan has stopped working.
is NOT good at comforting but he tries 💔
"why are you crying???? did i do something wrong???? do you regret being with me???"
when you reply with frankly, the exact opposite of his assumptions, he becomes still
"that's not a funny joke!"
genuinely takes him a while to be able to understand that you are in fact not joking, and that you very much find security in being with him
leviathan?? confident?? what??
once he understands, he's so much less nervous around you. he's like a completely different person, in the best way possible
Tumblr media
this ones tough, i feel like he'd be very taken aback if he felt you crying
i don't think he would straight up ask you why, he would just hug you tighter to let you know that he hears you but you can speak when you're ready
he did not expect the words to come out of your mouth to hit him like they did, but he isn't complaining.
it's not an often occurrence to see him genuinely happy, even when he's having fun you can still feel the energy of his sin, but not now
he would look at you with utter adoration in his eyes and meet your lips with his
"thank you."
he's not used to people being comfortable around him, even his brothers walk on eggshells
because of his power and strength, most people avoid wanting to piss him off. but he's so happy that you don't feel any negative emotions toward him
Tumblr media
when he feels you crying, he gently tilts your face towards his and says something about how you'll "break out that beautiful face of yours!"
when you tell him why you're crying, his heart swells. he's used to being seen as an object, whether it be for looks or sexual purposes, he's never truly felt loved by someone other than himself
i know he can SEEM like a dick but he's caring and understanding of others. he knows that other people have boundaries and that if someone feels the need to keep their guard up around him and his brothers, that it may not be his fault.
he's extremely reassuring about it and you can hear the happiness in his voice
spa day? yeah.
treats you like a god for the day and every other day because of how happy he is
he knew you would open up eventually because,,,, everyone likes him right? still no changing that.
Tumblr media
this poor man
he thought he was hurting you while cuddling or smth bc hes so strong ❤️‍🔥💪
"are you okay? do we need to go to the hospital?"
when you assured him that nothing was wrong with you and explained that the tears you has shed were happy ones, he was no longer concerned by his hunger
"oh...... i'm glad! can we keep cuddling now? unless you don't want to."
kisses you on the nose !
he's so happy that you're comfortable around him, most people find him scary
but everyone knows he's a big teddy bear
Tumblr media
you honestly thought he was asleep when you started crying, but you felt him tighten his arms around your waist to signal that he wasn't
"i'm awake, you know. you don't have to hide it from me."
he seemed careless, but you knew he cared a lot
he looks up at you and asks you what's wrong, and when you reply, he's in shock
"sorry, ignore me, i know it's not worthy to cry over."
"no no no, come here."
he'd hold you tighter and maybe whisper a "thank you" before kissing your chest and falling asleep :)
Tumblr media
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nekoma-manager · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
includes: asmodeus, beelzebub and belphegor
trigger warnings: none :)
a/n: inazuma just came out and it’s so exciting to explore it!!!! do any of you play genshin?
Tumblr media
when asmo hugs your his hands wander over your entire body
your shoulders, your arms, your waist
he cannot believe you’re his and holding you this way reassures him that you’re still there
he also likes to fiddle with your shirt when he holds you
Tumblr media
bear hugs!!!!!
beel engulfs you with his entire body every time he sees you
the urge to squeeze you and show you how much he loves you is overwhelming
having you so close to him makes him forget about all his troubles (mostly hunger)
he likes to hold your face in his hands and kiss you on the nose once he’s hugged you
Tumblr media
the only way to hug belphie is in bed
cuddle up to him, throw your leg over his and an arm around his middle and he is in heaven
his hand will shift to your head and pat it softly
he will also rub circles on your cheek with his thumb as a little show of gratitude - for being in this peaceful state with him
lazy morning cuddles are his absolute favourites
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
a/n: i will be finishing this hc series with a part three which will include diavolo, simeon and solomon :) feel free to message me or leave an ask in my inbox if you like <3
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lancermylove · 8 months ago
No One Cares (HC)
Fandom: Obey Me
Pairing: All x fem!Reader, platonic.
Warning: kinda angsty reader? Reader doesn’t care if she dies.
Requested by: Anon
Prompt: Okay so we all know how dangerous the Devildom is and how often MC gets threatened by Demons and monsters alike. So I wonder how the Brothers and Dateables would react to an MC that’s just over everything. She just doesn’t care if something will kill her (especially since there’s nothing for her in the human world). Her face is always empty and unfazed by the Demons, Monsters, and whatever threats she gets. Lucifer:*threatening her* One of these days, I will kill you! *in Demon form* MC: Make it today then 😐When asked why she’s like this, she just calmly says “No one will miss me. I have no purpose alive other than be a burden for the exchange program.”
A/N: I can imagine MC having to deal with demon threats 24/7...and she would def become immune to it (even if she wasn’t over everything). >< Talk about having it tough. 
Lucifer was angry at you for going near the grimoire, unaware you were simply playing hide-and-seek with his brothers. 
He stood in front of you in his demon form and fangs bare. "What did I tell you before about entering this place?"
"Then punish me and kill me." 
Your response stunned Lucifer and doused his rage immediately. Whenever he unleashed his demon form, he only saw two reactions: fear or will to fight back; never once had he heard a response like yours. 
The Avatar of Pride returned to his usual form and questioned your response. 
"No one will miss me. I have no purpose alive other than to be a burden for the exchange program." 
"Is that what you think?" Lucifer asked, holding back his anger. "Do you realize what you mean to my brothers? Do you know how they would feel if something happened to you?"
The demon sighed. "My apologies for losing my temper. You are part of my family and will remain part of it. As the head of this family, I will see to it that nothing happens to you. I don't know what you have been through but don’t speak such words again."
Mammon saw a lesser demon threatening you, and in an instant, he jumped in front of you.
The Avatar of Greed asked if you were okay and checked your body for injuries. 
"Why did you save me? You should've just let the demon kill me." 
Mammon froze and could only stare at you in shock. He couldn't fathom why you would say such a thing. 
"What? No one will miss me. I have no purpose alive other than to be a burden for the exchange program. " 
"N-not...miss ya? Burden?" Mammon gripped your shoulders and shook you, "What's that supposed to mean?" 
The demon was in turmoil. Were you mad at him for something? Did one of his brothers say something to you? Had he not told you enough that he cares about you? Do you not care about his opinion?
"I...I would miss ya..." Mammon's voice cracked as he averted his eyes from your blank face. "You know I care about ya, right? So d-don't even think about dyin' on me, 'kay?" 
Asmo came to your rescue as soon as he saw a demon invading your personal space. "Sweetie, why didn't you call me? You knew I was nearby, didn't you?"
"Why bother? Let the demon kill me. It's not like anyone cares. No one will miss me. I have no purpose alive other than to be a burden for the exchange program." 
Asmo was horrified to hear those words, and he almost felt wrinkles forming on his skin. "Why would you say that? Sweetie, did something happen? You know you can always talk to me, right?"
Seeing that you weren't ready to say anything, Asmo held your hands firmly in his. "I care a lot about you, as do my brothers. I don't know what prompted you to think no one cares about you or call yourself a burden. If you ever feel that way, then talk to me right away. I will always make time for you." 
Asmo hugged you before saying you're his for the rest of the day. He hoped that you would open up to him and not be so harsh on yourself. 
Until then, the Avatar of Lust wanted to keep your mind distracted. 
"Normie, how dare you say that you know more about TSL than me?" Levi snapped at your joke and revealed his demon form. "Do you have a death wish?"
"Sure, go ahead and finish me. No one will miss me. I have no purpose alive other than be a burden for the exchange program." 
Your words were enough to deflate Levi's rage. All he could do was stare at you in shock as guilt took over. 
Levi backed away from you and averted his eyes. "I...that's such a normie thing to say." 
The Avatar of Envy remained silent for a while, letting various emotions take over his mind.
"Don't...say that, normie. Don't. I care about are not a burden. I am s-sorry for g-getting mad."
Levi didn't ask you, but he started to wonder if you had gone through similar experiences as him. He felt a knot forming in his chest. 
“I am more of a burden than you,” he mumbled under his breath.
Beel heard a lesser demon threatening you, and in a flash, he was in his demon form, attacking the fiend. 
He was worried the demon had already attacked you, so he started bombarding you with questions. 
"Why did you save me? Should've just let me die." 
As soon as those words left your mouth, Beel started to get flashbacks of Lilith. He stood in a mute stupor, staring at you with wide eyes. 
The Avatar of Gluttony held his head in his hand and ferociously shook his head, trying to push the images out. 
"N-no...I...I won't let you die!" Beel pulled you into a bone-crushing hug. "I failed to save her, but I will not let anything happen to you. I can't lose you too..." 
When Belphie heard another demon threatening you, he wanted to finish him right then and there. But, he chose to glare the creature down before pulling you away. 
"Why were you taking his threats like that? You should've walked away." 
"Why bother? No one will miss me. I have no purpose alive other than be to a burden for the exchange program." 
Belphie stopped in his tracks and blankly stared at you. He didn't understand how you could say something like that so calmly. 
"I didn't like you at the beginning and didn't understand why my brothers liked you either. But're part of our family. All of us would miss you...whether you want to believe me or not is up to you. Know that we will protect you at all costs. We've lost Lilith, but we won't lose you." 
Satan was calm when he told the lesser demon to back away from you. He kept his cool when he watched the demon scurrying away. He remained levelheaded as he asked you if you were okay. But, he lost his cool hearing your reply. 
"Why did you waste your precious time saving me?"
Satan held back his anger as he questioned your reply. 
"No one will miss me. I have no purpose alive other than to be a burden for the exchange program."
Satan didn't change into his demon form but was ready to break the objects around him. "Who are you to decide you're a burden to me? Who are you to decide whether or not I would miss you?" 
He stepped closer to you and sighed, "Don't ever call yourself a burden or speak on my behalf. If you have no one in your world, then stay in Devildom permanently. Also, if I didn't care about you, then I wouldn't have stopped the demon from hurting you."
Satan started keep an eye on you and even tried to spend more time with you as a way of showing he cares.  
Diavolo had heard from others about demons threatening you in RAD, but this was the first time he saw it in person. The demon king standing behind you was more than enough to scare the life out of the lesser fiend. 
"Are you alright? Where are the brothers? They're supposed to keep an eye on you." 
"It's better they don't." 
Diavolo looked at you, taken aback. " you say that?" 
He knew he wasn't going to like the answer, but Diavolo never expected to hear you say no one cared about you, you were nothing more than a burden and had no purpose.
"I will not ask you about your past, but I can assure you your friends in Devildom are nothing like the people of your world." Diavolo gave a small smile, "We care for you and your wellbeing, myself included. Kindly refrain from referring to yourself as a burden." 
The class bell disturbed your conversation, much to the Diav's dismay. "Seem like you have to head to class. Would you visit my castle after school? I would like to continue this conversation and remind you just how much of a worthwhile woman you are." 
When Barbatos saw a lesser demon attempting to intimidate you, he thought you would try to defend yourself; instead, he heard you telling the demon to finish you.
Without wasting time, Barbatos changed into his alternate form and finished the lesser creature in a flash. 
"That was quite a selfish statement to make." Barbatos faced you with no expression on his face. 
“No one will miss me. I have no purpose alive other than to be a burden for the exchange program." 
Those words did not settle well with Barbatos, but his expression did not change. "I can assure you there are people who care, including my lord. Please refrain from making such callous statements. Your friends in Devildom are willing to go to any extent to protect you. Remember that." 
The butler excused himself but stopped and turned around, "If you wish to share your feelings, then I will gladly lend an ear. Please, do take care of yourself." 
Simeon was shocked to see you unfazed by a demon threatening you. He was speechless when he heard you say, "If you have a problem with me, then kill me."
The angel couldn't understand how you could say such a thing, and that too with a straight face. After all, life is precious.
Simeon stepped in and threatened the demon using Diavolo's name. 
"Are you alright? apologies for being nosy, but why does it seem like you don't value your life?" 
Hearing you say “no one will miss me” hurt him a lot, but hearing you calling yourself a burden pained him to no end. He hadn't known you for a long time, but Simeon cared for you.
"Please, don't say such words. You are not a burden but a lovely and strong woman. Also, I pray that nothing happens to you. God knows I would miss you dearly...” 
Simeon took your hands in his and gave a gentle smile, "Know I am here for you and always will be. If you ever feel as though no one cares, then think of me." 
Luke heard a lesser demon threatening you and considered getting Simeon, but the young angel froze when he heard you say no one cares about you and you are a burden. 
He ran to you and asked, "Are the demons hurting you? Are the brothers not protecting you?"
Luke shook his head and balled his fists. "How can you say that? I care about you! Simeon cares about you, so does Solomon. Don't insult yourself either!" 
He paused to study your face and pouted, "I think of you as my sister...and I don't want anything to happen to you. Simeon thinks of you as a dear friend, and he doesn't want anything to happen to you either." 
Luke threw his arms around you and whispered, "I will not let anyone hurt you, especially not a demon." 
Solomon wasn't sure what to feel when he heard you tell a lesser demon to kill you that instant. He intervened and sent the fiend flying before the fiend could hurt you.  
"Would you kindly answer why you asked the demon to kill you?"
Your reply didn't settle well with the magician, but he was amused that you managed to speak those words so calmly. 
"Everyone has a purpose in life, and it's up to the individual to find it. Why refer to yourself as a burden? I surely wouldn't consider you to be a burden, and I'm certain the brothers, the angels, Barbatos, and even Diavolo feel the same way." 
Solomon was curious about your past but decided to save that subject for a more appropriate time. 
"If it's worth anything, then I can honestly say that I care about you. But, if you want to test out your 'no one cares' theory, then try telling a demon to kill you in front of the brothers and watch their reactions." 
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