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leviathans-watching · a day ago
Salutations, I have come to you with a request. Beelzebub with an over-emotional reader, upset by the littlest of things with their thoughts all-consuming. Particulary angry in this moment to the point of tears and acting out physically on anything other than those around them, instead going for nearby objects as well as they themselves.
I hope that wasn't too specific, I have problems, I just want a shoulder to cry on lol.
I wish you a pleasant evening. 👍
"just stay with me"
Tumblr media
includes: beel x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .3k | rated t | m.list
a/n: thank you i hope you have a nice day/evening too!! and i hope this helps at least a little bit. my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback, so come say hello!!
warnings: implied breakdown/fit, implied anger/pain, unspecified mental illness/issue with processing feelings
Tumblr media
Beelzebub has never seen you like this. Angry to the point of tears, frustrated with yourself. You were normally so collected and calm, to see this whole other side of you was startling, to say the least.
“How can I help?” he asks, wanting to do what he can to make it better. Since he’s never seen you like this he doesn’t know what to do, but he wants to help in any way that he can. He doesn’t like seeing you like this.
Your breathing is sharp and ragged, and your shoulders are hard and tense. He yearns to reach over and soothe you, help you relax all of the harsh lines, but he doesn’t know how you’ll react to touch and doesn’t want to do anything that could make you uncomfortable or make it worse. You turn to him, and he sees that you’ve picked up a pillow, squeezing it tightly. Better than something that would hurt you or be breakable, he thinks.
“I don’t know,” you say, too fast. “I don’t know, I don’t know.”
“That’s okay,” Beel soothes carefully. “Is there something you normally do to help yourself come down? Amything I can get for you?”
You shake your head jerkily, the motion traveling through your body like a shudder. “Just… stay with me?” you ask, almost inaudible. He wonders if your throat hurts from the growling and yelling you’d been doing earlier. Beels’ heart tears itself in two at the thought.
“Of course,” he promises firmly. “I’ll always do that.”
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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mammonsbby · 9 hours ago
Hey! Congrats on you 700+, can i please hey a D with Beelzebub? Have a good night
D-Dirty (Of course you can darlin! Be warned, it's mildly suggestive!)
“Hey guys, I’m doing laundry. Do you have anything?” You ask, walking into the twins’ bedroom. You don’t get an answer though. You step further into the room to find Belphegor face down and unconscious. Nothing out of the ordinary there.
But his brother is nowhere to be seen. Weird. You flick on the light, knowing it won't disturb the sleeping demon. Then you set the basket on the ground and start to collect discarded clothes from around the room.
A couple of things on one chair and a complete RAD uniform on the other. A lonely sock on the floor. The other is on Belphie’s foot, so you toss it into his bed and go to grab something else.
"Oh! MC, you surprised me." The sudden voice startles you.
You turn to see Beelzebub in the doorway with his gym bag slung over his shoulder. His bangs are plastered to his forehead with sweat and his tank top isn’t faring much better, the thin, damp fabric clinging to his muscular form.
You can’t help but admire the muscles in his arms, his chest. Then his back as he walks past you. He drops the bag onto the floor with a thunk. At the noise, Belphie rolls around, but doesn’t wake up. 
“MC, you okay?” Beel asks, snapping you out of your daze. You realize you’ve been staring at him and finally start to answer.
“Oh, h-hey, Beel. I was just, uh, getting laundry together and I came to check if you guys had some.” You explain, pointing to the basket on the floor. 
“Oh. Thank you.” He says with a smile.
“No problem.” You reply, grabbing the basket. You start towards the door before you have a chance to further embarrass yourself.
“Oh! Wait just a sec.”
You turn back towards him, just in time to watch Beel pull his shirt off over his head. And your mouth falls open. Your eyes trace over his abs and up his chest to his shoulder, then down his arm which is outstretched towards you.
“You can take this too.” He says, dropping his shirt into the basket. “The showers were out of order at the gym, so I didn’t change.”
“O-oh, I see.” You say. And boy, did you see! You bite your lip. 
“Yeah, it sucks. I hate not showering after I work out.” Beel says. Then he glances at you and makes a face. 
“What’s the matter?” You ask. Oh shit, did he notice you staring?
He scratches the back of his neck. “I, uh… My shorts are dirty too…” He trails off, violet eyes trained on your face.
You’re not sure where it comes from but you blurt out, “I’ll take them!”
Beel’s eyebrows fly towards his hairline.
“Er, if you want me to,” You add, heat flooding your face.
Beel’s eyes widen and he flushes slightly, a tinge of pink dusting his cheeks. Despite his reaction, he kicks off his shoes and socks, then starts to remove his shorts.
Holy shit! You didn’t think he’d actually— You don’t allow your eyes to roam this time, staring into the pile of laundry you’re holding instead.
“Here ya go,” Beel says, as he adds the rest of his clothes to the basket. You glance at him, now only clad in boxers.
“Thanks!” You say, exiting the room quickly. You race towards the laundry room and when you get there, your face is hot and you’re out of breath. Your phone pings.
Beel: You forgot something.
Before you can ask what, a photo comes through. It’s a picture of the rug in the twins’ room. Your brows furrow, then you notice something on the rug. 
Oh sweet Lord, it’s his underwear.
Your eyes widen at the next photo he sends.
Beel: A picture lasts longer. ;)
700 follower prompt list!
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treyslove · a month ago
Request: If you do smut can you what the obey me boys would do if they got hard in a public place. If you can’t do all of them can you do Lucifer, Mammon, Beel, Diavolo, and Simeon❤️
Characters: Gn!reader x Lucifer, Mammon, Beel, Diavolo, Simeon
Genre: Suggestive
A/N: My first request!! I hope you like it <3 I'm gonna go work on my carrd now laughs. Reblogs appreciated!!
Tumblr media
❥ He'd probably be very embarassed about it, it would make him feel out of control and annoyed, if it happens when he's making his rounds at RAD he'd probably go to his office as soon as possible.
❥ He'd probably fly there too so that no one can see that he's being so "improper", getting hard in public, would try to be as discreet as possible but accidentally panics while going to his office, could possibly end up knocking into some students but manages to escape.
❥ Won't masturbate in his office, he'd think it's very unprofessional and would try to calm himself down and wait it out, probably thinks about terrible things or watches videos of people falling (it helps).
❥ I'm sorry he's getting hard in public while shopping, and the worst part is he won't even realise it for a while, he'd be a bit lost in his own world, he'd probably only notice it when he's in a changing room trying something on.
❥ I love him but he can be a bit impulsive and he'd probably just want to get rid of his boner as soon as possible because he has a modelling gig to be at soon and he can't walk around like that.
❥ Masturbates in the changing room, he's not really the quiet type, probably moans loudly even when he's trying not to, comes out of the dressing room and buys everything in there, thinks he's gotten away with it and no one knows... People know they're just too scared to say anything.
❥ I don't know why but I really can't imagine Beel in a situation by himself where he randomly gets hard in public, so involve you in the mix. He's probably in the gym, when you send him a picture, wearing nothing but his jersey.
❥ This excites him and it makes him want to sweat in different ways iykwim, he'd try to hide it using his gym bag and rushes. RUSHES home as fast as possible to see you, hoping you're still sitting all pretty for him.
❥ Comes back home and runs to his room to satiate his hunger for you, probably fucks you till you're shaking and your legs don't work goodluck walking tomorrow <///3
❥ He's a busy man, he has a lot of work to do, he can't add this to his long list of tasks, he only has so many hours doesn't he? He may need external help with this one, he'd think to himself.
❥ It's kinda foolish to think he'd relieve himself alone when you're right there to help him out! This would probably happen to him while he's in a meeting, he accidentally drifts off as one of the other higher ups rambles on about something that's already been discussed.
❥ His fantasies take a sharp turn as he starts thinking about his big hands on your warm, soft skin, the images from previous nights coming back. He needs to dismiss the meeting and calls you to his office so that you can help him out with the problem you (he) caused under the table as he completed his work.
❥ For an angel, he sure has a lot of impure thoughts about you at the most random and often inconvenient times of the day. Right now, he was out getting groceries so that he could bake a cake for you with Luke.
❥ But oops! All of a sudden, he's thinking about how you were making him sin last night, with your seductive gaze holding his own while you were worshipping him as if he were your god. He let out a sigh leaning against his cart in front of the row of sugar and flour.
❥ He sighed, he should've just ordered the groceries from Akuzon instead, now he has to hide the print in his tailored pants and he doesn't know how. He could just leave his cart in the aisle for a second before going to the bathroom and masturbating, telling himself it's just a one time thing and it was an accident whilst doing so.
Tumblr media
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thewritetofreespeech · a month ago
Touch your Wings - Obey Me
“Can I touch your wings?”
“I beg your pardon?” Lucifer asked back, gob smacked, in response to your question.
“Your wings. Can I touch them?” You repeat. Hoping for a little more clarity.
“No.” He replied emphatically. “Why would you want to touch my wings [Y/N]?”
You shrug; a little crestfallen now. “I don’t know. They just seemed so fluffy and soft.” Lucifer did not seem swayed. “I just wanted to touch them once. Sorry if that was weird, or too personal.”
You didn’t have wings, but maybe it was like touching someone’s intimate spots. Not something you should just ask off hand. Maybe you had crossed the line with Lucifer this time.
There was a sigh. Then a shift in the air. When you looked up Lucifer had his wings out and presented, not pulled to the side like he normally did when he was sitting. “Do so if you must. I don’t see the appeal.” You smile at getting your wish, and hesitantly reach out to touch his wings.
They’re not ‘fluffy’ as you suspected. The feathers were more sleek, and silk like. They were certainly soft. You run your wings over the row of feathers like gently cascading over the strings of a harp. You feel them shake against your finger tips and realize it wasn’t the feathers that were shaking, but Lucifer’s whole body with a shiver.
“That’s enough.” He said. Pulling his wings back in and concealing them. Unable to conceal the tint on his cheeks though.
Your own cheeks flush as realize that this may have been very…intimate. But Lucifer let you do it still.
“Was it all you had hoped for?” He asked. To which you smile softly before your reply.
“Oh yes. It certainly was.”
“Can I touch your wings?”
The sound of Mammon slurping his iced coffee suddenly stopped and he turned to you. “Why?”
“I don’t know. I just realized I never touched them before.” You tell him with a shrug. “I though it would be cool.”
“Y-Yes, my wings are very cool.” Mammon replied. Choosing to hear what he wanted out of your reasoning. “But they’re only for admiring. Like the rest of me. I’m a work of art [Y/N]. So look don’t touch.”
You frown at Mammon’s bravado and sip your own coffee. “What? Is it gonna hurt or something?”
The demon balked. “N-No…!” He insisted. “It wouldn’t hurt…..” His cheeks suddenly turned rather red. Before you had time to asking what that was about, Mammon suddenly changed into his demon form in the blink of an eye and shouted, “just get it over with!”
You almost don’t want to do it now. But, he had gone through the trouble of transforming for you. So you figured you might as well touch them since this seemed the only chance you’ll ever get it done.
Mammon seemed ridged as a board as you reached towards him. You’d never seen him so nervous. Your finger tips brush against the waxy material of his bat like wings. Almost skin like. You realize now, looking very closely at them, that they also changed color. Flecks of gold flicker up under your finger tips as they caress up to the wide spines at the top. It disappeared quickly, but you were fascinated by the shaped and patterns you could draw out.
“Ok! That’s enough!” Mammon snapped, along with snapping his fingers closed, and quickly shifted back. His face bright red now, and seeming to be breathing kind of heavy for someone who had just been standing there. “S-Satisfied??”
You blink once, then smirk at the other, as you realize what was going on. “Yeah. I’m satisfied.” You reply, before taking a step closer to whisper quietly to him, “do you want to head up to your room so you can be too?”
“Can I touch your wings?”
“Awwww….[Y/N]~! So kinky!”
Your face goes beet red at his response. Yes, it was Asmo, and he was always saying scandalous things to get a rise out of you. But you also feel like you had crossed some sort of demon privacy line. “F-Forget it!”
“What?! Wait [Y/N]! I was only kidding. You can touch them if you want.”
You feel like you’re being tricked into something (even though you asked for this). Asmo quickly shifted into his demon form. His wings almost curling into a heart behind his back before they fluttered out. “Don’t be shy!”
You suppose you had asked for this. So you might as well follow through.
The demon waited patiently with a smile as you reached out to touch his wings. You were surprised at the feel of them. Despite looking bat like from a distance they felt sort of like….velvet under your fingertips. Surprisingly soft and luxurious, although you shouldn’t be so surprised with it being Asmo.
Your hand snapped back when you heard Asmo moan. His eyes closed. Seeming to lean in a little too much to your touch. “That’s it I’m done.”
“Wait? What!” Asmo replied in alarm. Realizing you had not only stopped but were calling it quits. “Wait [Y/N]! Just a little longer. Having you touch my wings is an ecstasy I never thought possible. Come back [Y/N]!”
“Can I touch your wings?”
The question was so left field, that it even stopped Beel mid-chew. “Why would you want to touch them?” He asked after swallowing.
“I don’t know.” You answer honestly. “I just realized I never had before, and just wanted to.”
Beel seemed uncomfortable for a moment, and even sat his sandwich down. “I don’t….like my wings.”
It was your turn to be surprised. You’d never known that about Beel, and no one had ever mentioned it to you before. He was usually so confident about his body. It never occurred to you that he might not like something about it. “Why don’t you like them?”
“They’re ugly.” He responded immediately. “Lucifer and everyone have nice wings. They look cool. Or cute. Or strong. Mine look like an ugly bug. An ugly, disgusting bug.” He picked up his sandwich again and took another bite out of it, but didn’t seem to enjoy it at all.
You reached out and touched his shoulder. “I don’t think your wings are ugly.” You told him. “I think they’re unique. I only wanted to touch them because they’re apart of you. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I didn’t know you felt that way about them. I’m sorry.”
Beel turned away from you again towards his food. Only this time to pick at it. “You…think they’re unique?” His voice sounded hopeful.
The demon rolled his shoulders back as he shifted into his demon form. Taking the weight of his wings on his back. “If you want, you can touch ‘em.”
You almost don’t want to. Feeling like you had pressured Beel into this. But you were also afraid that if you didn’t touch them, that would just confirm his fears. Which were completely false.
Sure, they weren’t as traditionally beautiful as Lucifer’s or the others, but they were still beautiful. Being more insect like, they had a clear appearance through the dark veins of the wings. And when the light hit them, they looked like stained glass through a window. “I think your wings are very cool and beautiful Beel. Just like you.”
The red head turned back to you. His cheeks red, and his eyes looking uncharacteristically bright in the lighting.
Suddenly his arms were around you. Knocking you down off your seat on to the floor as he held you close. “B-B-Beel!”
“Thank you [Y/N].” He said against your ear. His wings flittering happily behind him for what you can only assume was the first time in a long time.
“Can I touch your wings?”
Diavolo looked at you for a moment, and you realize that maybe that was an inappropriate thing to ask. “Yeah sure.”
“R-Really?” You ask back. Not expecting such a quick response. “Are you ok with people touching your wings?
“I don’t know. No one has ever tried before.” Diavolo answered.
You suddenly realize that no one had probably tried before because he was the defacto Demon King. No one would dare ask to touch him in such a candid, casual way. Suddenly you feel very silly, and a little terrified, for making such a request.
Diavolo, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to mind at all.
“Here you go!” He announced cheerfully. Having shifted into his demon form while you were fretting. His hands on his hips, with his wings spread wide.
You took a step closer and carefully touch the garnet color on the interior of his wings. It felt mesh like. Like the skin of a string ray you’d touched once at the aquarium as a child. Except instead of being cold and smooth, this felt warm and tactical. “I never realized how big your wings were.” You remark, taking them in at full expanse for the first time.
“Yeah. I suppose they do have a wide berth for some people. But they get a lot of distance in flight. And they’re good for one other thing.” You squeal very loudly as Diavolo’s wings suddenly clamp around you. Incasing you in a personal cocoon, while his arms wrapped around you and the prince chuckled in amusement at your alarm. “They’re great for catching prey.”
You pout up at him. Not really angry, but annoyed at his trick. “So I’m your prey now?”
“I genuinely think it’s the other way around.” He replied. Using the privacy of his wings to full advantage while he had you.
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pen-observing · a month ago
i’ve missed you
synopsis: how they think of the sadness while you are gone; and what they do to show fondness over your return.
word count: 1.4k includes: brothers, datables + raphael
Tumblr media
Lucifer doesn't often say 'i've missed you' verbally. He is pretty sure you know. His 'I miss you' hides in the most sincere 'welcome home' that you have ever heard. Yes, home. He chooses to call the place you share with him that. It's full of life despite its name because you are there. It's full of memories and when he welcomes you so openly, opens the doors and greets you with a small smile in any room you enter - it's enough. It has to be. Yes, you have other places you can be but he hopes you see this as home too.
Mammon's ‘i miss you’ is impatient. He waits and he waits but he paces around and rushes to call you, text you, scroll through the photos he took before. His soul is impatient and he just leaps once you are back. he can't help himself. Mammon was patient for such a long time, how is he supposed to stop himself from running up to you and embracing you? He holds you close, kisses the top of your head and whispers with teary eyes and a voice that almost breaks 'you've no idea how much I've missed you. no idea at all. How dare you make me wait this long?!' but then he embraces you even tighter and when he backs away he holds your hand. This way he's sure it's actually you, and not one of the dreams that trick him.
Levi's I miss you is even more silent than the rest. He whispers it to himself around the blue lights, he whispers it to the few friends he finds in Henry and his figurines. His ‘I miss you’ gives away in his eyes. When he truly misses you and you come back; he doesn't look away. He purposefully looks at you because every time he avoided your gaze kept coming back to his mind while you were away. He sees your quirks again, he sees your smiles, he sees your hands as they reach for his shoulders - and still, he fights the urge to look away, he can't afford to not take you in after such a long time.
Satan's 'i miss you' builds up gradually. Firstly, he says you'll be back, he is patient and believes it. But, every week, he looks up from his bed and his chair to one corner. There, he keeps all the trinkets, tickets, books, notes and thoughts he wanted to share with you. He will do it when you're back. The pile grows as his 'i miss you' does and once you're back - it's overwhelming. If you enter his room, Satan walks up to you slowly and he's scared of how hard he wants to embrace you. His fingers tremble when he does but you don't bring it up. 'i missed you, here is an underlined poem. I missed you, listen to this story. I missed you, look at this photo of a cat sleeping on Lucifer's coat. I missed you I missed you and I'm so glad you're back to hear and see all of this now'.
Asmo's 'i miss you' is an explosive one, almost overly sensitive. While you're away, his finger is constantly over your profile, always typing you a message, always looking at the lock screen of you and him together. He doesn't see any reason that his hands shouldn't reach for you once you are back. He runs, he jumps, just to embrace you. If he wasn't so happy he would sob in your arms, you know. Instead - his I miss you is 'you haven't been here but I know the big parts of your life still. But tell me about them in person. Talk to me. I want to know more.'
Beel's I miss you happens to be the opposite of his twin. Beel is the most patient of them all. He keeps you in his mind and in his heart, he wonders about what you did and if you went to new places. The truth is, while calm and patient, he finds it hard to be in the spaces he shared with you. So, he goes to new ones. When you're back, he has new stories tied to the new places but the first thing he does is suggest that the two of you should take a walk down the old routes, eat at the usual place and then come back and share moments with others you two hold dear. Now, those usual places are no longer lonely and scary to him - and he also has new ones to take you to. ‘I missed you, so I thought of you no matter where i was.’
Belphegor has a hard time admitting how much he actually misses you. Instead of going to new places like his brother does, he goes to the ones the two of you spend most time in. He isn't aware why they feel even lonelier than before but if he goes to a new place; there are no traces of you there and that is the worst thing imaginable. His ‘I miss you’ comes when the two of you are alone. He doesn't like sharing, instead, he likes to be the only one holding your sleeve, leading you to your favourite places and whispering that he has missed you in them. Every whisper is more quiet than the previous one because in the end - you're back and he doesn't have to say it any more. Let's share our love in the usual places, and let's just exist together, the two of us. That's his atonement for it.
Diavolo has to deny the feeling he feels; it makes him confused, it makes him unfocused. How did he write your name when signing that important paper instead of his own? How did he stop in his tracks when he saw the usual tea cup you use and why is he constantly reaching for his desk to look at that badly drawn mascot of the three-legged-crow?? He knows. But he denies it. It's easier this way really. He feels a bit guilty about it all, but he knows how many people depend on him. Just, when you're back, let him show you kindness and let him yell out that he has missed you. If it's loud, he thinks it makes up for it. If it's loud, then he's finally admitting it to you and himself and, really, just let him throw you a grand welcome back. 'i missed you' said clearly and quietly once the party is over - is his biggest truth.
Barbatos always holds himself back. And he does a good job of it, after all. His ‘I missed you’ and ‘welcome back’ do no ring loudly, but, what does is his 'let me do that for you.' let me hold your hand for a few seconds longer, let me hold your gaze in the same room, let me slowly put your coat away, let me move away this plate so that your sleeve doesn't get dirty and let me bring this cup closer so that you don't have to reach over too far. He is so sincere about it all. However, if you seek him out in private - even Barbatos is bound to lose some control over his emotions. that is when his kisses are most passionate.
Simeon has always believed that love really is patient, and that love really is kind as the stories say. He knows it sometimes takes a longer time to manifest - but his kindness is his patience as he waits for you. And when you do come back, his love is still the same. Kind, generous, interested. Patient to see you walk up to him, patient as you embrace him. The only time his impatience shows is when you try to move away and he pulls you back in. Please don't. Please, reward his waiting so far. He needs it.
Solomon doesn't like that he has to miss you. He is so powerful and he has been alive for so long; something transient as missing another human; he doesn't like the suspense and the worry. Still, you remind him that he really is human. With this emotions you awoke in him, and with the love that he undeniably feels. When you are back, he acts as if you never left. His I miss you comes with the words 'lets go together next time! Let me join you next time!' and the pout he has when he teases you over how lonely he was.
Raphael shows how much he missed you by sticking close to you with his arms crossed and saying 'i told you so.' told you so about what? What does that refer to? Doesn't matter. If he says I told you so, that means the two of you communicate and hear one another and so he doesn't have to admit how many hours he spent sitting alone in a tree thinking of you. ‘I am glad that you are back and I am glad that you are well.’ Caring so much is his ‘i missed you’
Tumblr media
a/n: pov: you are me picking up obey me after a month thinking about how these characters miss people! did you guys miss me? i made these short cus im a bit rusty with writing for om cus of genshin and twst. evil tongues conspire about barbatos and me. they say i cheated on him and that was front page of the devildom newspapers for weeks. we are still going strong, we just going to therapy too. he keeps bringing up someone named ayato and someone named jade. smh smh
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dejwrites · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❪ ♡ ❫ ─── ⠀ ⠀⠀ invisible ink ⠀ 〳 ⠀ beelzebub, mammon, & simeon ‵
❪ ♡ ❫ ─── ( synopsis ) receiving thirst traps to your ddd.
♡ ˙ ˖ ✧ — established relationships for all of them, suggestive content, masturbation, pet names [babe, pretty], mentions of cum, slight exhibitionism with beel's part, profanity, well for mammon part..reader is a witch mammon owe money to but they're also fwb..so still an established relationship lol, thirst traps are sent with consent, male moans audio links included, my first ever content for obey me so pls be kind, reblogs & comments are highly appreciated, remember don't send unsolicited thirst traps babes, minors dni !!
Tumblr media
♡ ˙ ˖ ✧ — BEELZEBUB
— IT WAS QUITE LATE FOR YOU AS YOU SAT AT YOUR DESK STUDYING. You could hear Asmo's soft snores after he fell asleep in your bed. The two of you were supposed to be studying, but actually, whine up skimming through fashion magazines and doing skincare masks on each other's faces. But now you were stuck cramming in the little bit of information you could remember. With your earphones in your ear while writing different You could feel the headache slowly clawing at your brain as the ends of your pen brushed against your lip. The sound of your music banging at your eardrums while you were writing before the familiar ding interrupted the soothing beat. When you glanced at the message, your face lit up seeing Beel's name.
When you clicked on his message thread, your eyebrows knitted together in confusion at the video. You expected your boyfriend to be sleeping at this hour, but the video that was sent to you said otherwise. The sound of his deep moans replaced the once pop song you were listening to. Despite wearing earphones, you still turned around to be sure that Asmo was still sleeping peacefully. Your heart was pouncing against your chest hearing Beel's low moans in the video. Assuming he was trying to keep his voice day due to Belphie's presence in their shared room.
You had a perfect view of Beel's cock in the dim-lit room. The wet sounds of him caressing his cock caused you to let out a relaxed sigh. Your eyes stared eagerly at the way the lower half of his body quivered under his own touch. The sight of his perfectly shaped v-line all the way down to his ginger-colored hairs that decorated his happy trail. You nearly evaporated at your desk watching as he was palming his cock so slow. Even letting his fingertips brush against that one vein on his cock that only pops out when he's super horny and desperate to be touched. Desperate for your touch.
"Please Y/N, come touch me."
♡ ˙ ˖ ✧ — MAMMON
— YOU COULD HEAR THE FAMILIAR DINGING AS YOU FINALLY LET SLEEP PULL YOU AWAY. You let out a low groan as your hand extended to reach for the dinging device on your nightstand. When you saw the familiar name on your screen, your eyes instantly rolled in annoyance. As you rolled over on your side to get comfortable, you opened your messages to see the text. "What the hell does he want at this hour?" You asked yourself.
You hope he didn't want to hook up at this hour, especially given how hard it was so sneak by his eldest brother's grasp. The relationship between Mammon and yourself was complicated. Severely complication. Yes, he was technically in debt with you and you could possibly make his life a living hell with just a snap of your finger and a spell. However, it was just something about him. It was the way he always had something smug to say to you when you reminded him of the debt he was in.
When you clicked the video, your lips couldn't help but curve into a smile. The pornographic sounds of Mammon's palming his cock echoed out the speakers of your DDD. Like clockwork, when he moaned out your name, you instantly became turned on like a hormonal teenager. Your eyes were glued staring at Mammon's cock. On some days when you're on your knees for the Avatar of Greed, you adored the sight of his cock simply because it was pretty. The most perfect-shaped tip that he loved tapping at your entrance teasingly before he's bottoming down inside you. Or the fact that it had a slight curve to it.
His utters of your name and even more lewd comments caused you to instantly exit the video completely sexually frustrated. You texted him. "See you in ten minutes idiot!" the text read which Mammon read instantly and responded.
"Only if you clear my debt."
♡ ˙ ˖ ✧ — SIMEON
— THE THICK PASTEL-COLORED DUVET WAS PULLED UP TO YOUR NOSE AS YOU WERE ON YOUR PHONE. The brightness of your DDD irritated your eyes as you were wondering who would text you at this time of night. A subtle yawn escaped your lips as you unlocked the device to see the bright red icon notifying you that you received a new message. When you clicked it, your boyfriend Simeon's message thread was at the type. You were expecting his poetic goodnight-message he always sends that causes butterflies to erupt in the pit of your stomach like a lovesick fool. However, your hand went up to rub the sleep out of your eyes with a quickness at what he sent. The video didn't have any message with it, he just sent it. No explanation, no flirty message. Nothing.
When you finally clicked the video, the sound that came from your phone instantly woke you up. Your teeth grazed at your lower lip as you watched the pornographic sight of your boyfriend palming his cock. You hated the fact that instantly you became breathless as if Simeon was physically in your presence. He had that effect on you for some reason. Subtle things could have you feeling ditzy for him and it could be as little as just letting his fingertips graze upon the insides of your wrist.
You shifted yourself in your bed and you could feel yourself sink further into the fluffiness as you were laying on your back with your phone. Thighs clenching together in anticipation at the glorious sight of Simeon's cock. His desperate whimpers caused a bone-chilling shiver to travel down your spine. Your eyes lit up with so much lust as Simeon's hands glided up and down his tanned shaft while uttering your name. In your mind, you kept wondering how he always could leave you breathless. Your body radiates heat by the second before you're shoving your hands in your pastel blue-colored pajama shorts.. You couldn't pass up the opportunity to make yourself feel so good with the type of video that was sent to your DDD.
"Cum with me Y/N, please cum with me." Simeon's voice whimpered on the video.
Tumblr media
TAGS — @l-ovey @ickyism @hidansdarling @yooniluvbot444 @ambieux @scholarlogy @kewrai
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scholarlogy · a month ago
✘Demon experience ☆
Tumblr media Tumblr media
✘Paring: Fem!Reader x The seven brothers
✘Cw: Twitter links,bondage,lots of rough sex,choking(?),toys,fingering,oral(female receiving),squirting(Lucifer). 17+ only
✘Author's note: lots of twt accounts are banned...but i found some great videos :)
Tumblr media
Lucifer is annoyed by your attitude,does he need to ruin that cunt so you can understand?
You want to be brat with the pride himself?
With your face buried in the blanket,Mammon finally got full control of you.
Arms tied up,he can now oversimulate your poor pussy :0
It's a MUST! He must play with you and your pussy before gambling.
Levi needs that butt before playing <3
Humping his thighs...you really are dirty slut for a hot gamer!
ROUGH ROUGH ROUGH! Satan is always going to pound in you like that~
This is definitely a special reading session.
Asmo found it so entertaining to deal with dumb brats like you <3
Dazed? He'll still tease that pussy!
Beel need to release his frustrations after training!
Aww,he loves hearing those cute whimpers from you everytime he use his hard fingers to finger you :p
His favorite evening meal is...you ☆!
Belphie just want you to bounce his dick before...
You are really that desperate for his dick? At least he won't do many efforts.
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pomefoire · 2 months ago
⌜ little habits⌟
Tumblr media
starring. lucifer. mammon. leviathan. satan. asmodeus. beelzebub. belphegor.
warnings. gn! reader. 2nd person pov("you"). family/parent! au ("ma/pops" in mammon's, "mama/papa" in asmodeus').
summary. you notice your child has picked up some habits from their father. it's actually quite cute.
Tumblr media
Lucifer has a habit of crossing his arms over his chest whenever he's upset, usually shaking his head in disappointment as well. This was a habit your son had definitely picked up from Lucifer.
Whether it be your son being upset with his uncles in an even more similar fashion to his father, or simply not getting what he wanted, your son always mimics this little habit of Lucifers.
It's actually a bit eerie, how much he looks like Lucifer when he does such a simple action.
You were trying to find a quiet place to read, when you saw your son with Mammon in the living room. You watched in amusement as the two danced to some upbeat music, when Mammon suddenly stumbled into a pedestal that held an expensive vase. Mammon tried to catch it, but in a matter of seconds it was in smithereens. "Shit, uh, lemme see if I can sweep-"
"Uncle Mammon!" Mammon tensed at the words, slowly turning his head to look over his shoulder only to see your kid had his arms crossed over his chest and a fiery look in his eyes. "You aren't thinking of lying about breaking the vase, are you?" Your kid shook his head in disappointment.
"H- Hey, don't be like that," Mammon whipped around fully, trying to convince your son to stop looking so frustrated. "Jeez, you look just like yer dad when ya do that, it's freakin' me out." Mammon shudder, before going back to trying to convince your kid — offering to buy him a new toy or ice scream.
"Uncle Mammon, you're in so much trouble."
"Knock it off, would ya! Really, how much like Luci can ya be!?" You giggle, because really, he can look just like his father when he's upset with someone. Turning on your heels, you allow your son to bicker with Mammon whilst you find Lucifer.
Mammon's got quite the habit of making grabby hands at you whenever he wants your attention, and whilst its not unusual for a child to do this, your kid also mimics the way Mammon whines out "human!"
Your daughter definitely picked up this habit from her father, and now you've got two birds cooing and cawing for your attention. It would be such a handful if they weren't so cute.
Sometimes they team up together if you're giving a real good fight- their puppy dog eyes combined is a power no one can resist.
"Hummmann!" If you didn't know any better, you'd assume it was Mammon calling out for you, but instead you knew exactly who was whining for your attention. You turn around to see your little girl on the bed, making grabby hands with a big ol' pout on her face. "Cuddles! I wan' cuddles, ma/pops!"
"You want cuddles?" Thankfully, today you didn't have much to do, so you set down the laundry you were folding and scoop up your daughter. She giggles as you press little kisses into her cheek and temple. She cheers happily about getting your affection, only for Mammon, who was laying beside her, to whine.
"No fair," He huffs, and now he's making grabby hands. "Give me cuddles too!" You plop down on the bed next to Mammon, your daughter in between the two of you. She snuggles further into you both, a big grin on her face.
"Yay! We all can cuddle!" Mammon also gave a little cheer whilst you chuckles, squeezing the two tighter in your arms.
"You two are so lucky you're so adorable, you know that?" The two exchanged a look before announcing they weren't "adorable" but instead "super cool and awesome." You roll your eyes, but correct yourself, before the three of you end up falling asleep just like that.
Whenever Levi had to concentrate, he would always drum his fingers against his desk, or bite at his nails. It seems your son had picked up the former habit from his father, always drumming his fingers against the table when he's doing homework or trying to solve a puzzle for a video game.
It's only a tad bothersome when they're playing videogames together, the loud tapping against the computer desk or controller louder than usual, but alas, the cute wholesome sight of them co-oping is too adorable to be upset.
If you point it out, both of them will grow embarrassed.
You were laying in bed, watching them play video games from behind. Occasionally, Levi would lean over and help your son with a harder part of the game, before proudly patting his on the back when he figured it out. You watched for about an hour before drowsiness hit you.
You decided to try and take a nap, that is, until you heard the loud tapping against the desk. You try to cover your ears, but their drumming only gets louder. You sigh, sitting up and walking over to them.
"Stuck?" You ask, looking at the puzzle on screen.
"How'd you know!?" Both of them squeaked in surprise, looking up at you with wide, curious eyes. You shrug, biting back a smile. "Are you a mind reader?" Your son asked, blinking several times. You glance down at him and give a mischievous grin.
"Perhaps I am," You said in a spooky like tone, before turning your attention back to the screen. "Now, let me help you out. If you move that piece-"
Whenever Asmo wasn't sure what to do, he'd find himself posing — whether that be subtly, or extravagantly, he'd pose in such an Asmo way. And naturally, you're daughter picked up on this.
When your daughter didn't know the answer to your question? Cute pose. When your daughter was standing idly and got bored? Another cute pose. When your daughter was dancing and singing with Asmo? Random cute pose! Basically, randomly, she was always posing alongside her father.
Always have your camera out to snap a pic for these two, please.
You couldn't help but laugh as you watch your daughter suddenly pop her hip out and hold up a peace sign. "What are you doing?" You manage to say through giggle. Only a second earlier she had been talking about how she wanted to go shopping when she suddenly pulled out a pose.
"I'm posing, duh." You had seen this several times from Asmodeus, randomly posing, but you didn't realize your daughter did this as well. You hum, fetching your phone and taking a quick picture. "How do I look!"
"Amazing, as usual." You show her the picture and she squeals in joy at how adorable she looks. "Did dad help you pick out your outfit today?" You asked, and she shook her head, pulling yet another pose that flaunted her outfit choice.
"Nope! I picked it out! Isn't it super cute, mama/papa!" The outfit was a mess of random colors and accessories, yet it also didn't look too bad. It was cute, watching her try and find her own style at the age of eight.
"The cutest. Maybe you should pick out my clothes from now on," You say, watching as her eyes light up once again.
"Really? Really? Do you mean that? Do you? Let's go right now! Right now!" Yep... just like Asmo.
♡︎ / SATAN
Satan would always softly close his book, before slowly turning to you, before beginning his rant when he finished said book. Your daughter didn't only pick up his love for reading, but also her intense need to complain about book contents.
You adored listening to her, although she usually ranted to her father who had already read the book. The two would go on for hours talking about the book, usually complaining about something in particular about the contents.
You'd often find them fast asleep with the book opened, probably having passed out half conversation.
You watched from the doorway as the two closed their books quietly in unison. It was another minute before they turned to face each other, a similar look in their green eyes. Your daughter was the first to speak. "That was..." She began, before shuddering. "The pro- protag- uhm... pro-tag-on-ist, yeah, he was terrible!"
"He was, wasn't he?" Satan sighed in disappointment. "Although I didn't have much hope in this book, I guess the reviews were just as bad." Your daughter blinked, before crawling on to her fathers lap and squishing his cheeks together. She had her brows furrowed and annoyance drawn all over her face.
"Then why did you buy it for us to read!?" Satan chuckled, taking her little hands and removing them from his face. She huffed, now crossing her arms instead. "Dad, this book was just terrible. Are you getting old, is that why you picked it?"
"Sometimes you need to read bad books too." He informed her, glossing over the 'old' comment. "Or else, how will we complain?" He concluded, the two of them growing rather evil grins. Then, the two began to make a fuss about just how terrible the plot was, as well as the characters, and so forth.
Well, you suppose you'd leave them to complain in peace, it seemed like they were having a fun bonding time.
Really, it was the cutest thing ever. You could see your son watching his father whenever Beel ate. Your son used to watch as Beel would pat his stomach after a good meal, and now your son does the exact same thing!
It's a joy, watching him pat his round little tummy and burp proudly alongside his father after the two shared a delicious meal.
Beel didn't realize he did this, nor that his son picked up the habit, until you pointed it out one day. Beel can't help but chuckle whenever he watches his son pat his stomach after eating now. It really is adorable!
Beel and your son just finished eating, and as you sat back after getting your fill, your eyes flitted over to them to watch your favorite after-meal moment. The two leaned back in their own seats, patting their stomachs in content, before loud burps escaped them. Beel apologized, whilst your son just looked downright unashamed and proud.
Your son continued to pat his stomach longer then Beel, the action a bit more exaggerated than when his father did it. "That was so good! Thank you!" He grinned brightly at you, thanking you for the meal, Beel following afterwards.
You wanted to pinch both of their cheeks so badly, but instead you grabbed a napkin and began cleaning your sons face. Your son finally stopped patting his stomach, instead leaning towards you to allow you to better clean up his face. Once you've finished, you look over at Beel and hold up the napkin.
"I can do it myself," He mumbles, a slightly flush to his cheeks as you tsk, standing up and cleaning his face as well.
"Mhmm, you'll just miss all the crumbs." You say, shaking your head. Your son agreed with you loudly, causing Beel to blush even more- was he that bad at cleaning his own face?
Belphegor knows he shouldn't feel smug that the twins are on his side most of the time, or that he taught them how to roll their eyes, but he secretly (not-so-secretly) feels really proud.
It's definitely a pain in the ass when they learn to roll their eyes at you, always doing so when you try to get them up for the day or get them to help with chores. You want to strangle Belphie when he laughs about it.
Yeah. The twins definitely got his snarky attitude and all his annoying little habits. In the end, Belphie usually helps you out though.
"Belphegor," You grumbled out his full name, "I know its you who taught them how to roll their eyes." Belphie turned over on to his side, letting out a long sigh. You huff, placing your hands on your hips.
"What makes you think they learned that from me?" He asked, yawning. You frown, looking over at your kids who begrudgingly were putting on their shoes. "Maybe they learned it from you." He said, propping himself up on his elbow. "Maybe-"
"Maybe its because they told me that it was from you." You try to keep calm, but really, you were on your last straw with him. "I'm being serious." He rolled his eyes as he moved on to his back and you gasp, "Belphie! Ugh, that's it. I'm done. I'm just... gonna lay in bed."
"Then who's going to take 'em to school?" You plop into the bed, dropping the two backpacks on to him. He lets out a groan, sitting up and looking over at his kids who waited by the door. When they saw him with the backpacks, their eyes widened in delight, seeming to connect that it would be Belphie, their dad, who took them to school today.
"You are, of course." Belphie looked at you, before looking at the excitement on his kids face. He groaned loudly before pulling himself out of the bed.
"Fine. But only 'cause I want to, not because you told me too." You just waved him off. If you had to deal with their attitude, he'd have to deal with it too.
Tumblr media
author note. thank you for reading, reblogs + comments are always super appreciated! please have a good rest of your day / evening!
Tumblr media
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dreamkidddream · 6 months ago
Hiiiii! I was wondering if you could do one for the seven demon bros where the MC just kinda gravitates towards people when they're sleeping? Like they're laying on the couch with one of the bros next to them and they just kinda shift over to them while sleeping? Sorry if this is confusing 😅😅
This is the kind of softness that I need in my life 😤😤 reader is gender neutral! Also I suck at titles so I’m so sorry 😭😭
CW: lesson 16 spoilers in Belphie’s part
The Brothers and MC Cuddling Them in their Sleep
Finds it ironic how you pester him for not spending enough time out of his office and yet you’re the one fast asleep next to him right now
You’re headstrong though, so should he really be surprised at this?
He was a little surprised at the fact how you were moving closer and closer to him, and how you clung onto his arm. He should just wake you up and tell you to go to bed-
But all he can do is pull his arm gently out of your grasp, and instead pull you against him (which must be what you wanted after the sigh you let out)
He sat there for some time just observing you cradling into his chest, just seeing how relaxed and content you are makes him feel the same, and it brings a rare smile to his face. He’s glad that you can’t see it right now, nor how he’s cradling you and the soft look that he’s giving you
But you both can’t stay here for the rest of the night or else both of your backs would come to regret it (his more than it already does). So he tries to lift you without waking you, and while you did stir just a bit, you went right back to sleep after he reassured you that everything was okay
You went back to curling against him once you both reached his bed, and he welcomed the feeling with open arms (literally)
You didn’t hear him utter how much he loves and cherishes you before his own slumber took over
Oi MC! You fell asleep on the best part of the movie-
He was just about to move the snacks out of the way before you kicked them over, but then you grasped at his hand. His heart is about to beat out of his chest and the smile on his face is growing right along with his blush. “So now ya wanna finally wake up-“
But your eyes are still closed, and he thought that maybe you were pulling a fast one on him, but then he hears your snores (the one that he claims sounds like one of his old cars but really brings him peace to know that you’re okay)
So he sat back and tried to focus on the movie, but his side felt so warm and could you blame him for getting distracted with you hugging his side like this??
He ended up turning the movie off and really took his time in just…admiring you. He does it so much already but when he isn’t worried about what people may think about him or what trouble he got into next, it gets to really sink in just how much you mean to him. Why do you have to be so perfect? You’re the main reason why his sin influences him so much. You make it hard for him to not be so greedy
You better be lucky that he’s your first man, giving up his precious bed to crash on the couch with you (please like he would ever leave your side)
He pulled the blanket over you both, and fixed it to where you were laying on top of him, head right over his chest (thank Diavolo you’re passed out right now and can’t hear how fast it’s beating)
He’ll wake up to Asmo’s screeching and Lucifer’s scorning look in the morning, but he doesn’t care
He just cares about you and this moment right now
You’re displaying normie behavior right now and he is not happy
Yeah you two have watched the TSL more than you can count on both of your hands (including his), but that didn’t mean that you get to fall asleep! How can you be his Henry when you’re disrespecting the legacy that this is-
The rant in his mind went on pause after he felt a sensation hit his shoulder. And when he slowly looked down, he choked on his own spit
Your head was on shoulder…your head…was on his shoulder…your head-
He is so grateful that you’re asleep right now and in his room because he is panicking and trying to make sure that he doesn’t wake you up and oh my Diavolo you’re nuzzling into him-
Okay, he’s seen enough anime to prepare for this exact moment
But he still has to clamp his hand over his mouth before he can wake you up with excited scream
He isn’t used to physical contact like this, but it’s making his nerves worse because it’s you. It’s like his senses are heightened 10 times more because of the fact that it’s you
He’s stiff at first- very scared in waking you up and ruining the moment. But he finds his courage eventually- and be thankful. This is his limited edition Ruri-Chan blanket and not a lot of people get the chance to even look at it!
He might actually get a nose bleed if he wraps his arm around you, but he links pinkies with you. It’s like making a lifelong promise to each other- to stay by each other’s side, even though you already made a pact saying that. It felt more intimate this way, even if it was seen as childish
He’s appreciative that this is happening behind closed doors, but really he’s appreciative for you
Satan was just about to complain on how idiotic the criminal was for believing that their theory would actually work when he fully turned to you, hands in the air about to go into depth with his own theory-
Andddd you’re fast asleep
He’s a little miffed to be honest, but then you look so peaceful and the way that you scrunching your face up makes you look so adorable-
He decides that you’ll just rewatch the whole episode again later. It’s annoying, but it’s not as fun as watching it without you anymore
Not to mention the fact that he can’t pay attention to the resolution of the episode with you cuddling him like this- the tips of his ears are turning red but the romantic in him is feeling all giddy because it’s playing out like it does in the books, bu the tender feeling in his heart far outshines what he feels when he’s reading it
But he also decides that it would be best to go to an actual bed. Gives him the opportunity to not be interrupted or have the moment spoiled
His heart is racing as he holds you in his arms, and he has to admit that he would still be burning up even if he wasn’t under the covers with you. You just have that kind of effect on him still (but he’s not upset at all, far from it, the smile on his face is enough to see that)
He’ll tease you about it in the morning and it’ll be an inside joke between you, but he’s hoping that this doesn’t become a rare moment. Maybe next time you could read together, he’s been waiting to share this new title with you
Or he could read to you if you wish- either option is more than doable (he just wants to spend time with you)
Was his gossip really that boring that you had to fall asleep like this?
He would be offended if you weren’t laying on his lap (but he still kinda was; he wasn’t done wiping your face mask off!)
He would give you the benefit of the doubt though- atleast you were already in his bed looking cute as always!
He was so close to taking a picture and sharing it on every single social media platform that he has, to show everyone just what they couldn’t experience- but he stopped midway
How long has it been since Asmo could just…adore you?
He has no issues in telling you just how he feels and what he thinks- he tells you all the time how stunning you are (behind him of course)-
But looking at you now, it’s like he almost forgot himself. The pout of your lips, the crease of your eyebrows- every detail, even some that you saw as imperfections- were nothing but perfection in his eyes
The longer he stared, the more memories- genuine memories- flooded into his mind. He was the one that was always being admired- is this how it felt to be on the other side? To truly admire someone, body and soul?
But this could be a discussion for another day- he could hear your snores clearly now, and his own movements are getting a bit sluggish as well. You aren’t the only one who needs to be well rested; he needs his beauty sleep too!
He would put on his sleeping mask to help his eyes glow a bit more, but he wants your image to be what he falls asleep too
You’re a true wonder MC, getting the Avatar of Lust to fall in love with you? A dangerous feat…but one that wasn’t completely impossible as it would seem
Beel wasn’t really paying attention to the movie, he was just here because you wanted to watch it
And you promised free snacks, so it was the perfect combination for him
While he was downing his third bucket of popcorn, he felt you slump against him. He feels bad if he’s hogging all of the popcorn, even if you said it was okay. “Here MC-“
But then he sees that your chest is steadily rising and falling, and that you aren’t reaching for the popcorn at all. You fell asleep fast, and you’re trying to wrap yourself around his midsection, practically crawling into his lap
Luckily he wasn’t invested in the movie to begin with, and he doesn’t want someone to end up waking you up (and he definitely wasn’t about to leave you)
So he just turned off the TV and carried you wrapped in your own blanket and curled into his chest
You were pretty much swaddled against him
He did take you to your room first, but you aren’t letting go of him even when he tries to set you down on your own bed. If he wasn’t strong he was convinced that you would’ve brought him down with you (you had a surprisingly tight grip). So up to his room you went
It was like having an unplanned sleepover; except Belphie was asleep on the other side of the room and you on top of him, but he didn’t mind
He didn’t fall asleep right away though; partly due to the fact that he wanted to make sure that you were comfortable and also to the fact that his mind was occupied with thoughts of you
Before he thought of you as food that he wasn’t allowed to eat, but you became so much more than that to everyone. To him
The impact that you made on him and his family- bringing them together again like this- it reminded him of the Celestial Realm, but better because his entire family is here: you, Satan, and Belphie. How could he ever repay you?
You mean a lot to him MC, and while people believe that he only thinks with his stomach, you see him for more than his sin. He fell asleep holding and thinking about how much he really loves you, and he felt full for the first time in a while
But Belphie gave you both the stink eye when he woke up and wouldn’t stop sulking until you promised to spend the night again
When he felt weight lean on his side, he figured it was only a matter of time until you fell asleep. But did it have to be during the star gazing show?
But he couldn’t blame you, it was calming enough to make anyone a little drowsy, including him
And the heat you were transferring as you snuggled into his side had him struggling to keep his eyes open (like he already wasn’t struggling)
But he is a little pouty at the fact you fell asleep on him; usually it’s the other way around. But he doesn’t have a problem sleeping on the couch either (or you sleeping on him). He literally sleeps anywhere that makes him comfortable enough (and you’re one of his favorites), so this is nothing to him, and it’s a common spot
He even slept on the stairs once but you guys don’t talk about that
He already had a huge pile of blankets and pillows that would put any other pillow fort to shame, so this was perfect. Like making up for lost time
And he had a lot of time to make up for…and a lot of things to make up for too
How long has it been since…since it happened? All was forgiven, but it still haunted him. To have his hands wrapped around you so delicately now where they were once pressing against your very throat causing your…it made him nauseated just thinking about it. How could he do that to you? And why are you so forgiving of him? He didn’t deserve it, he didn’t deserve you-
But you’re too compassionate, too kind- why are you helping him so much when he’s at fault? Even as he’s gazing at you now, he’s scolding you for your actions, but is also indebted to you for the rest of his life
If won’t ever be enough for all that you’ve done for him, but he could use the rest of eternity to try. He would for you
“MC, you should have gave up on me…but I’m glad you didn’t. I’ll always keep dreaming of you, so promise to dream of me too, okay?”
The brothers walked into the pile of blankets and pillows that swallowed you both whole, clutching one another
Even his brothers yelling didn’t stir the both of you
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ci3n · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
characters: lucifer, mammon, beelzebub and belphegor
warnings: not proofread
a/n: this was such a cute request, will do a pt. two w the rest!
requested by anon | obey me masterlist
Tumblr media
you wanna put what on his hair?
you wanna put butterfly clips on his hair?
“please luci, you’ll look adorable”
will say no at first but after a little convincing he will eventually give in
loves it when you run your hands through his hair while doing it
“ok i’m done, you wanna see how it looks?”
“i’d rather no-” too late you’re already holding a mirror in front of his face
“c’mon lucifer, stop being such a grouch, you look so cute~” you giggle, pinching his cheeks, earning a glare from him.
he doesn’t necessarily like it but he also doesn’t wanna take them off cause you put them in his hair
will yell at his brothers if he hears any of them giggle
you wanna put… butterfly clips…on his hair?
there’s no way you’re putting butterfly clips on the great mammon’s hair
but he can’t say no to you especially when you look at him like that
so now he’s sitting there waiting patiently for you to put little clips on his hair
“ouch! what are ya doing, that hurts!”
“i told you not to move”
“i didn’t move!” he grumbles
“okay, I'm done, you look adorable!” you grin, pecking his cheeks.
“sh-shut up!”
he ends up keeping them on and telling everyone how his human put them on his hair and glaring at anyone who dares to laugh
the witches can’t take him seriously when he’s trying to haggle with little butterfly clips on his hair
he was eating when you came in and started running your hands through his hair
he let out a satisfied sigh, leaning into your touch
beel loved it when you played with his hair
“can i put these clips on your hair, please?” you hold out the colourful butterfly clips you found while on a shopping spree with asmo.
“sure” he smiles going back to his eating his snacks.
he ends up really liking them
he thinks they’re cute but more importantly you looked so happy after you put them on his hair and beel’s happy if you’re happy
another one who doesn’t take them off
kinda forgets about them until he’s getting ready to go to bed and hears belphie cackling at him
what do you think you’re doing?
good luck putting them on his hair
he says they’re stupid but then notices the pout on your face and gives in
“fine, if that’s what it takes for you to leave me alone”
that’s what he says but he’ll do anything to make you happy even if it means putting butterfly clips on his hair
falls asleep while you’re styling his hair with the clips
you end up taking a few pictures of him because he looked adorable
wakes up and forgets about them until he hears levi laughing at him which earns him a glare
beel compliments him on them
“thank you, mc put them on my hair, they’re not that bad i guess”
Tumblr media
reblogs appreciated !!
Tumblr media
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rae-writes · a month ago
Marry me?
obey me brothers x reader
wc : 2.k
warnings : references to lesson 16 (belphie), a bit of hurt/comfort (mammon, belphie)
synopsis : how spending the rest of your lives together began 
Tumblr media
Lucifer was tired. It had been a long day at RAD, an even longer student council meeting with his brothers acting like absolute fools, and now he had a mountain of paperwork to do— a solid stack consisting of only Mammon’s credit card bills. 
But you made it seem less tedious. 
Your presence alone could accomplish that, but there you sat beside him, chair pulled up with his jacket over your shoulders as you filed paperwork with him. 
And maybe from an outside perspective it wouldn’t mean a lot, but to Lucifer it meant so much. Because you weren’t actually fluent in his native tongue- which was what his important documents were written in. But you were doing it anyway- doing it correctly- just so you could take a load off his shoulders. 
It made him pause every so often to look at you in awe; no one had ever done anything like this for him. And on top of that, you would pause in your own work occasionally to squeeze his shoulder and go get some snacks for the two of you to share. 
Speaking of, you lifted your head when you felt his eyes on you, giving a knowing smile. “Hi, love. Need anything? More tea?” 
Lucifer shook his head, about to go back to his work before he paused. “There is actually one thing.”
“Anything for you.” You turned towards him, reaching to run a hand through his raven locks. 
“Marry me.” Like most things he said, it came out as a statement- a demand- rather than a question. It made him nervous, though he didn’t show it. 
But you knew. You could see it in the way his bottom lip quivered slightly and how the words came out shaky. It made you smile, “Of course. Yes.” 
His worries soothed and his heart soared. Lucifer beamed at you, taking your hand and standing. “Good.” A soft laugh left him as he twirled you around, “I’m glad.”
quiet sniffles and soft hushes filled his dimly lit room, the two sources of sound being huddled under a messily made blanket fort. 
Mammon had, truly accidentally, knocked into one of Diavolo’s vases while they were visiting the Demon Lord’s Castle hours earlier. The prince himself paid no mind to it- in fact, he laughed it off, as it held no real value- but Lucifer had been livid. Mammon was sure his older brother was going to get him real good right then and there but you’d done it again : jumping in front of him and loudly announcing that, no, it wasn’t Mammon who knocked over the vase. It was you. So Lucifer had given you a stack of homework to do because of it- on top of all your other school work.
And Mammon felt terrible. “I-I’m always gettin’ y-ya into trouble…m-makin’ ya take the f-fall. I’m s-supposed to be the o-one protecting you! I-”
“Mammon.” Your voice was firm, but affectionate. “You never make me do anything- I choose to take the blame for you. I know you don’t mean to do a lot of the things you do, you’re just…endearingly clumsy at times.” 
He scoffed, scrubbing angrily at the tears on his face; he hated crying in front of you. He blinked, blue hues staring into yours when you gently pulled his hands away from his face and started softly wiping.
“Mammon, I love you. I love all of you- including the clumsiness, the greed, the not-always-so-smart decisions.” You guided his hand to rest over his pact mark, “We’re partners in crime, yeah? You’re my first. I’m always gonna try and protect you, too.”
His fingers flexed against your skin, feeling the slightly raised mark of his pact. Mammon felt like he was floating and the words just fell from his lips. “Fuck, I wanna marry ya.” His eyes widened, watching yours do the same, but he didn’t back down- he knew what he wanted. 
“Let’s get married. S-seriously! I know it’s something that happens when people really l-love each other, so let’s do it! I was already plannin’ on spendin’ the rest of my life with ya and marriage is the way to officially do that, right? I-I’ll get ya a pretty ring a-and-” 
You cut him off with a kiss. A salty, breathless kiss. You pulled away, rubbing your own tears away this time. “Yes, Mammon. I’d love to marry you and I’d love to spend the rest of my life with you.” You went back to wiping away his tears, “I don’t need some expensive ring, though. All I need is you.”
Mammon took in a deep breath and exhaled with a loud, delighted laugh. “MC SAID YES! I’M GETTIN’ MARRIED!”
Levi didn’t really like going to public beaches. There’s too many people, not enough room, annoying children, and if he’s being honest…he doesn’t appreciate wandering around in front of all those people with such a lack of clothing. But this he could do. 
The two of you were out at sea— so far out, you couldn’t even see the sandbank anymore. Water sprayed you in the face as a tail splashed in the water, but it wasn’t Levi’s. It was much bigger. Lotan hissed contentedly when Levi patted his head, making you giggle and pet his back where you were sitting. 
Levi knew you’ve been wanting to go out to the ocean, but he always felt bad because he doesn’t like the beach itself. So he suggested a date out here : literally out in the ocean with Lotan (who was way better than a boat in his opinion).
“Levi, this is so cool!”
It was beautiful out here. Dark water that should be unsettling, but it only awed you as it was the perfect contrast for the colorful devildom fish that swam around your “boat”. (it also served as the perfect contrast against your bright anime swimwear, which was an added bonus)
And Levi was awed by you. The perfect embodiment of the light to his dark; his Henry. A single fleeting thought makes its way through his head as he watches you love on his monstrous pet. ‘I want to do this for the rest of our lives’. It makes him stiffen and he’s pretty sure you’d be able to hear his rapid heartbeat if it weren’t for the roaring waves.
You turn towards Levi, having not heard anything from him for a while. You thought he couldn’t hear you, so you started crawling your way up Lotan’s back to reach him, but an incoming wave knocked you off.
Or it would have if it weren’t for Levi’s tail. It wrapped around you almost immediately, pulling you closer and closer until you were practically on his lap. Its hold on you doesn’t falter, not even when Levi himself wraps his arms around your waist.
His heart nearly stops when you give him a sweet smile as thanks and he couldn’t stop the words tumbling out of his mouth even if tried, “Can I marry you?”
Your hands catch his wrists when they go to cover up his flushed face, thumbs moving to rub over his racing pulse points. You lean your forehead against his with a soft laugh, “You would make me the happiest human in history if you did.”
Levi lets out a breath, orange hues wide in surprise, before he’s smiling like an idiot. “You hear that, Lotan? Mc said I could marry them!” The giant splash of water makes him hold you closer, giving him the perfect opportunity to say, “Thank you.”
The two of you had spent all day out on the town, traveling to the places you both adored. The cat cafe, the museum, the bookstore. Now you were both at a secluded spot in the woods. 
Satan had stumbled upon it years ago and wanted to share it with you. There was a shimmering green pond that was so clear, you could see the bottom. Flowers bloomed everywhere and there was a pretty willow tree hanging over everything.
You’d never seen anything more beautiful. And seeing Satan surrounded by flowers was just the cherry on top, especially when you placed them in his hair. 
And as he stared into your eyes, he realized he didn’t want to wait a second longer; Satan knelt down on one knee and pulled out an elegant, yet simple, ring.
He was good with words, scary good, in fact. Satan could spout out pretty poems and pros and declarations, but he didn’t need to. Not when one simple look could portray everything he was thinking and feeling— he knew you’d understand his silence. 
And you did. But instead of saying anything, you began to giggle. Quiet, surprised giggles at first until they evolved into louder, amused ones. 
Satan’s blush darkened and he was about to ask just what the hell was so funny until you dropped down in front of him, hands bringing out a ring identical to the one he was holding. 
“They do say great minds think alike. I would love to marry you, Satan, yes.”
He blinked once. Then twice. And a third time before he started to chuckle, “I always did say we were meant for each other, and just look at this. I’d love to be your husband, Mc, yes.” 
You giggled again, falling forward to knock you both over onto the grass. Your hands smoothed over his red cheeks and felt yourself begin to blush when he slid the ring onto your finger. 
Satan hummed when you slid his ring on for him, arms reaching over your shoulders. “I think we should be qualified to be written into a fairy tail after this.” He smiled when you snorted, feeling your head shake in disbelief against him. The two of you were definitely his favorite story.
When the weekend came, it was always quiet in the mornings. The want to sleep in was always high— no one wanted to disturb the peacefulness, at least not until breakfast. 
And it was on these mornings that you thought Asmo looked the most beautiful. He was pretty at all hours of any day, but…these mornings were something special. 
He wasn’t in a rush to put on any makeup. His nails weren’t pristine. Currently, he had a shimmering face mask slathered on with his hair pushed back. There weren’t many people that got to see him like this. 
But you were glad you could. Because even if he thought he wasn’t beautiful like this, you did. Right now, he was just Asmo. Your Asmo. 
“What’s with that look, Darling? Am I taking your breath away already?” 
Your eyes met his, feeling yourself start to drift away in those orange-yellow hues. “Azzy…”
“Mc?” Asmo puts down his nail polish, shifting his full attention onto you worriedly. 
You reach out and take a hold of his hand, “Will you marry me?” Feeling his hand begin to tremble, you bring it to your lips and kiss each fingertip. 
“Mc…did you have to ask when I look absolutely unprepared?! Look at me! I-“ 
“You look gorgeous. You look like Asmo. You look like the man I want to spend the rest of my mornings with. I fell in love with you, Azzy. Not the ‘Avatar of Lust’.” 
Asmo gulped, taking in a deep breath, before he started to let out soft sobs. His face nuzzled yours, no doubt spreading his face mask over your skin. “Mc! Yes yes yes! I’ll marry you! Of course I’ll marry you!” 
You chuckled, imagining just what kind of mess the two of you looked like right now. “I am very glad to hear it.”
Even though you could never eat as much as Beel, you adored going out to different restaurants with him every week. 
Beel would always tear off small bites of his food to give to you; he wanted you to be able to try everything but knew you couldn’t eat quite like him. 
“Here you go, Mc! It's a wedding cake, but they needed to get rid of it, and it’s really good!” He beamed at you before going back to his own, bigger, slice of cake. 
You gazed at him lovingly, slowly munching on cake until something caught your attention. It was a fondant “wedding ring” stuffed right in the middle of your cake. 
The ginger had all but swallowed the cake whole, moving on to his other plates. He paused, “Mc?” Beel hadn't heard you speak in a minute. 
“Yes?” You took another bite of the cake, giving a closed-mouth smile. 
Beel smiled right back, happy you were still enjoying yourself. “I’m glad I get to eat with you, it makes me happy!” 
You hummed, discreetly grabbing the edible ring, “Me too, bub. I’d like it if we could do this for the rest of our lives.” Your eyes peered up at him, “Say…what if we got married?”
Beel stopped. The food in his hands slowly fell back onto the plate and he blinked at you owlishly. He blinked more viciously when you kneeled, trying to keep the tears at bay. 
“Beelzebub,” you presented the ring with a grin, “May I have the honor of marrying you?”
He mumbled something about him being the one receiving the honor before he was lifting you up into his arms. “Yes please.” 
You huffed out a laugh, ignoring all the claps and cheers you were receiving. “Here, you can eat it. I’ll get you a real ring later, okay?”
Sleep was a precious thing to humans, but for Belphie, it was just a thing. Something he enjoyed doing, something he knew with every fiber of his being, something that was normal. 
It was also normal for him to toss and turn, kicking at the constricting covers as the events of that night invaded his sleeping mind. 
Even years later, it still haunts him. You’ve told him over and over again that you forgave him then and you forgive him now, but he doesn’t deserve it (he thinks). The guilt ate at him so badly some nights, it made him physically sick when he woke up. 
And you tried your best to help ease it. Soothing him while he was asleep, reassuring him when he was awake. Nothing seemed to lessen his guilt or pain, but you never stopped trying. 
Belphie woke up screaming. Raw, gut-wrenching screams that made your heart shoot through the roof and shatter at the same time. 
He watched you scramble over to the bed and wrap him in your arms, visibly startled. His body began to relax when it felt yours relax, but his mind was still racing. 
That wouldn’t do. Your hands cupped his cheeks softly, squishing them, before moving to push back the damp hair off his forehead. “Belphegor…”
Belphie could do nothing but lay there as you kissed all over his face, whispering sweet nothings in his ear. He couldn’t stop his eyes from tearing up— you were there to wipe his tears away, though. 
“I’m not leaving, Belphie. Ever.” You shifted, moving to sit on top of him. “In fact…” 
The seventh-born stared up at you with wide eyes, “Mc? What are you…!”
You pulled out a silver ring engraved with stars. “Marry me?” A gentle smile tugged at your lips when he choked up, hands trailing along his own until you reached his left ring finger. 
Belphie inhaled sharply, nodding frantically, “Yes, please, yes, I’ll marry you- I want to marry you, yes!” He watched as you slid the ring onto his finger. And when he felt the cold metal on his skin, he began to sob, fingers gripping at your wrists to bring you down in a tight embrace.
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samsaurwrites · 28 days ago
Truth or Dare (Belphie x Reader x Beel NSFW Oneshot)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Belphie art by Saphire240400
▶ PLAYING ~ ❝ MIND GAMES ❞   "You had lost the game before it had ever even begun."
Truth or Dare (Belphie x fem!Reader x Beel, ~3k words)
Agreeing to a game of Truth or Dare with the youngest two demon brothers may not have been your best idea...
@asmos-pet, @blueparadis (thank you so much for organizing this!! i had a ton of fun participating 😏)
Tags: Belphegor Being a Little Shit (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Mean Belphegor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Dom Belphegor (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Soft Dom Beelzebub (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Beelzebub Has a Large Penis (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Truth or Dare (but make it sexy), Threesome - F/M/M, Attic Club Sandwich, Mildly Dubious Consent, Blindfolds, Dirty Talk, Oral Sex, Rough Oral Sex, Praise Kink, Size Kink, Extremely Dubious Consent, Inappropriate Use of Demon Powers (Shall We Date?: Obey Me!), Non-Consensual Somnophilia, Double Penetration, Under-negotiated Kink, Implied Marathon Sex, Dead Dove: Do Not Eat
Read here or on AO3.
Tumblr media
You had lost the game before it had ever even begun.
You should have known by the look on Belphie’s face when he’d suggested it, the way his lips twisted into a syrupy sweet smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. You should have known by the way Beel glanced at his brother, the way he looked at you, sheepish and unsure.
But you agreed. Ignored the butterflies in your stomach—the ones that wriggled and writhed and warned, the ones that made your legs tremble as you climbed the spiral staircase up to the attic. 
“So,” you begin, shifting on the plush little pillow they had given you, seated on the floor near Belphie’s bed. “It’s just Truth or Dare? Like we play back in the human world?”
“Yeah,” Belphie says, smirking lazily over at you from his own pillow. “And if you don’t want to answer or do the dare—” he sets down a large bottle of demonus and a single shot glass between the three of you. “—then you drink.”
You should have realized—should have known the dangerous game you were getting yourself into—when your heart lurches in your, when nerves steal your voice and, for a moment, all you can manage is a small nod.  
You really should have known.
“Okay,” you say eventually, nodding again, “who goes first?”
“Me,” Belphie says, smiling again while he leans forward. He braces one elbow on his legs, props his chin up on his hand, and doesn’t take his eyes off you for a second. “Truth or dare?”
“Um,” you hesitate, glancing between the two of them—Beel, relaxed back against the foot of the bed, one knee bent up towards his chest, watching you intently; Belphie, drumming his fingers against his cheek, waiting. “Truth.”
“Boooooring,” Belphie drawls, rolling his eyes. “Fine, let me think…”
He trails off, makes a big show of thinking; he narrows his eyes, sucks his teeth, tilts his head one way, then the other, before his eyes flick over to his twin, meeting his gaze for a fraction of a second before they return to you.
His smile turns predatory. “Have you ever touched yourself at school?” 
“W-What?” you splutter. Heat floods your chest, your cheeks, the back of your neck. “No—I-I… No.”
The twins are quiet for a long moment—a moment they spend gauging your reaction, the set of your shoulders, the way you’ve curled in on yourself, just a little; it’s a moment you feel in your chest, in each frenzied thud of your heart, each fluttering wing beat trapped in the pit of your stomach.
You glance between them, open your mouth to say something, to try and fill the silence with something other than the sound of blood rushing behind your ears, but Belphie speaks up first.
“Beel’s turn~” he says, voice lilting with twisted glee.
You turn your head towards the older twin, and for the first time, you notice he’s blushing too, a soft pink that colors his cheeks, the bridge of his nose.
“Truth or dare?” he asks you, voice low and thrumming.
“Me again?” you look to Belphie, who merely shrugs, then back to Beel.
He nods.
You really should have known.
“U-uh… Dare?”
As soon as the word tumbles out of your mouth, you regret it. Wish you could snatch it out of the air; wish you could shove it back down your throat, down to join the butterflies roiling in your stomach.
But you can’t, and Belphie’s grin grows impossibly wider.
“Sit on his lap,” he says, urges, basking in the heat of your embarrassment, your discomfort.
You shift onto your knees, start to stand, to walk over to Beel and just get it over with—it’s only a game, after all—but Belphie grabs your wrist. He yanks you down, makes you fall, knees impacting on the soft carpet.
“Crawl,” he says, watching you with half-lidded eyes.
You stare up at him, eyes wide. “I… Th-that wasn’t part of the dare.”
“It is now,” he says, then lets go of your wrist and shrugs. “Drink, if you don’t want to do it.”
You eye the bottle of demonus. Mutter a short ‘fine’ under your breath and swallow down what’s left of your pride—a bitter taste the coats the back of your tongue, that has an insidious heat tingling between your legs—and crawl to Beel.
You can’t bear to look at him, at either of them. But you can feel them looking at you.
“C-Can I…?”
Thankfully, he doesn’t make you finish the sentence, lowering his leg so that you can climb onto his lap, so that you can face him and straddle his hips. You bite down on your lip, unsure of what to do with your arms, so you hold them close to your chest, back straight, shoulders tense, trying not to take too much notice of how wide your legs are spread around him.
“Good girl,” Belphie hums from behind you, much closer than he was—so close you jump. He smooths his hands down your arms, palms hot against your bare skin, wrapping his fingers around your wrists, guiding them up and around his brother’s neck. “Your turn.”
You drag your gaze away from Belphie’s hands, away from the slender fingers that rest against your pulse, to lock with eyes with Beel. Find that you can’t do anything but stare into his intensely violet eyes—eyes that threaten to swallow you whole, if you let them.
“Beel,” you say. “Truth or dare?”
Belphie squeezes at your sides, toying with the edge of your shirt at the same moment Beel’s hands find your hips, at the same moment they start to knead into your flesh and draw you closer.
“Truth,” he says.
It’s hard to think—with them like this, so close like this. With their hands all over you.
“Did… Did Belphie make you play this game?”
“No,” he says, wetting his lips with his tongue. “I wanted to play with you too.”
The way he says it, voice low and gravely and hungry. The fact that you’re straddling him, that Belphie’s arms have wound themselves around your waist. Those words. It all has you clenching around nothing.
“My turn,” Belphie murmurs, chest flush with your back. He buries his face in the crook of your neck, breathes in the scent of your hair, your skin. “Truth or dare?”
“Truth,” you say, but your voice wavers, warbles when he sighs against your neck.
“Ah, ah,” he murmurs. “Beel just did truth. Can’t do that twice in a row.”
You don’t remember that being part of the rules, but you can find it in yourself to argue.
“D-Dare, then,” you stammer.
When he kisses your throat, you feel him smirking. “Let me blindfold you.”
Your breath catches in your throat, sticks there like a rock. Your pulse hammers in your chest—so hard, you know they must hear it, that they must feel it. You can’t get anything out past the cotton candy fog in your head and the ringing in your ears, so you nod.
Belphie shifts behind you, and then he draws a piece of fabric over your eyes, forcing them shut. He’s gentle when he ties it, has Beel hold your hair so it doesn’t pull when he cinches it tight against your skull.
You feel yourself swaying, steady yourself on Beel’s shoulders.
“Truth or dare?” Beel asks, and you know he’s talking to you.
From behind you, “how often do you touch yourself?”
You stiffen, fingers twitching at Beel’s shoulders, mouth opening and closing soundlessly, fumbling for something, for anything.
“I… I don’t want to answer that.”
“Fine,” Belphie murmurs, breath hot against your ear. He releases your waist, and then you feel the cold press of the bottle against your lips. “Open.”
He presses his fingertips up underneath your chin, tilting your head backwards until it rests against his shoulder. Then he pours—too much, too fast—into your open mouth. You struggle to keep up, to gulp down the demonus that stings in the back of your throat, tasting like berries and spice and heat.
He pulls the bottle away—finally—and you cough and splutter, feel demonus dripping down your chin, rolling down your neck in amaranthine rivulets. The buzz sets in fast—far faster than you expect. Flowing through your veins, settling into your muscles, filling your thoughts with a distracting static.
“Who do you think about when you do it?” his voice is like silk, ghosting across the shell of your ear, low and lilting while Beel laps at the demonus trailing down your throat, sucking at your pulse point, tracing the hollow of your throat with his tongue, making you whimper.
“That… That’s two questions, Belphie,” you whine.
You. Both of you—just like this.
“Answer,” he says, hands skimming up and down your sides, “or drink.”
“I-I don’t—” you stammer, shifting your hips, squirming in Beel’s grip. The hands. The tongue. The heat. It’s too much. “I don’t want to answer that either.”
The bottle is back. “Then drink.”
You do. Or, try to. You swallow deep, tears welling up in your eyes, spilling over in time with the burning in your throat, in between your thighs. You gulp, drink and drink until Belphie is satisfied and Beel is left to clean up the mess you’ve made of yourself. When he takes the bottle away, you’re reeling, gasping.
“Truth or dare?” Beel asks, murmurs against your neck.  
“Dare,” you choke out, suddenly very aware of the hardness pressing into you from underneath, from behind.
“Kiss him,” Belphie says, fingers twisted in your hair now. You feel hands on your face—Beel’s—thumb brushing across your cheekbone, over the plush of your bottom lip.
“Okay,” you whisper, and then his mouth is on yours. Greedy. Demanding. Hungry. His tongue dives into your mouth, licking and tasting, sucking the demonus from your tongue. He traces the shape of your teeth, groaning into you, intertwining his tongue with yours. Swallows down every gasp, every little whimper.
You’re drowning. In the way he rocks his hips into yours, the way he grinds his length against you—the way he tastes you, the way he devours. You’re lost. To the feel of Belphie’s hands under your shirt, palming your breast, teasing your nipples, nipping at the skin of your shoulders, sucking dark bruises along the column of your throat.  
“Truth or dare?” Belphie asks as Beel pulls back and breaks the kiss, letting you breathe again.
“T-Truth,” you gasp, chest heaving up and down, arching into Belphie’s touch.
“Do you like what we’re doing to you?” he asks, twisting one nipple between his forefinger and thumb, grinning when you yelp. “Do you like it when we touch you like this? When we share you like this?”
You nod, nearly frantic, struggling to hold back the pathetic noises that fall from your open mouth.
“Say it,” Beel urges, “need to hear you say it.”
Oh, you really should have known.
“I like it,” you breathe.
Beel growls, a strangled sound low in his throat, grabbing tighter onto your hips, grinding your needy little cunt against his clothed cock. You suck in a gasp. Rock your hips against him. Dig your fingernails into his shoulders. Whine at the feeling of him—so thick, so hard—underneath you.
“Truth or dare?” Even Belphie sounds affected now. Breathy. Voice thick and heady.
“Dare,” you whisper, voice breaking half-way through the word, head falling back against Belphie’s shoulder.
“Let us fuck you.”
Your whimper is all the answer they need.
You’re being lifted before you realize it, carried over and laid flat on your back on the edge of Belphie’s mattress. They peel of your clothing, drag your shirt up and over your head, fingertips lingering on your ribs, your thighs as they pull down your shorts, your panties, half-soaked through because—fuck, you’re wet, Beel groans.
Big hands—Beel’s hands—press your legs further apart, keep you open while he squeezes at the plush of your thighs. You feel breath, hot against your core, and then he’s licking you, laving his tongue over and around your swollen nub, lapping at slick that coats your folds, holding your hips in place while you twitch and writhe.
“Open,” Belphie grunts, smearing the head of his cock against your lips.
Your body reacts before your mind can, steeped in a fevered haze, mouth popping open, tongue dipping into the salty pre-cum that beads at the tip. He groans when he sinks into the wet heat of your mouth—an absolutely obscene sound that has chills rippling down your spine, heat tingling between your legs.
When you push back against his hips, when you shy away from the length prodding at the back of your throat, he grabs both your wrists and pins them to the mattress, binding them together with his belt.
“Keep them there,” he growls, bucking into your mouth, making you gag and choke, clench around the fingers that Beel slides inside you. He pumps in one, then two, scissoring them, stretching you open while he suck as your clit.
Belphie’s hand wraps around your throat, holding you down while he fucks your mouth, while he praises you for being such a good cock sucking whore. Pressure builds in your gut, spiraling tighter, brighter, and when Belphie drives his cock all the way in, when he gags you with it and holds you there, rutting into your face—panting and cursing and moaning your name—you cum on Beel’s fingers, his tongue.
Belphie pulls out of your mouth, lets you splutter and gasp for air, just barely conscious of the fact you’re being pulled upright, that Beel loops your tied arms around his neck and maneuvers you on top of him, straddling his hips.
“Need you,” he pants, tearing the blindfold off, guides your hips down and nudges at your entrance. “Need you so bad.”
He pushes in, just past the ring of muscle that struggles to accept him.
It burns—punches the air out of your lungs because he’s big.
“B-Beel,” you gasp, tightening involuntarily because it hurts. “S’too much—s’too much—”
He grunts, eyes squeezed shut, bottom lip trapped between his teeth. His grip is unrelenting, pulling you down slowly, feeding inch after inch into your hole, forcing your legs wider around his hips, stretching your pussy open around his cock.
He’s only halfway in when you feel Belphie prodding at your puckered hole.
“Wai—” you choke on your next breath, eyes rolling into the back of your head when Beel bucks his hips up into yours, as Belphie pushes harder against your ass. “Wait, wait—” you babble, beg, squirming, struggling against the belt, the grip on your hips. “—slow, I can’t, I can’t—s-sto—”  
Belphie clamps his hand over your mouth.
“Relax,” he hisses into your ear, and a sudden, overpowering wave of lethargy washes over you. His voice lulls you, coils around your mind and drags it down into a heavy fog. His voice soothes you, makes your eyelids heavy, makes your muscles unclench—lets Beel bottom out, fully sheathed in your fluttering pussy, lets Belphie pop the tip of his cock inside your ass and slide further inside.
You drift in and out of consciousness. Head lolling back against Belphie’s shoulder, arms hanging limp around Beel’s neck. In and out of pleasure. Pain. Stretch and fill. You hardly recognize your own voice, the weak, strangled noises barely audible past Belphie’s hand.
They use you. One fucking in while the other pulls out. Holding you captive between them.
“See?” Belphie grunts, abandoning his hold on your mouth to grip your throat. To squeeze while he ruts into you. “Isn’t it so much better when you just give in?”
“So tight,” Beel groans, right in your ear.
“What a fucking slut,” Belphie hisses in your other ear.
Gorgeous—and so goddamn noisy, they whisper. So perfect—making such a mess for us. Fucking harder. Faster. You’re melting, weeping, fucked out of your mind. Feel so good—our filthy little cocksleeve. In time now. Fucking you open. So full, so fucking full.  So good for us—our needy little fuck toy.
When you cum again, you can’t even warn them, just a choked whine, just a fluttering of your walls, a clenching that has them both spilling inside of you a moment later, Beel crushing his mouth to yours, Belphie sinking his teeth into your shoulder.
Your eyes slip closed… then open.
You’re on your side, back to Beel’s chest, head tucked into Belphie’s neck, breathing heavy and achingly empty. They stroke your hair, trail their fingers across your flushed and sweaty skin.
Closed… Open.
Belphie kisses you. Parts your lips with his tongue. Moans into your mouth. Beel grinds against your ass, still hard, sliding through his brother’s release that leaks out of you.
Close… Open.
You whimper. Push weakly against Belphie’s chest, cry when Beel’s fingers find your clit, when searing pain-streaked pleasure burns through you.
“Shh,” Belphie soothes, hiking your leg up around his waist, dragging the tip of his cock up and down your soaking folds. “Just relax… we’ll take good care of you.”
The lethargy hits again, dragging you deeper.
Close… Open.
They’re inside you again. Rolling their hips into yours soft and slow… It feels good. Mind-numbingly good. The way Beel holds you tight against him. It feels good. The way Belphie’s tongue dances with yours. The way it’s sloppy and languid and soft. It feels so fucking good—
Close… Open.
You’re cumming again. And again. Over and over again as they bully open your insides, molding them to the shape of their cocks—you lose count. Lose your fucking mind while your eyes roll back. While tears stream down your cheeks.
They fill you. Your mouth, your ass, your pussy—with fingers and tongues and cocks and cum. They mark you. Paint your skin with hickies and bruises in the shape of their teeth.
Close… Open.
Belphie kisses you again, licking along your bottom lip. “… Truth or dare?”
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading!! Consider giving it a ❤️ and a 🔁 if you enjoyed.
You can check out my other writing here.
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cutiesgaloree · 5 days ago
Tumblr media
obey me! brothers x f!reader
context: fem reader teases the seven brothers by showing some cleavage!
warnings: mdni, suggestive, dubcon, some parts are shorter than others :')
tags: @stygianoir
you sauntered into the eldest brother's bedroom, wearing shorts and a low v-cut shirt, your outfit hugging you in all the right spots
lucifer was at his desk, doing paperwork that the demon prince had once again pushed onto him
you leaned on his desk, laying yourself over his paperwork, breaking his focus
"luci, won't you take a break? you've been working so hard after all.."
lucifer merely raised an amused eyebrow, glancing at your chest threatening to expose itself and back up at you
he could see right through you
"i've got quite the amount of paperwork to get through. putting it off will be of no benefit," he said nonchalantly, waiting for your next move
shrugging, you got off his desk and skipped around it, plopping yourself on his lap facing towards him
he put his pen down and immediately held your hips, keeping you in place on his lap
"true, but such ambition should be rewarded, don't you think?" you replied, smiling mischievously
lucifer gave you those eyes (yk what i'm talking about) ;)
the hooded ones that screamed ‘ i'm gonna fuck you into tomorrow ’
"is that so?" he said, hands inching up your body, "and what might this reward entail?"
you continued smiling at him, "you'll see~"
"CASINO NIGHHTTTT~" mammon cheered, bursting into your room
you knew it was time for you and mammon to go to the casino and have fun
hence why you were changing
and he just walked in on you...
he stared for a couple seconds before you reminded him he was staring
"h-huh?! me? staring?! a-at you? psh, yeah right!" he says, blushing furiously before slamming the door
you decided to go for formal attire
and i mean really formal
you were dressed in a tight fancy suit, the top buttons of your dress shirt unbuttoned
creating a perfect boob window 😍👍
mammon looked beet red when he laid eyes on you after you left your room
"o-oi! where do ya think you're goin' with t-that!" he yelled, pushing you back into the room
"why? does it look bad on me?" you sighed theatrically, glancing down in feigned disappointment
"no! you look too hot n i don't want anyone but me seeing you like that!" mammon blurted out before slapping a hand over his mouth and clearing his throat
"what i meant was, y-you look horrible! yeah, that's right! the suit looks down right.. u-ugly! so change into something else!" he barked, crossing his arms and huffing
"okay," you said, smirking and beginning to take off your clothes
right in front of him 😁
"woah woah woah! what're ya doing?!" he panicked, eyes wide as saucers and his cheeks redder than an apple
"well, you told me to change right?" you said smugly, "i'm simply following order from my first~ ah-!"
you squeaked in surprise upon being thrown into your bed by mammon, his face hidden in your neck, hands gripping your waist
"grr, ya shouldn't tease a demon-- unless you're ready for the consequences..."
it was game night for you and levi, but you'd been in the mood for something.. different.
and so you wore a short skirt and a hoodie
knocking on the door and entering after answering levi's code, the poor boy became flustered at how short your skirt was
"h-hey... you- what- why're you-?" he started, not being able to get out a sentence
you merely feigned innocence, tilting your head in mock confusion
"yes, levi?"
"uh, nevermind! it's nothing..! ugh, let's just start playing," he sighed, dropping the subject
as you two gamed, you began teasing him subtly
first, you scoot right next to him
the second he stops tensing, you lean your head on his shoulder
finally you draped your exposed legs over his lap and got comfortable, leaving him red
every touch had him jumping and tensing, but that last move made him slam the pause button
you spared him a confused glance despite knowing exactly why he stopped the game
"levi, why'd you stop the game? is something wrong?"
"n-no..! just thought we should take a break..." he trailed off
you smiled mischievously before nodding and stretching, your legs on display
now, in your new position, leviathan got first row tickets to seeing up your skirt
he gaped and whipped his head around
"h-hey! you can't just--!"
"can't just what, levi?"
turning back to look at you, his eyes widened in realization as he noticed your smirk
you had planned this all along
before you knew it, he had you pinned to the floor, eyes narrowing at you
"oh, yeah? so you think you can just walk in here and tease me?
well guess what? two can play at that game."
you and satan had been planning to have a reading session together in his room
but, of course, you'd been curious
to see what he'd look like if you just sorta...
pushed him off the edge >:)
and not in a pissed off way~
so, you wore a strapless shirt that exposed a lot of skin and cute pants that hugged your body beautifully
you knocked on his door, and upon his approval you entered
he was sitting on a small couch, reading calmly
"hello, (name)," he greeted, "i went ahead and began reading, but feel free to-- *chokes on spit*"
in case you didn't know, he did a double take after seeing how stunning you looked
"satan, are you okay?" you hurried over, bending right in front of him, giving him a great view of your chest
his eyes widened and he quickly glanced away, coughing a couple more times before clearing his throat
"ahem. y-yes, i'm fine... as i was saying, feel free to make yourself comfortable and start on your book."
you nodded and sat yourself next to him, situating yourself in a way that would be very.. comprising
he glanced at you often, a blush dusting his cheeks
"so..." he finally started after a while, "is there something special going on? i mean, you look.. particularly beautiful today, and--"
you hummed, setting your book aside before gently taking his book out of his hands and setting it aside as well
"what are you-- oi!"
satan yelped in surprise as you pulled him on top of you, laying down on the couch yourself
he gripped the sides of the couch in realization as he hovered over you
you smirked up at him and winked
that's all he needed to know before smashing his lips onto yours
you pulled him in and wrapped your arms around his neck
you two were breathless by the time he pulled away
only for him to pull you back in for another kiss
"i'll wipe that smirk off your face," he growled
lmao what won't tease this man is the real question
you two were going to a party
and you decided to tease him ;)
by wearing a tight and skimpy dress <33
of course, as soon as he saw you he practically moaned
and at the party?
you were strutting your stuff, making the most of your drop-dead gorgeous dress
this man could not for the life of him take his eyes off you
a the dent in his pants became just a little more obvious
he soon dragged you into a private room
and the second he closed the door he corned you, littering your jaw and neck with kisses
"oh darling, you look absolutely hot in that dress," he said, "you wouldn't mind if i took it off of you, would you?"
you had a workout session with beel soon
and you wanted to.. motivate him 😇
so you wore the most revealing athletic clothes you had and set out for the gym
beel was already waiting at the entrance when you got there
he was oblivious to your attire and you two began spotting for each other
or at least
you had thought he was oblivious
but you noticed how he had become a lot touchier with you during exercises, correcting your form even if it was fine...
his hands lingering on you more than they should...
and whenever he spoke to you, it was husky whispers in your ear that sent shivers down your spine...
yeah, he definitely noticed.
when you two finally finished, you two went to get some protein shakes at a nearby cafe before going home
of course, beel was still hungry, so you two went to the kitchen
you cooled down from your workout while he continued eating everything in the fridge (again)
feeling a rumble in your stomach yourself, you went over to the fridge
spotting something to eat, you had a devious idea
you bent over seductively in front of him as you reached down to get the food
before you knew it, beel slammed you on the counter
"hey, (name)... are you tempting me?"
you decided to pretend you were innocent
"what do you mean?" you said as sweetly as you could
"since we started our workout session, i noticed your outfit, y'know.. and then the way you bent over, you never do that," he said, eyes trained on yours
"whatever do you mean, beel?" you drawled your words, batting your eyes at him. beel groaned
"see? you're doing it again. whatever," he said, lowering himself between your legs
"now i'm hungry for something else. care to indulge me, (name)?"
you and belphie were gonna have a sleepover
which basically consisted of napping the entire time lmao
but today you were feeling devious
and so, you wore your most suggestive pajama set
you skipped happily over to his room and launched yourself onto the bed, hearing a muffled "oomf" under the mountain of blankets and pillows
chuckling an apology, you waited for him to surface and gave an innocent smile as he scanned your outfit, eyebrows raised in amusement
"so.. you want a last-minute change of plans for the sleepover," he said groggily
damn, he saw straight through you
"well sure," he continued, "but i don't know if this will be considered a sleepover if i keep you up all night~"
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cinnabun-faerie · 10 days ago
Obey Me! Brothers reaction to MC saying "Daddy can you pass the salt" during dinner with their parents
Warning: a bit suggestive, daddy kink unlocked
Context: You know what happened right? You said it and both they and your father reach for the salt. And then they realize what's going on.
He would pretend to be reaching for something else instead of the salt to disguise what he was reaching for. Neither of you were aiming to weird out your dad. However, for this little stunt, you were going to be punished later.
"Of course, baby girl."
And he would reach for the salt, not even thinking about what was said. That was until he heard the choking of your father who had taken a drink when you asked. Uh oh. Well, this is why we don't say these things, Y/N.
He would be slightly mortified and freeze. Slightly as he was still reeling from your use of that word. All you had to do was say it and he would give you anything you wanted. Well, and it would unlock his dominant side.
"Oops, thought they were talking to me. My bad."
He would giggle like it was nothing, but he had dark intentions. Let's just say that his hand would be entertaining you under the table. And he would enjoy making you squirm.
"I thought we had this talk, Y/N. You're to only refer to me as daddy. I'm daddy and he's your father."
Like Levi, daddy just struck a different kind of chord inside him. He just got a little peeved when you referred to anyone, real or fictional as daddy. That name was only for him. And tonight, you'll be saying it quite loudly so everyone knows who daddy is.
He was the strongest soldier trying to keep it under control. He would reach for something quickly and shove it into his mouth while trying not to think of what you said. It wasn't intended for him right? He was hungry, but not for food anymore.
"I'm feeling a bit sick, so Y/N & I'd better be going."
"They call me daddy too."
He is going to be completely smug about it. You may be shocked at his comment, but not surprised. He loved the mortified reaction on your parents faces. He found this very entertaining.
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moonlightmiya · 5 months ago
Obey me - Visual Smut Links
Tumblr media
Satan, Beelzebub, Belphegor, Thirteen x F!Reader
Includes; Twitter links, I’ll add TWs and CWs to each link
Tumblr media
Haikyuu Ver!
AOT Part 1 Part 2
Obey me Part 1 Part 3
Tumblr media
A/N - There’s so much characters in obey me (no complaints) so for the last 4, I will have to do a part 3
Tumblr media
Link; Testing his patience CW; Rough n fast
Link; Rainy days are your favourite, you get him all to yourself
Link; Riding him when no one’s home
Link; Prepping you nice before he fucks you
Link; Breeding you <3
Link; He needs motivation before school
Link; What he sees
Link; Waking up with his fingers buried deep inside of you
Link; Bending you over the couch to pound your poor cunt
Link; Recording videos for you both when you cant see eachother
Link; He just makes you feel so good
Link; He just couldn’t wait to see the new panties you just bought
Link; Doing as she says like a good bunny
Link; Punishing your cunt after you interrupt what she’s doing CW; Overstim, crying
Link; Stretching you out with her hand and toys CW - Fisting
Link; She misses you, come home so she can try her new toy out on you
Tumblr media
Asks + Req open!
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slutsformello · 6 months ago
Beel/GN! Reader —Muzzled
Tumblr media
My sexual awakening was this one scene in a movie where the character I liked was muzzled. Let’s talk about that—
CW: Muzzled Beel; bit of size difference; biting (reader receiving); I don’t really know if this is that good or not; I wrote like half of it at school lol; it’s also written in past tense which I did not mean to do
The bite marks covered the entire expanse of your body.
Your hands — from when you had let Beel suck on your fingers — trailing up your arms to your shoulders — from when Beel was hitting it from the back, leaning into you, curving his body along your spine so that his lips could kiss and suck at the skin of your shoulders. He’d gotten carried away. So carried away that by the end of the night your blood was smeared across his mouth and chin. Your legs were not spared either, especially the plush flesh of your thighs. Neither was your neck, your back, your stomach, even your ankles.
You were covered head to toe in Beel’s markings.
And it had been fun for a while. Until they started to become more intense, lasting for weeks on end which were about impossible to hide from Beel’s brothers. It didn’t help that they were always looking for ways to scold each other, taking any opportunity to blame one another just so you would transfer your attention and affection over to them.
It had been Lucifer that time. And that is never good.
He had seen the bite marks on your neck at breakfast, which you noticed right away due to the shift in mood right after his morning greeting when his eyes met yours, then trailed down to stare blatantly at your neck.
You could handle the lecture that followed. You could handle the amused laughs of the brothers surrounding the table. You could handle some of their envious glares. What you couldn’t handle was when Lucifer’s haunting, multicolored eyes flickered over to Beel and set their target.
“And you! How could you be so careless?”
Your heart sank as Beel looked up from his breakfast, which was already half gone, with those innocent, puppy dog eyes. Poor thing was so distracted he didn’t even know what he did wrong.
“Not only could you have damaged the human, but if any other demon saw those,” Lucifer gestured wildly at your hickys from across the table, “do you know how many fights could have broken out? Lower level demons are petty and jealous.”
“And that’s different from you, how?” You interjected, successfully taking Lucifer’s heated stare off of Beel and directing it onto you. But you didn’t crumble underneath the pressure. Instead you stood to his level. “Beel, do you think you can finish your breakfast upstairs with me?”
Still quite confused but sensing the tension in the room, Beel nodded and picked up his plate, following you out of the Great Hall and up to your bedroom.
You didn’t want to give in to Lucifer. But you also knew that he would not bend to you. He would punish Beel if this happened again, and if it was anything like Mammon’s punishments (which you are still trying to save him from), Beel would be in hot water. Most likely, he would be forbidden to eat until Lucifer decides he has learned his lesson. And, knowing your demon well, he would not be able to make it that long. The following punishment would be worse, and there would undergo an endless cycle.
What you had to do seemed unfair, but it was the only way to protect poor Beel.
Today, you bought a muzzle.
Beel had whined when you fastened the black leather straps around his head. He pouted like a pup when you grabbed the metal cage surrounding his mouth and shook it around to make sure it wasn’t going anywhere. Your heart was heavy in your chest watching him bump the cage against you as if wishing that would make it disappear, as if he could then gorge on you until his heart's content. But no such luck.
He was much less energetic after that. He didn’t jump at the chance to be all over you. Instead he sat at your feet, weakly rutting against your calf while his head rested in your lap. It seemed to you that this was more of him asking for comfort than anything else.
And you provided. You stroked his head of unruly, ginger hair, curling some of the strands around your fingers on occasion. You pushed your leg up into the bulge in his boxers to match his gentle thrusts. With each one he whimpered and nuzzled his cheek into the fat of your thighs which were already covered in drool, spilling from the corner of Beel’s mouth and through the bars of the muzzle.
“Beel, honey, you know why I’m doing this, right?” You asked as softly as you could. He gazed up at you through his lashes. “It’s not your fault. It’s just to keep you safe, my love. I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if you got in trouble over this.”
His eyes squeezed shut and from deep in his throat came a long, drawn out whine. You watched as his tongue, thick and skilled, slithered from his mouth and stretched as far as it could, barely touching the end of his muzzle before he gave up with a dejected groan. “Jus’ wanna taste you…”
“I know, sweetheart,” as if to compensate for his displeasure, you rutted your calf harder into Beel’s rock hard bulge. “And you’ll be able to if you learn to control your urges, as hard as I know that is. I believe you can do it, baby.”
Beel apparently did not have as much faith in himself as you did. Not with the way he practically growled and threw his head back, proceeding to come right back with just as much force and knock the muzzle against your knee in a frustrated rage.
“Hnng-! Just-! Get-! It-! Off-!”
“Hey,” you tightened your grip on his orange locks. Not enough to hurt, just enough to put an emphasis on your words. “Now, that’s not my good boy is it?”
Beel paused and shook his head, the metal around his face clattering lightly. “No, I…I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I wanna be your good boy. I do, It’s just…it’s so restricting.”
You were struggling not to undo the muzzle right then and there with how pitiful he sounded, with how out of place he looked — this muscular, gigantic demon…kneeling before you, humping your leg, pleading and crying for just a little bit of release. It’s just then you realize you can give him just that.
“You can still be my good boy with the muzzle on, honey.” Your hand trailed down from scratching comfortingly at his scalp to hold his chin, lifting his head gently so he could look you in the eyes. “Why don’t you go lay down on the bed, hm? Be my good boy and let me take real good care of you and that pretty cock you’ve got?”
His eyes lit up like Christmas lights. “Yes! Of course, Master!”
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leviathans-watching · a month ago
hey i saw your inbox is open, i love your writing. I have the same birthday as lucifer and gave me a idea. What if mc keeps quite about thier birthday so the brothers can celebrate his own birthday . How would they react realiseing mc miss their birthday to keep him happy?
sharing the same birthday as the brothers (alt version)
Tumblr media
includes: the brothers x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .5k | rated g | m.list | og version | pt 2
a/n: thank you!! i hope you enjoy and thank you for requesting!! my inbox is open to chat, request, or leave feedback so come say hi!
please reblog <33 (threat)
Tumblr media
➳lucifer thinks there must be some mistake. there’s no way you let your birthday go unnoticed simply because of his! he wasn’t even all that interested in having his celebrated and then you go and pull this kind of stunt? perhaps you assumed he’d be touched, but really he was just annoyed. it was ridiculous for you to refrain from mentioning yours, even if you had good intentions. plus, he may have wanted to give you something but now it was too late.
Tumblr media
➳ mammon is flabbergasted! why would you do something like that when you could have celebrated it together? a joint party would have been like, the coolest! he’s a little pouty- in the time he’d been thinking about his birthday he’d been daydreaming about doing something big and cool for yours but the time had passed and now it was pointless. dumb human, always putting him first and making him feel bad!
Tumblr media
➳ levi wonders if sharing a birthday with him is really that bad! would you really rather keep yours hidden then celebrate with him? his stomach hurts just thinking about it. on top of that, he missed his chance to exchange gifts like his two favorite characters do in the person i like shares my birthday (and i misunderstand lots of situations)!. he had had a whole list of things he wanted to get you of akuzon. maybe you’d still accept them?
Tumblr media
➳ satan shakes his head with a sigh. how foolish. he’d had many more birthdays than you and the idea of sharing his with you was infinitely more appealing than being the center of attention was. he’d have to scold you- after he made sure your birthday was properly recognized and celebrated by everyone in the devildom. oh yes, you’d be getting an earful. after he took you out to dinner and gave you a thoughtful and meaningful gift, that is.
Tumblr media
➳ asmo pouts. it was super kind of you to do that, but shouldn’t you know by now that you’re the one person he likes to share a spotlight with? ugh, think of the missed opportunities! you could have had matching birthday sashes! next year, asmo promised himself as he creates an akuzon wish list to put gifts for you in. this year he’ll have to settle for taking you out for the night which was totally lame compared to what he would have done had he known!
Tumblr media
➳beel would be touched by the action if he wasn’t so horrified by the action itself! he couldn’t fathom why you’d thought like that was a necessary thing to do. was he not clear in how much he adored you? sharing a birthday with not only belphie but also you would have been so cool! vowing to confront you, beel sets off to find belphie so he can fill him in.
Tumblr media
➳ belphie scowls. “stupid human,” he mutters to himself. how dare you let your birthday pass by like that when he and beel were celebrating? they could have so easily invited you to their special birthday dinner has they known! and he had a gift for you that he’d picked up in anticipation of your birthday some months ago but now it would be awkward to give it to you! stupid humans, making stupid, heartwarming decisions without consulting anyone else!
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching's work - please do not copy, repost, or claim as your own
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undying-vagabond · a month ago
giving him a L♡VE letter that’s not from you
Tumblr media
you’re tasked with delivering a letter to the brothers and here’s how they would react ~
♡ ♡ ♡ Levi ♡ ♡ ♡
his heart is going doki doki
thinks he’s finally getting an anime confession
he’s more nervous receiving it then you giving it
totally does not listen to a word that comes out of your mouth because all he sees is hearts and sparkles surrounding you<3
when he opens the cutely decorated letter, he is confused by the inaccurate details in the contents
uh, it doesn’t sound like you
repeating that it came from someone else, he’s like “oh”
part of him feels like he should still be happy that it’s a love letter since it’s his first time receiving one but, he can’t bring himself to be excited ?
noting his downtrodden expression, you gently pushed him against the wall, placing a hand near his face
levi’s face instantly takes on a pink tint “kabedon!!”
closing the distance, you whispered in his ear softly and seductively,
“you better not accept any letter that isn’t mine, got that?”
got it!!
♡ ♡ ♡ Asmo ♡ ♡ ♡
asmo receives love letters on the daily so he’s used to that,
but he was pleasantly surprised when it was you of all people handing him a cutesy envelope
truly, he’s like a peacock, strutting and spreading his feathers as he opens the letter
he was planning to tease you; flirting a little before accepting your proposal— except, it wasn’t yours
when you revealed that someone else had sent it, asmo plays it off,
“oh is that so? hmph.”
“did you want one from me?”
please, not him playing hard to get, refusing to look at you all while he throws indirect jabs in your direction
ok, so he’s a little hurt
“i’ll give you as many letters as you want if you promise to stop acting like a brat”
he bargains, no, demands daily kisses from you now on before he can consider forgiving you for this cruel transgression
okay drama queen, come here for your smooch (๑ơ ₃ ơ)
♡ ♡ ♡ Beel ♡ ♡ ♡
stares at it
initially confused when you came and handed him the letter, like what’s this for
thought it was homework until he saw his name written in cursive with glittery pen,
“it’s a love letter” you’d said
“thank you”
his chest felt warm (@^◡^) beel is such a softie, giving you a smile in return
it’s not often that people approach him with affection because his frame is so imposing so he’s actually really happy to receive this letter—
“it’s not from me”
the disillusionment is obvious and he doesn’t bother hiding it either
“where’s yours then?”
now you’re the one caught by surprise, so you promise to write one soon but in the meanwhile, you propose dinner
taking your hand, he gives it a little squeeze, “i’ll be waiting patiently”
♡ ♡ ♡ Belphie ♡ ♡ ♡
in retrospect, you caught him in a sleepy state so when belphie received it, he didn’t fully process it wasn’t from you
he yawns, “eh?”
taking the envelope from you, slightly brushing hands
eyes scanning the lovey dovey words, he gets to the end, only to see an unknown signature
silently he folds it and hands it back
you hesitate, “it’s not mine” and he’s like “exactly”
belphie doesn’t want a letter that is not from you
♡ ♡ ♡ Satan ♡ ♡ ♡
appreciative when it comes to personal handmade correspondence
he’s actually the first to realize you’re not the original sender because of the penmanship
yes, he’s got your handwriting memorized but not in a creepy way. he just thinks it’s lovely <3
satan is hit with a wave of disappointment; he was very excited to exchange letters with you like a pair of lovers
noting his reaction, you ask if he could help you decorate and write a love letter for a special person
“may i ask whom?”
“you’ll know when you get it”
becomes a thing between you two; writing back and forth
has a ton of stationary and his calligraphy is just beautiful; satan will include pretty sketches and write quotes in his letters uwu
♡ ♡ ♡ Lucifer ♡ ♡ ♡
im cackling, im sorry,
but he thought it was a bill from one of mammon’s shenanigans until he saw the delicate paper
it piqued his curiosity so he gave it a more careful glance, turning it to examine the wording and decoration
puts it aside, along with other paperwork
“not yours, correct?”
why does it feel like an interrogation.
you nod, but also hand him a reminder that you’d quickly scribbled before forgetting
lucifer stared at your wording fondly, pocketing the small paper in his shirt, on the left side, near his heart <3
anything from you was precious
♡ ♡ ♡ Mammon ♡ ♡ ♡
his chest is puffing with pride, cheeks painted red
of course you’d write him a letter, he’s the GREAT MAMMON after all. already planning to show off the letter to his brothers
immediately deflates when you reveal it’s from another person
his ego, his hopes and dreams? shattered </3
it’s not like he wanted one from you, he says
you can’t help but tease him, “really? that’s a shame because i was about to write you an extra special one, filled with all my love but if you don’t want it..”
please, he’s jumping at the chance
it’s a while before you actually give it to him, though he’s pouting and sulking, thinking you forgot
can be absentminded for x things but mammon was waiting for your letter, day and night it plagued his mind
(。◕ฺˇε ˇ◕ฺ。)
nearly faints when he sees the letter stamped with a lipstick stain, marked by your kiss
if he placed his lips there too, it’d be an indirect kiss, wouldn’t it ?
hugs the envelope to his chest,
“d-don’t go writing other men cards, got it?!”
“i won’t. you’re my first and last~”
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scholarlogy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Just my brain thinking about Beel hungry for your pussy in the middle of a date,he was kinda embarrassed to ask you about it in public and now here he was,holding with a tight grip your open legs while making a messy job on your cunt.
Twirling his tongue everywhere from your cunt as he licked every drops of juice that came out,Beel wanted to oversimulate you until you were dazed and the only words that came out of your mouth is his name.
"Honey...yell my name."
Tumblr media
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ci3n · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
characters: mammon, lucifer, beelzebub and belphegor
warnings: not proofread
a.n: i've been kinda sick so have these lil hc's for now :)
obey me masterlist
Tumblr media
very dramatic
you did not just wipe the great mammon’s kisses off
“oi! why are ya wiping my kisses off?”
“what’re you talking about?”
“don’t ya play dumb with me, i saw that”
has the biggest pout on his face
he’ll give you a few more kisses to see what you do then pretends to be mad at you when you wipe them off too
But it doesn’t last very long
You’ll eventually find him cuddling up to you and asking you if he did something wrong
please give him lots of kisses and cuddles to make up for it
He took that personally
lucifer being clingy is very rare and the one time he kinda is you decide to pull this shit on him
he will not kiss you for the rest of the day
will make sure to walk around you with a pout on his face to make you feel guilty
kiss the ridiculously cute pout off his face please
“don’t ever do that again”
“awhh did wittle luci-”
“shut up”
“wait no lucifer come back”
Doesn’t notice at first
But when he does, at first he thinks he has something in his face
So he wipes his face and goes in for another one
But when you wipe that off too he gets kinda sad
Because he thinks you are mad at him and tries to think about all the things he did today and what could have possibly made you mad
“Did I do something wrong?” you turn around to see beel pouting at you.
“Are you mad at me?”
“no no, that was just a prank, ‘m so sorry beel” you wrap your arms around him, placing a soft kiss on his lips.
"oh okay, don't do that again, i thought you were mad at me"
offended part 2
why would you do that
he’s too tired for this
“why did you do that?” he deadpans
“do what?”
“you just wiped my kiss off?” he asks only to receive a shrug from you in return
“fine i didn’t wanna kiss you anyway” he grumbles, aggressively wiping his own lips while maintaining eye contact with you
“it was just a prank belphie” you chuckle
“well it wasn’t a very funny one” he turns around to go back to sleep
“Wait no belphie i’m sorry”
“nope, no cuddles for you today”
don’t worry he can’t go very long without cuddling you so you’ll find him crawling back to your arms after a few minutes grumbling about how stupid your pranks are
Tumblr media
❥ reblogs appreciated <3
Tumblr media
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