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kika-ila · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
I didn’t expect for this mobile game to be so cute! 
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dotstronaut · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
This incorrect quote resonated with me.
The drawing started as a joke, but now I can't stop thinking about Crowley who has a desk in hell and paperwork to do, but he absolutely hates being in hell and hates officework even more. He puts it off as long as he possibly can, years or decades, usually to the point of a higher-up crackling their way into his radio program, threatening to come up to earth and drag his ass down into hell themselves. 
But when he DOES go, he takes an ever-increasing determination to be as annoying as possible. He is the entire Malicious Compliance subreddit in a single being. He has to go shuffle papers around, but he's not going to do so quietly. He emails everyone in hell (any demon who doesn't use or understand computers gets a paper memo on their desk automatically) about pretty much everything he's doing and how he's doing it. He chugs coffee, red bull, and whisky the entire time. He basically turns every project or paper into an opportunity to annoy every demon in hell for the crime of making him come down to deal with it.
Each time, he ends up able to put the whole thing off for another couple decades, because nobody in hell actually wants him there anymore. But even with the other demons avoiding putting things on Crowley's desk, he'll inevitably have to come back down again at some point. But at least he has the courtesy to announce to all of hell when he has arrived... even if it means Beelzebub has to deal with a flood of completely unrelated field work requests from every demon in hell.
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cliopadra · 12 months ago
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How to wake a snake
I’m really low on ideas rn so have this embarrassingly bad continuation of the wake the snake comic I abandoned after the October wake up post...and because it was bad 
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fuckyeahgoodomens · a year ago
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Inspired by the battleship scene in Staged :D.
Good Omens alternative ending
The Tadfield airbase:
Crowley: We have a better way than a war for you to solve this.
Gabriel: What way?
Crowley: Battleships.
Gabriel: Battleships?
Aziraphale: Battleships.
Later, Aziraphale’s bookshop:
Gabriel, holding a pencil and a notebook: E4
Beelzebub: Another… miss.
Back of the bookshop:
Aziraphale: I'm still not happy they have chosen my shop as neutral ground. How is it going?
Crowley: Beelzebub has already won, so Heaven and Hell are switching offices tomorrow. Now they're playing for fun.
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littleredsprout · 9 months ago
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Okay but I think I have a favorite Obey Me writing blog:
@beelzebubisbestwaifu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I absolutely love all of their silly situation writings they put mc and the boys through.
I can draw better this is just my quick drawing style
(if it isn’t obvious this comic is based off of their text post)
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hanaranjada · a year ago
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Tumblr media
Istg I was so offended when Belphie killed me and one lesson later he was all lovey dovey with me, like bitch, you think I'm that easy? Jokes one you because I AM, pls nap with me you beautiful cow boy (๑♡⌓♡๑)
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boxbusiness · 10 months ago
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gacha-happy-ending-here · 10 months ago
Obey Me! ❥ Perfect Size
character: lucifer, mammon, asmodeus, leviathan, satan, belphegor, beelzebub fandom: Obey Me! prompt: MC steals the brothers’ clothes and wears it around the place, maybe even mocking the brother they stole the clothes from warning: spicy content, size kink, possessive behavior, implied small or average stature reader (someone significantly smaller than the brothers)
warning: praise kink
Tumblr media
so you stole lucifer’s giant coat. the one that’s black and fur lined and tall enough that it touches the floor whenever it’s draped over his shoulders? yes, that one. it pools at your feet when you put it on
you honestly thought it was going to be hard. when you thought of your little scheme, you noticed that lucifer never really went anywhere without it
however, you got the opportunity when, one day, for no apparent reason, lucifer had just left it on a chair 
so, you put it on and scurried off to find someone to laugh about it with
the first brother you find is beelzebub and mammon
you ran towards them, trying to imitate the haughty way lucifer usually carries himself and you yelled in a deep poor imitation of his voice ‘i’ll destroy anyone who crosses my path!’
mammon got a huuuge kick out of it lol. he practically doubled over laughing and he took pictures of you posing as lucifer and videos of you saying stuff lucifer usually says
‘mammon, your stupidity knows no bounds!’ 
that made mammon laugh even more and he was literally crying tears at that point and he was out of breath too
beelzebub scrunched his nose a little cus he wanted to laugh but also he thought that he really didn’t want to get on lucifer’s bad side
suddenly, mammon stopped laughing and the color practically drained from his face. you’re confused at first but then you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. uh oh
‘i see i’ve found where my coat has wandered off’ 
you turn and lucifer is standing there in that same 
from the very beginning, lucifer already had an inkling that you had wanted to take his coat or perhaps slip something into its pockets. he had noticed you eyeing it for a couple of weeks now
so, he left it on the back of a chair to see what you’d do. when he returned and it was gone, he knew where it went
when he found you finally, lucifer was mostly angry about the fact that you were mocking him and the fact that you and mammon seem to be having a grand old time
if you wanted to borrow his jacket, you could’ve just asked. he would’ve preferred you borrowed it and stayed in one place though cus he could already tell the end of his coat was dusty as hell now
when you had turned around, though, lucifer couldn’t help but think that you looked especially cute in his coat
something hot curled in his stomach at the thought of how small you were compared to him. he’d always known that since he had to look down to talk to you all the time but, seeing it in front of him like that was a different story all together
It had something to do about marking you, he thought. Seeing you splayed over his coat, your back against his desk, your lips parting to moan his name. He had never been the greedy type--that was Mammon, not him--but something about you made him insatiable and possessive.
You whimpered, your hands poking out of his coat’s sleeves to grip at his wrists as if urging him to slow down. In response, he gripped your waist tighter, hoping to leave yet another claiming mark on you.
“Hmmm, are all humans this tiny, I wonder...” He remarked, seemingly  unaffected despite the fact that he was slowly and surely feeding his cock into your entrance, watching as inch after inch disappeared inside of you. 
You whimpered again and his cock twitched in response despite the tight grip your insides had on it. Your voice was an absolute melody to him, so sexy and small, just like you.
“I also wonder if I’ll fit. You’re just so small, aren’t you, darling?” Lucifer added as an afterthought “But you’ll be good for me and take all of it, right?”
You nodded hastily, eyes stinging as you felt him stretch you farther and farther. He was hitting a spot inside of you that made your insides grip him tighter and made your brain short circuit.
Then, just as you thought you were full to burst, Lucifer finally bottomed out, his balls slapping against your ass. You moaned this time, arching your back, grinding your hips, squirming against his grip.
He tightened his fingers against your skin and smiled, pride blooming inside of his chest at the sight of you “Good, good, so perfect, just for me.”
Tumblr media
so, you stole that brown and white leather jacket that mammon wears everywhere. it’s tight on him but it’s very big on you and the sleeves actually barely cover your fingertips
you didn’t really steal it for any other reason other than the fact that you wondered what it’d feel like. it looked so nice and warm and the house of lamentation was always so cold
plus, you loved getting on mammon’s last nerves and you were sure he would be as possessive of his jacket as he was with all his other things
you weren’t even hiding from him. you were just doing your usual business, walking around. there wasn’t any classes so you were in in warm comfortable clothes and mammon’s jacket
despite it being leather, it wasn’t stiff. in fact, it was well worn and comfortable. it distinctly smelled of that cologne mammon always wore. it stung your nose most of the time when he wore it becos he really poured it on but, on the jacket, it was nice and faint
on your way, you had run into asmodeus who compliments you on your style of clothing. he says the over-sized jacket look is cute on you though the jacket looks familiar
you just laugh and nod and talk to him about other less important stuff like how he was doing, how solomon was doing and how classes were for him. interspersed through the conversation were asmodeus’ usual flirty one liners and obvious come ons
'found ya, dumb human.’ you felt someone tug at the collar of the jacket and you were tugged back only to look up and see that it was mammon who had captured you. he had the usual grumpy look on his face 
at first, mammon hadn’t really been looking for his jacket. in fact, he had been looking for you. usually, he found himself trailing after you but he had to do something for lucifer and, when he had returned, you were nowhere to be found
but then, in his quest to find you, he also found that his jacket wasn’t where he had left it before he went on his errand
so, he was looking for it and you, separately. he hoped once he found you that you could help him find his jacket. well, he was half right
something pulled at his insides when he saw how friendly you were being with asmodeus but, surprisingly, it wasn’t as strong as usual when he realized you were wearing his jacket
from behind, you didn’t look particularly different with his jacket on. however, once he tugged you back and got a proper look at you, his cheeks heated
he couldn’t help it. he’d never thought about the size difference between the two of you but, now that it was right in his face, he was pleased by it. 
when you first came to the devildom and he was given the responsibility of taking care of you, mammon wasn’t happy. he didn’t like you. 
however, after a while, he liked having someone rely on him so heavily. knowing you were so small, so in need of his protection, made something in him flutter
“Hmmm, fuck.” Mammon lifted his hips up to grind against yours, one of his hands settling on the top of your thigh while the other gripped onto your hip.
You shifted, his jacket falling off of your shoulders, revealing an expanse of unmarked skin. He was the Avatar of Greed, nobody knew the sin as well as he did, and yet, he was surprised by the way it overtook his brain.
All he could think about was coveting you, holding you close, pressing his lips against your skin, making it so only he could have every inch of you. He wanted to consume your mind just like you consumed his.
You moved your hands to get a little more leverage, your fingers tightening on his shoulders as you moved your hips again, rubbing yourself against his hardening cock. “Mammon.”
“Shit. c’mon, take it out.” Mammon groaned in response, lifting his hips again, jolting you a little and forcing another mewl out of your lips.
You were done with your hesitation. This dry humping had made you impatient and the way Mammon nipped and sucked at your skin only lessened your restraint. 
With clumsy fingers, you unbuttoned his usually tight jeans, hand wrapping around him. He groaned at the contact of your warm fingers against his even warmer cock before tilting his head back at the sight of it.
Your fingers, too small to reach all the way around. His length tall enough that the tip of it rested above your belly button. 
“Ya’ really are testing my restraint, ya’ fuckin’ idiot.”
warning: a hint of corruption kink, implied overstimulation
Tumblr media
so you stole that white leather jacket that asmodeus wears. it barely zips on him but it fits incredibly comfortably on you
at first, you had stolen it just to ruin it. asmodeus got on your very final nerves and, you supposed, you just wanted to get back at him for it
however, when you tried it on, you couldn’t find it in yourself to ruin it anymore. it was comfortable as hell. you thought it would’ve been still cus it’s leather but it was the softest nicest thing you’d ever put on
it even faintly smelled like that floral scent asmodeus always put on himself and, thought he annoyed you, you found yourself liking it
you wanted to at least have fun with the jacket now that you weren’t going to bother destroying it
so, you went to go find the nearest brother (who happened to be levi in the living room) and you started doing your worst asmodeus impression
you made sure you sounded melodic and that you were using a voice only a little bit lower than your regular one
levi looked flustered at first since you were being flirty and suggestive but, then, eventually, he started laughing a little
your fun was quickly cut off, though, by asmodeus himself who came in, demanding to know where his jacket was
he quickly forgot about his dilemma at the sight of you, completely engulfed in the very same jacket he was looking for
it filled him with a familiar sense of lust but it was also accompanied by an odd fluttering in his chest that he couldn’t recognize. he’d never felt it with any of his partners before but he definitely felt it just looking at you
now, asmodeus isn’t exactly the tallest or the manliest brother in the house of lamentation
yet, even with that, you were smaller than him and you looked so much more fragile, like you were innocent and needed protection
like he could swoop in and ruin you
the thought had never entered his mind before. yes, he was a switch so, sometimes, he took on more submissive lovers. but he’d always been prepared to go either way
with you, looking so small inside his jacket, all he could think about was absolutely dominating you, topping you until you were a sobbing drooling overstimulated mess
he wanted to corrupt you with lust until all you could think about was him
“I was being serious when I said you look good in my jacket.”
You wanted to say some smart retort back but, instead, all you could do was breathe deeply, your bare chest rising and falling, causing the jacket to fall open and reveal more of your naked body.
At the sight of you, Asmodeus groaned, his palm pressing harder against his ever growing hard-on. It throbbed in his tight jeans and all he wanted to do was bury the entire thing inside of you. Still, he wanted to take his time
You squirmed, arching your back, grinding your hips down onto Asmodeus’ long lithe fingers. In response, he crooked them a little to hit that spot inside of you that made your eyes flutter and your stomach tighten.
“A-Asmo.” You whimpered and your voice sounded like a melody to his ears. All he wanted to do was pull those noises out of you over and over, until your voice cracked and your throat ache.
And, oh, he could make your throat ache.
He could make you do a lot of things, actually. It was what you deserved for doing this to him.
As the Avatar of Lust, he was used to overwhelming people, charming them to the point where they drooled after him. With you, on the other hand, his charm didn’t work at all. Even worse, you seemed to have reversed it on him.
He was hungry for you, greedy for you, like he was a starving man and you were laid out so pretty for him to consume. He was never one to limit himself when it came to his sexual cravings and, if you happened to be the sole focus of his biggest strongest sexual craving so far, who was he to deny himself?
“Look at you. I haven’t even done much, have I?” Asmodeus’ lips tilted up in that mischievous way it always did and, though your brain felt mostly blank, you couldn’t help but think he looked a lot like the cat that got the cream
“You’ll cum for me again, won’t you? Please, for me?”
Tumblr media
so you stole that really big coat that leviathan wears. it’s like super long? looks kind of like a lab coat and a hoodie got mashed together
you honestly didn’t mean to steal it
you had been abruptly teleported into the devildom without warning so you didn’t get to pack any of your clothes. you were stuck with the clothes they gave you. unfortunately for you, that meant you only had a couple of outfits and your school uniform
even more unfortunately for you, the house of lamentation was cold as hell (literally)
it seriously felt like everywhere you went was at least autumn level kind of chilly. which was fine, if your clothes had been equipped for that kind of stuff
so, when you saw a bundle of cloth, just sitting there on the couch, you couldn’t help but lift it up to see what it as
when you held it out in front of you by the shoulders, it pooled to the floor. you immediately recognized it as leviathan’s coat though, why  =he was without his token coat, you didn’t know
well, if he wasn’t wearing it, you certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. and damn was it warm. you now completely understood why levi always kept it on
then, after just throwing it on, you started walking around the house, doing what you usually did
you even found satan who asked what you were doing with levi’s coat. you just explained that you found it and threw it on and, though he thought it was rude to just randomly do that, he didn’t scold you any more than usual
eventually, though, levi was bound to find you and, once he found you, his face turned absolutely deep red
you looked so very small in his coat. he didn’t notice how small you were until just that moment. you were like those cute characters on screen that wore over-sized clothes all the time
he wondered what you’d look like wearing those outfits. then, he started wondering what you’d look like in other outfits. that thought had to be pushed waaay aside becos, if he kept thinking about that... well, bad things would happen. specifically, he’d have something awkward he’d need to hide from you
then, as he was trying not to think of inappropriate things, the most inappropriate thought entered his head
that was his coat and the fact that you were cute and you looked like you belonged to him was overwhelming
he’s the second least likely to do anything sexual once he finds you. unless, of course, you initiate it
When you had explained that humans got cold easily, Leviathan was a little surprised. He supposed that demons got cold too but their body temperatures usually ran really hot and the cold never bothered them. 
So, of course, when he had found you and you asked so nicely to keep his coat, Levi agreed on the condition that you’d go into his room to wear it so that nobody else could see you. 
He explained that he didn’t want his brothers to tease him about letting you borrow his clothes but, in reality, it was because he didn’t want his brothers to see how good you looked in it.
“Thanks for letting me keep it on.” You mumbled to Leviathan, your fingers barely poking out from the tips of the sleeves. 
He nodded, trying to keep his eyes on the handheld in front of him. Still, he couldn’t put all of his attention on his game. In fact, he kept having to repeat the same level because his mind just wasn’t in it. Instead, he kept thinking back to you and how you looked in his coat.
It was like some sort of scene out of an anime. How the main protagonist would borrow clothes from the main romantic interest. It made his heart flutter in his chest. 
Then, of course, he remembered that some of these scenes were out of hentai he would watch and something else seemed to twitch. Something he had to shift his legs to hide.
When you said nothing in response to his nod, Levi tried to think of something else to say “You’re warm now, right?”
At first, you wanted to nod. Then, you thought for a second before biting your lip and staring at him through your eyelashes “Would it... could I sit closer to you?”
In his mind, Levi had convulsed at the thought of you sitting so close to him, all while looking so cute. In reality, he sat stock still as his brain basically turned into the demon equivalent of the blue screen of death. 
“Okay, sure.”
warning: begging, overstimulation
Tumblr media
so you stole that suit jacket satan wears all the time. it looked really small on him and he probably only slipped his arm through one side because it’s so small for him. however, on you, it was very baggy
you thought it was such a waste of a comfortable looking suit jacket. it looked so warm and nice and fancy. and, yet, there he was, just wearing it like a weirdo
so, when he left his room door open and his suit jacket on the back of his chair, you didn’t even think twice before you snatched it up
then, you went to go find someone to celebrate this victory with. the first person you found was belphegor
at first, belphegor was too sleepy to really properly appreciate your jokes. but, after a minute or two, he started smiling a little and chuckling 
‘as long as belphie pisses lucifer off, he’s okay, i guess’
your jokes aren’t the greatest and your impersonation is subpar at best but it was still really entertaining 
it was okay until, of course, you felt someone’s hand on your shoulder
when satan found his door open and his jacket missing, he felt that all familiar heat of anger in the pit of his stomach. who the hell was rude enough to just waltz into his room and take his jacket?
then again, most of his brothers had no manners...
as the avatar of wrath, he was quick to want to kick ass first and take names second
however, once he saw you, even though it was just your back, that heat in his stomach turned into something other than anger
there was still a little of it there from seeing you having so much fun with belphie while making fun of him but that was eventually eclipsed by what he felt for you
then, you turned around and that heat intensified tenfold
out of all his brothers, his emotions were always so strong and so overwhelming. most of his emotions were centred around anger and wrath. it might’ve been becos he was the youngest
he learned early on to control those emotions and not let them get the best of him. he learned to exude that calm and polite persona of his
in front of you at that moment, however, he found that he couldn’t completely control himself
Satan kept his pace, his hips grinding hard against you and his cock hitting every place inside of you. He was long and thick and he made you feel so full. All you could think about was how you clenched down on him and it made you ache.
Your hands scrambled to find purchase on Satan’s shoulders, your fingers gripping him so hard that he could feel your nails through his shirt. He couldn’t help but smirk at that.
He liked the look on your face, how you trembled just for him, how he was the one making your legs quake and your lip quiver. He was doing all of this to you, overwhelming you to the point where your brain short circuited.
It was only fair. You were making his brain turn into a jumble of thoughts too. Especially with the way his jacket was draped over you, barely covering all of the skin he’s marked with his teeth. 
“S-Satan.” There went your voice again, soft and stuttering “I’m s-sorry, p-please.”
In response, his hand kept working at your sex, his hips grinding up and up, not taking his entire cock out but thrusting half of it. That was enough, though. He was so big that he touched all the right places and he sent you hurtling into what felt like your hundredth orgasm
You cried out his name and he silenced you with his lips, swallowing down your moans. He kept going, though, prolonging your orgasm until it bled into the next, leaving you a leaking shaking mess. 
In response, your grip on him tightened to the point of bruising. Part of him liked the idea. I mean, he did leave his fair share of bruises on you. Especially your hips where his hands were positioned, moving you in time with his thrusts. 
“Only a few more.” He leaned forward to lick your ear and nibble the lobe “You’ll learn your manners after that, won’t you?”
Tumblr media
so you stole that big cardigan that belphegor always wears. when he wears it, it’s big and baggy on him. when you wear it, you’re absolutely swimming in it
it wasn’t like you had any bad intentions. you were just extremely cold and belphegor’s cardigan looked oh so very warm
you had found it on one of the various velvet couches scattered around the house of lamentation
at first, the sight of it perturbed you a little becos belphegor? without his cardigan? you couldn’t even imagine it
however, after a little more consideration, you figured that he must have more than one. you’ve always seen him with the same cardigan. there’s no way he just wears one all the time
so, since you had convinced yourself that he probably had a whole closet full, you donned the cardigan on
it was so warm. it made sense why belphegor was always so sleepy! if you were this warm and comfortable all the time, you’d wear the same cardigan too
you wanted to try and wear it for as long as possible. even after wearing it for only a few seconds, you were in love with it and you didn’t want anyone taking it from you
unfortunately, the very next person you bumped into was beelzebub
of course, as belphegor’s twin, beelzebub’s immediate response is that you should return the cardigan. beelzebub, out of everyone, knew best how attached belphegor was with his cardigan
in response, you just ignored him and did what you needed to do in the kitchen
beelzebub didn’t like that and continued pestering you in that lumbering quiet way of his. you didn’t let it get to you. you liked how the cardigan made you feel and you were keeping it
of course, as fate would have it, just as you thought that, belphegor walked right into the kitchen
he was the most irritated he’d been for a looong time
he couldn’t for the life of him find where he left his cardigan and he felt sleepy and cold and absolutely like he could throttle someone at any second
that all immediately disappeared as soon as he walked into the kitchen and his eyes locked on you
you were wearing his cardigan and it was extremely big on you
unlike the other brothers, he doesn’t think anything untoward. instead, he thinks that you look cute and comfortable, like a big teddy bear
he literally gets a fuzzy warm feeling from seeing you with his cardigan on
kind of also has that whole overprotective possessive thought process but, instead of wanting to fuck you (though that did sound very nice), he just wanted to wrap his arms around you and shield you from the world
least likely to try anything sexual with you, even if you offered
Belphegor inched closer to your sleeping form. Though, at this point, that felt impossible. Your chest was flushed against his chest, with virtually no space in between you, and his face was tucked against your neck, your legs tangled together. 
You were as pressed together as two people could be without merging.
Still, he craved more. He wanted to feel you, hold you close, be able to just revel in the comfort and warmth you brought him. He was so starved of this intimacy and you happily fed him without hesitation.
Memories of your casual touches, all confident and sure, filtered through his mind. You never inched away from him or denied him any form of affection. You gave it to him wholeheartedly, in fact.
Slowly, lazily, he slipped his arms under the cardigan, under your shirt, his bare palms warm against the skin of your stomach. His fingertips ghosted over you, calloused and somewhat ticklish.
He liked your skin which felt smooth under his touch, soft and pliable just like you were. There was something intimate about knowing you felt safe with him like this, that you wanted to be this close to him.
Belphegor continued to stare at you, at how at home you were inside of his cardigan, like you belonged in his clothes, like you belonged with him. 
He was obsessed with the idea of covering you so you were safe and here, with you in his arms, with your back to a wall, with his clothes covering your body, you were safe. Safe, content, completely blissfully asleep.
All his to protect.
He closed his eyes but continued letting his hands travel. They traced comforting circles on your skin, absentminded and aimless, moving just to be able to feel his skin against your skin.
Slowly, he pressed a kiss against your forehead and fell asleep with you in his arms
Tumblr media
so you stole that big baggy fur lined hoodie that beelzebub always wears. it’s already baggy on him and he’s the biggest of the brothers. when you wear it, it practically engulfs you
anyway, you don’t have anything against beelzebub. you only stole his hoodie becos you were cold
it was easy enough to manage since he had just left it sitting there, all free with nobody to prevent you from swooping in and taking it
when you put it on, it was like a metaphorical hug. it was so warm and cuddly even though it was so big
however, you wearing it seemed to be short lived becos, after maybe an hour or two of parading around the house of lamentation with his hoodie, he had found you
beelzebub follows you around most of the time. where you’re found, beelzebub is likely to follow. mostly becos he cares about you a lot and he wants to be there just in case something bad happens to you
beelzebub wasn’t overly attached to his hoodie. sometimes he walked around without it
however, he found himself very much attached when he saw you wearing it. maybe not attached to his hoodie specifically but definitely attached to you and the hoodie together
so, you wearing his hoodie feels... protective, in a way. like he’s shielding you with his own clothing maybe? like he can protect you using his hoodie
he can’t but he still feels that surge of overprotectiveness inside of him
he probably doesn’t do much, honestly. he’s the least likely out of the brothers to kick a fuss about you wearing his clothes. he likes it and he’ll be honest about it
most likely to not only let you wear the hoodie for way longer but also let you borrow it more often. in fact, he’ll insist most of the time
“Ah, my hoodie.”
You swivelled around, hand pressed against your chest as you tried to calm your panicked heart. It was just Beelzebub, you knew, but the fact that he had suddenly appeared surprised you.
You frowned, though not because it was Beelzebub but because you felt he might try and take his hoodie back “Were you looking for it?”
Beelzebub looked like he paused to think, looking you up and down. His hoodie suited you a lot. It looked very big on you, yes, but it still fit in a sort of adorable way.
He felt his stomach flutter and, for a second, he thought it might’ve been hunger but it wasn’t that exactly. It was something else, he just couldn’t put his finger on it.
Finally, he answered your question with a shake of his head “No, you can keep wearing it if you want.”
“Thank you.” You buried yourself deeper into the hoodie, snuggling into it “It’s very comfortable and warm.”
Beelzebub nodded before suddenly walking towards you. On instinct, you took a couple of steps back, only to bump into the counter behind you.
Instead of stopping, Beelzebub continued forward and pulled you into a hug, his back bending so he could securely wrap his arms just under your arms. He then buried his face into the top of your head before letting out a deep sigh.
The feeling that fluttered in his stomach hadn’t been a hunger for food but, rather, a hunger for affection from you. 
He finally recognized the feeling from those long afternoons where you were too busy to pay him any mind so he had to go searching for you himself. Seeing you in his hoodie made him want to pull you close and just never let go.
“You look good.”
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shrublike · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
never wear anything food themed around Beel...
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joonie-beanie · a year ago
The Demon Brothers + playing the Pocky Game with you
[The Undateables Reactions]
Is a little confused when you appear in front of him--a thin, chocolate covered cracker sticking from your mouth
Why are you leaning in, and tilting your head up towards him? There’s a smile on your face, and a playfully innocent look in your eyes.
“Yes?” he finally asks, cocking an eyebrow. You pout, lifting a hand to momentarily remove the stick of pocky from your lips.
“It’s the Pocky Game!” you say, as if that explains everything. Lucifer fixes you with a look, and you sigh. 
“The idea is that two people eat a stick of pocky together, and whoever pulls back first, loses.”
At that, Lucifer breathes in amusement. What a silly game.
“Now--,” you lift the stick back between your lips, but before you get the chance to say anything else, Lucifer’s gloved hands have cupped your cheeks.
Your eyes widen as he drags you towards him--his lips parting as the other end of the stick disappears into his mouth. 
He bites the pocky only once your lips are already touching. You can feel the grin on his lips as he kisses you, and your face heats up beneath his palms.
“I believe the game is flawed,” he finally remarks once he has pulled back, gently chewing the cracker in his mouth. His eyes flash playfully as he regards your now red face. “After all, I’d much prefer to lose than win.”
“You’re an ass,” you mumble, and Lucifer chuckles.
“Would you care to try again? Losing is quite enjoyable, so I don’t mind.”
Barges into your room whilst you’re sitting at your desk, working on some homework.
There’s a stick of pocky held between your lips as you swivel to face him.
“Can I help you?”
“What are ya doin? Homework?” he approaches your side and leans over you--clearly having no concept of personal space. “That’s lame.”
You rolls your eyes and raise a hand--pressing your palm against his chest and nudging him back. He blinks, eyes dropping to your face as you smile.
“We could play a game instead, if you like.”
“What game?”
“All it involves is you eating this cracker with me,” you say, motioning to the chocolate pocky between your lips. “Whoever retreats first loses.”
Mammon scoffs, leaning down towards you. He grabs the non chocolate end of the pocky and guides it between his lips. He fails to realize exactly how close he is to you until he looks up and finds your face mere inches from his.
...oh fuck.
Nonetheless, he inches forward on the cracker, feeling his face heat up as you move towards him as well. He doesn’t want to admit defeat and run, but...
Noticing his internal struggle as your lips reach the point of nearly touching, you roll your eyes and press forward. Your lips connect with his in a gentle kiss. 
Mammon, shocked, is the first to rear back.
“You lose,” you tell him, swiveling back to look at your homework, and Mammon stumbles over his words.
“H-Hey! That’s not fair! We need a do-over!”
Has been eyeing the box of pocky ever since you brought it into his room.
Since he’s an otaku, he’s very aware of the Pocky Game, and how popular it had been in the human realm. 
He’d always wanted to try it with someone, but...
You notice him staring and squirming out of the corner of your eye, and finally put two and two together.
Smiling, you grab the red box and pull a fresh stick of pocky out--placing it between your lips.
“Do you want to play the pocky game?” you mumble, the cracker wobbling between your lips as you speak. You turn towards him, leaning in close, and immediately Levi’s face is turning multiple shades of red.
“I-I, um--,” you see his gaze fall to your lips, and his hands fist in his lap. Of course he’s nervous.
“You can close your eyes if it helps,” you tell him sweetly. He nods, too frazzled to note that closing his eyes won’t exactly aid him in winning. 
Nonetheless, Levi closes his eyes and waits. He expects to feel the thin cracker press against his lips, but instead, after a few seconds--he feels something softer, and fuller.
Curious, he peeks his eyes open, and finds that your face is directly in front of his. You’re...kissing him.
“Wha--,” he rears back, holding his hand in front of his lips as if he’s been scandalized. You giggle quietly.
“I just...couldn’t help myself, Levi. I’m sorry, I know I didn’t ask fir--”
“N-No, I...,” he steals the pocky held between your fingers and brings it between his lips. There’s a newfound look of confidence in his eyes as he looks at you, and it makes your heart flutter.
“I liked it, so...let’s play the game now.”
Somewhat like Lucifer, Satan doesn’t understand the point of this silly human game.
It’s obviously just a ploy to kiss someone.
“Aren’t you interested in trying, at least?” you ask, a little disappointed as Satan turns his attention back to the book in his grasp. 
The red box of pocky is held between your hands, and you scoot a little closer to him. You’d brought them with you as a snack to munch on while you and Satan read together, and upon recalling the pocky game, had decided to bring the idea up to Satan.
After all, it could be fun!
However, the Avatar of Wrath is expressing less interest than you’d imagined, and that’s...disappointing.
Your disappointment does not go unnoticed by your current companion.
Sighing, Satan sets his book down and turns to face you.
“You do realize that this entire game is basically a tactic to kiss someone, or to be kissed, yes?”
The demon watches as your cheeks turn a little pink, and you cradle the box of pocky a bit tighter. “....yes.”
Satan blinks, surprised. Oh.....oh.
Laughing at himself, Satan reaches forward and plucks a stick of pocky from the box in your hands. You open your mouth to question if he has had a change of heart, but he simply sticks the chocolate cracker between your lips, and then grabs your chin.
A moment later, he’s kissing you--biting off a majority of the snack.
“You don’t need a silly game to kiss me,” he tells you with a grin as he pulls back, and you lick your tingling lips. You’ll definitely remember that.
When you explain the game to him, he’s ecstatic.
What a cute game! Not only does he get to have a sweet little snack, but he’ll also get to kiss you!
(Oh yes, he decides the moment you explain the game that he’s going to kiss you. Any opportunity to kiss you is an opportunity he intends to take)
Sat together on Asmo’s bed, he excitedly takes a stick of pocky and places it between your lips. You giggle, thinking it cute how happy he is to be playing this game with you.
“You know, Asmo,” you mumble around the cracker as he scoots in--your knees knocking together. He lifts his hands to cup your cheeks, and you feel your skin warm.
“You’re not actually supposed to kiss me.”
“But I can, right?” he responds, grinning knowingly as his gaze shifts up from your lips to meet your eyes.
You pout, not enjoying being called out. Of course, you’re okay with him kissing you, but this is supposed to be an innocent game!
“Oh no~ Look at you pouting~ Guess that’s all the more reason to kiss it off of you!”
Holding your face steady, he parts his lips and takes in the other end of the pocky. Before long, his lips are pressed against yours, and he moans contently.
“Delicious,” he comments, pulling back after a few seconds. Without missing a beat, he reaches into the box of pocky and pulls out another stick--holding it to your lips.
“We can play a few rounds...right?”
He has never tried pocky before, so he’s already excited the moment you offer to share some of the human world snack with him.
But when you mention that there’s a game revolving around the snack, his interest is further piqued. 
He loves food, and games, so to him it’s basically a win-win!
“So, all it is--,” you start, bringing a stick of pocky between your lips. Beel watches you with rapt attention. “--is a game where two people eat a stick of the snack together, and whoever backs out first, looses.”
“’s basically sharing a snack, then?” Beel questions, cocking his head to the side. He leans in towards you, hunger brewing in his gut as his eyes fall to the snack held between your lips.
“Well...I mean, I guess so, but--”
You’re cut off as Beel suddenly chomps onto the other end of the cracker. Before you can even react, he has made is way up the stick of pocky--his lips pressing flush against your own.
It takes him a moment to realize that he’s kissing you.
“Oh, I--,” he leans back, cheeks heating up shyly as he stares at you. His stomach had taken over, and he’d only been on the hunt for more food to eat...
“I’m sorry...”
“No! No, it’s fine Beel!” you reassure him, resting your hands on his knees. You flash him a bright smile. “It’s fine! I didn’t mind!”
Beel sighs in relief, and returns your smile. However, a new idea quickly occurs to him.
“Can we do it again, then? I’d like to eat all of the remaining crackers like that.”
Is half alseep on your bed when you tear into the small red box and start munching on the chocolate snack.
He watches you mindlessly as you bring the pocky to your lips--munching on them quietly as you scroll through your DDD.
Belphie had come over to hang out with you, but had accidentally fallen asleep while waiting for you to finish homework. Now, it seems that you’ve finally finished.
“You know,” you start with a little laugh when you notice him staring at you blearily. “This is a pretty popular snack in the human world. There’s a whole game it’s used for.”
“Mmm?” Belphie hums, urging you to continue. He presses himself into a seated position, rubbing at his eyes.
“Yeah, it’s a pretty silly. Two people eat a stick together, and whoever pulls away first loses. It’s pretty much a game to see if you’re ballsy enough to kiss someone.”
...Belphie wakes up a bit quicker at hearing that. 
“Hmm~ Let’s play then.”
It takes you a moment to digest his words--a stick of already half eaten pocky dangling between your lips.
Before you can finish, Belphie’s hand has found the back of your skull. Using his grip, he turns you to face him--his lips meeting yours as he eats the remaining half of the stick of pocky.
When you jump back in surprise, Belphie grins. “Looks like I won.”
“That’s not fair--you can’t just--!” you attempt to argue, your cheeks pink, but he cuts you off.
“If you think it’s not fair, then let’s just do it again.”
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chefpyro · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some very good helltaker sprites
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joonie-beanie · 11 months ago
The OM! Boys + first kisses (which you initiate!)
Tumblr media
I didn’t explicitly mention it being the first kiss in each scenario, but please assume that it is! 🥰
Tumblr media
Your feelings for the Avatar of Pride are undeniable. In fact, recently, they’ve become very hard to keep in check.
He’s already on your mind when you walk past his study, and see him hunched over his desk--working hard, like always (and that worries you a bit). Your heart is so full of love for him, and it aches whenever you think of his long, exhausting days.
Even if it’s cheesy, you want to be a pick-me-up to him during those busy times.
“Shouldn’t you take a break?” you quip, silently making your way inside. Lucifer blinks, and his gaze softens when it falls on you.
“Perhaps you’re right,” he sighs, but doesn’t set his pen down. He frowns at the stack of papers in front of him, not paying you any mind as you slowly scoot your way around the side of the desk--stepping up behind him.
You watch him as he works, eyes trailing from his gloved hands, up his arms, and across his strong jaw line.
Lucifer never fails to enchant you. Even just being here, so close to him, has your heart racing. want to kiss him.
And the minute Lucifer turns his head ever so slightly, moving to look at you, you do just that.
Without giving yourself much time to think on it, you reach your hands forward and cradle his face--closing your eyes as you press your lips against his own.
You feel Lucifer still in surprise, and you’re quick to try and pull back--but then a grin is spreading on his lips, and his gloved hand is curling against the back of your neck.
He kisses you for a few more moments, goosebumps rising on your skin. Then, he finally releases you--only allowing you a few inches to breathe as his thumb soothes through your hair. 
“I’m a bit upset you didn’t allow me the chance to kiss you first,” he says with a bit of a frown, but soon laughs. “However, as long as I get to keep kissing you, I certainly won’t complain.”
Despite your affections for the Avatar of Greed, they never seem to be enough.
Tonight, he’s pouting because you’d spent your afternoon with Asmo--having a shopping day together--and not him.
“I mean, ya could’ve invited me,” he says, pointedly ignoring you as he rolls onto his side and occupies himself on his DDD. You sigh.
“Mammon, Asmo wanted it to be just the two of us. I assumed you would be okay for just a few hours without me at your side.”
Somehow, he manages to pout even harder.
“I’m supposed’ta be your first...why are ya spending so much time with those guys?”
Your gaze softens as you regard him. He should know by now that he’s got a special place in your heart, and yet, that’s still not enough for him.
No, he’s the Avatar of Greed. He’ll only continue to crave more, right?
He grunts, not turning to face you. “What?”
“Mammon, look at me, please.”
You speak quietly, tenderly--letting any annoyance disappear from your tone. Then, finally, Mammon gives in, and rolls onto his back.
“What? Are you ready to apolo--mmph!”
He literally goes stiff as a board when you lean in and capture his lips. Your cheeks are hot--you’re embarrassed despite your sudden burst of confidence.
“There--,” you say, sitting back after a few seconds. “Is that enough to make it up to you?”
Mammon blinks at you, face getting redder by the second. Then, his gaze is darting away, brain catching up to what has just occurred. However, it’s clear that he’s far from unhappy.
“Uhhh...well, maybe if you give me a few more, I’ll think about forgiving you.”
It’s a spur of the moment type thing.
You’re hanging out with Levi, watching him play a video game, when things start to go wrong. He hops to his feet, cursing up a storm as he attempts to regain his footing in the match he’s suddenly now losing.
You decide to stay calm, to not worry, because surely Levi will calm down in a moment--but when his power starts to seep, an aura growing around him--you know you have to do something.
After all, he can’t summon Lotan again. 
“Levi, hey! Why don’t we calm down!” you try, smiling at him. You shift yourself into his field of vision, hoping to distract him from the game that’s only continuing to go south.
“There’s a special reward for beating this level!” he hisses, his amber eyes ghosting right over you. “I have to win!”
“You can try again once you’ve calmed down!” you argue, taking a step forward, with your hands held in front of you. Your fingers skim the fabric of his jacket, and you look up at him, but he’s too immersed to realize exactly how close you are. (After all, if he did, he would definitely be scrambling backwards right now).
“No, I--”
You sigh at his adamance, fingers curling into his shirt. You had been hoping your first kiss with him would at least be a little more romantic, but here goes nothing!
Gathering all of your courage, you press up and connect your lips with his. It takes him a few seconds to register what’s going on, but you feel the controller in his hands slowly drop. And then, he’s jolting back--arm raising to cover his tomato colored face.
“Y-Y-You!! You kissed me!”
“I’m sorry!” you immediately say, feeling hot as well. “You wouldn’t listen to what I was saying, and I didn’t want you to accidentally hurt yourself, or your games, or your brothers, so!” You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself, but it doesn’t work well.
“Listen...I’m sorry if you didn’t like it, I just--”
“W-Well...I never said that...,” he mumbles, interrupting you. His gaze darts between your face, and the wall nearby. “But I didn’t the first time, so...m-maybe we should do it again…”
Satan is a pretty good cook, so you tend to hang around him when it’s his night to make dinner.
It's not uncommon that you try to steal bites whenever he’s not looking.
Today, however, he warns you just a second too late that he’s making spicy curry (like, really spicy curry), so you should steer clear of any taste-testing.
Of course, a beat later he turns and sees you over the stove with the wooden spoon shoved into your mouth.
Even before you start to sweat, and tears form in your eyes, Satan is at fridge--pulling out the carton of milk and pouring you a big glass. 
As you down the soothing liquid, Satan stays by your side--unable to help it when he chuckles. You send him a glare, letting him know you don’t appreciate him laughing at your pain, and he lifts a hand to pat your hair.
“Oi, Oi~ It’s your fault for not listening to me.”
He breaks into another fit of giggles, moving past you to return to the stove. Your eyes follow after him, heart beating surprisingly fast at the sound of his laughter, and the slightest bit of physical contact with him.
Setting the glass on the counter--your mouth now successfully not about to burst into flames--you steel yourself and make your way towards him.
Without warning, once at his side, you reach forward and grab two handfuls of his sweater vest. Satan’s eyes widen in surprise as you drag him into the impromptu kiss, but it doesn’t take him long to reciprocate.
With little thought, he matches the firmness of your lips--his cheeks dusted pink when he pulls back to smile at you.
“What was that for?”
“Just felt like it,” you mumble, glancing away. Your eyes fall to the bubbling pot of curry. “...will you make a separate batch that won’t kill me?”
He hums. “Maybe for the price of another kiss.”
Although Asmodeus teases you all the time about how much he wants to kiss you, and to shower you in even more intimate forms of affection--he never acts on them.
Sure, he’s  the Avatar of Lust, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t understand boundaries.
He loves you a lot, and doesn’t want to mess your relationship up by moving too quickly, and for that, you really appreciate him.
However...while his consideration is appreciated, you’re starting to go stir crazy at the fact that he won’t make the first move.
So, you decide to take it upon yourself.
You spend hours--days, even--building up your courage. And today, your courage meter is finally full.
Asmo and you already have plans to hang out, so it’s not strange when you knock at his door. It is out of character, however, when he pulls the door open to greet you, and you immediately lurch forward--wrapping your arms around him as your lips connect.
Even if it’s unexpected, Asmo is reciprocating without missing a beat. He hugs you tightly, kissing you back until you’re gently pushing him away--in need of some air.
“Oh, I loved that,” he says dreamily, taking a step back into his room. “You should do that more often!! I love seeing this confident side of you! It’s such a turn on!”
You cup your hot cheeks, stepping inside after him--still in shock that you’d actually kissed him.
“I don’t know, Asmo, it took me a while to work up to that.”
He giggles a little at your statement, and you blink when he reaches forward and grabs a strand of your hair--tugging you forward. His eyes sparkle.
“Well...even if you don’t have the courage to initiate right now, since the ice is broken…,” he gaze falls to your lips. “Is it okay if I kiss you instead? I promise it’ll be enjoyable~ After all, I’m good at this stuff.”
Most of the time, you’re alright with giving Beel your food. You love him to the moon and back, and seeing him eating his favorite dishes with that happy look on his face makes your heart soar.
Today, however, you’d purposely stashed your desert to the side--intent on eating it yourself, for once, considering it was a limited time flavor from Madam Screams.
You’d hoped that putting it out of sight, and quite literally stashing in behind all the food in the fridge, would help keep it from the Avatar of Gluttony--but food never gets past him.
You’re in the middle of finishing up your turn on dish duty when you hear the fridge pop open. Immediately you’re whipping your head around--gasping in shock when you see Beel sticking his head into the appliance, sniffing around with a hungry look on his face.
“Beel no!” you abandon the dishes and rush over to him, trying to stop him from devouring your dessert in one bite. However, your efforts are futile, and soon your precious sweets are gone. The only remaining hint of them is the dusting of sugar on Beelzebub’s lips, and in a moment of foolish bravery, you grab him by the collar of his jacket and tug him down.
Your lips connect, and you can taste the dessert on him--sweet, and rich--everything you’d been hoping for. 
After a few seconds, you pull back for air, and find Beel staring at you with surprise written all over him. You feel your face begin to heat up--realization at what you’d just done hitting you--but before you can think to apologize, or run, Beel is dragging you back in.
His palms cup your cheeks--his lips meeting yours once more.
“I’m sorry for eating your dessert,” he mumbles, regret in his tone. “I’ll buy you another one. But.. until then, I want to keep tasting you.”
You’re struggling to fall asleep when Belphie stops by your room, and asks if you want to go for a walk with him. The offer sounds heavenly, so you say yes.
It’s a simple thing--walking side by side with the Avatar of Sloth, through the uncrowded streets of the Devildom--but it still makes you feel...smitten.
Over the last few weeks, your feelings for Belphie have only grown larger, and larger. And now, even simple gestures like this--that don’t have any special meaning--cause your mind to wander.
Seriously, he’s not even talking, but your gaze is zeroed in on his mouth. On his soft lips, which are parted ever so slightly as he sighs--his eyes trailing around the familiar scenery.
“Hey,” he speaks, turning to face you. He smiles, and the expression has your heart jumping into your throat.
Without thinking--acting solely on a split second of courage--you step towards him.
“Do you wanna get some--,” his voice cuts off abruptly as you press your lips to his. He makes a quiet sound of shock, and you can only imagine that he’s staring at you like you’re crazy. (Luckily, you can’t confirm if he is since your eyes are squeezed shut).
After a few seconds, you decide to pull back--feeling a little dejected since Belphie hasn’t made a move of his own. Then, just as you peel your eyelashes back open, Belphegor is grabbing you by your waist--dragging you against him as he captures your lips.
His kisses are much hotter than yours, and you whine at him, gently knocking your fist against his chest when you notice that the two of you are starting to draw looks from some nearby demons.
“What?” he asks cheekily, his grip loosening enough to allow you some room for air. “You’re the one that suddenly kissed me in the middle of the street. First kiss, too. How daring.”
Your face flushes, eyes darting away. “Y-Yeah, well…”
“Well,” he continues, reaching down to grab your hand. He intertwined his fingers with yours, tugging you farther down the street. “I say we get somewhere more private, and then continue.”
It just...sort of...happens.
Diavolo invites you to have tea in his office during your free period, and things go so well, that for a moment, you have a lapse in sanity and actually forget that the goddamn Prince of Hell isn’t your boyfriend.
You’ve had feelings for him for a while, and sometimes--when he’s in front of you, looking so handsome, and being so charming--it’s easy to lose yourself in those feelings.
So when your tea time wraps up, and Diavolo escorts you to the door of his office, maybe you--without thinking--press to your tiptoes and plant a kiss right against his lips.
“Thank you for tea, I--,” your words die off as a sense of dread washes over you. You raise a hand to your lips, realizing what you’ve done. “Oh my god--”
Your eyes flit to Diavolo’s face, and you can tell that he’s at a loss for word--his golden eyes wide with surprise. 
Oh god, why are you like this??
Freaking out, you hurriedly reach for the door handle. “Lord Diavolo, I am so sorry. I wasn’t thinking, I--”
But before you can run into the hall and away from your current nightmare, Diavolo is grabbing your wrist and tugging you back into the room.
“No, no! No need to be sorry,” he beams, his free hand lifting to brush a few stray hairs from your face. “I was just caught off guard, that’s all.”
You flush, looking away and mumbling. “But I kissed you out of the blue like that…”
“True,” he chuckles, gaze tender as he regards you. “I was surprised, that’s for sure.” He leans down and looks you in the eyes--your faces just inches apart. 
“So, next time, maybe don’t jump at me. Simply asking me for a kiss will work just fine.”
You’re helping Barbatos out in the kitchen of the Demon Lord’s Castle when the urge to kiss him suddenly overwhelms you.
Because honestly--how dare he look so kind, and handsome all the damn time. In everything that he does, he always manages to hold the same poise, and grace, and it drives you mad.
Even now, as he stands over the stove--watching dinner cook, with an apron tied around his waist--the energy he exudes draws you in, and makes you fall all over again.
Swallowing the lump in your throat, you slowly make your way around the kitchen island, and step up to his side.
Sensing your presence, he turns to face you with a gentle smile.
“Dinner is almost finished,” he says. “Thank you for your help. If you want, you can head to the dining room where the others are.”
You nod, but your feet don’t move. Barbatos blinks, tilting his head to the side ever so slightly.
“Are you alright, Y/N?”
Taking a deep breath, you gather all of your courage, and then reach forward. Barbatos pauses as your fingers brush against his cheeks--his eyes going wide when he feels your lips press against his--warm, and soft.
“I…,” you stutter when you finally pull back. “I just...I want to do that, so…”
Barbatos chuckles at your darkening face, his gloved hand moving to cup your cheek.
“It’s quite alright. I’m flattered to know that you wanted to kiss me.”
His thumb soothes over your hot skin, and he smiles a bit wider.
“If you ever feel like doing it again, then please, by all means, you have my permission.”
“Same to you,” you mumble, causing him to laugh a little more. Leaning in, he presses a kiss to your forehead.
“Duly noted.”
You choose to blame your actions on the atmosphere of the party, and the fact that the sorcerer is looking fine as ever--dressed in a dark button down shirt, with the first few buttons undone.
He’d dragged you to The Fall with him, wanting a companion for the night, and you’d agreed.
Now, it’s been hours since your arrival, and the entire time, Solomon has kept you close to his side--fingers curling around your waist when you accidentally begin to stray too far.
The contact has butterflies fluttering around inside your tummy, but you try your best to ignore the sensation--the way being so close to Solomon is making you feel.
Your feelings boil over, however, when Solomon makes a point of defending you from a pushy demon.
Following the encounter, he drags you to a more private area of the club to create some much needed space.
“Jeez, I know you’re a human, but that was pretty rude,” he mumbles, eyes straying to the dance floor as he adjusts his shirt cuffs. But your gaze is solely locked on him, a frenzy of different emotions running through you in response to him, and his actions. 
In the end, though, you can only think of one thing to do. One thing you really want to do.
Solomon makes a quiet sound of shock when you suddenly press up--pushing your lips against his for a few long beats. And when you inch back for air, you find Solomon grinning at you, looking quite satisfied.
“Oh? Giving a kiss to your prince charming? I like this type of payment.”
You scoff and push against his chest, but he’s already grasping your waist--keeping you near.
“I want that kiss back.”
“No refunds,” he laughs, his forehead knocking against yours, and the look in his eyes makes your melt a little. Then, he’s the one initiating kisses, and you swear your heart is beating in time with the bass of the club music. 
With a school dance right around the corner, the angel had kindly offered to help you learn how Properly dance. Not club dancing, or anything of the like.
No, from what you had heard, the RAD school dances were much more formal than the dances you had experienced in school back in the human world, so you’d been searching for a dance teacher.
Simeon had been more than happy to offer his services.
“Look at you!” he says with a gentle laugh--your hand on his shoulder, and his fingers curled around your waist. There’s music playing from your DDD, abandoned on his dresser as the two of you waltz around his room.
“You’re really getting the hang of it!”
You smile as you glance at his bright face, heart fluttering against your ribs as you’re once again reminded of how pretty he is, and how close the two of you are at the moment.
Seriously, as much as you appreciate him for offering to teach you, you’re pretty sure you’ve already staved off half a dozen heart attacks during your lessons.
And today, as heart attack number seven looms, you reach your breaking point.
As the song comes to a close, you step forward--breaking your rhythm--and kiss him. You can feel his body still--his brain catching up with reality.
Just as you begin to pull away, Simeon is closing the gap--hugging you tightly as he reciprocates your affections.
“You won’t kiss the others like this when you’re dancing with them, will you?” he whispers with a smile, making you laugh. “Our first kiss should be special, I think.”
“Kisses while dancing will be reserved for you,” you reassure him, giggling more when he pulls back and pouts at you.
“All kisses should be reserved for me.”
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