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Imagine the mess if Mc had a boyfriend in the human world but they broke up when Mc went on an exchange to study at Devildom. Maybe Mc didn’t want a long distance relationship.
However, if a boyfriend would later become an exchange student at Devildom and believe they would continue their relationship with mc. But Mc has already started a relationship with the brothers.
Undateables are here
Tumblr media
Well Lucifer really wasn’t expecting this.
He would happily welcome your Ex to the exchange study program.
And when Diavolo turns his back away, he will not so happily growl the command to your ex to stay away from you.
Of course not because he wouldn’t trust you.
His pride just hates the idea that you belonged to another man before him.
Especially when your Ex is annoyingly positive and still believes you will come back together.
Lucifer’s new life mission is to crush their hopes.
And he's really good at it.
You and your Ex don’t see much of each other and when you see Lucifer is with you.
You, too, will have to sleep in Lucifer's room when Beel "accidentally" destroyed your room again.
"No. Mc I'm not jealous. I just don’t want you to get “bad impressions” from them."
Tumblr media
"* spraying your ex boyfriend with a bottle of water * Stay away from my human you... other human"
Mammon really hated this situation.
He immediately goes to ask Lucifer that your ex boyfriend be kicked out of the exchange program.
And Mammon is really disappointed when Lucifer refuses.
He becomes much more clingy.
Tsundere’s attitude flies out the window when your ex boyfriend is near.
Mammon really hates how tenacious your ex boyfriend is.
He just wants to keep your boyfriend as far away from you as possible.
And in this matter, Mammon can be creative.
Your ex boyfriend soon finds out that his credit card has been lost and he has a lot of debt.
But that's not Mammon's fault.
Tumblr media
If you listen, you may hear Leviathan`s hissing.
Leviathan is really jealous.
And when I say jealous I mean "he hisses every time he sees your boyfriend and hates everything this does" a type of jealousy.
Leviathan is afraid you will come back together with your ex boyfriend and leave him.
And this fear erupts in very disgusting ways.
therefore disgusting your ex not for you.
For some reason, your boyfriend’s internet isn’t working and his phone breaks down fast.
He also adds affection to you.
Much more "normie" love.
Public affection is also becoming more common.
Maybe this isn't such a bad thing
" Mc that is unfair. You have spent a lot of time with him. Now it's my turn."
Tumblr media
Satan could hate your ex-boyfriend a lot or really a lot.
Depends on how much your ex boyfriend likes cats.
If they like cats Satan is like "Mc you have a really good taste but you stay away from Mc or you die".
And if they don't like cats Satan is like, "Stay fucking away from my Mc so you don't infect them with that cat hate. If you don't do it you'll experience the most painful death possible. Luckily, Mc's taste has evolved for the better.
Let's really hoped that the poor boy will listen to him.
Because if he do not listen, Satan will fulfill his threat.
Satan tries to crush this “competitor’s” self-esteem by showing how he’s better at everything.
He does it quickly and efficiently.
Usually Satan calls your ex boyfriend Lucifer junior.
It reflects the situation really well.
Tumblr media
Asmodeus is certainly not worried.
he knows he’s a much better boyfriend than your ex.
Asmo doesn’t consider your boyfriend a threat but just really annoying.
How can they not understand that you are already in a new relationship with him.
However, this is not the first time Asmo has dealt with his partner’s annoying ex.
He has certainly put together instructions for situations like this.
And now is the time to apply those lessons.
Did you think Asmo was clingy before?
Now he is all around you and your days are filled with dates with him.
Lots of shopping trips, spas, restaurant trips, loud sex so your ex boyfriend is sure to hear it, movie nights and fashion shows.
"Mc I do this because you are dear to me and I want to spend a lot of time with you. There's nothing wrong with that, is there?"
Tumblr media
Beel now looks like a beaten puppy.
He is absolutely certain that you will leave him and come back together with your ex.
Or your ex is not a dangerous demon who could eat you.
And if you want to break up with him he understands.
Beel tries to talk to Belphie.
But Belphien's "if they're too annoying you can eat them" advice doesn't seem to help.
During this situation, Beel begins to eat even more than normal.
You need to talk to Beel or Devildom will run out of food soon.
Also you have to be blind or really stupid if you don’t notice a difference in Beel’s behavior.
You may feel Belphie angry staring because you haven’t addressed this situation before.
After chatting with Beel you get a lot of hugs.
This man is really relieved... and hungry.
"I’m really glad you don’t want to break up with me. We should go eat. I become hungry."
Tumblr media
"Mc would you be sad if one day your Ex disappeared and he is never found? So this is a completely random question."
Belphegor would like to handle the situation as soon as possible.
And he thinks murder is the quickest and easiest way of all.
It’s probably clear that Belphie hates your Ex boyfriend.
Especially when your Ex interferes with your sleeping together.
The worst part of all is that your Ex boyfriend is a really nice person.
That is, the person with whom you could get back together.
The Anti Lucifer league has been replaced by the Anti (ex boyfriend's name) league.
Belphie bribes Satan to join.
Don’t underestimate the power of cute cat photos.
And if your Ex complains about this?
Well this is hell and here the demons are meant to bully humans so shut up.
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kashasenpai · 15 hours ago
Ya know at first I thought thirteen was gonna be the problematic character. But after seeing that he likes Solomons cooking.
Now I know.
It's gonna be Raphael.
Tumblr media
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New Boys just dropped??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I unlocked the "Let's Take Photos!" Memory card and recorded it for y'all! Since the last time I tried uploading a Devilgram recording both on YouTube and on Tumblr, they were both removed by Solmare for copywrite, so I uploaded it to a Google Drive folder here for you guys to view instead!! If you have other cards or lessons you wanna see, lemme know and I'll record them if I have them!
You can view the video here!
And you can view the whole folder here! There's just the one video at the moment, but I'll try to upload more soon!
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otakusheep15 · 2 days ago
I’m not sure if you take nsfw requests anymore so if you don’t, feel free to ignore this!
This is for m!MC -w-
Headcanon that demons have smaller dicks than humans, so when MC first tries to have sex with one of the brothers he says something like ‘sorry if I’m not big enough’ and they’re like ‘oh it’s ok we’ll figure something out :)’ but as soon as he pulls down his pants they’re like O-O ‘you’re insecure about this??’ You can make it funny or steamy if you want. I feel like Levi would just freak out and say no to sex but secretly fantasises about MC fucking him. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
This legit made me laugh out loud in class when I first read it. Funny nsfw scenarios like this are my fave.
Also, sorry for not answering this earlier, I've been kinda busy lately, so I've had no time to write until now.
M!MC with a Big Dick
He felt so confident when y'all started
Thought for sure he'd be the bigger one since he usually is
Did not expect this turn of events in the slightest
I think you actually broke his ego
But at the same time... he's kinda into it
Won't admit it, but he certainly wants to put your size to good use
Still wants to be in control though
You cannot take that away no matter how big your dick may be
You thought Luci's ego was destroyed?
Well you practically decimated this poor boy's entire existence
He was straight up so cocky when you got all embarrassed
Was ready to lowkey tease you as well
Then you take your pants down and it's over
He's so mad at you, like, for real
But he'll get over it cause he's also a horny mess and wants to get dicked down
Horrified but also extremely turned on
He's only seen dicks like yours in hentai
Kinda scoots away from you out of shock
Probably calls it quits on sex that night, but continues to think about it for a while
Eventually he comes back to you requesting that you break him in half
And he's still so shy about it and it's the cutest thing
Please destroy him MC, both you and him deserve it
Doesn't really mind that much
He's a nerd, so he probably read about humans having larger dicks somewhere
Yeah, it does kinda deflate his ego a bit to see it in person, but he gets over it quick
If anything, he probably gets a bit bratty
He teases you for thinking they were small and just gets them riled up even more
He'll definitely be taking advantage of your size though
Still stays in control for the most part, but doesn't mind if you mess him up a little if you know what I mean
Did y'all think he wouldn't already know?
He knows and he is prepared and excited
Wants you to absolutely destroy him And with how big you are, that shouldn't be a problem for anyone
Thinks it's cute how you think you're small and will gladly explain demon anatomy to you if it'll make you feel better
Also makes you feel better in other, more fun ways
Basically, he just has a field day with you and your very pleasurable dick
Barely has a reaction
He wasn't really expecting you to be bigger than him since he's big by demon standards
But it's not like he's upset or anything
All he really feels when he sees how big you are is the need to gag on your dick
That's pretty much it
This man will go to town if you let him, and it will feel good
Also would like you to rail him
The last brother to already know about human anatomy
He spent so much time with humans when he was an angel, so he knew
And he loves it very much
Will probably ride you for hours if he could
You've never seen him with so much energy
Literally just fucks himself dumb on your dick until he passes out
Yeah, he's secretly a very horny bastard and there's nothing anyone can do about it
Oh, and he makes fun of you for thinking you're small, but only in a joking way cause he secretly thinks it's cute
This was very fun to write and I hope the anon who suggested this enjoys it (and anyone else who reads it)
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kelsa2 · a day ago
Satan: MC! Open Up! MC: Well, it all started when I was a kid... Lucifer: That-that’s not what she meant- Mammon and Beel: No, let her finish
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waldos-art · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
A commission for @slythgeek of Envy's Beelzebub cosplay! I love these two, their Gabriel and Beelzebub cosplay (and tiktoks! at housespock, seriously awesome work) are fantastically in character, just so so good! Go check them out!
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goexchange-mods · 2 days ago
Hurrah! The 2021 GOHE begins today! As always, please reblog our daily links to share these gifts with everyone in the fandom.
Opera is Life! But what if it resembles the relationship between you and your adversary/best friend? Click the link to read this poignant period fic set in Russia, and leave the gift of a comment for our Secret Author ~ you do not need to be a member of Dreamwidth to do either!
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Hii, i'd like ti ask if you could make something about how brothers would react to sick mc please? (Thank you :D)
Okay np :)
Tumblr media
"You're sick? How long have you been sore? Three days. Well that explains why you wanted to hug so much."
Yes, it will be some time before Belphie realizes you are sick.
He just doesn't see the signs.
The other brothers will surely find out sooner that you are sick.
Belphie usually just sleeps or hugs you and when you sleep and lie more he just thinks you’ve taken a model from his lifestyle.
But now Belphie is worried about you.
Even though he secretly enjoys how warm you are.
He will make you soup to make you feel better.
Okay, he can’t get up so he asks Beel to make you a soup.
The idea is the most important right?
He also makes sure you get enough rest and eat and drink enough.
Belphie has no problem pushing a spoon into your mouth by force.
Tumblr media
" Mc are you sore? When it is sore keep eating properly. Look I bought you chocolate and I only tasted little of it"
Beel is a worried mother chicken.
He is so worried about you that he will even lose his appetite.
All of his energy is spent caring for you
So please heal quickly.
Beel really doesn’t understand why you don’t eat properly.
He would like to give you lots of gentle hugs.
This poor boy wants more than anything that you would feel better.
He’s going to ask Lucifer, Satan, or Solomon for a quick cure with which he could cure you.
In the meantime, he will fulfill all your requests and give you gentle kisses.
Tumblr media
Satan is playing a game called “Guess Mc’s Disease before they have time to tell you about it".
And he’s really good at that game.
Satan certainly knows the cure for this disease.
If you ask him for help in healing your illness, Satan would be happy.
He rubs it on Lucifer's face
Satan finds a cure and medicine really fast.
Of course, he will not leave you alone while he is looking for cure / making medicine.
Satan will leave a few cats to keep you company.
Cats always make you feel better. You can fight it with him but Satan doesn't change his mind.
Your healing is most important to him.
"Mc don't worry I'll leave you alone. Satan, junior will keep you a company. It's a cat I found a week ago. Let this be a secret between the two of us"
Tumblr media
" Mc open your mouth so I can feed you. Yes, I know you can eat yourself, but isn't this much nicer?"
Whatever bad happens to you is Mammon's fault.
That's what Asmo believes.
But he would be lying if he said he wouldn’t be secretly happy about this.
This is the perfect excuse to take care of you and buy a lot of treats for both of you.
You're practically living in an Asmo room now.
Of course, there are also downsides to this.
Like the fact that you almost sneezed on his new bag and his new shoes that cost 10,000 grimm.
But don't worry because Asmo will forgive you.
Asmo doesn’t understand why you don’t want to have sex in sick. You need to justify to him the reasons why you don’t want to do it.
When you were healed Asmo would be happy.
Now you can go on a date together again.
Tumblr media
Leviatha thinks your illness is Lucifer’s new way to punish him.
He thinks you're too sweet.
Every time you sneeze Leviathan gets a nosebleed scene.
He would take a lot of secret pictures of you.
But there are also good things here.
Now you can just lie in his room all day and watch the anime.
Leviathan will feed you fast food and Ramen.
Mostly Ramen.
You even get to hug his Ruri-Chan pillow when you’re sick.
Because Leviathan believes that Ruri-Chan will make everyone feel better.
Of course, the fact that you are sick is a bit annoying to Leviathan.
Because now you can’t monitor until midnight and watch anime with him.
You can watch anime all day but Lucifer makes sure you sleep at night.
" * mumbles * Mc why do you have to be as sweet as you are sick? W-what! No! I didn't say anything you heard wrong."
Tumblr media
"Lucifer help my human is overheated. Sick? Hey Human can you stop being sick?"
Mammon would be really worried.
At first he would think you were going to die.
Mammon really doesn’t know about human illnesses very well.
He probably says at first he doesn’t need help and that he can heal you alone.
After a couple of hours, he tries to "borrow" Satan's books on human diseases.
Mammon really wants you to get better.
He does almost anything you ask for.
Mammon also "borrows" drugs from Solomon.
(Mammon likes to "borrow" a lot of stuff)
You also get a lot of hugs and kisses.
It is only hoped that human diseases will not infect demons.
Otherwise, you will soon have to take care of Mammon
Tumblr media
We can feel Lucifer's hair turning gray.
He already has enough stress and now you are sick too.
Now he has to stay to take care of you.
It doesn’t make it any easier for Mephistopheles to publish various explanations in the school newspaper about why you and Lucifer are out of school at the same time.
Fucking Mephie.
Your illness is a vacation to Lucifer.
He will hug you in bed all day and feed you.
Lucifer could go ask Satan for help with your healing but this boy is too proud.
In his own words, he can do it alone.
Lucifer is forcing you to rest.
You are not allowed to do anything that could burden you.
After your healing, Lucifer’s first mission is to teach Mephistopheles who insulted his pride.
Run Mephie run
" Don't worry dear you will soon be better off. Now follow me so we can go to rest together "
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randomgameheadcannons · 2 days ago
Obey me! Characters and their music taste :)
desc; hi lol, obey me characters and what i feel their music taste is, i’m doing everyone but the royals, im sorry if you wanted them but i couldn’t think of any for them :(  ps. this isnt on mobile is on my computer, so the layout will be different, also remembered i got a bruise under my eye #survived /j...
disclaimer!; i don’t own obey me nor the characters, i only own the writing you are seeing now. if the creators or voice actors are uncomfortable with it, i’ll gladly take it down
warnings; slight cussing, capital letters
- - - - the demon bros - - -
- mans probably listens to spanish love songs :)
- he finds them calming and listens to them on repeat sometimes.
-he also doesnt know what google translate is and isnt gonna try to search up the lyrics
-but as a strict older brother, he’ll sometimes listen to angsty songs, you know?
- like, SIU, I Love You So, and Pity Party from out of sheer boredom
- man likes jazz because of the saxophone
- he listens to nicki minaj, im so sorry :(
- lol, you could hear him just singing “sHakE it oFf~ cause tHe hateRs gonNa haTe~” in his room, thinking no-one could hear him
- they can, Mamsy- you have a beautiful voice, just no </3
- lol quiet kid in the back vibes here
- he listens to undertale boss battle soundtracks, just had to say it
- LUIGIS MANSION IS ON REPEAT (maybe also Lil’ Nas x- )
- would probably listen to confidence boost playlist on youtube
- mans uses spotify, not apple music
- he loves the mcdonalds ads :)
- jazz.
- but soft jazz, like music he could read his books to :)
- would in once a blue moon, TRY(keyword try) to listen to someone elses music
- he also loves piano
- if songs, then probably ricky montgomery or something like bruno mars ;-;
- they share the headphones/earbuds
-beel doesnt pick the music but he doesnt care
- belphie chooses anything that can make him fall asleep
- WAP makes him fall asleep? you bet your great grandmother’s ashes that he’s playing it :)
- but on a daily basis, he would listen to tiktok songs X^X
- - - - purgatory hall - - - -
- has a weird obession with addison rae..?
- he’s like a mom with his music and his ‘childrens’s
-cuss words? depends on how they’re said. “You might go to hell” ? ...possibly not acceptable. “you look as hell” ? questionable
- listens to past 80-90s disco music
- WHATS THAT ONE SONG “if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends~”
- im sorry, but i got to state the truth and only the truth...
- this child listens to kids-bop
-he’ll says something in the terms of “Kids-bop has no cuss words! I don’t care for your ‘wAp’ problems!”
- he hella inoccent ;-; bless his soul
- a combination to Beel+Belphie and Satan
- anything that helps him concentrate, but preferably his own choosing and not spotify’s daily mixes
- he hates those shits
- - - - ENDING
ending note; typing sucks lol
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pumpkin-patch-cat · 2 days ago
(Dunno if this is anywhere in the actual game. If it is, oh well)
Language Headcanon
The demons and undateables have a charm that allows them to speak w.e language MC-chan speaks.
Each of the brothers takes turns teaching MC their native demon language outside of the class they attend.
Depending on the brother, the lesson is either productive or a complete goof off session. 🤷🏾‍♀️😅
Mammon and Belphie have made it a note to teach MC all the swear words, naturally.
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coconut-tree-cafe · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
here’s a little hand and lighting study i did and made it the brother’s hands and what i think they look like ^^
His hands are old and weathered, wise and angry and cold. He keeps them gloved a lot of the time.
Mammon’s hands are smooth and silky, they are warm and are very good at holding all things precious. He likes to wear rings, when he’s allowed.
Levi’s hands are skilled at playing games, and they have quick reflexes. They are not calloused but not exactly soft either. He picks at his nail polish.
His hands are uncharacteristically clumsy, and prone to bruising and destruction. He often has papercuts from his books.
Asmo’s hands are delicate and very soft, they can be cold however. They smell nice, like soap.
His hands are large and calloused. They are warm and firm, sometimes sticky. He keeps them close to his body a lot.
Belphegor’s hands are slender and boney, they are often limp and dry. He rubs his eyes with his palms.
Purgatory hall handcanons
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elsecrytt · a month ago
HC: Waking Up With The Boys
Crossposted on Ao3 - just some headcanons about. Mornings with the Obey Me! Crew. Originally Barbatos wasn’t included, so, bonus for tumblr friends? Do I have tumblr friends? Hope I make some lol please enjoy!!! I gotta do something on this blog lol
-           Poor man probably wakes up at like 5:30AM sharp every day, starts a very specific morning routine for Maximum Productivity. He probably does work even in the morning before leaving for class, actually.
-           Considerate enough to let you sleep in, but he’ll wake you up maybe a half hour before you need to leave. Probably in a flirty way because once his routine is done, he is ready to go as the Lucifer we all know and love.
-           If you are enough of a morning person to catch him sleeping, you refuse to take a picture. God’s most beautiful creation sleeping peacefully beside you and you’re gonna share this vision with the world? Please. They can seduce the Avatar of Pride themselves if they want it so bad. Soft sleepy morning Lucifer is all yours.
-          Soft sleepy morning Lucifer dear god in heaven why did you make him like this how does he look this good at five in the fucking morning
-           A morning person? No, a Morning Star.
-          He’s absolutely gorgeous and very soff for you when he first wakes up. You can’t decide if you love his sleeping face or the drowsy smile he makes, lashes half-lowered at you, when he wakes up and sees you beside him. Black-red eyes, normally so sharp and piercing, linger on you with warmth and blatant affection.
-          Lucifer almost never makes himself vulnerable but when he sees you sleeping as he wakes up? He’s struck with a sudden understanding of what people mean when they say they just can’t get out of bed in the morning. Even he doesn’t realize the face he makes, how he stares down at you like it’s his own hands he’s leaving in his bed instead of his lover.
-          There is a pride in being trusted, in how you let yourself be defenseless before him, how you feel secure enough to cling to him despite the threats he’d issued to you in the past. How you shiver for lack of his company. It swells inside him like a weight, the intoxicating and heavy feeling of being needed, wanted, of being valuable beyond measure to his mate.
-           The weight of this pride is comfortable, reassuring, like the feeling of your arm around his waist as he lays beside you
-          On the rare instance he gets to sleep in, he’s likely to hold you until you struggle out.
-           If you really want to leave, he’ll let you, but like… why? You’d have a hard time leaving the bed at least, even if you just wanna sit up and do something on your phone while he rests his head on your thigh.
-          He probably likes to pet your hair before he leaves the bed. You get dressed yourself but he will absolutely look over your ensemble, straighten any stray locks, tug your uniform into place here or there. Your reward is the winning smile he makes when he decides you look just perfect
-          C u d d l e
-          He may be your first man but in the morning he is a distinctly Last Minute Man. Unless you’re also the type to spend only 5 minutes getting ready, you’ll be waking up before him, extracting yourself from octo-Mammon’s grasping limbs.
-          Probably whines about it too, the big baby. But you wouldn’t be with him if you didn’t find that absolutely heart-wrenchingly endearing, and god, when he gives you that bleary, misty-eyed desperate look, croaking out for you to come back, just a few more minutes babe…
-          He is a graspy needy greedy boy but he doesn’t actually fight you and lets you disentangle yourself freely, grumbling and whining about it all the while. You can even feel his hands running towards whatever bits of your skin are uncovered, just to get that last touch and feel of you before you go.
-          Mammon never holds you too tight or keeps you from getting up when you try. He only ever asks you to stay.
-          Unfortunately you are in love with Mammon so It’s Super Effective!
-           Levi actually said that once waiting for you two to get up. Bastard.
-          Weak!!! You are weak!! Lucifer blames you at this point because you were supposed to have the brain cells in this relationship! Instead you are putty! Play-doh!! A Mammoron!! You are never going to get any breakfast from Beel at this point! F O O L
-          It’s okay your First Man Demon has a nice little café you can both run through on your way to RAD for a little breakfast bite. Eventually Satan or Belphie will start hiding away a plate for you, too. Not Mammon, though. He starves like a dog, and begs food off you like one, too, much to the entertainment of his brothers (your plate has an extra large serving just for that).
-          If you don’t need to get up early then it’s just a matter of whenever one of you really really needs to pee. Or gets super hungry. And even then, you’d better stay out so he slinks out of bed, and scrambles down the stairs or through the hall to wherever you are as soon as he gets dressed, just a little but more rushed than usual. If you come back to bed too soon he’ll just give you the old puppy dog eyes, sad and scared, like he must have disappointed you, like the Great Mammon isn’t enough… won’t you please stay with him…
-           Oh yeah sure he’s your clingy little bitch who’d do anything for you but ultimately you are completely whipped for your clingy little bitch so you’re going to get your ass back in bed with him and you know it. So stay up and about and your good boy will come to you.
-          It’s emotionally damaging how he looks so good in the morning when he straight up doesn’t even try. Mammon doesn’t even shower in the morning, only at night before bed, to maximize the time he can spend being asleep in your arms, or with you in his.
-          How does his hair look this good when he only barely combs it? You ruffle it on the regular, it feels like you’re sinking your fingers into clouds, the softest white down imaginable, while he hums and blushes and beams and makes the most pathetic excuses you’ve ever heard about how lucky you are to get to pet him. Boy is literally purring in your lap while he proclaims he doesn’t like this kind of thing or anything, but he’ll let you do it.
-           He’s right tho. He’s so right. You’d kill for this. But only good boys who admit their feelings get to hear that kind of talk and Mammon usually takes the kind of coaxing better done at night than at morning.
-           You would also kill to have hair like this though because what the fuck Mammon he’s literally a model, he doesn’t need to practice any hair care or skin care beyond the barest of essentials, you can muss his hair however you like in the morning and he still comes out looking gorgeous just how the hell is this fair!!! How!!!
-           And he’s dating you! This hot mess of a man demon!!! All yours!!! How!!
-          This man doesn’t even attend class most of the time lmao what did you think you were getting into when you got into that tub with him, hm?
-          Octo-mammon ain’t got nothing on our tail boy. You’re wrapped up beside him in a tub, curled into one another, limbs fitting together in whatever way felt comfortable at the time. The slightest move messes with the jenga (you know that tail is gonna squeeze you a little out of reflex) and you won’t be able to leave without waking him up.
-          Why are you leaving? Why are you abandoning him? What did he do wrong – no, of course you’d ditch him at the first chance, he’s just this loser otaku, ugh, who wouldn’t –
-          It’s grating to deal with for sure but Levi’s hangups are a part and parcel of who he is. Reassure and comfort in the way that works best between you; after a while, he’ll probably get the gist of it.
-          Very awkward stumbling out of the tub and extracting yourselves from the mess of limbs. When he just lifts you up with his tail you nearly have a heart attack okay that was fucking hot do it again Levi
-          No morning routine here, just blushing, turning around for you to get changed, telling you – “No! No, you don’t have to leave, just – just look at the wall! Look at Henry 2.0!”
-          You might be able to catch him in a mood every now and then, though. Half asleep, half awake, not quite 100% aware of everything going on around him. Only barely avoids stumbling into things. He’s so cute you could die.
-           Days like these, Levi will hold your hand absentmindedly, help you into your RAD jacket, or let you help him into his, not really thinking about what’s happening, just unconsciously accepting your help and your presence.
-           It gets as far as you pulling him down the stairs by his arm; he follows obediently until the dining hall’s lights get in his eyes, his brothers are there and he’s holding hands with you AHHHHHHHH
-          Be prepared to be woken up at strange times though, when there’s some event going on or some other, anything that he has to wake up early for, he totally will, and the jenga of inextricable intimacy goes both ways.
-           It’s cute tho cause if you do your best to pretend to still be asleep you get to catch how he quietly panics to himself about maybe waking you up, and then gently sets you back down, carefully attempting to settle you into a comfortable position without him.
-           And then the thought of you being comfortable without him gets to him, and he kisses you goodnight, runs his fingers through your hair… and maybe the tail comes out, just long enough to reach back into the tub where it dips in to graze your fingertips. Since you’re not actually asleep, you grasp at them, making him freeze and shiver before he continues on.
-           (When Levi doesn’t actually wake you up, and you stay asleep, you act just the same, which is why he doesn’t realize it when you're only pretending to be asleep)
-          Not a morning person but also not too grouchy, he’s not the type to make much of a fuss. Surprise surprise, he’s a lot like Lucifer here; gets up, gets himself ready, commits the appropriate crimes against fashion, heads downstairs for breakfast.
-          He’s a bit of a tease so he’d totally leave you in bed if you’re the type to sleep in and you don’t wake up to one or two casual pokes. Waking you up 10 minutes before you have to leave and holding out your jacket to put on you himself when you get dressed like the wicked demon he is.
-           dw he’s got a snack for you saved from breakfast in this case. He’s not a monster, you know. He wouldn’t do it multiple days in a row, either. He’s read about the importance of breakfast in a human’s daily routine.
-           Are you gonna like Satan when he decides you absolutely will wake up right now no five more minutes? Is he gonna care? No and no, unfortunately this SOB is well aware that you love him and he can do no wrong even when he bullies you.
-           But YEAH the little shit is always sneaking soft glances at you. If you’re the type to sleep in really late he’s likely to just snag something (or a couple somethings) from the breakfast table to watch you sleep in his room. He finds it charming – calming, even.
-          If you wake up on time, he’ll get ready with you. 0 shame about undressing or dressing himself in front of you, but if you have any, he’s gonna laugh and tease you.
-           If you wake up before him, you might have a shot at sneaking looks at his cute sleeping face… Lucifer was right he’s so deceptively sweet and smiling and then those electric green eyes pop open and he’s blushing and smirking at you both at once.
-           Killer demon instincts, lovestruck bookworm boyfriend.
-          Extremely difficult to bully back because of killer demon instincts. If you wake up earlier than him, you’re likely to wake him up, too, as you walk around. He’s a pretty early riser but you’ll get some grumpy looks if you’re an even earlier one, and he might give you trouble leaving the bed if you’re always leaving so early.
-          On free days he will happily hold you securely against him and completely ignore any attempts at escape. He’s reasonable, though, if you promise him you’re just headed to the bathroom, but he won’t take that excuse a second time if you try to make an unsanctioned escape. You’ll have to make up for his loss somehow…
-          Probably the best out of all of them at keeping you in the bed tbh. Satan has no problems offering you incentives to stay in his arms; cuddling, sexy times, or even the legendary power move… he pulls out a book, settles you sitting back against his chest, rests his chin on top of your head, and starts reading to you. What are you gonnna do about it? Leave?
o   This will go on for hours, or the whole day, as time permits. Sometimes even if it doesn’t, particularly if that means problems for Lucifer… or if he just needs some time to recharge with his favorite person.
-          Another morning routine man, this time for skincare and beauty purposes. You think his face is naturally this clear? Nah, he works for this, babe, and he’ll work for yours too if you let him.
-          Probably thinks it’s cute if you wanna sleep in tho. If you wanna be zombie and let him wash your face and brush/style your hair while you’re half asleep he’s gonna be all over that, thinks it’s the most adorable thing in the world.
-           Most mornings there might not be time, though, if you desperately want to sleep in then he’ll let you, although it would be very cute if you were a heavy enough sleeper for him to dress you while you were asleep~
-          TOP TIER CUDDLING RIGHT HERE. When the time permits. Probably better at it than Belphegor tbh. He knows your sleeping position(s) very well and what places you feel comfortable having pressure put on, can read your body language like a book, and has loads of experience in bed – what, you didn’t think he only meant that, did you? So naughty, darling~
-          He is a slut. A snuggle slut. Little cuddle whore. Absolute bitch for a good spooning. Yeah, you like that Asmo? Like that leg over your thigh? The arm around your waist pulling you close? Filthy needy cuddly boy. It’s disgusting. You’re so fucking into it.
-           The only consolation is that he’s actually pretty floored by this sort of talk. Asmo pulls out his usual “Awww, you’re so cute!” and “My heart is racing!” quickly enough but it’s pretty obvious you’ve got one over him. He buries his face in your shoulder and wails that he likes you too much and fuck you’ve never seen him this adorable before
-           It doesn’t last long though because he turns it right back around. Asmo platonically calling you a his cute little snuggle slut is unlocking in you a level of horny you weren’t aware even existed
-          Will his cute little cuddle babe give him your hand so he can do your nails this early in the morning?
-           Of course you will, you are wildly infatuated with him and being doted on this early in the morning raises your heart rate enough to actually wake you up. Even if you do feel completely comfortable with him, it’s not like you can fall back asleep while he’s awake and giving you all this attention
-          He’ll pick out your outfit for the day, every day if you let him, and even help you into it.
-           Asmo makes an adjustment here or there to your RAD uniform – maybe he ties a certain knot into your tie, rolls up your sleeves or leaves your buttons undone a certain way, just a special, stylish touch depending on what he thinks suits you. It is stylish and when you don’t have him to put it on you’re a little at a loss.
-          Gives you a kiss before he gets out of his bed for his morning routine, probably plays with your hair. Just one more kiss before he’s off to wash his face – two, three – a peppering of showered kisses. He’s so excited to be able to kiss you good morning, too, it’s energizing for you as well.
-          Resident soff boy. Always awake in time for breakfast, and he’ll wake you up for it. If you sleep in, he will save you a plate – aren’t you lucky~
-           Even if you are a heavy sleeper he is more than capable of lifting you up out of the bed, sitting you down, tugging you out of your nightclothes and into your RAD uniform. Beel knows all the nice, gentle ways of waking up and taking care of a sleepy person, and several less than nice ways if you can bring yourself to fight the demon incarnation of a big, fluffy Saint Bernard
-          Probably showers in the morning as well as later on in the day, being an athlete. Will be totally comfortable showering with you if you are so inclined.
-           This is the method by which you, if you are particular about these sorts of things, are able to select his body wash and shampoo/conditioner. Beel will absolutely lean down or even kneel before you if it means you’ll touch his hair all nice-like.
-           The absolute balls on this man, telling Mammon he had a ‘lame, goofy smile’ with the way he beams at you like a puppy getting petted while you scrub his hair. What a goddamn hypocrite. And who says there’s anything wrong with a big goofy grin? You’d kill or die for Beel’s dopey, beaming face, thanks.
-          Dries your hair very nicely with big, warm hands. He loves running his fingers through it; long or short, just the brush of your hairs against his fingertips as he works the heat from your scalp to dampen the wet away. Will happily use a hair dryer if your hair is long or you’re more style-conscious/pressed for time
-          Wakes up at a pretty normal time but if you get up early, he’ll just get up and start getting ready alongside you without complaint. Beel being earlier to breakfast has certain… effects on the household but that’s Lucifer’s problem, not yours.
-          Probably the least cuddly out of all of them in the mornings; he’s great for snuggles when he’s got a snack or he’s tired from a big workout and an even bigger meal, but other than that, he’s a pretty active person. Even when you can sleep in he’s likely to wake up, gently extracting himself from however you are entangled and getting himself ready before he comes back to you
-           Will probably bring back food for you and feed you breakfast in bed. It’s not like there’ll be leftovers, anyways. He’s a gentle, chill giant, but also he’d be completely unabashed at the prospect of licking food off your fingertips or vice versa.
-           He works out; he’s not one to lay in bed all day. Past any breakfast in bed he’ll be tugging you out of the blankets, lifting you up, trying to get you to be active and start your day. He knows that sleeping too much is no good, after all.
-          “morning”? sounds fake
-          You probably have to drag him out of bed a lot of the time. Sure he could manage on his own but with you in bed with him Belphie just does not see the point bro. Just stay in there with him. Take another nap. Cuddle a bit. C’mon…
-           Sure Beel will help you tug him off the mattress but that’ll require you to get up and off the mattress, first.
-           Beel might normally help him get dressed, but that’s your job now that you’re responsible for getting him into something resembling wakefulness. If he sleeps so much, he should be able to wake up on time! Sloth is no joke.
-           But he’s so fucking adorable when he’s sleepy and you’ve coaxed and cooed him into being unresisting as you dress him up. And yeah, maybe the careful way you undress and dress him is a part of why he lazes around, sitting up, standing, and helping you where absolutely necessary… he does love having you do the work for him.
-          W A R M
-          He’s like an actual demon on your shoulder, except giant-sized and cute, constantly tempting you with his big, soft pillow, and his silky hair, and his calm, easygoing demeanor. Sloth demon says it’s nap time all day every day.
-          Most likely to try and convince you to come back to bed even after you’re dressed and dragging him down the stairs. His success rate is not 0%
o   Levi’s commentary to this effect is summarily rejected, but of course Belphie thinks it’s funny.
-          It’s a good thing he’s so close with Beel because otherwise you’d never get anything. But the big brother of the pair keeps you fed, despite his own misgivings.
-          Clingy clingy sleepy boy. If he were to drift back into consciousness while you were asleep, he’d have absolutely no plans of waking you up, at all, ever, and would probably go back to sleep quickly, himself. But…
-           Always happy to adjust his position, your position, for maximum comfort. He is a comfy cuddler who likes to rest part of himself on you, or part of you on him, or any manner of arrangements between the both of you and the pillow.
-           Looking at your cute sleeping face sure does things to him. You’re so peaceful and vulnerable and close, right next to him, sharing your warmth with him. It’s been a long, long time, since he’s really had anyone but Beel, who’s much bigger than him, and all hard muscle and demonic strength, for all his gentleness. You’re soft and fragile and human, and feel so so good to rest against.
-          He always wakes up surprisingly quickly after you do – it’s just the getting him up that’s difficult. And with him, it’s always the same refrain – five more minutes, ten more minutes, another hour, come on, whatever you had to do today wasn’t that important, really…
-           Good luck removing him from the bed when he doesn’t have any RAD. If it makes you feel any better, you can probably sit up in bed and let him lie against you while you do whatever. He’d prefer you resting against him but he’s happy to accept just your warmth at his side. He always wins, anyways; everyone has to sleep eventually.
-          We all know Barbatos wakes him up. With his energy levels and massive enthusiasm for basically everything, he is probably morning person. Likely sleeps at the same time every night after years and years of routine. He’ll drag you into it if you’re sharing a bed with him, give or take half an hour.
-          You actually feel like you’re sleeping with a several-thousand-year-old man because as a morning person, he’ll go to sleep early and wake up early. 11pm no longer exists.
-           He does go to parties every so often but now you know more about how he never seemed to be around at the end, or walked you home or whatever – you’d assumed he left early like a true celebrity, but no, he’s like? Straight up headed to bed like the old man he technically actually is.
-          It’s a good thing he wakes up early, too, because he’s a heavy sleeper and a pretty large guy. Diavolo isn’t necessarily clingy like some of the others, but he doesn’t need to be; he can peacefully fall asleep with you in his arms precisely because there’s absolutely no escaping him until he wakes up.
-           Of all the demons on this list, except perhaps for Mammon, his control is the most impeccable. Even in his sleep he would never squeeze you too tightly or crush you too hard against him. But he will adjust and re-adjust, ever aware of your weight in his arms, tug, and pull you close, stopping just short of the threshold of your discomfort, and no amount of resistance will so much as stir him unless you’re straight up willing to bite.
-           Unlike Mammon, though, Diavolo was never an angel. He was born a demon, through and through, and his unconscious desire will keep you by his side, against him, where you’re safest, where you’re his, where he can keep you happy and keep you with him
-           It’s okay, Barbatos will set you up with an alarm or a taser under your pillow or something. dw about Diavolo, he’s a powerful demon, he can take it like a champ. He’s got the good graces to be ashamed about it when he wakes up, but what can ya do when you’re a future demon king and you’ve always been given everything you wanted, all the time, and the human you want most in the world is in your arms right here and now? Not hold them?
-          Most of the time he’ll wake up before you, though. Diavolo sees your cute sleeping human self and He Literally Can’t. He Cannot Even. You are. Too cute. Too precious. Congratulations, you can make a (future) Demon King squee in your sleep.
-           He just barely manages to stop his unbelievably loud laugh while he watches you sleep because he is a Good Boy
-           The type to get up, get dressed (Barbatos might actually help him with that in the morning lmao), and then just watch you while you’re sleeping. Listen, you knew he was a demon already, you signed up for this. He can’t get enough of your sleeping face, your docile form that he can arrange on the bed however he wants. Maybe he sits up against you in bed, rest your sleeping head in his lap, against his chest, in his side, relishing in the comfort of your presence.
-          A good match for a grumpy morning person because this bastard radiates Morning Demon Energy. He is awake and he is happy about it and if you aren’t happy about it he’s going to be aggressively happy in your direction until you are.
-           He may or may not be able to help you get dressed or do any morning routing stuff but he definitely likes to fiddle with the collar/tie of your uniform or put on your jacket. It’s a new sort of experience for him, doing that for someone else, and he will jump on any opportunity to engage with you and feel helpful
-           Ugh, morning people, right? God he’s just so stupid and tall and handsome and his smile is so bright and dumb and friendly and he’s always so cheerfully oblivious to other people’s feelings, yet heartfelt sometimes.
-           and he makes a really really good big spoon
-           and cuddles super well and can pick you up and hold you in any position so easily, he’s so strong, god that fucking BODY
-          Night Owl man for sure. Has about a million ways of keeping you up with him throughout the night, only some of which are lewd. To be fair, it’s all very enriching – either to studies or to your relationship with him. He has a lot to talk about, even if he somehow manages to say nothing about himself after hours of conversation.
-          “Routine” is probably a bunch of magical getting ready quick tricks. The bastard probably doesn’t even need to get dressed, just snaps his fingers and his clothes are hanging off him. He offers to help you though. Naturally, it’s his responsibility, since he was the one who –
-           Doesn’t actually always undress you but he’d probably always offer to help you get dressed. Your clothing may find itself lost or misplaced until you cave and ask him for help. Maybe one day you carry a little glitter pouch in your pants pocket as revenge, that’ll teach him…
-           Jokes on you Solomon is absolutely utterly into this shit and when you pull one over on him he is thoroughly delighted
-          Actually a very light sleeper (72 pacts ain’t super safe) but pretends not to be. You’ll figure it out eventually, he knows, but before you do, he’s hoping to catch you fawning over his sleeping face.
-          Lucifer may be god’s most beautiful creation but Solomon is possibly the most beautiful human. Oh my god. Look at this man. Fair hair, that smooth face with clean, sleek features. The only minus is that you can’t see his eyes but his eyelashes are white. What the fuck. Did Asmo give him beauty tips? Does he just have a spell? Are you under a spell??
o   Asmo can’t enchant you but apparently Solomon can do it in his sleep. His hair is too soft. He can’t be human, right? No human can make you want to pet his hair this much. Maybe him and Mammon are using the same hair products.
-          Solomon almost tears up a little bit feeling you stroke him and sigh as you ponder your lovesickness. He doesn’t recognize this feeling in himself. Vulnerability and shows of affection are things of the long-distant past.
-          He wakes up before you and doesn’t pretend, sometimes, because this is a novel experience too, having another human sleep so close to him. It’s been so long it feels like it’s never happened before, and it feels different now that he’s different; he’s been so disconnected and dissociated it feels strange to think of you as his love who is holding onto him, instead of another living, breathing human who will eventually wither and die.
-          For all his obnoxiousness he will totally teach you some magic tricks to streamline your morning routine along with him. Less time getting ready means more time chatting with him.
-           Asmo taught him to do makeup so he will do that for you the long way, actually, if you like, and his sense of style is really good. Well, you think it’s good. You think he looks good. Listen, if you were turned off by his strange fashion choices you would never have gotten this close to him to begin with, it’s really not that weird –
-           He’s just so happy he gets to touch your faaaaacceee he can’t remember the last time he touched another human’s face. It’s so soft! The feeling of your cheeks against his fingertips is warm and smooth and so pleasant to the touch, he almost doesn’t want to use a brush. He’s got to ask Asmodeus about skin care, you should preserve what you can, as best you can…
-           The funny part is that Solomon doesn’t fucking say any of this to you so he’s just standing there, smiling at your face like a creeper, humming contemplatively to himself while he strokes your jaw. Like, you’re into it, and you know what he’s actually thinking, but damn Solomon sweetheart this is why people call you shady
-          Has passed far beyond the realm of “morning person”. Time is immaterial to him. His day is separated into I am the Prince’s Butler and I am a Baker and recently I am a Boyfriend.
-          Yes he does sleep. He IS a demon and demons need sleep. There is in fact a bed in his room. How is this possible, you ask?
-          It turns out our dear sweet Barbatos is a FUCKING CHEATER
-          ABSOLUTE HACK
-           All of the doors in his room lead to different timelines, including the entrance. Barbatos can sleep until 10am in the morning in his room, and open a portal to 5am outside his room, then leave and start the day without changing the timeline at all.
-           This is okay though, because now you’re in on it, too. Barbatos takes great pleasure in being your cuddly morning boyfriend, with that added perk of permanently being allowed to sleep in.
-          No WONDER he always has the energy to deal with Diavolo all the time, and no wonder he never lets anyone in his room. This is where Barbatos rests, where he gathers his strength (and dear god does he need it), and rests, completely and utterly gone to the world, assured in the fact that he will never ever be disturbed.
-          Literally impossible to wake up before him. Future Barbatos, who’s already slept in, will always return with breakfast five minutes before you wake up. Where is the Barbatos of the present timeline? Who knows. Maybe only one of him can exist at once?
-           The only way to avoid this is if you tell him with your best pleading face that you want to cook breakfast with him… in which case he will still just wait for you to wake up whenever it suits you best, and then gently, with that terribly serene smile and significantly-less-dead-than-normal looking eyes, ease you out of the pillow and blankets, lead you towards the kitchen.
-           Probably doesn’t trust you with many kitchen implements when you’ve just woken up, even if you are a morning person. But you can lean over his shoulder and hug him while he works. Even if it makes it more difficult, Barbatos is never anything but happy for the challenge.
-           That the breakfast is always delicious, no matter how much of a part you have in baking it. It’s always healthy and balanced, too. If you’re eating it in bed, there’s probably more finger foods. He makes your favorites, but also introduces you to something new every now and then.
-          At this rate you are going to forget how to dress yourself. Does he also have a portal in his closet? To worlds of never-ending fashion and comfortable, stylish clothes which you can never seem to easily zip up all by yourself?
-          Showers with you to ensure you use the appropriate products at the right time. He carefully makes sure the water is not too hot or too cold, shampoos your hair thoroughly with excellent massaging skills; his nails are surprisingly long and just a little bit sharp, a gentle, soothing scrape against your scalp that helps you feel really clean. Then applies conditioner, making sure not to rinse out too much, scrubs you down a bit with body wash while the conditioner does its work.
-           If you shave he will help you shave. He’ll even shave for you (yes, he has done it for Diavolo, yes, he will help you shave anywhere, if you want it) and he never so much as leaves a nick.
-           Also carefully applies body oil or lotion either in the shower or as you dry off, in order to keep your skin soft and healthy. He does touch it a lot after all :)
-           Will style your hair like an absolute professional. Diavolo is always wearing his hair the same old way so if you’re interested he’d be THRILLED to try out some new things and hone his skills on you in that respect.
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