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Hot take of the Obey me boys in a Hispanic family reunion.

  • Diavolo And Lucifer are the ones talking with the tios and playing dominos.
  • Barbatos, Luke and Beelzebub are with las abuelas in the kitchen getting food. Las abuelas are spoiling Beel while they keep calling him either “flaco” or “estas gordito toma más”
  • Asmo, Solomon and Simeon están chismoseando con las tias. Asmo doesn’t hold back on talking about their 3rd husband ☠️☠️ when they try being sassy.
  • Mammon is either playing outside with the cousins or getting drag out to dance bachata. Asmo drags everyone to dance at one point.
  • Satan is with the other cousins causing trouble. Totally not throwing fire crackers at Lucifers direction.
  • Belphie is sleeping in those plastic chair with the random babies sleeping in the bed pass out.
  • Beelzebub ate all the Tembleque and Flan-
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Starting to think these ad editors actually don’t know Belphie and Levi are two different characters

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~Beezlebub has a devil put aside for me~

~For me~

~For me!!!!~



Debuting my new Beezlebub cosplay and I can say I bloody love it. It took a lot of research and time to find all the right items but I definitely feel it was worth it. I made two items on this cosplay myself which are the sash and the fly headdress. I know the headdress isn’t 100% accurate to the one off the show but I wanted to add a bit of artistic flair to it. 😄 Hope you guys like it

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dear god they would just be singing polka music at the top of there lungs and just,god that would be awful.

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Obey Me! Characters and their thoughts on spiders (imo):


  • doesn’t even bat an eye when squishing the poor things under his shoe
  • no remorse for the disgusting creatures
  • they make cobwebs and it’s a pain to clean them up
  • if he so much as sees one from across the room he will LITERALLY STARE THEM DO DEATH
  • i mean he’s a demon, he got the power to do so
  • and if he’s working on paperwork and doesn’t wanna get the fly swatter and walk across the room
  • just giving them a literal death glare is easier


  • screams before beating the shit out of them
  • you’ll hear an “AH! FUCK!”
  • followed by a loud stomp or thud or whatever (depends on what surface the spider dares to crawl on)
  • on that note, i feel like mammon has broken a couple of glass vases because he doesn’t really think twice before he just swings his hand to kill a tiny arachnid
  • in those instances, you’ll hear a softer, quieter “ah, fuck…” as he realises his mistake and dread sinks in, knowing lucifer can and will beat his ass


  • “Ew.” *squish*
  • kinda disgusted by them, honestly
  • even more disgusted when he kills them and their guts and insides go everywhere
  • he’ll try to relocate them to avoid that
  • but, if they sneak up on him, that’s when he freaks out
  • he hates it when they appear out of fucking no where
  • he’ll just be peacefully gaming when he feels something crawling on his hand
  • screams like an highschool anime girl before slapping his hand
  • and when they disappear when he walks away to get a piece of paper to put them on?
  • hates that even more
  • “i’m burning down R.A.D.”


  • he doesn’t care about them as long as they stay a good twenty feet away from him
  • other than that he will smite them
  • literally
  • but he’s also the type to have a staring contest with one if he sees it crawling on the wall
  • “you fucking stay there unless you wanna meet your maker.”
  • spider lowkey shaking in its boots
  • and me too, ngl
  • y'all seriously think lucifer is the scary one? please, he’s got nothing on satan


  • poor baby is TERRIFIED of spiders
  • he will cry
  • he will run away and cry
  • and get lucifer or whoever to kill it for him
  • and then proceeds to repeatedly ask “are you sure it’s dead?”
  • “fucking yes, it’s dead. can’t you see it’s guts are everywhere?”
  • “are you sure?”
  • “oh my fu–”
  • he probably refuses to go in the same room a spider was killed in for a good couple of days
  • and if it’s his bedroom? he’ll just stay in mc’s room
  • annoying the shit out a mammom would be a bonus to bunking with dear mc


  • actually likes spiders
  • he thinks they’re cute
  • and if he sees one he’ll move it outside to save it from his brothers’ wrath
  • but not before he holds it in his hand and lets it crawl around his fingers for a little while
  • names the ones he comes across
  • you’ll probably see him sitting in the kitchen with a spider in his hands at one point
  • “and who do we have here?”
  • “diavolo junior”
  • i mean the spider to be looking thicc


  • friends with the spiders
  • that man was locked up in the attic, you can’t tell me he didn’t befriend them and learn how to communicate with them when trying to pass time
  • he probably uses them to get dirt on his brothers, especially asmo
  • lucifer hates it that he keeps them around because his attic room always has spider webs and shit hanging from the ceiling and corners
  • disgOSTANG
  • but that’s all the more reason to love them
  • has a name for each one
  • even has one named after mc
  • but don’t tell them


  • he can and will scream
  • despite being the prince of the devildom
  • he will climb onto furniture to avoid the tiny eight-legged creatures
  • all while calling for barbatos
  • and lo and behold, the amazing butler appears with a fly swatter and effectively rids the devildom of the spider, saving diavolo’s life (which was never really in danger but we can just leave that little detail out)
  • “everything’s alright now, your majesty”
  • cue romantic music as barbatos helps diavolo down from whatever piece of furniture he climbed onto and diavolo stares loving into the eyes of his saviour
  • i-
  • i’m sorry
  • it would’ve been better with lucifer


  • same as satan: as long as they stay a good twenty feet away he doesn’t care
  • but he won’t smite them
  • just simply move away and leave them be
  • he’ll also call beel over if he finds one
  • “hey, beelzebub? there’s another spider over here.”
  • “really? sweet!”
  • if you were to ask him to, he would kill one for you


  • plays with them
  • literally
  • that disappearing act spider’s like to do so much?
  • yeah, he’ll try to find them again as if they’re playing hide and seek
  • you’ll walk by a room and see him looking under the sofa
  • “what are you doing there, bud?”
  • “looking for my friend”
  • “ah, okay”
  • you continue on your way wondering if he befriended a rat or smth


  • catches them and keeps them in jars to use for spells later
  • the bigger the spider the better
  • he’ll force you to go spider hunting with him around the devildom
  • and you may or may not have come across one the size of cerberus and almost got eaten one time
  • lucifer had to come save your asses
  • “i swear, you two are insistent on dying”
  • i mean, mc lost their fear of death when they came to the devildom and i don’t think solomon ever feared it in the first place
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I thought the Otaku Radio podcast would have been a waste of time. Not in a negative way, but only because I can’t speak Japanese and I only listen to podcasts when I can have them on in the background, so reading as it plays out seemed counterproductive.

Then I looked the first one up, and oh my god. It’s so unbelievably sweet, and I’m EXCITED to make time for the others, lol. I may be biased because Beel’s VA is the first guest, but still. (Seriously, if you love Beel as much as I do, go listen to it. Even if you don’t want to watch the rest, watch the first one. He laughs so much, and the world needs more Beel laughter ;-; )

Also, I didn’t know there were short audio dramas on the Obey Me YouTube?? And they’re so good, I cry-

There’s so much content I didn’t know existed, guys. I’m eatin’ good tonight!

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Has Beel’s wings always been dark colored

I was so sure they were white-ish


This just doesn’t seem quite right to me

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Short and sweet. Thank you for sending one in!

I match you with…


Hear me out, it isn’t just because of your interest in cooking. Though, that does play a part. Most of all, it’s that you’re so straightforward. You’re practical. He never seems to understand the chaos of his brothers or their way of thinking and these traits all remind him of what he admires about Lucifer. You do have a lot of hobbies that he can skim over at times, not realizing how much entertainment you need. He will definitely be allowing you to cook, but 90%, no, 95% goes to him. You can ignore the creepy look he gets on his face when he’s eating your food, right? You won’t have to worry about large small spaces with him at least. He doesn’t like them either. He’s a quiet demon, too, most of the time. 

I’ll admit, you might be able to escape from him, temporarily, but he’s not just going to let you go. Even if he wanted to, he can’t. He doesn’t know how to explain it, he just cannot let you go. The anguish he shows when he sees you again might be more than enough to keep you still, really.

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cuddling with beel headcanons !!

content warning: mentions of food

-he wouldn’t mind the cuddling and would not be as hesitant, except for when he worries if he is going to hurt you with his size, no matter what frame you have

-he wouldn’t be as touchy with you as asmo is, but he would be very comfortable in your presence

-he feels at home with you and he feels like he can be himself, so he doesn’t pay much mind to being close to you, except for if it is positive

-beel is gentle and cares a lot about you, so he has a preference for being the big spoon

-he likes the feeling of protection he gets from cuddling you

-he is so big that you can fully lay on top of him, especially his chest

-belphie stays in his attic when you two are in their room, so he wouldn’t bother you two

-beel would help you eat and drink water, and would always have a bunch of snacks around in case, for the both of you

-he tries to hurry home after athletic practice just to hang out with you (and eat food)

-he smells like a bakery, a nice and warm smell that you find comforting

-he likes to make you food too, with the help of luke of course

-he likes wrapping his strong, buff, arms around you, regardless if you are buff as well

-he strokes your hair and would like to help you do it

-you two usually sleep in the same bed, cuddling each other all night

-because of this, you also get ready with him in the morning, and you two seem to get up right on time because of each other

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today in “badly painted drawings”: I tried to make them look as good as possible but i failed ;w;

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