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Mc: * nervous * L-Lucifer I did my homework but I can't restore them.
Lucifer: Now you're probably telling me that the dog ate your homework *laughs*
Mc: No it was Beel *point Beel*
Beel: I thought it was a book-shaped cake.
Mc: How did you not realize after the first bite that it was not a cake?!
Beel: I thought it was a weird tasting cake.
Lucifer: * whispers * You're not serious... Why?
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queazy-and-uneasy · a month ago
a third rendition of stupid obey me headcannons
mammon cant spell “definitely”
lucifer needs at least 4 pillows to fall asleep
asmo and mammon are the only ones that belive in horoscopes
whenever mc gets upset with the boys they just steal all the chargers in the house until they apologize
beel sometimes will just drop his dumbbells on the floor and it shakes the house
levi secretly has freckles but hides them with concealer
sometimes luke will just walk into mc’s room and lay at the end of their bed and fall asleep
satan is a master at darts. seriously don’t fuck with him
satan also has a pile of cat plushies hidden in his closet that are just covered in books
belphie likes growing his nails out so he can scratch his brothers
solomon will randomly appear at mc’s bedside in the middle of the night and scares the shit out of them
whenever simeon doesn’t want anyone talking to him he just screams until the person walks away
mammon has broken his wrist twice. nobody knows how or why
asmo cries whenever he messes up his nail polish
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bakubabes-hatake · a month ago
Demon Dreams || {NSFW} Beelzebub x fem!Reader
Tumblr media
A/N: That self-indulgent piece I was talking about earlier? Yea, this is it. I blame @sunflowersenshi for talking me into writing for Beelzebub. Head empty, only thoughts of Beel enjoying a meal before pounding the shit out of us. 😌
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, 18+ content, cunnilingus, dirty talk, hair pulling, offensive language (swearing), oral sex, dry humping (very little in the beginning), slight breeding kink
Word Count: 1.3k
Tumblr media
His strong arms wrapped around you. They were always like home to you. When he wasn’t thinking about the next meal you had his full attention, and right now; that’s exactly what you had. Despite his sleeping state, you could tell that the dream he was encountering was something elysian for him. The happy noises that fell from his lips and filled your ears were enough to make you swoon. Beelzebub, the one demon brother that had completely won your heart over.
Beelzebub’s arms grew tighter around you, his happy noises growing louder as he pushed his hips into yours. Was he still sleeping? You almost felt guilty as your arm reached behind you and touched him. Your fingers ran through the ginger hair at the bottom of his neck and you heard a satisfied growl come from deep in his chest. There was no way he was still sleeping.
His hips pushed into yours again and his gruff voice growled through your ear. “I’m not asleep anymore, in case you’re wondering.”
You rolled toward him, his strong hand instantly gripping your chin. You whined as he squeezed, the mood he had woken up in was one that so rarely happened.
Beelzebub smirked as he placed his lips to yours roughly. “I think you want it just as bad as I do.” He ran his eyes up and down your body. “Look at you, you’re nearly dripping before I’ve even had a chance to touch you.”
You couldn’t deny the ache in your loins that had started before you had even had time to stop it. Something about the Sin of Gluttony has always done this to you. He barely had to speak in that deviant little tone of his and you were already on your knees for him.
You felt his arms move back to your waist as he pushed you back against the bed. You still hadn’t gotten used to how much larger his body was than yours as he hovered over you, even after all this time. His hungry eyes stared into your own as he laughed, the pure desperation that now painted your face was like a game to him. “Darling,” He pressed kisses down the front of your chest, pulling your tank top up to expose your stomach underneath. Beelzebub licked his lips like you were a delicious meal staring him in the face. “I was just dreaming about something you might like.” You whined as his hands gripped your thighs tightly, his long nails digging into your skin as his face grew closer and closer to your heat. “I want you to know exactly what it was about… so let me show you.”
“Beel-” His warm breath against your inner thigh sent a small shockwave through you. His skilled fingers slowly pushed your panties out of his way, rubbing over your throbbing clit as he watched your back arch instinctively. “All that reaction just from a little touch.” The victorious tone of his voice made you want to smack him. “Just as it went in my dream.”
The feeling of his tongue against your slit had your back arching even more. His strong hand held down on your abdomen so you didn’t run away from him. One strip up your slit from his tongue was all it took to have you quivering under him. Fuck Beelzebub and that tongue of his.
His tongue darted into your walls, the bliss that hit you made you throw your head back into the pillows. “P-please, Beel!” Your hand flew onto his hair, pulling gently as an amused sound left him. He always knew just what to do to drive you wild.
The more you tugged on his ginger locks the quicker his tongue moved, bringing you quickly to your release as you pleaded with him. “I’m- I’m so close. Beel, fuck.”
Beelzebub stopped for a moment, speaking against your core, the vibrations from it nearly sending you into your release. “Let me taste you, baby doll. I’m waiting for it.”
And as his tongue hit your g-spot again you did just that. You cried out his name as your back curved away from him. Your slick coated his tongue and a smirk filled his face again. This was exactly how he wanted you, falling apart under his touch. But he wasn’t letting you off this easily. Beelzebub sat himself up, easily pulling his boxers down while his other hand landed between your legs, a few playful little slaps to your heat kept you going. “You like it when I smack that pretty little pussy like that, my dirty girl?”
His cock circled your entrance, your body now trembling as he teased your hole. “F-fuck, Beel. I can’t-” The pure ecstasy that riddled your body was like nothing you had experienced before. You weren’t sure what had gotten into him, but you never wanted it to end.
Beelzebub leaned down, pushing his girth into your wall ever so slightly as his guttural tone sent shivers down your spine. “You can’t what, princess?”
Beelzebub rolled his hips into yours again, a little more force behind it this time as he bottomed himself out inside you. Your eyes rolled into the back of your head as you felt yourself climbing toward that next release. You had barely come down from the last one. His pace turned selfish as he felt your walls closing around him, your second orgasm looming over you as your mewls filled his ears. “You look so good like this.” His hand landed in your hair, tugged your head back into the pillows as far as he could. “So fucking beautiful as you take my thick cock so well.”
Any other time Beelzebub was the sweetest person you had ever met, but in the bedroom, he was a totally different demon. His dominant side always took over, you were his puppet for him to bend to his will.
Your cunt quivered on his length, a grunt coming from him as he placed his head into your neck, nibbling softly as his thrusts turned sloppy. Your spongy walls had him about to combust. “Beel, please.” You begged as his teeth sunk into your shoulder. “F-fill me.”
The world around you shattered as your orgasm overloaded your senses, your vision turning white as your nails dug into the skin on his back, leaving red scratch marks down his sides. You pulled him as close as you could as your heat convulsed around him.
“I’m gonna fill that greedy little hole of yours so fucking good, baby girl,” Beelzebub growled as he reached his own high. With one last hard roll of his hips, his cock twitched inside your walls, shooting ropes of hot cum inside your pulsating core. He fought for his breath and grabbed your chin. “Fucking hell,” He sloppily pressed his lips to yours, still buried inside you. “You’re so god damned perfect, Y/n.”
Your lips danced with his, both of you still coming down from euphoria as he finally collapsed beside you. As you turned to look at him you were shocked to see the smile that now painted his face. “What are you smiling about?”
He perched himself on his elbow and chuckled. “That was beyond what happened in my dream… not that I’m disappointed.” Beelzebub leaned down to you and caressed your lips again. “I should have known that the dream would never compare to the real thing, huh?”
You smacked his chest playfully and narrowed your eyes. “The real thing is always better than a wet dream, Beel.”
His hand was placed under your chin and he tilted your face gently. “You’ve got that right. Now, how about we get another round in. I promise I’ll be gentle this time.” The wink that drew your eyes in nearly drove you feral as your arms flew around him, pulling him into you as you both laughed into the kiss.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @monic00l @strangeinternetwasteland @rowley-with-ackerman @kyu-pine @barrysimpparker @saudade-mayari @mykuronekome @inu1gf
Tumblr media
©2021 bakubabes-hatake, please do not repost/modify without my permission, please do not use my work as ASMR without my permission
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moonlightmiya · a month ago
[ Kinktober; Day 5 - Primal - Obey Me! ]
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Beelzebub x F!Reader (no gendered terms)
Includes; Consent at beginning because consent is sexy, primal(to be hunted by a larger animal), ‘bunny’ and ‘wolf’ role play, fake!force, grinding, pantie sniffing, pussy eating, strong beel 😩, penetration, small parts of nipple play, breeding kink (Beel)
> Kinktober Masterlist <
Tumblr media
A/N - I kinda lost inspo for this one since it was in a way similar to Satan’s ver. But I tried for u all <3
Tumblr media
Your feet pats along the floor as you run from him, the wood creaking when you step on the wrong places and light pants coming from your mouth. Both because of the fear and excitement of getting caught, plus all the energy it’s all taking from you
You turn around to see Beel’s big figure walking slowly upstairs, quickly running into the nearest room to hide yourself in the closet as you listen closely for his footsteps
“Are you sure about this?” Beelzebub looks at you worried, not knowing what to think of what you had just said
“Of course I am! I just wanna try it, and if we don’t like it we don’t have to do it again, I promise” you re-assure him, playing with his ginger locks as he lays in your lap
“So can we go over it again?” Beel blushes, wanting to hear the filth coming out your mouth, so you nod, tracing patters on his cheeks to his lips,
“I want you to chase me, like a predator, then I’ll run away-“ he interrupts you
“Like a scared bunny..?” You laugh and nod your head,
“Yeah, like a scared, little bunny, then I’ll hide, and when you find me~” you pause for a second, taking in his flustered expression and lax jaw
“Then you can fuck me how you’d like,” you lean over to place a soft kiss on his lips, laughing as he pulls away from you to shift you onto his lap,
“I already do that bunny” you both laugh, kissing him more
Beelzebub breaths out, thinking back to the conversation you both had, ‘they asked me to do this’ he thinks to himself as he enters the room he seen you run into, his hard footsteps being heard on the floor by you
He checks under the bed, behind the curtains, until he eventually gets to the closet, knocking on it as he hears your heavy breathing,
“Bunny, there’s no point in hiding, your scent of fear can be tracked from miles away,” his deep voice is mumbled from the door separating you,
You whimper in response, trying to hide yourself amongst the clothes in the closet more by pulling a hoodie in-front of yourself, keeping quiet even when he knocks on the door
“Bunny, I’m getting impatient here… Don’t make me come in there” Beelzebub’s voice is laced with anger, his face pressed against the door as he knocks harder, getting slightly frustrated by the situation
Suddenly the door flys open, revealing Beel’s muscular figure, your breath hitches as he grabs your arm, hauling you up effortlessly as he pulls your body against his, instantly wrapping a possessive arm around your waist
He sways you both side to side, he smile spreading across his face as he watches you try to struggle out from his grasp, “you look scared bunny, did you not want to face the big, bad, wolf” his arm tightens around you, forcing you to walk out from the closet with him, the clothes falling to the ground as Beelzebub slams the door shut
He forces your jaw open, placing two of his fingers in your mouth as he pushes you against the bed, not allowing you to fall just yet, “you’ve not been answering me bunny,” he takes his fingers out your mouth, finally letting you fall, climbing ontop of you so he can cage you between his arms,
Your face flushes red as his sharp teeth show from between his gapped mouth, your mind wondering to how they would feel sinking into your skin, marking your neck, stomach, thighs, “I-I’m sorry, I was just..” you pause,
He looks at you confused, “just what?” shifting your hair from your face he looks into your eyes, resting his body on top of yours, awaiting an answer
“You, you chased me, and now your above me and, and” you frantically try to explain, watching the drool come from his lips as he looks at you hungrily, you start to unintentionally grind on his clothed cock, fuck he’s big, you think to yourself, biting your bottom lip slightly, refusing to look into his eyes
“You know, I wouldn’t mind some fresh bunny to eat” he cuts you off, holding your hips in place, stopping you from moving them against his,
“I’m- I’m not too sure if that totally,” your breath hitches, taking a deep breath in as Beelzebub travels in between your thighs, kneeling beside the bed as he nuzzles into your plush thighs with his nose, licking a wet hot stripe down to your clothed pussy, but not yet touching you, yet his actions make it enough to get your panties soaked,
“Is appropriate…” you moan, finishing your sentence with a shaky breath as your back arches off the bed, your hands locked on each side of your head as Beel grabs both of your thighs, hauling them up as he shoves his face into your pussy, sniffing the damp underwear
“Ah, ah, p-please, just, stop, you can’t do this..” you try to argue with him, but his dominant aura makes it hard for you, his hard eyes staring at you, trying not to moan his name as he licks at your clothed pussy, his hair falling to his face as he pushes your soaked panties out the way, kissing your clit before trailing his lips up your trembling body
“Are you sure you don’t want a strong wolf to help you out with your,” he cups your pussy, nibbling on your ear, “needs…” his voice vibrates through your body, every inch of you saying yes, but your head knowing this isn’t right, he’s a wolf and you’re just a cute sensitive bunny,
“Don’t tell me you would rather have a no for good nothing fuck you, he could never compare to me” he laughs, confident in his words as he places a gentle kiss on your lips, his soft breath fanning over your neck and chest as he finally reaches your pretty pussy again, blowing cold air onto your clit, “just let me show you what I mean” he growls, instantly putting his mouth over your cunt, stuffing your pretty hole with his long tongue
Your back arches, nimble fingers grabbing at his locks as your eyes roll to the back of your head, you hear the exotic sounds of his sloppy tongue reaching to the highest spots inside your gummy walls, his own moans vibrating in your cunt as he pleasures himself off of your moans and yelps,
His lips wrap around your clit as he sucks gently around it, poking his tongue out slightly as he starts to lick at your clit, his fingers prodding at your hole as he gently pushes them in
“We still.. shouldn’t be doing this, you c-cant touch me like that…” you moan, gasping out a sentence as Beel’s fingers curl inside of you. The same pace that his throbbing cock grinds against the mattress
“You’re really still trying to make yourself think that?” Beel’s moans vibrate against you as he nears his own orgasm, the vibrations stimulating your body more as you yell out his name
“Fuck I’m going to, pleeaase,” you plead, forgetting about your defence, your mind filled with thoughts of him making you cum on his fingers, tongue, and cock. You start gripping at his hair, pushing his face against your pussy more, you cream on his fingers, moaning loudly as you feel yourself cumming hard around him
Your legs shake as he pulls away, his breath also shaky as he releases his cock from his boxers, pulling it out to reveal it covered in pre-cum. “You gonna take me like a good little bunny, yeah?” You nod, biting your thumb as he pulls your legs over his thighs, his cock leaking against your cunt, watching both of your juices mixing together as he humps your pussy
“Shit, please put it in…” you wrap your legs around his waist, pulling him closer to you. Beel’s fingers digging into your thighs as he lines his cock up to your soaked cunt
“Tell me exactly what you want” he breaths down your neck, biting your exposed skin to leave deep purple marks,
You gasp out moans as he slowly pushes his pre cum into you, “I-I want you to.. fuck me, please” his eyes light up, happy by your shy response
“That’s what I like to hear, now let me use your sweet cunt, bunny” he rasps, pushing his thick cock into you in one thrust, mouthing and biting at your neck and breasts as he slowly humps your body, enjoying watching you squirm under his touch
“Your gonna take all my cum and keep it there until I say otherwise, want to breed you full of my pups, little one. You’ll do that for me, right? Right?” His thrusts become quicker, his girthy cock nearly splitting you in two as his speech gets more sloppy,
All you can do is moan and scratch at his body, begging for him to breed you, and when he does eventually cum, just know he has much more for you. He’s going to force you to have his cubs, even if it takes all night.
Tumblr media
Taglist; @on3ey3dk1ng , @beelsmeal , @courtneypaigemartin , @simpingfortoast , @-miiss-orihara- , @kurooslove @cosmosassassin
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leviathans-watching · 3 months ago
Can I please request mc not thinking. That beel is scary at all. Like mc sees beel as like a big dog that is supposed to be scary but is just a mush. And beel loves it cause mc is always so sweet to him, let’s him take food from their plate and gives him treats they bake cause mc thinks he is just so fucking adorable
mc not thinking beel is scary
Tumblr media
includes: beel x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .6k | rated g | m.list
warnings: beel's got some fears of hurting you, cooking & eating, mentions of a knife & cutting board
a/n: what a sweet prompt. i think beel would absolutely adore mc no matter what, and i hope this conveys that message. thanks for requesting! my inbox is open to chat, leave feedback, or req, so drop something in anytime!!
please reblog <3
Tumblr media
you hum, completely relaxed, stirring the pot in front of you absentmindedly. behind you, beel cuts vegetables, the sound of the knife hitting the cutting board rhythmic and even.
it's a familiar pattern, one the two of you have well established, and you love it, love the peace and intimacy, love being around beel. though when you had first met him, the air fraught with warnings from his brothers, it was very easy to see he was nothing but a big softie.
“here,” beel says, handing you the food he was working with. giving him a smile, you take it, scraping the vegetables into the pot. you’re making soup, an old recipe, one that was perfect for the chilly and rainy weather the devildom had been encased in for the last few days.
“thanks,” you chirp, lowering the heat until it was at a simmer, putting the lid on the pot. “now we wait!” you continued, wiping your hands on the kitchen towel that was hung within reach.
“it already smells good,” beel says appreciatively, sniffing the air. “now what do you want to do?”
“we can watch a movie?” you offer. “your choice.”
beel nods, serious. “i like that idea. i think belphie is in our room so the attic is ripe for the taking.” only you and beel were allowed in the attic whenever you wanted, something you smugly held over the rest of the brothers.
the idea of curling in the nest of blankets and pillows belphie kept sounded wonderful. “let’s do it!” you cheer. “carry me?”
beel hesitates and you pause.
“what’s up? you don’t have to carry me if you don’t want to.”
“i want to!” beel hurriedly assures you. “it's just… i’m worried i’ll hurt you.”
you shrug. “it hasn’t happened yet.”
beel frowns, running a hand through his hair. “not yet. but it could.”
seeing he was really torn up about this, you step forward, putting a hand on his arm. “you’re not going to hurt me, beel. i trust you, and i know how careful you are with me.”
“but it could happen,” beel pressed, and you move your hand from his arm to his cheek, letting him press into your palm.
“but it won’t.”
waiting to see if he wanted to continue to talk about the subject you let him work out his thoughts. it surprises you when he suddenly moves, sweeping you up into his arms.
“beel!” you gasp, laughing. “i meant like a piggyback!”
“i can put you down,” beel offers, but you shake your head, clinging to him harder.
“no way! this is awesome. now c’mon, i’ve got to get something out of my room before we go up to the attic.”
beel watches you spoon soup into your mouth, wincing a little at the hot temperature. it’s unbearably cute. your next bit is more careful; you take a moment to blow on the liquid, cooling it, and this time, when you try a bite, all you do is smile.
“it’s so good!” you say after swallowing. “here. try some.”
completely ignoring the bowel of soup in front of beel, you hold out your spoon, a hand cupped under it to make sure you don’t spill. beel leans forward obediently, carefully slurping up some of the spoonful.
“it is good,” he says, and you beam, happily returning to your own meal. beel watches for a moment more, heart swelling in his chest. he loves you, loves being around you, and even if sometimes he can’t help but worry about hurting you, you always know exactly what to do, exactly what to say to assuage his fears.
you were kind, and wonderful, and beel wondered he was so lucky as to be so close to you, but didn’t voice his thoughts, knowing that if he were to, you’d only declare that you were the lucky one out of the two of you, leaving him flustered for a moment.
he didn't understand your unshakable faith in him but he’d be damned if he did something to break it, even if it meant going against his very nature.
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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thoughtfullydopedragon · 4 months ago
Uuugggghhhhhhh they are so cute my heart can't handle them pure idiots I LOVE THEN SO MUCH
Yeah I am gonna talk about Mammon more, DiD wE sUpRiSe? No!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Other brothers: *breathe*
Mammon: (*˘︶˘*) I am so proud I swear to-
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He just...He just...protecting cute little bros, my heart
Tumblr media
I feel like this feeling more coming from when they were angels
But I think Mammon didn't change his attitue against brothers
Just take my heart Mammon I don't mind
Tumblr media
My heart just go SJKXJDKQJDLCŞVK while I roll on floor from sweetness
Tumblr media
Oh wait I see the reference while I do this post lol
Tumblr media
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horunicorn · 4 months ago
Kitchen Duty
Word count: 1450
Warnings: none
Tags: female reader x beelzebub
I made it short this time. Thank you for reading. :3
Your legs were anchored over the broad, muscular shoulders of the famished sixth born. Tufts of orange hair peeked between your fingers, his nose rubbing deliciously against your swollen clit. Whenever Beel worked out, he made sure to target specific groups, which was why his body resembled an absolute god. Or demon. Whichever. Right now, his tongue was the one working out and you were being a terrific spotter.
The slick muscle was pointed and tense, wriggling inside your hole like it was trying to loosen the muscles there. You felt absolutely drenched between the legs and you weren't sure if it was because of your arousal or his saliva.
More than once, you had been tugging at his messy hair when he did something you liked, be it the vacuum-like suction he had around your clit earlier, the scrape of his teeth against the tender skin of your vulva or the flat surface of his tongue rasping you. Hell, as long as he was devouring you, you'd keep tugging at his hair, and he liked it.
Beelzebub's tongue popped back into his mouth. He raised his eyes to you, the violet and pink there a deeper hue than usual. You met his gaze with one of your own. He thought your half-lidded eyes made you look extremely fuckable yet when they widened in surprise at the intrusion of his long fingers into your sex, he smirked. Unusual of him to do so. However, seeing the pleasure spelled all over your features and knowing that it was him that made you this way provided him with a sense of pride.
Come on. The guy was a fallen angel. He'd be prone to these sorts of feelings if given good reason.
Your hand grasped at his wrist. You came easily if he used his fingers.
"Beel, not yet," you murmured, wanting to orgasm with him in you.
"Trust me," he responded, pressing a hot kiss to your inner thigh. You leaned back on your elbows, chest rising and falling with each shallow breath you took. Beelzebub curled his fingers up in you, began to rock his hand, leaned down to take your clit back in his mouth. He had you moaning his name in no time, hands frantically grabbing at him, hips lifting off the counter.
Satisfied that you had a chance to come, he waited patiently for you to crumple back to normal, running big hands over your exposed skin to help soothe you. Watching you fall apart and knowing it was him that made you so vulnerable brought up a surge of desire in him.
God, he wanted to fuck you so badly. His cock was begging to be free from his boxers.
"Someone could walk in on us," you said, knowing what was coming next. It was pointless to say so when Beel used every opportunity he could to fuck you in places that weren't your rooms. This time, it was in the kitchen. You were the one on kitchen duty.
Yet you did anyway, just to see his reaction.
"They could," he agreed seriously. "Does that scare you?"
You stretched for a chunk of orange not far from you both, the fruit intended to be used in a sauce for tonight's dinner. Beel watched with hungry eyes as you popped the juicy citrus into your mouth and beckoned for him to come kiss you.
"No, it thrills me," you admitted, right before meeting his lips. He got most of the orange, greedy for more, and for you. His tongue swirled around yours, lips devilishly plump and wet. You began to ache for him.
He smelled you. He knew.
"Mm!" Your cry of surprised pain was muffled, Beel swallowing it, stubbornly keeping his mouth on yours, even as he slid into you having sufficiently coated himself in your arousal. Being the second youngest, one might think that he was smaller than his brothers. But this man was a giant, and that didn't just apply to his physique. His girth was testing the limits of your pussy, pushing in deeper by the second. Once his pelvis met yours, he kept still, allowing you time to adjust. You clutched at his shirt, desperately willing your muscles to get accustomed to his size so that he could move.
You gave him the green to move after a bit and he did so gratefully, rolling his hips fluidly. His hands pushed your skirt further up your body before sliding back down to your hips, using that as his leverage.
This was preliminary, you thought, whimpering. And indeed it was. Beelzebub's appetite wouldn't be satisfied with a quick fuck in the kitchen.
Wet, sucking noises accompanied the breathy moans that came from both of you. Beel was sliding out easily, his cock shining with your
bodily fluids. When he pushed back in, you readily accepted him, opening up for him like a flower. Eventually, he picked up his pace, needing to see his seed spill out of you.
He took your left leg, lifting it up so your calf was on his shoulder, and pounded into you. He didn't bother checking his pace; you loved how rough he was being, how desperate he was to hit his high. There was limited stimulation to your clit but his cock was filling you up so good that you came a second time. In this position, you couldn't really hold him, or anything else for that matter. His shirt fell victim to your rapture, the front almost ripping as you pulled, moaning his name like a fucking chant. Beel, triggered by the spasming of your muscles, let go soon after, hugging your thigh to himself and groaning.
Regular humans would have needed a few minutes to get going again. He wasn't human. You felt his seed fill you, your mind hazy with pleasure and the knowledge that he was marking you as his. Firmly, Beelzebub pulled you off the table, turning you around so you stood pressed against the counter with your back to him. He'd pulled out, and when he lifted your leg, his come came leaking out of your ruined hole, dripping onto your thigh and the floor. The sight alone was enough incentive for him to push back into you, this time taking you from behind. You were shaky from the first two orgasms but you didn't reject him. No, because your appetite for him was far from being sated.
Dating him had turned you into a glutton too.
In this position, he couldn't much see himself penetrating your sweet, slick hole but he did have unlimited access to your ass. His eyes were fixed on the way it rippled each time he slammed into you.
If that didn't make him want to come again...
Two orgasms was the minimum for him, and for you. Any less and he'd be grumpy.
At this point, neither of you cared about the noise. Skin slapped against skin, your pussy producing ample lube for several hours of fun. Beel's hips snapped at an incredible speed, to the point where you couldn't stop the little screams that went past your lips.
Then came your third orgasm, heightened by the steady rubbing of his finger against your clit.
"Oh, good girl," he praised you, voice raspy. You collapsed against the counter top, body shaking and jerking, breathing erratic. Beel kept on moving, running after his own high. His hips moved lazily as another load of his seed spurted into you. He leaned over you, lips pressed to the skin of your back, drooling a little over you. You were a mess.
"Beel." You went limp, your body finally succumbing to the exhaustion of a whole day's work and his use. "I dont think I can make dinner for everyone." Dessert, maybe. Not dinner and not on your own.
"I'll help you," he offered, smiling that sweet smile of his. "Let me get you cleaned up first." You returned the smile, moving to turn around but almost falling. Beel caught you, having already pulled his pants up. "Whoa, y/n."
"A bit sore there," you chuckled, only just realizing the ache at the apex of your legs. The sixth born hurried to find some tissues, getting them wet and wiping you down before assisting you in straightening your clothes out. His hands were gentle, actions attentive. The way he tended to you after sex often bade you to wonder if the soreness in your core and bruises on your body were from this same person.
"Sit here, then," he suggested. "Tell me what you want me to do."
Bless his precious, precious soul.
"You have to fry the chicken first..."
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shaorii · 4 months ago
hiii! idk if you have done this, but what about the obey me boys and you being in quarentine together, like you and him were visiting your family in the human world and attending school while staying. the pandemic hits and BAM you’re stuck together and doing your online classes with them
- sorry if that’s confusing but absolutely love ur obey me writings <33
Note: I am so sorry this took so long but I finally had the motivation and the more I wrote for each brother my motivation just slowly fizzled out so I’m sorry if this starts to get disappointing the more you read.
Tumblr media
WARNINGS: some curses I might have accidentally called the reader she/her so if you notice something message me and I’ll fix it!
Tumblr media
As soon as you guys got to the human world you introduced him to your family
He wasn’t really nervous more like neutral? It was just one of those things he didn’t want to put off for long
When you guys went to your apartment you unpacked you clothes did whatever you need to took your showers, brushed your teeth and then it was finally time for bed
You guys cuddled until you fell asleep
You guys were supposed to stay in the human world for 5 days so you guys can have some time for yourselves and with the family.
That morning when you woke up and made breakfast and Lucifer his coffee
You turned on the tv for some background noise and so you could watch something so you wouldn’t be bored just standing and watching the food
The news reporter was talking about this video that went wild on social media
The news reporter then cut to saying to stay in your houses and go on lock down while this was going around
You guys didn’t think it was that serious until the news reported said the amount of people who had caught COVID and how many had died and saying once more to stay inside at all times for the time being
The brothers were PISSED when they found out. Why does he get to stay with you in the human world?! They didn’t even want to think about all the lovey dovey stuff you two could get up to
And you guys still had classes in the Devildom to do!
Not to worry! Our lord and Savior Diavolo came to the rescue! He provided you both with laptops to do your assignments and to attend class.
They’re were multiple times the brothers would get in front of the teachers computer and start crying talking about how much they missed you and to be careful but Mammon Belphie and Asmo would always talk crap to Lucifer about how he’s staying in the HUMAN world with YOU.
You would always try to distract Lucifer from class. Texting him “I love youuuu” or sending him dumb tiktoks to see if you could get him to laugh
He won’t ignore the first time. He’ll send you a “pay attention” text and then ignore you if you continue to spam his phone
He might buy you a pet if you guys are just so bored and have too much time on your hands
He would rub it in everyone faces if you guys got trapped in the human world together
During online school you guys would probably distract each other
He would want to cuddle you with his camera on so he could shove it in Levi face because Levi also does online school
They’re are multiple times where Mammon would try to make out with you or just show a lot of PDA and the teacher would get after you guys and say to stop sucking faces or get out of the zoom,
The brothers would barge in Levi’s room and just start chatting with you guys while Levi is screaming a them to get out
You guys are always staying up late and binge watching Netflix shows or really sad movies and Mammon is always crying
At home dates ALL. THE. TIME.
Your grades are probably dropping because he’s always distracting you
Very bad influence on you. Bad mammon! Bad dog!
You would have to be the one to tell him to pay attention
He would have his camera and mic off and he’d be on some kind of console playing games
Or he’ll play on the switch or his phone
You would have to help him out with all his classes because he is so lost
When FaceTiming the other brothers mammon, again, would be crying to you guys. “Levi, if that pandemic doesn’t hurry up and end,I’m gonna KICK YOUR ASS”
You guys probably stay up all night gaming even though you have school the next morning
The Responsible One™️
Will make sure you both are paying attention
If you don’t understand the class he’ll share notes with you and you guys will have a study date
I’m just imagining waking up to Satan he’d look so cute and handsome omg <33
He’s a bit upset because since you guys have to stay inside all day he can’t go out and explore the cat cafes!
When FaceTiming with the brothers he will try to taunt Lucifer by saying “It’s to bad you aren’t here with y/n huh. What a shame.”
“I saw a vinyl store on my way here too bad you can’t see them”
He’ll probably mess around with Mammon too
“Me and y/n had a date and then we ma-“
It won’t be as chaotic
He won’t be paying attention either
He’ll come over to you, and if your cameras on he’ll turn it off and cuddle with you
After class he won’t study much cause he doesn’t really care
Instead he’ll make you guys a healthy lunch and you guys will have self care
Will NOT let you stay up later than 11:00pm
He says it’ll ruin your precious face and he doesn’t want you to get eye bags and be all tired
Over all very fun 100/10 self care is important
He’ll pay attention as long as your giving him food the whole time
Rip your wallet.
Lucifers wallet may be able to fill Beel’s stomach but yours can not
He’ll try to hold back but he can’t promise anything
If you ask Lucifer nicely he might give a weekly payment
“Wucifer please gimme money for Beel’s food I’ll give you kithes 🥺”
He’ll most likely say yes even if you don’t beg but you’ll have to owe him once you get back
Just thinking about doing domestic things with beel like cooking your meals together folding clothes on the couch
Do I even need to explain what he would be doing during class?
He’ll sleep during class and then ask you with his cute face to please help him
Your gonna have to do everything around the house cause he will not move a muscle
But don’t worry. It’s not like he’ll make much of a mess anyways. Not while he’s asleep on your couch
There’s not much too say he’ll just sleep
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4ut0p5y · 12 days ago
Beel’s Cheerleader <33
AN: GN reader still but MC wears a skirt with the uniform (cuz I said so). Not really established relationship but heavily implied friends to lovers level pinning, along with an ooc Beel lolz.
Tumblr media
Beelzebub, who notices your hair across the gym after school one day, lost in thought on why you haven’t walked home with his brothers yet when he finally takes in your attire, clad in the RAD cheer uniform and tightly holding green pom-poms in your hands. His breath hitched for a second, eyes scanning the expanse of your thighs under the mini skirt that sits dangerously high. And the top that was stretched over your (whatever sized) chest, leaving some skin bare. Of course, he’s seen the uniform before, but God he never expected it to look so good. He thought to himself as he thanks Asmo for designing them in his head.
He didn’t even notice you waving as you excitedly made your way over, embracing his middle tightly as you tell him how you thought joining the team would be fun and how it’s just amazing for the exchange program.
His cheeks brighten and his eyes dart away as he gently returns the hug, making sure no one else was staring the way he was. After the surprise greeting, he quickly changes the subject to the two of you grabbing a bite to eat after practice.
-Okay so, Beel really likes when you jump around during routines in the the cheer uniform.
-Ever since your practice times synced, he routinely starts walking you home much to Mammon’s dismay. But he can’t help it when you hold his hand so gently and offer to make him a snack as soon as you two arrive at the HOL.
-When Belphie accompanies him to fangol practice, he teases Beel for letting his eyes settle on your figure as you and the rest of the team do stretches, (he flushes a bit but never denies it.)
-He smiles like an idiot every time he scores a point or wins a game because he knows he’s getting an even tighter hug and a ton of praise from you.
-One time before a game Asmo told you to kiss Beel on the cheek for motivation, now he hates playing without his ceremonial kiss.
-Sometimes his teammates thank you discreetly for making Beel more motivated. Even though during the first few fangol games you went to, he got so distracted by you cheering his name and nearly got tackled.
-He starts carrying an extra jacket or just gives you his when it gets too cold for you along with a human world first aid kit in his duffel bag, just in case you miss a landing or get a scrape (because humans are fragile and he always treats you as if you’re made of glass anyways.)
“But, Beel I don’t want you to get cold at practice! I think you should keep your jacket.”
"But I really really wouldn't want you to be cold. I know it’s a bit chilly for humans, so here." He said as he shrugged off his varsity jacket. Beel blinked owlishly when he heard a giggle erupt from you. He pouted. Clad in his fangol gear, helmet in one hand, and ginger eyebrows drawn together. "I'll go get you a new one if you don't like this one, I’m sure it’ll be twice as warm-“
“You know what? I think this one’s just fine hun.”
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Beelzebub: Lucifer have you seen my cookies?
Lucifer: No Beel I haven't seen your cookies. Are you sure you haven't eaten them?
Beelzebub: I haven't received them. I think that computer lied.
Lucifer: Computer???
* Beel shows the compute *
Beelzebub: It reads "do you accept cookies?" I have pressed yes several times but I have not received any cookies. Where are my cookies Lucifer? Will they be delivered to me later?
Lucifer: Listen Beel...
Beel is very disappointed when he hears the truth about those "cookies"
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leviathans-watching · 4 months ago
Can i request Beelzebub with a gn!reader who forgets to eat. Like he gets super worried and even shares his snacks with them.
Beel concerned about MC's appetite
Tumblr media
includes: beel x/& gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .3k | rated g | m.list
warnings: mentions of food and eating, concerns that the mc isn't eating enough, beel trying to get you to eat more, mentions of bodysnatchers and (experimental) tests being run on beel
a/n: thanks for the ask it! i had fun writing the other brothers' perspectives! this could possibly trigger someone who struggles with disordered eating, so please avoid if that's the case! my inbox is open to chat or leave feedback, but requests are temporarily closed!!
pls reblog :3
Tumblr media
Beel already had a skewed sense of how much you ate, as he hadn’t been around enough humans to know what normal human diets were, meaning he was comparing what you ate to a demon’s appetite.
Add to that how you had a lower appetite than most already, and Beel just thought you were in constant danger of starving.
None of the brothers really knew anything about humans, aside from Satan, but most of his knowledge came from outdated books and diagrams, so Beel really had no way to make sure you were eating enough.
He had tried to ask Solomon, once, but the sorcerer had just laughed at him for like five minutes before walking off, so yeah, that wasn't helpful. The angels weren’t either, so Beel really didn’t have a good place to go to get knowledge.
It was kind of sweet, actually, how Beel would watch you at meals, subtly trying to make sure you were getting the nutrients you needed. He’d never take the direct approach, as he didn’t want to accidentally make you uncomfortable or something, so he settled for mother henning, offering you snacks and parts of his plate.
The first couple of times it happens, his brothers are confused and concerned. Beel, giving his food away? Unheard of.
“Are ya seein’ this?” Mammon hissed to Asmo, who watched Beel scrape part of his plate onto yours, smiling the whole time.
“Yeah, what the hell?” Asmo whispered back, eyes wide. “Do you think a bodysnatcher got him?”
“Well, he can’t be possessed,” Mammon replied, “so that’s what it’s gotta be.”
“We should run tests right now,” Satan interjected quietly. “I’ll get them set up right now.”
“Guys,” Lucifer sighed. “Your brother has not been bodysnatched.”
Their eyes slid back to Beel, who was encouraging you to try an unfamiliar side, which was, incidentally, one of his favorites.
“Actually,” Lucifer said. “Yeah, go get those tests going.”
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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daplatypusway · 7 months ago
Brothers as angels? I want to see them 😭
Your artwork is awesome
First thanks you so much ! I really appreciate this ! 💫
And yeah I was thinking of what kind of wings the brothers as angels could had for a while now !
So let's start with the twins !
Tumblr media
For Belphie, I rather saw him with owls like wings, "small" and silent. So it would be easy for him to fly and sneak out for a spot to nap without anyone noticing ! His pattern is inspired by the one of barn owls, just a bit more purple-ish.
Bonus point when he use them as a cover.
Tumblr media
For Beel it's quite differente, he's a cherub who's protects the gates of Paradise ! He needs big and imposing ones ! So I think he could have the power soaring wings type ! Like eagles or hawks. Basicaly powerful wings for a powerful boy. And for the pattern I was inspired by the wings of harpy eagle, because these birds are big af (oh suprise just like Beel !)
So that's it for now with the free time I've got ! But don't worry the others will come too ! Quickly I hope 👀 so meanwhile let me know if you like it and/or if you were thinking of something else for them !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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https-sen · a month ago
5 Things
Pairing(s): Leviathan, Belphegor, Beelzebub, Mammon x gn! Reader
A/N: just a short lil appreciation gift for hitting 100 <3 feel free to follow, like and reblog ^^ you can also gimme reqs and you can lmk if you don't want your user to be said!
Warning: Not Proofread!! Small Lesson Spoiler in Belphie's!!
Genshin Version: Here!
Tumblr media
..loves linking pinkies whenever you both go out like figure shopping, manga scavenging or even just a short stroll <3
..likes whenever you play with his hair, pat his head or just a peck on his forehead <3 so shy that he avoids eye contact during cuddling <3 too socially awkward but he'll try his best to show you affection in public if it makes you happy <3
..loves you so much and always second guests if you love him or not because he thinks youre out of his league but he's glad that you'll always be there to reassure him <33
Tumblr media
..tries his best to stay awake during class if youre sick just to give you class notes <3
..likes being spooned and would rub his thumb against your thigh/hand <3
..will make sure you eat if you have enough rest because he knows it isnt good for your health <3
..loves seeing your smile and even if youre insecure, his word of affirmation is a cure <3
..knows he almost killed and manipulated you but if you're willing to put it aside and forgive him, he's gonna try his best to always make you happy and out of harms way <33
Tumblr media
..likes your cooking whether its good or bad <3
..takes care of you 24/7 so youre safe and out of harms way <3
..will make sure you eat enough and remind you of his concerns when you skip meals because he knows it can make you sick <3
..will bring you to any restaurant in devildom whether its expensive or not because you mean the world to him <3 willing to share his food with you, especially if its your favourite because he'll put you above himself and he loves you that much <33
Tumblr media
..wont let any demon or witch hurt you, even if he's in debt with them <3
..tries his absolute best to not over-spend or waste his money because he doesnt want you to worry about him <3
..remember every single small things you do because he's extremely observant around you and finds it cute <3
..will not admit it but he loves it whenever he gets time with you just to appreciate the little things <3 insecure and is afraid you'll leave him for someone better and forget about him within a short period of time but will 100% ball his eyes out if you reassure him your love for him is never going to fade away <33
Tumblr media
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