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#beelzebub headcanons
devildomsgod · 2 months ago
Obey Me!: giving them a custom collar
Tumblr media
gn!reader x demon brothers
Suggestive content
Tumblr media
"what is this, mc?"
will keep his excitement lowkey, he just accepts it like "😐k"
but his sin is going wild rn
he's wearing it so proudly, he's so happy to be yours wow
only wears it when he's 10000% sure no one's gonna see him wearing it (besides you obviously)
the collar puts him in a really deep headspace too like he's putty for you now
he's been wanting this for so long!!!
it better be super shiny and luxurious!
will wear it literally always and Mammon also definitely flexes with being yours
he becomes the best boy when wearing it :3
man seriously this got him super flustered!
his face will be red all the time when wearing it
and he'll be stuttering so much aww
so to avoid embarrassment, he avoids speaking at all when wearing your collar
Levi literally hands over all control to you when wearing the collar
he's so so happy about the present!
kitten loves belonging to his ower :)
will die if the collar has some sort of name tag wowie
he'll fall really deep into the kitten headspace when wearing the collar!
won't wear it much outside of your private space unless you ask him to
Oh, mc! He's so happy!! This is getting him so excited oh lord
He'll construct his outfits around the collar now
Asmo won't ever take it off fr
It'll make him even more shameless than usual lol
no srsly the demon is vibing so hard with the concept, you'll be the first and only he's ready to show such ownership for
aww, mc
thank you
this is so nice of you!
wear it? of course!!
he promises to take it off only for working out
his love for you just grew 100x and he's constantly reminded of that love thanks to the collar :) he's really happy ok
he'll be a little confused when he suddenly wakes up with a collar
he's not really complaining about it though
just kinda accepts it
he does feel like he can sleep better with it....
thanks, mc :)
hm, you want him to be a good boy when wearing it?
... he'll consider it
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obeymefictionwriting · 2 months ago
Hidden Insecurities of Brothers & Undateables
Lucifer: “Did I ruin everything by deciding for MC on where we would go for dinner? Am I being too pushy?”
Mammon: “Does MC, like everyone else, think I’m too childish and incapable of doing something worthy?”
Leviathan: “Do they really see past my gaming addiction or do they just pity me? Also, do they like the way I look or maybe they are dreaming of someone looking like Beel?”
Satan: “Maybe they need someone more funny and less serious, not a bookworm like myself”
Asmodeus: “Maybe I am not the number one for them? Maybe I’m not as great as I think of myself?”
Beelzebub: “I wonder if MC thinks I’m stupid”.
Belphegor: “I hope I didn’t go too far with my jokes this time. I’m just scared of getting attached to somebody and can’t help it”.
Diavolo: “I wish someone saw more than the Devildom Prince in me”.
Barbatos: “Sometimes I want to scream but I can’t because I have an image to stick to”
Simeon: “Am I a good example of an angel or is Michael disappointed in me?”
Solomon: “My power does not define my personality so who am I, really?”
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onovnii · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— how the brothers kiss you.
— feat. mammon , leviathan , satan , asmodeus , beelzebub , belphegor — genre. headcanons — tags. fluff , mild nsf/w(?) — words. 609 — note. i’m feeling really drained and burned out lately from writing smut lol. needed a quick break for myself </3 here’s some fluff w/ the bros. *yall like the new layout;}
Tumblr media
like he’s scared; a small bit of him is terrified of this being some elaborate joke. maybe you’re messing with his feelings? who knows. a bit of him is also scared that this is the last time he’ll get to hold you. sometimes your mortality hits him and he gets irrationally scared of you dying. point is, he gets scared. when you two are alone, his kiss always turns into a semi-make-out. he doesn’t want to let you go, pulling you impossibly closer to him. arms wrapping around you, grabbing onto whatever he can. they always become sloppy and heated in the end. he’ll sometimes kiss down your body just to make sure you’re still here, and partly because he’s possessive as well. his kisses always leave you out of breath in the end.
hesitant and needy; whenever leviathan goes in to kiss you, at first he’s nervous. he always gets into his head about little insecurities. “does his breath smell bad?” “is he even kissing you right?” “did he miss your mouth….what if he’s kissing your chin..” it takes him a second to fully melt into the kiss. you’ll have to silently reassure him by pulling him close. then, he gains more confidence in himself. he begins to kiss you like it’s the last chance he’ll ever get. his tail is always wrapped around your thigh or waist, reassuring himself that you’re real, you’re here…and that you love him.
soft; satan had always read about kissing your partner with all the love and adoration you contain in your body in stories, he’s always wanted to try that with someone. when he kisses you, he always has a hand under your chin or on your cheek, thumb gently stroking your skin. they’re princely, as if he’s straight out of a romance novel. they always want you leaving more… of course, satan would never pass up the chance to kiss you more.
fun and exciting; his kisses send electrifying chills throughout your body. everything about them is so good, his cherry chapstick, how he always playfully bites at your bottom lip, how they’re always short-lasting in the hopes you’ll chase after him for more. they’re almost intoxicating in nature… during nights alone with him, his kisses become softer in nature. when he’s with you, he allows himself to be vulnerable. they almost feel sad…they make you want to comfort him.
lovingly; everything beel does is with love. every kiss he shares, just makes you fall more and more in love with him. when you pull away, he always has his lovestruck expression written all over his face. eyes looking up at you with all the love in the world swirled in his purple irises. though, the thing about him is that he can sometimes be just as needy as mammon. never demanding it outright, but he’ll always get this pout if you go too long without giving him a kiss. doesn’t matter where really, beel just enjoys your affection.
serenity; his kisses can lull you to sleep alone. his lips taste sweet, they’re unimaginably soft. they always trail down to your neck, and any other exposed part of your body. shoulders, stomach, thighs, anywhere. usually, it’s not sexual. it’s just belphie enjoying your comfort and sharing intimacy he’d never do with someone who isn’t you. his kisses are the easiest to get lost in, he’s always unintentionally (or intentionally ;) pulling you into a deep sleep, begging you to stay in bed with him for a few more minutes…or hours. it’s hard to resist him, and he knows it.
Tumblr media
© ONOVNII - valene <3
Tumblr media
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trueshellz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Beelzebub Kink Drabble
Tumblr media
Lucifer | Asmodeus | Satan | Belphegor | Leviathan | Mammon
Warnings: dom!Beelzebub, orgasm play, oral (f recieving), nipple play, exhibitionism, female reader
Tumblr media
"Beel, please!"
Having a huge appetite for food was one thing, but since you and Beelzebub had began dating his love for eating had also came to include you. The number of times he would peer at you from the corner of his eye, mouth tilting up in a small grin before he tugged you to his lap. His hand trailing gently up your leg as he reached the juncture of your thighs, mouthing your neck with small bites before spreading you open for him. To make things complicated, it would be at the most random and inconvenient times like during study hall, at meal times or in the middle of the night.
The one time he had you pressed against the door in an empty classroom, his orange hair peeking from under your skirt as he ate you out. Lips sucking on your clit as his long fingers dipped in and out of your body, your own hands grasping for purchase on the door behind you. Your face flushing red when Lucifer stopped right outside the door and reprimanded his little brother for being late to their meeting, you were sure you could hear a grin in his voice but could do nothing as he increased his ministrations and played your body until your back arched, screams muffled behind your hand as you came.
At this moment, Beelzebub had you spread in his bed as he tongue fucked your hole, hands holding your thighs open as he groaned and grunted into your sensitive folds. You had already cum twice, body covered in a thin sheen of sweat and breath in small gasps. Your pussy felt puffy and used, nipples erect from his hands coming up to pinch and massage them. Your own hands were tied to the bed, silk ropes securing them to the bedposts as he laid you out like a buffet. The cups of your bra pulled down, hair sticking to your forehead and back arched as he pulled another orgasm from you. Small sobs and hiccups as he moaned against your clit, licking and swallowing the wetness that gushed from you.
"Beel, I can't please... it's too much."
Iridescent eyes looked up at you, tongue lapping at the wetness around his mouth. His hair was disheveled from your hands before being tied up, a faint blush around his chest. His hand coming up to wipe his mouth as he grinned at you.
"But I'm not full yet, you wouldn't want me to be hungry would you, princess?"
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keigravy · 3 months ago
climbing into bed
lucifer, beelzebub, leviathan, asmodeus
fluff + hcs
notes: i haven't written for them b4 so it might even bad but i hope i'll get better soon >:)
Tumblr media
he already goes to bed late and is used to seeing your figure already there, but when it's not he can't help but wonder why. alas, he doesn't have much time to stall; letting himself fall into the velvet sheets and hope that slumber will take him soon. now lucifer is a light sleeper — a very light sleeper thanks to his brothers; so when he heard the soft shut of the door and the sound of your feet shuffling towards his let out a quiet sigh but didn't move. "shit, asleep already." he smiled at your voice and how gentle you climbed into bed, pulling the covers up and carefully covering yourself. "night lucifer," was all he heard from you and it took him quite a lot of strength to not say it back and blow his cover.
beel is somewhat of a heavy sleeper who has a hard time fully waking up. so joining him in bed later would be no big deal right? kinda. walking into his room and closing the door alerts the blue haired twin; he smiles once he knows it's you and quietly greets you before turning back to sleep. easy. but looking at the tall ginger, there's hardly any room due to his build. you sigh and mumble to yourself as you act like a block in tetris; trying to find the most comfortable spot without disturbing him. when you finally find a spot you can't help but smile, knowing you can finally rest. though when you wake up, you're greeted to a cozy beel who's got you locked in his arms.
levi always tries to sleep with you; ever since you started dating he's found that sleeping in your arms "always leads to good dreams". though when you can't make it or it seems as if you're not as tired as him, he wraps himself in his thick blanket and pretends it's the warmth he's feeling is yours. climbing into levis bed is the most difficult out of all the brothers, seeing as he sleeps in a tub. you try your best not to step on him but your attempts and mutters cause him to wake up. "mmmh mc?" he mumbles sheepishly, trying to sit up to get a better look at you. "shhh levi, go back to sleep, just let me..." you trailed off as you stepped into the bed, happy that he moved his legs over. after a few more attempts at human tetris, you finally find a spot next to him, blanket covered over the both of you and a light blush on the demons cheeks.
like levi, it's rare for him to sleep alone now. he always tries his best to have the same sleep schedule as you but at times it just seems to fail, just like now. amso tends to keep his door unlocked especially when he knows you'll end up joining him eventually. when the door opens and you appear he jumps up like an excited puppy. "mc! I knew you wouldn't leave me alone!" what started as you climbing into bed with him became a climbing into bed together. he quickly walks over to you and tells you how tired he is, gently pulling your arm and dragging you into the silky bed. once you're down his arms are wrapped around you and he peppers your face in quick kisses.
Tumblr media
©keigravy 2021. please refrain from copying, stealing, profiting off my works, translating w/o permission or using my works for asmr related work.
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Tumblr media
This is for Lucifer and Beel.
Asmodeus, Mammon and Leviathan is here.
Belphegor and Satan is here
Tumblr media
Lucifer really wouldn’t understand your attitude.
He doesn't understand anything about the phrase "I don't like praise".
At first, he thinks you're kidding.
Lucifer is shocked when you don't joke.
He decides he'll make you enjoy the praise.
(And Satan tries his best to sabotage him )
Lucifer is really trying his best.
But the only thing he manages to achieve is that you get more anxious.
Eventually (when Diavolo points out) Lucifer stops this.
He’s still secretly interested in why you don’t like praise.
And when he hears that "you don't like praise because you always suspect a person doesn't mean praise" he still doesn't understand it...
But he is trying his best.
Tumblr media
Beel would indeed protect you from his other brothers.
He doesn’t like how his brothers make you anxious.
If you want to talk Beel listens.
He will act as your free therapist.
But Beel’s advice isn’t always the best of all.
Eating is not the solution to all problems.
Although Beel wants to believe so.
He also complains to his brothers that they are harassing you.
Many hugs
Beel just wants you to feel better.
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neptune-cinths · a month ago
The Seven Demon Lords of Hell [Part 1]
entry : hii! i’m back with another world building post about obm’s world and their ranks + domains. this is gonna be a two part post because i really couldn’t fit all of the my thoughts in one T ~ T
Tumblr media
I’m sure all of us know that the demon bros are the seven demon lord of hell/ the devildom. I don’t remember if that was the official title or thats the name the fandom gave them but still 🤷🏻‍♀️
We learn pretty early on that they are both important to the Devildom’s politics and the Devildom itself and are one of the most powerful demons alongside Diavolo and maybe even Barbatos. Not on par with Diavolo, but I’m sure Lucifer and Barbatos equally have the same amount of strength
When going to formal events like a party that Diavolo hosts or when mingling with higher class demons in general, they usually go into their demon form since it’s common courtesy in the Devildom to do so.
I also believe that they have their true demon forms but they don’t go into those forms as of late. They only go to that form whenever a serious threat comes in between their family or in the Devildom
I’m sure someone had said this before but lower demons respect them by saying “Lord [brother’s name]” or “Lord of [brother’s sin]”. Anyone who forgets or even intentionally drops this title is usually going to have severe consequences, but it really depends on the demon.
You obviously don’t need to say “Lord [brother’s name]” when addressing them. That’s because you are a very special person to the demon bros
All of the brothers have gotten countless marriage proposals from older demons for their children over the centuries, but none of them want to act on it. Somewhere inside them, they know that they would just be unhappy since they don’t genuinely love the young demon or young demoness that they got a proposal from
The one with the most proposals by far is a tie between Lucifer and Mammon. Again, they just reject it the moment they hear one word about marriage.
As the Seven Lords, all of them have their own domain near the Devildom. They have ruled this place for centuries but they aren’t like Diavolo where he’s the de facto ruler to ALL of the Devildom. The demons bros only rule over their respective places. With that being said, they also have lots and lots of paperwork and sometimes they even go back to their domain to see what all the fuss was about.
Belphie’s domain is the most accessible to humans, Devildom wise. The architecture is curvy and the streets are painted with a dark purple. The grass is in between a light purple and a royal blue, much to his chagrin. The streets are littered with demons sleeping on the sidewalks, garbage cans, and anywhere they can get their hands on really. Not really the most horrific compared to all the other domains, but still dangerous for the average human to waltz into.
Beel’s domain is filled with street vendors and restaurants (both high class and fast food). It kinda looks like that one scene in spirited away where chihiro’s parents eat during the time the spirits come out. LOTS of red. red street signs, lanterns, roofs. if it’s not red it’s shades of light pink, it would look pretty cute without the hungry demons stuffing themselves to the brim with all types of food. If you wanna go here, I suggest you bring Beel and another brother with you. If you don’t, then you’ll end up being another demon’s midnight snack.
Asmo’s domain is FILLED with a lot of hot pink items. Along with that, there’s lots of make up and different boutiques in his domain. Almost every demon there is very attractive, just like their Lord! Asmo has lots succubi and incubi in his domain, they give him a lot of information from gossiping rings. The streets are also lined with cute little pink hearts from time to time, there are also lots of mirrors and glass objects in his domain. All the clothes in his domain keep up with the fashion trends of the Devildom and are made with the finest silk and fabrics. You must also bring Asmo and maybe another brother with you. If you don’t, there might be some incubus or succubus that will take your life away because you’ve been hanging out with Asmo a little too much in their eyes.
Satan’s domain is both one of the most violent and quiet out of all his brother’s domains. Wrath is in all of these demons and they aren’t afraid to show it. 9 times out of 10 the streets are painted with red, maybe some blood splattered here and there. The colors are pretty earthy though. Lots of dark green, dark brown, regular brown, with the occasional beige and light green making an appearance. Surprisingly, most of the demons coming from this domain are pretty chill trhe first time you meet them. Just don’t anger them or else you’ll REALLY know why they come from the Avatar of Wrath’s domain. These demons and demonesses are also filled with backhanded compliments and aren’t afraid to insult you. They’ll call anyone in their way smooth brained or some other creative insult.
Levi’s domain is something out of a modern sci-fi book. almost all of the electronic devices in there are powered by water, but in the small minority that’s not powered by water, it’s powered by regular magic. It sorta looks like Watatsumi Island from Genshin Impact but more modern. A lot of sea monsters and sirens go out and about in this domain since it’s mostly water. There are also a lot of dangerous sea creatures here, one example is the blue ringed octopus or the stone fish. You’re going to have to watch your step when you’re in Levi’s domain, and that also means having him as your guide!
afterthoughts : this is a pretty long post lmao but i hope you enjoyed it. tysm for giving support to my grand admiral! levi hcs, it truly means a lot to me !! i even got some support from the people in the obm fandom that i truly admire like obeythebutler !! ty once again and apologies for spelling mistakes
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muu-muu-milk · 2 months ago
spare comfort hcs with beel or belphie? ive been feeling down mentally lately and i really need some rn
Format: Headcanons
Fandom: Obey Me!
Pairing(s): Beelzebub
Warnings: None
Author's Note: I did Beel bc he's a big teddy bear and i love him 😭
Navigation | Obey Me! Masterlist
Comfort Headcanons: Beelzebub
Tumblr media
❇ Honestly the best person to go to when you're upset
❇ He'll do his best to help give advice on whats troubling you but honestly he's not great
❇ But it's the thought that counts
❇ His favourite and most effective way of comforting you is making you into a blanket burrito, cuddle you on his bed, watch something on a laptop, and eat snacks
❇ If you're on the shorter side, he'll gladly pick you up and carry you around (idk about you but it makes me super happy when people do this to me)
❇ If any of the brothers come in wanting to bother you, he will growl no cap
❇ It's his time to make you feel better go away >:(
❇ If you want to get out of the house, he's more than happy to walk you around town and go wherever you want
❇ Even walk past the restaurants and bakeries for you 🤧
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scaramoon · 10 months ago
holding his face [demon brothers]
Tumblr media
warnings + genre: fluff
notes: hi reblogs are greatly appreciated <33
Tumblr media
━━ LUCIFER ; his brothers have more of a reaction than him a first — mostly because they’re amazed he’s letting you touch him. he quirks a brow at you and for a moment it seems somewhat sinister, before the ghost a playful smile appears on his lips.
━━ MAMMON ; he freezes. and he doesn’t know why, because you’re just a human. a human he doesn’t even like, so what’s with this tight feeling in his chest? and why does he feel so lonely when you take your hand away?
━━ LEVIATHAN ; he hates that he pulls away a little at first. because he actually likes it; the warm feeling in his chest and the sense of peace just a simple touch brings. give him a moment to adjust and the offended look on his face will melt away.
━━ SATAN ; at first, he doesn’t react at all. he just looks over to you with confused eyes. he’ll try to fight the smile pulling at the corner of his lips, though he ends up having to lean his face into your hand and look back down at his book to do so.
━━ ASMODEUS ; he smiles as soon as he feels your hand on his face. his eyes close and he hums softly at the feeling, leaning into your hand. his eyes open for a moment to look at you with adoration before closing again as he buries his face in your hand.
━━ BEELZEBUB ; another who stops as soon as you touch him. there’s confusion written in his face as he tries to decipher why you’re doing this. then he gives you a warm smile, nuzzles into your hand a little, then reaches to pull you into a hug.
━━ BELPHEGOR ; he pulls away, but it’s in hopes that you’ll try again. when you don’t and you only pout, he’ll lean back over and put your hand on his face. he hums softly and lets his eyes close, eventually leaning closer to you so that he can bury his face in the side of your neck.
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devildomsgod · 3 months ago
Obey Me!: MC no longer minds their curse
Tumblr media
God cursed you with immortality, but after meeting the demon brothers you start minding the curse less and less.
Tumblr media
"Maybe being immortal isn't that bad... Not when I'm with you."
Will stop writing for a second, just blankly looking at his paper
"You shouldn't take it too lightly."
Yeah he scolds you for ""not taking the curse serious enough""
Sir, mc just confessed and this is what you do??
He's wiping tears on the inside, trust me
Feels superior to his father, knowing the curse God put on you is less of a burden thanks to him
Lucifer will be a little more affectionate with you from now on
He goes so quiet, it's genuinely concerning
He stuck in time bruh
Nah, he's just so touched by what you said, he doesn't know what to do, homeboy's brain is fried by the blood rushing to his face
Will stare at you while tears freely form in his eyes
Then when he finally snaps out of it, he'll absolutely lose it, scolding you because you can't just say things like that outta nowhere while he wipes his fallen tears
Mammon will be super clingy for the rest of the day mostly to hide the giant grin and blush on his face
You're lucky he didn't die instantly tbh
He's this 🤏 close to fainting, mc! You can't just attack him like this :'|
Levi's gonna have to excuse himself from you for a few minutes, the demon needs to relearn how to speak real quick
He returns in the same state tho haha
Leviathan isn't really sure how to react to what you said so he just
Hugs you
Real tight
And it's super cute
He'll feel extremely giddy and happy that you feel like this about him
He'll pause reading his book upon hearing your words
Will very sincerely tell you how serious he takes what you just said and how thankful he is that you feel this way
Satan will super romantically tell you that he'll gladly spend eternity with you
Will cuddle you real long and generally hold you close to him more often
He also won't avoid the subject of your curse anymore
Gets super quiet for a moment
Tears up immediately
Will throw himself into your arms while crying
Asmo's always been emotional about your curse
And he's so so happy that you no longer see immortality as such
Asmo is so tingly now ahhh it's really precious
He'll go so friggin' soft like instantly
Literally 🥺 that's him
He doesn't know what to say tbh
Offers you the food he's munching on right now
Hugs you real tight too
Aww this demon just loves you and you totally made him fall for you again
This bitch pretends he's sleeping and didn't hear you
You know he's not sleeping though and deep down he knows that you know... And he's okay with it
Lowkey pushes back tears behind those closed eyes
He'll also cuddle closer to you
Belphie will feel so happy and thankful that you're still able to say this despite of what he did to you in the past
Belphie will start being a little more lovey dovey with you now 💜 he's all ready to spend your immortality together
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obeymefictionwriting · 3 months ago
Hey, I am really sorry to bother you but I have this request roaming in my mind for quite a while now(don't know if the requests are open or not).
How would the brothers and undateables react to finding out that Cerebres (sorry if the spelling is wrong), the three headed dog of hell has a soft spot for mc abd turns into a literal puppy around them.
Just so you know, it is just a request and please don't think that you are under any obligation to write this.
Hiiii and sorry for late answer! Thanks for the request, it's really fun ^^
Tbh, he is a bit annoyed. He used to think only he was the one to tame Cerberus but a weak human?
(don't worry, it's his pride talking, he doesn't really mean it)
After getting over his initial shock, he feels pride again but for another reason.
Now he is proud that his partner turned out to be as strong as himself.
"You know, MC, Cerberus rarely displays such affection to anyone but me. You indeed are special".
Is slightly worried whether Cerberus remains the same good guardian dog after seeing him literally play fetch with you for an hour.
Decides to hold an experiment and hints about a new treasure in the presence of Mammon.
Is glad to see Cerberus remaining the same remorseless creature in regards to anyone but him and you.
*poor Mammon tho*
"How did ya do dat??"
Like, what the heck happened?!
For a second, he was really thinking you'd both die with Cerberus rushing towards you...
And then this damned dog fell on its back and demanded belly scratches!
"You got me SICK WORRIED MC"
Starts thinking about hitting a treasury with Cerberus being on your side.
"MC, I have an idea..."
No really, he is super proud of you (and also a bit afraid now)
He honestly thought Cerberus would listen to Lucifer only and he is both amazed and scared of seeing this huge-ass dog turning into an absolute puppy near you.
“MC, what did you do to him?”
He is also secretly proud to see you bossing Cerberus around like that.
Levi appreciates power as much as Lucifer does so he knows only strong-willed people could tame the hell dog like that.
“Can you ask him to stay calm so I can pet him?”
*best experience #2 in his life*
(first one involved Ruri-chan, duh)
That’s interesting. A human being can tame a hell hound just like that?
“MC, what kind of special powers do you have?”
Immediatly starts thinking about how to get Lucifer through his now-tamed Cerberus.
Enjoys watching you play with Cerberus and giving him high-quality belly rubs.
However, he will never change his mind that cats are superior.
“Can we leave this dog alone and go to cat cafe finally?”
He is terrified by Cerberus but seeing this dog running towards you... Asmo will do anything to protect his love!
He is about to go into full demon mode when the dog stops and... starts rolling on its back?
“Aw, look at it, MC! Even Cerberus can’t resist your charm!”
Surprisingly, Asmo is really bold about bonding with Cerberus.
He’d carefully sit down and be like “MC, you think I can also pet him?”
Asmo will squeal with happiness when Cerberus allows petting him.
“Awwww he is so CUTE!”
“MC, you really shouldn’t be walking in there, Cerberus might be...”
Nani? What?
He was literally about to protect you with his own body but... there is no need to?
“This is really cute”
Beel is a big goof ball so seeing something cute makes him happy instantly.
“Can I pet it too?”
“AW look, I can fit my whole head in his mouth!”
“Okay, it’s better if you play with him and I just watch”.
He is basically Satan #2 when he sees how much Cerberus likes you
The Anti-Lucifer league is in full action now.
Though he tries to act like he doesn’t care, deep down he is impressed and proud.
Who would have thought that you are able to tame Cerberus?
“Nah, you play with it. I have better things to do”.
Though he is dying of curiosity to play with Cerberus too, he will never show it.
On the other hand... it could be another weapon against Lucifer!
He is really worried when you take him down to the basement to show “something cool”.
Like, he is 1000% ready to protect you but who knows what might happen?...
When he sees Cerberus rushing towards you, he is about to destroy it but then...
He is overflowing with joy because not every day you can see Cerberus acting like a total puppy!
“I bet Lucifer will die laughing when he hears about that!”
(spoiler: Lucifer will be furious)
“MC, are you sure you don’t need my assistance?”
Is prepared to guard you with his life.
If you didn’t stop him, Cerberus would... never mind.
In fact, you’ve never seen Barbatos so... scary. On the other hand, you can be 100% sure your life is never at risk with him being around.
“Ah what a twist”
He prefers to observe you and Cerberus from the distance but is ready to jump in case abything goes wrong.
/sigh “MC, you never cease to surprise me”
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onovnii · 3 months ago
Greetings, I love your content and a idea popped in my head while reading through some of them. Could I get a head canon or small drabble of Beel, Mammon and Levi's reaction to MC saying their safe word for NSFW-ish? Thank you~
Tumblr media
# mc uses their safeword
Tumblr media
feat. mammon , leviathan , beelzebub
summary. how the brothers react to you using their safeword!
cw. suggestive ??
author n. hello! im glad you like my writing! ^^ to keep things simple i used the traffic lights thing, enjoy!
Tumblr media
you and your demon had decided to have some fun, as you usually do. but, for some reason, today you just weren’t feeling it. putting your hands in his hair, lightly tugging it to get his attention, you look at him with a rather frustrated face.
- when you tell him to stop, mammon slowly pulls away. not wanting to make fast movements in case it further irritated you.
- he moved to the opposite side of the bed, giving you your space.
- naturally, he has questions. mammon gives you a moment of silence before asking
“did i do something wrong?”
- you explain your reasoning and mammon nods. he’s been there before so he understands the most.
- he’ll ask you if you want help cleaning up or if you just want to cuddle.
- if you want to clean up, he’ll help by running you a bath and finding your clean clothes :)
- if you just want to cuddle, he’ll more than happily crawl back to you after putting some clothes on.
- he’ll hesitantly kiss your forehead, scared he might do something wrong.
- no matter what you choose, you end the night by falling asleep together <3
- he kind of panics a little.
- quickly pushed himself off of you while stammering out apologies.
- you tell him it’s okay, and explain why you wanted to stop.
- he calms down a little after.
- still apologies tho 
- you throw him his clothes and offer to finish an anime you both started but never finished
- he agreed to it, obviously
- the whole night he was a little hesitant to touch you, like his older brother
“mc… is it okay if i touch you ..?”
- he’s cute when he wants to be….
- if you let him, he moves closer and rests his hand on top of yours.
- night ends with you two staying up together (again🙄)
- slowly looks up at you, a little confused
- you’ll have to repeat since he didn’t hear the first time.
- after confirming, he’ll apologize and move away from you.
- silently watches you shift from your current position to a more comfortable sitting on, putting back on your shirt.
- beel asks if it was him, a little sad that he might’ve taken things too far.
- you tell him it wasn’t him, you just wasn’t feeling it.
- he nods at that and gets dressed.
- asks if it’s okay to cuddle.
- if so, he’ll spoon you from behind while lightly kissing your shoulder
- if not, that’s fine too. he’ll offer to get you water or anything else you need ^^
- beel’s more than happy just being in the same room as you, no matter what it is that you two do.
- night ends with you both being content in eachothers space.
Tumblr media
- val
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trueshellz · a month ago
Tumblr media
Day 7: Belphegor and Beelzebub + threesome
Tumblr media
Previous day | MASTERLIST | Next day
Warnings: threesome, spit roasting, praise, dirty talk, oral (m and f recieving), hickeys, female reader
Summary: A birthday present for the twins...
Tumblr media
Sandwiched between their hard bodies, you could feel Beel's hard dick slip and slide between your asscheeks as he licked at your neck. Hands cupping your breasts, massaging them gently before thumbing your nipples and moaning quietly in your ear. His brother was laying under you, hands gripping your thighs as he licked and sucked your clit, humming into your wet folds when the slick dripped down his chin. One hand gripping Beel's hair while the other was stroking Belphie's cock, long length curved up to his stomach leaving trails of precum on his stomach.
"Such a good girl aren't you, princess? Letting us both have you like this. So sweet too, does she taste sweet Belphie? Can't wait to feel your sweet body around me, squeezing me tight. You gonna be a good little slut and take it too, huh?"
You could barely focus on words being said as your first orgasm rocked through you, long fingers curling inside you as Belphie's tongue swirled on your clit. Beel's warm hands spreading your pussy lips open so his twin could get to the most sensitive parts of you. Whining at the loss when Belphie moved away, pulling you over so you could return the favour and suck him off while Beel fucked you. Hard length running up and down your slit once before pushing in slowly, the flared head opening you up and making you moan. Beel pulling out and pushing in a few times to get you used to him, while Belphie was long Beel was thicker, fat cock nestled between muscled thighs as he started moving slowly.
Peering up, you watched Belphie's eyes drifted close, moving your mouth to leave a hickey on his thigh which made him jump and glare down at you while you grinned at him. His response was to wrap his leg around your back and pull you forward so his dick hit the back of your throat, the gagging sending vibrations up his spine. A small chuckle from the both of them when you started whining, pace picked up on both ends making you drop your head and gasp loudly.
"You're so pretty, angel. Taking us both so well. Bet you're stuffed full, huh? Pretty cunt full of Beel while I fuck your mouth. Aw, you gonna cum again? Hmm?" You couldn't answer, simply nodding your assent as the pace picked up, the sound of skin on skin as his balls his the underside of your wet pussy. "Go on. One more for us, ok? Be a good whore and give us one more."
Shaking your head even though your legs were shaking, mouth open around Belphie's dick he started thrusting in and out slowly using your mouth until you had to pull off. Your arms shaking, Beel holding them behind your back as you flopped forward and simply took the fucking from both ends. Pussy fluttering around the thick cock inside you, pulsating as you felt your body gush and cum again. A loud groan behind you as Beel soon followed, hands gripping your hips, fingers digging into the soft flash of your ass and pulling back to watch the white globs drip out of you.
A small chuckle making you peer up, his hand moving up and down slowly using the combined spit and precum to ease his way. You yelped when Beel picked you up and placed you leaking pussy on his brother's dick, the intrusion making you whine and grab onto his chest. Breath hiccuping when Beel simply held your legs up and fucked you up and down, Belphie laying back, hands over his head and watching you both with a satiated smile on his face. His hands reaching down to run up and down your stretched pussy, eyes glinting with amusement at your fucked out expression.
"The days not over yet, angel."
A hum behind you as Beel's fingers trailed through your wet folds. "I'm still hungry."
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keigravy · a month ago
dad!obey me <3
beel & mammon brainrot
obey me masterlist — main masterlist
Tumblr media
dad!beel whos spending his mornings in the kitchen with his daughter. his eyes squinting as he reads the text from an old notebook with barbatos' recipes, mumbling the words to himself before yelling for a certain ingredient.
dad!beel who has trouble cracking the eggs just right, always having to scoop up tiny egg shell bits from the bowl. his annoyed groans alarming the small girl who tugs at his pant leg, promising she could help.
dad!beel who watches in awe as his daughter cracks the egg perfectly and rewarding her with licking the leftover batter. both of them snacking on the sweet batter as they sit in front of the oven, watching the cake rise; going on and on about how surprised you'll be.
dad!mammon who gets dragged along in shopping trips with uncle asmo and his kid. walking around and mumbling over prices on certain clothes he deems ugly, smiling when his two favorite people agree and fading when one of the workers gets involved.
dad!mammon who says no to all of the expensive items, at first, then takes pictures of them to remember what his kid liked. or alternatively, dad!mammon who switches the tags and says "good news! it's on sale!" before asmo shuns him. though after that little joke he moves the tags back...or just grabs a new thing.
dad!mammon who remembers to buy you a little something something during the trip, no matter how expensive it is. of course, if it does put a dent in his card he'll blame it on the clothes he and asmo had gotten.
Tumblr media
©keigravy 2021. please refrain from copying, stealing, translating and using for asmr purposes. interactions are always appreciated <3
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Tumblr media
Asmodeus, Mammon and Leviathan is here.
Belphegor and Satan is here.
This is for Lucifer and Beelzebub
Tumblr media
Lucifer can feel the gray hair growing on his head.
He is bored and, to put it mildly, irritated by the actions of his brothers.
All the time, someone wants to take pictures with you and wants you to wear some outfit.
( Or Lucifer also wants to see you in different outfits and take pictures but only when it's part of your "night activities" )
Usually he will evict his brother from you so you get some of your own time
He would have been secretly hurt if you hadn’t mentioned your modeling career before
( And secretly proud that you belonged to him now )
But Mr.GreatEgo never admits it.
He would be slightly interested in your work.
If you want to talk about it Lucifer listens.
If you also want, he can "deal" with annoying and obsessive fans.
You can be sure you will never see them again.
Tumblr media
Beel is really worried about you.
He doesn’t want you to get too stressed or bothered by others all the time.
He doesn’t want anyone to hurt you mentally or physically.
( Beel is a sweet cinnamon roll... Or maybe not because if he were he would definitely eat himself )
Usually Beel hugs with you when you are two because he wants to make you feel comfortable.
In addition, Beel would like to go to restaurants with you often.
He has heard that beautiful individuals easily receive free benefits.
And you can be sure Beel will be disappointed if it doesn’t work.
He wouldn’t want to know why you haven’t told him this before.
Beel trusts you had a reason for it or you just didn’t want attention.
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https-sen · 4 months ago
Hello, if it isn't too much, i would ask a obey me headcanon how the demon brothers and side characters (except for Luke) would to seduce MC when the brothers/sc don't got intimate enough with her yet (pardon me i usually imagine a female mc, but i dont want to determinate a general if you take my quest). Thank you so much.
omg first ask tysm 😭😭
Obey Me Characters *TRYING* to Seduce MC and Other Random Fluff Hcs
Tumblr media
a/n: hi hi, im not sure if you meant sexually or not but i'll just do wholesome stuff since you didnt specify ^_^ and its fine, im not really that good yet and this seems fun :) im gonna do the chars i main for now since i still have another drabble to finish 'm sorry </3
Character(s): Leviathan, Belphegor, Beelzebub, and Simeon
Warning(s): kinda suggestive in belphie's and simeon's
Genre: Fluff (and crack, wacky commentary)
Pairing(s): Leviathan, Belphegor, Beelzebub, and Simeon x female!mc
pls like, reblog and follow it helps my small acc a lot!
Tumblr media
He's so shy, someone help him lmfao 💀 He'd try to kabedon you like the characters in anime romance series he's watched but fails as you just go really close to his face and say "hi ☺️" just to tease him (his brothers would laugh at him after that ugjghfj) He makes such cheesy, bad, overused pickup lines like, "if i could rearrange the alphabet i would put U in I closer together 🥵" or "if life was a game, you'd be my player 2 🥴" with a bunch of stutters BAHAHHA (influenced by Mammon 100% no cap) If youre alone in his room, he would slip his hand around your shoulder while watching a movie or show you all his super cool (and hot 😳) cosplays.
Very precious boy. Belphie didnt like you at first and thought you were a nuisance but when you were with Beel he noticed how much Beel trusted you and decided, "if he thinks youre ok then im ok 🤓" USSBJS if he would sleep somewhere unusual in the house of lamentation and you'd try to wake him up, he'll pull you with him and would put his head on your boobies because "theyre soft and warm" (caught in 4k 🤥📸) If you were making some snacks for Beel, you'd bet he'll be there helping you bestie. If you were preparing something he's gonna hug you from the back and nuzzles on your shoulder (yeah no, bye my soul left the chat 👋🏻🗿)
To him you're a full course meal. An all you can eat buffet. Lukes pastries👌🏻 He cant tell why you always get flustered when he takes of his shirt, compliments you or whenever he smiles (we all know he's pretty dense no questions asked🤫) If he calls you from across the hallway and you didnt hear him, brace yourself as he'll kabedon you to get your attention🧍🏻‍♀️If you make him any treats, he'll act like he just got superpowers or some bs and go, "with these, im better🤖stronger💪🏻and faster🏇🏻" 😭😭 If you were with him outside, he's super protective of you and be like, "My human, fuck off 🗣"
Shoulders. If his shoulders were that hot, i wonder hows the weather underneath all that clothing 😳 He likes to stare at you a lot so he'd compliment your looks and your outfits. He just likes to come really close to your face and say, "You look super cute today" or "I really like that jacket youre wearing, you should wear it often" and laughs softly whenever you get flustered (siR my HEART 😰) He'd 100% call you over to his room and watch Titanic and disney movies while you both sit together underneath blankets (thats fucking cute tho 🥺)
Tumblr media
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mochiiwriter · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
| The little things |
[Lucifer, Mammon, Levi, Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie xGN!Reader]
warnings: idk?? some maturish things ig but not rlly,,, mentions of it
Tumblr media
The thing he appreciated most was when you made sure he looked presentable. How if his tie was crooked you’d wordlessly fix it, without even exchanging a word
Mayhaps a small kiss to your forehead to show he appreciated it but other than that nothing
Or for example he’s fallen asleep pass out in his office once again and you go in to check on him, only to gently brush the hair from his eyes and drape his coat over him, locking the door to make sure he wasn’t disturbed
Just little things that made him feel your affection by tending to his pride
Tumblr media
he loves loves LOVES when you reach up and wrap your arms around him to give him a little kiss, it makes him weak in the knees
do it in public and he won’t be able to function properly
he also loves when you buy him stuff, there are just some things he would never sell
try making him something! it’s his new lucky charm and the thing he treasures most
Tumblr media
levi loves when you dress in cosplay with him maid cosplay and hes suddenly going mad please he thinks you’re the best ruri chan hes ever seen
play games with him!
there’s nothing he loves more when the two of you game together, he doesn’t care if he wins (well mayhaps a little bit he is the avatar of envy let’s not forget)
levi just wants you to be his henry and doing things together let’s him see that you are, please protect him and love him with your soul
Tumblr media
be in his company, he doesn’t mind if you’re working or reading in fact he quite enjoys that then he gets to read his own books
having you around him keeps him calm and so he really appreciates your company
another little thing he loves is when you read to him, satan loves the sound of your voice it’s one of the only things that make him feel calm
so expect after a troublesome day for him to come to you and ask you to read to him
Tumblr media
doing beauty stuff together and gossiping
he looks painting your nails and putting beauty masks on you while gossiping about who hooked up with who in the devildom
hold his hand, it doesn’t have to lead to anything else but actually knowing someone cares about him rather than lusts after him makes him feel so at peace
Tumblr media
beel loves your cooking
he doesn’t care if you suck at cooking or if you’re the worlds best chef, the only thing he cares about is if it’s done by you
he likes to sit with you and like satan he just enjoys your company, give him cuddles! lots of them see him become even more soft
Tumblr media
sleep with him.
not in that way perv /J
if hes sleeping just go up to him and get under the covers and start cuddling him
he might act like he’s still sleeping but you can tell from that small smile and light blush that’s dusting his cheeks, he really appreciates it
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scaramoon · 9 months ago
thank you kisses [mammon, leviathan, satan, beelzebub; gn!mc]
Tumblr media
@ultimate-astridwriting said: Hi, I don’t know if requests are open yet but if they areeee can you write abt Mammon, Leviathan, Satan and Beezlebub getting a thank you kiss from the reader? I just think their reactions would be adorable!! 💓😊
warnings/genre: no cw, fluff
note: sorry this took an unreasonable amount of time T.T but this was such a cute request, thank you <33
Tumblr media
it was a seemingly small gesture, just him giving you a few grimm to buy something you’d been wanting for a while. but you knew for mammon — the literal avatar of greed — it was a lot more generous than if it had come from any of his brothers.
“thanks!” you chirped. you leaned down to where he was sitting on the edge of his bed, tilted his head up with your index finger, and pressed a quick kiss to his lips.
his eyes grow wide at the sudden action, leaning back in surprise and having to place his hands on the bed behind him to brace himself. and then as soon as your lips were on his, they were gone. he made an indignant noise — something like a whine and something like growl.
“y- you can’t do that! what- uhm. any- anyway, jus.. jus go buy that thing you wanted.”
you knew that if any of the brothers would be able to help you beat the final boss of the game you’d been playing recently, it was levi. and of course he provided the help you needed, afterall you were the only normie he liked.
“thank you, levi,” you said with a smile, leaning over to press a quick kiss to his cheek.
despite the fact that he seemed frozen in time, he wanted more than just a quick kiss. he wasn’t about to say that though, he couldn’t even look at you. he didn’t even know why you’d want to look at him, much less kiss him.
he was sure you could see how red his cheeks burned though, so maybe just this once he would be fine with your eyes not on him.
the potion you needed was apparently not that popular, being that it took both you and satan hours in the library to find the recipe.
“ah, found it.” he said, pointing at a page in the opened book.
your eyes glanced over it quickly before you moved and pressed a kiss to his lips. “thank you, i’m sorry it took so long.”
your hand had come up to hold his face when you kissed him, and when you pulled away your hand hadn’t left. his hand came over to cover yours and a fond smile decorated his face.
“no no, thank you, darling.”
to say the least, devildom recipes were... complicated. along with being a marvel at the dinner table though, beel was a marvel in the kitchen. he knew mostly everyone recipe and was good at cooking, so you had to ask him for help.
“thank you,” you said kind of shyly, although beel was wearing his usual warm smile.
“it’s no problem!” he said, walking over to wrap his arms around you. you’d noticed he did that a lot; the closer he got to you, the more he hugged you or pulled you into his lap.
you kissed him in return, your cheeks burning. he was a little suprised at the action, although the shock on his face quickly shifted into his signature puppy dog eyes. a light pink dusted his cheeks as he buried his face into the crook of your neck.
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