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#beelzebub headcanons
freshtealeaves · 5 days ago
Lucifer: "a human trying to protect a demon and an angel?,how very interesting".
MC: says the loser who lost everything in a war and swore loyalty to the guy whom he hated.
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obey-mes-treasure · 20 days ago
Obey Me Pact Headcanons Part 4 (Beelzebub Edition;GN!MC)
A/N: I can’t believe I finally finished this. Parts of it made me cry.
“When Beel is Complete” is below the cut
- Beel placed the pact mark on to the left of MC’s belly button. This was Beel’s idea, MC thought it was funny, but he put it there because Beel often stands behind them and places his hand there.
- Beel asked them to mark him while they were walking home after one of his fangol games.
- Beel let them decide where to put the mark. MC decides to put it on his left wrist. They do this for two reasons. The first is because that is the hand, he holds them with. The second is because they notice that when he is nervous, he will rub his left wrist.
- They can tell when the other is hungry because of their pact marks.
- When they are in Devildom Beel would bring them food whenever he felt that they were hungry.
- When MC was in the human world they would rub their pact mark if they ever felt Beel rub his to let them know they were there.
- When MC is watching Beel play fangol they will touch their pact mark so that he knows they are watching.
- Beel rubs his wrist when he is nervous or upset. After the pact mark is placed there MC is usually able to tell when something is wrong because he will accidentally end up rubbing the mark and they will go to comfort him.
- The pact mark gives MC the ability to digest food better. Food that used to be allergic to or made them feel sick no longer has any effect. They are also able to smell better. They still can’t smell as strong as a demon, but it is stronger than any human.
Warnings: Thunderstorm, Crying?
The crowd of demons around MC cheered, filling the air with hollering and screams. Joining them MC jumped to their feet lifting their hand-made sign into the air as Beel scored the winning point. Though it was difficult MC could see Beel smile as he looked over to the sign that had “GO BEEL” written across it in bright red letters. It was decorated in various pictures that represented fangol as well as the number 6’s, Beel’s number. It had taken them a while to make but the excited look on his face made every annoying piece of glitter stuck to their skin worth it.
 MC was the only one at the game this time which was a rare but sweet occurrence. Usually, Belphie showed up at the very least but Diavolo had insisted he needed everyone for the student council meeting only sparing Beel because it was the most important game in the season. It had taken forever to convince Lucifer that it was safe to let them sit on the benches alone. Safe they were, Beel had made sure no one would bother them. If his spare jersey and his jacket hanging off their form weren’t enough to send any threatening demons running then, his scent that he had tainted their skin with would.
 They stayed standing, watching Beel walk towards them from the field as the crowds cleared. As soon as he had said bye to all his teammates and passed the gates they ran to him jumping so that their arms could reach his shoulders. His arms wrapped around their waist holding them up against him as he spun them around in the air.
 “You did amazing Beel. Did you see how crazy the crowd went?” MC giggled as their feet remet the ground.
 “MC I’m sweating. Are you sure you want to touch me?” he watched their excited expression that seemed to be brighter than the stadium lights on the field. Their cheeks were decorated in red streaks and the number 6. This was unusual in Devildom, but they had insisted that it was a tradition in the human world. They had described it as being sort of war paint to intimidate the other team but now that he had a closer look he disagreed. Their cheeks did not look at all threatening to him only more adorable, but he was sure the other team would definitely be jealous. They were perfect. Their presence alone almost entirely filled the gnawing hunger within him. Almost. His stomach let out a deep rumbled and he frowned in embarrassment. MC’s eye traveled to his stomach before running up the steps to where they had been sitting before. They picked up the sign and gathered some food they had bought for him from the concession stand.
 “I’ve never had a problem smelling like you,” they shrugged as they jumped down the steps and into his arms again, holding him closely. “I got you these snacks but I’m going to take you to buy food from that hamburger stand, Reggie’s, you love so much”. Beel’s frown immediately disappeared as he reached for the food. Already downing the hell-fire nachos they had bought he muttered a happy thank you while chewing. They began their walk to the Reggie’s in silence. It wasn’t an awkward silence; it was one filled with warmth and stillness. The sound of their footsteps against the ground mixed with noises of deadly animals and Beel’s munching. Finishing the last of his snacks he reached for the sign that they had rolled on into their hands. They released it as he took it from them and pulled it open. His eyes had studied every inch of the thick paper. He adored it from the giant letters spelling out his name and images of a field and ball and helmet to the shimmering glitter spread across the empty areas of the paper.
 “Do you like it?” they smiled shyly beside him, their fingers fidgeting with one another.
 “It’s perfect,” he exclaimed. Removing his gaze from the paper he grins at MC in a way that makes them feel as though he wasn’t talking about the paper at all. Their eyes widen a little and they turn their face to hide their cheeks that had become even redder than before. Beel rolled up the poster again holding it out to MC.
 “Oh, um, since you like it you can keep it. If you want it of course,” embarrassment and happiness mixed together filling their voice.
 “I’m going to put it on the wall beside my bed,” their head snapped toward him, their face covered in excitement. Reluctantly they reached for his hand. Not saying anything he entwined his fingers with theirs a small blush covering his face. This time MC’s stomach grumbled. They frowned and buried their face into his arm, flustered.
 “You’re hungry,” he laughed his grin wide.
 “Yes, and it’s all your fault so I don’t know why you’re laughing at me.”
 “I don’t see the problem. Now you eat with me more,” he chuckled. MC’s pact with him had tended to cause them to get hungry more quickly. Satan told them at one point that it caused some changes to their digestive system. When they first got the pact, they weren't exactly sure how much they were supposed to eat causing them to fluctuate between eating too much and too little. MC was sure that their ability to smell things from farther away only made them hungrier. The smell of cheeseburgers and fries made the empty feeling in their stomach worse. Beel could probably smell it long before them and they sympathized with him. Although their stomach nearly felt as empty as his, they could be full, and the pains were not nearly as bad. Rounding the corner, they spotted the bright sign with Reggie’s printed across it. They picked up speed towards the stand to the line of demons. It took about a minute for a worker to approach the two of them. Awkwardly they told the worker what they wanted. This particular place didn’t have waiters, but it was rare for any restaurant to make one of the avatars actually wait. Beel ordered a mountain of food but it didn’t take long for them to hand bring out their order.
 “Do you want to walk through the park?” Beel peered at them through the heaps of food in his arm. MC hummed in agreement, eating their meal. They had both finished quickly MC having only ordered a burger and drink and Beel being able to eat very quickly. As they approached the empty park MC began to notice the clouds advance towards them. The air was more humid than before, and the wind had begun to speed up. These were all signs of rain in Devildom. It never just rained in Devildom, it was either no rain or thunderstorms.
 “Hey, Beel I think i-” they were interrupted by a loud strike of thunder and rain pouring down from the sky. Beel grabbed their hand with his free one pulling them to a large tree that was planted next to the mid-length stone fence surrounding the forest. By the time they had reached the area, they were already fairly wet. The paint on their cheeks was now running their cheeks causing Beel to laugh. He reached out his hand wiping at the paint. They frowned at his laugh and used some of their leftover napkins to clean their cheeks. Hearing Beel sigh sadly they turned towards him again. He was holding the poster opening again. Like the paint on their cheeks, the poster was smudged. The words and decorations were barely recognizable.
 “I’m sorry MC. I messed it up. You worked really hard on it,” he pouted his head hung low.
 “Don’t worry about it I’ll just make you another one.”
 “You will?”
 “Mhm, I had fun making it I don’t mind,” they tried to smile at him hoping to lift his spirits, but his frown remained. MC didn’t like to see him so upset and wanted to do everything possible to comfort him. “Until then I’ll just have to cheer for you myself,” they grabbed two sticks covered in leaves that had fallen. MC ran out from under the tree and lifted their arms in the air. The rain continued to fall on them soaking their clothes, but they continued.
 “What are you doing,” Beel questioned.
 “Give me a B, give me an E, give me another E, give me an L. What does spell Beel,” making up the words as they went they continued to sing. MC moved their arms around using the sticks as mock pom-poms. “Go Beel you can do it…” he began to laugh at their ridiculous dance. He wasn’t sure what they were doing exactly but it caused his chest to feel warm and cheerful. He watched MC as they continued, their hair was stuck to their face from the rain. When MC first wore his jersey, they had tied up the end to make it fit better now each time they lifted their arms above their head Beel was able to see his pact mark peeking through. His attention quickly became focused on the mark, the world dulling around him. To him, the bright red against their skin looked perfect. As though they were complete with some part of him on them. He knew that the mark actually made them hungrier, but they had expressed to him many times that they didn’t mind, in fact, every time they were just a little bit hungry it reminded them of him. The thought of them had always made him fuller and content. Maybe if he had some part of them always with him, he could feel that just a little bit more. Without a second thought, he scooped them up into his arms before walking back and sitting them on the fence back under the tree.
 “Did you like my cheerleading? I know you guys don’t have them here and that I’m not exactly the best, but I think I did pretty well,” Beel wiped the water from their face, his hand wandering behind their head. He pulled them close his lips landing on his cheek. He inhaled their scent as their body was held close to his. MC was silent stunned at his sudden intimacy.
 “I want one,” he whispered to them like he was sharing a secret no one else could know.
 “Beel I told you that I would make you a poster.”
 “No not that. This,” his hand slide under the bottom of their shirt his thumb circling the mark. Their breath caught in their throat.
 “Y-you want a pact mark on you?” Beel didn’t answer his lips continuing to plant kisses on their cheeks and jawline. His eyes searched theirs for a second before he finally kissed their lips. His touch on them answered their question as well as any words could. Their hand met with his wet shirt wondering up to his shoulders. The words he had spoken to the seconds before pondered into their mind causing joy to spread through them. Small laughs escaped their lips and they pulled away from him.
 “Are you sure, Beel? I know that this is something important. You shouldn’t feel like you have to if you don’t want to.”
 “I’m sure. When I made the pact with you I did it for Belphie and Lucifer. I want to do this for you and me,” MC blushed burying their head into his chest.
 “Where do you want it?”
 “I want you to pick.”
 “Are you sure?” he nodded his fingers circling the mark again.  Scanning over his body MC’s eyes landed on his left hand that was pressed against their stomach. He seemed to never want to stop touching the stop. This wasn’t unusual. Beel would often walk up behind them and wrap his left arm around them to reach the mark. Remembering this along with how he would rub his wrist when he was nervous MC knew exactly where they wanted the mark. Gently they grabbed his hand lifting it.
 “Well, then I want it here,” their lips meeting the inner side of his wrist. Placing it there would mean when he rubbed his wrist it would also let them know when he wasn’t feeling the best. If he was going to do this for the both of them then they wanted to know when he needed them to. Beel wasn’t sure why they had picked it, but he liked that it was somewhere easy to see. So that when he needed them near, he would only have to lift his arm just a little.
 “I like that spot,” he weaved his fingers with theirs showing them that he was ready.
 “Hear me, denizens of darkness, you who are born of shadow and you who give birth to it. Hear me and do as I command!” MC was confident and loud, their voice ringing over the thunder striking in the background. The humid air around them only seemed to increase in temperature from MC’s power now flowing through the air. The grass under Beel’s feet darkened as some of Devildom’s magic was pulled from the ground. They studied Beel’s face, his eyes closed and lips slightly parted. The contrast between the cold rain on his skin and the hot pact mark forming caused the tense muscles in his arm to relax. “I bind this demon, Beelzebub, to myself, MC. Lend me his power for he is the Avatar of Gluttony,” the heat on his wrist began to subside. Slowly he opened his eyes. His hold on their hand tightened when he first was the mark as if he let go it would disappear.
 “Thank you, MC,” he mumbled his focus still on the mark. Fascinated by their new bond Beel wanted to memorize every part of it, from how it looked to how felt. He withdrew his hand from theirs and let it linger centimeters away from their mark. There was a small magnetic pull between the two marks that they could both feel. Their eyes meet, an unsaid question passing between the two. After seeing them nod Beel gave into the pull allowing the two symbols to meet. Beel’s eyes grew wide, his body frozen with surprise.
 “Beel is something wrong?” butterflies filled MC’s stomach at his touch, and they had to resist the urge to laugh at the new and beautiful feeling. Beel’s lack of reaction had concerned them, he was their top priority right now despite the overwhelming feelings flowing through them.
 “My stomach, my heart they...” pausing, tears began to form in his eyes “they feel so full.” All the centuries of pain inside him had faded away and were replaced with something else. It felt like warmth and honey in hot tea, gliding down his throat until it reached the core of his being extinguishing any remnants of his pain. For once in his life, Beel had wished that the emptiness in his stomach was bigger just so that he could feel more of the pact’s power within him. MC’s fingers wiped at his, now tear-stained face the silence between them speaking a thousand words. It wasn’t until their own vision blurred that they realized that they had also started to cry. Defeated by their own emotions the laughs that welled up in their tummy finally escaped their lips. Quickly without a second thought, they kissed Beel wanting to feel more of the connection that was causing them such elation. Their lips moving together as if they had practiced this a million times before. They only slightly pulled away from one another, their cheeks and marks still touching.
“Are you okay?” question Beel they noted his now more relaxed features. They wanted… no needed to make sure that he was okay because that's what he would do for them. Even if the pact meant that they were technically in charge MC refused for it not to be beneficial and fulfilling on both ends. Especially now that his skin claimed him to be theirs as much as they were his.
 Beel’s head rested on their shoulder the pace around seeming to disappear. He knew that he would need to pull away soon. He knew that neither of them could live their lives in this position, He would have to let go eventually but for right now, as the world around them disappeared, he would bask in the bond that held them together. For right now he would allow himself to be truly complete.
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gender-fluid-freak · 24 days ago
Beel x reader petnames
Kinda got a theme going here, imma just do this for every character until I either run out or get a request😐
His for you: angel cake, sweetie, honey, basically anything food related, it will always make him hungry...
Yours for him: baby, beelzebabe
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ashwritesshit · a month ago
Obey me brothers + diavolo reacting to mc being really affectionate with them
Request: can i get the demon brothers (and maybe diavolo too cause a girl is thirsty 💔) and how they react to a mc that is really really really affectionate? like the mc would kiss their cheek as a good luck charm everyday and hug them whenever they got the chance? 🧍‍♀️ don't forget the praise 😫 ‼️
From: @sweetdarlinggg
Characters: Lucifer, satan, beelzebub, belphegor, mammon, leviathan, asmondus, diavolo.
Warnings: none
Tumblr media
+.°•*Lucifer ~
He wasn't used to getting showed much affection until you came along- he wasn't sure how to handle it either.
He'd blush when you reach over to kiss his cheek or simple hug him in the morning he always tries his best to cover it up thought he doesn't want any of his brothers or you seeing him like that-
You sometimes bring him coffee when he's doing paperwork which he really appreciates!! He also lets you sit in his lap whyle he's finishing his work, just you being there beings him joy!
He does get jalous when you show affection to his brothers (he'll never admit it tho)
Would probably make you sit with him in his office when he sees you hanging out with one of his brothers, would simply say he needs help with some of his paperwork but would just keep you with him and won't let you touch a single piece of paper. 🧍‍♂️
Tumblr media
+.°•*Satan ~
He didn't see the point of getting hugged or kissed until you started doing it, it always made his day whenever you kissed his cheek for good luck.
He didn't believe it would give him good luck but he still wanted your affection evryday it made him feel warm and fuzzy inside he felt happy.
Also a very jalous person!! he tries spending as much time with you as he can.
Whenever him and Lucifer would argue he'd always ask you to hangout with him you made him feel better and more calm.
He always helps you with homework when you ask for it, you give him a kiss on the cheek as a thank you.
Tumblr media
+.°•*Mammon ~
He loves you so much!! he'd rather have you than money which is pretty surprising considering he's the avatar of greed-
Forehead kisses are his favorite, whenever he does something for you either help you carry books,help make lunch or diner you always make sure to thank him by being extra affectionate.
He tries really hard to make you proud and it's all worth it at the end when you're praising him for his good work.
Gets all shy and blushy when you're affectionate with him, would blush 2 times darker when you call him cute kuz of it.
Would randomly sneak up behind you and hug whyle resting his head on your shoulder, it's one of the positions he likes to hug you in since you can't see him being a blushy mess.
Will throw a tantrum when your being affectionate with levi or Lucifer
Tumblr media
+.°•*Beelzebub ~
He loves it when you hugg him when you'd wrap your arms around him and rest your head on his chest, like he could be feeling sad and you hugging him would make his day 100 times better.
One of his favorite things to do is watch you cook or bake for him, the food may taste bad but he'll still eat it!! whatever you make is good for him, he won't even leave crums on the plate-
Doesn't mind sharing you with belphegor he cares about both of you deeply, you 3 sometimes cuddle in the afternoon he really enjoys having you around.
He would do anything for you! need help with homework? He's here!! some demon from the school is bothering you? he won't hesitate to go help specially if he gets praised after it!!
Definitely believes that your daily kisses brings him good luck.
Tumblr media
+.°•*Belphegor ~
You and beelzebub are his favorite people, he loves napping with you! Probably cuddles you instead of his pillow when you're around.
He doesn't like doing much activites so it's usually just both of you (sometimes beel) in his bed either sleeping or having a small talk about your day.
He hates it when you're with Lucifer or diavolo.
Your kisses always give him more energy for school,as long as you're there with him he's already feeling better.
You're always there to calm him down when he's pissed a simple hug can make him feel better!
Tumblr media
+.°•*Levihatan ~
He loves watching anime and playing video games with him!! Ik damn well he's touch starved and doesn't know how to handle your affection most of the time-
You remind him of this one anime character he really likes wich honestly makes him like you even more- (I feel like he would try getting you into cosplay of that character🧍‍♂️)
He hates it when you hangout with mammon he's kinda scared you'll replace him with his brother but you always assure him you'll never replace him with anyone and that he'll always have a special place in your heart!!
Whenever he's about to play a new a game he likes making you sit next to him so you can bring him good luck Kissing his cheek works too 👀
You both somethimes just lay in his bed whyle cuddling each other he'd ask you about things in the human world and you always try answering all his questions!!
Tumblr media
+.°•*Asmondus ~
Spends most of his time hanging out with you!! he loves doing your makeup and manicure 😌
You guys usually have sleepovers at the end of the week were you both just hangout and have fun, he likes trying out new outfits with you, your compliments always boosts his confidence!
He actually doesn't mind when you hangout with his brothers, he loves seeing you being affectionate with people he finds you really nice.
He always asks you for hugs kisses and cuddles!
He loves showing you some of his magazines! (I can see him asking you to accompany him at a photoshoot, he'd even let you join!)
Tumblr media
+.°•*Diavolo ~
He adores you- like a lot- it always brings him joy when you're visiting the castle, he'll try his best so you can have fun whyle with him! he'll make a few horrible jokes that you'll still laugh at-
Will make you sit with him in his office and just ask about your stay In the house of lamentation and how school is going, he always listens carefully to what your saying.
He also loves when you kiss him it definitely gives him more energy to finish his paperwork, small praises work as well!!
Will also hug you whenever he has the chance to he also tries to be careful since he doesn't want to hurt you.
He tries visiting the house of lamentation evry once in a whyle just to see you and check up on how you're doing.
A/n: sorry this took a bit long 💔
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beelziebabie · a year ago
Tumblr media
Title: Alphabet Headcanons with Beelzebub — NSFW
Started: idk lmfao
Finished: 12:00 PM
Reader Insert?: yup
A = Aftercare (What they’re like after sex)
He needs food after. But other than that, he’s very tidy after. Will take you to the bathroom to clean your legs, vagina/penis and any part of your body that may smell. If he has to he’ll give you a bath.
B = Body part (Their favourite body part of theirs and also their partner’s)
Anywhere from the shoulders up. Loves leaving kisses on your collarbone and neck but he wouldn’t bite very often. Only if you asked.
C = Cum (Anything to do with cum basically…)
His cum doesn’t taste very good. His diet is all over the place, so his cum has a rather tangy flavor to it. It isn’t enjoyable. He does have a lot of it. And I mean a lot. He’ll paint your walls white so quickly.
D = Dirty Secret (Pretty self explanatory, a dirty secret of theirs)
Since your first time with him was pretty embarrassing on his part, he did a lot of research on how to do things all related to sex. From there he went from articles on how to pleasure someone correctly without hurting them, to a playlist of video’s on pornhub— out of curiosity he watched them. All of them.
E = Experience (How experienced are they? Do they know what they’re doing?)
Not very experienced at all. You’d most likely have to guide him, and you have to tell him what you want and how you want it or he wont know that to do.
F = Favourite Position (This goes without saying. )
Any position that lets him see a good view of your face. Not only for heated kisses, but also to see how well you’re handling him and how good he’s doing. He loves seeing your expressions and cant get enough of it.
G = Goofy (Are they more serious in the moment, or are they humorous, etc)
More serious, but if theres something to laugh about he will.
H = Hair (How well groomed are they, does the carpet match the drapes, etc.)
He doesn’t care much about the hair down there but wont let the hair get excessive. Especially when he starts getting more sexually active, he’s groom himself better. The carpet does match the drapes, but the hair there is a bit coarser and darker.
I = Intimacy (How are they during the moment, romantic aspect…) 
He doesn’t talk much during it, mainly speaks with his eyes. Eye contact is a big thing with him and he needs to see your eyes.
J = Jack Off (Masturbation headcanon)
He jacked off to the audio from the playlist of porn videos, mainly imagining it was you and him. He feels pretty bad about it but would never tell that he did it to you.
K = Kink (One or more of their kinks)
Food play, thats pretty obvious. Nothing too extreme though, he’d probably just put some whipped cream on your pubic area and lick it off while going down on you.
L = Location (Favourite places to do the do)
Would rather do it in the bedroom, sometimes the bathroom. That way its not as easy to get caught, especially by Lucifer.
M = Motivation (What turns them on, gets them going)
If you ever cook something for him and make it obvious that you want more that just a meal, then that’ll definitely get him going.
N = NO (Something they wouldn’t do, turn offs)
Would never transform into his demon form during it, even if you ask him to. He’s scared he might slip up or something and end up hurting you.
O = Oral (Preference in giving or receiving, skill, etc)
Would much rather give than receive. At first, he isn’t very good at it and is very sloppy, but over time he gets better based on your reactions and communication.
P = Pace (Are they fast and rough? Slow and sensual? etc.)
Very gentle, but if you rile him up enough that can quickly change. Run your hand across his chest, give him kisses dangerously close to his lips, anything to tease him. Expect to feel complete numbness in your legs the next couple of days though.
Q = Quickie (Their opinions on quickies rather than proper sex, how often, etc.)
Not opposed to the idea. Wouldnt initiate quickies but if you gave hints he would go along with it.
R = Risk (Are they game to experiment, do they take risks, etc.)
Fine with experimenting! Just nothing that could be too dangerous, especially since youre human. Will always research whatever you want to experiment first before going through with it, even if you give him an idea of what it is.
S = Stamina (How many rounds can they go for, how long do they last…)
He can go for many rounds if he’s horny enough. His lust will overpower his hunger and the longer that lust lasts, the better. But the moment he has calmed down he will need to eat so much food to not feel nauseous. He can also hold back his release fairly well, so he can last a little over 10 minutes before he has to let go.
T = Toy (Do they own toys? Do they use them? On a partner or themselves?)
He never really thought about sex much until he got an S/O. So he owns no toys and definitely is not experienced with them. He’s down to try though.
U = Unfair (how much they like to tease)
Not much of a teaser, would much rather get straight to the point (after oral of course). If he ever does tease you, you’ve done something to make him upset and is letting out his anger that way.
V = Volume (How loud they are, what sounds they make)
You wont get any more than a couple grunts and groans from him. Even though he’s never felt pleasure before its pretty easy for him to quiet himself. He couldnt really be loud if he tried to, since he’s scared that Lucifer will catch you guys in the act.
W = Wild Card (Get a random headcanon for the character of your choice)
He’d be lying if he never asked Asmodeus for advice on how to please you better—
X = X-Ray (Let’s see what’s going on in those pants)
I’m guessing that demons are more.. evolved? Than humans. The average length of a male demon is 6.5 inches. Beelzebub is the average height (thank god) but on the thicker side, and his dick curves a bit towards himself (when standing).
Y = Yearning (How high is their sex drive?)
Not very high. Like I’ve said before, he never really thought about sex much. Albeit, when he got a S/O his drive went up a little bit to meet yours, but other than that he can go multiple weeks without wanting sex.
Z = ZZZ (… how quickly they fall asleep afterwards)
Cant fall asleep after unless he has eaten a full course meal. Assuming that you wouldve passed out before he even got to the food, when he comes back he’ll clean you up even when you’re asleep and fall asleep right after.
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angelicspaceprince · a year ago
Hey Ama, reading you hc about friend with Beelzebub i wondered = Do you think they would talk about the "no" relationship with Gabriel, since they realize that demons can be loved and the reader would be proof of that and i ineffable bureaucracy stan
Ok I spent some time thinking about this because 1) this is legit the first ever ask I’ve received where the person asking has referred to me by my name and I’ve been on this hell site for oh god, 6 years now? And this is a first. B) I have been having a convo with some peeps where its a poly relationship between Aziraphale, Beelzebub, Crowley and reader, so this was taken not so much from that but it was very much on my mind when I wrote this and, finally, iii) I was tryna think what would Beelzebub be like when it came to talking to Gabriel bc I would think the initial reaction would be:
Crowley’s gone native
I’m a demon, I’m not capable of loving
I’m a demon, I’m not worthy of love
I’m a demon, love is beneath me
But over time, it would eat at them and slowly they would bring it up to Gabriel. Probably awkwardly and definitely avoiding the ‘l’ word because, again, “Demons don’t feel love” but what Beelzebub forgets is that Gabriel can feel love because he is apparently an angel. So, basically its a lot of awkward maneuvering until one of them bucks up the courage to go talk to Aziraphale (Gabriel) or Crowley (Beelzebub) and basically be like ‘what is this and what do I do about it?’ Then yeah. awkward confessions and bam! Ineffable Bureaucracy is born I guess. It’d still be awkward af bc “You’re a demon!” “Yeah, so?” “I shouldn’t be spending time with you!” “Crowley and your angel friend does. They aren’t getting into trouble, are they?” 
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bullet-farmer · a year ago
When Beelzebub undresses, zir/her* back is shimmery, scaled, and bottle-green-and-blue. Like a green bottle and a blue-bottle flies’, only the colors are evenly. The scales stretch around her shoulders and stomach in banded patterns, too. They look like armor, and they are, but if you touch them just right--as only Gabriel can--they’re surprisingly smooth and pleasantly firm, and pleasantly warm. Her body is segmented like a fly’s, but unless you track her movements very carefully, you wouldn’t notice. Blame it on her having taken a humanoid form for such a long time that the two have kind of blended together. I’ve seen fics that give her millions of tiny fly wings. Thanks to my trypophobia and absolute twitchiness at any clusters whatsoever, I prefer the idea that ze has two long, lovely, bottle-fly wings that fall to her ankles when folded. However, they can change appearance if ze wants. Sometimes, they even look like butterfly wings, as some flies have wings that are the same shape. Ze rubs her hands together when ze’s excited, just like flies do when they land on food. The flies that buzz around her head change on her whim and/or whoever feels like visiting that day. But, as you guessed it, green-bottle flies and the blue-bottle flies tend to like zir the most. 
Yes, ze always wears that fly hat. It’s feckin’ cute, and she likes feckin’ cute sometimes. Yes, the flies do bite her, but it doesn’t hurt. Ze actually enjoys it, and the blistering doesn’t hurt at all. She typically hides it, though, when visiting Earth, so as not to draw attention to zirself.  * I’m down for all pronouns for Zee, but I like the idea of her alternating between these two.
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thebibi · 2 years ago
Hi, I hope you don't mind me gushing OgaFuru at you! Ok, so since Furuichi is the first and only person to really be there for Oga, no matter what. Furuichi basically trained Oga to ‘endure’ other people just by being his friend and never giving up on him! And although it can often be a very one sided friendship, it just goes to show how well Furuichi made Oga trust that he would always be Oga's friend. 1/4
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First of all, can I say how much I love reading meta for beelzebub?  Thank YOU for bringing all the feels on Furuichi’s Birthday!
One of the things I’ve always loved about Oga and Furuichi’s friendship is how much is implied by the way they treat each other.  They often talk back and bicker and tease each other, but at the same time their shared history and underlying respect for one another still shines through.  For example, Furuichi (almost) always shows up in Oga’s dreams, usually to give him advice or to judge him.
On the other side, you have to remember that even though Furuichi REALLY wants to date a girl, he too is used to Oga’s company and got really lonely without him during the timeskip. So I think Furuichi would be more aware of Oga’s jealousy, and that might bring out some awkward feelings and revelations too! In general, neither of them are that oblivious orr ignorant about the other’s feelings. Its there somewhere, if only there was a catalyst for it!
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thebibi · 4 years ago
Got any Ogafuru headcannons to share? I'm trying to finish a fic (I haven't updated in like a year whoopssss) but I've gotten stuck!!! I need shipping sustenance!! (If it's not too much trouble please and thank you)
Wow, thank you for sending me this! I’m going through my blog now and remembering all the good times we had when Beelzebub was running. T_T
Some headcanons:
-Oga always enjoys Furuichi’s company, even when he’s being super cowardly and hiding behind the bushes during a fight.  But when Furuichi using his Behemoth pillar squad contract and fights along side him, it just feels right.
-In the same vein, Oga will declare a fight with Furuichi for no reason other than to test his strength against Furuichi’s demon contract powers. Initially Furuichi will whine and try to lose deliberately, but somehow they always end in a draw.
-Oga doesn’t believe in dating, but if Furuichi decides he wants to take him out somewhere nice to eat and catch a movie, that’s fine too (especially fine if Furuichi pays).
-When Furuichi finally agrees to spend Christmas Eve with Oga, it’s very jarring because all Oga wants to do is hit all the stereotypical romantic things they advertise you do. Like order fried chicken, get each other gifts, get a cake just for the two of them. It’s the most out of character thing for Oga to want. Even though its so crazy, he finds it too endearing to ask him why. It’s the closest thing to a love confession he’s ever going to get, anyway.
Sorry if I seem a little rusty...but I still really like them. I hope they aren’t causing too much trouble in university, or wherever they are!
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thebibi · 4 years ago
Furuichi, please
Furuichi isn’t an avid manga fan, he prefers j-drama and movies.
He hates Oga’s taste in Death Metal and always tries to change the music station when driving in the car together.
Furuichi is totally biromantic & bisexual.
He decided before university to get a big haircut, but then Oga claimed to not recognize at all and kept asking who he was.  After 24 hours Furuichi begged Lamia for a hair growth potion.
Furuichi isn’t a big eater, but he quickly realizes living with Oga means needing to eat on schedule or Oga will finish all the food.
His least favorite summon is Agiel, because she does a better job at picking up girls than he does and he gets very jealous over it.
Furuichi’s parents had hoped their son would study something like medicine or finance but instead he became an adventurer with a degree in demon mythology.
Before his freshman year started Furuichi went in disguise to see what his would-be school would have been like before he got involved in Oga’s fights.  He hated it. He never told Oga but his time at Ishiyama was the greatest and most fun he’s ever had.
Furuichi has a meltdown of a life time when Honoka introduces him to her fiance.
Furuichi never thought in his life he’s be the type to “settle down” and have a large family, but here he is, raising a brood of demon royalty with his childhood sweetheart. He’s given up trying to understand it.
I’m so sorry this took so long! At first I went blank but by the end of it I couldn’t stop writing. OTL
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serene-faerie · 5 years ago
furuichi for the odd numbers B)
Sure thing!
1) Holidays:
Furuichi absolutely loves holidays, especially Christmas. He enjoys spending time with Oga those he cares about, and taking part in festivities. On Halloween, he will dress up for parties. On Christmas, he’ll spend it with Oga, Baby Beel, and Hilda. He also tends to give chocolates on White Day to his sister, and Oga when they start dating. Overall, Furuichi is someone who loves to spend time with people and celebrating holidays and festivals with them.
3) Sleeping:
Compared to Oga, Furuichi is a light sleeper. It takes a while for him to fall asleep, and even the slightest change can wake him up, or even the most bizarre dream. He’s the kind of person who doesn’t watch horror movies, simply because it screws with his sleep pattern. Sometimes, he may wake up at 2:00 in the morning and just can’t go back to sleep afterwards. In order to have a good sleep, he drinks warm milk with honey, and takes a hot bath to calm himself down.
5) Bathing/Showering:
He tends to take baths, since they’re very relaxing and he enjoys the warm water after a long day. Sometimes, he may take a shower, but he often likes having baths.
7) Kissing:
When it comes to kissing, Furuichi tends to be both the one who initiates the kiss and the one receiving the kiss. When he’s dating someone he likes a.k.a. Oga, he likes to initiate the kiss. And with Oga, he loves the passionate make-out sessions that sometimes result when kissing him. Of course, he enjoys the gentle and sweet kisses as well, and he especially loves giving them short kisses on the cheek or the lips. 
9) Physical contact:
In general, I feel that Furuichi is kind of wary about physical contact, since he doesn’t know whether he’s going to get beaten up or not. However, if he does get some friendly contact, like a ruffle of his hair, a kiss on the forehead, or a hug, he’ll reciprocate it without much hesitation.
11) Wardrobe:
Furuichi probably puts a little more effort into his clothes more than Oga, but he’s not like, super up-to-date with the latest fashion trend. He just dresses rather nicely in an effort to look good.
13) Nicknames:
We already know that he has plenty of nicknames for Oga! Idiot, dumbass… I honestly can’t see him calling Oga by something cutesy (or anyone for that matter), but I think he might call Oga by ‘Tatsumi-kun’ if he wants to make a point to him or irritate him LMAO.
15) Singing:
Furuichi has a pretty decent singing voice, but he often sings shyly. People are often quite surprised by his ability. When he’s dragged for karaoke by the Pillar Squad, and they make him get up and sing, Furuichi manages to impress them with his singing, even if he does sound shy.
17) Soft spot:
We all know that he has a soft spot for girls and Oga. 
19) Favourite photograph:
His favourite photograph is a selfie of himself and Oga after Oga just finished beating up some punks LMAO.
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hanananamiya · 7 years ago
Oga and Jabberwock :D
1. Who would win in a fight
Oga, most likely. Though I still believe Jabberwock was one of those villains that will always be on par with the main character. Even after he gets beaten.
2. Who would be a better roommate
I don’t see how they’re different in this aspect.
I bet if either of them is my roommate, seeing random beat up bodies in the shared space is inevitable. And I’d just have to live with violence everyday. But hey, I’m no mad dog tamer or crazy dragon tamer. Unlike a certain white haired boy we know. 
3. Who’s better in bed
I don’t think Oga and Jabberwock know about the other things you can do in bed apart from sleeping.
4. Who I’d pick to be my presidential running mate
I’d go with Jabberwock. We’ll intimidate people into voting for us. It can’t fail.
5. Whose shoulder I’d cry on
I think… I’d rather shut myself inside Alaindelon forever than attempt to cry on Jabberwock’s shoulder. 
I don’t think the dude would have any clue as to how to react. And therefore will resort to violence.
So Oga is my answer. But I’m not saying Oga is unfeeling. We all know he has his tender moments. I’m just aware that they’re rare and reserved for his furu most important people.
6. Who would make a better parent
Though I have to say they probably are on par with parenting inabilities, I’d pick Oga ‘cause his humanity would tell him that he shouldn’t train his child to death or something. (unlike Jabberwock, which was prolly subjected to that by Behemoth)
Plus, Oga is super trained by Baby Beel by now! He’d be the most awesome daddy ever!
7. Who I’d rather date
I’m scared of Jabberwock. I love the dude and all, but I’ll only come close to that demon if I’m at least as strong as Agiel or Hecadoth. Or if I’m Furuichi. But he’s always the exception.
Why must my shipper heart always be the force behind my opinions?
I’d date Oga. So I can convince him to turn gay for his best friend too. 
thanks, thebibi~~~! sorry it took long I was answering some other shizz >.
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moemammon · 8 minutes ago
Chirps, trills, and squawking (blushy mammon?) Growls and snarls! Really anything to do with their animals, the motifs or their stage animals or anything? Scent marking but not just the MC but like mammon rolling in their sheets, Satan making sure their rad workbag smells like him? Claws and fangs! I really just spat out anything but I hope maybe one might inspire! <3 love the writing and I agree that the purring was just so good
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Demon Bros Scent Marking GN!MC!
(Looks at you guys)
Probably the last one that thinks about scenting you, tbh. His pride won't allow it until he knows for SURE that you've stolen his heart.
And then you'd better watch out, because he's always touching you from then on in some subtle way. Not too showy, but just enough that it gets his point across.
Gently caressing your hair away from your face, subtly brushing his arm against you, pulling you aside by the hips so you can avoid obstacles; that sort of thing.
In more private moments with you, he'll lean into the crook of your neck and rub himself into it, wishing he could just permanently ingrain his scent into you.
You're probably wondering why other demons are avoiding you, but can you blame them? You smell so strongly of Lucifer that it's pretty obvious he wants to keep others away.
Boi this demon started scenting you from the moment you made his lil greedy heart go doki doki. The Great Mammon?? Pining for a lowly human??? It's more likely than you think
He was possessive of you to begin with, so things only amplified once he started catching feelings for you. Now he's outright scenting you in front of anyone, whenever he gets the chance to do it.
God forbid he thinks you're spending too much time around the other brothers, because then you're never leaving his arms. He's blatantly scrubbing his face and head against you at every given moment, like an overly affectionate cat
Sometimes he gets so into it that his hair is all messy afterward, not that he really cares. When he's finished, he gives you a satisfied nod before going off to do his own thing.
Be grateful that you smell like THE Mammon now! Though do you really think that's gonna stop his brothers from getting to you-
It takes him SO long to work up to scenting you. Actually, he probably does it by accident before he even realizes what he's doing.
He moves on instinct, always moving a little closer when you're near him, carefully bumping his head against yours while his eyes are affixed to his tv screen. Might even snuggle against you for two seconds before pulling back.
If you touch his head, he's leaning to press his face into your wrists and lingers there for long enough to make you wonder what's going on.
And when he realizes that you're practically saturated in his scent??? This boy is on cloud nine. It's something so subtle, yet still present enough to let everyone know you're HIS.
That way, he doesn't have to say any mushy stuff out loud! He can just touch you a little, maybe give you his jacket, and you'll be marked for the world to see. It always makes him giddy when he thinks about it.
DEFINITELY an aggressive scenter. He's not shy about it, openly embracing you when he thinks you don't smell enough like him.
He wants his scent to permeate everything you own, every article of clothing, every pillow on your bed- He wants his presence on you to be known from the moment you wake up.
Not that you can really tell, with your human nose and all. But that's the way he likes it, knowing that he's leaving his mark and you're practically none the wiser (whether you know he's scenting you or not)
In tender moments with you, he likes to hold you in his arms while he reads. Your own scent calms him down, and he doesn't mind if it gets on him. Actually, that's probably exactly what he wants.
When he irritable, all it takes it a whiff of your lingering scent to put him in a good mood all over again. Though, that makes him want to seek you out so he can make sure you still smell like him-
At this rate, you almost permanently smell like Asmo. You thought he was touchy to begin with? Just wait until his feelings for you become apparent. Because now he can't keep his hands off of you.
He's always snuggling you when he has the chance, pulling your face into his chest so he can rub all over the top of your head. He doesn't care where you are, who's around, or what time of day it is, because he's GOT to be touching you.
Hell, he'll even spray you with his perfumes sometimes so you have double the Asmo scent.
And he knows his scent is absolutely perfect, so he wants to share it with you! The fact that you smell like him always has him happily humming away, content with the way he's marked his territory.
While Asmo is pretty open about giving his affections away, that doesn't mean he can't be a little greedy sometimes. He LOVES the look on another demon's face when they catch his alluring scent on you, but they know they can't lay a single finger on you.
He's not shy about the way he shows his affection for you, but he's probably the least likely to scent you. Not because he doesn't want to, but the instinct just doesn't pull at him as strongly as it does for the others.
That being said, he might not realize when he's leaving his mark on you, when he embraces you against him and leans into your neck to breathe in your scent. It puts him at ease and makes him forget about his hunger.
Sometimes it stirs up a different kind of hunger, and he finds that he just wants to hold you in his arms until he's satisfied. Don't doubt that he won't outright pick you up and carry you around the house.
He also likes to put his clothes on you, since they practically swallow you up, and it makes him feel like he's keeping you safe. And afterwards when he hugs you and finds that you only smell like him?? He's thrilled.
When you smell like Beel, his affections for you go through the room and he keeps patting your head, giving you hugs, and trying to feed you snacks. Now you smell even MORE like him.
He's a brat, and inherently the clingiest of all the brothers despite not always being so open about it. He keeps his deepest affections for you hidden away in his heart, but that means they all pour out when you two are alone.
His bed obviously smells like he does, so he uses you napping with him as an excuse to get that scent all over you. You always leave smelling like him, and his chest swells with pride.
Belphie can be handsy when he's sleepy and he's always seeking out your affections (because he's spoiled), so one way or another, you're going to smell like him.
He'll hold you from behind and lean into you, rubbing his head against your face. He'll claim your lap as his pillow and snuggle into your stomach. He'll constantly steal the pillows off of your bed and scent them so you smell like him when you wake up
He might not scent YOU directly all the time, but he's a sneaky bastard who's determined to make his mark somewhere, more often on your possessions. One way or another, everyone will know you belong to him.
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thewritetofreespeech · 10 hours ago
Brothers + Undateables reacting to MC singing Anaconda by Nicki Minaj?
Obey Me Boys + ‘My Anaconda Don’t’ MC Headcanons
What sort of vulgar noise is this???
Goes full old man on MC. May use the word ‘hooligans’
Believes that there is no good music after 1700
Not a fan
Would initially tell you to stop singing because it’s annoying
But really it’s because he’s getting hot under the collar
Now he’s thinking about your butt, and that little swish move with your hips
He’s having a hard time keeping his anaconda at bay
Immediately flustered
Believes that there is no good music that didn’t appear in an anime OST
So he’s never heard such a naughty song before
Hides his face and tells you to cut it out because his poor otaku heart can’t take it!
Not a fan
Though he loves to hear you sing, this is not one of his favorite renditions
Your pop star caterwauling is ruining his peaceful reading nook
Would request you sing a new song like his own personal Alexa
Turn that shit up!!
Of course Nikki is one of his idols
He’s probably got a copy of her pink platinum album somewhere in his room 
Time for the Asmo + MC singalong hour!
Don’t anaconda’s eat people? Why would someone be so excited about an anaconda being after them?
Now you have to explain that it’s a line from a Sir Mixalot song
Now you have to play that song for him
Now everyone is blushing because Beel unknowingly found his ‘what’s your type’ anthem because he likes thiccer mates and just realized that anaconda means dick.
Sleepy Belphie grumbles
Assume that his stupid brothers put you up to this
His sweet angel MC of the night would never listen to such ridiculous music
Sing him to sleep properly or else he’ll get mad
Gods above. Not this again.....
Not the first time you’ve gotten some modern, pop hop song in your head and decided to share
Believes that there is no good music after 1810
Pushes you off on Asmo when you get this way because he has no time for this and you two are two-peas-in-a-pod at the moment
That is all I will say on the subject
Oh that’s....nice....
Awkward sweet smile that Simeon does
He appreciates you singing and trying to spread music in the word 
Perhaps next time you could pick out a song together to sing
Boisterous laugh
Human music is so comical and amusing!
Actually likes it, and has caught himself humming a few bars from time to time
His anaconda do want some hun....
Inglorious Bastards “I respectfully refuse” meme
Understands that all music is a form of expression
Not an expression he wishes to reciprocate
If you could, please limit all future listening to headphones & personal listening devices. Thank you
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lahamham · 11 hours ago
What I think dating some of the OBEY ME characters would be like
Part 4/4
He’d still act like a tsundere in the beginning of your relationship; though when it’s just the two of you alone and Mammon has warmed up to your company he’s a cuddle bug
Mammon is very protective and defensive of you especially when someone teases you or playfully jokes about being mean, he’ll be ready to throw fists
You will have to defend him constantly from his brothers and tell him things to get his self esteem up while giving him small acts of affection
He’d spoil you with his own money, he’ll start working part time jobs besides from his modeling job to make extra so he can take you out on dates and buy you gifts; if he doesn’t have enough money to take you out then you two would be in his room watching movies and eating ramen
Watching horror movies with him and/or going to haunted houses would be fun, Mammon would cling to you and insist he’s only doing it because he knows you’re scared; even if you aren’t scared just pretend to make him feel better and not alone
You probably have to be the first to initiate anything, Mammon might even act like he hates it but deep down he’s just nervous to do anything
He’d absolutely offer you food at any time when you two start to date. Mostly for a couple of reasons such as expressing his love, figure out what you like and don’t like, your allergies, what textures you like, what kind of flavors and other such things
Whenever you two go out on dates, he always holds your hand; mostly because he doesn’t want to get distracted by food and make you feel alone as well as lose you in crowds
If your religion or lifestyle doesn’t allow you to eat on certain days/holidays or if you’re not allowed to eat certain things and/or it has to prepared a certain way, Beelzebub would sneak off to eat in private because he wouldn’t want to make you feel disgusted or offended by eating some foods
He’s always resting his head on top of yours or anywhere he can, Beelzebub doesn’t mean to offend you for being short or anything; he just likes being at a level you’re comfortable with, he’ll do this especially when you both cuddle
Would absolutely love it if you worked out with him, he would love to have a workout partner and someone to spot him while lifting as well as someone to remind him to stay hydrated
Beelzebub’s best day would be baking with you then going up to the planetarium to find that Belphine set up a place for you all to lounge at while watching a movie then spending the rest of the night with you two eating snacks and watching a movie
Cuddles you 24/7; like literally he’ll be asleep while holding your leg, you’d have to drag him around with you
Is slightly afraid of having you in his embrace at time, he still regrets what he did to you; even if you forgave him fully Belphagor would be afraid he might snap again
Wouldn’t really care where you two went on dates to as long as at the end of the day, you two are cuddling together
Belphagor has gotten you either a matching pillow like his or a soft blanket with cow print so two can share
Expect Beelzebub to be third wheeling with you two
Belphagor absolutely loves ditching council meetings with you just so you two can go home then go to the planetarium room, then as you two lay next to each other point out all the different constellations and their meanings
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soldmysoultootomeboys · 12 hours ago
Cuddling with the Brothers
why were some of these so hard to write it felt like pulling teeth omg i'm so sorry Mammon, I couldn't think of anything for you ゚(*´□`)゚
A rather tricky demon to sleep on and one that requires immense planning
First of all it has to be private, otherwise expect to wake up alone with only his coat thrown over you.
His room or his study would be the best place to start. And that's what you had originally intended, that is until you hear the solemn notes of a piano echoing through the halls
Having only gotten up for a midnight snack you take a detour wandering past the kitchen until you reach the music room where Lucifer sits playing a somber tune
It's one you don't recognize, but it feels familiar nonetheless
His playing doesn't break in the slightest when he asks you to come in and you wonder how long he knew you were there
You do as he says, sitting down on the great long bench and watching his fingers dance along the keys. It's cold, having only expected to be out for a moment you're only wearing your pajamas
Lucifer says nothing when you huddle closer, resting your head on his shoulder, even though it must be constricting his playing. But he relaxes at your touch
And slowly you fall asleep, to the lullaby of piano and the gleam of stars far above you
Like Lucifer he requires some planning, if only because he absolutely melts the moment you try to hold him
As an absolute sucker for cuddles he would be more than happy to be held at any time if not for the fact that he's also a complete tsundere
But with a little effort and a bit of bribery in the form of his recently revoked Goldie (Thanks Lucifer!) you are finally able to get him to sit still
He looks so embarrassed, fidgeting with his shirt and avoiding your eyes but when you finally go to hold him he just melts
Just be prepared for the puddle of cuddly demon that does not want to share you with any of his brothers
Levi’s labyrinth of a room was something you questioned constantly, filled with all sorts of curious things from sacred treasures (i.e, figurines) to old tombs (manga). However there was something that you knew for a fact, and that was that Levi slept in a tub.
Why? Was it comfortable? Did it hold some weird secret that would explain Levi’s behavior? You had to know.
So you do what any sane rational human would do when living in a house full of demons. You sneak into his room.
Levi was supposed to be out today for the new release of one of his video games.
You peek inside making sure the coast is clear before shutting the door. Inside the bathtub is a mess of blankets plus a full body pillow with a picture of the famed Ruri on it. At the very least it seemed somewhat comfortable.
Time to try out this new bed.
With nothing left to lose you bodily fling yourself over the side landing with a soft whump into the cocoon of pillows.
Immediately the sheets begin to move under you, limbs flailing for purchase and a familiar face pops up from beneath the covers. When Levi sees you he turns bright red, a flustered expression replacing the confusion on his face.
But if anything his thrashing becomes even more panicked. You roll to the side accidentally pinning him under you and he freezes.
“Mc what are you doing here???!”
When you finally explain he looks disappointed
Of course this was just a mistake you didn't want to see a stupid otaku like him
Before he could continue his rant you wrap your arms around his chest
“I guess this is fine.” He mutters still refusing to look at you.
With your new partner secured you’re free to nap as you please
He has the BEST bed
Of course you want to get your nap on in his room
The problem is how to do it without implying something more
Knowing Asmo if you tell him you want to sleep on his bed he'll show up au natural which is not something you want to see when you're trying to take a nap, gorgeous skin or not
You decide to sneak in when he goes for one of his shopping trips
Once you actually lie down all your suspicions are confirmed
Asmos bed is amazing
Feather soft and absolutely covered in pillows you feel like you're in a cloud
You're almost asleep when you're awakened by an ear shattering squeal
If you wanted to sleep with him you should have just said so!
Asmo throws himself at you talking of all the "fun" things the two of you could do in his room
Like Levi the best option at this point is to just smush his body with your own, just make sure not to mess with his hair
It might seem counterproductive but pinning him down limits how much he can actually touch and after a few flirtatious comments made by yours truly he'll settle down enough for you to drift back to sleep, now with a new cuddle partner
Expect to wake up to a million new devilgram pictures of you two in bed and an angry Mammon banging on the door
The hard part is figuring how to do it without him getting mad.
You decide best time to do it is when he's reading or watching a drama as he probably won't move, as long as you don't obstruct his view. It takes a while to actually catch him like this. The man paces.
When you finally do see him in his chair you flop onto him curling on his lap.
He's more amused than angry.
“What are you doing mc?”
“Taking a nap :)”
After that he lets you be.
Satan is a surprisingly good nap partner. No one bugs you since most of the other brothers are too afraid of his wrath making it a good place to go if you want some peace and quiet.
You do notice that he starts sitting down more once you join him. It's more common for him to be already sprawled across a chair with a book in one hand.
It's fun for exactly as long as it takes Satan to get angry at one of his dramas and accidentally yeet you across the room.
He'll apologize but it might be time for you to get a different perch.
Beel uses the cat rules
If you lay on him he will not move unless absolutely necessary. It could take a direct order from Lucifer to make him budge
But if he really has to go he's taking you with him. Holding you carefully so he doesn't jostle you he'll walk around with you in his arms until you decide to wake up
He will try so hard not to get crumbs in your hair and he mostly succeeds
but at one point he does drip guacamole down the side of your comatose face
Freaks out but it's okay because he uses a chip to scoop it back up and everything
what you don't know doesn't hurt you
lets just hope you don't notice the strange sticky spot on the corner of your cheek
The king of naps
Sleeping with him ensures good dreams and deep sleep
It's not hard to find him passed out somewhere and if you flop onto him the most he'll do is give a sleep grumble before throwing his arms over you and burying into your chest.
Just don't expect to get up any time soon
If worst comes to worst Beel is more than willing to carry both of you wherever you need to go
on the rare cases where he's awake and your not he will see how many of Beel's snacks he can stack on your head before you wake up
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moemammon · 16 hours ago
Me, kicking down the door at this bitch of an hour: "Twenty bucks that the palms of their hands, including the finger tips, and the feet have CAT BEANS. That can be squished.". -May as well go all out with the animal traits fuck the system-
His clawed hands are cold to the though, like ice. It makes you wonder if that's why he's always wearing those gloves.
He has slender fingers, but they almost look bizarre when he's in his demon form. Mostly because his hands are pitch black.
The inky color spreads down to his elbows, and the texture of his skin is so smooth, it's almost bizarre.
5/10 if hold his hands to keep em warm in these trying times
Warm hands warm hands
The backs of his hands are covered with little fluffy black feathers, almost up to his shoulders (crow boyyy)
Also has claws/talons. They're not especially wicked, but you don't want to be on the receiving end regardless.
They seem mostly human other than the feathers and claws? And that's fine, because it means he can touch you without worrying too much.
10/10 would hold hands because I love him
His fingers are webbed because he's a little sea creechur
The back of his hands have taken on a somewhat scale-y texture, with a soft lilac to blue gradient going on.
A little bit slimy ngl. He's got claws on those bad boys too
4/10 I don't wanna hold hands, but I just might because he's cute,,,
Those things are registered weapons and can definitely do some damage.
I kinda feel like the texture of his hands matches his tail, in that the backs of his hands are all rough and ribbed, while the inner palm of his hands is covered in smoother plates.
5/10 I'll give his hands a lil hold. Maybe a lil smooch too
Long, slender fingers. His hands are tinted a light maroon shade up to the elbows. They seem pretty human aside from the obvious.
Retractable claws for your pleasure babyyyy
And his hands are so soft and warm?? If anyone has cat beans, it's Asmo. Though they're more subtle, and hardly noticeable unless you're paying attention.
10/10 would hold his hand so fast. Can you imagine him cupping your cheeks???
Big strong hands for a big strong man, and sturdy claws ideal for shredding food
The texture of his skin is hard and smooth, like chitin of some kind. And there are ridges on the sides of his forearms like a buggggg
Kinda off putting if you don't like bugs, but otherwise?? Not that bad. His hands are warm, too.
6/10 I'd hold his hand, only because I can't say no to this huge baby
The backs of his hands have like?? Hair?? Or fur on them?? It's pretty soft and kinda cute.
His claws are present, but they're more on the blunt side. And his hands are soft in general despite being used to strangle you oop
8/10 would hold hands, but beware because he's clingy and will NOT let go until he's satisfied.
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