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ashestospace-fics · 9 months ago
The Brothers reacting to their s/o with a bitting kink
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Levi,Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie
Part 2
Reader: Gn
This is one of the things he didn't see coming as he started dating you. Especially when you two got intimate, he notices how heavily your body will start to pant and pull him closer to your neck when he started to trail kisses down your warm skin.
Each twitch and whine had him quirking his brow until he gave the bit of skin connecting your shoulder and neck a small bite. The heavenly moan that left your lips and the grip on his hair made him quickly put two and two together really fast.
It's an ego bust for him only because of how high your voice gets, as well as the occasional marks he leaves behind every time he gets out of hand with your begging for him to keep biting you.
A big mixture of getting flustered and excited when he finds out that you have a biting kink. He'll be having one of those jealous fits in where he's kissing you all over your face and neck because you weren't paying attention to him. you get a little desperate/frustrated for him to do a little more than just give you sloppy kisses.
"Can you just bite me or something already" you blurt out. He stops in his tracks as his head shot up to look at you flustered. "W-what? Are you serious? Don't play with me like that you h-" you'll cut him off tugging his collar, not really wanting to hear a lecture. "No, really, bite me"
His very shaky before he caves in, finding out later that marking your neck is something he can rub on his brother's later.
He practically glitches out of existence when you brought it up randomly. You were checking out his teeth as he played, already a little annoyed that you were sticking your fingers in his mouth.
But come on, look at those chompers. "Hey Levi, can you like, bite me?" He stops his game as his head slowly turns to you as if to check if he heard you right. "W-what?!" Screams a little too loud out of surprise. "Come on just a little nibble?" You insisted, his face growing red super quickly.
It takes a lot of him to regain his breath and senses before he even answers. Gets super embarrassed and flustered when you get easily turn on by a simple bite. Especially if you mumble how good it feels.
Weirdly enough he found out while you two were arguing. Somehow every heated discussion or disagreement you two have ended up with an angry make-out section that goes south.
So the kicker he got out of you when he bites down on your neck hard after a snarky remark. Your back arching back as a moan passes your lip. Hand flew so fast to cover your mouth as you both look at each other.
Satan stop, his face going red in disbelief but growing hot and bother at how much he loved that reaction. Let's say that from now on, each time you two end up arguing. You always end with a few marks and a mess after he found a way to win the argument. Might be taken advantage of how easily you fall apart with a few simple bites.
You almost wish he never found out seriously. He found out that's what gets you started and bothered, and he'll tease you every second before he even gets to bury his teeth into your skin.
He was trying to be sweet and innocent really before he found out, covering your face in kisses as he holds into your hands. Cute praises and compliments falling out of his lips as he cuddles you from behind. He swore he just took a little chomp off your shoulder to be playful but your reaction to it was completely the opposite.
"oh?~ did that felt good y/n? You want me to do it again?" Finds a way now to bite you every time he gets a chance. You find it weird how gentle his bites are too, it's a weird mixture cause you almost feel no pain at all but it might be his powers.
Poor baby, he thought he hurt you when he bites you by accident. Started freaking out more when you wouldn't move from the spot in the bed as you cover from him. He legit had to pull you up to look at your flustered face as you tried regaining your breath.
You two were watching a movie in your room, and he kept trying to steal your popcorn from your bowl. And this was the few times you were saying no to sharing. He tried reaching for it which ended with you two pushing each other trying to get him away from the bowl as he tried bitting and getting the food from your hand. Which he ended up missing and biting your neck instead.
You let out a surprised moan, and as soon as it left your mouth both of you stop. He didn't get to see your face as your body drops to the mattress. "Y/n, y/n are you okay? I'm sorry, I didn't mean it! Y..y/n?" God when he saw your face and how heavy you were breathing, that just made him 10 times more hungry now. you never saw anyone get hard so fast.
A cocky little shit when he finds out, also a huge tease about it. He just caught you staring into his mouth every time he talks and had his suspicions but didn't say anything about it for a while. Well, that is until he got bored and you two were hanging out.
About to take your usual nap together, he pulled you in closer to cuddle up to you. Arms wrapped around your waist as he presses his nose on the crook of your neck. He picked up how your breathing slowed down, hands rubbing together as he nuzzles in closer to the warmth of your neck. He didn't even start with a simple little kiss, he just straight up bite you. He was just testing you, he didn't think you'll actually arch into him and let out a loud whimper off his name.
But God did he love the reaction. "Oh? Did you like that? How long were you gonna just stare at my mouth until I bite your skin" sloppy licks and suck between each bite. Depending on his mood, the difference in how hard his bites are.
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gr0ss-otaku · 5 months ago
Beel & Belphie w/ Size Kink
a/n: felt like writing some smut for my two favorite boys, and I honestly can't keep my hands off of the keyboard for long, so, hope you enjoy :)
warnings: size kink, fem! anatomy
pairing(s): beel x gn!reader, belphie x gn!reader
Beel has the most humongous size kink, it almost matches his actual size.
But if you happen to be on the lines of 5"4 or below, he might actually go feral.
Again, Beel is a BIG guy, and with that, I think he came with a BIG cock, and with that big cock, comes a big stretch.
I believe that Beel doesn't even mean to be rough, he just honestly can't help but indulge himself in something that feels so good.
Don't get me wrong, Beel spends the longest time prepping you for him, but he knows that you'll be good and take it with no complaints if it hurts a little bit.
Belphie is nowhere near as big as Beel, but that doesn't mean he isn't packing.
It doesn't hurt much when Belphie slides in, even if he doesn't do prep.
Because he isn't really thick, he's just really long and can easily touch your cervix.
He thrives off of your pleads for more of his cock, because he always touches your womb when only about 3/4 of his cock is inside of you.
Belphie would probably also enjoy if you were bratty about not being able to take it all like if you said it hurts or called him names, he would probably just smirk and shove it all the way in. cough cough sadist
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k1b0s-soft-hands · 5 months ago
Obey Me as things people have said in Discord
Mammon: You know what I'm about to eat!?
Beel: huh! What!!?
Mammon: Deez Nuts! Hah-
Mammon: Wait
Leviathan: You did not just DN joke yourself!
Mammon: WAIT NO-
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yueqing · 4 months ago
pairing. satan, asmodeus, beelzebub, belphegor x gn!reader
genre. fluff, modern au
warnings. none
link to part one
Tumblr media
SATAN is the academic rival who’s cuter than you’d like to admit. everywhere you go, he’s on your tail boasting about his grades or nagging you about yours. he’s the reason why you have a constant headache; no matter how hard you fight back, he comes up with a better defense. but for some unknown reason, you can’t get his face out of your head. every little thing reminds you of him—on top of that, you’re even excited to see him at school the next day.
ASMODEUS is the pretty boy you feel like you have no chance with. everyone falls for his looks and charm—unfortunately, you’re one of those people. the whole school knows asmo has high standards, and he always seems to be rotating through people; can you really keep up? the answer is yes—asmo already has his sights on you, and he’s not letting you go. 
BEELZEBUB is the jock who focuses on one thing and one thing only—you. all the others think he’s too preoccupied for a relationship (that being his extracurriculars), but there’s nothing he wants more than to be the one you call your boyfriend. frankly, beel is afraid he’s too much for you. he knows he has impulses that are hard to control, especially when he gets excited. he’d rather pretend he’s busy than risk ruining his chance.
BELPHEGOR is the lazy student with a wild imagination. when he falls asleep during class, all he can see is you in his dreams. he pictures what it’d be like to hold your hand, to kiss you, to be yours. probe him about it and he’ll deny having a crush, but the look on his face is more than enough for anyone to know his true feelings.
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Can you do beel with J and C.
Also congrats on getting so many followers  you earned it.
Thank you! I don't know if I have earned it, but I am glad people like my work.
Fluff Alphabet Masterlist  |  Brothers Masterlist  |  Dateables Masterlist
❤ Beelzebub
C = Cuddles (Do they like to cuddle? How would they cuddle?)
He does, but he doesn't like to initiate it. He knows that he eats a lot so he might get crumbs all over MC or he will be all sweaty after working out and doesn't want to smell bad for them.
His favorite way to cuddle is when MC lays on top of him. He really is big enough to be a mattress, and then he gets pet their head while they sleep.
This would mean Beel lies on his back, MC laying on top of him with their head in his neck or chest and their legs tangled together.
His arms would wrap around them and make sure they didn't fall off throughout the night as his heartbeat lulled them to sleep.
J = Jealousy (How jealous do they get? What do they do when they’re jealous?)
Beel doesn't get jealous. He loves that MC spends time with his brothers and has other friends.
It really makes him so happy that MC doesn't need to be with him all the time. Then they won't feel lonely at his Fangol games or when he is at practice!
Now, let's just say Beel does get jealous for some reason. I think he would only get jealous because he is hungry and he feels like someone it taking away MC who is trying to help him.
In all honesty, if it was his one of his brothers he would just tell interrupt and tell MC. If it was a lower demon, he would eat them. No hesitation.
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beelzebubisbestwaifu · a year ago
Beelzebub: I had a nightmare, can I sleep with you tonight?
Beelzebub: I know it's childish and I'm too old for this, but you've always made me feel so secure. Not even hunger can get me with you around. So....can I sleep here? Im so tired.... tired...
Beelzebub, laying down in front of the incredibly worn gravestone: thank you MC, you've always been so sweet to me. Goodnight, I love you.
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joonie-centric · 3 months ago
I really dislike it when people reduce Beel to just food and being hungry 24/7. His sin is Gluttony, which means like the over indulgement of food (amongst other things awsell). but he isn't just his sin yknow? and its canonical too bc i had an instance where i had JUST started playing obey me (im a month into it rn), and i had him as a special guest. I gave him food bc i was just like "oh ik he likes food!" and he ended up giving me a sweatdrop and telling me something along the lines how he isn't just food. I wish people used the innocent/friendly nature of his to create great fluff and not reduce him to just hunger. lmk if im the wrong for thinking this though?
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levisnormie · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I made this while in class and I didn't edit it hzjsosbsonxkx - our teacher was talking to us about colors and what they mean and I ended up thinking about this :D
Not a fic, but a poem
Originally was supposed to be a Satan poem lol
Reblogs are appreciated!
All I see is red.
Will I ever see the end?
I'm tired and angry.
No, I'm famished and hungry.
What other colors can I see?
Is red just what I'll be?
The flower she's given me from the past,
It now withered, at long last.
Pain has filled me.
My brother has gone crazy.
He cried night and day,
But I had nothing to say.
What are these feelings in me?
When did all this happen?
Every night I called out to you.
Hoping I'd see another color, I don't care if it's blue.
But then you came.
A human, a person to blame
Yet what is this?
The red has faded, but I feel like a mess.
Day after day, I'd be hungry for more.
But this new feeling, I cannot ignore.
Then I realize, I don't see red
A pastel pink, that won't go away even in bed.
My brother has finally changed,
I'm glad he broke out of his cage.
Though I thought I'd feel happy.
But seeing him with you, I saw orange as I felt envy.
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insect-empire · 6 months ago
Outfit Archive~
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The brother's every day wear. These outfits are also unlocked in the main lessons, however they ar only obtainable through their UR cards through Nightmare G, Nightmare A, and Birthday Nightmares.
Cards outfits are available from:
Lucifer: The Glory Days
Mammon: The Guardian Demon
Leviathan: My Cursed Friend
Satan: The Search for Self
Asmodeus: That Special Someone
Beelzebub: Say His Name
Belphegor: Hide and Seek
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obeymematches · 5 months ago
😘💋👕 for Beel?? (P.S. I love your writing!!)
Beel though <3
Thank you for the compliment aaaa<3
emoji asks
😘 - Where does he like to be kissed?
Okay pls kiss his inner wrists. Take his hand and do it!!! very gently.
I think he is a sucker for forehead kisses like if anyone it's gotta be him
💋 - How affectionate is he? (on a daily basis)
I think he isn't very big on PDA, like if his brothers are around he prefers not to kiss yet hugging you from behind is fine.
Or just casually stealing one when nobody is looking.
But when it's just you two (and Belphie) I think he would use all the time you have to make out and cuddle. Like all that lack of privacy does make you appreciate these moments more.
👕 - Reaction to you borrowing his clothes
Ok he would gladly lend you his clothes you definitely need them
I mean obviously he wouldn't let you go out and grab a snack without anything on like pls take his hoodie
He would absolutely find you hot - even if it fits you perfectly
Doesn't mind at all if you keep it for yourself, it's all cool! At least you'll always have something to keep you so warm <3 Though this is only true if you only borrow just a couple of his clothes - obviously if you keep several to yourself that's questionable (it's not like he would mention it but that doesn't mean he won't feel that way)
Also if you do decide to keep one of his hoodies hostage pls send him selfies posing in it-
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