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#beelzebub x mc

Note: Obey Me! requests are now closed, this was sent in a long fucking time ago

Ghost! Ghoodle! Ghoonk! You’re so bodacious and pog! I’m so sorry this took a phat while! I love you!

I think the best cuddler would be Beel, because he just loves to wrap you in his arms and hold you as close as possible. It’s so goddamn sweet, he’s so goddamn sweet, fuck

Next up would most likely be Asmo, since he’s really cuddly and you could go up to him whenever and he’ll just. hold you in his arms. for hours,, it’s so warm and comforting TT

Belphie would be next because he’s hella comfy to cuddle with, especially with the pillow, but beware he never lets you go

Fourth up is probably either Mammon or Levi, I really can’t decide - neither of them initiate it but they’re both really good snugglers, especially when given a blanket to curl up under

I feel like Satan would be next but only if he wants to. Sometimes he feels like curling up close and holding you as tight as he can but other times he just wants to vibe on the sofa and read with you yknow?

Last but not least we have Lucifer, who tries to cuddle but man he really do be lackin’

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Hey, I don't know if you noticed, but I slipped a little note in your lunch to say how much I love you.
Oh that's really sweet-
MC, pulling out a ten-page note
This is not a little note.
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Beel x F!Reader NSFW

Synopsis: After a chaotic week at the House of Lamentation, you need a night out and your favorite demon is there to accompany you in more ways than one.

A/N: Hello! Here’s another smut of my favorite demon brother. I just really like Beel and so this is some v self-indulgent content. As always, likes and shares are mighty appreciated <3 Also there is a mention of Beel lifting the reader up during this. I HC all the brothers as extremely inhumanly strong and big so they could EASILY lift anyone up regardless of size. I know some people may get uncomfortable with that, but we are inclusive in these parts.

Tags/TW: unprotected sex, drunk/tipsy sex, distracted driving, rough sex, demon sex, drinking, creampie, slight cumflation?


You woke up to the sound of fighting outside your door. 

  “Mammon, I know you took it. That’s LIMITED EDITION Ruri-chan merch, you scum!”

“I didn’t take ANYTHING! Why ya’ always accusin’ me?”

“Are you two going to keep fighting? I’m trying to get beauty sleep! I require at least 9 hours for my youthful complexion!”


“HEY! Don’t do that!”

“Tell him to give it back!”

“Or what?”

You grabbed your pillow and pressed it against your face. Living with the demons was an…experience, to say the least. You could still make out the muffled voices even through the soft fabric and let out a low groan. You threw open the door.

“Mammon, stop being an ass and give the figure back. Levi, keep your door locked. Asmo, your complexion is fine. SHUT UP.”

The boys stopped yelling and looked at you. It was rare for you to yell at them, but you were TIRED. They had kept you up half the night with pointless arguments and texts asking you to be on their side and you were exhausted from it.

Mammon was the first to speak.

“Yeah, you heard her. You guys keep trying to start fights and it’s exhausting the poor human.” He threw his arm around you, and you groaned. 

“You know what? You clearly don’t listen to me. It’s fine. But you’re gonna regret it. I can’t be so stressed all the time with this. I’m going out tonight. AND I DON’T WANT ANY OF YOU TO JOIN ME!”

Lucifer appeared out of nowhere and glared at you.

“That’s impossible. You know it’s too dangerous for a human to go out by themselves here. I’ll go with you.”

His stare was piercing into your soul, but you stood your ground. You fought the shakiness in your voice.

“No. I made it very clear. I do not want any of you to join me. Respect my decision.”

An audible gasp came from one of the boys. No one stood up to Lucifer. Sure Satan and Belphie argued with him, but coming from you? This was going to be interesting.

“You are not leaving this house without a chaperone. Now you can either stay in, or I will accompany you.”

You narrowed your eyes. And then an idea in the shape of an orange haired demon boy came walking down the hall.

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pairing: beel x gn!mc

word count: 2k

summary: With the help of Luke, you whip up a special Valentine’s treat for Beelzebub.

a/n: I don’t think angel cloud cake is real but i’m also stupid and unoriginal so who knows. And if it is real, i bet my stupid ass even had it before

part 3 of the valentine’s series

part one | part two

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summary: Beel is being a soft and caring demon boyfriend to you when you’re suffering from a cold you’ve caught.

genres: the PUREST fluff, just cute things

word count: 869

author’s note: this is a little bit old work of mine, but still i really wanted to post it here. i have a soft spot for beel in my heart, so have this *gently holds*


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Comfort Snuggles

Beelzebub x reader + Belphegor x reader (separate obviously)

A/N - so this is just a super short and sweet fic, and im gonna try to get through my other requests but im also super behind on school work rn so it might take a little bit lol

Request - Any chance I could get a smol fic of Beel or Belphie offering snuggles, bonus points if Beel calls MC pipsqueak.

Warnings - None

Genre - Fluff

Gender neutral reader



You were sitting in your room and had a blanket wrapped around you. No matter what you did, you just couldn’t seem to warm up. You quickly grabbed your phone and texted Beel asking him to come to your room. It wasn’t long before you heard a short knock on your door. “Come in.” Beel made his way into your room and shut the door behind him. He looked over to you. “You look cold.” You laughed at his comment pointing out the obvious. “I am cold.” Beel smiled at you. “Do you want me to snuggle you?” You nodded eagerly and lifted up your blankets so that Beel could get under the covers. You rested your head on Beel’s chest and he wrapped his arms around you. “You know pipsqueak, if you ever want snuggles all you need to do is ask and I’ll be here in an instant.” You smiled at Beel. “I know.” Beel pressed a kiss to your forehead and the two of you eventually fell asleep.



You pulled your blanket around your shoulders as you made your way up to the attic. You had been looking for Belphie for a few minutes now and were really hoping that he would be in the attic because you were cold and wanted snuggles from him. Thankfully when you opened the door you found him there and he seemed to be getting ready to take a nap. “Oh MC, what are you doing here?” You looked down at Belphie. “I’m cold and I’ve been looking for you for a few minutes now.” Belphie laughed and spread his arms. “You can take a nap with me and we can snuggle.” You made your way into Belphie’s arms and rested your head on his chest. Now much warmer and cozier, the two of you fell asleep peacefully.

A/N - I really hope you enjoyed that super short fic and I’ll try to get through my other requests soon. Check out the craigslistdiavolo instagram, link is in bio. If you don’t want to send an ask for a request you can always message me on here or instagram. Requests that are sent to me directly will always remain anonymous.

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🩸ᴍᴄ ɢᴇᴛs ᴀ ɴᴏsᴇʙʟᴇᴇᴅ ʙᴇᴄᴀᴜsᴇ ᴀʟʟ ᴏғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴄʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ sᴏ ᴅᴀᴍɴ ғɪɴᴇ🩸 (All)


TW: small mentions of blood 


Sorry if this is kinda low quality I do be a bit ill.

In other news I really like Simeon’s one dguhjsdghdu

᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂

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For more than two months, MC had persuaded Lucifer to let Mc, Beel, and Belphi go to Christmas festivals in New York and finally Lucifer agreed.

When Mc, Beel and Belphie got to the Christmas festivals it was a wonderful winter evening and it was snowing.

First of all, you go buy Beel and Belphie quilted jackets. (because they live in hell and have never experienced a cold).

After that, Mc and Belphie prevented Beely from eating all the food he saw.

Beel and Mc also had to prevent Belphie from hissing at all oncoming people.

Many good memories were also born at the festivals….

Like when Beel thinks Santa’s beard is a bang and tries to eat it, Belphie’s expression when he understands that people in the world are cold or when Mc, Beel and Belphie look at the fireworks together.

The following year, Lucifer will have to start listening to Christmas festival requests as early as Midsummer

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I‘m thinking a spring wedding, or maybe fall. I don’t want it to be to cold though.
We aren’t engaged?
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I was going to say: please, and if you dont want to or arent comfortable please just let me know. I appreciate you. And your blog is amazing. Either way, thank you for your time sweetie!

Sorry for how long this took! This was a really cute request, I hope you like it! I haven’t written in a while so I’m a little rusty, I’m sorry if it isn’t great. But happy valentine’s day!

Midnight Burgers


You’ve always loved cooking and baking. This didn’t change a bit since you arrived in the devildom, on the contrary, with so many new recipes and ingredients you were more motivated than ever. There was also Beelzebub. You’ve liked him for quite a while now, and he always looked so happy when eating. You tend to admire him in silence, too shy to ever voice your feelings for the demon.

That’s what brought you here. It’s the middle of the night and you should be in bed, but Beel usually comes to get a nightly snack in about an hour, so you wanted to make him his favourite burgers.

Right when you took the buns out of the oven, your favourite demon walked into the kitchen. Woken up by hunger, he was pleasantly surprised by the aroma in the air, but as he entered the room he got worried that it was you who was still up.

“That smells nice. Shouldn’t you be asleep though?” He looks at you with his puppy eyes.

“Maybe, but I wanted to do something nice for you! I made your favourite!” You smile wildly at him as you put the last touches to the burger in front of you and slide it to him.

He stared at you for a second, which was worrying since he didn’t immediately start eating.

“I really appreciate it, but you shouldn’t exhaust yourself.” He looks no less worried than before. “Why would you stay up for me?”

You weren’t sure what to say. You did not want to tell him how you felt, but you don’t know what to use as an excuse. You felt bad for worrying him, but you just genuinely wanted to something nice for him.

You were broken from your thoughts when he spoke again.

“Name… do you like me?”


You started blushing as you panicked slightly, thinking on what to say. You figured that you’ve been caught and might as well admit it.

“Well… Y-yeah! I think you’re great and I like being around you a lot.” You said, avoiding his gaze untill you stopped speaking. You glanced up at him to see his reaction, and see him sweetly smiling at you.

“I like you too. Do you wanna share this?”

Beel sharing his food? He really likes you.

“No, that’s okay! I made it for you.”

“Well then, let’s go to Hell’s Kitchen together tomorrow. My treat.”

You were looking forward to it.

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This took three days to complete what the hell is wrong with my brain TTTT


᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ⚘᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ ⚘ ᠂ ᠃ ⚘᠂ ⚘ ˚ 

+“You’re all mine and I’m all yours today, MC.”
+He makes sure any responsibilities or tasks he needs to complete are done before valentines day, just so he can spend it all with you
+Probably is by your side the whole day, valentines day is a great opportunity to recharge after all the workload he has- after all you are his personal battery pack
+Buys you an outfit he’d love to see you in and takes you out to a classy restaurant in it during the evening, taking pride in the jealous stares the more lonely demons give him
+After you both come back he’s probably pampering you, hugging and kissing you for the rest of the time before you both go to bed.
+He’d ask what one final thing you’d want them to do for Valentine’s Day, and well, your wish is his command.

+Let’s first establish that when he first asks you to be his valentines he’s super tsundere about it of course.
+“N-not that the Great Mammon wants ya’ to be his valentines! I-I’m just taking pity on ya’ since no one else is gonna ask ya’ out that’s all…”
+He’d have you around his arm all day, making snarky and proud remarks like “Ha! See, MC is my valentines!”
+He’d lie about having spare money left over, and that’s why he bought you gifts. In reality he spent a whole week worrying about what to buy.
+You both probably go to a valentine’s day night at one of the nightclubs, busting out all your grimm as if you have a lifetime supply of it.
+Getting back home, you’d both be laughing messes, jumping onto the bed and not bothering to change into your pyjamas for bed.
+In his relaxed state, Mammon would whisper with a blush “I love ya’, MC…”

+“Wh-what?! You want to sp-spend valentines day with a loser like me?”
+He was planning to dedicate a day to Ruri-Chan but he completely loses sight of that when you catch him off guard with your request.
+A LOT of blushing and not meeting your eyes during the day, when you so much as even gently hold his hand he lets out a squeak.
+You guys plan to spend the whole day marathoning a romance anime series, bringing lots of snacks and blankets.
+Later into the day and into the show, Levi’s guard is more lowered and he takes the initiative to cuddle you, holding you tightly.
+You return his affections and snuggle into him.
+“MC…y-you’re distracting us from the show!”

+“Hm? What an interesting celebration, of course I’d like to spend it with you MC- if you’ll allow.”
+Not really knowing what to do after you exchange small gifts, you trail after him for most of the day.
+While you do this, he randomly tells you flirty jokes or romantic little phrases that make your heart speed up.
+In fact you had followed him to the library when he had said one, earning a loud squeak from you that made the librarian tell you to shut it.
+“You’ve been following me around like a lost kitten MC, not that I mind but this must not be how one celebrates valentines day?”
+After admitting that you didn’t really have an idea of what to do he jokingly scolds you for not planning ahead before coming up with an idea.
+“Come with me, I have something to show you.”
+Satan takes you to a special spot hidden by vines and branches in the forest. Greeted by a glittering lake and vibrant wildlife you gasp. “It’s beautiful here!” You say.  
+He laughs at your reactions, telling you that this is where he comes to clear his mind- he also tells you that now the spot is for both of you.
+“Just as I expected, you bring the beauty of this place all together. Happy Valentines day, MC.”

+“Of course you want to be my valentines MC, how could you possibly say no?”
+He’s doing that whole aegyo cute act all day, which would’ve been annoying if it was anyone else but it was Asmo so.
+You both go on a shopping spree before stopping at an adorable little café, perfect for cute photos to post on devilgram.
+“Ooo, we look so cute!~” He announces as you both sip on your drinks, huddled over his phone and editing the photos together.
+You both get home and do a little fashion show in Asmo’s room of all the clothes you bought when there’s a ding on his phone.
+“Ah the packages I bought for us are here!”
+I’ll leave it up to your imagination what is in there :)
+When the day starts coming to an end, Asmo helps you properly clean up your face and you both do a facemask together.
+You both are in bed (probably wearing super cute matching silk pyjamas lets not lie) and cuddling before you hear Asmo quietly say “I never thought I’d love someone as much as I love you…”

+“Valentines?…” Beel pauses for a second before wrapping you in a strong hug and nodding his head.
+You guys go out to a restaurant and do one of those ‘if you can finish this really big meal you get a reward!’ that no one has completed before.
+With Beel as your partner you obviously get it done easy peasy.
+You two use the reward money to go to the cinema, sharing a large Valentines popcorn bucket together
+You both mostly remain silent during the movie, but Beel’s love language is physical touch so he holds your hand up to his cheek- the feeling of him eating popcorn is kinda weird but you like touching him so big win.
+Once you both get home, you’re looking over some notes for school on your bed while he does his nightly workout routine.
+In the middle of a sit-up, Beel glances over to you before shuffling behind you and pushing the notes aside, gently biting your shoulder.
+“Don’t worry yourself with work on our special day…please?”

+ While yawning: “You want me to be your valentines? Aah, that’s too much work.”
+You poke him with a box of chocolates “Please?”
+He throws a pillow at you and grumbles a quick “Fine.” But you see a gentle smile.
+Before you two can even start your valentines day, Belphie pulls you back into bed and goes back to sleep, keeping you there for another few hours.
+When you finally have your freedom, you drag the sleepy demon to the fair. Maybe it’ll wake him up?
+After going on a few exhilarating rides, you both pick up some candy floss and Belphie looks beat.
+You suggest going home, seeing how tired he is but his eyes suddenly light up and he grabs you by the wrist taking you to the lit up circus tent.
+He pays for both tickets and you spend the next hour seeing him in a light you’ve never seen before, happy and excited, practically bouncing in his chair.
+The fair starts to close and Belphie is enthusing about the circus acts to you and you feel a warm grin take over your face.
+He stops talking for a second with a giggle, his sleepy smile coming back. Illuminated under the fair lights he says, “thank you for such a fun day, MC.”

+Diavolo is in his office when he hears an unexpected knock at the door.
+ “MC? What a pleasant surprise!”
+When you ask him to guess what day it is he looks a bit confused.
+“Oh yes Valentines day! My, you wouldn’t be here to ask me to be your valentines would you?
+You roll your eyes and elicit a laugh from him before giving him his valentines present.
+Feeling bad for not getting you anything, he promises to give you himself for the whole day.
+He gladly lets you dress him up however you’d like, commenting on your good taste.
+You both probably have a private little ballroom dance, just the two of you- and yes you both end up dancing stupidly to Mozart who would you be if you didn’t?
+ At the end of the day, you’re both wearing silly onesies he wanted to try out from the human world and watch a movie.
+ He intertwines his hand in yours and gives your knuckles a kiss. "Thank you for letting me be myself with you, MC.”

+ You catch him in the middle of some tasks. “Spend Valentines together? I am quite busy you know MC…but I suppose a small break wouldn’t hurt.”
+He pours you both some tea which you indulge in at the garden. “On a date romance is to be expected, yes? Then allow me to fulfill your Valentine’s day needs, MC.”
+ As you stroll in the garden you both lose track of time, endlessly chatting as Barbatos peppers in compliments to you, letting you link your arm around his.
+ You both stop at a large tree, and mid-laugh you suddenly pipe up. “Haven’t I kept you too long? Oh no, I’m so sorry-”
+ Barbatos simply smiles and tells you not to worry, telling you he can push back his responsibilities if it’s for you.
+ As he leans in, brushing your hair behind your ear he hears you whisper, “I wish I could be in this moment forever.”
+ He chuckles. “Your wish is my command.”
+ The gentle breeze stops, the birds fall silent and the rustling of trees come to a halt as Barbatos hold your chin, softly kissing you.
+ “Thank you for allowing me to indulge myself for a day, MC.”

+ You were mindlessly scrolling through devilgram when Solomon suddenly pops up to you.
+ “You took too long to come and ask me to be your valentines so I came to do it myself!”
+ After scolding him for almost giving you a heart attack you lie and say you had no plans of asking him to be your valentines. In reality you were just too nervous, and you were relieved he did it himself.
+ “Of course this isn’t one of my pranks MC. Do you really think that badly of me?”
+ You ask the sorcerer where he’s taking you but he simply snickers and says it’s a surprise.
+It’s a magic show. He took you to a magic show. You really should’ve guessed.
+The show is coming to an end when you get called to be an assistant for the last trick.
+You looked at Solomon in panic, weren’t these things supposed to be staged? But he simply smiled at you.
+After the coffin door closed, you heard the muffled voice of the magician explain how he was going to make you disappear.
+You get hit by a fizzing sensation and close your eyes tightly, only opening them to see yourself in…Solomon’s room?
+ You hear a laugh from behind you as someone pounces onto you with a hug. Naturally, you scream.
+ “Hah? So that’s what it takes to make you scream for me MC?” He sniggers before you bonk him on the head. “Ow!”
+ Now on top of him and jokingly hitting him as he repeats his apologies through his laughter, he grabs your wrists.
+ “Hey, MC, you have to admit that you enjoyed spending Valentine’s day with me. It’ll upset me if I’m the only one who had fun.”

+ “I’ve heard of this Valentine’s day celebration, would you celebrate it with me MC?”
+ Score, you have the most beautiful person in the devildom right now as your valentines.
+ “I’d like to do whatever you’d like to do MC.”
+ Ah yes, the lack of initiative, you had forgotten about that.
+ “What I want? Hm, well I’d like to spend it with you.” You give him a look. “Alright, alright. Let’s see…”
+After some brainstorming, Simeon finds an old, childish jewelry kit under his bed. “Ah! I remember buying this in the human world at a toy’s store.” You can’t but laugh and he seems confused at your humour.
+ You two spend the next few hours trying to make bracelets. You wonder why they’re so difficult to make since they’re made for literal kids.
+ Finally tired of fiddling with wires and beads, you and Simeon exchange bracelets. Simeon’s bracelet actually looks really good while yours looks…well it definitely looks like a child made it.
+ “Nonsense, I treasure anything you give me MC.”
+ Simeon frowns, softly holding your hand and analysing the pricks and scrapes made from trying to make the bracelet.
+ He kisses the small wounds and slowly leads his kisses up your arm.
+ The angel looks up to you and asks, “can we celebrate for a bit longer MC?”

+ A few days before Luke had excitedly asked you about the holiday and requested you spend it with him. You’re like the family his loves the most after all!
+ The demon brothers ask you to spend it with them but you have to put on a brave face and reject them, you couldn’t break Luke’s poor little heart after all.
+ You arrive at purgatory hall where Luke is waiting for you at the door like a little puppy as you exchange valentine’s cards.
+ As a surprise, Luke has a baking day prepared for you two, having bought you matching pink aprons.
+ You spent the afternoon making Valentine’s cookies, cakes and puddings, occasionally throwing batter and icing at each other.
+ Having made so much, you invite everyone over to eat (although it took some convincing to let Luke share his sweet treats with the demons.)
+ “Why do you and Luke have whiskers made of icing on your cheeks…?” You both had forgotten about that.
+ You spend the rest of the evening laughing over the table.

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Obey me Fanfiction 

~Fluffy Head-cannons to fall asleep thinking about pt2~

Warnings: SFW 
Happy Valentines Day!
Pt 1



  • He went from: loving to watch anime alone to: i found this cool new anime and WE need to watch it TOGETHER he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy being around you.
    “Hey my player No.2! I found this super duper cool anime to watch with you i heard it’s top of this season and has really good animations we need to watch it! NOW!”
  • Hold his hand for the first time? He explodes, face? Red. Words? Not coming out right. he’s touched starved but doesn’t know it yet so he trys to get himself to hold your hand too whether it’s to clam his nervousness or him just wanting a lil love.
    “W-wah?! i-i-i-i.. LEVI.EXE HA-S S-STOPPE-ED WORK-KING!!”
  • We all know how Levi puts himself down and it happens a lot since you two are together now he feels like he’s not enough and you can truly do better, but hearing you tell him he’s enough and how much you love him gives him hope and happiness so he’ll try to return the favor by going on Akuzon and staying up on nights end to try and win a Ruri-chan card that he has 5 of already for you.
    “Here! I.. uh got this.. for you No.2, you made me feel a lot better when i was sad SO TAKE IT!”
  • He loves hugging you, to clam you down or whatever he’ll rub your back up and down while hugging you and trying to focus on only you that he doesn’t realize what he did.
    “Shhh.. it’s okay i’m here for you now mc”
  • He knows he’s a shut in but he’ll do his best to go out with you if you want a little date outside instead of his room or yours, he even asks asmo for advice sometimes like now for Valentines day.
    “H-hey.. i got you uh some fLowERs *cough* i.. mean.. flowers..” damn voice crack bro


  • He’s stupid but stupid in love with you, waking up to you in his bed while he’s spread out all over you from the night before, both of you stay up watching movies and fall asleep cuddling sometimes which is what happened im dirty minded- 
    “I.. love you so much baby”
  • While he loves making money buttt he loves seeing your face light up when he buys you things such as a bouquet of your favorite flowers put together in a black wrapping held together with a little white ribbon for your first Valentines together.
    “I got these homemade just for you! Make sure to thank The Great Mammon later tonight my lil’ money maker~..”
  • He learned how to give back rubs to help clam you down from stress, can’t have his baby all upset now can he?
    “Relax Great Mammon gots’ you, and if anything tries to hurt you i’ll protect you!”
  • He get’s put down by everyone a lot, his brothers are the most to pick on him and while he knows they probably, hopefully, don’t mean it sometimes he hurts him a bit, so when that happens cuddle him and whisper sweet nothings in his ear, tell him how much he’s done for you and how much you care.
    “T-Thanks baby.. you know how to cheer me up don’t you? This is why i love you so much”
  • Takes you out a lot or whenever he has enough money to, he just wants to see you smile and be happy, besides knowing he’s the one who can make you happy like this really gives him a lotta pride.
    “Sweet lil’ moneyy~ let’s go into this store! I saw sum’ cool stuff in it last time”


  • We’re all fully aware how beel loves eating but ever since you two got together he’s been thinking a little less about food but more about you and doesn’t know how to deal with it sometimes so he’ll go to Belphegor for help then come out with his feelings.
    “Mc i’ve been thinking more about you and lately it feels like somehow i’m not hungry when i do?”
  • Loves it when you help him work out, even if it’s just you laying on his back sleeping while hes doing push ups, which doesn’t do much to him but still he enjoys you being around.
    “What was the time i got this time Baby Mochi?”
  • YOU CANNOT TELL ME HE WONT GIVE YOU FOOD PET NAMES WHICH IS LIKE SO CUTE UGHDSKJB imhungrynow some of which being like Peach, Mochi, Cookie, Icing etc.
    “Peaches are you hungry? Wanna get pizza?” “I heard a new cafe opened up wanna check it out with me today Candy?”
  • Loves having you sit on his lap when your scared/upset from a movie, he’ll put his arms around you with a blanket keeping you both warm while he tells you how he’ll protect you and he feels so soft when you do this with him.
    “It’s okay baby i’ll fight anything that scares you okay? I’ll be right here for you the whole time..”
  • For Valentines day he makes a BIG ass chocolate for you in the shape of a heart and did his full on B E S T not to just eat it along with roses, so when you say you can share with him he’s already got half of it in his mouth.
    “You didn’t have to share with me Cookie.. it was meant for you to eat alone but.. thanks anyways i love you”


  • Nap sessions is a must for Belphie, no one but you, him, cuddling close with your arms around his chest and his arms around you, legs intertwined, in the attic when it’s quiet so no one can wake you up.
    “Hmm.. I’m tired hey baby bear let’s nap together”
  • Horror movies. You both stay up all night watching horror movies since your sleeping all day and he enjoys it when you try not to scream to wake up the others from the jump scares, he’ll put his arm around you and hold you close.
    “I don’t know why you’re getting so scared.. it’s just a movie but that’s fine cause you’re cute when scared”
  • He enjoys going out for a bit in the grass and just laying his head on your lap while he sleeps, hearing the animals and light wind is relaxing and clams him down, but boy when you started messing with his hair the first time you can never stop now. He liked it too much.
    “Hm?.. here put your hand back that feels nice bear”
  • Believe it or not my man got some relaxation candles just for you, so whenever you come to his room stressed the FUCK out he lights them and the sent is meant to make everyone relaxed where he then grabs your hand and rubs your knuckles while telling you how you’ve been doing great so far.
    “It’s okay to be stressed out, you’ve been doing great so far though just keep trying and hopefully you won’t be too stressed out anymore”
  • His great idea for Valentines day is to watch the night sky as stars pass by and such while eating sweets he got from the best chocolate shops in town with the help of Beel, he put out a blanket, got some chocolates and cake to eat together and some drinks.
    “Look a shooting star..! Wish for something darling.. huh? I don’t need to make a wish when mine already came true, i love you”

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Paring: Beelzebub x gn!reader

Genre: fluff

Beel takes you out for a little date <3


“Could we… get cake?” Beelzebub asked as he slid his large hand into your smaller one. 

“By cake you mean…?” You giggled, your hold tightening around his hand as the two of you walked along the streets of Devildom. 

“Cake,” Beel answered bluntly. You let out a soft laugh. 

“Beel, I know you’re going to buy more than one cake.” You giggled. 

“… I’m hungry.” He muttered.

“We can get cake. As much as you want.” You laughed, your eyes closing for a moment. It was Valentine’s Day after all. His eyes seemed to light up as his pace quickened.

“Asmodeus told me that he saw some displayed in the headless café,” Beelzebub said with a light excitement in his low voice. 

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Ahhh…we’ve all been there…..

Dealing with Game Rage MC Headcanons


  • Does not appreciate this behavior
  • Even if you are upset, that is no reason to behave so boorishly
  • Pulls a real ‘dad move’ and takes the game from you until you calm down
  • Makes you some tea to help with the process and talk it out
  • Helps you strategize in a real Napoleonian way on how to beat the level.
  • No idea what he’s talking about, but it sounds really smart


  • Immediately heartbroken. But tries not to show it
  • More than any of the others Mammon can’t stand you being mad at him
  • Even if it’s ‘fake rage’
  • Will leave with a flippant “fine! Be that way! It’s not like I wanted to help anyway!”
  • Inside he’s devastated
  • Please go hug and apologize to him quickly


  • Totally gets it. He’s been there more than once
  • Leaves you alone until the rage-stage passes
  • Gives you some plushies to throw and beat up constructively, rather than irreplaceable things
  • Helps you tackle the level/problem together with his eons of gaming experience
  • If you win, you celebrate together and high five like he’s always wanted
  • If you lose, well now you’re just in the rage spiral together and can’t get out


  • Does not understand ‘gamer rage’ but understands rage
  • Immediate reaction is to get mad and yell back
  • But that doesn’t solve anything, so he takes a deep breath and leaves you alone
  • Returns with every gamer play walkthrough & handbook he could find from Levi and the library
  • Knowledge and solutions are the key to inner peace. Calmer head will prevail
  • Will 400% get madder than you if his perfect strategy plan fails, and now you have to get him out of game rage mode


  • Cue beautiful silken tears and a magically appearing chaise to drape himself on
  • Does not like to be yelled at, but is mostly hamming it up for sympathy
  • Insists that you ‘make it up to him’ by going shopping with or getting iced coffees with him
  • Actually, the break is a little nice. It gives you a chance to get out of game rage headspace
  • Tells you that you shouldn’t game so much because lack of sunlight and stress is bad for the skin
  • “Your skin will be as scaly as Levi’s and his fish if you’re not careful!”


  • Poor wounded himbo puppy!!!
  • Doesn’t understand what he did, but apologizes and leaves you alone
  • His feelings are really hurt. Getting yelled at is no fun
  • Quickly accepts your apology when you give it to him
  • Everyone has bad days, so he wouldn’t hold it against you
  • On his way to bring you some snacks when you came to apologize. He gets really cranky when he’s super hungry, so just assumed that eating something would help. Obviously your favorites.


  • Startled at first. Then angry
  • He didn’t do anything wrong! He was being a good person, who got all the way out of bed, to check on you!
  • Goes back to bed because he doesn’t deserve this
  • Will not come out of his blanket nest when you come to apologize because he’s a cranky brat
  • Eventually, with enough sweet words and coaxing, he comes out. Like a pouty rabbit
  • Enjoys his next nap beside you while you game because his calm sleeping position will keep you calm while you game.
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