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#beelzebub x reader
hiraethhh-h · a day ago
Telling the OM! Bros + Diavolo That You Hate Them but They Don’t Get the Joke (HCs)
Anon: hiii could u maybe do hcs abt mc telling the ob! brothers+diavolo 'i hate you' as a joke?? but like they didn't understand the playful tone in mc's voice so they're all sad bc they actually think mc hates them??? thank u!!
sorry if these seem a bit lack-luster, i've been spending a bit more time on my art lately <3
it hurt to write out some of these sdfjkhdfg
possible tw's ahead + spoilers for early lessons
Tumblr media
...what did you just say?
he turns cold immediately
“get out.”
his pride won’t have it.
please leave, for his sake and yours
he stays angry for a few days, doing his best to avoid you because god knows what he might do if he sees you
eventually, his resentment turns into sadness
stays up until the crack of dawn completing work
finds himself drinking more often and even slipping up in his studies
lucifer wonders where he went wrong
is it because he’s threatened your life multiple times and knocked you out over the grimoire?
just when he let you in, you shut him out
when manage to corner him and explain it was just a joke, lucifer hugs you regardless of where you are
he squeezes you so tight you can’t move
lucifer is angry at himself since he couldn’t tell it was just a joke in the first place
he’ll lecture you on joking around like that later
but for now, soft lucifer is all you’ll get
Tumblr media
you can physically hear his heart shattering into a million pieces from miles away
gives a forced laugh as he looks at you, tears in the corners of his eyes
“c’mon, ya don’t mean that... i mean, i-i was your first after all!”
it sounds more like he’s trying to convince himself that you don’t hate him
but it fails
makes up an excuse that he has somewhere to be and immediately leaves you
in private, he breaks down and becomes a complete and utter mess
avoids you at all costs for weeks on end
mammon can never bring himself to be mad at you
it’ll be hard to get ahold of him
but once you do, it’s best you fess up as quick as you can before he’s gone
when he hears it’s a joke, mammon will hug you just as tight as lucifer
he’ll cry into your shoulder, begging you to never repeat those words again
Tumblr media
he knew it, he knew you hated him
“so... you faked caring for a yucky otaku like me?”
levi turns into his demon form out of anger, anger at you for backstabbing him, and anger at himself for letting you in in the first place
luckily, one of his brothers interferes before he can harm you
he will hole up in his room, only coming out to sneak food into his room
lucifer will try to confront him about it, but he’s inconsolable
levi is still burning with resentment and regret, so he barely listens to what lucifer has to say
he’ll barely listen to what you’ll have to say, so telling him that it was a joke might put him on even more edge
you’ll have to prove your apology to him, and once you do he’ll slowly open up to you
levi will ask you with teary eyes to never joke like that again
although, he will possibly hold a grudge against you
Tumblr media
he’s quiet for a moment, trying to contemplate if you were being serious or not
until you can feel the temperature in the room drop
“what the fuck did you just say?”
better hope you can outrun an enraged satan in his demon form
a few of his brothers did their best to stop satan, but they could only do so much
lucifer himself probably has to interfere and stop satan from tearing you limb by limb
satan finds it funny how you beat him at his own game, wearing a mask in front of him the whole time and waiting until he was vulnerable to strike
he’ll will hole up in his room and stay away from you
lucifer told you to give him a few days to cool down and will actually help you formulate a plan so you can properly apologize to satan
when you confront the blonde, he’ll only give you a few seconds to explain yourself
he goes quiet when you tell him it was just a joke
satan will hold his face in his hands and silently break down
ashamed/embarrassed that he couldn't see the joke
he’ll mentally bash himself for threatening your life
satan apologizes in the softest voice he can muster
Tumblr media
he blinks a few times before letting out a loud laugh
“nice joke MC! you could never hate me, right?”
before you can laugh alongside him, asmo brushes past you, claiming that he has a spa appointment
from then, he begins to avoid you
alone, his mind is racing with thoughts
is it because he’s the avatar of lust?
but he’s reassured/proved to you many times that he feels a different type of love when he’s with you
asmo’s even devoted his heart solely to you!
there’s no way you could ever hate him, you need him!
but in reality, it’s really him who needs you…
he eventually seeks you out, confronting you about what you said
when you tell him it really was a joke, asmo goes silent
he lunges to hug you, silently crying into your neck
asmo’s mutters that he’s glad it was a joke...
Tumblr media
he looks at you while he swallows his food
“you... hate me?”
you can hear the undertone of pain in his voice
beel stands from his spot, telling you that he has food to pick up from Hell’s Kitchen
once he does actually arrive at Hell’s Kitchen, he practically inhales half their entire menu
he feels a different kind of hunger in his stomach, but it feels more like a void than anything
he nearly has a fit when lucifer brings him home, claiming that he was still hungry
beel eats a lot more than usual, his brothers having a hard time keeping up with stocking food since he devours it all
the entire time, he’s wondering why you said that
is it because he’s so stubborn?
or because he sided with belphie?
lucifer eventually asks you what happened
he sends you to the kitchen where beel is, and you fess up immediately
beel pauses his movements and sets down whatever he has in his grasp
he envelops you in a hug, one hand holding the back of your head
he lets out a shaky exhale, asking you to be more careful next time
Tumblr media
he sluggishly looks over to you, his lips pursed in a tight line
“you hate me…”
he repeats it out loud once, but your words echo throughout his head endlessly
belphie can’t blame you, especially after all he’s done
he silently leaves your side, ignoring your calls for him
belphie’s holding his cow-print pillow tighter than usual as he finds a spot to nap
presumably where no one can find him at all
he sleeps more than usual and becomes grumpy when someone disturbs him
belphie even snaps at beel once
concerned, beel goes to you for help and asks what happened
he’ll set you up with belphie once you explain everything
when you see belphie, he’s a complete mess
his eyebags are more evident than usual
he snaps at you when you step in front of him, but you quickly blurt out your confession
belphie’s face softens at this, his eyes shining with relief
he calls you over to cuddle with him and he asks if you can hold him this time
once belphie’s in your arms, he snuggles as close as possible
Tumblr media
the smile from his face disappears almost instantly, his warm and welcome aura fading away
“ah... i see.”
he respects your choice
after all, dia did summon you/put you in the program without your consent, regardless of if you had family and/or friends in the human realm
so he can’t really blame you since he essentially tore you away from your life
but whenever he sees you, he still greets you and asks how your day went with a pained smile
it’s in his nature to be warm, even if he is the prince of the devildom
you’re the only other being dia feels truly comfortable with and he doesn’t want to lose that bond with you
once you tell him that it was a joke, all tension seems to fade from the prince
diavolo lets out a soft chuckle, looking at you with a warm smile. one that’s genuine and practically makes your heart melt
“i’m glad…”
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equizona · a day ago
aaaa i am the anon that sent the bullying ask
im sorry, i didnt know you didnt recieve the ask, im so sorry for the inconvinience aaaa
i will send the full ask, but you can ignore it since you made something similar already!!
a teen!MC that before the devildom was bullied and insecure, but after returning to the human realm, their confidence was up the ROOF, because the pacts with 7 of their big bros protect them from anything
when their bullies start to mess with them again, they threat with summoning x brother, but the bullies just laugh it off like the 8th grade syndrome
something like,,
bully: what are you gonna do now, huh? summon a demon?
teen mc, beaten up: bet. *PACT MARL STARTS GLOWING*
how would their big bros react?
i'm sorry again, have a nice day!!!
Tumblr media
Note: I don't mind doing it again! Sorry for misunderstanding— And for the long wait, I've been pretty inactive on everything for a while. As I'm working this I've also lost my glasses again so I'm sad– I had very little inspiration for this though, so it's bad.
Fandom: Obey Me! Shall We Date?
Character(s): Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Scenario: Teen! MC summons the brothers after going back to the human world and getting bullied.
Reader: Gender-neutral
Warning(s): Spoilers for chapter 16-20, mentions of cannibalism, death, suicide, gore, violence.
Tumblr media
Lucifer doesn't like getting summoned. He's a busy demon, and has better things to do than have humans summon him around. That's probably another of the million reasons he never makes pacts with anyone.
He's made it clear that you should never summon him unless you absolutely have to. You learned that summoning him for a joke was not a good idea after Belphegor and Satan managed to convince you to try it at least once..
You'd never quite been very confident, but the exchange program had helped you a whole lot. (And fun fact, Lucifer's pact mark can be your own cheerleader, I swear— Touch it and you're suddenly filled with so much confidence and and pride it's—)
With a bloody nose the thought of summoning Lucifer, the second(Third? Is he stronger or weaker than Barbatos..?) strongest demon in existence against them seems very tempting..
So you do exactly that, and the glare that he gives everyone around him is enough to make your bullies not even think about the fact he appeared out of nowhere in a bunch of smoke.
"What is going on here MC?"
Someone who's bad at reading him would probably think he wants to kill you, but you know better and can clearly see the small signs of concern.
The second he knows the situation then.. Well, it won't be pretty.
Lucifer is scary, even in his human form, and he gives your bullies the deadliest glare he can manage, and it's a miracle they haven't turned around and made a break for it yet. Maybe they're scared of testing his patience? Who knows.
He'll lean in and tell them something in a hushed voice so that you can't hear what he's saying, but you can see the color slowly draining from their face.
He gives them a polite smile as he shoo's them off, turning around to you as he checks on your injuries, making sure you're alright.
He's definitely scolding you for getting hurt though. It kinda sucks but also it's kinda nice.
For some reason that you can most likely guess is Lucifer, they won't even go into the same class as you, and soon after they move schools.
Tumblr media
Honestly? When he gets summoned he half thinks you're a witch trying to get him to pay his debt...
Then he realized it's you and he's just so happy but then he sees the blood and now he's freaking out and—
He takes a second to calm himself down, breathing in and out slowly as your bullies stare at him in disbelief.
The next seconds he's all over you, asking you questions that probably aren't even related to what's going on because you're hurt and he's stressed and when he stresses be panics—
When you explain the situation you're honestly scared at the dark look in his eyes.
Mammon isn't the type to lose control, so he'll just give your bullies a bright grin that almost has you believing it. He'll walk over and casually throw his arm around their shoulders, whispering something so you can't hear.
You are concerned about what he said though because whatever it was it worked better than what you had been expecting of the second born.
He'll make you ditch school to do something fun with him now that he's in the human world— He saved 'ya, so it's only fair, right? Right!
He tells you to pay but ends up paying because he wants to be the 'cool older brother' and if you try to question it he'll just start screeching incoherent things.
Well, least your bully problem is over?
They won't come close to you at all...
Tumblr media
MC how could you!? He was in the middle of a game and he was almost done with this super hard game—
Oh no he's outside.
Why would you do this to him!? You're such a normie! He doesn't want to be outside! This sucks, this isn't what he wants to be doing at all..
Then he sees your 'friends' and he gets jealous. Wasn't he supposed to be your best friend? He was the lord of shadows to your Henry God dammit!
Then when you tell him the situation..?
Leviathan isn't a stranger to bullying. Not a lot of people think he's fit to be the avatar of Envy, so he gets a lot of shit from random demons and he knows how horrible it can be.
And yet there are people that are doing it to his MC? To his best friend and younger sibling?
Not on his watch.
He doesn't bother hiding what he's saying from you, unlike the previous two. He's saying some of the most hurrying threats you can imagine as he's showing off his fangs that are, keep in mind, impuded with one of the most painful and toxic poisons in the three realms.
Safe to say your bullies are a bit too scared to try and get near you again..
Well, why not watch some anime with him right? You no longer have to deal with the bullies, so do something fun with him! He's better, right? Yeah, so he'll take his favorite unoffical younger sibling to watch some anime.
Tumblr media
Hahaha— Why the hell would you summon the literal avatar of wrath? Do you want to get charged for murder?
If we go about this realistically he'd murder them on the spot, no hesitation. Like, summon him and he'll give you a curious glance.
Once he's aware of what's happening..
He'll get fucking livid, because how dare they? That's his younger sibling and he'll kill them right fucking now—
Either use your pact to stop him once he's beaten the shit out of them, or just let him kill them. It's your choice.
He really won't listen if you say it normally, since he'll be lost in a fit of rage, so be careful—
He'll feel a bit bad that you might be traumatized after that, though he doesn't feel shit for the ones he actually beat the shit out of—
Should have known better than to fuck with the unofficial younger sibling of wrath embodiment.
Tumblr media
Please, Asmodeus values his manicure more than he values a fight. There's no way he'd get physical with them.
He'll probably just jump at you the second you summon him, shouting about happy he is to see his 'cute little sibling.'
When he notices the situation he'll probably just charm your bullies to leave, and to leave you alone.
He's just going to drag you away after that, determined to spend as much time with you as he can until Lucifer comes and fetches him. He missed you, you know? You missed him too, right? Of course you did, it's him!
You didn't notice the demonic claws that were held to the throat of your bullies.
Tumblr media
Aaa, Beelzebub, Beelzebub, Beelzebub..
Look, Beelzebub is naturally really protective of his family. He loves them more than anything in the world, and that feeling was just doubled after Lilith's death.
Since you're a human, he's even more protective of you than he is with the others. (It's to be expected. You're a fragile human, their mostly capable demons. He's afraid one day he'll lose you to something small.)
So he'll probably panic the second you summoned him, fearing the worst and that maybe he was too late and should have followed you up to the human realm—
If he smells your blood he's a step away from giving into Satan's sin and breaking just about everything around him.
When he sees your mostly fine he'll calm down, but honestly if your bullies haven't ran away yet I feel bad for them.
Assuming that they haven't, —even if they probably did after seeing this huge guy show up from nowhere— He'll probably just eat them.
He's a bit hungry, so why not get rid of someone who's hurting his family while soothing his hunger? Win-win.
He'll understand if you don't want to get traumatized by that though, so he'll stop if you ask him.
You can assume safely that he'll find them afterwards though, he has a keen sense of smell and he remembers their face. They won't survive, their death will only be postponed.
Tumblr media
Belphegor is very protective too. He's not generally a very protective person, unlike his twin brother, but with you it's different.
He's already hurt you so much, and he doesn't want you to get hurt again ever.
Still, he's a bit annoyed that you woke him from his nap. He's tired MC, he's tired.
He's sharp though, and he's going to understand the situation really quickly. He won't even spare them a second glance, just guide you away from them.
He'll give them a threatening smile as he flashes both his claws and fangs at them, and they won't get near you again after that.
Why would he bother doing something that might get messy if he can just enter their dreams and make them do it themselves, right?
He's not above driving someone to suicide, they should have known better.
Anyway, MC, he's tired and you dragged him away from his nap so now you're obligated to nap with him
Tumblr media
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boringblackyellow · 2 days ago
Lucifer, beep and Simeon who doesn’t care about there life/lost all fear of death after being brought back?
A n g s t t i m e
Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Simeon with an MC who lost all fear of death
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He thought he knew a lot about you, you weren't the type to not fear death, you would get scared over the small things that left him sighing before going over to help you, but only because it was his job to do so
Upon seeing Mammon holding your dead body, he didn't know what to think
Even more so when he saw another version of you watching from afar, alive
It was rocky but he thinks it was all smooth in the end, his brother was home, and the human living with them so happened to be the distant descendant of his sister
He thought it was all okay
Until he heard from his brothers that you fought with a demon and nearly got injured
"That was dumb, MC. Even for you."
"What do you mean 'And?' You could have died had one of us not helped you."
You gave a shrug, "You shouldn't have. I don't care about dying anyway."
Lucifer froze and looked into your eyes with furrowed eyebrows
You had to be lying
But he found only the truth
"And what made you think that?"
"The day I died."
The way you said it so nonchalantly left him silent, and he let you go back to your room before he covered his face with his hands
He felt conflicted, was he at fault for being the reason you became so...careless about Death?
Lucifer regretted ever mentioning the attic, but the deed was done
From that day forward, Lucifer was by your side whenever he can, lessening his threats and punishments just to make sure that it won't cause you to do anything stupid
He's even told the brothers in their group chat to do the same or there will be consequences
The eldest has no intentions of bringing you to harm ever again
Tumblr media
When he saw you dead, it felt like Beel lost all of his appetite for the first time
So to suddenly have you not care about dying left him panicking
He couldn't believe that you felt like that and that his own twin could be the reason for it
He felt conflicted that day, should he blame himself for not helping you sooner? For acting so rashly to Lucifer?
He loves both you and Belphie more than himself so it usually kept him up at night
But after some thinking, he feels like it wasn't his fault nor yours or Belphie's
Beel doesn't want to ask you about such a.. troubling topic
And he really doesn't want you to die, not now not ever
But he hopes that you could forgive Belphie for what he did, as selfish as that sounds
Food always helps him so he hopes that giving and sharing food with you would help you as well
"I accidentally bought too many cheeseburgers, want to eat the rest with me?"
He vows to protect you from everything so long as you remain safe
Beel doesn't want another loved one to die and he doesn't plan on changing that
Tumblr media
Simeon regrets not being around you as much as he wanted to
He stayed in Purgatory Hall while you were at the House of Lamentation so there was really not many physical interactions between the two of you
Upon hearing out about what happened, Simeon often calls you, messaging if you're not too busy and wanted someone aside from the brothers to talk to
He's heard about how you started caring less about dying ever since that encounter with Belphegor and he felt heartbroken
He wasn't there to help you but you had reassured him that having him listen to you helped
So the both of you would call each other and chat until it was time to sleep
Simeon hopes that encounter doesn't change your perspective of life, you were still a human all in all, and he wouldn't know what to do if you would die without cherishing the life you had
He often invites you to Purgatory Hall for sleepovers and would whisper sweet nothings to you when you're already asleep
"I know time is too quick, but I hope that I'm by your side until the very end... I love you, MC."
He kisses your forehead and holds you before falling asleep himself
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nekoma-manager · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
includes: asmodeus, beelzebub and belphegor
trigger warnings: none :)
a/n: inazuma just came out and it’s so exciting to explore it!!!! do any of you play genshin?
Tumblr media
when asmo hugs your his hands wander over your entire body
your shoulders, your arms, your waist
he cannot believe you’re his and holding you this way reassures him that you’re still there
he also likes to fiddle with your shirt when he holds you
Tumblr media
bear hugs!!!!!
beel engulfs you with his entire body every time he sees you
the urge to squeeze you and show you how much he loves you is overwhelming
having you so close to him makes him forget about all his troubles (mostly hunger)
he likes to hold your face in his hands and kiss you on the nose once he’s hugged you
Tumblr media
the only way to hug belphie is in bed
cuddle up to him, throw your leg over his and an arm around his middle and he is in heaven
his hand will shift to your head and pat it softly
he will also rub circles on your cheek with his thumb as a little show of gratitude - for being in this peaceful state with him
lazy morning cuddles are his absolute favourites
Tumblr media
part 1 | masterlist
Tumblr media
a/n: i will be finishing this hc series with a part three which will include diavolo, simeon and solomon :) feel free to message me or leave an ask in my inbox if you like <3
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wannabe-fan-writer · 19 hours ago
Hi, I was wondering if I could request beelzebub and mammon with boyfriend who has shy, soft, and submissive personality?
Thank you sm ❤
Yes of course!
Male reader
Having A Shy, Soft Boyfriend
Tumblr media
Protective Himbo Mode: ON
Beelzebub knows Devildom isn't the safest place for humans to be
He likes wrapping his arm around you in public so you don't have to worry about anyone bothering you
If anyone does try to bother you, this giant demon man will just glare and they'll go running, he probably doesn't even know he's doing it honestly
Beel likes to be around you just so he can be in your presence, he likes being close to you but he also likes to be able to protect you if something happens
Tumblr media
He honestly loves it
It makes him want to protect you even more
He's your first man so he sees it as his duty to protect you
He'll always be holding your hand or touching some part of you in public
If you ever get nervous he'll hold you close to him and if it's a person or demon that's making you nervous he'll move in front of you to glare at them
Wherever you go he's not far from you, but this is also because he just likes to be around you
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abrokecupoftea · 22 hours ago
Congrats on the Milestone and Oh my gods THANK YOU! I love what you did with my request very much 💗💗❤️💖💕 Though now I want to hear how Mammon and Beel specifically would react if the MC actually /was/ getting married, maybe explaining that they were engaged to someone before they were taken to the Devildom and they’re trying out wedding dresses for the future. (Also, you’re imagination of it being a big fluffy one was spot on, it had a silk bodice, full skirt and everything! ✨) ❤️ Anon
yandere!Beel's and yandere!Mammon's reactions to finding out you're getting married
ahhh~~~ i'm so glad you liked it! i've always imagined wedding dresses to be these floofy cloud type dresses, just because i feel prettier in those haha
but it's so cool that they matched up!!!
also this starts in mc's room
Mammon would have entered to ask you for something
maybe to find his spare toothbrush he kept here
or maybe he left his charger in your room
he came to your looking for something, only to find you standing in front of your mirror, wearing a wedding dress
"you look really good"
he'd say, probably imagining how you'd look when you married him
after all, you like him the most, right?
"thanks," you said, smiling.
"Asmo helped me pick out the dress, as soon as the exchange program is over, i'll be getting married."
Mammon froze, frowning as his hands clenched tightly
"you're getting married? to who?"
which bastard would he have to kill to get you back?
"actually i was summoned a months before our wedding, so it's been put on hold for now."
and to Mammon, it felt like you were mocking him, purposefully irritating him to test his affections for you
"don't joke like that." he laughed, walking over to your bed to get his charger
"but i'm not joking?"
you turned around in confusion, only for Mammon to pin your hands against the mirror.
"you are. look, i know you love me, yeah? you don't have to make up lies just because you're too shy, i'm a really jealous guy, you wouldn't want to see what happens next time you make up something like this again, okay?"
"what? Mammon what are you talking about?"
"stop pretending, darling, or i might think this marriage of yours is real."
he'd lock you up if you continued to insist, refusing to let you out of his sight for whatever reason
he'd also be constantly paranoid that your mystery lover would show up and take you away from him
Beel would have come into your room with snacks (maybe you two had plans for a movie night?)
he'd have come a few hours early, but it's not like you've ever minded before
it isn't until he enters and sees you with Asmo, laughing as you wore a wedding dress
"i really like this one, Asmo."
"i'm glad you do, it's in-style this season. there's only a few months left until the wedding, right?"
you nodded excitedly. "yeah, i'm kind of nervous though."
"what's going on?" Beel interrupted, ruining the excited atmosphere between you two
"Beel!" you grinned excitedly. "Asmo's helping me with my wedding dress! there's only a few months left until the exchange program ends, and-"
"who're you marrying? is it another demon?"
"ah, well, i was actually engaged before arriving here, the wedding had to be pushed back because of the exchange program."
the only thought running through his head was 'you're going to leave him'
and for a human?
who would love a human when they could love a demon?
surely you hadn't considered all of your options, right?
it wasn't until you had told him, "oh, no, we're very much in love, we've been keeping contact ever since i was summoned."
that he felt betrayed
he didn't like the thought of you being someone else's, either
so he'd kidnap you, holding you in a 'safe spot' until your lover (ex-lover) had forgotten about you (with the help of some magic, of course)
he'd watch, as you excitedly ran out of the room he had kept you captive in for months, only to realize that everyone had already moved on
(honestly, he'd gotten the idea from Belphie)
now, you had no choice but to come back to him
after all, he's the only one who'd love you forever
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undead-merman · 2 days ago
Yandere wendigo beelzebub headcanons please
Interesting combo. 
❄Wendigo Beelzebub❄ as a Yandere GN- Reader SFW
(tw: wendigo themes such as cannibalism, gore)
As a terrible Beast of the cold and cannibalism his body is large standing well over ten feet tall. His arms are long, much longer than a human’s almost dragging on the ground, starting at his elbows they are covered in thick orange fur frosted with freezing white. Long fingernails like claws grow from his hands and the skin on his palms and wrist where the fur parts are darkened like he has frostbite.
His legs are deer-like, bending at the joints like deer and even having hooves with tufts of more frosted fur and more painful looking skin. Though his legs are much shorter looking then the rest of his body, though that’s only because of his larger arms. 
Unlike most Wendigo that are frail, thin and starved looking, Beel is built with solid muscle and looks unmovable, unbreakable though his ribs still show under his bare and scarred covered chest. A frosted mane-like plume of fur sprouts from his shoulders and wrap around the back of his neck. 
His face is surprisingly human, but not fully there. It’s at the point just before uncanny. His teeth are jagged and large, almost too big for his mouth, and they're as sharp as broken glass. Every time he breathes cold frosty mist spills from his mouth. A pair of twisted looking antlers, though they look more like burnt trees. His eyes are dark and have heavy bags under it. His hair stands out in the snow but if he gets angry his hair shifts to a white color and his eyes look frosted over with blue ice.  
The Cold and Hunger
He hates the heat in the form of flames and can’t stand it, even if it’s as small as a match he gets freaked out. Despite how cold and frostbitten some of his skin looks he’s perfectly comfortable even in the coldest of weather. He sometimes prefers hunting in blizzard-like conditions. 
He’s ever wandering about for weaker and starving travelers, or sick animals. Whenever he finds them he scares them. Getting their blood pumping from fear as he mimics the voices and sounds of cats or screams that aren’t completely similar, there's always something wrong with his calls. When he catches his prey he just leans his body weight on their skulls with one hand and crushes them and eats them right there on the spot not even leaving a blood stain in the snow with how hungerly he devours his prey. 
He can go mad without at least one meal a day. Normally he waits for his prey to be alone but when he’s desperate he’ll simply attack them no matter what defenses or numbers they may have and eat them all in a fit of destruction. If he’s driven mad enough he can ignore fire or heat for a few moments, willing to burn as long as he can eat. His hunger takes first priority over everything. He can leave a whole town in ruins if he’s starved enough.  
Spending Time with You 
Just as he was trailing a few miles from a small village when he spotted you and but before he started hunting you he noticed the strange look in your eyes. Wild and teeming with feral sharpness as you turned and noticed him. You smelled very very faintly of the village and your clothes were torn and covered in blood that wasn’t your own. The only thing he could think of is you had been thrown out for some reason or another. But the one thing he knew for sure was the hunger that was radiating off you. Suddenly instead of wanting to eat you he wanted to feed you. He picked you up by the scruff of your jacket and took you along. 
He doesn’t speak much but he offers you different types of food, rabbits, foxes, deer, bear, but never human’s even though you are sure he hunts and devours them. He watches you closely like an owner who is watching their cat leave the kennel for the first time. He watches and figures out your interests seeing what you eat and don’t and brings you more of what you choose to eat and he makes strange unnatural giggling noises that clearly belong to other people. 
If you still cook your meals he refuses to come near the cave and instead watches you from outside. After the fire goes out he’s right back in his cave investigating what you did. He’s bewildered by cooked meat and tries some if you offer but his face scrunches up but he eats it hungerly. 
He often brings you the clothes of humans he’s devoured to keep you warm. It almost always has some sort of blood on it but Beelzebub will lick it clean if it bothers you. He tenderly dresses you or fills a nest of clothes for you to sleep in to keep you warm. 
Beelzebub doesn’t know how to speak, he can only mimic sounds back that he hears with chilling undertones of reverb and sometimes radio static. But he does understand you. He will repeat back phrases that can be used to respond to you or call out to you.  
His Dark Tendencies 
The true reason he brought you back was he could tell you had the beginnings or the potential to turn into one of his kind and simply wanted to be part of that. He wants to see how you would look but at the same time he likes you just the way you are. Small and weak compared to him. He just can’t take his eyes off of how fragile you are compared to the truly wild creatures, no fangs, claws, or even fur to keep you warm and yet you're still so resilient. Your ingenuity and wit keeping you alive verus strength. He wanted to keep watching that… It was cute.
Despite if you bite, kick, or scream, or lean into it and smile he’ll poke and prod at your squishy warm skin. He likes watching your reaction to it, positive or negative, and he does it as he pleases. 
He won’t let any creature near you besides him. He’ll devour anything even close to the cave, though not many ventures close due to the taint Beelzebub brings to the area, sucking the life out of everything. After a while he’ll actively start hunting people in your village and bringing you their coats, jackets, and belongings. He’ll stand there and make noises to convince you to praise him for hunting down those disgusting ones as revenge for you. 
Hate them? Want them gone and punished for what they drove you to? He’ll help you enact it and strike terror into them and devour every single one of them for you just tell him where to start. 
He doesn’t let you leave his sight unless he’s hunting for you so he has just the thing to keep you in the cave when he’s gone. A hole he dug out just for you with a large rock to keep you from calling out or anything being able to crawl in to get you. He’s always quick to come back with more gifts for you, apologizing for keeping you in the dark like that.   
Misc Stuff
He absolutely loves having his head stroked despite how freezing his strands of hair can be. He loves feeling your warm hands rub his scalp and horns. He makes song bird noises when you pet him. He makes the same noises if you feed him too. You guess, he makes that noise when happy even though it’s terrifying and unnatural sounding from his mouth. 
He has a small ball, old and it’s color long faded that he likes to push around with his oversized claws carefully not to pop it. He’s protective over it too. Sometimes he acts a little too suspiciously like a dog; he even begs for a bite of your food like one too. 
He lays like a deer and sleep curled up like one too. He'll sleep around the nest he built for you and he nuzzles his face right into a blanket. He also drools a lot on said blanket. He’s always quick to wake up though so it's a rare sight but if you sleep too long for his tastes he makes annoying noises at you he has mimicked alarms, loud animals, and even weird old sounding radio broadcasts.
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Rise of the Demon King ~ Chapter 7
Rise of the Demon King
Fic: Multi Chapter Paring: MC x Everyone (Mostly Lucifer) Type: Angst with a Happy Ending Total Word Count: 26,758 TW: Major Character Death, Reader gets stabbed with a sword through their chest so..., Abusive Parents, Past Child Abuse, Demon Hunters, Loss of Control Summary: You’ve done it. You’ve finally done it. You’ve managed to anger the demon king. Now you hold your head high as he hands down your sentence. AO3 Portal:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Previously:
As he walked through the halls towards his next class, he made a vow to himself to try and feel that unfamiliar emotion until he could name it, then keep feeling it, because, for Satan, it felt like Y/N was right next to them, with their signature smile on their face, proud of him for focusing on a feeling opposite of his wrath. Should he start to feel his wrath taking over, he would picture Y/N, holding his hand, encouraging him to feel that unfamiliar emotion. One he soon learned was called ‘Philia Love’.
CHAPTER 7 - Virtue of Loyalty (4265 words)
Our trip to the palace was a quiet one. Michael didn’t seem to want anything to do with me since he flew quite fast and left me behind multiple times as I'd never flown before and flying was extremely difficult. No one offered any assistance so I tucked my wings away, which I managed to figure out how to do after I accidentally did so mid flight, and ran under him. Looking straight ahead after confirming that I was keeping pace with Michael, I spotted the Celestial Palace. My jaw dropped in awe as I ran. The thing was massive! At least 2.5 times the size of Diavolo’s castle and even more decorative. The white walls were adorned with varying shades of golden accents making the palace seem larger than it really was. As I got closer, I learned that it was sitting in the middle of a massive garden that was overflowing with different kinds of celestial plants and trees. Although both the palace and garden seemed to be overflowing with decorations, everything still fit perfectly and was quite pleasing to the eyes.
Approaching the marble steps of the palace as Michael landed in front of me, greeting some gardeners as they stopped and bowed their heads to him. Signalling for them to resume their work, he continued up the steps motioning for me to follow. Taking a deep breath to calm my nerves, I followed him looking as unfazed as possible. Upon entering I found that the outside of the palace does no justice to the massive interior. Abandoning plan to remain as neutral and unfazed as possible, I gazed in absolute awe at the decor, my mouth opening slightly. There were no lighting fixtures as massive windows lined the wall letting in more than enough sunlight through. A massive chandelier was located in the center of the room with golden and silver chains decorating it. The marbled floor also had silver and gold accents as a beautiful floral pattern was outlined. Hearing a chuckle behind me, I turned to see Michael looking at me with a smug smile on his face.
“Well how can you not expect me to be amazed by all this?!” I countered while spinning and gesturing around the room.
“I didn’t say anything.”
“Your smug smile said it all Mike” I flashed him a wicked smirk of my own as I called him by the nickname. His face darkened significantly as his tone dropped to what would have been a dangerous level had I not have spent my life with demons. It just didn’t have the same undertones as Devilish.
“Watch yourself child”
Giving him an exaggerated mock bow I responded.
“My humble apologies Sir Michael. I will be sure not to repeat the same error in the future.”
“Very funny.” He scoffed and walked off. I got up and followed him through the palace until we stopped between two massive golden doors to what I assumed to be the throne room. Michael addressed himself and stated that he brought me with him. 2 angels donning Celestial armour opened the doors. Michael walked in with his head slightly bowed and his gaze lowered. I walked looking straight ahead as I subtly took the room in. It wasn’t as big as I expected it to be. A golden carpet leading from the door to the throne was the most extravagant thing in the room. In contrast to the rest of the palace, the throne room was quite modest. Even the throne wasn’t extravagant, built for comfort instead of elegance. God himself looked to be a 6’8 man in his late fifties with chestnut coloured hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He wore a simple white robe with gold accents. His eyes, a light blue colour, were emitting a slight white glow as we approached. Michael stopped a short distance from the throne and kneeled.
“Father, I have brought Y/N on your orders.”
“Thank you my son.” He turned to look at me.
“Y/N, you have caused quite the commotion in the 3 realms.”
I kept my tone playful as a polite smile made itself home on my face as I spoke with God.
“What can I say Father, trouble likes to follow me, wherever I may be.”
“That may be my child, although I am quite confused as to how you ended up here especially as a seraph. In case you didn’t know, that position must be earned here in heaven, so please explain to me, why I shouldn’t forsake you and have you fall to the Devildom?” He raised his right eyebrow and relaxed into his throne as he asked his question.
“Oh make no mistake, I didn’t want to come here in the first place, had I actually had a choice, I would have gone to the Devildom where I belong. Unfortunately, circumstances never seem to be on my side.”
“That still doesn’t explain how you came to be here, in that attire nonetheless.”
“Does it upset you that I come donning Lucifer's clothing and wings? I assure you, I didn’t have a say in my appearance. I am only staying here as long as necessary after all. I still wish to fall and return to my family.”
“Tell me child, how is it that a human finds comfort in the likes of demons rather than angels?”
“Whoever said I didn’t find comfort in angels? I find Simeon and Luke to be quite comforting whenever I get stressed with this whole 3 realms stuff. I just find the darkness of the Devildom more appealing as you and I both know what lurks underneath this “bright” soul of mine.”
“And yet you came here to me, why?”
“I presume you know the details regarding my untimely end?”
“Yes I am, although you weren’t due to perish yet, I do not dictate the souls within the Devildom realm. What of it?”
“I sacrificed myself for the brothers whom I have grown to call family so that they may continue to live despite being ruled by a tyrant whom you rivel for the title of “Devil””
“Watch what you say child! You are still addressing Father and not some random person off the street!” Ignoring Michael, I continued.
“I do not wish to return to the Devildom while it is ruled by King Abandon.”
“Child, I am aware of your relationship to the brothers as well as your loyalty to those you call family. I am also aware of the feelings you have for my eldest son. I ask you, has anyone told you about his duties while he was serving me?”
“Yes, Simeon and his brothers would speak about his time here as the leader of the council. Lucifer himself preferred not to talk about it but he answered my questions whenever I asked. I have also learned his work habits and often aided him whenever an overflow of work had come in due on a short notice.” God seemed to contemplate something. With a thoughtful look on his face, he addressed me.
“I have a proposition for you. You wish to fall and reunite with your family in the Devildom. I do not wish to have you up here, although you do not want to serve King Abandon.”
“That is correct.”
“I will grant your wish on one condition. I will allow you to return to the Devildom after Abandon’s reign is over, on the condition that you take Samael’s position on the council. You are to take over his responsibilities without attempting to sabotage the realm or abuse your power. Should you not be able to meet my expectations, or should you abuse your position, I will cast you out regardless of who is currently ruling the Devildom.”
Michael, who had stayed silent while his Father was speaking, was shocked by God's proposition.
“Father, are you sure this is the right way to go? Y/N doesn’t even belong here. Are you sure trusting them with Samael’s old position is a good idea?”
“Do you disagree with my judgment Michael? Do you believe me incapable of determining Y/N’s fate in my realm?”
Michaels face visibly paled as he realized the implications of his words. Bowing his head in mortification he answered his Father.
“‘O-of course not Father! I just don’t think that Y/N is qualified or ready to lead the council. They are unaware of how the Celestial realm operates and doesn’t have the experience that Samael possessed.”
Scratching his chin, God thought about Michael's words.
“You’re right Michael, you and the rest of the council as well as Simeon and Luke shall serve as their guide during their time here. You are to teach them how we operate and train them as to how to properly fulfill Samael’s role. You are to step down as the leader of the council once they have learned how to fill in the role themselves.”
Not being able to object to his Father's words, Michael agreed, although he tried to hide it, you could see how he clenched his teeth, obviously disapproving the entire idea and his new role as your babysitter.
“How about it Y/N, will you accept my proposal?”
“I have a few conditions of my own I’d like to add. I will accept on the condition that I return as soon as Diavolo is crowned king, no later and that other than the obvious changes that come with falling, no other changes will be made to me. I will follow your rules while I am up here and will serve you as long as it doesn’t result in any harm coming to the Devildom or Earth and their inhabitants. I will fulfill my role as Lucifer’s replacement during my time here, no more, no less.”
“Of course, that goes without saying. I will also add that you are to have no contact with any being outside my realm during your time here. We wouldn’t want anyone coming up here to retrieve you before our deal has ended now would we?”
“No, we wouldn’t. I accept your proposal to be Lucifer’s replacement until the time comes for Diavolo's crowning. Until then, I shall serve you and the council to the best of my abilities.” I stepped closer and kneeled before him as he sealed the deal.
“Alright then, as you are no doubt aware, each angel on my council represents a virtue. You shall as well. While Humility does not suit you quite right, I shall grant you a new virtue. One that could be considered a sin should it be applied incorrectly. I think you’d like that. Rise Y/N, Virtue of Loyalty.”
I rose to my feet as an invisible force caused my wings and halo to appear. They glowed a light blue as whatever magic God was using to tie me to the Celestial realm ran its course. Once the glowing dimmed down, I tucked my wings back in and bowed my head once more towards the being I now served for the time being and exited the throne room, making my way back to the House of Honors with Michael close behind. As we reached the front door, Michael turned me around. A hard and unforgiving expression on his face. A look of outright hatred in his eyes.
“Listen Y/N, just because Father has accepted you into the Celestial realm, doesn’t mean the rest of us have. You are still an outsider and I frankly do not trust anyone who has spent so much time around demons. I will follow Father’s orders in training you, but know this, Y/N, if I so much as suspect you of doing anything to upset the balance in the Celestial realm, if you hurt any of the angels here, I will take matters into my own hands. I will not allow a being as tainted as you to wreak havoc among the angels. Am I understood?”
Meeting his gaze, a smile made its way to my face as I responded.
“I will hold you to that.”
He took one last hard look at me and walked through the door. Left alone on the steps, I thought to myself, ‘Soon my demons, I’ll be back, soon’. I walked to the gardens and spent the next few hours tending to it until dinner.
In the Devildom. After they lost Y/N
As soon as they got home, Mammon went straight to Y/N’s room. How could he let this happen? He was their first damn it! He should have protected them, he should have stopped Lucifer, he should have done something! He entered Y/N’s room and immediately sat on their bed, made messily in their excitement to meet the king. He held their pillow, hugging to his chest as he started crying. Too lost in his own thoughts, he didn’t hear Asmo following him. Upon entering the room and seeing the state his older brother was in, Asmo put aside his own grievances and sat next to Mammon and embraced him, letting him cry on his shoulder. This reminded Asmo of a time in the Celestial realm. They were playing with Levi in the gardens when Levi tried to show off his tree climbing skills. As he was nearing the top, Mammon noticed the branch Levi was climbing looked ready to snap. He tried to warn Levi but was too late as the branch snapped and Levi fell. Mammon wasn’t fast enough to catch him. Levi ended up dislocating a wing and spraining his right shoulder. Asmo remembered walking by Mammon's room that night and heard quiet sobs, he knocked and opened the door revealing Mammon sitting on his bed, hugging his pillow crying. He sat next to his older brother and hugged him, assuring him that it wasn’t his fault and that Levi would be just fine. Coming out of the memory, Asmo did the same now, hugging Mammon and reassuring him that it wasn’t his fault. He couldn’t have stopped Y/N from giving that order and that everything will be ok.
“Will it be though? It just won’t be the same without them.”
“I know. It will be hard, Y/N was our family, but we’ll be there for each other.”
They slept together, holding each other in Y/N’s bed comforting each other until they fell asleep.
It was an ordinary day for Mammon. He had just gotten back from a modelling gig at Majolish and was thinking up ways to spend the money he just earned. He was thinking of treating himself to a night out as he’d also gotten a math test back that day and passed with a 90%! Just as he was thinking about where to go, he felt the pull of a summoning. Mammon opened his eyes to find himself in an old cold basement. He scanned the room noting that the only lighting provided was a small bulb with a pull down string in the middle of the room and 3 small candles near the summoning circle. He found that the room was practically empty save for a thin mattress in a corner and some stairs leading to a door. He then spotted the one who summoned him, a little girl. She looked to be no older than 5. She was wearing stained and ripped overalls, one of the straps was missing. A light pink t-shirt underneath. Her brown hair was relatively short, only reaching her shoulders and was a tangled mess. Upon looking closer, Mammon noticed that she was covered head to toe in bruises and there were deep scratch marks on her arms and legs. He looked at the hastily drawn circle under him and found out that she drew it with some chalked rocks. She held an old summoning book close to her chest. Her big brown eyes looked so scared, yet if he looked closer, he could see what looked to be hope sparkling in the background. He could tell by looking at her that she held vast magical potential. Whoever put her here obviously knew the same.
“A-are you Mammon?” By Diavolo, she sounded so broken, like if he spoke too loud, she would shatter. Kneeling down to her level, Mammon put a soft smile on his face.
“Yes I am. What’s your name?”
“Ok Cynthia, what can I help you with.” Mammon doesn’t know what it was about the little girl, but he found himself genuinely wanting to help her. Maybe it was the way they looked at him with hope. Maybe it was because they were just a kid, or maybe, it was because her eyes reminded him of Y/N’s.
“I want to leave. My parents locked me in here. They don’t care about me. They only use me for their spells. Please Mammon, help me. I’ll give you my soul if you want, just please!” Tears came to her eyes as she pleaded with him to help her. Mammon upon hearing what these sorcerers were doing with their daughter, became enraged. He held his hand out to Cynthia with a smile on his face. He took the book from her hands and put it on the ground next to him.
“No, no, no. I won’t take your soul. It’s alright Cynthia, I’ll help ya. Why did you think I’d need your soul to help you?” “That’s what my parents said. They’ve been using me to try and summon you. I heard them arguing about who’s soul they would give to form a pact. Then they decided that they would give you mine.” Mammon didn’t think he could get madder, but by now, he was seeing red. Not only did her parents lock her up, they used her to try and summon him thinking he’d just accept a child’s soul to form a pact with them! Mammon was beyond angry.
“Don’t worry Cynthia, the Great Mammon will take care of your parents! You’ll be out of here in no time.” Sensing his rage Cynthia grabbed onto his legs before he made it to the stairs.
“No, don’t hurt them!” Mammon looked down at the girl in shock.
“Please don’t hurt them. They may have done all these awful things to me but they’re still my mom and dad! I don’t want you to hurt them, just get me out of here!” Mammon looked at the girl like she’d gone crazy. Her parents, who have locked her up in a basement, used her for spells, hell even tried summoning him in exchange for her own soul, she wanted them alive?! He saw how genuine she was being and he couldn’t find the heart to say no to her. Instead, Mammon knelt down to her level and took her hand. Cynthia looked at him with tears threatening to overflow. Mammon brought his other hand to cup her face, wiping away a stray tear with his thumb.
“Ok Cynthia, I won’t hurt them. I am mad at your parents for doing this to you, but if you don’t want me to hurt them, I won’t.” Mammon then brought Cynthia’s right hand to his mouth and kissed the back of it gently. A yellow seal formed on the back of her right hand and a matching pink one on the palm of Mammon's right.
“Now we have a pact Cynthia. I didn’t take your soul, I took your sadness. Did you know that demons could also take emotions to form a pact?”
“N-no. Does this mean you’ll take me far away from here?”
“Yes, and it also means that you won’t ever feel sad again. I know a nice witch who can take care of you. She will teach you how to use and call me with the pact. This way, whenever you’re in trouble, you will be able to summon me without drawing the circle again and I can come protect ya.”
“O-ok.” Mammon then picked Cynthia up and walked up the stairs, kicking the basement door down he walked through the house towards the front door. Before he reached it though, he heard a scream behind him. He noticed that Cynthia tensed considerably in his arms as he set her down, hiding her behind his legs. He turned around coming face to face with a middle aged couple who he preserved to be Cynthia’s parents. Her mom then yelled at Cynthia.
“Cynthia Maxwell Daemon! You come here right this instant!”
“Shut your mouth lady. She doesn't belong to you anymore.”
“Nonsense! She’s my daughter. She is mine to do with what I want!” Mammon's patience was running out. A scowl appeared on his face as he growled out.
“Listen here lady, I’ve got some choice words for you two that I wouldn’t care to say in front of the girl, but the fact that you thought you could summon me and exchange her soul for a pact with you? You're crazy to think I’d ever accept that kind of pact. Now Cynthia and I are leaving and you ain’t ever using her again!”
Cynthia’s parents then realized who they were talking to and their attitudes immediately changed.
“Please forgive us, Lord Mammon. We hadn’t planned for the girl to summon you. We apologize for the inconvenience the child caused you. If you would stay, we could reimburse you for your troubles.” Cynthia’s father bowed his head as he addressed Mammon. Mammon on the other hand outright laughed at that statement. Turning into his demon form he barked out
“You think her summoning me was an inconvenience?! You two are crazier than I thought! Now listen here and listen closely, neither of you are to come near or look for her. None of you are going to use her again. We are leaving and don’t ever bother trying to summon me again. Ya know, you should thank Cynthia. If she didn’t plead with me not to hurt either of you, you’d both be dead. Make no mistake, if either of you try to summon me or if I find you anywhere near her again, I will rip your hearts out and feed you to Cerberus. Kapeesh?” The dark undertones of Mammon’s voice got through to Cynthia’s parents as their faces paled in fear and they quickly agreed. They begged for his forgiveness and promised not to harm Cynthia again if he could just stay awhile. Not bothering with them anymore, Mammon picked Cynthia up and walked out, flying towards the one witch he’d ever trusted. When he landed, he realized that Cynthia was crying.
“Sorry Cyn, I didn’t scare ya, did I?”
“A-a little, but these aren’t scared tears. I’m happy. Thank you for getting me away from them and for letting them live.”
“Of course. The Great Mammon keeps his promises.” Mammon walked up to the door of the small cottage. He knocked and a young witch with long blond hair, green eyes, and freckles answered the door.
“Mammon what a surprise! What brings you here?” She opened the door gesturing for him to come in.
“Sorry, not today Kelly. I’m actually here for her.” Mammon stepped aside, revealing a scared Cynthia behind him.
“Oh my Diavolo! What happened to you, you poor girl?!” Kelly rushed forward cupping Cynthia’s chin as she inspected her body, taking in all the bruises and cuts.
“Kelly, this is Cynthia. She summoned me to save her from her parents. I was wondering if ya could take care of her. I know ya've always wanted a kid, so…”
“Of course! I could never turn someone in need away, especially a girl as cute as her.” She said while pinching Cynthia’s cheeks. Cynthia giggled in response.
“Ok then, Cynthia, Kelly here’s gonna take care of you. I promise that she won’t act like your mom and she will help you learn how to use both your magic and your pact.” Reaching into his pocket, Mammon pulled out the Grimm he’d earned that day. He then put them into Cynthia’s palm.
“Here ya go kid. Now if you ever visit me, you’ll have some money to spend.” Mammon turned to leave when he felt a tug on his sleeve. He looked down to see Cynthia pulling him down to the ground. He crouched down. Cynthia then kissed his cheek, giving him one of the Grimm he’d given her.
“Thank you Mammon.” She then ran behind Kelly’s legs and waved goodbye with a massive smile on her face.
It’s been a couple years since Mammon saved Cynthia. She’d grown to be a strong and skilful sorcerer. He’d visit her often over the years with something in tow for her. Mammon never spent the Grimm that Cynthia gave back to him on that day. Whenever Mammon had a tough time with the numerous witches he’d find himself in debt with, he’d always find his way to her, and she comforted him, never asking for more than his company, something he was more than happy to give. His brothers would always know whenever he went to see her as he’d always come back with a content smile on his face. Deep down, he wished that Y/N could’ve met Cynthia. They would have made great friends as they were the only 2 people who could make him smile like this. Mammon may not have been able to save Y/N, but he swore that he would protect Cynthia, no matter the cost.
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Revoking Their Kisses and Cuddles Privileges
Part 1 | Part 2
Tumblr media
acts like it isn’t a big deal and will get on with things like normal
but it actually is a big deal
in fact it’s the biggest deal he’s ever had to deal with
bc he never actually realised how much he relies on your hugs and kisses until you stop doing it 
would probably go a week at most before he caves in bc how can you expect him to get through all that damn paperwork without you dropping in and giving him a smooch on the cheek 
he’ll sit you down and talk through whatever he did to upset you, heck, maybe he’ll even apologise like man would get down on his knees just for you to touch him again
Tumblr media
he’s not wrong
it is his legal right for you to give him kisses and cuddles whenever he demands and if you don’t agree then you’re the most evil person I’ve ever come across
baby would be so sulky, like he’d sit cross-legged on the bed with his back to you and his arms crossed. he wouldn’t cry, but he would brood so heavily that it becomes more of a punishment for you than for him
man has puppy eyes and he knows how to use them
he’d promise to never sell your things again or never spend all his grimm or whatever he did to upset you, he promises not to do it again and will nag you to the end of the devildom for you to forgive him
and he also makes you promise to never do that again bc that shit really hurts
Tumblr media
immediately locks himself up in his room and will not answer for anyone even if you get the password right
“of course you wouldn’t want to kiss a yucky otaku like me...” he mumbles and walks away from you
and this was all probably bc he watched the next episode of a show you watch together without you
I don’t wanna say he manipulates you, but he makes you feel really bad even if it was meant as a light-hearted joke
so you gotta ambush him when he finally leaves his room for food lmao give him all the smooches he deserves and let him know ur sorry for playing around like that
he’ll also apologise too, just make sure you’re not late next time or he’ll watch it without you again
Tumblr media
no. 2 at acting like it’s not a big deal
but with satan he just knows you’re gonna come around eventually
don’t get him wrong he seriously does miss all the body contact - specifically hand holding - but this man ain’t weak and will tell you that you need to get over it to convince you to touch him again
obviously if he seriously upset you he will try and talk it out, but if not he’ll go to the garden and look for some cats to snuggle with instead
and then the day comes when you find him in the library reading and you sit on his lap, cuddling him. he is surprised bc damn that was quicker than he thought, but he hugs you back and gives you all the kissies in the world
he will never EVER let go of you after this, don’t even try and deprive him again
Tumblr media
pls this bby thinks you’re joking at first, or like this is a fun game you want to try so he’s down for it
but when he realises that you’re actually serious he is like “really? why tf would you be so mean to me?” 
and he just... doesn’t care lmao. as if ur actually gonna get away with this haha stop it or you’ll give him wrinkles
he tries to be his cheery self until your done with your mood, but at night when he puts his arm around you in bed and you don’t snuggle into him... he will literally tear up
he doesn’t do it in a forceful way but he will still find ways to touch you throughout the day, like grabbing your hand when you’re not looking or running his fingers through your hair when you’re distracted and his heart melts at the moments when you don’t even realise so you can’t scold him
when you finally give him attention again he will be so happy, will literally squeeze you so hard you cant breathe
Tumblr media
first of all how dare you
secondly, it really must have been some mad shit for you to actually say no to him - like he ate your pudding or smth
we know how bad he gets when someone eats his food but none of that compares to you taking hugs and kisses away from him for doing the exact same thing
it’s just so cruel but at the same time he will just let you get on with it, of course he misses being all touchy with you but he loves and respects you so if you don’t wanna touch him that’s fine he says with a sad face
would definitely make it up to you tho - like he buys you any food you want, plans a fun date with you, helps you clean and rearrange your room whatever it is he is down
he doesn’t even realise that he’s being extra sweet to get those brownie points but hey at least his touch deprivation doesn’t last for more than a few hours
Tumblr media
the last one who will act like it’s no biggie
y’all never acknowledge the softie that he really is but I do and I’m telling you he will cry in secret when you don’t cuddle him
it’s truly devastating - his entire day is ruined because you didn’t give him his morning kiss and so he is noticeably more cranky during the day
whether he apologises to get his privileges back or not depends - like if he understands he did wrong then he will muster the courage to apologise with a weak smile while grabbing your pinky and carrying his cow cushion in his arm, ready to just collapse and snuggle with you as soon as you forgive him
but if it was over something minor or petty then hell no there is no way he will apologise bc he knows you will come crawling back at some point. he’ll just sulk alone quietly until then
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weebswrites · 3 months ago
Hey! I recently came across your blog and I love your Obey me! HC so much☺️☺️ if its okay could I request the Obey me! Brothers + dateables reacting to MC hugging them, nuzzling closer and then saying “you smell like home”🥺🥺 thank you!!💕
The Demon Bros & Undatables: Reacting to MC calling them home :’)
• You’ve had a long day, and Lucifer is the only one who you know can cheer you up
• So you go to his office, walking in without knocking first, something you only did when you really needed him (which he knew)
• When he hears his door open he looks up with irritation, but then seeing it’s you he gets up and walks over to you with his arms open
• “MC, what’s wrong” his voice is soft and reaffirming, and you let yourself be wrapped in his arms
• You don’t answer at first, just listening to his heartbeat in his chest and enjoying the smell of his cologne
• “You smell like home” you whisper against his chest, and at that moment he swears he’s never felt love stronger than what he feels for you
• He does Not tear up. No sir not him!
• He tightens his arms around you a bit and kisses the top of your head, truly speechless at what to say
• “Then stay with me forever” he whispers, and you nod into his chest
• He’s walking you back to your room in the HoL after the two of you got dinner together, and you’re chatting about the meal and how the waitress you had was really pretty
•  You arrive at your door, and you turn towards Mammon and hug him tightly, your head resting against his shoulder
• “Mmm, you smell like home” you comment to yourself, realizing after a second that he definitely heard you
• Big blush boy wraps his arms around you tighter than he ever had before
• “Sheesh MC, you’re gonna make me blush” he jokes, but his heart felt like it could explode he was so happy
• You hug for longer than the two of you usually did and you both fell asleep thinking about each other :)
• You were laying in his bed, his arm around your shoulders as you leaned into him, watching the newest episode of an anime
• You zoned out during the commercial break, resting your head against his chest
• “You smell like home, Levi”
• If you think Mammon blushed, you have no idea how hard Levi blushed
• He didn’t know what to say, and you thought you could feel the heat from the blush on his face
• You looked up at him and sure enough, his face was redder than you’d ever seen it
• You kissed his cheek, figuring you might as well really make him blush ✨
• He honestly blacked out a little lol
• You were reading in the library with him, you head on his lap as the two of you read your respective books
• It was getting late, so you closed your book and turned towards him, snuggling in his lap and closing your eyes
• His hand fell against your head, and he played with your hair as he continued to read
• “Home..” you whispered, a small smile crossing your face
• “Hm?” he hinted for you to repeat yourself
• “You smell like home” you repeated, opening your eyes and looking up at him
• He tried not to blush, but you knew him well enough you could see though his facade
• He held your gaze for a moment before moving his hand down to cup your face, eyes saying more than his words ever could
• You’re spending the night in his room after a self care night, currently choosing which movie to fall asleep to (or talk through the night to)
• You decide on a meodicre movie from the human world, so it wouldn’t keep your attention too seriously
• He opens his arms for you, and you snuggle against him
• “Asmodeus...” you start
• “Yes?” he looked to you smiled
• “You smell like home” you pressed a light kiss to his chest and laid your head back down
• He was silent for a moment, then speaking “I’m glad you feel safe here, in my arms, MC”
• You end up talking about your lives throughout the night (yk one of the chats you have with someone until like four am about anything and everything)
• You’re leaning against his arm in the kitchen as he snakcs, rambling to him about how frustrating classes had been
• “Mmm, but you smell like home, so I feel way better now that I’m with you” you end your rant and wrap an arm around his, holding onto him tightly
• He’s so touched :’)
• He isn’t great with words, though, so he leans over and kisses the top of your head and offers to make you your favorite food from the human world (or have it delivered)
• You smile into him, “That’d be great, Beel. Thank you”
• You whisper it as you’re falling asleep with him after a long day of classes and errands for Lucifer
• “You smell like home...”
• Not much wakes him up when he’s about to fall asleep, but a confession like this does the trick
• He wraps his arms around you and pulls you against him, pressing a gentle kiss to your shoulder (or the back of your neck if you’re comfortable with that)
• “Thank you, MC” he whispers to you as you drift into a nap
• He’s working late into the night again, but he finished all his paperwork early so he can sit in bed with you as you sleep
• You scoot over and rest your head against the side of his thigh, not wanting to disturb his laptop but wanting to smell the comforting smell of your favorite demon
• “ smell like home” you whisper against him, and he almost thought he didn’t hear you right
• A human ?? Making his heart feel like this ??
• He hides his face in his hand for a moment before coming back to his senses
• “I’ll always be your home, MC. I promise” he said gently, moving a hand from his work to stroke your hair
• He’d had a longer day than usual with Diavolo, and you were practically asleep when he got into bed well past midnight
• “Mmm, welcome” you tease lightly, voice groggy
• “Go to sleep” he whispered, not wanting you to lose any more sleep than you already had
• You snuggled against his chest, appreciating his warmth, “You smell like home” you half consciously whispered
• He holds you closer than he thought was demonly possible, whispering little words of affirmation to you as you fell asleep in his arms
• You were walking around the park, holding hands and talking about your day
• The two of you passed a nice fountain, and decided to take a picture to remember your day together
• You moved closer to him, and suddenly your nose was filled with his scent
• “Simeon, you smell so good. Like, home” you commented, not expecting a blush to cross his face almost instantly
• “MC...” he was speechless, but just pulled you into a hug (and took a selfie of the two of you hugging, because he never wanted to forget this moment)
• “Thank you” he smiled the most genuine smile you’d ever seen, and you knew you wanted Simeon in your life forever
• You’ve enlisted his help for cooking duty, and the two of you are working on your favorite dish from the human world
• He leans across you to grab a measuring cup, and you can’t help but notice how comforting and familiar he smells
• “Solomon, you smell like home” you turn and wrap your arms around him, inhaling deeply against him
• He !!
• “Awh, MC” he laughed lightly, “You should have told me sooner”, then setting down the measuring cup and wrapping his arms back around you
A/N: I didn’t feel comfortable doing Luke w/this one just bc ,, he is a child and I would feel weird telling a child they smell like home yk ?? Anyways I ~loved~ this prompt hehe I hope you guys enjoy
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hinajiki · 2 months ago
I’m just curious, how do you think the brothers and dateables would moan? Breathy, raspy, heck even a “grandpa” who chronically smokes type of moan?
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐎𝐀𝐍 ft. om! brothers + dateables
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphagor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon & solomon
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, descriptions of moaning & mentions of punishments and pet play
💭: wooo!! this was easy to write about! I also had so much fun figuring out how they moan- thanks for requesting <3
Tumblr media
this man is so quiet!!
the only sounds that you will hear are the sounds of him grunting when he climaxes
however, if you run your fingers down his horns to the base of them he will moan!
just be prepared for a punishment of course..
oh wow.. this demon WHINES
he's like a puppy begging for attention
at first, he'll try to keep quiet
but don't let him fool you
as soon as you buck your hips into his, he'll be an absolute mess for you
a whimpering mess!!
he pants like he just ran a full marathon, but sex is probably the only exercise he gets so it's probably accurate to say the least...
let's out little, sharp moans
literally sounds like an anime character
I mean, what do expect, he isn't a normie
if you have a pet play kink well...
this demon is the one for you
because he fucking PURRS!!
I kid you not, he'll purr into your neck while fucking you from behind like a cat on heat
if you do something that makes him lose his mind or you tease him, he will growl
obnoxious! loud! moans!
you think you're loud?
he is the KING of being loud
he loves sex and he loves himself
he wants that attention and he's going to moan for you because he wants you to know how good you're making him feel
this one was hard to decide
I think he's a heavy breather
definitely not too loud
but not quiet either
stutters when he climaxes
moans just to tease you
he loves to do it right up against your ear
loves the way you squirm at the feeling
other than that, he's like lucifer
pretty quiet overall
another loud one
he doesn't moan though
he groans and growls like a beast
he doesn't care if all of devildom hears him
he enjoys himself to the fullest
and he wants you to hear it all
stuttered moans
bites his lip a lot but some moans are able to slip through as much as he tries to hold it back
he tries to keep his personal life a secret
but sometimes he can't help but be loud when he's fucking you on the royal kitchen bench with flour going everywhere
you just feel too good...
oh my god no pun intended
this angel has some of the prettiest moans!!
they're so breathy and feminine
they're like music to your ears
he cries out when he climaxes
probably blushes after it too
probably the smoker here
most likely does some heavy shit
sexy grandpa! sexy grandpa!
raspy groans that tickle at your eardrums
however, he likes to dirty taIk instead of moan
he's too busy making you blush to make any sounds of pleasure
Tumblr media
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hiraethhh-h · a day ago
OM! Brothers + Side Characters Masterlist
|| ☁️ - fluff || 🔥 - angst || ‼️ - trigger warning || 💖 - request || ✨ - headcanons || ⚡️ - scenario ||
if i miss anything pls let me know! <3
all of my om! masterlists are tagged under bee's obey me masterlists
✿All Characters✿
MC is the Strongest Member of the Creepypasta | 💖‼️⚡️
An MC Who Likes to Try On Mammon’s Jewelry | ✨💖
A Best Friend Who's Very Similar to Him | ✨💖
Satan Comforting an MC Who’s Insecure About Their Weight | ✨💖☁️⚡️
please don’t say you love me (vent) | ☁️‼️ ⚡️
Cuddling with Asmo | ✨💖☁️
Asmo with an S/O who's the Opposite of him | ✨💖
Belphegor with an S/O who Likes Taking Care of him | ✨💖☁️
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ashestospace-fics · 6 months ago
The Brothers reacting to their s/o with a bitting kink
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Levi,Satan, Asmo, Beel, Belphie
Part 2
Reader: Gn
This is one of the things he didn't see coming as he started dating you. Especially when you two got intimate, he notices how heavily your body will start to pant and pull him closer to your neck when he started to trail kisses down your warm skin.
Each twitch and whine had him quirking his brow until he gave the bit of skin connecting your shoulder and neck a small bite. The heavenly moan that left your lips and the grip on his hair made him quickly put two and two together really fast.
It's an ego bust for him only because of how high your voice gets, as well as the occasional marks he leaves behind every time he gets out of hand with your begging for him to keep biting you.
A big mixture of getting flustered and excited when he finds out that you have a biting kink. He'll be having one of those jealous fits in where he's kissing you all over your face and neck because you weren't paying attention to him. you get a little desperate/frustrated for him to do a little more than just give you sloppy kisses.
"Can you just bite me or something already" you blurt out. He stops in his tracks as his head shot up to look at you flustered. "W-what? Are you serious? Don't play with me like that you h-" you'll cut him off tugging his collar, not really wanting to hear a lecture. "No, really, bite me"
His very shaky before he caves in, finding out later that marking your neck is something he can rub on his brother's later.
He practically glitches out of existence when you brought it up randomly. You were checking out his teeth as he played, already a little annoyed that you were sticking your fingers in his mouth.
But come on, look at those chompers. "Hey Levi, can you like, bite me?" He stops his game as his head slowly turns to you as if to check if he heard you right. "W-what?!" Screams a little too loud out of surprise. "Come on just a little nibble?" You insisted, his face growing red super quickly.
It takes a lot of him to regain his breath and senses before he even answers. Gets super embarrassed and flustered when you get easily turn on by a simple bite. Especially if you mumble how good it feels.
Weirdly enough he found out while you two were arguing. Somehow every heated discussion or disagreement you two have ended up with an angry make-out section that goes south.
So the kicker he got out of you when he bites down on your neck hard after a snarky remark. Your back arching back as a moan passes your lip. Hand flew so fast to cover your mouth as you both look at each other.
Satan stop, his face going red in disbelief but growing hot and bother at how much he loved that reaction. Let's say that from now on, each time you two end up arguing. You always end with a few marks and a mess after he found a way to win the argument. Might be taken advantage of how easily you fall apart with a few simple bites.
You almost wish he never found out seriously. He found out that's what gets you started and bothered, and he'll tease you every second before he even gets to bury his teeth into your skin.
He was trying to be sweet and innocent really before he found out, covering your face in kisses as he holds into your hands. Cute praises and compliments falling out of his lips as he cuddles you from behind. He swore he just took a little chomp off your shoulder to be playful but your reaction to it was completely the opposite.
"oh?~ did that felt good y/n? You want me to do it again?" Finds a way now to bite you every time he gets a chance. You find it weird how gentle his bites are too, it's a weird mixture cause you almost feel no pain at all but it might be his powers.
Poor baby, he thought he hurt you when he bites you by accident. Started freaking out more when you wouldn't move from the spot in the bed as you cover from him. He legit had to pull you up to look at your flustered face as you tried regaining your breath.
You two were watching a movie in your room, and he kept trying to steal your popcorn from your bowl. And this was the few times you were saying no to sharing. He tried reaching for it which ended with you two pushing each other trying to get him away from the bowl as he tried bitting and getting the food from your hand. Which he ended up missing and biting your neck instead.
You let out a surprised moan, and as soon as it left your mouth both of you stop. He didn't get to see your face as your body drops to the mattress. "Y/n, y/n are you okay? I'm sorry, I didn't mean it! Y..y/n?" God when he saw your face and how heavy you were breathing, that just made him 10 times more hungry now. you never saw anyone get hard so fast.
A cocky little shit when he finds out, also a huge tease about it. He just caught you staring into his mouth every time he talks and had his suspicions but didn't say anything about it for a while. Well, that is until he got bored and you two were hanging out.
About to take your usual nap together, he pulled you in closer to cuddle up to you. Arms wrapped around your waist as he presses his nose on the crook of your neck. He picked up how your breathing slowed down, hands rubbing together as he nuzzles in closer to the warmth of your neck. He didn't even start with a simple little kiss, he just straight up bite you. He was just testing you, he didn't think you'll actually arch into him and let out a loud whimper off his name.
But God did he love the reaction. "Oh? Did you like that? How long were you gonna just stare at my mouth until I bite your skin" sloppy licks and suck between each bite. Depending on his mood, the difference in how hard his bites are.
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obeymeluv · 6 months ago
“I Got All A’s! Can I Have Some Dick?” (Bros + Undateables)
Just something stupid and funny I thought about. You had a very tough semester in the Devildom and you got good grades! You want to celebrate and go to your favorite demon to ask for a special reward.
Obvious NSFW warning. No minors allowed!
No Luke. Luke is baby.
I have a personal headcanon that Simeon likes to be totally cozy when he writes. We’re talking big fluffy sweaters or a blanket cozy. I like to think he wears glasses when he writes, too.
He’s part of a special committee who’s notified about your grades/progress so he actually knows before you do
Proud boyfriend is proud
Purrs when he opens up the wax-pressed envelope and reviews your marks
Secretly plans a cute, fancy dinner date at Ristorante Six
Is thinking of being suave and breaking the news to you when you bounce into his study (he may or may not have poured a couple of glasses of your favorite age-appropriate beverage)
He’s got something witty prepped and is ready to toast you and maybe steal a few kisses but you come out of left field like a bullet with a simple “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Lucifer.exe is broken
That’s what you want as a reward? No dinner, no date?
Literally doesn’t know what to say for a few seconds. Totally freezes. Starts to stutter.
His brain kicks back in when you start playing with the folds of his collar and petting his chest and staring at him with those wanting eyes
Sets his glass down, fixes the cuff of his gloves, and hoists you up to plant you on the nearest surface. “I will make it worth every point, and you will say all the letters.” he purrs.
He’s just happy he passed.
Mammon actually does pretty well, he’s just a very...chaotically successful type. A lot of last minute turn-ins and such. Not top marks, but no dunce either.
Now that the semester’s over he’s checking his schedule to see when the next shoot is or if he has time to squeeze in a party. Maybe a trip somewhere. Something fun!
He’s feeling lucky! Lucky enough to win some money and make Goldie happy!
If he’s going anywhere, he needs a good luck charm though! He goes to hunt you down and his stomach just warms because you’re smiling and clearly in a good mood
It makes him purr in that cute, curious little way. Basically using the demon’s language to ask you why you’re in such a good mood (but you don’t know that. It’s basically a cute chirp).
You both shout your good news at the same time.
His invite to go tear it up was a bit long so it takes a minute for his brain to process what you said. You want...his dick?
Boy wants to blush SO BAD. HE’S SO RED!
Well now his thing seems stupid, doesn’t it? He wants to do your thing! Your thing sounds GREAT!
“OF COURSE you want to be with the GREAT Mammon!” he’s got his hands on his hips and his chest is puffed out big in that happy, silly way he has about him.
No, really, you do your thing. It’s a great thing.
It’s a good way to unwind from exams, right? He likes it!
If Levi didn’t get good grades, Lucifer would kill him.
Probably force him to go to school physically ALL THE TIME!
He’s a solid B student (at least). No desire to be all A’s. Too much time away from other passions.
Because he’s well-behaved and leas likely to get on Lucifer’s nerves, he gets a little bit of bonus money for good grades.
Levi’s neck-deep in his charts and comparisons and muttering to himself about where to invest that money when you pop into his room
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?!”
You get The Noise
How indecent! How naughty of you to ask! But yes, yes you can. Absolutely. 100%!
He’s really shy about it because it’s sudden and you asked him instead of him having a cool moment or anything, but it ends up being a giggle-filled romp that ends with a cuddle in his bathtub bed and you wrapped up in his tail
He totally suggests a round two with a sexy VR game or just making bets with ‘winner take all’
He’s a grade juggernaut with lots of self-discipline so Satan expects to get out what he gets in
The type to be smug because he knows he did well. He owes it to himself and he’s glad.
Likes to treat himself to an outing, be it a simple walk or a visit to a cafe or even a new book
Satan’s 100% ready to settle down with some books by the fireplace. At the end of the semester he typically makes a one or two-portion charcuterie board and picks at it while he reads
Thumb keeping his place, Satan’s in the middle of stacking a fancy little cracker with meat and cheese when you let yourself in
His eyes flick to you and he smiles, eating his little cracker
You pick at his tray with him (he’ll let you, of course). “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Chokes on cracker. It’s not a good time
Almost drowns himself/further chokes trying to wash it down with drink
Can’t help but laugh at your...bold request
When he sees he’s kind of sputtered all over himself, he slips out of his clothes and makes a few witty jokes as your ‘naked butler’
Naked butler happily provides his services
Later he makes you picked crushed cracker off the floor with him
The second Asmo knew he passed everything (like he always does. Just because he’s pretty doesn’t mean he’s stupid!), he booked himself a full day pampering experience
His inner circle of beauty specialist know his routine so they save his spots for him
Asmo sweet-talked them into including his favorite human and he’s DYING to tell you and DYING to make his brothers jealous
You skip into his room, so bright and lovely, and hold his hands in the cute excited way he likes. Makes his heart skip a beat every time like it’s young love.
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Doesn’t expect it and has probably never been asked ‘Can I have some dick?’ in the thousands of years he’s been alive
Boy gives an airy laugh because he’s surprised and flattered. Of COURSE you want him (because who wouldn’t?) but he always gets a bit shy when it’s YOU asking
“Sounds amazing,” he’s already peppering you with kisses, “and I’m happy to provide but can we do it after our special spa day?”
You guys have a sweet, lazy round the day of the booking to ‘loosen up’ and ‘fully appreciate the services’ and he DEFINITELY worships you when all is said and done because ‘the epitome of beauty deserve the epitome of devotion’
Boy works hard and celebrates even harder. Usually with food
Because he’s always hungry and looking forward to eating, Beel likes to do his work ahead of time. The sooner he does it, the more time he has to eat!
He has to keep up good grades to stay on the sports teams, anyways
Solid B student, sometimes A’s. C’s and below aren’t a thing. He refuses.
Because he is also best boy and generally acts as Lucifer’s pseudo-enforcer, he also gets some bonus money.
The coach of his local sports team also pitches in because Beel is best boy and a TANK. He could literally carry the whole team
Beel’s all set to hit the town with his food money when find him and wrap your arms around him
He’s all excited and ready to tell you about the food money when you make his face catch fire. “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Brain also stops. BEEL IS SO EMBARRASSED!
You’d rather have him than food? That’s pretty impressive! He’s honored!
But...what if you could have both? He’s totally down for both!
You celebrate your success by staying in (bed) and spoiling yourselves with food in-between rounds
Belphie is a ‘C’s get degrees’ kind of guy but C’s are his minimum. Tries for B’s and usually gets mid-to-low B’s.
With exams over he’s 100% down to sleep the day away and there’s NO REASON for ANYONE TO BUG HIM ABOUT IT!
Totally prepared to live in his finest pyjamas until school starts again. Might even treat himself to a new pillow or blanket!
If he hadn’t learned your scent by now, you wouldn’t have a face when you breach his blanket cocoon
Belphie just snorts and smiles at your little face and messy hair (the blankets give it static and mess it up)
You kiss his nose and wait to make sure he’s really awake before sharing the good news. “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Laughs himself to the point of almost choking on one of his blankets
Throws himself out of the cocoon to breathe and wipe his tears away
But yes, yes you can. After he calms down, he pulls you onto his lap to straddle him. 
It’s fun and lazy but a genuine celebration of the end of the semester
He’s the other part of the committee that saw your grades, so he knows
It’s a bit off his plate so he won’t have as many duties to attend to
Diavolo wasn’t sure when you’d come over, but Barbatos assured him you’d be over that day. He did his best to speed through his meetings and arrange his schedule to have a rest period
He asked Barbatos to prepare a small, modest lunch of finger foods and some complimentary tea
You may have thought Diavolo was making himself a plate when you walked in, but it was actually a plate for you
The prince of the Devildom almost dropped that plate when you said, “I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Prince of Hell is super blushy and flustered and awkward and almost knocks his teacup off the table. Is suddenly scrambling to make sure he doesn’t know anything else off the table
Tries to compose himself but can’t help the boyish smile and laugh that escapes him
You’re just such a lovely, fascinating person! He’s so happy to have you. His life seems eternal but you make it so fresh and new! His heart just bursts with love and delight.
Is no longer worried about the food or pushing in your chair for you. Offers his lap instead. “I have an opening for that,” he assures, pulling you onto his lap.
Diavolo likes to think he’s thoughtful about taking you on the floor because Barbatos doesn’t have much to clean up.
If your stomach grumbles after you’re settled and sleepy, he pulls himself off your body long enough to grab a plate from the table and put it beside your head. 
Demons have more stamina and it would be un-princely of him not to spoil you, so he feeds you until you’re too sleepy to eat.
It’s exhausting to be able to see multiple timelines and see into the future.
He never knows how far into the future he’s seeing, or if it’s in the timeline he’s currently in
All he knows is he heard you ask him for dick and almost dumped the wrong thing in the soup, okay? 
Had to excuse himself and ask someone on the cooking team to take over for him while he “dealt with another matter” (laughed it out where no one could hear him)
I’m not sure if Barbatos is considered a student at RAD, but Diavolo must be too. We’ll say he is. Boy is a master of self-discipline and scheduling so he’s fine. Flawless, as a butler should be. It carries over into all things.
It’s a delicate balance sometimes, but he’s type A and used to being busy so it works itself out. He does well.
Barbatos simply looks forward to having less to do. Focusing on Diavolo can be a job all its own.
He was planning on making a few sweets for Luke and the others. Diavolo suggested a “pot luck” to celebrate. It’s something the humans came up with and he seems to like it. It turns into sweets for the pot luck
Probably makes you a special mini-dessert or a special portion of the dessert
If he’s in control of plate presentation, you might get a special sauce heart of chocolate heart
When Diavolo is generous enough to include him in the celebration (because he deserves it and you’re there, so it’d be cruel not to), Barbatos makes small talk and woos you subtly
You ask him to “show you where to take the dishes” to get him alone. He can feel it in his little demon bones. You’re about to do it.
You do it.
You’re basically vibrating with excitement because you probably planned this and think you’re very clever. Human enthusiasm is so darling and it makes his heart pitter-patter to think you were simply bursting to ask HIM this.
“But of course,” he helps you stack the plates and guides your hand to the silverware sorter because you’re looking at him instead of what you’re doing. You almost put a fork in the spoon section. “Covered in chocolate? Plain?”
He’s trying to one-up you. He loves seeing his human change colors and not know what to do.
You whisper “I prefer wet,” back in his ear and Barbatos wonders how he didn’t see THAT in any of his visions
You: 1, Barbatos: 0. Helpless. Defenseless. Horny.
“That will be ready shortly,” he’s already pulling you away, down the hall, to meet your request.
It wouldn’t serve him to do poorly in the Devildom. Basically wasted opportunity
He’s not a straight A student but he does well. Really pulls out the stops on major projects and things that are worth more points than others
Isn’t perfect at everything but makes up for it. Solid B’s, always really close to A’s. At least a couple low A’s.
Solomon doesn’t quite know how he wants to celebrate. He knows Asmo’s already pestering him to go shopping or clubbing
He’s considering it. He’d like to drink, honestly
You show up, light of his life, his favorite person, and he feels himself warm with joy
He revels in being the only other human in the Devildom. It makes your relationship that much more special, he thinks. It’s kind of stupid, but it’s something to coyly hold over the others whenever he sees fit. All in play, of course (not).
“I got all A’s! Can I have some dick?”
Pretends to think and looks anywhere but your face. If he looks at your face he’ll blush himself stupid and won’t be able to say anything smart.
He can’t lie. He’s already hard. He appreciates humor and wit and you’re all of it.
Very bold of you to come onto him like that, and he’s 100% for it.
“Can you take it?” Solomon wishes he said something smoother, that he wasn’t already slipping between your legs and grinding against you like the weak man he was. He doesn’t regret it though because the friction is good. Something you both need.
He whispers against your skin and gives you light, sloppy kisses with a hint of teeth.
He gives, and he’s generous. He wants to reward your efforts.
Simeon makes it a point of personal pride to do well in the Devildom
That’s the utmost symbol of peace and understanding, isn’t it? To embrace their culture and livelihood and do well? To do well means he’s understanding them and walking in their shoes. It’s only right
He works hard and does well. Doesn’t stress himself out with A’s since he’s keeping up his grades because it’s required. He’d rather reconnect with the brothers and try to help Luke enjoy the Devildom.
He’s happy to spend his free time taking Luke to places in the Devildom, trying to visit the House of Lamentation, and maybe working on some things for TSL since editors are clamoring for more
You stop by because he’s been fairly quiet, wrapped up in his favorite writing sweater with his little editing glasses on
Simeon smiles and greets you with his little ‘Hi, angel’ as he kisses your hand. 
Boy almost breaks his favorite pen when you ask him for...for dick?
He’s not absolutely clueless but this boy has been in ‘holy angel’ mode for centuries. He struggles with texting and stickers and you expect him to know slang?!
So confused he takes his glasses off. Boy can’t comprehend
“You’re asking me to procure one? Like...the ones humans use from those stores? You want mine? Well, I certainly hope so because we’re--oh...”
He could write books of poetry about you, and though he doesn’t like to admit it, he’s had those thoughts
“Well,” he’s standing up from his chair and guides you so gently to his bed it’s like you’re floating on a cloud. He lays you down just as gently, fabrics whispering as he slips out of his sweater and it pools at his feet. “I wouldn’t be a very good angel if I ignored the wishes of my dear human, would I?”
Doesn’t really see the point of sex as a reward, but will never turn down a moment to show how cherished you are. 
Hope you liked it :)
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thot-writes · a month ago
Tumblr media
how the demon brothers suck the strap (18+ NSFW);
Tumblr media
Self-assuredly. He’s no beginner and he’s not modest either.
He’s almost cocky (haha) as he looks you straight in the eyes with your strap in his mouth. He’s so skilled at it you almost feel it like it’s your real flesh-and-blood dick.
His head bobs up and down expertly, able to take in a decent size - if you wanna fluster him, face-fuck him without warning.
He’ll sputter and cough but stick with it anyway; it’s a battle for power and he hates losing. His mask will crack a little the more erratic and vicious your thrusting is, but it takes a lot to break him.
With enough perseverance, a lot of unpredictability, and a fat enough cock, you can fuck his gorgeous face into submission.
Arguably the most bashful out of them all (save for Levi). He sits on his knees and avoids your gaze, scared that if he catches your eye he might melt into the floor.
His face is flushed bright pink as he sucks you off tentatively, as if he’s worried that he’s doing it wrong.
It takes some praise and head pats before he gets comfortable enough to do it himself. He even ends up getting the courage to deepthroat you - completely unprompted! What a perfect boy!
It ends up making him so hard he cums as soon as you touch his dick. He gets so embarrassed about it he refuses to look you in the eye for the rest of the night (he needs a lot of snuggles & reassurance).
Ends up asking to suck you off again a few days later.
Similar to Lucifer, Satan is also too over-confident for his own good. Once you tell him to suck you, he goes in with no inhibitions and aims to wow you with his skill.
He’s more bashful than Lucifer is, his face is flushed as he holds your gaze, but he’s eager to please.
He can’t handle very much size-wise (but you can always rectify that).
Gets so focused he closes his eyes and eases the entire length in, hollowing his cheeks to coat it all in his hot saliva.
He makes quiet moans when he sucks, similar to what he does when he eats you out. Servicing you is enough to get him horny and he’s pretty desperate for some humping (giving or taking) once it’s over.
This fucking loser is a mess whenever you do anything sexual or romantic with him, so when you whip out the strap and tell him to suck he almost passes out.
You’d lie on the bed, propped up with some pillows behind your back as he - very slowly - makes his way to you.
He sticks his tongue out first, licking the silicone tip as if he’s worried it’d taste bad.
He won’t be good at it at all, but his sweet whines and constant need for reassurance is just too cute.
Fuck his face.
He’d sob, choke, and whine around your cock as the tip hits the back of his throat. His whole body shivers as he loses himself in the myriad of feelings you’re giving him.
Turns into a rabid animal and puts it in his mouth immediately.
His dick sucking is an art form of the highest caliber, once or twice you even find yourself moaning from how fucking hot it is.
He moans and whines wantonly as he sucks, his eyes clouded over with that familiar look of lust.
When you pull away, he sticks his tongue out as he eagerly awaits for you to give it back - or just put your pussy on his face, either way he’ll lap at it like it’s the last thing he’ll ever eat.
“Mmh, your cock is sooo good, Mistress, I want it inside me, please~”
Almost as lewd as Asmodeus, he sucks it like he’s hungry for it - because he is.
An absolute size queen, he can throat the biggest and fattest of straps. He’s at least a little bit ashamed of his eagerness though, he blushes a lot and can’t bring himself to keep eye contact for too long.
Can’t help but touch himself whenever he sucks it - he gets so irrationally horny he just has to relieve it somehow.
If you refuse to let him jack off, he’ll be pouty about it (he might even cry if you do it for too long).
He’ll whimper against your dick as he digs his nails into the palms of his hands. Tears pool at the corners of his eyes as his body is wracked with a need that’s being so cruelly, deliciously refused.
He’s an absolute brat about it. Barely makes an effort despite the fact that you both know he could do it.
“Eh..?” he says, glancing up at you lazily. “Why should I? Sounds like a pain.”
Face-fucking is essentially a given at this point. He’s so annoying to deal with that he goddamn deserves it.
He’s shocked at first, gripping onto your thighs as he tries to push you away, but he can’t deny the shock causes him to harden significantly.
He gags as fat teardrops fall freely down his cheeks, but you soon find his nails are digging into your thighs to pull you closer.
By the end of it his throat is so sore he doesn’t speak for the next few days (everyone else keeps making guesses as to why), but he’s still texting you asking when you can do it again.
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obeythebutler · 4 months ago
I was wondering if you could do headcanons of the brothers and the undateables reactions to MC turning into a rat? Maybe because Solomon messed up another spell... Hehe
These were fun to write , hope you like them!
" Care to explain why you trouser pocket is squeaking? "
Lucifer inquired as he watched Solomon fidget and shudder. The sorcerer had come to meet Lucifer alone, which was unusual in itself, but even more strange as he stood in his study with a trouser pocket squeaking.
Solomon inhaled deeply, and taking something out from said pocket carefully held it in the fist of his hand, hidden by his fingers.
" I may or may not have accidentally messed up a spell of mine, which has resulted in MC turning into ..this." He then uncurled his fingers, only to reveal, a rat.
A rat in his hand, which was MC.
Lucifer stared in disbelief.
Heavy punishment was inflicted on Solomon, and nope, he is never leaving you alone with him after this. Because of him, Diavolo's reputation can be ruined! A human, turned into a rodent because of a mere spell-casting mishap? Lucifer takes this as a hit upon his pride
Had quickly taken you away from Solomon and put you into his coat pocket while he addressed the situation. Not that you minded, the pocket is warm and comfy.
With the assistance of Satan, they both look for a cure to the spell mishap as Solomon can't be entrusted with further spells any more.
Communication is a major issue. All he can do is ask simple yes and no questions.Classes at R.A.D. have now been turned online for the time being. Let's pray the professor doesn't ask to turn the camera on, or else they will be faced with a rat....
Lucifer gives you little nibbles of his meals which are safe for rats to consume. You regularly take naps in Lucifer's coat pocket. It's so soft,you can't help it!
Diavolo had cackled like a madman on hearing the situation from Lucifer, although shuddering  could be heard in the background.....
Lucifer doubts if his brothers can take care of you. You're a rat! It's so easy to step on you if one doesn't look down while walking, not to mention it's even easier to kill you now.
You will always be with one of the brothers. What if you run into Cerebrus or Henry 1.0?! What if you get lost? What if you fall into a mousetrap? And not to mention that mini heart attack when you had disappeared with Belphegor after that emergency house meeting ....
This will give him grey hairs.
You sleeping in his pocket as he works becomes a regular occurrence until a cure is found or the spell wears off.
After you are back to normal, he's glad, but also sad, you can't sleep in his pocket any more. Perhaps, in his lap now?
MC turned into a what?!
Can't control himself, his stomach hurts from laughing at you. Lucifer looks on with an exasperated sigh but smiles when you bite Mammon's ankle with your teeth.
Mammon is eager to take care of MC, not to mention that classes for that day are turned online. The other brothers are doubtful, Mammon cannot take care of a house plant, how will he care for a MC turned into a rat?
Mammon is doubtful too, but MC scampers onto his fluffy hair and make themselves at home.( cue Remy from Ratatouille)
Mammon melts. He can't help but blush a bit, and feel happy!! Now he wanders around the house with them on his head, proudly showing them off!
He doesn't know what foods are safe for rodents to eat, but he tries by looking up on the net or turns to books for advice. One time he was about to give you some blue cheese and Satan slapped them out of his hands promptly. Mammon is still sorry for that.
Communication is.....frustrating.How do you communicate with a rat? A rat?!
Will tone down his money making schemes for your sake. MC had to cling for life to his hair..
He was ready to fight tooth and nail to be with them all the time until they were back to normal. But the others want time with MC too....
Overall,Mammon is super protective of MC! Rat or not, he loves you !
Takes time to process the situation at hand.MC is a rat. A rat. Oh wait, this is just like an episode of " My best friend who I secretly have feelings for turned into an animal and now I have to take care of them!"
Cackles a bit at first, but takes care of them. Makes MC sit at his desk or shoulders as he games or watches anime.
Baby is scared you might fall into the aquarium, which is very unlikely,taking into account its sheer height but still, Levi panics.
But be careful, if he is gaming and gets frustrated, he might throw down the controller, make sudden jerky-movements, which is not good for the rat on his shoulders....
You know those rat labyrinth videos where you build DIY labyrinths for your pet rat to explore? Leviathan may or may not have made those to entertain MC and him.
Levi lets them nap at his desk or in a pocket. They look so cute while sleeping! He is surely taking a picture or two here and there. But please, do not go anywhere near his Ruri-chan figures!
Leviathan takes good care of them, to everyone's suprise. If anyone tries to go near you, boi hisses at them.
MC makes a good person err..animal to rant to! Apart from Henry, he now rants to them too about TSL or any game he is excited about. MC doesn’t complain and listen, what's more to ask?
Leviathan is glad when they are back to normal but also a bit sad..his ranting partner is gone!
Cat?! Oh, rat.
His excitement deflates once he finds out MC is a rat, not a cat. Couldn't Solomon have turned them into a feline instead? Did not speak it, but longs internally.
His books come in handy here, and in a few hours he is an expert at caring for rodents.
Satan will take care of them now. If they are with one of the brothers, he will watch them carefully and educate them about how and how to not treat and care for you. He was thankful for stepping at that exact moment in the kitchen when Mammon was about to hand them blue cheese.
While with him, he puts MC down at his bed or desk and reads to them. What better way to keep them entertained than books! And his voice is so soothing, it puts them to sleep quickly....
Although he now has to be careful to not let any cats near MC. Satan is a cat magnet, which is not so good news for our rat MC. For the first time in his life, he will have to restrain himself from petting a cat if they are with him and if none of his brothers are near.
Couldn't help but chuckle at the thought of Barbatos shrieking at seeing MC as a rat when they visit the Castle.
Researches spells and potions with Lucifer to null the effects at night, although he may or may not have looked for cat transformation spells too...
After they are back to normal, Satan is glad he can go back to petting his cats again. But he misses their presence. Perhaps, give him company as he reads ?
A rat, a rodent, how disgusting! Asmodeus on seeing them grimaced and whined about how Solomon could have turned them into a bunny instead but stopped on seeing MC’s cute face.
He wasn't too keen on handling them but was hooked when they made themselves comfortable on his palms. Now he wants to be with them all the time!
Definitely makes MC  wear those cute clothes like those rats wore on that devilgram post...
Apart from dressing them up, his is clueless on what to and not to do. He goes to Satan for advice on this matter.
Communication is an issue, especially when clothing MC. After hours of frustration it was decided that MC would squeak two times if they wanted something, and squeak once if not.
If they do somehow manage to get dirty, Asmo will be the one volunteering the most enthusiastically to clean them up!
His Devilgram is now flooded with pictures of you. He can't help it, you look too adorable!
After they are back to normal, he will pout a bit but then insist they take a bath with him. Being a rat for so long will make them dirty, come to him he will clean you up~
MC turned into a rat?! MC turned into a rat.
Beel is calm about the situation and it is a good choice to be taken care of by Beel when turned into a rat.
Although he is worried he might accidently hurt or step on them. They are  too small! He had to be careful with human MC, they were already weak as it was, but now a rat MC! Oh boy..
Beelzebub treats MC with extra care. He gets down on one leg and MC scampers onto his shoulders.
It's so wholesome to watch Beelzebub being so gentle and protective with MC. One could walk into the kitchen and stumble upon a rat perched on Beel's shoulders as he cooks or eats.
Periodically he will pass them little tidbits of food safe for rats, the knowledge of this acquired after a through lesson from Satan and watches as they nibble on it happily.
Beel constantly worries about their whereabouts and if they are with him, he regularly glances at his shoulders to confirm MC is there.
Beelzebub was calm and didn't make fun of them, his twin brother on the other hand..
He was summoned by Lucifer for an emergency house meeting and was not happy. He was sleeping.
Beel had carried him to the Dining Room and upon Lucifer explaining MC was now a rat set him full on cackling for a good while.
Belphegor is, ironically the calmest to be with out of the brothers. Soon after everyone had started arguing about who was going to take care of them, he had quietly motioned for them to come to him, which MC  did to escape from the chaos, and after that both of you were found sleeping in the attic.
Belphegor, if he gets the opportunity,will relentlessly tease them and will cackle when they bite his hand. Little shit that he is, likes to annoy them whenever he can.
Now MC likes to nap a lot with the twins, Belphegor is the best nap partner and Beelzebub gives them food. What more to ask? Although Belphegor was afraid that he would accidentally crush them while sleeping...
Belphegor along with Satan were planning to prank Lucifer by convincing MC to chew away at his clothes and documents, but Lucifer caught the wind of it.
MC can be found napping in Belphegor's hoodie a lot of times now. And when MC turns back, they will want to wear his hoodie, it's so warm and comfy!
Diavolo had reprimanded Solomon gently and had laughed a bit on seeing MC as a rat.
He wanted to take them back to his castle, the safest place in all of Devildom is with the Prince, of course! But his castle is huge, and it is so easy for a rat to get lost...
Barbatos did not take the news well though. His butler shuddered violently on hearing the news. Perhaps for them and his butler’s safety it would be best to keep them away from Barbatos for the time being.
If MC does come with him to his castle, Diavolo will be overjoyed and also clueless on how to take care of them. And for the first time his butler can't handle a situation.
Diavolo tries his best. Rat friendly foods are brought to his castle in bulk, along with small ladders and other equipment to make MC’s movement easier.Although he may have overdone it.....
Diavolo with a rat MC will keep gushing about how adorable MC is looking. He is like a proud dad.
He LOVES it when they take a nap on his desk or on his hand, and Diavolo stops whatever he is doing to coo at MC.
Also, he feeds them himself, because Barbatos won't come near him if he is with them..
After MC turns back, he will absolutely show them the portraits he had made of them doing normal rat things.
Regardless of whether he had or had not foreseen the future, he still shuddered violently when he heard Lucifer inform that MC was now a rat. A rat! Of all things! Solomon might find Barbatos to be a tad rude to him whenever he visits the castle next time...
And when the Young Prince had brought MC to the Castle, that day haunts Barbatos forever.
He was just brewing tea when he looked down and saw a rat. Those at the castle at that time can now proudly say that they have heard the impeccable butler’s high - pitched scream. If not for Diavolo, Barbatos might have tried to attack MC with the end of a broomstick.
Barbatos tries to overcome his fear of rats, tries to think its just MC, but he looks at them and his mind goes blank. Still, he tries to be helpful. The castle is huge, people have got lost before, not to mention the cursed objects and the rat traps, oh the traps. Also, no coming in the kitchen!
He dare not come near MC but he tries to still show he cares. If he is bringing meals for Diavolo he will bring a tiny assortment of rat friendly foods and drink in a thimble and leave it outside for the Prince to collect, he dare not go inside..
MC thankfully retains their IQ from being a human and can understand when Barbatos instructs them to not go to a room or advises them to not wander under the carpet and floorboards.
He could not be more glad when MC turns back to their previous self. Barbatos now has new lines on his face from constant anxiety..
A boop on the nose was all it took for Simeon to melt.
This angel is in love. MC has never looked more adorable then as a rat! Simeon is now the doting parent here. He’ll be present whenever MC is with Luke or Solomon and watch their movements to ensure they do not handle MC roughly.
Simeon is so so gentle with MC!!! Asmodeus bought MC rat clothes, Simeon on the other hand knits clothes and hats for MC, and they are,so cute! Even Lucifer commented that Simeon put in plenty of detailed work in making them clothes.
Rat friendly foods are arranged for MC to enjoy. If MC wants a break from the chaotic atmosphere at HoL, Purgatory Hall welcomes them!
After MC turns back its a relief but Simeon secretly wishes for a pet rat now. Oh, and perhaps Henry can be turned into a rat now...
Never been so angry at Solomon.
He tried to scold the sorcerer but all he did was smirk. He did not talk to him for a whole week after that. Simeon had to calm him down.
Whenever Simeon comes back with MC, the angel teaches him how to handle MC gently.MC is patient with him too!
He might have tried to bake for them with rat-friendly ingredients...
Luke lets MC climb onto his head or crawl into his pockets to take a nap. And if MC falls asleep on him or his hand, he dare not move an inch.
Is relieved when MC back to normal but also misses them sleeping in his pocket.
This guy.
He was trembling as he escorted himself and MC to Lucifer’s study. The look of disbelief Lucifer gave him made him chuckle later though. But now he can’t help in finding a spell or potion to reverse the effects? How unfair!
Was amused watching Simeon sew clothes for MC and Luke going still as a rock to not wake you them up. But being the troublesome sorcerer he is, he enjoyed watching them struggle when he placed the tiny piece of fruit out of their reach.
The bitemarks on his hand later were worth it though.
He regularly got input from Asmodeus about how they were faring with MC as a rat, and boy, it was entertaining.
Solomon, despite all that, lets MC sleep on their hand or in their pocket. Sure, when MC turns back they are going to give him hell but for now everything is relatively peaceful.
After MC is back to normal, he is glad but will now face their anger. Wish him luck...
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gacha-happy-ending-here · 10 months ago
Obey Me! ❥ Perfect Size
character: lucifer, mammon, asmodeus, leviathan, satan, belphegor, beelzebub fandom: Obey Me! prompt: MC steals the brothers’ clothes and wears it around the place, maybe even mocking the brother they stole the clothes from warning: spicy content, size kink, possessive behavior, implied small or average stature reader (someone significantly smaller than the brothers)
warning: praise kink
Tumblr media
so you stole lucifer’s giant coat. the one that’s black and fur lined and tall enough that it touches the floor whenever it’s draped over his shoulders? yes, that one. it pools at your feet when you put it on
you honestly thought it was going to be hard. when you thought of your little scheme, you noticed that lucifer never really went anywhere without it
however, you got the opportunity when, one day, for no apparent reason, lucifer had just left it on a chair 
so, you put it on and scurried off to find someone to laugh about it with
the first brother you find is beelzebub and mammon
you ran towards them, trying to imitate the haughty way lucifer usually carries himself and you yelled in a deep poor imitation of his voice ‘i’ll destroy anyone who crosses my path!’
mammon got a huuuge kick out of it lol. he practically doubled over laughing and he took pictures of you posing as lucifer and videos of you saying stuff lucifer usually says
‘mammon, your stupidity knows no bounds!’ 
that made mammon laugh even more and he was literally crying tears at that point and he was out of breath too
beelzebub scrunched his nose a little cus he wanted to laugh but also he thought that he really didn’t want to get on lucifer’s bad side
suddenly, mammon stopped laughing and the color practically drained from his face. you’re confused at first but then you feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. uh oh
‘i see i’ve found where my coat has wandered off’ 
you turn and lucifer is standing there in that same 
from the very beginning, lucifer already had an inkling that you had wanted to take his coat or perhaps slip something into its pockets. he had noticed you eyeing it for a couple of weeks now
so, he left it on the back of a chair to see what you’d do. when he returned and it was gone, he knew where it went
when he found you finally, lucifer was mostly angry about the fact that you were mocking him and the fact that you and mammon seem to be having a grand old time
if you wanted to borrow his jacket, you could’ve just asked. he would’ve preferred you borrowed it and stayed in one place though cus he could already tell the end of his coat was dusty as hell now
when you had turned around, though, lucifer couldn’t help but think that you looked especially cute in his coat
something hot curled in his stomach at the thought of how small you were compared to him. he’d always known that since he had to look down to talk to you all the time but, seeing it in front of him like that was a different story all together
It had something to do about marking you, he thought. Seeing you splayed over his coat, your back against his desk, your lips parting to moan his name. He had never been the greedy type--that was Mammon, not him--but something about you made him insatiable and possessive.
You whimpered, your hands poking out of his coat’s sleeves to grip at his wrists as if urging him to slow down. In response, he gripped your waist tighter, hoping to leave yet another claiming mark on you.
“Hmmm, are all humans this tiny, I wonder...” He remarked, seemingly  unaffected despite the fact that he was slowly and surely feeding his cock into your entrance, watching as inch after inch disappeared inside of you. 
You whimpered again and his cock twitched in response despite the tight grip your insides had on it. Your voice was an absolute melody to him, so sexy and small, just like you.
“I also wonder if I’ll fit. You’re just so small, aren’t you, darling?” Lucifer added as an afterthought “But you’ll be good for me and take all of it, right?”
You nodded hastily, eyes stinging as you felt him stretch you farther and farther. He was hitting a spot inside of you that made your insides grip him tighter and made your brain short circuit.
Then, just as you thought you were full to burst, Lucifer finally bottomed out, his balls slapping against your ass. You moaned this time, arching your back, grinding your hips, squirming against his grip.
He tightened his fingers against your skin and smiled, pride blooming inside of his chest at the sight of you “Good, good, so perfect, just for me.”
Tumblr media
so, you stole that brown and white leather jacket that mammon wears everywhere. it’s tight on him but it’s very big on you and the sleeves actually barely cover your fingertips
you didn’t really steal it for any other reason other than the fact that you wondered what it’d feel like. it looked so nice and warm and the house of lamentation was always so cold
plus, you loved getting on mammon’s last nerves and you were sure he would be as possessive of his jacket as he was with all his other things
you weren’t even hiding from him. you were just doing your usual business, walking around. there wasn’t any classes so you were in in warm comfortable clothes and mammon’s jacket
despite it being leather, it wasn’t stiff. in fact, it was well worn and comfortable. it distinctly smelled of that cologne mammon always wore. it stung your nose most of the time when he wore it becos he really poured it on but, on the jacket, it was nice and faint
on your way, you had run into asmodeus who compliments you on your style of clothing. he says the over-sized jacket look is cute on you though the jacket looks familiar
you just laugh and nod and talk to him about other less important stuff like how he was doing, how solomon was doing and how classes were for him. interspersed through the conversation were asmodeus’ usual flirty one liners and obvious come ons
'found ya, dumb human.’ you felt someone tug at the collar of the jacket and you were tugged back only to look up and see that it was mammon who had captured you. he had the usual grumpy look on his face 
at first, mammon hadn’t really been looking for his jacket. in fact, he had been looking for you. usually, he found himself trailing after you but he had to do something for lucifer and, when he had returned, you were nowhere to be found
but then, in his quest to find you, he also found that his jacket wasn’t where he had left it before he went on his errand
so, he was looking for it and you, separately. he hoped once he found you that you could help him find his jacket. well, he was half right
something pulled at his insides when he saw how friendly you were being with asmodeus but, surprisingly, it wasn’t as strong as usual when he realized you were wearing his jacket
from behind, you didn’t look particularly different with his jacket on. however, once he tugged you back and got a proper look at you, his cheeks heated
he couldn’t help it. he’d never thought about the size difference between the two of you but, now that it was right in his face, he was pleased by it. 
when you first came to the devildom and he was given the responsibility of taking care of you, mammon wasn’t happy. he didn’t like you. 
however, after a while, he liked having someone rely on him so heavily. knowing you were so small, so in need of his protection, made something in him flutter
“Hmmm, fuck.” Mammon lifted his hips up to grind against yours, one of his hands settling on the top of your thigh while the other gripped onto your hip.
You shifted, his jacket falling off of your shoulders, revealing an expanse of unmarked skin. He was the Avatar of Greed, nobody knew the sin as well as he did, and yet, he was surprised by the way it overtook his brain.
All he could think about was coveting you, holding you close, pressing his lips against your skin, making it so only he could have every inch of you. He wanted to consume your mind just like you consumed his.
You moved your hands to get a little more leverage, your fingers tightening on his shoulders as you moved your hips again, rubbing yourself against his hardening cock. “Mammon.”
“Shit. c’mon, take it out.” Mammon groaned in response, lifting his hips again, jolting you a little and forcing another mewl out of your lips.
You were done with your hesitation. This dry humping had made you impatient and the way Mammon nipped and sucked at your skin only lessened your restraint. 
With clumsy fingers, you unbuttoned his usually tight jeans, hand wrapping around him. He groaned at the contact of your warm fingers against his even warmer cock before tilting his head back at the sight of it.
Your fingers, too small to reach all the way around. His length tall enough that the tip of it rested above your belly button. 
“Ya’ really are testing my restraint, ya’ fuckin’ idiot.”
warning: a hint of corruption kink, implied overstimulation
Tumblr media
so you stole that white leather jacket that asmodeus wears. it barely zips on him but it fits incredibly comfortably on you
at first, you had stolen it just to ruin it. asmodeus got on your very final nerves and, you supposed, you just wanted to get back at him for it
however, when you tried it on, you couldn’t find it in yourself to ruin it anymore. it was comfortable as hell. you thought it would’ve been still cus it’s leather but it was the softest nicest thing you’d ever put on
it even faintly smelled like that floral scent asmodeus always put on himself and, thought he annoyed you, you found yourself liking it
you wanted to at least have fun with the jacket now that you weren’t going to bother destroying it
so, you went to go find the nearest brother (who happened to be levi in the living room) and you started doing your worst asmodeus impression
you made sure you sounded melodic and that you were using a voice only a little bit lower than your regular one
levi looked flustered at first since you were being flirty and suggestive but, then, eventually, he started laughing a little
your fun was quickly cut off, though, by asmodeus himself who came in, demanding to know where his jacket was
he quickly forgot about his dilemma at the sight of you, completely engulfed in the very same jacket he was looking for
it filled him with a familiar sense of lust but it was also accompanied by an odd fluttering in his chest that he couldn’t recognize. he’d never felt it with any of his partners before but he definitely felt it just looking at you
now, asmodeus isn’t exactly the tallest or the manliest brother in the house of lamentation
yet, even with that, you were smaller than him and you looked so much more fragile, like you were innocent and needed protection
like he could swoop in and ruin you
the thought had never entered his mind before. yes, he was a switch so, sometimes, he took on more submissive lovers. but he’d always been prepared to go either way
with you, looking so small inside his jacket, all he could think about was absolutely dominating you, topping you until you were a sobbing drooling overstimulated mess
he wanted to corrupt you with lust until all you could think about was him
“I was being serious when I said you look good in my jacket.”
You wanted to say some smart retort back but, instead, all you could do was breathe deeply, your bare chest rising and falling, causing the jacket to fall open and reveal more of your naked body.
At the sight of you, Asmodeus groaned, his palm pressing harder against his ever growing hard-on. It throbbed in his tight jeans and all he wanted to do was bury the entire thing inside of you. Still, he wanted to take his time
You squirmed, arching your back, grinding your hips down onto Asmodeus’ long lithe fingers. In response, he crooked them a little to hit that spot inside of you that made your eyes flutter and your stomach tighten.
“A-Asmo.” You whimpered and your voice sounded like a melody to his ears. All he wanted to do was pull those noises out of you over and over, until your voice cracked and your throat ache.
And, oh, he could make your throat ache.
He could make you do a lot of things, actually. It was what you deserved for doing this to him.
As the Avatar of Lust, he was used to overwhelming people, charming them to the point where they drooled after him. With you, on the other hand, his charm didn’t work at all. Even worse, you seemed to have reversed it on him.
He was hungry for you, greedy for you, like he was a starving man and you were laid out so pretty for him to consume. He was never one to limit himself when it came to his sexual cravings and, if you happened to be the sole focus of his biggest strongest sexual craving so far, who was he to deny himself?
“Look at you. I haven’t even done much, have I?” Asmodeus’ lips tilted up in that mischievous way it always did and, though your brain felt mostly blank, you couldn’t help but think he looked a lot like the cat that got the cream
“You’ll cum for me again, won’t you? Please, for me?”
Tumblr media
so you stole that really big coat that leviathan wears. it’s like super long? looks kind of like a lab coat and a hoodie got mashed together
you honestly didn’t mean to steal it
you had been abruptly teleported into the devildom without warning so you didn’t get to pack any of your clothes. you were stuck with the clothes they gave you. unfortunately for you, that meant you only had a couple of outfits and your school uniform
even more unfortunately for you, the house of lamentation was cold as hell (literally)
it seriously felt like everywhere you went was at least autumn level kind of chilly. which was fine, if your clothes had been equipped for that kind of stuff
so, when you saw a bundle of cloth, just sitting there on the couch, you couldn’t help but lift it up to see what it as
when you held it out in front of you by the shoulders, it pooled to the floor. you immediately recognized it as leviathan’s coat though, why  =he was without his token coat, you didn’t know
well, if he wasn’t wearing it, you certainly wouldn’t pass up the opportunity. and damn was it warm. you now completely understood why levi always kept it on
then, after just throwing it on, you started walking around the house, doing what you usually did
you even found satan who asked what you were doing with levi’s coat. you just explained that you found it and threw it on and, though he thought it was rude to just randomly do that, he didn’t scold you any more than usual
eventually, though, levi was bound to find you and, once he found you, his face turned absolutely deep red
you looked so very small in his coat. he didn’t notice how small you were until just that moment. you were like those cute characters on screen that wore over-sized clothes all the time
he wondered what you’d look like wearing those outfits. then, he started wondering what you’d look like in other outfits. that thought had to be pushed waaay aside becos, if he kept thinking about that... well, bad things would happen. specifically, he’d have something awkward he’d need to hide from you
then, as he was trying not to think of inappropriate things, the most inappropriate thought entered his head
that was his coat and the fact that you were cute and you looked like you belonged to him was overwhelming
he’s the second least likely to do anything sexual once he finds you. unless, of course, you initiate it
When you had explained that humans got cold easily, Leviathan was a little surprised. He supposed that demons got cold too but their body temperatures usually ran really hot and the cold never bothered them. 
So, of course, when he had found you and you asked so nicely to keep his coat, Levi agreed on the condition that you’d go into his room to wear it so that nobody else could see you. 
He explained that he didn’t want his brothers to tease him about letting you borrow his clothes but, in reality, it was because he didn’t want his brothers to see how good you looked in it.
“Thanks for letting me keep it on.” You mumbled to Leviathan, your fingers barely poking out from the tips of the sleeves. 
He nodded, trying to keep his eyes on the handheld in front of him. Still, he couldn’t put all of his attention on his game. In fact, he kept having to repeat the same level because his mind just wasn’t in it. Instead, he kept thinking back to you and how you looked in his coat.
It was like some sort of scene out of an anime. How the main protagonist would borrow clothes from the main romantic interest. It made his heart flutter in his chest. 
Then, of course, he remembered that some of these scenes were out of hentai he would watch and something else seemed to twitch. Something he had to shift his legs to hide.
When you said nothing in response to his nod, Levi tried to think of something else to say “You’re warm now, right?”
At first, you wanted to nod. Then, you thought for a second before biting your lip and staring at him through your eyelashes “Would it... could I sit closer to you?”
In his mind, Levi had convulsed at the thought of you sitting so close to him, all while looking so cute. In reality, he sat stock still as his brain basically turned into the demon equivalent of the blue screen of death. 
“Okay, sure.”
warning: begging, overstimulation
Tumblr media
so you stole that suit jacket satan wears all the time. it looked really small on him and he probably only slipped his arm through one side because it’s so small for him. however, on you, it was very baggy
you thought it was such a waste of a comfortable looking suit jacket. it looked so warm and nice and fancy. and, yet, there he was, just wearing it like a weirdo
so, when he left his room door open and his suit jacket on the back of his chair, you didn’t even think twice before you snatched it up
then, you went to go find someone to celebrate this victory with. the first person you found was belphegor
at first, belphegor was too sleepy to really properly appreciate your jokes. but, after a minute or two, he started smiling a little and chuckling 
‘as long as belphie pisses lucifer off, he’s okay, i guess’
your jokes aren’t the greatest and your impersonation is subpar at best but it was still really entertaining 
it was okay until, of course, you felt someone’s hand on your shoulder
when satan found his door open and his jacket missing, he felt that all familiar heat of anger in the pit of his stomach. who the hell was rude enough to just waltz into his room and take his jacket?
then again, most of his brothers had no manners...
as the avatar of wrath, he was quick to want to kick ass first and take names second
however, once he saw you, even though it was just your back, that heat in his stomach turned into something other than anger
there was still a little of it there from seeing you having so much fun with belphie while making fun of him but that was eventually eclipsed by what he felt for you
then, you turned around and that heat intensified tenfold
out of all his brothers, his emotions were always so strong and so overwhelming. most of his emotions were centred around anger and wrath. it might’ve been becos he was the youngest
he learned early on to control those emotions and not let them get the best of him. he learned to exude that calm and polite persona of his
in front of you at that moment, however, he found that he couldn’t completely control himself
Satan kept his pace, his hips grinding hard against you and his cock hitting every place inside of you. He was long and thick and he made you feel so full. All you could think about was how you clenched down on him and it made you ache.
Your hands scrambled to find purchase on Satan’s shoulders, your fingers gripping him so hard that he could feel your nails through his shirt. He couldn’t help but smirk at that.
He liked the look on your face, how you trembled just for him, how he was the one making your legs quake and your lip quiver. He was doing all of this to you, overwhelming you to the point where your brain short circuited.
It was only fair. You were making his brain turn into a jumble of thoughts too. Especially with the way his jacket was draped over you, barely covering all of the skin he’s marked with his teeth. 
“S-Satan.” There went your voice again, soft and stuttering “I’m s-sorry, p-please.”
In response, his hand kept working at your sex, his hips grinding up and up, not taking his entire cock out but thrusting half of it. That was enough, though. He was so big that he touched all the right places and he sent you hurtling into what felt like your hundredth orgasm
You cried out his name and he silenced you with his lips, swallowing down your moans. He kept going, though, prolonging your orgasm until it bled into the next, leaving you a leaking shaking mess. 
In response, your grip on him tightened to the point of bruising. Part of him liked the idea. I mean, he did leave his fair share of bruises on you. Especially your hips where his hands were positioned, moving you in time with his thrusts. 
“Only a few more.” He leaned forward to lick your ear and nibble the lobe “You’ll learn your manners after that, won’t you?”
Tumblr media
so you stole that big cardigan that belphegor always wears. when he wears it, it’s big and baggy on him. when you wear it, you’re absolutely swimming in it
it wasn’t like you had any bad intentions. you were just extremely cold and belphegor’s cardigan looked oh so very warm
you had found it on one of the various velvet couches scattered around the house of lamentation
at first, the sight of it perturbed you a little becos belphegor? without his cardigan? you couldn’t even imagine it
however, after a little more consideration, you figured that he must have more than one. you’ve always seen him with the same cardigan. there’s no way he just wears one all the time
so, since you had convinced yourself that he probably had a whole closet full, you donned the cardigan on
it was so warm. it made sense why belphegor was always so sleepy! if you were this warm and comfortable all the time, you’d wear the same cardigan too
you wanted to try and wear it for as long as possible. even after wearing it for only a few seconds, you were in love with it and you didn’t want anyone taking it from you
unfortunately, the very next person you bumped into was beelzebub
of course, as belphegor’s twin, beelzebub’s immediate response is that you should return the cardigan. beelzebub, out of everyone, knew best how attached belphegor was with his cardigan
in response, you just ignored him and did what you needed to do in the kitchen
beelzebub didn’t like that and continued pestering you in that lumbering quiet way of his. you didn’t let it get to you. you liked how the cardigan made you feel and you were keeping it
of course, as fate would have it, just as you thought that, belphegor walked right into the kitchen
he was the most irritated he’d been for a looong time
he couldn’t for the life of him find where he left his cardigan and he felt sleepy and cold and absolutely like he could throttle someone at any second
that all immediately disappeared as soon as he walked into the kitchen and his eyes locked on you
you were wearing his cardigan and it was extremely big on you
unlike the other brothers, he doesn’t think anything untoward. instead, he thinks that you look cute and comfortable, like a big teddy bear
he literally gets a fuzzy warm feeling from seeing you with his cardigan on
kind of also has that whole overprotective possessive thought process but, instead of wanting to fuck you (though that did sound very nice), he just wanted to wrap his arms around you and shield you from the world
least likely to try anything sexual with you, even if you offered
Belphegor inched closer to your sleeping form. Though, at this point, that felt impossible. Your chest was flushed against his chest, with virtually no space in between you, and his face was tucked against your neck, your legs tangled together. 
You were as pressed together as two people could be without merging.
Still, he craved more. He wanted to feel you, hold you close, be able to just revel in the comfort and warmth you brought him. He was so starved of this intimacy and you happily fed him without hesitation.
Memories of your casual touches, all confident and sure, filtered through his mind. You never inched away from him or denied him any form of affection. You gave it to him wholeheartedly, in fact.
Slowly, lazily, he slipped his arms under the cardigan, under your shirt, his bare palms warm against the skin of your stomach. His fingertips ghosted over you, calloused and somewhat ticklish.
He liked your skin which felt smooth under his touch, soft and pliable just like you were. There was something intimate about knowing you felt safe with him like this, that you wanted to be this close to him.
Belphegor continued to stare at you, at how at home you were inside of his cardigan, like you belonged in his clothes, like you belonged with him. 
He was obsessed with the idea of covering you so you were safe and here, with you in his arms, with your back to a wall, with his clothes covering your body, you were safe. Safe, content, completely blissfully asleep.
All his to protect.
He closed his eyes but continued letting his hands travel. They traced comforting circles on your skin, absentminded and aimless, moving just to be able to feel his skin against your skin.
Slowly, he pressed a kiss against your forehead and fell asleep with you in his arms
Tumblr media
so you stole that big baggy fur lined hoodie that beelzebub always wears. it’s already baggy on him and he’s the biggest of the brothers. when you wear it, it practically engulfs you
anyway, you don’t have anything against beelzebub. you only stole his hoodie becos you were cold
it was easy enough to manage since he had just left it sitting there, all free with nobody to prevent you from swooping in and taking it
when you put it on, it was like a metaphorical hug. it was so warm and cuddly even though it was so big
however, you wearing it seemed to be short lived becos, after maybe an hour or two of parading around the house of lamentation with his hoodie, he had found you
beelzebub follows you around most of the time. where you’re found, beelzebub is likely to follow. mostly becos he cares about you a lot and he wants to be there just in case something bad happens to you
beelzebub wasn’t overly attached to his hoodie. sometimes he walked around without it
however, he found himself very much attached when he saw you wearing it. maybe not attached to his hoodie specifically but definitely attached to you and the hoodie together
so, you wearing his hoodie feels... protective, in a way. like he’s shielding you with his own clothing maybe? like he can protect you using his hoodie
he can’t but he still feels that surge of overprotectiveness inside of him
he probably doesn’t do much, honestly. he’s the least likely out of the brothers to kick a fuss about you wearing his clothes. he likes it and he’ll be honest about it
most likely to not only let you wear the hoodie for way longer but also let you borrow it more often. in fact, he’ll insist most of the time
“Ah, my hoodie.”
You swivelled around, hand pressed against your chest as you tried to calm your panicked heart. It was just Beelzebub, you knew, but the fact that he had suddenly appeared surprised you.
You frowned, though not because it was Beelzebub but because you felt he might try and take his hoodie back “Were you looking for it?”
Beelzebub looked like he paused to think, looking you up and down. His hoodie suited you a lot. It looked very big on you, yes, but it still fit in a sort of adorable way.
He felt his stomach flutter and, for a second, he thought it might’ve been hunger but it wasn’t that exactly. It was something else, he just couldn’t put his finger on it.
Finally, he answered your question with a shake of his head “No, you can keep wearing it if you want.”
“Thank you.” You buried yourself deeper into the hoodie, snuggling into it “It’s very comfortable and warm.”
Beelzebub nodded before suddenly walking towards you. On instinct, you took a couple of steps back, only to bump into the counter behind you.
Instead of stopping, Beelzebub continued forward and pulled you into a hug, his back bending so he could securely wrap his arms just under your arms. He then buried his face into the top of your head before letting out a deep sigh.
The feeling that fluttered in his stomach hadn’t been a hunger for food but, rather, a hunger for affection from you. 
He finally recognized the feeling from those long afternoons where you were too busy to pay him any mind so he had to go searching for you himself. Seeing you in his hoodie made him want to pull you close and just never let go.
“You look good.”
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heosphoro-s · 3 months ago
The brothers and their unexpected hobbies
A/N: probably not exactly unexpected but you know, just little self-indulgent HC for this fine Sunday afternoon.
Lucifer: Sensory deprivation tank. No brothers, no shenanigan, no paperwork. Literally head empty just vibing.
Mammon: Sudoku. This dude is good with numbers. He won't ever admit it. But he has a sudoku book above the toilet. You can also find Mammon scribbling in sudoku puzzles in newspapers at photoshoots.
Levi: Making music. Most likely electronic music. You know, like the gamer playlists on Spotify lmao. Definitely N O T a Soundcloud rapper. Loves it when people samples his stuff.
Satan: Scale model building. He probably got into it after seeing Gundam figures in Levi's room. Super into making hyper realistic weathering for planes, tanks, ships etc. after reading about them.
Asmo: Hydroponic gardening. Asmo's not gonna get down and dirty (😏) in an actual garden. But he loves fresh flowers too much to not grow them himself. Growing plants without dirt is a perfect solution.
Beel: Chainsaw carving. Beel is out in the forest with a chainsaw making sculptures out of fallen logs and random dead trees. He just leaves them in the forest for people to find and wonder who left them there.
Belphie: Lockpicking after MC showed him LockPickingLawyer's Youtube channel. He's trying to break into Lucifer's office since the oldest uses both enchantments and physical locks to keep his room safe.
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obeymefictionwriting · 2 months ago
Texts You’d Receive from Brothers & Undateables
Lucifer: “Running 10 min late. Wait for me in my room, no clothes on. I’m bringing Demonius & sweets. Love you.”
Mammon: “Heeeeeeeey where u at?? Bring noodles plz, i’m in ur room. And guess what I’m wearin’?? :PPPPP”
Leviathan: “U wanna watch anime for 24 hours straight? JK lol, miss you. Call me when you get back from school.”
Satan: “Hey kitten, I miss you. Want to go out tonight? And then we can do something interesting ;) Kisses.”
Asmodeus: “Check this out! *15 attached files* Which one looks best on me? Help me choose pleeeease!! Oh and I got ya this! *27 attached files* UH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YA”
Beelzebub: “Hey, meet me after practice? I miss you lots. We can then go eat someplace nice. My treat, love.”
Belphegor: “Where r u? Wake me up when you arrive, please. Oh, and can you grab coffee too? Kiss.”
Solomon: “Hey, want to check out this new store with me? They have enchanted jewelry and I really think some of it would suit you so much ;) Missing you, baby.”
Simeon: “I miss you. Please come see me in the Purgatory Hall. I’ve prepared a small surprise for you :) xxxx”
Barbatos: “We spent the whole morning together yet it’s nearly not enough for me. Can I see you again tonight? Love you, my dear”.
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usertala · 22 days ago
MC doesn't indulge in their sin
Characters: Lucifer, Mammon, Leviathan, Satan, Asmodeus, Beelzebub, Belphegor
Obey Me Masterlist
Tumblr media
Is worried about you tbh
Not that he wants you to be prideful, but he finds it rather weird when you don’t feel any pride even with little things.
He was in the same class as you when the teacher congratulated you for having the highest score, yet even if you smiled he didn’t feel any pride coming from you.
It happened again when you were asking for his help regarding homework in math class. When he saw you answer a hard question, it was the other way around. Instead, he was the one who was proud of you; you seemed nonchalant about it.
When he confronted you about it, you shrugged it off, saying, “It’s only normal. That is not something I should be proud of. I studied and listened to you, that’s why I got it correct and why I have the highest scores. It’s just simple cause and effect, I don’t really see the point of it.”
“MC, just because it’s a cause and effect doesn’t mean you can’t feel proud. Like you said, you studied that’s why you have high marks. Which means you earned it, you deserve it and it’s only natural to feel proud. But I think before being proud you should be more confident”
And that’s how Lucifer ended up spoiling you with gifts whenever you feel pride.
Tumblr media
You piss him off,
Why were you never greedy? How do you give so much to others but get shy when someone gives you gifts?
He tried giving you small trinkets, putting them by your desk, but every time he had to run an errand he always finds his gifts back in his room. Whether you were looking at a beautiful necklace or nice clothes, he never felt greed within you.
“Oi! Why don’t ya ever accept my gifts? It’s not like I care, just say that ya don’t want it so I can stop wasting’ money” You look at mammon. His lips formed into a pout.
“Oh, I didn’t mean to offend you, Mammon. I appreciate your gifts but I feel bad that you have to spend money on me…” You can see his face turning red and suddenly he can’t look you in the eye.
“Ya know that it’s okay to be greedy, right? It’s only normal! Plus, I don’t really mind spendin’ money on ya!” You just nod at his words and go by your day.
Imagine how shocked Mammon was when he actually felt greed swarming in you, but not in the way he expected. He was conversing with a succubus who had asked him about Leviathan. You weren’t looking at him but he can tell you can still see him.
Tumblr media
Doesn’t like you at all
Thinks you’re so perfect that you don’t get jealous while he’s the exact opposite
When you beat him in the TSL quiz, he becomes more open to you and gets used to you always hanging around his room.
One day while strolling through the mall, he noticed you looking at this rose gold necklace and after a few weeks; he noticed that you had already bought the bracelet.
He figured you don’t get jealous because you know how to get things you want.
Although, when he was geeking out about Ruri-chan, he felt immense jealousy within you even though you were smiling and agreeing with him. After this he spends much more time with you and opens up more about his feelings.
He can still feel jealousy within you when you see things you want being owned by other demons, so he tries hard to give you those same things.
Tumblr media
Whether Mammon stealing your grimm or Lucifer giving you back-handed compliments, you never seem to be angry.
He’s interested that you don’t get mad, that takes some incredible patience.
Until one day, that patience breaks
It was when Lucifer was incredibly mad at Beel and Luke, after that incident you didn’t talk to anyone besides beel, diavolo, barbatos, simeon, solomon, and of course luke.
Everyone thought they merely upset you, but Satan knew you were fuming going as far as flat out ignoring them when they talked to you. Sure, you still did the work that Lucifer assigned you, but that was it. Not one word out of your mouth.
After that, no one dared to make you angry. They were thankful that after the belphie incident you only ignored him and not everyone else.
Tumblr media
It doesn’t really bother him; he knows not everyone is into sex as he is
Whenever he tries to rile you up, you just laugh and tell him to jokingly tell him to cut it out.
He doesn’t really care? Lol, he knows it’s not because you’re too innocent but just because you don’t really feel the need to express this kind of emotion.
Although if you end up indulging in lust, then he’ll be there to give you tips and help you anyway he can
Would always suggest himself in case you need a partner
Tumblr media
Confused baby
Who doesn’t enjoy eating? Are you okay?
You laugh and tell him you just don’t have an enormous appetite. He nods his head silently, happy because this means more food for him.
Becomes more worried when he sees you eating a lot less, always takes food to your room to make you eat know he means well but the food he takes just ends up being untouched and he always gets sad so you explain to him, “I know, you’re worried, Beel. But seriously, I’m alright. I just really don’t feel hungry. If I eat more than what I can take I might end up throwing up.”
He nodded understanding in but still brought you little treats, like little packets of biscuits, a small slice of cake, or just a few pieces of candy.
Tumblr media
Ok? If you have so much time in your hands then do his chores for him
Didn’t like you before, don’t like you now
Why can’t you sit still? Just- sit down will you?
Says he hates you but has a soft spot only he notices, like hell he’d let his brothers notice. Well, except for Beel.
When he always sees you doing something that requires all of your energy he just stares at you until you finish and if you still want to do something, he just drags you to the attic to sleep which you complain since you don’t feel sleepy but he just strokes your hair and starts talking that you desperately try to pay attention but feel you eyelids getting heavier.
You don’t notice his smile as he wraps his arms around you, sleeping with a small smile on his face.
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