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elsecrytt · 18 hours ago
HC: Waking Up With The Boys
Crossposted on Ao3 - just some headcanons about. Mornings with the Obey Me! Crew. Originally Barbatos wasn’t included, so, bonus for tumblr friends? Do I have tumblr friends? Hope I make some lol please enjoy!!! I gotta do something on this blog lol
-           Poor man probably wakes up at like 5:30AM sharp every day, starts a very specific morning routine for Maximum Productivity. He probably does work even in the morning before leaving for class, actually.
-           Considerate enough to let you sleep in, but he’ll wake you up maybe a half hour before you need to leave. Probably in a flirty way because once his routine is done, he is ready to go as the Lucifer we all know and love.
-           If you are enough of a morning person to catch him sleeping, you refuse to take a picture. God’s most beautiful creation sleeping peacefully beside you and you’re gonna share this vision with the world? Please. They can seduce the Avatar of Pride themselves if they want it so bad. Soft sleepy morning Lucifer is all yours.
-          Soft sleepy morning Lucifer dear god in heaven why did you make him like this how does he look this good at five in the fucking morning
-           A morning person? No, a Morning Star.
-          He’s absolutely gorgeous and very soff for you when he first wakes up. You can’t decide if you love his sleeping face or the drowsy smile he makes, lashes half-lowered at you, when he wakes up and sees you beside him. Black-red eyes, normally so sharp and piercing, linger on you with warmth and blatant affection.
-          Lucifer almost never makes himself vulnerable but when he sees you sleeping as he wakes up? He’s struck with a sudden understanding of what people mean when they say they just can’t get out of bed in the morning. Even he doesn’t realize the face he makes, how he stares down at you like it’s his own hands he’s leaving in his bed instead of his lover.
-          There is a pride in being trusted, in how you let yourself be defenseless before him, how you feel secure enough to cling to him despite the threats he’d issued to you in the past. How you shiver for lack of his company. It swells inside him like a weight, the intoxicating and heavy feeling of being needed, wanted, of being valuable beyond measure to his mate.
-           The weight of this pride is comfortable, reassuring, like the feeling of your arm around his waist as he lays beside you
-          On the rare instance he gets to sleep in, he’s likely to hold you until you struggle out.
-           If you really want to leave, he’ll let you, but like… why? You’d have a hard time leaving the bed at least, even if you just wanna sit up and do something on your phone while he rests his head on your thigh.
-          He probably likes to pet your hair before he leaves the bed. You get dressed yourself but he will absolutely look over your ensemble, straighten any stray locks, tug your uniform into place here or there. Your reward is the winning smile he makes when he decides you look just perfect
-          C u d d l e
-          He may be your first man but in the morning he is a distinctly Last Minute Man. Unless you’re also the type to spend only 5 minutes getting ready, you’ll be waking up before him, extracting yourself from octo-Mammon’s grasping limbs.
-          Probably whines about it too, the big baby. But you wouldn’t be with him if you didn’t find that absolutely heart-wrenchingly endearing, and god, when he gives you that bleary, misty-eyed desperate look, croaking out for you to come back, just a few more minutes babe…
-          He is a graspy needy greedy boy but he doesn’t actually fight you and lets you disentangle yourself freely, grumbling and whining about it all the while. You can even feel his hands running towards whatever bits of your skin are uncovered, just to get that last touch and feel of you before you go.
-          Mammon never holds you too tight or keeps you from getting up when you try. He only ever asks you to stay.
-          Unfortunately you are in love with Mammon so It’s Super Effective!
-           Levi actually said that once waiting for you two to get up. Bastard.
-          Weak!!! You are weak!! Lucifer blames you at this point because you were supposed to have the brain cells in this relationship! Instead you are putty! Play-doh!! A Mammoron!! You are never going to get any breakfast from Beel at this point! F O O L
-          It’s okay your First Man Demon has a nice little café you can both run through on your way to RAD for a little breakfast bite. Eventually Satan or Belphie will start hiding away a plate for you, too. Not Mammon, though. He starves like a dog, and begs food off you like one, too, much to the entertainment of his brothers (your plate has an extra large serving just for that).
-          If you don’t need to get up early then it’s just a matter of whenever one of you really really needs to pee. Or gets super hungry. And even then, you’d better stay out so he slinks out of bed, and scrambles down the stairs or through the hall to wherever you are as soon as he gets dressed, just a little but more rushed than usual. If you come back to bed too soon he’ll just give you the old puppy dog eyes, sad and scared, like he must have disappointed you, like the Great Mammon isn’t enough… won’t you please stay with him…
-           Oh yeah sure he’s your clingy little bitch who’d do anything for you but ultimately you are completely whipped for your clingy little bitch so you’re going to get your ass back in bed with him and you know it. So stay up and about and your good boy will come to you.
-          It’s emotionally damaging how he looks so good in the morning when he straight up doesn’t even try. Mammon doesn’t even shower in the morning, only at night before bed, to maximize the time he can spend being asleep in your arms, or with you in his.
-          How does his hair look this good when he only barely combs it? You ruffle it on the regular, it feels like you’re sinking your fingers into clouds, the softest white down imaginable, while he hums and blushes and beams and makes the most pathetic excuses you’ve ever heard about how lucky you are to get to pet him. Boy is literally purring in your lap while he proclaims he doesn’t like this kind of thing or anything, but he’ll let you do it.
-           He’s right tho. He’s so right. You’d kill for this. But only good boys who admit their feelings get to hear that kind of talk and Mammon usually takes the kind of coaxing better done at night than at morning.
-           You would also kill to have hair like this though because what the fuck Mammon he’s literally a model, he doesn’t need to practice any hair care or skin care beyond the barest of essentials, you can muss his hair however you like in the morning and he still comes out looking gorgeous just how the hell is this fair!!! How!!!
-           And he’s dating you! This hot mess of a man demon!!! All yours!!! How!!
-          This man doesn’t even attend class most of the time lmao what did you think you were getting into when you got into that tub with him, hm?
-          Octo-mammon ain’t got nothing on our tail boy. You’re wrapped up beside him in a tub, curled into one another, limbs fitting together in whatever way felt comfortable at the time. The slightest move messes with the jenga (you know that tail is gonna squeeze you a little out of reflex) and you won’t be able to leave without waking him up.
-          Why are you leaving? Why are you abandoning him? What did he do wrong – no, of course you’d ditch him at the first chance, he’s just this loser otaku, ugh, who wouldn’t –
-          It’s grating to deal with for sure but Levi’s hangups are a part and parcel of who he is. Reassure and comfort in the way that works best between you; after a while, he’ll probably get the gist of it.
-          Very awkward stumbling out of the tub and extracting yourselves from the mess of limbs. When he just lifts you up with his tail you nearly have a heart attack okay that was fucking hot do it again Levi
-          No morning routine here, just blushing, turning around for you to get changed, telling you – “No! No, you don’t have to leave, just – just look at the wall! Look at Henry 2.0!”
-          You might be able to catch him in a mood every now and then, though. Half asleep, half awake, not quite 100% aware of everything going on around him. Only barely avoids stumbling into things. He’s so cute you could die.
-           Days like these, Levi will hold your hand absentmindedly, help you into your RAD jacket, or let you help him into his, not really thinking about what’s happening, just unconsciously accepting your help and your presence.
-           It gets as far as you pulling him down the stairs by his arm; he follows obediently until the dining hall’s lights get in his eyes, his brothers are there and he’s holding hands with you AHHHHHHHH
-          Be prepared to be woken up at strange times though, when there’s some event going on or some other, anything that he has to wake up early for, he totally will, and the jenga of inextricable intimacy goes both ways.
-           It’s cute tho cause if you do your best to pretend to still be asleep you get to catch how he quietly panics to himself about maybe waking you up, and then gently sets you back down, carefully attempting to settle you into a comfortable position without him.
-           And then the thought of you being comfortable without him gets to him, and he kisses you goodnight, runs his fingers through your hair… and maybe the tail comes out, just long enough to reach back into the tub where it dips in to graze your fingertips. Since you’re not actually asleep, you grasp at them, making him freeze and shiver before he continues on.
-           (When Levi doesn’t actually wake you up, and you stay asleep, you act just the same, which is why he doesn’t realize it when you're only pretending to be asleep)
-          Not a morning person but also not too grouchy, he’s not the type to make much of a fuss. Surprise surprise, he’s a lot like Lucifer here; gets up, gets himself ready, commits the appropriate crimes against fashion, heads downstairs for breakfast.
-          He’s a bit of a tease so he’d totally leave you in bed if you’re the type to sleep in and you don’t wake up to one or two casual pokes. Waking you up 10 minutes before you have to leave and holding out your jacket to put on you himself when you get dressed like the wicked demon he is.
-           dw he’s got a snack for you saved from breakfast in this case. He’s not a monster, you know. He wouldn’t do it multiple days in a row, either. He’s read about the importance of breakfast in a human’s daily routine.
-           Are you gonna like Satan when he decides you absolutely will wake up right now no five more minutes? Is he gonna care? No and no, unfortunately this SOB is well aware that you love him and he can do no wrong even when he bullies you.
-           But YEAH the little shit is always sneaking soft glances at you. If you’re the type to sleep in really late he’s likely to just snag something (or a couple somethings) from the breakfast table to watch you sleep in his room. He finds it charming – calming, even.
-          If you wake up on time, he’ll get ready with you. 0 shame about undressing or dressing himself in front of you, but if you have any, he’s gonna laugh and tease you.
-           If you wake up before him, you might have a shot at sneaking looks at his cute sleeping face… Lucifer was right he’s so deceptively sweet and smiling and then those electric green eyes pop open and he’s blushing and smirking at you both at once.
-           Killer demon instincts, lovestruck bookworm boyfriend.
-          Extremely difficult to bully back because of killer demon instincts. If you wake up earlier than him, you’re likely to wake him up, too, as you walk around. He’s a pretty early riser but you’ll get some grumpy looks if you’re an even earlier one, and he might give you trouble leaving the bed if you’re always leaving so early.
-          On free days he will happily hold you securely against him and completely ignore any attempts at escape. He’s reasonable, though, if you promise him you’re just headed to the bathroom, but he won’t take that excuse a second time if you try to make an unsanctioned escape. You’ll have to make up for his loss somehow…
-          Probably the best out of all of them at keeping you in the bed tbh. Satan has no problems offering you incentives to stay in his arms; cuddling, sexy times, or even the legendary power move… he pulls out a book, settles you sitting back against his chest, rests his chin on top of your head, and starts reading to you. What are you gonnna do about it? Leave?
o   This will go on for hours, or the whole day, as time permits. Sometimes even if it doesn’t, particularly if that means problems for Lucifer… or if he just needs some time to recharge with his favorite person.
-          Another morning routine man, this time for skincare and beauty purposes. You think his face is naturally this clear? Nah, he works for this, babe, and he’ll work for yours too if you let him.
-          Probably thinks it’s cute if you wanna sleep in tho. If you wanna be zombie and let him wash your face and brush/style your hair while you’re half asleep he’s gonna be all over that, thinks it’s the most adorable thing in the world.
-           Most mornings there might not be time, though, if you desperately want to sleep in then he’ll let you, although it would be very cute if you were a heavy enough sleeper for him to dress you while you were asleep~
-          TOP TIER CUDDLING RIGHT HERE. When the time permits. Probably better at it than Belphegor tbh. He knows your sleeping position(s) very well and what places you feel comfortable having pressure put on, can read your body language like a book, and has loads of experience in bed – what, you didn’t think he only meant that, did you? So naughty, darling~
-          He is a slut. A snuggle slut. Little cuddle whore. Absolute bitch for a good spooning. Yeah, you like that Asmo? Like that leg over your thigh? The arm around your waist pulling you close? Filthy needy cuddly boy. It’s disgusting. You’re so fucking into it.
-           The only consolation is that he’s actually pretty floored by this sort of talk. Asmo pulls out his usual “Awww, you’re so cute!” and “My heart is racing!” quickly enough but it’s pretty obvious you’ve got one over him. He buries his face in your shoulder and wails that he likes you too much and fuck you’ve never seen him this adorable before
-           It doesn’t last long though because he turns it right back around. Asmo platonically calling you a his cute little snuggle slut is unlocking in you a level of horny you weren’t aware even existed
-          Will his cute little cuddle babe give him your hand so he can do your nails this early in the morning?
-           Of course you will, you are wildly infatuated with him and being doted on this early in the morning raises your heart rate enough to actually wake you up. Even if you do feel completely comfortable with him, it’s not like you can fall back asleep while he’s awake and giving you all this attention
-          He’ll pick out your outfit for the day, every day if you let him, and even help you into it.
-           Asmo makes an adjustment here or there to your RAD uniform – maybe he ties a certain knot into your tie, rolls up your sleeves or leaves your buttons undone a certain way, just a special, stylish touch depending on what he thinks suits you. It is stylish and when you don’t have him to put it on you’re a little at a loss.
-          Gives you a kiss before he gets out of his bed for his morning routine, probably plays with your hair. Just one more kiss before he’s off to wash his face – two, three – a peppering of showered kisses. He’s so excited to be able to kiss you good morning, too, it’s energizing for you as well.
-          Resident soff boy. Always awake in time for breakfast, and he’ll wake you up for it. If you sleep in, he will save you a plate – aren’t you lucky~
-           Even if you are a heavy sleeper he is more than capable of lifting you up out of the bed, sitting you down, tugging you out of your nightclothes and into your RAD uniform. Beel knows all the nice, gentle ways of waking up and taking care of a sleepy person, and several less than nice ways if you can bring yourself to fight the demon incarnation of a big, fluffy Saint Bernard
-          Probably showers in the morning as well as later on in the day, being an athlete. Will be totally comfortable showering with you if you are so inclined.
-           This is the method by which you, if you are particular about these sorts of things, are able to select his body wash and shampoo/conditioner. Beel will absolutely lean down or even kneel before you if it means you’ll touch his hair all nice-like.
-           The absolute balls on this man, telling Mammon he had a ‘lame, goofy smile’ with the way he beams at you like a puppy getting petted while you scrub his hair. What a goddamn hypocrite. And who says there’s anything wrong with a big goofy grin? You’d kill or die for Beel’s dopey, beaming face, thanks.
-          Dries your hair very nicely with big, warm hands. He loves running his fingers through it; long or short, just the brush of your hairs against his fingertips as he works the heat from your scalp to dampen the wet away. Will happily use a hair dryer if your hair is long or you’re more style-conscious/pressed for time
-          Wakes up at a pretty normal time but if you get up early, he’ll just get up and start getting ready alongside you without complaint. Beel being earlier to breakfast has certain… effects on the household but that’s Lucifer’s problem, not yours.
-          Probably the least cuddly out of all of them in the mornings; he’s great for snuggles when he’s got a snack or he’s tired from a big workout and an even bigger meal, but other than that, he’s a pretty active person. Even when you can sleep in he’s likely to wake up, gently extracting himself from however you are entangled and getting himself ready before he comes back to you
-           Will probably bring back food for you and feed you breakfast in bed. It’s not like there’ll be leftovers, anyways. He’s a gentle, chill giant, but also he’d be completely unabashed at the prospect of licking food off your fingertips or vice versa.
-           He works out; he’s not one to lay in bed all day. Past any breakfast in bed he’ll be tugging you out of the blankets, lifting you up, trying to get you to be active and start your day. He knows that sleeping too much is no good, after all.
-          “morning”? sounds fake
-          You probably have to drag him out of bed a lot of the time. Sure he could manage on his own but with you in bed with him Belphie just does not see the point bro. Just stay in there with him. Take another nap. Cuddle a bit. C’mon…
-           Sure Beel will help you tug him off the mattress but that’ll require you to get up and off the mattress, first.
-           Beel might normally help him get dressed, but that’s your job now that you’re responsible for getting him into something resembling wakefulness. If he sleeps so much, he should be able to wake up on time! Sloth is no joke.
-           But he’s so fucking adorable when he’s sleepy and you’ve coaxed and cooed him into being unresisting as you dress him up. And yeah, maybe the careful way you undress and dress him is a part of why he lazes around, sitting up, standing, and helping you where absolutely necessary… he does love having you do the work for him.
-          W A R M
-          He’s like an actual demon on your shoulder, except giant-sized and cute, constantly tempting you with his big, soft pillow, and his silky hair, and his calm, easygoing demeanor. Sloth demon says it’s nap time all day every day.
-          Most likely to try and convince you to come back to bed even after you’re dressed and dragging him down the stairs. His success rate is not 0%
o   Levi’s commentary to this effect is summarily rejected, but of course Belphie thinks it’s funny.
-          It’s a good thing he’s so close with Beel because otherwise you’d never get anything. But the big brother of the pair keeps you fed, despite his own misgivings.
-          Clingy clingy sleepy boy. If he were to drift back into consciousness while you were asleep, he’d have absolutely no plans of waking you up, at all, ever, and would probably go back to sleep quickly, himself. But…
-           Always happy to adjust his position, your position, for maximum comfort. He is a comfy cuddler who likes to rest part of himself on you, or part of you on him, or any manner of arrangements between the both of you and the pillow.
-           Looking at your cute sleeping face sure does things to him. You’re so peaceful and vulnerable and close, right next to him, sharing your warmth with him. It’s been a long, long time, since he’s really had anyone but Beel, who’s much bigger than him, and all hard muscle and demonic strength, for all his gentleness. You’re soft and fragile and human, and feel so so good to rest against.
-          He always wakes up surprisingly quickly after you do – it’s just the getting him up that’s difficult. And with him, it’s always the same refrain – five more minutes, ten more minutes, another hour, come on, whatever you had to do today wasn’t that important, really…
-           Good luck removing him from the bed when he doesn’t have any RAD. If it makes you feel any better, you can probably sit up in bed and let him lie against you while you do whatever. He’d prefer you resting against him but he’s happy to accept just your warmth at his side. He always wins, anyways; everyone has to sleep eventually.
-          We all know Barbatos wakes him up. With his energy levels and massive enthusiasm for basically everything, he is probably morning person. Likely sleeps at the same time every night after years and years of routine. He’ll drag you into it if you’re sharing a bed with him, give or take half an hour.
-          You actually feel like you’re sleeping with a several-thousand-year-old man because as a morning person, he’ll go to sleep early and wake up early. 11pm no longer exists.
-           He does go to parties every so often but now you know more about how he never seemed to be around at the end, or walked you home or whatever – you’d assumed he left early like a true celebrity, but no, he’s like? Straight up headed to bed like the old man he technically actually is.
-          It’s a good thing he wakes up early, too, because he’s a heavy sleeper and a pretty large guy. Diavolo isn’t necessarily clingy like some of the others, but he doesn’t need to be; he can peacefully fall asleep with you in his arms precisely because there’s absolutely no escaping him until he wakes up.
-           Of all the demons on this list, except perhaps for Mammon, his control is the most impeccable. Even in his sleep he would never squeeze you too tightly or crush you too hard against him. But he will adjust and re-adjust, ever aware of your weight in his arms, tug, and pull you close, stopping just short of the threshold of your discomfort, and no amount of resistance will so much as stir him unless you’re straight up willing to bite.
-           Unlike Mammon, though, Diavolo was never an angel. He was born a demon, through and through, and his unconscious desire will keep you by his side, against him, where you’re safest, where you’re his, where he can keep you happy and keep you with him
-           It’s okay, Barbatos will set you up with an alarm or a taser under your pillow or something. dw about Diavolo, he’s a powerful demon, he can take it like a champ. He’s got the good graces to be ashamed about it when he wakes up, but what can ya do when you’re a future demon king and you’ve always been given everything you wanted, all the time, and the human you want most in the world is in your arms right here and now? Not hold them?
-          Most of the time he’ll wake up before you, though. Diavolo sees your cute sleeping human self and He Literally Can’t. He Cannot Even. You are. Too cute. Too precious. Congratulations, you can make a (future) Demon King squee in your sleep.
-           He just barely manages to stop his unbelievably loud laugh while he watches you sleep because he is a Good Boy
-           The type to get up, get dressed (Barbatos might actually help him with that in the morning lmao), and then just watch you while you’re sleeping. Listen, you knew he was a demon already, you signed up for this. He can’t get enough of your sleeping face, your docile form that he can arrange on the bed however he wants. Maybe he sits up against you in bed, rest your sleeping head in his lap, against his chest, in his side, relishing in the comfort of your presence.
-          A good match for a grumpy morning person because this bastard radiates Morning Demon Energy. He is awake and he is happy about it and if you aren’t happy about it he’s going to be aggressively happy in your direction until you are.
-           He may or may not be able to help you get dressed or do any morning routing stuff but he definitely likes to fiddle with the collar/tie of your uniform or put on your jacket. It’s a new sort of experience for him, doing that for someone else, and he will jump on any opportunity to engage with you and feel helpful
-           Ugh, morning people, right? God he’s just so stupid and tall and handsome and his smile is so bright and dumb and friendly and he’s always so cheerfully oblivious to other people’s feelings, yet heartfelt sometimes.
-           and he makes a really really good big spoon
-           and cuddles super well and can pick you up and hold you in any position so easily, he’s so strong, god that fucking BODY
-          Night Owl man for sure. Has about a million ways of keeping you up with him throughout the night, only some of which are lewd. To be fair, it’s all very enriching – either to studies or to your relationship with him. He has a lot to talk about, even if he somehow manages to say nothing about himself after hours of conversation.
-          “Routine” is probably a bunch of magical getting ready quick tricks. The bastard probably doesn’t even need to get dressed, just snaps his fingers and his clothes are hanging off him. He offers to help you though. Naturally, it’s his responsibility, since he was the one who –
-           Doesn’t actually always undress you but he’d probably always offer to help you get dressed. Your clothing may find itself lost or misplaced until you cave and ask him for help. Maybe one day you carry a little glitter pouch in your pants pocket as revenge, that’ll teach him…
-           Jokes on you Solomon is absolutely utterly into this shit and when you pull one over on him he is thoroughly delighted
-          Actually a very light sleeper (72 pacts ain’t super safe) but pretends not to be. You’ll figure it out eventually, he knows, but before you do, he’s hoping to catch you fawning over his sleeping face.
-          Lucifer may be god’s most beautiful creation but Solomon is possibly the most beautiful human. Oh my god. Look at this man. Fair hair, that smooth face with clean, sleek features. The only minus is that you can’t see his eyes but his eyelashes are white. What the fuck. Did Asmo give him beauty tips? Does he just have a spell? Are you under a spell??
o   Asmo can’t enchant you but apparently Solomon can do it in his sleep. His hair is too soft. He can’t be human, right? No human can make you want to pet his hair this much. Maybe him and Mammon are using the same hair products.
-          Solomon almost tears up a little bit feeling you stroke him and sigh as you ponder your lovesickness. He doesn’t recognize this feeling in himself. Vulnerability and shows of affection are things of the long-distant past.
-          He wakes up before you and doesn’t pretend, sometimes, because this is a novel experience too, having another human sleep so close to him. It’s been so long it feels like it’s never happened before, and it feels different now that he’s different; he’s been so disconnected and dissociated it feels strange to think of you as his love who is holding onto him, instead of another living, breathing human who will eventually wither and die.
-          For all his obnoxiousness he will totally teach you some magic tricks to streamline your morning routine along with him. Less time getting ready means more time chatting with him.
-           Asmo taught him to do makeup so he will do that for you the long way, actually, if you like, and his sense of style is really good. Well, you think it’s good. You think he looks good. Listen, if you were turned off by his strange fashion choices you would never have gotten this close to him to begin with, it’s really not that weird –
-           He’s just so happy he gets to touch your faaaaacceee he can’t remember the last time he touched another human’s face. It’s so soft! The feeling of your cheeks against his fingertips is warm and smooth and so pleasant to the touch, he almost doesn’t want to use a brush. He’s got to ask Asmodeus about skin care, you should preserve what you can, as best you can…
-           The funny part is that Solomon doesn’t fucking say any of this to you so he’s just standing there, smiling at your face like a creeper, humming contemplatively to himself while he strokes your jaw. Like, you’re into it, and you know what he’s actually thinking, but damn Solomon sweetheart this is why people call you shady
-          Has passed far beyond the realm of “morning person”. Time is immaterial to him. His day is separated into I am the Prince’s Butler and I am a Baker and recently I am a Boyfriend.
-          Yes he does sleep. He IS a demon and demons need sleep. There is in fact a bed in his room. How is this possible, you ask?
-          It turns out our dear sweet Barbatos is a FUCKING CHEATER
-          ABSOLUTE HACK
-           All of the doors in his room lead to different timelines, including the entrance. Barbatos can sleep until 10am in the morning in his room, and open a portal to 5am outside his room, then leave and start the day without changing the timeline at all.
-           This is okay though, because now you’re in on it, too. Barbatos takes great pleasure in being your cuddly morning boyfriend, with that added perk of permanently being allowed to sleep in.
-          No WONDER he always has the energy to deal with Diavolo all the time, and no wonder he never lets anyone in his room. This is where Barbatos rests, where he gathers his strength (and dear god does he need it), and rests, completely and utterly gone to the world, assured in the fact that he will never ever be disturbed.
-          Literally impossible to wake up before him. Future Barbatos, who’s already slept in, will always return with breakfast five minutes before you wake up. Where is the Barbatos of the present timeline? Who knows. Maybe only one of him can exist at once?
-           The only way to avoid this is if you tell him with your best pleading face that you want to cook breakfast with him… in which case he will still just wait for you to wake up whenever it suits you best, and then gently, with that terribly serene smile and significantly-less-dead-than-normal looking eyes, ease you out of the pillow and blankets, lead you towards the kitchen.
-           Probably doesn’t trust you with many kitchen implements when you’ve just woken up, even if you are a morning person. But you can lean over his shoulder and hug him while he works. Even if it makes it more difficult, Barbatos is never anything but happy for the challenge.
-           That the breakfast is always delicious, no matter how much of a part you have in baking it. It’s always healthy and balanced, too. If you’re eating it in bed, there’s probably more finger foods. He makes your favorites, but also introduces you to something new every now and then.
-          At this rate you are going to forget how to dress yourself. Does he also have a portal in his closet? To worlds of never-ending fashion and comfortable, stylish clothes which you can never seem to easily zip up all by yourself?
-          Showers with you to ensure you use the appropriate products at the right time. He carefully makes sure the water is not too hot or too cold, shampoos your hair thoroughly with excellent massaging skills; his nails are surprisingly long and just a little bit sharp, a gentle, soothing scrape against your scalp that helps you feel really clean. Then applies conditioner, making sure not to rinse out too much, scrubs you down a bit with body wash while the conditioner does its work.
-           If you shave he will help you shave. He’ll even shave for you (yes, he has done it for Diavolo, yes, he will help you shave anywhere, if you want it) and he never so much as leaves a nick.
-           Also carefully applies body oil or lotion either in the shower or as you dry off, in order to keep your skin soft and healthy. He does touch it a lot after all :)
-           Will style your hair like an absolute professional. Diavolo is always wearing his hair the same old way so if you’re interested he’d be THRILLED to try out some new things and hone his skills on you in that respect.
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iwannabehisbunny · 2 days ago
Obey Me! Squid Games AU Thoughts
So I just finished binging Squid Games with my mom and I really like it! But I also can’t stop thinking about a SquidGames!AU for Obey Me so here are my thoughts! Might write a fic or HCs later, who knows :)
TW: Mentions of violence, nothing explicit
Also Mild Squid Game spoilers!
So first things first! Who would play what roles?
My initial thought is that the demons are behind the game and they kidnap humans to watch them succumb to their sins in the games (Greed for the prize, Wrath at one another, etc.)
With that, I think the brothers would be square soldiers! High ranking demons who hash out the commands to the lower demons who would be the other pink soldiers
I am torn with Diavolo, though. Would he be the Front Man who answers to his father, one of the spectators? Or would he be player 001, the one who wanted to partake in the games he created while Barbatos is the Front Man? I could see them going either way, tbh.
Solomon and MC are players, obviously, but would the angels be special spectators? or would they also be players? Maybe Luke sits this AU out and Simeon is a spectator, or maybe he is the officer who infiltrates the game?
Maybe when he’s caught Diavolo takes pity on him and lets him become a player. A chance to live with a punishment for infiltrating
But! Think about the brothers being the pink soldiers and seeing MC, thinking ‘oh no, they’re really attractive’
Lucifer watching MC break their honeycomb and subtly giving them another one so they can keep playing?
Mammon and Leviathan finding MC in the bathroom late at night and giving them a heads up on the next game?
Beel giving MC twice as much food so they don't go hungry?
Satan aiming his gun at another human who was threatening MC even though they are supposed to let them kill one another?
Diavolo either not wanting the games to happen and having to watch MC put their life on the line, or Diavolo teaming up with MC because he realizes that the only way for them to have a chance is if they win?
Solomon catching MC when they fall during Red Light, Green Light, and MC passing Solomon half their bread when one of the other humans eats twice as much
Asmo giving MC bandages to cover any wounds they have, and Belphie giving them an extra blanket.
Barbatos watching and letting the boys do as they please, erasing the evidence of them interacting with MC before Diavolo’s father can see it.
The other humans would absolutely see the favoritism the demons have over MC (The lower soldiers can’t do shit about it) so they start to target MC
As the humans get more violent towards MC, the brothers get more reckless with their help
Leviathan straight up tells MC not to pair up with anyone for the marble game so they can skip it
MC is skeptical, but when they learn that by sitting out that meant both them and Solomon survived, they’re so relived
MC sneaking into the bathrooms to give their demon of choice a quick kiss 
MC makes it to the final round with Solomon and Simeon, they’re all eating at the triangle table with the brothers keeping guard around them. 
They don’t want those two to die, so they offer themself up to push the two farther
But the brothers don’t want that. Maybe they help Simeon and Solomon fake their deaths so MC can win and keep their friends alive?
Or it can go darker!
MC and Solomon being the last two, and MC watching Solomon kill himself because he wants MC to live on
Maybe instead of letting MC collect their prize and life their life, they get captured by their demon and kept forever.
Just,,, Squid Games but in Devildom!!!
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mammonsbby · a day ago
Love at First... Bite?
This is the sixth part of my “when he knew he loved you” series.
Lucifer | Mammon | Levi | Satan | Asmo | Beel | Belphie
Warnings: Cursing, food mention
Pairing: Beelzebub x GN!MC
Words: 2069 (nice)
7:13pm, at the House of Lamentation
It’s nearing dinnertime. Not that that truly matters, because Beel is always hungry. However, it is now almost time for an actual sit-down-as-a-family meal. And you’re on cooking duty.
He loves when it’s your day to cook. You let him sit in the kitchen with you while you work. And occasionally give him things to do to help. Even though he’s something of a liability when it comes to preparing food.
You’ve assured him that you don’t mind if he snacks on this or that while you’re cooking. It’s no big deal, everyone snacks while they cook, right?
Tonight, you’re making your favorite soup. It’s quite simple, but hearty and full of flavor. You’ve got the meat cooked and the broth is simmering on the stovetop. What you need to do now is chop the vegetables.
You turn to grab a cutting board and when you turn back around, you see Beelzebub about to take a piece of beef out of the pan.
Caught in the act, he freezes, eyes on you. Then he retracts his hand. “I’m sorry, MC.”
“Sorry for what?” you smile as you take a piece for yourself. Once you pop it into your mouth, you push the skillet toward him. “Help yourself. Just be sure to leave some for the stew, ‘kay?”
His eyebrows knit together at your words. Is this a trap?
“It’s good, I promise,” you say, pushing it even closer to him.
Finally, he takes a sliver of meat and when he drops it into his mouth, he’s amazed. It’s delicious. Easily one of the best things he’s ever tasted. How the fuck is it always so good when you cook?
“Well?” you ask, one brow cocked as you dust your hands off on a kitchen towel.
“It is good,” he confirms before taking another, smaller piece this time.
You haven’t told him this and you never intend to, because maybe it’s weird. Or it might make him feel bad. But, you always buy twice what you need when you have cooking duty.
Just so he can sit with you and snack while you cook.
You smile at him as you go to start peeling the potatoes. Once you’re through, you take to chopping them. You hand him a hunk of raw potato. And when he gives you a look, you eat a piece yourself.
“You like to eat raw potatoes?” he asks, concerned.
“I mean, it’s better with salt, but sure. It’s not like it’s a turnip,” you say, face twisting into disgust.
He chuckles at your logic and eats the vegetable. This process continues for the carrots and onions and celery. And finally, everything is in the pot.
“Well,” you start with a sigh, “now to sit and stare till it’s done.”
Beel nods, then reaches for another piece of carrot, only to come up empty. You notice the disappointment on his face. Luckily, you’re fucking prepared.
“Or… we can make dessert? I have a cake mix and some whipped cream and strawberries?”
“Sure.” he nods in reply. When you’re about to get things together for the cake, Satan enters.
“You let Beel in the kitchen while you’re cooking?” he asks.
You turn to give him a glare that Beelzebub can’t see, “yes of course. He’s a good helper.”
Beel smiles behind you. Come to think of though, he’s done nothing but eat the things you’ve prepared the entire time.
“Er, what are we having?” Satan asks.
“Beef stew. And... cake!” you say, waving the cake mix at him.
“That sounds nice. I’ll get out of your way. I just came down to get something,” he says, suspiciously taking a small saucer and a spoon from the cupboards.
“Uh, what’re you doing with that?” Beel asks.
“Uh…” Satan pokes his head out of the room, looking in both directions, before pulling out a small tin from his coat.
“Another cat?” you ask, instantly recognizing the can.
He puts a finger to his lips and nods. “Don’t tell Lucifer,” he says, before sneaking out of the kitchen back up to his room.
Once his older brother is gone, Beel sighs, “MC. You know, if I get on your nerves, I can go to my room.”
He sighs, “I mean, I’m not stupid. I know it’s aggravating having to deal with me.”
“That’s not true!” you argue. But from the look on his face, you can tell he’s not convinced. “Beel, I don’t know if you noticed, but I literally ate twice as many potatoes as you.”
“I like cooking with you, okay?” you pause for a moment to look into his eyes. “And as far as your sin. I just… I can’t imagine how it must feel. Like… all the time? I’m never gonna get mad at you for needing to eat. That’s ridiculous.”
Beelzebub merely fiddles with his necklace.
“Also,” you continue, “I was thinking that maybe we could get a mini fridge to put in your room. That way you wouldn’t have to come down here in the middle of the night when you feel snacky.” You look up at him and he’s still playing with his pendant.
“I mean, it probably doesn’t bother you, but it’s so fucking dark and creepy around here at night. I swear sometimes I feel like something is following me.” You shudder at the thought of anything that could be lurking around in the shadows.
“Following you?” he asks. Of course he latches on to that part.
“Yeah,” you answer, before starting to cut the tops off the strawberries. “I’m probably just paranoid, but I do not like being in the halls at night.”
“Oh. So that’s why you practically run to your room after dinner,” he says as you hand him a berry.
“You guys have noticed that?” you ask, embarrassed.
“Oh. Uh,” you don’t know what to say, so you just continue what you’re doing. And each time you cut the top off a berry, he holds out his hand to take it.
You’ve never heard of someone eating strawberry tops, but… you don’t make a thing of it.
“Hm, a mini fridge. That sounds like a good idea. I’ll have to ask Lucifer.”
“Yeah! Like, it would save you some time not having to come downstairs. And you could keep your custard away from the likes of Mammon and myself.” you say with a small smile.
“I’m still sorry about that,” he says with a grimace.
“We stole from you. You had every right to get angry,” you gesture with your knife. “Besides, I had fun staying with you while my room was getting fixed.”
“Mmph, yeah. And then you almost got killed for the third time.” Whenever he remembers the way you stepped between him and Lucifer that night, it makes him feel sick.
“Eh, worth it.”
He gives you a stern look, “worth it? How can you say that?”
“Compared to being killed by a nerd over a quiz. Or over a container of custard. Yeah… saving a friend is a pretty good reason to die,” you say.
After that, the two of you fall silent. Nothing but the sound of the knife as it hits the board. Then the mixer whirring as you combine several things in a bowl.
“MC, you’re a really good person,” Beel says suddenly. But you can’t hear him.
You shut off the mixer momentarily so he can repeat himself, “huh?”
“Nothing,” he says, taking a couple of pieces of strawberry off the cutting board. You give a smile and a thumbs up and continue your mixing.
As he watches you from his stool, his mind starts to wander. How much kindness can fit into one human? Is there a limit to it? Are all humans like you? And you’d really get along well with Belphie. He’s the only one who never gets aggravated at him for his sin.
Before he knows it, you’re popping the cake pan into the oven. The oven door startles him as you close it with a clang.
“Okay… thirty minutes,” you say, setting a kitchen timer.
“Oi, MC, is dinner ready yet?!” you hear Mammon yell from the staircase.
“Yes dear! I’ll bring it right out,” you say sarcastically, at a regular volume. But you know he’s heard you from the grumbling that follows.
“I was just wonderin’ is all,” he pouts as he steps into the room.
You laugh softly and pat his arm, “I was joking. Yeah, it’s about done.”
Beel can hear his brothers starting to trickle into the dining room, as if on cue. He looks up at the clock and sure enough, it’s 8 o’clock on the dot.
“Mams, would you put this on the table please?” you ask, handing the second-born a basket of rolls. Beel has no idea where you’ve produced them from.
“Uh, sure.” Mammon gives the two of you a look, then takes the bread to the dining room.
“Oh! Please don’t let me forget the cake. It won’t have time to cool completely… but that’s fine, right?” you ask, shoving the strawberries into the fridge.
“‘s fine with me.”
You nod to yourself, taking the lid off the pot. The smell of the stew fills the room.
“Smells nice,” Beel says. You smile as you stir it. Then you stick your head out the door to see all your demon housemates sitting at the table.
“Hey, you guys know I don’t deliver. Come get your food!” you shout, startling them all.
Beel laughs. And then comes the grumbling from outside, followed by chairs scooting back. You hand Beel the ladle and a bowl from the stack you’d just pulled down out of the cupboard. “Here ya go. Helpers go first.”
He beams before standing and coming to the stove. He fills his bowl to the brim, then heads for his seat at the table. You follow suit, squeezing past Levi on your way out the door.
Once everyone has finished their dessert, you stand to clear the table. You do so extremely quickly, grabbing the bowls from in front of everyone and dashing to the kitchen.
“Huh, excellent table service even if they don’t deliver,” Asmo jokes as you exit.
Once you’ve rinsed all the dishes and put leftovers away, you start to head for your room. Beel, however, surprises you. He’s waiting for you at the kitchen door.
“Oh, I’m sorry. I just put it all up. Did you want some more?” you ask, already opening the fridge. Beelzebub gently presses it closed.
“No. I came to walk you to your room.” he answers.
Your eyes widen, “oh. Thanks.”
The walk is a short one, of course. But Beel being by your side makes you feel much safer. When you reach your door, you turn to give him a hug, “thank you Beel,” you say against his chest.
“Um, you’re welcome.” he says, taken aback.
“Wait just a sec,” you say once you let him go. Then you dash into your room for a second before returning.
You press something into Beel’s palm, “thanks again. Goodnight.”
Once you close the door, the Avatar of Gluttony looks down to find a candy bar in his hand. He smiles and walks upstairs to his room. And once he lays down, he sets your gift on the night table and looks to the other side of the room.
Belphegor’s side.
He’s still not used to seeing the blankets flat, with no Belphie-sized lump under them.
“Belphie, I can’t wait for you to meet them,” he says aloud. Even though his twin is in another realm. It makes him seem closer. Makes their room feel less empty.
He imagines the three of you hanging out together and it brings a smile to his face. Then, he rolls over and looks at the candy you’d just given him. He can still feel your arms around him, face pressed against his chest. He blushes slightly. Then, hunger temporarily satiated, he falls asleep.
(A few hours later, when he wakes up hungry and heads to the kitchen as usual, he finds a bowl in the fridge labeled “BEEL.” He doesn’t remember putting this here. When he removes the foil, he finds the remainder of the soup you’d made for dinner. Oh… Fuck, Belphie, he really needs to talk to you about something.)
Thank you for reading! Please reblog!
If you enjoyed this fic, please consider buying me a coffee!
<3 Aerie
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leviathans-watching · 7 hours ago
I love your blog <333
I saw that the reqs are open soooo yeeee here I am
Can I request the reaction of bros when beel brings home a HUGE teddy bear (probably won one in a eating competition ;)) and gifts it to mc and mc is like 🥺🥺 aww I love this tq <3 and jumps and cuddles the bear
Plss this scene lives rent free in my mind
beel winning you a teddy bear
Tumblr media
includes: beel x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
wc: .5k | rated g | m.list
a/n: hello! tysm <33 i hope yuu like this and don't mind that i tweaked it a tiny but. thank you for requesting!! my inbox is open to chat, req, or leave feedback, so come talk w/ me!
please like & reblog :3
Tumblr media
“go beel!” you scream, watching him absolutely dominate. he’s participating in a hotdog eating contest held at a human world carnival and you can tell the other contestants are in awe of him.
beel grins at you even as he shoves another hotdog in his mouth, and you can’t help but grin back.
“30 seconds left!” the announcer says and everyone picks up the pace. it’s clear by now that beel is going to win but the others aren’t giving up easily. the clock continues to click and the crowd goes wild when it hits the last five seconds.
“the winner here is this young man,” the announcer says, clapping beel on the back, and you cheer again. “what’s your name?”
they go through the whole winning thing while you wait patiently, and eventually, you can approach him, pushing through the other contestants who are all clamoring to get advice from him.
“good job!” you say, wrapping him in a hug. “do you get a prize or anything?”
“they had some stuff but i haven’t picked yet,” beel says.
“well, what are you waiting for,” you say, nudging him. “let's go get a prize!” you’re perhaps more excited by him winning than he is, but your enthusiasm is infectious and beel certainly doesn't mind.
beel leads you over to the prize wall, gesturing to the stuff he can take. “i kind of like all of it, so i’m not really sure what to choose.”
“hm,” you say, tapping your chin as you examine the different options. “there’s a lot of cool stuff here. i like the bears the best, but only because they sort of remind me of you.”
“me?” beel echoes, sounding surprised. “how?”
“you’re both cute, for one,” you say, making beel blush slightly. “and cuddly looking, as well as stern but sweet.”
“you really think that?”
nodding your head, you wrap an arm around beel’s waist. “sure do!”
“then it’s decided,” he says suddenly. “i want one of the bears.” he picks a mellow-looking brown one, lifting it with ease. it’s huge, coming up to his waist, stuffed to the brim with cotton. immediately, he turns to you, holding it out. “here.”
“for me?” you ask, hesitating. “oh, no, you won so it’s yours!”
beel shakes his head. “i want you to have it. maybe you’ll think of me when you cuddle it.”
heart fluttering, you take the teddy bear, squeezing it. it’s as soft as it looks. “if you’re sure…”
“i am.”
“thank you,” you say, awkwardly trying to figure out the best way to hold it. “i’ll definitely think of you when i see this. but,” you shove the bear into one arm so you can reach beel, pulling him closer to you, “i definitely like cuddling with you more.”
“i’m glad,” beel says quietly, a small, somewhat shy smile curling around his lips. “i like cuddling with you too.”
Tumblr media
leviathans-watching’s work - please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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undead-merman · 11 hours ago
🔪Serial Killer Beelzebub and Belphegor🔪 as yanderes with an investigator GN- Reader
News of Killings
The headlines of newspapers and news broadcasts were going wild with the new streams of killings. Each of them is precise and left without any witnesses. The victim was put to sleep and then paralyzed by some sort of gas released into the places. Then when they passed out, their blood would be drained completely, not a drop left. 
People all around would discuss it, talking about their theories and warning people to keep their windows and doors locked up tight. It was affecting everyone’s daily life. You really had your work cut out for yourself. 
You started pouring yourself into the investigation, pouring over collected evidence, and you were pulled to a new crime scene every night. The smell of the gas was terrible and other cops on sight offered you gas masks at every turn. No matter what, there’s no motive you can find.
But you are able to find footsteps in one of the cases, finding out there is a duo, not just one. It gets more and more complicated as you go, but you slowly start to peel apart the layers.          
Hunting you
Soon after you start narrowing down possible suspects, the latest crime scene has a letter addressed to you in ransom note style, with different letters cut out of magazines and newspapers addressing you fondly, loving the game of cat and mouse you're playing and seeming happy you’re investigating them over everyone else. The squad working with you scans it and does every trick in the book only to find nothing. 
They offer you more home protection since they start leaving love notes at every crime scene. Leaving you gifts of flowers, your favorite CD’s, even small chocolates. They keep talking about how excited they are for you to try and catch them. 
They then start leaving treats on your windowsill. Flowers at your doorstep. They start getting more into your personal life and finding out more about you. 
One day, as you're staying up late pouring over the evidence, one of the cops you’ve been on the case with brings you a coffee. You’ve always felt safe around him; he seemed kind, and with his large stature you felt protected. He smiles at you and offers you some snacks, telling you that all these late nights must be getting to you. He comments that he got you your favorites. But your heart sinks since you just found out about this treat two nights ago and you hadn’t told anyone about this one. 
You see him frown sadly and he just mutters, "Oh, I messed up huh?" Trying to respond calmly, he’s pretty gentle but insistent that you need to come with him. He’ll tie you up and gag you so you can’t make any noise. Fight or panic, he’ll simply knock you out with one mighty swing while apologizing. 
Kidnapping you
You wake up bound to a cushioned chair and see someone different staring at you. His blue hair has white tips and tired looking eyes. He’s smiling down at you and playing with your bindings. You can see the cop who brought you here sitting not too far away, chugging something. Both crowd you and introduce themselves as the killers you were after. Beelzebub and Belphegor. They admired your dedication to your work and how you got closer than anyone had. They both admit that they’ve fallen in love with you and want to be one big happy family with you. 
Trying to deny them, Belphegor grabs your chin and stares down at you with a blank stare, telling you that you don't have a choice. Just accept their love. Accepting it leaves them both shocked, but they look thrilled. They smile at each other with squinted eyes and a toothy smile. 
They leave you tied up still. They bind you to a wheelchair so it's easier to move through their house. They feed you meals that Beelzebub whips together, eating meals at the dinner table with you. They play games with you, and they even try to learn new hobbies with you. It's a sickening mock of a family. They even keep calling you their sweet little spouse. Even if you protest, they stare at you blankly and say, "You are our spouse." Stop saying silly things like that. " 
When you ask them why they kill, they both smile, like you asked them about their favorite hobby. They explain that Beelzebub has an insatiable need to drink blood. He craves it and goes wild without it. Belphegor likes to watch people sleep and slowly wither away from Beelzebub drinking from them. They call it a family bonding activity. They tell you they'll be happy to include you when you're properly trained.
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rattlesnake-baby · a day ago
Tumblr media
i just found out rice crispies are actually made of rice and i don't know how to feel about it
like what can i make a curry with rice crispies cause technically they're rice
Tumblr media
“Are you sure it looks ok?”
You had told Beel that you wanted to buy some new clothes. The avatar of gluttony was so happy that you had invited him to do that. He was so enthusiastic about it. “Yes, cupcake. You look handsome in everything!” he smiled.
"Are you sure? I think my chest pokes out too much." you frowned at your body. as innocent as Beelzebub seemed, he wasn't an ignoramus to your body. He knew all the ins and outs of your body and he loved your body.
You and Beel were currently in a changing room for a clothes store in Devildom you had recently taken a liking to. "cupcake, I think your body amazing. Just because you may not have been born a guy doesn't mean you're any less of a guy." He hugged you and kissed your forehead.
He pulled his shirt up to reveal his chest and said "regardless, I've got a bigger chest than you!". he wasn't wrong but you'd expect that from him, he had a large chest on him. he plastered a joyful smile on his face, "anyway, why don't we pay for these clothes!"
you strolled out of the changing room, followed by Beel who was carrying all of your clothes. Beel was looking over the clothes in the isles once more just in case he saw something that he thought would look good on you. "come on Beel, its already 4:00. we've been in those changing rooms 3 times already." you sighed.
once reaching the store checkout, Beel plopped the pile of clothes onto the counter. While you waited for the store employee to scan all of the clothes, you and Beel discussed about the stores' strange way of decoration.
The employee began to put the clothes into a paper bag that had the logo printed out on the front. Your boyfriend picked up the bags for you as you began to walk out of the store. “Do you really believe everything you said earlier?” you started doubting again.
Beel looked at you with puppy eyes, “your body is so perfect and I love every part about it, cupcake. You may not think your body is attractive but just know that I find every inch of your body so handsome.”
You started to tear up from the compliments “thank you, beel.” He chuckled lightly. You two stayed silent on the rest of the walk home, however, it was a comfortable silence.
As you two arrived at the house of lamentation, beel plopped your bags of clothes on your bed. “You're the most handsome person I've ever seen in all three realms. You're even better looking than Asmo... Don't tell him that though”, beel hugged you and kissed your forehead.
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hinajiki · 5 months ago
I’m just curious, how do you think the brothers and dateables would moan? Breathy, raspy, heck even a “grandpa” who chronically smokes type of moan?
Tumblr media
𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐖𝐀𝐘 𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐘 𝐌𝐎𝐀𝐍 ft. om! brothers + dateables
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: lucifer, mammon, leviathan, satan, asmodeus, beezlebub, belphagor, diavolo, barbatos, simeon & solomon
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, descriptions of moaning & mentions of punishments and pet play
💭: wooo!! this was easy to write about! I also had so much fun figuring out how they moan- thanks for requesting <3
Tumblr media
this man is so quiet!!
the only sounds that you will hear are the sounds of him grunting when he climaxes
however, if you run your fingers down his horns to the base of them he will moan!
just be prepared for a punishment of course..
oh wow.. this demon WHINES
he's like a puppy begging for attention
at first, he'll try to keep quiet
but don't let him fool you
as soon as you buck your hips into his, he'll be an absolute mess for you
a whimpering mess!!
he pants like he just ran a full marathon, but sex is probably the only exercise he gets so it's probably accurate to say the least...
let's out little, sharp moans
literally sounds like an anime character
I mean, what do expect, he isn't a normie
if you have a pet play kink well...
this demon is the one for you
because he fucking PURRS!!
I kid you not, he'll purr into your neck while fucking you from behind like a cat on heat
if you do something that makes him lose his mind or you tease him, he will growl
obnoxious! loud! moans!
you think you're loud?
he is the KING of being loud
he loves sex and he loves himself
he wants that attention and he's going to moan for you because he wants you to know how good you're making him feel
this one was hard to decide
I think he's a heavy breather
definitely not too loud
but not quiet either
stutters when he climaxes
moans just to tease you
he loves to do it right up against your ear
loves the way you squirm at the feeling
other than that, he's like lucifer
pretty quiet overall
another loud one
he doesn't moan though
he groans and growls like a beast
he doesn't care if all of devildom hears him
he enjoys himself to the fullest
and he wants you to hear it all
stuttered moans
bites his lip a lot but some moans are able to slip through as much as he tries to hold it back
he tries to keep his personal life a secret
but sometimes he can't help but be loud when he's fucking you on the royal kitchen bench with flour going everywhere
you just feel too good...
oh my god no pun intended
this angel has some of the prettiest moans!!
they're so breathy and feminine
they're like music to your ears
he cries out when he climaxes
probably blushes after it too
probably the smoker here
most likely does some heavy shit
sexy grandpa! sexy grandpa!
raspy groans that tickle at your eardrums
however, he likes to dirty taIk instead of moan
he's too busy making you blush to make any sounds of pleasure
Tumblr media
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pen-observing · a month ago
Hi! If you will have any inspiration about this
What do you think would be little things that brothers would bring you as courting you? As like birds or penguins with rocks and sticks?
Thank you 💜
sjdaj this was fun! i did have an image of lucifer bringing feathers as a meme in my mind for a sec
what the brothers bring you while courting you/wanting to impress you:
He is what many would consider to be a classic idea of a man. Tall, dark, handsome with refined taste. Because of this he tries to be refined in what he brings you as well. Why should you two not share such traits?
Lucifer because of this relies on the extravagant, classic choices. Most of all – jewelry.
Rings, necklaces, bracelets – everything he sees while out on an errand that catches his eye.
He also tries to match some items with you. He has a golden pen, why shouldn’t you have one as well?
However, one thing that gets in his way is that: no matter how strong his impulse to buy or obtain rare jewels is – he cannot always give them to you.
He overthinks it.
‘if I give them two rings two weeks in a row, would that be too much? Would they then spend money to buy an outfit that matches it? Would the gifts lose their meaning if I don’t space them out? If I continue to give them so many gifts, they would feel responsible to return them so they would spend more money on me and we both know that I am the one who has more money so--’
All these thoughts come to him. Sometimes Lucifer even thinks that your pride would be hurt if he gives you jewels so often.
He tries not to go overboard but he knows that there is a whole desk drawer of little boxes just waiting for the right time to go to you.
No matter how much Mammon may chase gold and sparkles – he is no Lucifer and there is no way that he can just rely on jewels.
Sure, on very special occasions he manages to surprise you with them and that does make it more meaningful.
Mammon puts aside everything else and actually gets a job whenever your birthday is close.
So what else could be bring you?
He is well aware of how birds bring branches or rocks – how sometimes they even spend so much time flying high above and continuously dropping walnuts for others on the road until they crack. His approach is similar.
When you have issues or need to open something – he always offers himself.
It is a bit silly but being there for someone counts.
Besides this – every trinket that he sees somehow ends up in your room
Plushies, fun masks, nail polish that matches his, a leaf that fell in his hair while he was sleeping under a tree and dreamt of you.
He also brings postcards, magazines, photos you might enjoy.
Once he brought you a heart shaped stone and bragged about how his keen eye managed to observe it in the clean river!
Something in every corner of your room will be adjacent to him.
“What if I brought you branches?” “What?” “Nothing!”
He just wanted to ask!
Lucifer is impulsive in buying just one thing, Levi, however, is impulsive all around.
And that impulsivity goes in many directions.
He is able to use and calculate all his Akuzon points to make sure that you get 10 products instead of just 1.
He takes it very, very seriously.
Sometimes he buys you way too many snacks, other times he orders 5 costumes
Often his courting relies on the thought; what if we shared this!
His mind says that the more you have in common the better match you are.
This is why he brings matching keychains or slippers or even computer backgrounds and mousepads.
He still knows that ‘matching’ does not fully count but it really warms his heart when he sees that you are willing to share and indulge in those small things that would not really matter to others.
It gives him a confidence boost and reassures him that you are in fact open to him.
However, something still has to be yours alone.
Yours alone, from his hands and he needs to make sure of that.
Levi does bring you pearls like penguins do.
And he did in fact spend a long time underwater making sure he brings the best ones.
Just... never show him the video that trended of a female penguin cheating on her partner in the human world.
Satan, no matter how much he tries to deny it, is in many ways similar to Lucifer.
He might dress the way he does but he tries to be a classic gentleman in this regard.
He does bring jewelry too – however he never brings it without a deeper, more profound reason.
‘so what if this ring is rare? What does it matter to them? Nothing.’
He has to hear you say it is very pretty to give it to you.
The necklace needs to remind him of your eyes or he is not buying it at all.
Because of this – he is very picky so few gifts are of this nature.
What else does he bring?
Satan writes you notes all the time.
Sometimes they are there to remind you of water or meals, other times they are short quotes.
In fact, he brings you annotated books; lines that remind him of you; quotes of feelings he knows thanks to you.
He brings you parts of himself and looks for parts of you in everything.
This is his idea of courting.
And don’t be surprised to get letters (wax made by him) under your door even if you live close by.
Unlike the others, Asmo has no problems with giving you whatever his own impulse says to.
Why should he hide these 2 perfumes that he bought thinking of you and wait for 3 weeks to present them to you?
No, do it right then and there because your heart felt the love or do not do it at all!
Because of this, his impulse costs a lot. Only second to Lucifer.
Asmo wants to give you luxurious things but he knows that jewelry alone can get boring rather fast and is limited by time and fashion and practicality etc.
So he gives you luxury in everything.
New lines of fragrance are yours as well as his, new skin care products that few humans can buy just show up at your door.
Does he also give you framed photos of him? Yes
Does he give you best silk? Also yes.
Why should the two of you not enjoy these things? You deserve it after all.
Still, Asmo is very sentimental too.
He gifts you photo albums of things that make him feel so. Memories of trips and walks; of sleepovers and quiet nights as well.
Yes, luxury is there but this small pretty pen is cheap and has hearts on it! He simply has to give it to you!
Beelzebub knows the ‘proper’, ‘correct’ or expected ways to court someone.
He knows what gifts others give and why.
But, all of that seems vanity or showing off to him.
It just wouldn’t feel right to give you a framed work of art or color stones that glimmer if it does not really awake something.
His gifts are as gentle as him.
Yes, food is the most obvious choice but he really does worry if you are eating well because humans are fragile.
Flowers that he sees in shops or on walks.
While once walking with Luke he saw some and said how pretty they would look on you. Luke taught him to make flower crowns for that reason.
Most of his gifts are handmade.
He wants to help you on his own no matter what.
The most consistent gifts however are those that you said you needed.
Doesn’t matter when you said it or how, maybe it was just a passing thought, but he remembers and he gets them for you.
it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he manages to mix up all of these ways and refuses to settle down on just one type.
This is because he is similar to Beel.
Beel gives you thinks you said you needed; Belphie gives you those you did not even notice.
He is constantly observing you and being as smart as he is – nothing escapes him.
You don’t have to complain how you grew bored of your boots or how annoying those headphones are.
He just notices it and gives you new ones.
Sometimes he looks at you during a party in Diavolo’s castle and things that a necklace is missing and would actually be useful in the future as well; so, he buys it.
Books for assignments you are not aware you will need next year find their way to your table. Yes, it is a year but he is a published Devildom scholar so trust him with this.
Paintings, matching rings with stars, a keychain of some small alien from a human TV show etc.
He treads the lines of outlandish with luxury and simple.
Seeing you surprised no matter what because you never mentioned these things always brings him joy.
a/n: how tf do you spell jewelry is it this or jewellery or i hate his word pls
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takeaslicex · a month ago
The Obey Me! Demon Brother's + Making A Sex Tape Headcanons
Pairing: All Obey Me! Demon Brothers x Female! Main Character
Content Warning: NSFW (minors do NOT interact), sex tapes/filming yourselves having sex, oral sex (female and male receiving), vaginal sex, vaginal fingering, dirty talk, masturbation (female and male), doggy position, missionary position, cowgirl position, sex work, finger sucking, nude photos, semi-public sex, etc.
Word count: 2.8k+
Summary: So, you asked your demon boyfriend to make a sex tape with you. How’d that work out for you?
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
You’re not being serious, are you? That’s an incredibly ridiculous and obscene thing to ask. He has a reputation to uphold, and if someone found out? If Lord Diavolo himself found out? Absolutely not…
… Okay, but ever since you asked, he’s been thinking about it non-stop.
I mean, what are the chances of someone actually finding your sex tape? It’s not like anyone besides you is allowed to enter Lucifer’s room, and he knows enough spells from his thousands of years alive to protect absolutely anything he wanted.
So, one night, you walked into Lucifer’s room with his body pressed firmly behind yours with a hand covering your eyes. With his other hand on your hip to guide your movements, he halted your steps just a few feet away from his bed. By the sensation of his cock straining against his pants and pressing against the back of your thigh, and his fingers exploring your skin with the softest touch, you had a feeling that tonight would be fun.
But what you weren’t expecting, when Lucifer uncovered your eyes, was to find an expensive video camera and tripod a few feet from the end of the bed, and candles lit all over the room.
I think that Lucifer would do a sex tape the old-fashioned way, with a video camera positioned to cover the entirety of the bed for a few reasons. One, Lucifer is a classic and old-fashioned guy - why would he use his phone if he has a perfectly good video camera? Additionally, using a phone would take away one less hand from the equation - and he’s gonna need both of yours and his for what he plans on doing with you. 
Also, keeping your sex tape on a literal tape makes it easy to keep hidden. He’ll keep it locked in a drawer guided by a hundred different protection spells, hidden in his room that’s already under a protection spell, so it would be quite impossible for anyone to find it. Anyone can unlock or hack a phone.
As far as the actual sex tape goes, I think it would be nothing short of filthy. The video camera is able to get every single angle and position that he puts you in, and you know damn well he’s putting you into the most flattering positions so that when either one of you rewatched it, you’d see how well he pounds into you and fucks your pussy into next week.
Picture this: sitting in-between Lucifer’s legs on the edge of the bed with him sitting behind you, his legs dangling off the edge of the bed beside yours. You’re both facing the video camera head-on while he finger fucks you into oblivion with one hand while keeping a tight grip on your neck with the other, forcing you to look into the video camera as he talks you through your orgasm.
Or, would you rather imagine him pushing you down to all fours to face the video camera while he fucks you doggy-style?
“Smile for the video camera, sweetheart. This is what you wanted, is it not? Look into the video camera and beg for me, Y/N - let everyone know who the fuck you belong to.”
When you asked him, baby would absolutely be flustered as hell that you would want him fucking you to be filmed, but after he gets over the initial shock, he wouldn’t hesitate to grant your wish.
“I-I uh… I mean, yeah. Yeah! You want The Great Mammon to fuck ya on video camera, yeah? Fuck, human. You know all the right ways to get my dick wet, don’t ya?”
Now, unlike Lucifer, the action is happening on his phone rather than an actual video camera. Whether he’s holding his phone in one hand while he gets the perfect angle of you choking on his cock, or propping it against a pillow while you bounce up and down on his length while you’re sitting pretty on his lap, his phone captures your pretty moans and sighs better than any video camera could.
One of his favorite things to do on video? He would absolutely shove his fingers down your throat after he fingered you with one hand and hold the video camera in your face with the other, getting all those pretty choking sounds crystal clear.
I really hope you like the sound of Mammon’s voice, because you’re gonna be hearing a lot of it in your little sex tape, too.
“F-f-fuck, human! Taking Mammon’s cock like a fucking champ, huh? That’s my good girl - that’s my very good girl! Oh, fuck!”
Mammon would become so obsessed with your sex tape that he’d watch it all the time. One time, you walked into his room, your books in hand and ready for a quick study session when your moans, clear as day, sounded from his phone. You stopped once you realized what he was watching, but it was his dick in his hands that made your eyes widen. Of course, you had to help him get off after that.
Oh, this isn’t a one-time thing, either. Once you guys have done it once, he’s going to want to do it all the time.
… But, the more that you guys filmed yourselves having sex, the bright idea that you guys could make money off of it popped into Mammon’s head.
So, you suggested the two of you make a sex tape, yeah? Now, Mammon’s suggesting that the two of you make a couples OnlyFans account - or, whatever the equivalent to that is in Hell.
Due to Mammon’s career in modeling, I think any videos or photos posted would be faceless to avoid jeopardizing his career. Additionally, if Lucifer somehow saw Mammon or your face on such a site, I think he would quite literally strangle the both of you. So, faceless content it is!
I don’t think he’d want to film the two of you fucking every single time that the two of you had sex - when he’s feeling his most intimate with you, which does happen frequently, he wouldn’t want to waste his time or energy filming it. It’s only when the two of you are going at it like fucking rabbits that he would suggest filming it, let alone uploading content.
You… you… you want Levi and you having sex to be FILMED?!?!?
Leviathan, like his older brother, would have to get over the initial shock of the question you asked before he agrees. However, he would absolutely agree.
So, you guys could get a video camera and make a sex tape that way, or you could use your phone, or… wait, Levi has a perfectly pristine webcam on his desktop, does he not? Yeah - you’re about to make Levi’s wildest fantasies come true and be his little camgirl.
So, yeah. Levi would absolutely fuck you in his gaming chair that he spent hundreds of Grimm on, filmed by his desktop that he spent thousands of Grimm on. How unfortunate it is that your back is facing the video camera while you ride his dick - but damn, do you look good fucking him in his favorite spot in the world.
Give the demon a blowjob while he’s leaning back on his chair like a king, and you’ll have Levi coming down your throat quicker than ever before.
“Fuck - Y/N! Jesus, you’re gonna make me cum all over my setup! Oh fuck, don’t you dare stop!”
Levi also has his ways of keeping your sex tape a secret, much like Lucifer. While your sex tape would be on his computer, he knows exactly how to hide it and put a bunch of passwords on it. He doesn’t need anyone else seeing you like that. 
Also - if you wanna make this demon go absolutely feral, leave a video of you fucking yourself on his chair when he’s not in the room. Just make sure you put it in a file where nobody else would find it.
One time, Levi came into his room to watch a new human-world anime that he illegally downloaded to his desktop. He paused, noticing an unexpected file titled “”. Upon clicking it, he almost died on the spot at the sight of you, your legs wide open and feet planted on his desk, fucking your fingers and moaning out his name.
Poor boy - you better never leave him, because you just exceeded all of his greatest fantasies. 
Out of all of the brothers, I think that Satan would be the most against making a sex tape. However, for argumentative sake, let’s say he’s down to make one with you. 
I don’t think that Satan would want to make a sex tape for the simple idea that he wouldn’t find it appealing or respectable, nor does he find it necessary. If you guys are already having sex, why does he need to film it? He knows where to find you if he feels like repeating what would be filmed.
However - I can think of one scenario where he wouldn’t be opposed to making a sex tape - out of jealousy. 
Picture this: Satan was walking to his dorm when he saw you disappear into Lucifer’s room. It was a completely innocent hangout with the eldest brother - he was tutoring you on your worst subject for an hour, and Satan knew you wouldn’t cheat on him in the first place. However, given Satan’s wrath and history with Lucifer, he was beginning to feel extra possessive after that.
Cue the end of your night. Satan has a video camera shoved in your face and tits while he fucks you into the mattress, getting the way your mouth falls open in bliss and your chest bounces in each thrust.
“You gonna flaunt this little ass around my brothers til the day you die, huh? Do they know who you belong to, kitten? What would Lucifer think if I sent him this video of me fucking your tight little pussy? Isn’t this what you wanted?”
Of course, Satan would never embarrass you like that by sending anyone your sex tape. But it’s not like the thought of making sure his brothers know who you belong to hasn’t crossed his mind. 
One thing I do think that Satan wouldn’t be opposed to in the slightest is nudes. I mean, all of the brothers would love it, but I think Satan would rather receive tasteful nudes from you rather than film a sex tape. 
One day after one of his classes, he had settled down to read a book while he waited for you to finish yours. Once he opened the book, he realized that his usual bookmark had been replaced with a polaroid of you - smiling oh so pretty for the video camera, and your tits out on display for him. Let’s just say you spend the rest of your day in bed with him. 
Do you… really even have to ask the Avatar of Lust? You might as well have just said “We’re going to make a sex tape”, and it would’ve been as casual to him as talking about the weather.
However, the second he heard your request, Asmo could practically hear the wedding bells. You’re so perfect for him! He loves it when you express your desires and is down to do anything in the bedroom.
“Oh Y/N! I thought you would never ask! Let’s start right now, baby. How do you and your beautiful desires want to do this?”
Asmo is down to make a sex tape in any way that you desire. Do you want to make love in the jacuzzi while being filmed with a video camera and tripod? Do you want the perfect mood lighting that hits his flawless skin and soft hair just right on your phone while he goes down on you? Or do you want his phone propped up on his vanity while he handcuffs you to the bed and fucks you relentlessly? Do you want him to fuck you with one of his toys, or do you want to cum around his cock? It’s entirely your choice. 
You know those perfect Twitter porn videos where the couple looks flawless, the background is pretty, and the sex is achingly good? Yeah, those are the kind of videos I think Asmo would make with you.
“Uh…! So pretty, baby. Don’t stop - I’m almost there, cum with me, yeah? Cum with me, darling!”
Just like Mammon, I also think that Asmo would be down to make an OnlyFans with you - but not for the money. I think he would want to do it as a form of sexual expression and to share with the world your beauty together and how well the Avatar of Lust gives it to you. 
He’d be public as HELL about it though because you know he doesn’t care at all. He’d be posting a photo on his Devilgram telling everyone that your shared OnlyFans account is having a sale that week. 
I think Beel would be extremely confused about why you’d want to make a sex tape with him, and it could take some convincing to get him to actually want to do it. I really cannot see him actively wanting to film a sex tape, but I can’t see him being opposed to it either. 
Beel would ask you why you want to make sex tape - and not in a rude or judgemental way, but he’d be genuinely curious as to why you’d want to do that with him.
“Oh… okay. That makes sense, Y/N. We can do that. When did you want to make one?”
I don’t think that any sex tape with Beel would be some performance like some of his brothers, but he knows how to bring you to orgasm, so the job is getting done either way.
However, I think that Beel could switch up easily between making love to you and fucking the absolute hell out of you. So, if you decided to make multiple sex tapes, then there’d definitely be a switch up between him softly worshipping your body or making you cum all over cock repeatedly. 
I don’t think he would care at all if you started filming him eating you out - he eats you like a starving demon in the desert, and in case he ever gets ‘hungry’ and you’re not around, it’d be the perfect thing to tide him over until he can recreate the video. Your moans of pleasure are just so delicious.
“Hold still, pumpkin - I’m still hungry. Make sure the video gets all your pretty moans, too.”
If you want to make the demon lose his damn mind - send him a video of you fucking your fingers while he’s working out, or while he’s at practice. He’d be so hungry that he wouldn’t be able to think straight until his tongue was inside of you.
I could also see him letting you prop your phone up in the kitchen pantry while he fucks you against the door or pantry shelves, the sight of falling boxes and bags of food falling to the floor while you get relentlessly pounded into the shelves.
Belphie would be down to do it, but be prepared to do all the work for this lazy demon. You’ll be handling the camera this time!
I imagine that sex with Belphie is a lot more intimate and softer than his brothers would go on you, and not just because of his sin. He has a very soft and adoring personality for the ones that he loves (Beel, in particular), so I imagine that any sex tape that you make with Belphie would be just as soft. Don’t mistake that for him not being able to bring you to orgasm, though. He knows exactly how to make you cum.
So, that being said, I think that any sex tape that you make with Belphie would be so nice. Imagine riding his dick while he lies back against his fluffy pillows and blankets in the attic room - one hand filming, and the other exploring the skin on his stomach. The video would be able to get Belphie’s soft moans and mouth falling in ethereal bliss, his eyes in awe as he watches you ride him like an angel.
“F-fuck, Y/N. You’re so beautiful riding my cock like that. Are you g-gonna cum all over my dick for the camera, baby? Is that it? F-fuck!”
I think that Belphie would appreciate making a sex tape with you more after the fact - that way, when he’s at his most lazy and in need of your comfort when you’re not around, he can watch how flawlessly you ride him and make himself cum before he falls back asleep.
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long-furby6 · a month ago
The Younger Brothers Realizing They Have A Crush
What I probably should be doing rn is getting through all the asks I have in my inbox but not finishing this idea was bothering me for the past few weeks so here. I also want to do one for the side characters sometime
Also @backalleykat since they asked to be tagged 👌👌
Tumblr media
Satan realizes he likes someone when he starts mimicking them
It doesn’t seem like anything important, but to him, a demon who spent most of his life searching for individuality, it’s huge
He pauses mid sentence one day, blinking in surprise as he realizes what he just said was the same thing you always did, and the realization that a few of his recent small habits came from you came right after
Did he really spend so much time observing you without even realizing it? Enough to pick up on your seemingly insignificant mannerisms?
Asmo’s just staring at him like ?? Cause he’s still standing there with his eyes wide 💀
After that realization, he suddenly can’t stop noticing every little thing you do. The way you walk, laugh, fidget, how you act when you’re nervous, or excited. He perks up immediately when he catches a sign of repressed anger, especially if it’s at Lucifer. Gotta see where that goes, ya know?
Eventually, you’re going to have to notice the amount of times he stares at you, only to quickly avert his gaze when you turn to look at him, a tint of red on his cheeks as he pretends to have been reading the whole time
Don’t bring it up though he will short circuit. He thinks he’s being sneaky
It’s also kinda ruining his life bc he’ll catch himself doing something he got from you in public or in the middle of a test and just… man he’s distracted now. How can you expect him to focus when the thought of you just entered his mind?
What’s worse, other people can probably see the flustered, panicked expression on his face as he scrambles to get back on task
You Are Killing This Man Softly
Tumblr media
Asmo realizes he likes someone when he doesn’t think about himself around them
Ok, let me explain. In most situations, he’s always subconsciously thinking about how he looks in the moment, the way he acts, the words he’s saying. It’s not uncommon for him to move into an uncomfortable position or stand a certain way to ‘play up his natural beauty’
He’s constantly analyzing how other people are seeing him without even having to really think about it, it’s just an ingrained response at this point
After all, what if he wasn’t pretty? What if he loses all the people that have ever looked up at him in awe? What if he loses his only source of validation? What if he’s completely alone?
And most of all, how would you, the one person he puts above himself, have to say about it?
However, those thoughts seem to just… dissipate, when you two are alone
It’s not like he’s suddenly not insecure anymore, it’s more like he simply doesn’t think about it. When with you, all he can really focus on is the way your lips move, or that small spark in your eye when he says something that makes you laugh, and oh god, that laugh
Within 5 minutes tops, he’s doing things he wouldn’t be doing normally. Snorting when he laughs, saying things that are most definitely not cute or hot but plain stupid, sitting in unelegant, but comfortable, positions, and a goofy grin on his face, one that could only be pure and happy and, above all, genuine
Things that he’s usually suppressing the hell out of come out when you’re around. Which is strange, wouldn’t you be the person he wants to impress the most? Aren’t people usually overly conscious of themselves around someone they like?
In any case, seconds after you leave when his excitement dissipates and the memories start coming back to him, he freaks
Gotta stare himself down in the mirror and scream bloody murder
Please just. Play with his hair and tell him he’s good enough. Let him have some fun and goof off without astronomical amounts of alcohol. Let him lay his head in your lap and dramatically rant about his day while you add in equally dramatic agreements
Not only will it be wildly appreciated and make him near feral, but he’ll definitely try doing a few favours back
Tumblr media
Beel realizes he likes someone when he wants to impress them
He’s not exactly the type to care about what others think of him, let alone wanting to show off around them. He’s not Mammon, of course
So he was, undoubtably, quite confused as to why that changes around you
Picking up large objects that he really didn’t need to, working out twice as hard, saying some joke in a group of people and turning to you to gauge your reaction, then feeling heat bloom in his chest when you laugh or smile along, or the cold disappointment when you remain unfazed
He doesn’t realize it at first, but it seems that everyone else did. Even Luke mentioned it, pointing it out while Simeon smiled and agreed
Asmo, of course, was the most ruthless, constantly on his case about it and lowkey acts offended that he doesn’t try to impress him, too
He just tilted his head in confusion the first time it was brought up. Impress you? Why would he want to do that?
It suddenly hit him what exactly he wants from you. For you to be proud of him, proud to have him, for you to run your hands down his sides and tell him so with nothing but love and adoration in your eyes. It’s an embarrassing thought for him, but also a quite enticing one
If only…
He doesn’t deny it like SOME of the others. Instead, he accepts it, and continues to show off around you, this time with more self awareness
Tumblr media
Belphie realizes he likes someone when he dreams about them
He’s said before that he doesn’t have many dreams, even with how often he’s sleeping. So when he does wake up with even the fuzziest of memories, it’s a bit of an exciting thing for him. Unfortunately, the only vivid ones he has are nightmares
However, lately, that began to change
It started while he was still up in the attic, when he would drift off after one of your visits, only to see your face again
He was confused at first. And, dare I say, a little angry. The only dream he had in the last few months and it’s about a human? A human that smiled down at him and laid next to him on the grass, looking up at the stars?
Why was he having these thoughts about you? Why would his subconscious throw him for a loop like this? And, most importantly, why did he feel so giddy when he woke up?
The more time he spent with you, the more he started to get it
With every evening spent napping in your lap, with every time you smiled and ruffled his hair, with that ethereal feeling he got just from seeing you first thing in the morning. Little by little, the realization was coming on to him
It finally hit on a strangely ordinary day, all but for the dream he just woke up from
‘Dream’ wouldn’t be the right word, it would be ‘nightmare’ or ‘night terror’. No matter what you called it, he woke up shaking, grabbing the nearest object and pulling it closer to him
He was too shaken up to fully he realize what he was doing, but he had already nuzzled into your neck and secured his arms tightly around your waist, eyes squeezed shut tightly that slowly relaxed when you finally reacted, sleepily burying your fingers in his hair
God, he hated feeling weak
So why did he feel so comfortable right now? Was he not at his most vulnerable?
He’s not stupid, he knows exactly what that meant
After that night, the dreams of you grew more frequent, but this time, they weren’t unwelcome. Through them, he was able to say and do things he would’ve never even considered while awake. No fear of rejection, am I right?
And let’s just say dream-you did their own fair share of things that left him not even being able to look you in the eye the next day
One day he’s gonna mess up and confuse talking to you irl as a dream, but that’s a story for another time
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jellymoonbear · 4 months ago
Revoking Their Kisses and Cuddles Privileges
Part 1 | Part 2
Tumblr media
acts like it isn’t a big deal and will get on with things like normal
but it actually is a big deal
in fact it’s the biggest deal he’s ever had to deal with
bc he never actually realised how much he relies on your hugs and kisses until you stop doing it 
would probably go a week at most before he caves in bc how can you expect him to get through all that damn paperwork without you dropping in and giving him a smooch on the cheek 
he’ll sit you down and talk through whatever he did to upset you, heck, maybe he’ll even apologise like man would get down on his knees just for you to touch him again
Tumblr media
he’s not wrong
it is his legal right for you to give him kisses and cuddles whenever he demands and if you don’t agree then you’re the most evil person I’ve ever come across
baby would be so sulky, like he’d sit cross-legged on the bed with his back to you and his arms crossed. he wouldn’t cry, but he would brood so heavily that it becomes more of a punishment for you than for him
man has puppy eyes and he knows how to use them
he’d promise to never sell your things again or never spend all his grimm or whatever he did to upset you, he promises not to do it again and will nag you to the end of the devildom for you to forgive him
and he also makes you promise to never do that again bc that shit really hurts
Tumblr media
immediately locks himself up in his room and will not answer for anyone even if you get the password right
“of course you wouldn’t want to kiss a yucky otaku like me...” he mumbles and walks away from you
and this was all probably bc he watched the next episode of a show you watch together without you
I don’t wanna say he manipulates you, but he makes you feel really bad even if it was meant as a light-hearted joke
so you gotta ambush him when he finally leaves his room for food lmao give him all the smooches he deserves and let him know ur sorry for playing around like that
he’ll also apologise too, just make sure you’re not late next time or he’ll watch it without you again
Tumblr media
no. 2 at acting like it’s not a big deal
but with satan he just knows you’re gonna come around eventually
don’t get him wrong he seriously does miss all the body contact - specifically hand holding - but this man ain’t weak and will tell you that you need to get over it to convince you to touch him again
obviously if he seriously upset you he will try and talk it out, but if not he’ll go to the garden and look for some cats to snuggle with instead
and then the day comes when you find him in the library reading and you sit on his lap, cuddling him. he is surprised bc damn that was quicker than he thought, but he hugs you back and gives you all the kissies in the world
he will never EVER let go of you after this, don’t even try and deprive him again
Tumblr media
pls this bby thinks you’re joking at first, or like this is a fun game you want to try so he’s down for it
but when he realises that you’re actually serious he is like “really? why tf would you be so mean to me?” 
and he just... doesn’t care lmao. as if ur actually gonna get away with this haha stop it or you’ll give him wrinkles
he tries to be his cheery self until your done with your mood, but at night when he puts his arm around you in bed and you don’t snuggle into him... he will literally tear up
he doesn’t do it in a forceful way but he will still find ways to touch you throughout the day, like grabbing your hand when you’re not looking or running his fingers through your hair when you’re distracted and his heart melts at the moments when you don’t even realise so you can’t scold him
when you finally give him attention again he will be so happy, will literally squeeze you so hard you cant breathe
Tumblr media
first of all how dare you
secondly, it really must have been some mad shit for you to actually say no to him - like he ate your pudding or smth
we know how bad he gets when someone eats his food but none of that compares to you taking hugs and kisses away from him for doing the exact same thing
it’s just so cruel but at the same time he will just let you get on with it, of course he misses being all touchy with you but he loves and respects you so if you don’t wanna touch him that’s fine he says with a sad face
would definitely make it up to you tho - like he buys you any food you want, plans a fun date with you, helps you clean and rearrange your room whatever it is he is down
he doesn’t even realise that he’s being extra sweet to get those brownie points but hey at least his touch deprivation doesn’t last for more than a few hours
Tumblr media
the last one who will act like it’s no biggie
y’all never acknowledge the softie that he really is but I do and I’m telling you he will cry in secret when you don’t cuddle him
it’s truly devastating - his entire day is ruined because you didn’t give him his morning kiss and so he is noticeably more cranky during the day
whether he apologises to get his privileges back or not depends - like if he understands he did wrong then he will muster the courage to apologise with a weak smile while grabbing your pinky and carrying his cow cushion in his arm, ready to just collapse and snuggle with you as soon as you forgive him
but if it was over something minor or petty then hell no there is no way he will apologise bc he knows you will come crawling back at some point. he’ll just sulk alone quietly until then
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iyumeu · 2 months ago
spirit guardian
You call forth spirits to protect you. They flit around you to a distance of 15 feet for the duration. If you are good or neutral, their spectral form appears angelic or fey (your choice). If you are evil, they appear fiendish.
summary: you've been trying to keep things under wraps but when the bullying escalated and you find your life in danger, your demon finds out and the results are... not pretty. warnings: gore, blood, violence, body horror, self-mutilation, the boys are a little dark in this one, i would say hints of yandere, im not that good of a gore writer though so like if you're super into gore please dont expect much, but please read the warnings before each segment thank you.
You didn't want to admit it, but you were being bullied.
You had always known that the demon brothers had their own responsibilities to deal with and couldn't be with you all the time. The sentiment stretched over to your problems as well. They definitely had better things to concern themselves with and you weren't about to bother them with your insignificant issues, especially petty issues that surfaced from demons' general dislike of humans.
It wasn't anything you couldn't handle, really; acidic words spat at you in whispers, torn books here and there, a subtle exclusion from classroom activities... Small, inconsequential things that made you amused on a good day and irritated on a bad one. Harmless.
Or so you thought.
When the foot swung into your stomach, you swore you heard a sickening crack and you were flung into the wall behind you. Blood gurgled in your mouth and you spat it out on the ground in front of you.
Stupid, stupid, stupid. After spending an entire year in the Devildom and making a pact with all of the demon brothers, you had gotten complacent. Believing your bullies to be merely harmless schoolyard types, you had followed them to a shady and secluded part of the R.A.D. because they wanted to "talk".
You had paid dearly for carelessness, completely caught off guard when one of them pierced you with a sharp jab of their arm. You remember feeling nothing but winded at first, shock numbing your nerves until you saw red trailing down their hand, dripping off the sharpened claws of their nails.
It was then that a scorching pain spread out from the gored out hole in your abdomen, spreading out to the rest of your body.
In hindsight, everything happened so fast. Before you knew it, you were slumped over on the floor and bleeding out. Even through your blurry vision the demons' malicious glee was clear as day.
"Not so proud now, are you?" one of them spat out. "Always looking down on us just because you were hanging off the arms of the Lords of Hell. Guess we're the ones looking down on you now!"
You were starting to shiver from the cold as blood soaked through your clothes, watching the demons advance while wondering if you were really going to die from as something as petty as this.
And then, one of your pact marks flared to life.
⭒☆━━━━━━━━✿Ꮚ´•̥̥̥ ‸ •̥̥̥Ꮚ✿━━━━━━━━☆⭒
cw: body horror
A single black feather slowly drifted down onto the ground before you. The rest of the world turned hazy as your gaze focused onto the feather, long and elegant and delicate, watching as it fell into a pool of your blood. A pair of polished black shoes entered your line of sight before their owner crouched down in front of you, uncaring of the blood seeping into and staining his clothes.
A gloved hand reached out to cup your cheek, a gentle touch against your skin, and you sluggishly moved your gaze up to Lucifer's face.
"MC," he sighed. His eyes were dark, a complete contrast to the tender look on his face. "Whatever shall I do with you?"
His wings stretched out behind him, a dark expanse of feathers that curled around the both of you, separating you from the world... and the world from you.
"Lucifer," you began, but he was quick to press his thumb against your bottom lip, halting your words.
"This isn't a one-off, I assume?" he asked despite already knowing the answer. You avert your gaze and he sighs again. "Why didn't you tell us? Why didn't you tell me?"
"I didn't want to bother you," you said.
"I see." Lucifer's hand moved to pull out a black silk handkerchief, using it to clean the blood off your face. "Then it seems that I have failed you, if you believe that relying on me was not an option at all."
"That's not true...!" You were interrupted by Lucifer gathering you in his arms, while he took care to avoid your wounds as much as possible. With a gentle hand, he guided you to rest your head against his shoulder as he slowly shifted to a standing position, ready to bring you back to the House of Lamentations. His arms were warm around you, a comforting presence that made you feel safe and secure. You felt that, if you were by his side, you would never run into harm again.
It was then that you finally remembered your bullies, the ones who had put you in this state in the first place. Had they left the area, running off at the sight of Lucifer? That was most likely the case, you thought, but you still couldn't help but peer over Lucifer's shoulder and through the gaps of his wings, to check.
Your breath caught in your throat. Lucifer immediately placed a hand over your eyes.
"Shhh," he said. "Don't dirty your eyes with such a disgusting sight."
It was now that you were finally aware of a strange and disturbing cracking sound coming from behind Lucifer. A brand new chill settled down upon you, your body seizing up with fear. Suddenly, you wanted nothing but to put space between Lucifer and yourself.
As if he were aware of your thoughts, Lucifer shifted his hand from your eye to the back of your head, cradling you close to his body as he started to walk away from the scene. His wings were properly positioned this time and you were unable to peer through them.
Lucifer Morningstar. The First-Born. One of the strongest Lords of Hell. These titles hadn't meant anything to you before, but now they were are the forefront of your mind. The glimpse you had stolen before Lucifer turned your gaze away was now burnt into your retinas.
Your bullies' bodies hovered in the air with their limbs stretched impossibly long, curled up and tangled around their twisted bodies like a grotesque ball of yarn. Their mouths were torn open, jaws dislodged and handing horrible from their skull, eyes wide as they screamed silently for someone, anyone to put them out of their misery.
You knew that they would not die, not until someone found them and decided to kill them. And, considering the area they were in, it would take an extremely long time before someone were to chance upon them.
They had planned to use the remoteness of the location against you. They never could have thought that it would be used against them in the same way. This was something Lucifer had definitely taken into consideration.
Lucifer's arms were a cage around you; what was once comforting now felt suffocating.
"Lucifer," you managed to force out. You felt him lean down and press a kiss against your hair.
"It seems that I have to teach you how to be more reliant on me," Lucifer said in a tone as if he were speaking about the weather. "It wouldn't do for something like this to happen again."
"It won't," you were quick to say. "It won't happen again, I promise."
Lucifer looked down at you. You were the only thing reflected in his eyes as he gave a small, gentle smile that gave you a sense of dread that went down to your very bones.
"Don't worry, little lamb. For you, I will be a very forgiving master."
cw: violence and a lil bit of gore
The sudden caw of a crow drew the attention of your bullies. You tried to take the chance to stand up and run but merely shifting in place caused the pain in your abdomen to flare up, white hot and blinding. You hiss through your teeth, swallowing your yelp of pain.
There is a second caw. You look up and see at least a dozen crows perched up on windowsills and tree branches, their heads tilted in the direction of your bullies and their dark eyes glinting with something that invoked a sense of unease within you.
"Why are y'all distracted by a bunch of birds?" the lead demon barked out. They were not doing a good job of masking their apprehension. "We're here to teach this pathetic human a lesson, not gawk at crows!"
"But aren't those..." another student began.
The flutter of wings echo all around. More crows land on nearby fixtures; ten, fifteen, twenty. You slowly look up and see more black shapes flying in the sky above, circling the area like vultures to their prey. You hear the sound of wings flapping once again, closer this time, and Mammon lands in front of you, wings spread and in his demon form.
"...aren't those Lord Mammon's crows?" the student finished weakly. The demons were looking pale now, realizing just what they had done. You paid their expression no notice, filled with relief now that your guardian demon is here. Mammon, who despite his reputation, was always your reliable protector. Mammon, who always went out of his way to ensure your safety in the Devildom. Mammon, who... who was holding one of the demons up by their skull, uncaring of their struggles and pleas as their hands scramble against Mammon's, their toes skimming the ground. The other two demons were already running off, uncaring of their companion but Mammon didn't seem to notice, his attention on the demon in front of him.
In the back of your mind, you noticed that the demon was the one who had stabbed you with their hand.
"Mammon?" your voice came out in a whisper. The demon's pleas turn into screams of agony as Mammon tightened his grip. "Mammon!"
Mammon turned to you, eyes bright and feverish.
"Don't worry, MC," Mammon chirped. "I'll be quick!"
Mammon didn't lie. Immediately after his words, there was a frenzy of feathers and caws and screams. Just as quickly as it happened, the crows dispersed and the body dropped to the ground with a sickening thump, an unrecognizable, bloodied version of itself.
Mammon was holding something in his hands and, after he made his way back to you, he placed it in your lap. The blood-soaked wallet seemed to weigh a ton, its blood further staining your uniform. Mammon was beaming, standing in front of you like a dog waiting to be praised.
"That's compensation!" he said in his usual, nonchalant tone. "You deserve it after what they put ya through!"
Another caw sounded out and you couldn't help but flinch violently. Mammon was immediately kneeling beside you, soothing you with his bloodied hands. The sickening smell of bloodrust grew stronger with his proximity and you fought the urge to lean away.
A few crows hopped towards you, dropping more bloodied items onto the ground beside you. Staring blankly at those items, you recognize them as the necklace one of the other demons had on, a ring one of the demons who had fled the scene had worn, a earring, a tooth, bits of gold-tipped fingernails...
You lurched to the side, uncaring of the pain that bloomed in your abdomen, and started heaving. Mammon gently pat your back, trying to comfort you. It only made you more nauseous, the scent of blood overwhelming your senses once again.
For the first time since you arrived in Devildom, Mammon's presence invoked a sense of fear within you.
"I should've stayed by your side," you heard Mammon mutter. "Shouldn't have allowed those bastards to get to ya."
"Mammon..." You could predict the trajectory of his thoughts and desperately wished you were wrong. "It's not your fault," you choked out. Please, please, please—
"But it was!" Mammon argued. "If I were always by your side, they wouldn't have had the chance to even touch you!"
"It was my fault," you begged. "I didn't want to bother you so I didn't say anything!"
Mammon frowned. "I didn't think you needed protecting even from yourself."
oh. oh no.
Mammon carefully scooped you up into his arms. This time you could not help your flinch, but Mammon didn't seem to notice.
"It's okay!" Mammon said cheerfully. "If you can't take care of yourself, I'll take care of ya! I'm your guardian demon, after all!"
⭒☆━━━━━━━━━⸜₍๑•⌔•๑ ₎⸝━━━━━━━━━☆⭒
cw: drowning, but u watch it happen. doesn't happen to u
The demon suddenly froze in their step, their hands coming up to grab their throat. They curled over and started coughing, started heaving, out long and stringy bits of black and green matter.
No matter how much the demon vomited out it never seemed to end and soon it was strewn all over the ground, accompanied with the pungent scent of rotten fish and the salty tang of the sea.
You blink and Leviathan was suddenly standing beside you, sharp teeth bared in a snarl and long black tail whipping around in agitation.
"Levi...?" you spoke slowly. You had never seen him this agitated before
"They hurt you," Leviathan said. His voice was low with an eerie quality to it; it was like a reverb, an echo, and it brought to your mind stories of hallucinatory voices sailors often heard at sea, beckoning them overboard.
The demons were frozen in place as Leviathan stalked towards them, slowly circling around them like a shark around prey. Then, another demon started choking, doubling over and throwing up the same black and green mess the first one did. The smell of fish and the sea grew stronger and you suddenly realize that they were vomiting out seaweed.
"I was wondering what was so important to you that you forgot that we were going to talk home together but I see now."
The third demon fell to their knees, clawing at their throat as they started throwing up seaweed as well.
"All this time I thought that you finally realized that I was just a no-good loser otaku... but that wasn't the case, was it?"
Levithan's voice was smooth, calm, and still retaining that ethereal quality to it. It felt like it was being spoken directly into your head rather than coming from in front of you. It made goosebumps rise up on your skin.
"Levi—" you tried again but you were interrupted.
"I should have known better!" Leviathan laughed. "My Henry wouldn't do that to me! No, the fault lies with these interlopers, trying to take you away! Trying to kill you!"
The first demon's face was turning pale. They tried to gasp for air but a strange froth poured out of their mouth instead, followed by water, copious amounts of seawater splashing violently onto the floor.
"But it's okay!" Leviathan turned to you, smiling brightly. It was the same smile he gave when he got a new high score on the game and was eagerly awaiting your reaction, it was the same smile he gave when he ran up to you with a drink in hand while you were queuing for him in C.S., it was the same smile he gave when he managed to get two tickets to an event and brought you along as his plus one. "I'll protect you! And I'll get revenge for you too, just like the Lord of Shadows does for Henry! Like in Volume 17, when Henry was kidnapped by the Lord of Lechery's jealous ex-paramours, the Lord of Shadows showed up and summoned his familiar to rip them apart..."
Leviathan glanced back at the demons for a moment. All three of them were coughing out seawater now and turning shades of blue. Long, red gashes left behind by desperate nails ran down their necks as they tried, in vain, to claw for air. Seawater was also dripping from this nostrils, bubbling from the horrible breaths of air they were trying to take. There was a sneer on Leviathan's face but it was quick to disappear when he looked back at you. When he stepped closer, you noticed that the pupils of his eyes had turned to sharp slits.
"I can't summon Lotan here to punish them; Lucifer would be mad and more importantly you might get hurt! So I did the next best thing! I know that drowning is a very slow and painful way to die, especially if you fight against it, so I thought that it would be a suitable alternative for a punishment!"
He looked so pleased with himself. It was like killing people for revenge was on the same level of enjoyment for him as getting merch of a character he liked.
Without a care for the demons behind him, Leviathan quickly made his way up to you, making sure to be careful as he picked you up off the ground.
"See?" he grumbled, "this is why I say that staying in my room is so much better." He paused. "Ah, do you want to see them drown the entire way?" You quickly shook your head no. "Yeah, you're right. That'll take too much time. I'll bring you to Satan to get you wounds healed. Afterwards, don't think of even taking a step out of my room, alright! You've already seen how dangerous the outside world is!"
With that last sentence, he carried you away. You desperately hope that Leviathan was joking about it but something about the way his tail curled possessively around your ankle made you think otherwise.
In your periphery vision, you notice the demons lying on the floor, some of them twitching and some of them writhing around. You close your eyes, and look away.
cw: just. loads of violence and gore
There was a large, gaping hole in one of the demon's abdomens, directly mirroring yours. Except it was larger, more brutal, and much more horrible than the one they inflicted on you.
Satan removed his hand from the demon's abdomen with a loud, wet shlick. The demon fell to their knees, clutching at their open abdomen. Satan smiled a bright, close-eyed smile. For once his spiked tail wasn't curled around his leg, instead gently swaying back and forth as he reached forward to yank the demon's intestines from the hole.
Perhaps it was due to the manner of the wound or the force Satan used but it didn't take long for the intestine to snap and for Satan to hurl it to the side in annoyance.
"Can't even do one thing right," he sneered. He raised his foot only to harshly stomp down on the demon's back. It landed with a sickening crack and the demon collapsed onto the floor, spine bent at an irregular angle. They were still screaming in pain. They were still alive.
Your voice was trapped in your chest, your eyes wide open and unable to be torn from the horrific scene happening in front of you.
Satan moved onto the next demon, grabbing them by the hair and pulling sharply to the side. When the third demon tried to scramble away, Satan froze them in place with a simple flick of his fingers and an uttered spell.
With his attention now turned back to the demon in his grasp, Satan used his other hand to hold the demon's head in place as he slowly pulled at their hair until it started peeling off, a thin layer of skin attached to the base of the strands and holding them together. That wasn't enough for Satan, though, and he inserted his long fingernails into the demon's eyes, scooping them out with barely contained glee.
"This is what you get for thinking that you can even look at MC," Satan told the demon. He then dropped that one onto the ground as well, kicking them in the stomach and sending them skidding across the rough earth.
It was at this moment that you realized that this was the demon who had kicked you into the wall... and the earlier demon was the one who had stabbed you with their nails. The last demon, the one Satan was dragging towards you now, was the one who had called you out in the first place. The one who had put the entire bullying thing into motion.
Satan kicked the back of their legs, making them drop onto their knees in front of you. Now that you had a much closer, unwanted look at them, you notice that their lips had been stapled shut, the dull metal gleaming slightly in the limited light.
"Sorry for taking so long, kitten," Satan apologized to you in his usual, gentlemanly tone. "I might have gone a little bit overboard." When he directed his words to the demon trembling in front of you, he was much harsher. "What are you waiting for? Not going to apologize?!"
The demon made some muffled cries, completely unintelligible from behind his cruel gag. A nasty smile spread across Satan's face. "Oh, I forgot. You can't speak, can you? Well, it seems like you'll have to apologize in another manner."
Satan reached around and ran a finger down from the center of the demon's collarbone to their sternum. From this close you could see the sweat dripping down the demon's face, hear the whimpers from their throat, feel their agony as Satan peeled off the left side of the demon's skin, revealing their rib cage and organs.
"You can still apologize with your heart," Satan told the demon. "Can't you?"
"S... Satan." Somehow, you managed to muster up the willpower to speak. "Satan, I can't do this."
Satan's green eyes were on you now. He was confused for a moment before clarity entered them. You waited for him to move the demon away, but he never did. Instead, he dug his fingers into the demon's rib cage and pulled it out, like one would with a closet door.
The demon screamed from behind his gag.
"Of course, silly me. You wouldn't be able to reach his heart due to his rib being in the way! Well it should be easier now, yes?"
You were going to be sick.
"I don't... I don't want this, Satan," you forced out through gritted teeth. Satan frowned, but it was directed to the demon.
"Hear that? MC doesn't accept your apology." He discarded the demon to the side before kneeling down in front of you, offering blood-soaked hand for you to take. "I'd love to torture them for you some more, MC," he said gently, "but I don't think now's a good time. You need to get your wounds cleaned and healed."
You closed your eyes and looked away. Even though you were trying your best to block it out, the scent of blood was still strong in the air.
You heard Satan chuckle in front of you. "I know," he said in an indulgent tone, "but I'm serious. I read that humans are a lot more fragile than demons so I need to disinfect your wounds at the very least. We can always come back later; it's not like they'll be running away any time soon."
You tried to tell Satan that there was nothing more you wanted than to never see this sight again, but you couldn't open your mouth without throwing up.
"If you don't stop throwing a tantrum, I'll get angry," despite his words, his voice was more amused than anything. You forced yourself to speak.
"It... hurts," you ground out. "I can't... move."
"Oh." His voice was deeper now. Your eyes flew open to see him trembling with rage as he glared towards one of the nearby demons. "I see. It appears that I've been too lenient with them." His gaze went back to you and softened. "Don't worry, I'll make them pay their dues. Now, this might hurt but I'll try my best to be gentle."
Without giving you a chance to react, Satan scooped you up into his arms taking care not to aggravate any of your wounds.
"We'll return to the House of Lamentations first," Satan told you. "When I'm sure you're fine, I'll bring demons to you instead. How does that sound?"
Instead of answering, you leaned your head against his chest and pretended to sleep. You hoped the demons died before Satan came back to get them... for their sake.
⭒☆━━━━━━━━━(=🝦 ༝ 🝦=)━━━━━━━━━☆⭒
sorry things are short from here on out. im tire. d
cw: suicide
You hear Asmodeus gasp before he quickly placed himself between you and the demons. Relief flooded you at the sight of your friend.
"Darling! What happened to you?!" he bemoaned, reaching forward to wipe a smear of blood off of your face. You smile weakly at him.
"I just got a little hurt, that's all. Can you bring me home?" you asked. Behind him, you can see the demons backing away.
"Hurt...?" Asmodeus's eyes trailed down and landed on the horrid wound in your abdomen. You blink and suddenly found him in his demon form, wings twitching with agitation.
Asmodeus abruptly stood up and turned to face the demons. You see them freeze in place and an eerie blankness washed over their faces.
"My darling is hurt," he whined. "Do you know who was the one who did it?"
The demons pointed at each other, neither of them willing to take the blame. You see Asmodeus cock his hip and rest his cheek against the palm of his hand.
"There's so many conflicting answers that I'm soo confused. Ah! I just had a great idea! I want you to kill that horrible, horrible person who harmed by darling. You can do that, right?"
In a blink of an eye, the demons turned on each other, ripping each other to shreds with the utmost of ferocity. Meanwhile, Asmodeus stood in front of them, calmly watching them tear each other apart whilst humming a cheerful melody. Soon, only one demon was left, bloodied and bruised, and they collapsed in front of Asmodeus.
"Wow!" Asmodeus cheered superficially. "Now, I want you to kill yourself!"
The demon faltered. Asmodeus grabbed them by the chin, long nails leaving angry red lines on their skin as he forced them to look into his eyes.
"I want you," he repeated slowly, "to kill yourself."
The demon's expression was completely blank and open as they nodded at Asmodeus before placing their hands around their neck and squeezing.
Asmodeus stepped back to stand by your side as the demon slowly suffocated themselves to death.
"Isn't it great!" Asmodeus asked you. You turned to look at him and noticed that his eyes were bright and feverish. "How obedient they are! They all do what I want them to do without question..." Asmodeus trailed off, disdain in his eyes as he watched the demon die in front of him.
"No it isn't!"
Asmodeus blinked. Confusion was clear in his eyes. "Why not?" he questioned. "I didn't have to dirty my hands, you didn't have to dirty your hands, and they all got what they deserved!"
"Death? Was death what they deserved?" You searched his eyes for any signs of remorse but you found none. Asmodeus was one of the gentlest demons you knew... you supposed that the keyword there that you had been ignoring the entire time was 'demon'.
"They hurt you, my dear. They sullied your beautiful form with their ugly selves, of course they deserved death! If I weren't worried about getting blood on my outfit, I'd have them draw it out, too!"
"This is wrong," you muttered to yourself. "This isn't right."
"Wrong? Not right? Honey, you're in the Devildom," Asmodeus cooed. He gently carded his fingers through your hair as he spoke. "Unfortunately, might is right here."
You shiver and curl into yourself. A frown graced Asmodeus' features and he was quick to try and comfort you.
"You'll get used to it soon," he said. "And even if you don't, you shouldn't worry! I won't let it happen again. How could I allow those tear stains on your pretty little face?"
His eyes were glowing eerily.
"Just... introduce all of the people you meet to me, alright? Then you'll never have to worry about anyone hurting you ever again♡"
⭒☆━━━━━━━━━━━₍ᐢ ̥ ̞ ̥ᐢ₎ ━━━━━━━━━━━☆⭒
cw: you know that thing in the mummy (1999) where the scarab beetles crawl under the person's skin and then eat them from the inside out? yeah.
You had never seen Beelzebub so furious before.
He held you in his arms as the demons before you paled at the sight of the sixth Lord of Hell.
"MC, you're hurt," he said slowly. His grip on you tightened for a brief moment before they loosened, Beelzebub clearly trying his best to control his strength so that you wouldn't get hurt.
There was a strange buzzing sound in the air. You assumed that it was coming from Beelzebub's wings.
"I'll be fine Beel," you try to comfort him. "It's just a flesh wound."
Beelzebub shook his head. "You're not fine," he insisted. "They tried to hurt you. They hurt you."
The buzzing was getting louder now. You touched Beelzebub's cheek and a warm fuzziness made itself known in your chest as Beelzebub leaned into your touch. "I'll be fine," you repeated. "I just need to get to the hospital, or a demon equivalent of it, and then rest up."
"I'll bring you to Satan," Beelzebub said. "But first, you need to see."
"See what, Beel?"
"Punishment," he said solemnly, directing your gaze towards the demons who were busy clawing at themselves. At first you couldn't tell what was going on but you soon managed to discern small little bumps moving around under the demons' skin.
The buzzing sound was louder, now.
One of the demons finally opened their mouth to scream and, to your absolutely disgust and horror, small black beetles crawled out of their mouth. As if it were a signal, insects started crawling out of the other demons' orifices as well, centipedes and ants and little white larvae, wiggling their way out before burrowing themselves into the demon's flesh once again.
The few seconds it took for the insects to eat away the demons felt like a lifetime, your eyes fixed onto the absolutely hellish sight in front of you. When the bones of the demons fell onto the ground, most of the insects scattered but some still dug into the bones, feasting on the bone marrow. You slapped your hand over your mouth, trying your hardest not to throw up while you were still being carried by Beelzebub.
"They hurt you," Beelzebub said. His voice felt so far away. "So I hurt them back."
You squeezed your eyes shut. The buzzing hum of insects did not allow itself to be tuned out.
"So... you have to tell me if people want to hurt you, okay? I'll protect you."
Beelzebub was no longer in his demon form, but the buzzing sound did not go away for a long, long time.
cw: just violence i guess
The demon froze in their tracks, eyes staring straight ahead at something you could not see.
"What's wrong?" one of the other demons asked. They didn't seem to hear them as fear dawned on their face and they started backing away.
"Get away from me!" the demon screamed. They tripped over themselves and fell flat onto the floor, but they did not pause in their attempts to scramble away. "Get away from me! No! No! No!!"
"What's going on? Why're you acting like..." Another demon suddenly stared down at their feet for a moment before they started to heave. The last demon had a moment of sanity before they, too, suddenly started looking around them in fear.
"Ahhh! It's on me, it's in me, get it off, get it out!" they screamed, violently scratching at their skin. The first demon had stopped moving back and instead started waving their arms above them, fighting off an unseen assailant while the second demon was attempting to shove their entire hand down their throat. The third demon was scratching at their eyes, uncaring of how blood was now running down their body.
The first demon started clawing at themselves. The second demon slit open their stomach. The third demon clawed out their eyes.
Before you could see any more, a pair of cold hands wrapped around your shoulders, effectively drawing your attention away from the scene in front of you. A tail brushed against your face, blocking your vision entirely as Belphegor snuggled up to you from behind, burying his face in the crook of your neck.
"MC... Are you okay?" he asked.
"I... I'm fine, but those demons, they—"
"—hurt you, right? That's why they're getting punished right now." You felt his self-satisfied grin against your neck and realized that whatever they were going through right now was the work of the demon behind you.
"Belphie, what did you do?!"
"It's nothing much, really." He was proud of what he did. "I just gave him some nightmares. Or hallucinations, as some people call it."
You opened your mouth, to plead, to beg, you didn't know, but Belphie interrupted you before you could speak.
"Anyway, they're not important. You need to go to Satan, right? He has some healing spells that would be of use..." Belphegor slowly untangled himself from you. "Can you walk on your own? Or do you need my help?"
You didn't want his help but, when you tried to stand up, the pain rendered you immobile. Belphegor caught sight of the wound in your abdomen and flattened his lips. For a moment, you were transported back to the entrance of the attic, Belphegor looking down at you with loathing and rage in his eyes, but the moment quickly vanished and Belphegor reached out to pick you up.
"I'm normally the one being carried but I can make an exception for you," he said in a faux, lighthearted tone.
The demons' screams became louder. More terrified.
"You'll have to make it up to me, though," Belphegor continued, already walking towards the House of Lamentations. "When you recover, I expect lots of cuddles. I won't accept any rejections~"
⭒☆━━━━━━━━━━ʕ -ᴥ-ʔ━━━━━━━━━━☆⭒
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this thing got away from me. well as the tags say i want to do a follow up to this but idk what sort of follow up it'll be. def yandere though. speaking of yandere, watch this space for the next yandere thing that gets churned out, because i like yandere a lot, anyway it's going to be yandere brothers x mc. all of them, at the same time. will mc survive? probably! will they be happy they did? probably not. :) anyway i hope to be able to do more yandere content in the future
edit2: inserted one (1) instance of satan calling u kitten for a friend
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thot-writes · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
how the demon brothers suck the strap (18+ NSFW);
Tumblr media
Self-assuredly. He’s no beginner and he’s not modest either.
He’s almost cocky (haha) as he looks you straight in the eyes with your strap in his mouth. He’s so skilled at it you almost feel it like it’s your real flesh-and-blood dick.
His head bobs up and down expertly, able to take in a decent size - if you wanna fluster him, face-fuck him without warning.
He’ll sputter and cough but stick with it anyway; it’s a battle for power and he hates losing. His mask will crack a little the more erratic and vicious your thrusting is, but it takes a lot to break him.
With enough perseverance, a lot of unpredictability, and a fat enough cock, you can fuck his gorgeous face into submission.
Arguably the most bashful out of them all (save for Levi). He sits on his knees and avoids your gaze, scared that if he catches your eye he might melt into the floor.
His face is flushed bright pink as he sucks you off tentatively, as if he’s worried that he’s doing it wrong.
It takes some praise and head pats before he gets comfortable enough to do it himself. He even ends up getting the courage to deepthroat you - completely unprompted! What a perfect boy!
It ends up making him so hard he cums as soon as you touch his dick. He gets so embarrassed about it he refuses to look you in the eye for the rest of the night (he needs a lot of snuggles & reassurance).
Ends up asking to suck you off again a few days later.
Similar to Lucifer, Satan is also too over-confident for his own good. Once you tell him to suck you, he goes in with no inhibitions and aims to wow you with his skill.
He’s more bashful than Lucifer is, his face is flushed as he holds your gaze, but he’s eager to please.
He can’t handle very much size-wise (but you can always rectify that).
Gets so focused he closes his eyes and eases the entire length in, hollowing his cheeks to coat it all in his hot saliva.
He makes quiet moans when he sucks, similar to what he does when he eats you out. Servicing you is enough to get him horny and he’s pretty desperate for some humping (giving or taking) once it’s over.
This fucking loser is a mess whenever you do anything sexual or romantic with him, so when you whip out the strap and tell him to suck he almost passes out.
You’d lie on the bed, propped up with some pillows behind your back as he - very slowly - makes his way to you.
He sticks his tongue out first, licking the silicone tip as if he’s worried it’d taste bad.
He won’t be good at it at all, but his sweet whines and constant need for reassurance is just too cute.
Fuck his face.
He’d sob, choke, and whine around your cock as the tip hits the back of his throat. His whole body shivers as he loses himself in the myriad of feelings you’re giving him.
Turns into a rabid animal and puts it in his mouth immediately.
His dick sucking is an art form of the highest caliber, once or twice you even find yourself moaning from how fucking hot it is.
He moans and whines wantonly as he sucks, his eyes clouded over with that familiar look of lust.
When you pull away, he sticks his tongue out as he eagerly awaits for you to give it back - or just put your pussy on his face, either way he’ll lap at it like it’s the last thing he’ll ever eat.
“Mmh, your cock is sooo good, Mistress, I want it inside me, please~”
Almost as lewd as Asmodeus, he sucks it like he’s hungry for it - because he is.
An absolute size queen, he can throat the biggest and fattest of straps. He’s at least a little bit ashamed of his eagerness though, he blushes a lot and can’t bring himself to keep eye contact for too long.
Can’t help but touch himself whenever he sucks it - he gets so irrationally horny he just has to relieve it somehow.
If you refuse to let him jack off, he’ll be pouty about it (he might even cry if you do it for too long).
He’ll whimper against your dick as he digs his nails into the palms of his hands. Tears pool at the corners of his eyes as his body is wracked with a need that’s being so cruelly, deliciously refused.
He’s an absolute brat about it. Barely makes an effort despite the fact that you both know he could do it.
“Eh..?” he says, glancing up at you lazily. “Why should I? Sounds like a pain.”
Face-fucking is essentially a given at this point. He’s so annoying to deal with that he goddamn deserves it.
He’s shocked at first, gripping onto your thighs as he tries to push you away, but he can’t deny the shock causes him to harden significantly.
He gags as fat teardrops fall freely down his cheeks, but you soon find his nails are digging into your thighs to pull you closer.
By the end of it his throat is so sore he doesn’t speak for the next few days (everyone else keeps making guesses as to why), but he’s still texting you asking when you can do it again.
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glossytearsposts · 5 days ago
How they sleep headcannons
Gender neutral
Warnings: none
Socks. No part oh him will be left vulnerable and uncovered.
Sleeps on his back. Sometimes he will sleep on his front, but only if he feels safe and comfortable. Will want to spoon and likes to be both spoons.
He wears classic pj’s, I’m talking button up shirt, long pants, heck maybe a sleeping cap too. No MC, he’s not an old man, it’s just comfortable.
Socks off. Have you seen this man, it’s cannon he sleeps in the nude. No way he’s keeping foot condoms on and nothing else.
Hugs a pillow if he can’t hug you. A grabby sleeper. Will steal the blankets from you. Moves a lot and grumbles a few words occasionally.
NO CLOTHES. The man likes the feel of the sheets on his skin, the sweet feeling of freedom and not being tied up by lucifers rope.
Ruri Chan socks. He’s gotta be faithful, even in his sleep. He will fall asleep barefoot though, but he prefers to be properly decorated.
The man sleeps with a body pillow. No, it does not matter that MC is in the tub too. Ruri Chan stays. Will hold your hand over the body pillow.
Probably wears a big t shirt or hoodie and pj pants. Very warm and comfortable to sleep or game in.
Cat socks. Need I say more? The man has a whole arsenal of cat socks at his disposal for every night of the year. Not a day goes by where he doesn’t wear cat socks.
Sleeps on his back a lot. Likes to have you lean against him while he reads you to sleep. You’ll often wake up hugged to his chest, a face full of tiddie.
Like Lucifer he wears the old man fit, likes to leave the shirt half or fully unbuttoned. No night cap though.
No socks, usually. He needs to let his skin breathe. If it is cold he will pop on a pair of fuzzy socks.
Sleeps like a starfish. Definitely a bed hog.Either that, he will koala himself to the other person in the bed. I’m sorry MC, either way you still have no space to move.
BIG SHIRTS!!! He loves big shirts, they are so comfy and loose. Nice for letting his skin relax. He will absolutely wear some cute lingerie though, if he needs to be kissed back awake he can’t have ugly underwear.
No socks. I just think he wouldn’t wear any. Maybe some white cotton socks after fangol games with salve underneath to help with any sores but other than that, this mans piggies are in the raw.
Definitely a sleep hugger, and comfortably warm. A very comforting embrace. It sounds like a good deal until you realize that he also chews on things when he sleeps.
Sleeps in shorts a lot. Probably forgoes a shirt half the time due to his body heat. If he does wear a shirt he mostly wears T-shirts.
Whatever tbh. He will fall asleep fully clothed so he honestly couldn’t care wether he has socks on or not. He does have a pair of fuzzy socks from Asmo he likes though.
This man mimics death better than death himself. When he is asleep, nothing can wake him. You are lucky he doesn’t grab you in his sleep, if he does there’s no getting out of his grasp.
Any clothing goes, but his favorite is his cardigan or one of Beel’s shirts. Don’t tell Lucifer that Belfie regularly steals one of his shirts to sleep in too.
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weebswrites · 6 months ago
Hey! I recently came across your blog and I love your Obey me! HC so much☺️☺️ if its okay could I request the Obey me! Brothers + dateables reacting to MC hugging them, nuzzling closer and then saying “you smell like home”🥺🥺 thank you!!💕
The Demon Bros & Undatables: Reacting to MC calling them home :’)
• You’ve had a long day, and Lucifer is the only one who you know can cheer you up
• So you go to his office, walking in without knocking first, something you only did when you really needed him (which he knew)
• When he hears his door open he looks up with irritation, but then seeing it’s you he gets up and walks over to you with his arms open
• “MC, what’s wrong” his voice is soft and reaffirming, and you let yourself be wrapped in his arms
• You don’t answer at first, just listening to his heartbeat in his chest and enjoying the smell of his cologne
• “You smell like home” you whisper against his chest, and at that moment he swears he’s never felt love stronger than what he feels for you
• He does Not tear up. No sir not him!
• He tightens his arms around you a bit and kisses the top of your head, truly speechless at what to say
• “Then stay with me forever” he whispers, and you nod into his chest
• He’s walking you back to your room in the HoL after the two of you got dinner together, and you’re chatting about the meal and how the waitress you had was really pretty
•  You arrive at your door, and you turn towards Mammon and hug him tightly, your head resting against his shoulder
• “Mmm, you smell like home” you comment to yourself, realizing after a second that he definitely heard you
• Big blush boy wraps his arms around you tighter than he ever had before
• “Sheesh MC, you’re gonna make me blush” he jokes, but his heart felt like it could explode he was so happy
• You hug for longer than the two of you usually did and you both fell asleep thinking about each other :)
• You were laying in his bed, his arm around your shoulders as you leaned into him, watching the newest episode of an anime
• You zoned out during the commercial break, resting your head against his chest
• “You smell like home, Levi”
• If you think Mammon blushed, you have no idea how hard Levi blushed
• He didn’t know what to say, and you thought you could feel the heat from the blush on his face
• You looked up at him and sure enough, his face was redder than you’d ever seen it
• You kissed his cheek, figuring you might as well really make him blush ✨
• He honestly blacked out a little lol
• You were reading in the library with him, you head on his lap as the two of you read your respective books
• It was getting late, so you closed your book and turned towards him, snuggling in his lap and closing your eyes
• His hand fell against your head, and he played with your hair as he continued to read
• “Home..” you whispered, a small smile crossing your face
• “Hm?” he hinted for you to repeat yourself
• “You smell like home” you repeated, opening your eyes and looking up at him
• He tried not to blush, but you knew him well enough you could see though his facade
• He held your gaze for a moment before moving his hand down to cup your face, eyes saying more than his words ever could
• You’re spending the night in his room after a self care night, currently choosing which movie to fall asleep to (or talk through the night to)
• You decide on a meodicre movie from the human world, so it wouldn’t keep your attention too seriously
• He opens his arms for you, and you snuggle against him
• “Asmodeus...” you start
• “Yes?” he looked to you smiled
• “You smell like home” you pressed a light kiss to his chest and laid your head back down
• He was silent for a moment, then speaking “I’m glad you feel safe here, in my arms, MC”
• You end up talking about your lives throughout the night (yk one of the chats you have with someone until like four am about anything and everything)
• You’re leaning against his arm in the kitchen as he snakcs, rambling to him about how frustrating classes had been
• “Mmm, but you smell like home, so I feel way better now that I’m with you” you end your rant and wrap an arm around his, holding onto him tightly
• He’s so touched :’)
• He isn’t great with words, though, so he leans over and kisses the top of your head and offers to make you your favorite food from the human world (or have it delivered)
• You smile into him, “That’d be great, Beel. Thank you”
• You whisper it as you’re falling asleep with him after a long day of classes and errands for Lucifer
• “You smell like home...”
• Not much wakes him up when he’s about to fall asleep, but a confession like this does the trick
• He wraps his arms around you and pulls you against him, pressing a gentle kiss to your shoulder (or the back of your neck if you’re comfortable with that)
• “Thank you, MC” he whispers to you as you drift into a nap
• He’s working late into the night again, but he finished all his paperwork early so he can sit in bed with you as you sleep
• You scoot over and rest your head against the side of his thigh, not wanting to disturb his laptop but wanting to smell the comforting smell of your favorite demon
• “ smell like home” you whisper against him, and he almost thought he didn’t hear you right
• A human ?? Making his heart feel like this ??
• He hides his face in his hand for a moment before coming back to his senses
• “I’ll always be your home, MC. I promise” he said gently, moving a hand from his work to stroke your hair
• He’d had a longer day than usual with Diavolo, and you were practically asleep when he got into bed well past midnight
• “Mmm, welcome” you tease lightly, voice groggy
• “Go to sleep” he whispered, not wanting you to lose any more sleep than you already had
• You snuggled against his chest, appreciating his warmth, “You smell like home” you half consciously whispered
• He holds you closer than he thought was demonly possible, whispering little words of affirmation to you as you fell asleep in his arms
• You were walking around the park, holding hands and talking about your day
• The two of you passed a nice fountain, and decided to take a picture to remember your day together
• You moved closer to him, and suddenly your nose was filled with his scent
• “Simeon, you smell so good. Like, home” you commented, not expecting a blush to cross his face almost instantly
• “MC...” he was speechless, but just pulled you into a hug (and took a selfie of the two of you hugging, because he never wanted to forget this moment)
• “Thank you” he smiled the most genuine smile you’d ever seen, and you knew you wanted Simeon in your life forever
• You’ve enlisted his help for cooking duty, and the two of you are working on your favorite dish from the human world
• He leans across you to grab a measuring cup, and you can’t help but notice how comforting and familiar he smells
• “Solomon, you smell like home” you turn and wrap your arms around him, inhaling deeply against him
• He !!
• “Awh, MC” he laughed lightly, “You should have told me sooner”, then setting down the measuring cup and wrapping his arms back around you
A/N: I didn’t feel comfortable doing Luke w/this one just bc ,, he is a child and I would feel weird telling a child they smell like home yk ?? Anyways I ~loved~ this prompt hehe I hope you guys enjoy
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royalelusts · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
real quick warning. beel’s part might be a bit triggering for some <3 part 1
It was a stupid argument really. So stupid in fact that the both of you didn’t even remember what it was about. You just knew that all the pent up frustrations from the past few weeks were finally coming out. “I don’t even know why I bother. All you see is Lilith in me anyway.”
Tumblr media
he paused and looked at you
true, he never physically met her but he is from lucifer
he’s feels the fondness that the ladder felt for her but it’s nothing more than that
a memory
“is this what this is about?”
He didn’t notice how it sounded until you scoffed
Nothing was said until you reached the door
“i often wonder what it would be like to actually love her. to hug her, share moments with her, to genuinely be able to cherish her but i’ll never get that experience. i, luckily, am able to love you and it’s been one of the best experiences of my life. i wouldn’t replace you for all of devildom. please know you mean so much more than those faded emotions.”
He let out an audible gasp
He wanted to say something snooty back but nothing came up
Instead he started ushering you out of his room
“get out. the stress will only give me bags and spots”
once you’re gone he’ll sit at his vanity and just stare at himself in the mirror
then and only then will he let himself break
time stopped when the words left your mouth
no words were needed. you could see the storm going on behind his eyes
all the pain and guilt from the war came rushing back at him
“i’m sorry…”
the words were so soft and broken that if you weren’t paying attention you would have missed it
“i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m sorry. i’m-”
he sobbed between each apology. slowly sinking to his knees. without noticing he started grabbing handfuls of his hair
though the guilt had sunk in from bringing up the topic…
you couldn’t help but wonder if the apology was for you or his sister
slowly he sat up and glared at you
“do you really think someone like you could even compare to her?”
he hadn’t meant to say it but it’s wasn’t his fault
besides you started it so it was only fair he was petty back, right?
“she was better than you in so many ways. she could do a lot more things than you. the most important thing though, she meant a lot more to me than you ever will. don’t project your insecurities on her.”
with that he grabbed his pillow and headed toward the attic making sure to bump into your shoulder on the way
Tumblr media
taglist: @potoostuff @elegantstatesmanrebelalieb @silenteyes @sscarchiyo @bakugo-th0t
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hinajiki · 4 months ago
The brothers' reaction to walking into your room while you and Solomon are doing the do
Tumblr media
𝐖𝐀𝐋𝐊𝐈𝐍𝐆 𝐈𝐍 𝐎𝐍 𝐘𝐎𝐔 & 𝐒𝐎𝐋𝐎𝐌𝐎𝐍 ft. the brothers
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: obey me! brothers x reader
content warning: 18+ content, swearing, violence, dubcon, possessive behaviour and a threesome insinuated.
💭: hopefully you guys enjoy it! thank you for the request! I also changed it up to the common room because I'm pretty sure solomon would have made a magical barrier on your door if he wanted to keep things private haha ㅡ hina
Tumblr media
"shh, pretty..." solomon grunted in your ear. "you're being too loud, someone will hear us. you wouldn't want that, would you?"
you choked back a moan when he thrusted into you again from behind, shaking your head at his question. your underwear was pushed to the side and you were leaning forward against the couch, barely able to hold yourself up from the pleasure coursing through your veins. it didn't help that he was radiating magical energy that made your skin buzz with life.
"good puppy.." solomon cooed, biting your earlob. "I bet you are enjoying being fucked where anyone could walk in at anytime, hm?"
before you could moan out a response, the door to the side of the common room opened and you gasped, trying to tell solomon to stop but he didn't notice the intruder, pressing your face into the couch.
when he sees you bent over the couch, solomon fucking you from behind, he freezes where he stands in the doorway
his eyes trail from the spot between your legs all the way up to your glistening eyes and it makes his cock twitch in his dress pants
he coughs, crossing his arms with a frown on his face and watches as solomon pulls away from you, shocked from the sudden noise
"mc, you better have a good reason why you're allowing solomon to defile you in a public space such as this. I better see you in my office when I come back from my meeting with diavolo."
he watches as your eyes fill with fear and he turns to leave, a smug smirk on his face
let's just say, you didn't leave his office until you could barely walk back to your room
oh boy, he gets so jealous
how could his beloved mc, HIS human, have sex with a mere HUMAN when they could have the GREAT MAMMON: the 2nd strongest demon in the student council, your first pact and your first man?!
he rushes forward, a blush on his cheeks and he throws solomon off you, lifting you up and hanging you over his shoulder
you punch at his back and yell at him to put you down but he ignores it, stomping out of the room with you
"y-you're mine, damn it!"
"why him?! why didn't you come to me!?"
"you're my human, remember!?"
he'll whine to you all the way to his room where he shows you how good he can make you feel
it was like out of the anime leviathan watched called a demon finds his master sleeping with a sorcerer and he nearly passes out from the sight
"m-mc.." he stutters over his words, eyes fixated on solomon's cock thrusting into you
solomon stills his movements and looks back over his shoulder to see the demon behind him and swears under his breath
you push solomon off you gently and fix your clothes, cheeks red from embarrassment
you mumble shyly, fingers playing with the hem of your blazer, "um, levi, could you maybe.."
before you could finish your sentence, leviathan transforms into his demon form, eyes filled with envy and you gasp moving to stand behind solomon, but levi's tail wraps around you, lifting you into the air to stop you
"w-we're going to my room, mc, now!" he hisses, his cock straining against his pants and he leaves with you in his tail's grasp
wow, poor solomon
satan usually is able to hold himself together but when it comes to you with solomon, his rage seeps through the cracks of his demeanour
he growls, stalking over to you and ripping the sorcerer off of you to the floor
all he can see is red and he beats solomon until you have to stop him from killing him
"please! satan, stop! down!"
satan spins around, grabs your wrist and drags you to his room, roughly throwing you against a bookcase and trapping you with his arms
he hisses, leaning down to leave possessive bite marks on your neck "are you really that naive that you need to go to a human when you have seven demons just waiting for you to let them fuck you?!"
you whine, tears pooling at the corners of your eyes and lucifer has to come into the room to stop him from taking his anger out on you
after a few hours, satan comes back to apologise, a bouquet of flowers in his hands and a promise to read you your favourite book until you fall into a comfortable sleep snuggled up to him
"well, well, look what we have here."
asmodeus giggles, fanning his face at the sight of his two masters fucking in the common room
his cheeks were red from arousal
"how come I wasn't invited?"
you blush, feeling solomon pull out of you, and you stand up off the couch, unable to meet the eye of the 5th oldest demon brother
"aw, come on now, don't be shy.. I'm sure you wouldn't mind me joining you? I am extremely gorgeous, after all."
you watch as admodeus stalks towards you and you find yourself pressed up against the chest of solomon, admodeus' hand caressing your cheek and his body against your front
you were trapped in between their bodies and your head turns to look up at solomon, noticing a smirk on his face
that's when you knew you were in for a long night and you weren't complaining
beelzebub walks into the common room with his head filled with only the thoughts of food
he glances at you both and walks over to grab the cookies he left on the coffee table
the smell of your arousal makes his tummy grumble, but he is too distracted to care
he shrugs at you and leaves the room, munching on a the cookies in his hand
you and solomon are both in shock from the strange encounter, stopping your actions
you were surprised by the way he acted, you'd think he would've been a tad bit jealous
when you go back to your room, you find yourself pressed against your bed and a head of orange hair drooling between your legs
you were correct, he was a tad bit jealous and he was ravenous for a taste of his master
honestly, belphie doesn't notice at first
it's probably because he's sleepy, hands rubbing his eyes as he moves into the common room
but when he hears your whine, his eyes snap open and he notices the position you're in
he grimaces, finding it slightly disgusting
he doesn't exactly like the idea of solomon fucking you instead of it being him
he leaves the room silently so solomon doesn't notice, but when you come to sleep with him at night, he will press himself up against you, begging to touch you better
how could you say no?
he'll tease you, smirking against your skin when he leaves wet, open-mouthed kisses there
"mmm, are you really still needy, kitten?"
you'll be a blushing mess by the end of it all
Tumblr media
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obeymefictionwriting · 5 months ago
Texts You’d Receive from Brothers & Undateables
Lucifer: “Running 10 min late. Wait for me in my room, no clothes on. I’m bringing Demonius & sweets. Love you.”
Mammon: “Heeeeeeeey where u at?? Bring noodles plz, i’m in ur room. And guess what I’m wearin’?? :PPPPP”
Leviathan: “U wanna watch anime for 24 hours straight? JK lol, miss you. Call me when you get back from school.”
Satan: “Hey kitten, I miss you. Want to go out tonight? And then we can do something interesting ;) Kisses.”
Asmodeus: “Check this out! *15 attached files* Which one looks best on me? Help me choose pleeeease!! Oh and I got ya this! *27 attached files* UH I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YA”
Beelzebub: “Hey, meet me after practice? I miss you lots. We can then go eat someplace nice. My treat, love.”
Belphegor: “Where r u? Wake me up when you arrive, please. Oh, and can you grab coffee too? Kiss.”
Solomon: “Hey, want to check out this new store with me? They have enchanted jewelry and I really think some of it would suit you so much ;) Missing you, baby.”
Simeon: “I miss you. Please come see me in the Purgatory Hall. I’ve prepared a small surprise for you :) xxxx”
Barbatos: “We spent the whole morning together yet it’s nearly not enough for me. Can I see you again tonight? Love you, my dear”.
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takeaslicex · 2 months ago
Pairing: All Obey Me! Demon Brothers x Gender Neutral! Main Character
Content Warning: A few earlier chapter spoilers (all appropriately tagged), and some implied NSFW (these headcanons are NOT smutty, but some can be implied to be), mention of death
Word count: 3.9k+
Summary: My headcanons of the seven brother’s primary and secondary love languages!
© 2021, takeaslicex. All Rights Reserved.
Lucifer’s primary love language would be ACTS OF SERVICE.
He already spends so much time looking after his brothers, keeping everyone out of trouble, and working hard to please Lord Diavolo, that beginning to look after you would become second nature. In fact, it’s his job to make sure your needs are met as the human exchange student, so making sure that you are taken care of is literally in the job description as he has pledged his loyalty to Lord Diavolo.
However, it didn’t take very long for Lucifer’s service to you to become voluntary rather than mandatory.
Though Lucifer would never admit it at the risk of wounding his pride, he would do almost anything to make sure that you were happy, healthy, and/or safe.
His acts of services range from the smallest acts to the big ones - but they all matter.
If you’re struggling in any of your classes, Lucifer would be the first to know, and more than likely would be the only one who would actually sit down and help you. If you were feeling physically unwell, he’d be at your side with medicine in a minute. If you were feeling emotionally unwell, you’d be in his arms in a second.
These acts of service would typically cause you to think you were putting too much on his plate, but Lucifer never fails to remind you how much he cares about you.
“Lucifer, I don’t need you to come over. You already have a lot going on today. It was just a nightmare. I’ll be okay, I’m just being ridiculous.” “MC, if I thought you were being ridiculous for one moment, I wouldn’t have offered to come over. I’ll be over in a minute - I’m all yours for the rest of the night. I love you endlessly, and I’m always here for you, do not forget that.” *cue a night full of cuddles and backrubs long after you were lulled back to sleep*
Lucifer’s secondary love language would be QUALITY TIME.
Lucifer is an extremely busy demon and barely makes time for himself, so if he makes time for you, then you are incredibly special to him.
I personally think that he prefers spending quality time alone with just you, rather than spending it in public with prying eyes. That way, he could be most himself, and most importantly, have you all to himself rather than sharing you with his brothers.
Lounging on his couch with a chess board in front of you? Listening to each other’s favorite music together? Simply existing in each other’s arms? Absolutely nothing better than that in his eyes.
He also really likes having you in his study while he’s doing paperwork - even if you’re just sitting on one of his chairs while he’s working. Although, sometimes, having you in the room while he’s trying to focus can prove to be distracting, so this occurrence is a bit more rare.
“Y/N.” “Yeah, Luci?” “Can you come to my office at once, please? I have more paperwork for Lord Diavolo than I’d like to handle at the moment, and I would love it if I had something pleasing to look at while I’m busy.” “Of course. Can I help you out with your paperwork?” “That would be lovely, my Y/N. Please come over as soon as you can - I’ve been dying to see you.”
However, he does absolutely love to show you off in public as well. It’s a pride thing.
Whether it’s taking you out to an expensive restaurant, laying with you at the beach, accompanying you to the human world, or simply walking you around the streets of…. well, Hell, he knows how good you look at his side.
A power couple if I’ve ever seen one.
Mammon’s love language, naturally, is GIFT GIVING.
Whether it’s Mammon himself out shopping, or if it’s one of his brothers spending the money, Mammon found it hard to shop for himself without shopping for you, too. If he’s out shopping anywhere, he’s always on the lookout for something you may like as well.
“Hey, human! I bought these flowers for ya while I was out shopping today. Go ahead and thank The Great Mammon for that, MC! Because you’re welcome!”
Most of the time it’s one of his brothers paying for whatever gift he bought you. Or, even you yourself. But since Mammon is the one who picked it out and handed it to you, it totally counts, right? As long as you don’t question how the gift was paid for, you’re good.
However, since he’s totally been in love with his favorite human since day one, he finds it pretty much impossible to go shopping without spending his money on you. He just loves your reactions to the things you buy him, no matter how big or small.
“Well I… bought this for ya because it reminded me of ya, ya know? Because I… I love ya, MC. You’re pretty special to me.”
I could definitely see him gifting you with clothing and jewelry more than anything, since he’s not exactly uneducated in the fashion department. He totally would give you clothing that he’d love to see you in, or even clothing that would match his. Cringey? Maybe. Does he care? Absolutely not. You’re his human, after all.
Mammon’s secondary love language would be PHYSICAL TOUCH.
As I mentioned before, Mammon’s been pining for you since day one. And while gift-giving and spending his quality time with you was always something he could do as friends, touching his favorite human was only a benefit he could indulge himself in once he finally got to claim you as his. So… once he got to touch you in the most intimate of ways, he never got enough of it. Ever.
Mammon, being the total tsundere that he is, would be different depending on whether or not the two of you are alone, and his touches would be no different.
If he’s in public with you, his touches would be almost proud and claiming. With an arm wrapped around your waist and your head under his chin, Mammon would proudly announce, “Incoming - The Great Mammon with his absolutely stunning human! Since I’m feeling quite generous today, you can all look at how good we look together. Feel free to thank me later!”
However, when he’s alone with you, he’s the biggest softie - and so are his touches. A complete cuddle bug, you’re almost always enveloped in his embrace, or vice-versa. He likes to lay with his head on your chest and listen to your heartbeat, but he also likes being the big spoon and encasing your entire body against his.
Also, consider this: either him spinning you around, or you spinning him around. *sobs*
Just touch him, or let him touch you - please!
Levi’s love language is undoubtedly QUALITY TIME.
Levi really values his free time. He canonically loves nothing more than immersing himself into video games, anime, and fiction. So, if he chooses to spend his time with you instead, or if he invites you to do his favorite things with you, then he really loves you.
Spending time with him is him showcasing all of his interests to you. Often, he gets made fun of for his interests in anime, gaming, and cosplaying, so introducing all of his interests to you in their entirety would be a pretty big deal for him - because he wants to share them with you, not just tell you about them.
“Listen well Y/N, because I’m going to explain this to you however many times it takes because I’m not dating no normie, got that? The Tale of the Seven Lords isn’t just a masterpiece because of the plot, but also because - ”
Spending his time doing and watching his favorite things with you just makes it all the more fun for him. You’re his favorite Player Two, his favorite anime binge-watcher, his favorite midnight-premier buddy, and favorite person to accidentally spoil things to.
Also, if you had any interests that he didn’t share, I think he would be willing to experience them with you as well as long as he got to spend time with you. As long as you take an interest in his interests, he’d be willing to indulge you in your interests, too.
Of course, with you being from the human world, you have the pleasure of introducing him to your favorite games and anime from your world, too. If you walk into his room with a new DVD set of an anime you like from the human world? Prepare to be locked in his room with him for the next week.
Levi’s secondary love language would be through GIFT GIVING.
Of course, his gifts wouldn’t be as grand as Mammon’s would be, but they would be a lot more personal in my opinion.
Levi’s idea of a gift would be personal items that mean a lot to him, such as limited-edition items, a copy of his favorite video game, a soundtrack from an anime he likes, figurines, a collector’s edition manga, or anything else that he holds dear to his heart from one of his fixations.
If Levi were to notice that you were really into one of the animes you were watching, or if you really liked the video game that you two were playing together, I think that he would be quick to give you something from his collection if it made you happy.
“Here, I want you to have this. It’s a limited edition Ruri-chan figurine - only 100 of these exist in the entire world… and, since you love the anime so much, I… thought you’d like it. But, if you break or damage Ruri-chan in any way, I won’t hesitate to ban you from watching The Magical Ruri Hana with me ever again, you got that? So, uh… enjoy, I really hope you like it, Y/N.”
Initially, I think that Levi would be hesitant to give you anything from his collection, given his envy or even just his general love for fiction. However, upon seeing your face light up the second you realized he was giving you something so special to him, he never became more sure of anything in his life.
Satan’s primary love language would be QUALITY TIME.
Satan is pretty independent and values his free time to be by himself, very similarly to Levi, so having you around him in any capacity during his free time is his way of showing you that he loves you.
His main interests being those of books and fine arts, laying in his arms while he reads his favorite book out loud to you or introducing you to his favorite detective show would be a perfect night in his mind… much in fact, that he starts bringing you to all of his favorite places that have to do with his interests. You quickly became his companion to his book club, and you take frequent dates to museums and art galleries together.
“Hello darling, we’re reading the number one best-selling book in the human world in our book club today. I thought that it would feel a bit like home to you, and I think that it would be nice to experience a piece of your world together. Would you mind accompanying me tonight, Y/N?”
Also, with him being the big animal advocate that he is, I really hope you don’t hate the many little furry creatures of Hell, because you’re about to be visiting quite a few shelters with him. That, and creature-cafes as well.
One time for one of your anniversaries, you managed to convince Lucifer to let you surprise Satan with a trip to the human world so that he could see more cats than he could handle by visiting animal shelters and going to a cat cafe. It was the one time you’ve ever seen him tear up in your life.
Much like Levi, I also think that Satan would be pretty willing to take an interest in your interests as well, as long as he got to discuss them with you and have you next to him while he enjoyed them.
Regarding his sin, I also believe that spending time with you is a good way for him to subdue his wrath as well. When you’re with him, it’s a lot easier for him to control his emotions and keep his wrath in check. You keep him calm and collected, and as his peace, he adores having you around.
I believe that Satan’s secondary love language would be WORDS OF AFFIRMATION.
Due to Satan’s respectable and typically composed nature, Satan isn’t one to beat around the bush and tiptoe around his feelings and what he wants to say. If he loves you, or if he’s happy around you, he’s going to tell you just that.
I don’t think that his words of affirmation would be as outstanding and vocal as Asmodeus (see below), however, I think that he would never hide his feelings from you, since his sin is bred from a strong emotion, after all.
“Y/N! Thank you so much for coming with me today. Your presence makes me so happy - I really like having you with me, even if it’s just something as small as grabbing a drink. I love you.”
Also, consider Satan recommending you his favorite books, and upon reading them, it becomes quickly apparent that the romance in these books is how he truly feels about you. It’s not him personally saying these words of affirmation, but he might as well be.
Staying true to his title, the Avatar of Lust’s love language is PHYSICAL TOUCH.
Asmodeus is a very physical person towards everyone, so if he loves you, he’d definitely be more physical and touchy than anything.
PDA is a part of the package with him - he’s 10000% into holding your hand, cuddling with you, hugging you, and kissing you in front of everyone, and wherever he wants. He does NOT care.
When you guys are alone together, Asmo’s just as physical as well. How he acts in public with you vs. how he acts in private with you is a line that blurs constantly.
Essentially, there’s always at least one part of his body on you. Whether it’s his hand on your thigh, or his fingers through your hair, or his arms around your waist, or your entire self sat perched on his lap is entirely dependent on the situation.
He just really loves the way your skin feels under his fingers.
“Oh darling! Your skin is just so soft, and… warm ❤. Why don’t you come a little closer so I can touch you in other places, hm?”
I don’t think that a relationship without touching would work when it comes to Asmo. Of course, I believe that he would be pretty understanding about boundaries and respect when you don’t want to be touched. But the physical nature of his love is a big one - and as long as he’s touching you, everything is alright in the Devildom.
Asmo’s secondary love language would be WORDS OF AFFIRMATION, though I believe that his primary and secondary love language could be switched.
Out of all of the brothers, Asmodeus would be the most straightforward with expressing his love and what he wants to say to you through actual words.
I truly believe that MC is the first person that he has had truly genuine romantic feelings for. Oftentimes, lust and love have a funny way of blending together, and it’s quite easy to mistake one for the other. However, it’s quite apparent to him, and to all of his brothers as well, that he truly is in love with you.
Also, if you are truly in love with him back, and you don’t just see him as lust and sex personified? Oh boy, are you going to make this demon melt like putty.
So, with that being said… he would never let you forget how much he loves you. How could he not let the first person he’s ever truly been in love with know that he loves them every second of the day?
“Oh, Y/N… my sweetheart, I love you so much. I love you so much that I could hold you and kiss you a thousand times a day and never get bored of it. I want you now and forever, don’t you get that, my beautiful human? Won’t you let me love you forever, please?”
Just let him give you lots of kisses and tell you how much he loves you, please.
Beel, being the big softie that he is, his love language would be PHYSICAL TOUCH.
I headcanon my MC as incredibly small compared to Beel, but either way since Beel is pretty big, I think that having you wrapped in his arms would just be the best thing in the world to him because it would feel like he was protecting you.
** SPOILERS ** When Beel was dealing with the early chapter grievances regarding Belphie and Lilith, you were a tremendous help to him in every sense of the word. One of the ways you were a comfort to him was through holding his hand and sleeping with him at night, so naturally, he associates touching you with loving you.
You just fit so perfectly in his arms, okay?
Beel doesn’t think twice about touching you in public - though his touches would be fairly innocent. He likes having you perched on his lap with his arms around your waist, holding your hand as you walk the halls of the Devildom, or holding your thigh during meals.
Of course, handsy makeout sessions in the kitchen during snack runs or while you two were making dinner together have been known to happen more than once… (the two of you aren’t allowed to make dinner together anymore, actually.)
In private, Beel is just as big of a softie with his touches as he is in public. He loves having you lay straight across his chest, even if it’s just to talk and hang out rather than just sleep. However, holding you while you two fall asleep together is his favorite part of his day next to… well, eating.
“Beel baby, what’s wrong?” “Nothing.” “...” “I woke up and you had rolled over to the other side of the bed, that’s all.” “Oh my god, I love you so much. Want me to come back and we can cuddle until my next class?” “Yes! Come back soon, please.” “And, I love you too.” “Now come back to bed.”
Shoulder rubs and back rubs are his things, and if it’s you giving the massage - especially after a game or a tough workout - then this demon is going to be getting literal heart eyes for you.
Beel’s secondary love language would be GIFT GIVING - and it’s a very specific gift he would give to you. If you guessed food, then you’re a thousand percent correct.
Being the Avatar of Gluttony and a huge foodie, sharing his food with you in any capacity is basically the same as saying “I love you” for him.
The first time Beel offered you some Super Spicy Devil Fries off of his plate at lunch one day, all of his brothers and you included all stopped dead in your tracks.
“Hey MC, you want some of my fries? I know how much you like them - so here, have some of mine.” *Cue Asmo choking on his food, Levi and Belphie’s mouth dropping, Satan dropping his fork, Mammon quite literally hollering, Lucifer’s eyebrows raising, and you doing all of the above*
Basically, you’re the only person in the world who’s safe from his wrath if you touch his food. Anybody else would be on the floor in a hot second.
Belphie’s is the hardest to pinpoint for me, but I think that just like his twin brother, his love language would be PHYSICAL TOUCH - and for a very specific reason.
** SPOILERS ** Belpie was incredibly close to his younger sister Lilith. Upon realizing that you’re a descendant of his sister, and the closest thing he’ll ever get to having his human sister back, I think that touching you (in a non-sexual way) would make him feel closer to her.
Of course, he would like to touch you just for you being you as well.
Since he’s the Avatar of Sloth, and thus a very tired and lazy demon by default, I think that he would eventually learn to associate comfort and rest with being with you, and would only want to nap or lounge around if you were there to do it with him.
“MC, I’m tired.” “Take a nap, baby.” “I can’t.” “Why not?” “Because you’re not in my arms, obviously? Come to my room now, please.”
You’ve had quite a few arguments about which of the two of you can be the big spoon or the little spoon for the night, because there’s just so many perks with being the big spoon. Of course, there’s perks with being the little spoon, too, so you both let the other win the argument from time to time.
Having you pressed firmly against him under the coldest and comfiest blankets in Hell is literal heaven to him. He just wants to have his arms around you all the time, okay?
In public, I think he would be prone to sleeping on you too, since you’re just so comfortable and because he loves and trusts you so much. How many photos are out there of Belphie sleeping on your shoulder in class? Too many.
I’ve thought hard about this, and I think that Belphie’s secondary love language would be ACTS OF SERVICE.
** SPOILERS ** Belphie definitely regrets killing MC - like, infinitely. I think that no matter how hard he tries to forgive himself, or no matter how much MC or his brothers have already forgiven him, I think that killing someone you’d later fall in love with would be a big weight you could never truly get off of your shoulders and forgive yourself for.
With that being said, I think that Belphie would take special liberty in protecting you and making up for the wrong he committed in any way possible.
He’d often check in on you and make sure that all of your wants and needs have been taken care of, to making sure you ate breakfast that morning, to checking in on you when you’re with his brothers to make sure you weren’t too overstimulated or stressed out.
This would be an easy thing to pinpoint - that he was often doing things to overcompensate for what he did to you. However, while it’s true in part that he’s doing these acts of service out of guilt, he’s also doing these things for you because he loves you and wants you to be happy all the time.
“Belphie, my love, I know what you’re trying to do and I promise you that you don’t have to. Okay?” “Of course I do, Y/N - you don’t understand.” “Okay, so help me understand, please.” “I-I just… just let me do this for you, okay? I love you so much. Just let me do this.” “...” “Belphie?” “Yes?” “You know I forgive you for what you did, right?”
Belphie can’t take back what he did, but he’d happily spend the rest of your life making it up to you if that’s what it took. He just loves you so much - and if he can keep you happy, healthy, and safe through his actions, then it’ll never be an issue for him.
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long-furby6 · a month ago
Hello! How have you been? Do you mind if I request headcanons of the Demon brothers with ganyu like mc?? Thank you!💕💕💕
Don’t mind at all! I gotchu bro
These ended up being so loNG bc Ganyu makes my brain go brrr
The Brothers With A Ganyu-Like Mc
Tumblr media
Imagine his surprise when he and Diavolo summoned the new exchange student, only for them to have horns
Like Bruh??? Aren’t you supposed to be human??
Decided to go through with it anyway bc half still, technically, counts
Even if you protested all the way, claiming your job in the human world needs you. What’s so important about it, anyway?
He didn’t think much of you at first, but he quickly learns just how diligent and hard-working you are. What a surprise! And a welcome one, at that. Couldn’t hurt to have at least one other person in this cursed house with any responsibility
Parents of the House of Lamentation
However, when he sees you passed out at your desk, surrounded by unfinished papers and pens… he feels a little less thrilled about it
Is this what his brothers and Diavolo feel seeing him overworking himself? If so, he needs to stop it immediately
In the moment, he did the only thing he could do. Just carry you to bed and leave some food/water at near you
After that day, he couldn’t see you without also seeing signs of exhaustion and malnutrition. Are you really okay?
Never did he think that he would be the one urging another to take it easy and have some breaks. It’s a bit jarring to everyone else as well
He didn’t need your thanks. But when he woke up in his office to find a cup of tea in front of him, a blanket around his shoulders that hadn’t been there before, and a little note telling him not to overdo it? Maybe he craves it a little more than he’d like to admit
It kind of becomes an unspoken agreement between the two of you to always care for the other when they go overboard. Leaving eachother reminders, making food and drinks, carrying eachother to bed, etc etc
Tumblr media
BIG clash at first bc you’re all about anti-tax evasion as part of your job and he’s… well…
Great, this human is no fun at all! Why are you so adamant about work?? What are you, another Lucifer???
Tbh, he found it a little annoying at first. Stop ignoring the great Mammon to get your papers done! Can’t you take a break once in a while and pay attention to him??
When that thought in particular crossed his mind, he nearly jumped. He doesn’t want the attention of some random human/adeptus whatever, what was he thinking?
However, all attempts to push those thoughts out of his mind remain futile. Instead, they only got stronger
You were growing on him, wether he liked it or not. There were times where he actually wanted to work and get something done, just to hear you praise him, to see that tired smile and relieved look when you find a document mysteriously finished, to hear that laugh when he finally convinces you to take a break after hours of begging
Homie’s addicted there’s no going back
He can and will drag you outside with him to go to a casino or a fair despite your protests. And most definitely finds every way in the book to trick you into getting into trouble with him
Constantly pestering you to get some sleepTM but tries to make it sound like he’s not fussing. It usually heads with him saying “I’m just worried about ya, ya know?” In a hushed, fragile voice, not being able to look you in the eye
Tumblr media
He is most definitely not helping with your sleeping problems with all the all nighters he pulls with you, but at least it gets you away from work
There was a time during one of these all nighters when your head started to droop mid-game. He was too focused to notice until he felt a weight on his shoulder, and let’s just say my man really just ascended
On one hand it was like heck yeah!! Levi got touched!!! This is just like that one romance anime!! But on the other it’s just like how grossed out would you be when you woke up?? Are you going to think he’s weird for letting you stay there? What if you’re gonna awkwardly leave the room or, god forbid, get mad at him???
Overthinking to the MAX
He hears you mention your physical insecurities and he’s just like bro saaaaammmee but don’t do that
To be quite honest he feels horrible when he first learns of it. You? His Henry? Literally his favourite being in the 3 realms? Feels BAD about themselves???? Unacceptable. Blasphemous, even
Definitely angrily rants about it to his fish
Has to actually google ‘how to help a friend with their insecurity’ and probably uses some obscure wikihow page bc come on he can barely keep himself from spiralling into self hate let alone someone else
The next time he sees you, he stutters out some compliment about your clothes or eyes, wanting nothing more than to phase through the floor. But after the first 100 awkward moments, it started to become easy, almost automatic
However, when you started doing it back, oh boy
You’ve killed this man. His heart can’t take this. Are you trying to put him in a hospital bed??
Now, everytime you see eachother, there’s the mandatory exchange of compliments and nods of acknowledgment. Though, no matter how many times it happens, he can’t seem to shake that little flutter in his chest when he hears your beautiful words
Tumblr media
Doesn’t care that much at first but he’s kinda curious about your horns—
He read about Adepti in one book about human religion, but maybe hearing it from a real one would be a bit more accurate
Might excitedly start asking you questions based off of what he read. He enjoys hearing old tales you have about the archon war and the creation of Liyue, actually, tell him again how you nearly got swallowed by a monster?
You guys often just sit in the same room together and just do your own thing, you working and him reading or watching a show. Occasionally you’ll comment on something or he’ll start humming to himself
One time, you joined in, singing or tapping along to his tune. The melody lasted a while, and when it was over, you exchanged a glance. Your smile in that moment is probably burned into his memory with a hot iron for the rest of eternity
You very rarely get angry, but when you do, he has to just stare in awe for a bit. You’re surprisingly scary and honestly? It’s very hot amusing to him
There was more than a few times where you stopped him from going on a rampage by simply Freezing His Ass to the ground and leaving him like that until he calms down. He can’t tell if it’s humiliating or appreciated
Guess you can say he’s cooling off LMAOO
Often tries to read aloud to you while you lay near him or with your head in his lap, trying to lull you to sleep
Tumblr media
Has a weird fixation with poking at/stroking your horns
They’re just so smooth and cold to the touch… and you seem to like it with the way you casually lean into his hand like a cat, so what’s the harm?
Mammon’s pissed about it though
A lot of argument may have happened because of it. Just them going back and forth while you’re nodding off in the background
You gotta do it back tho. For balance, of course. He’ll shift into his demon form whenever, all you have to do is ask, darling!
Always puts a blanket around you when he finds you sleeping on the couch or wherever else you passed out, maybe even sits next to you and does his own thing, commenting on how cute you are when you finally wake up
Choosing outfits for eachother and having a little fashion show in his room. It took a lot of convincing on his part, but eventually, you were able to just have fun with him without worrying too much about your appearance in the moment
The same could be said for him. As confident as he is, he’s always fussing over his looks. I mean, if he wasn’t pretty anymore, would anyone want him? Would you want him?
Focusing on all the beautiful things about you, and trust me, there are a lot, helps him take his mind off of his own insecurities in a way. When around you, they simply don’t cross his mind until after you’re gone
Tumblr media
Liked you instantly
He was just excited that you would often give him your unfinished food, simply stating that you weren’t hungry. He didn’t think much of it at first. Like, great! More for him!
Until, he started realizing that hey, you were sure giving him a lot… wait, are you eating enough??
One look at your exhausted face and he decided that you don’t. And that’s absolutely Unacceptable
He’s not even subtle about it, just straight up telling you to eat, or trying to fend off his own hunger to bring you snacks while you’re working. Even if a quarter of them are gone by the time he get to your room
He’ll apologize briefly, and sit down next to you to make sure you actually eat it. It doesn’t matter how fast you gain weight! It’s!! Not!!! HEALTHY!!!!
When he notices you struggling to stay awake, he will just,, pick you up and carry you to your bed or the nearest couch. You’re staying there till you get some rest
Loves watching you work. You’re just so cute deep in thought, tapping a pen against your chin. It increases tenfold once you start using the fountain pen he got you that matches his
Teach him archery! He’s heard that it’s a good upper body workout, bows are cool, and also, there’s the bonus of hanging out with you. No downsides!
He’ll teach you other weapons in return. He did guard the gates of the celestial realm as an Angel, maybe he had a battle axe or a large sword/claymore? In any case, he’ll be happy to show you how to use them in exchange for your marksmanship lessons!
Tumblr media
Genuinely cannot fathom why somebody would willingly avoid sleep to do work
You must be a god if you can withstand that torture
He’s heard of adepti, and of Liyue, but he’d like for you to tell him more. He enjoys hearing about life in the human world, and you’ve spent thousands of years there, haven’t you?
Tries to tempt you into ditching work to come doze on the couch with him. You know that one post about seducing someone into healthy sleeping habits? Him
“Come on, wouldn’t you rather spend time with me? Unless, of course, work is more important. I understand, you don’t love me like I do you. Don’t worry, I’m used to being ignored.”
He will Manipulate Mansplain Manwhore his way into getting to nap with you
However, as you get used to his whining, it works less and less, much to his utter dismay
When you absolutely refuse, he’ll just sign dramatically and flop onto you’re bed to sleep alone. Mostly with the hopes that when you’re finished (haha the chances), you’ll join him, and he’ll wake up to you carding your fingers through his hair and softly kissing his forehead
Beel helps you eat, Belphie helps you sleep, the twins are the pinnacle of ‘take care of yourself, you have no choice’
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