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#beelzebub x reader
misspomefiore · a day ago
Obey Me || Brothers Playing Animal Crossing New Horizons
you bought each one of the brothers Animal Crossing so they came experience a game from your world. they can either be your friend, s/o, brotherly figure, etc. since your relationship with them is never mentioned.
(gender neutral reader)
i just got back into Obey Me so i hope you don't mind some Obey Me content ^^
Tumblr media
✧ Literally has no idea why you even bother getting him a game when you know he clearly has no interest and time for games. You told him that it was a fun, relaxing game you know he'll enjoy. He finally caved in after seeing you play with his brothers and he wanted to see what the hype was all about.
✧ Cue to Lucifer playing the game on his free time. He enjoys being able to control basically whatever he wants. If there's a villager he dislikes, he can time travel to kick them out and wishing he can do the same with some of his brothers.
✧ He loves to show off and give you tours on his island when you visit. You really weren't surprised that his island is aesthetically pleasing considering he chooses the interior design for the House of Lamatation.
✧ Has about 150-200 hours. He usually plays during his free time or whenever no one is around.
Tumblr media
✧ If he can't money off of it, then he won't waste his time with it. After finding out how much real money people are willing to spend on buying popular villagers, that's when he's listening.
✧ He tries to finish the main part the game as quick possible so he can island hop around for Raymond, Judy, Coco, Zucker, and any other popular villagers. Once he sells all the villagers, he resets and does the whole process over again.
✧ Mammon's island doesn't even have a theme. He just places houses wherever he has room since the poor villagers are going to be booted off anyways. He sells off all the decoration and material he receives so he has millions of bells in his saving. He drops them all off at your island before he resets and comes over to collect. You are way too kind to not say no.
✧ His hours on the games change since he restarts constantly. He usually has 300 hours before he starts over and all of that time was spent on villager trafficking making money.
Tumblr media
✧ Did you say you bought him a game from you realm? Oh, he's so in. He immediately booted up the game before you could even explain what the game was about. Ah, it's a farming game. Let's get this going.
✧ Levi will speed run through the main part of the game so he can start collecting everything. He time travels so he can catch every bugs, fish, and sea creatures to finish his museum. He checks Nook's Cranny and Able Sisters so he can buy and catalog everything. He is super competitive during the fishing and bug tournament even though you told him that none of the villagers can actually compete but he still sees them as competition.
✧ His island is literally an Ikea. He reserves a small portion of the island to display the furniture from the same collection. In the back, he has all of his villager houses perfectly lined up. You normally would pay him visit to catalog any furniture you need or to collect any extra DIY recipe he doesn't need.
✧ Has the most hours out of everyone; 1,000+ hours.
Tumblr media
✧ When he saw that there were cat villagers, he's in. He normally doesn't play video games but he's not against trying out this relaxing game you told him about.
✧ Satan spends so much Nook Miles ticket in order to hunt for the cat villagers. Even if they are no so good looking, he doesn't care. They are all beautiful in his eyes. You wanted to surprise him so you had Raymond in boxes and invited Satan over. You told him he can snatch the cat and the demon was nearly in happy tears.
✧ His island has a soft, city aesthetic. Everything is well organized and it feels as if you're going through a city in the movies. He has small reading corners tucked in everywhere along with a bunch of cat items.
✧ Has around 800 hours. It's such a sweet game that he can't help but pick it up every time he sees his switch.
Tumblr media
✧ Asmo is very interested in the game and is willing to give it a try. When he booted up the game, he was amazed by the graphics and is excited to start building up his island.
✧ His favorite part is the Able Sisters and the custom designs. He loves designing and is disappointed that he can't have unlimited spaces on the pro designs. He buys and gifts all his villagers nice clothing so they can be beautiful as him. He finds it a bit insulting when some of them wouldn't wear what he gift them and the just put in their house in display saying "it makes me itchy".
✧ This demon's island is literally straight out of a Disney Princess movie. It's literally a cottage-core aesthetic with an added princess-core. You both love to put on dresses while running around and pretending you both are the main character.
✧ Has 500 hours. He plays the game for about 2 hours at a time so his eyes won't hurt from staring at the screen too much.
Tumblr media
✧ Beel is flattered that you spent so much money on getting him a game and console, but he asked you to return it since he can just share with Belphie and you can use that money on yourself.
✧ He shares the island with Belphie but he is the island representative since he plays more often than his twin. He loves every single one of his villagers and would give them gifts and talk to them every day. In fact, he's got all of their photos and he hangs up to show his sign of close friendship with them.
✧ The island is a bit of a mess. Beel always keep the furniture he obtains from his villager friends and he places them all over his island since his storage would be filled up. Even though he can sell them and buy them later, it's not same because it's the one he got from his villagers. He also places chairs all over the place because he doesn't want them to sit on the ground.
✧ Has about 300-400 hours.
Tumblr media
✧ He shares the island with Beel since he almost never plays the game. When he does, he plays with his twin or you since he enjoys your company.
✧ Belphie enjoys the simple, small functions of the game. He likes fishing and bug catching. He likes watching his museum grow and feels accomplished when Blathers tell him that their museum has been finished. Even then, he still fishes and catch bugs.
✧ If he had his own island, there would be weeds and flowers everywhere since he would not touch the game for days, even weeks. He doesn't really have the motive all the time. Thank goodness Beel maintains the weeds and flowers because Belphie wouldn't even bother with them. He doesn't touch any decoration his brother places down.
✧ 100-150 hours. At least he got to the hundreds range.
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chaoticotaku · a day ago
Hello my fellow simps this is gonna be the obey me hc's master list feel free to message or ask me your request🥰
Will do
Will not do
Anything homophobic
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obeythebutler · a day ago
Hello! Could you do hc's for the bros (Maybe Dia and Barbs too) where Belphegor kills Mc later on, so Mc already the bros mate for like. Extra angst, because your brother killing your mate gotta fuckin hurt. Ye sure Mc getd brought back still but that shit still painful
I couldn't do the royals, please excuse~
Belphegor Kills The Brother's Mate, MC
His heart stopped on seeing MC's body thrown over the railing, and a sickening noise was heard as they fell down on the floor, with blood staining the marble.
He rushed forward, gently cradling their head with his blood-stained hands as he screamed for his brothers to come help. As he begged for MC to stay awake, he heard Belphegor laugh.
" A human for a mate? Sheesh. Lucifer, how much have you fallen?"
He had to hold back from attacking him there and then, as MC was still in his arms. But no matter how many pain incantations he chanted, applied pressure on the wounds, they,t-they-
Their body went still, and Lucifer had to hold back the tears that were threatning to fall as he got up, and shifted into his demon form, lunged at his brother in his crazed frenzy.
His dishevelled hair only added to his feral look as he pounces at Belphegor, whose eyes were wide in shock at his brothers sudden actions.
If there was one thing Belphegor should have known was to never take away a demon's mate.
Lucifer had to be held back by the rest of his brothers from attacking Belphegor, as he screamed curses at him, while Belphegor was crouched on the floor, frightened at his brother's rage.
Belphegor would not be forgiven so easily, not after what he had done, even if MC came back.
He immediately ran seeing his mate's body lying on the floor, with their arms and legs in sick, twisted positions.
Mammon begged for them to stay awake, pleaded for them to not leave him, to open their eyes as he howled for Lucifer to come. He took in Belphegor's laugh and mocking words as he stared at him in shock.
" A human as a mate? Mammon, you're truly a scumbag."
No matter how much he cried, MC's eyes won't open. They won't move. They were...dead. Dead by the hands of his youngest brother, whom he adored and doted upon.
Mammon wasn't a demon to lose his temper. But when he did....
His demon form came into being as he gently put down their body, and in his eyes was a crazed look, one which speaked death. He had to be forcibly pried away from banging Belphegor's head into the wall.
Even after his mate came back, they won't be allowed near Belphegor, no, he won't be able to trust his brother for a very long time.
Mammon's panicked screams were what made him get up in the middle of his game raid and run outside in a hurry, because Mammon never screamed in such...a panicked tone.
But when he got there...MC...his mate...blood....floor.... Belphegor laughing...!
He rushed forward, frantically trying to check their pulse, but nothing was felt...Behind him, Belphegor could be heard cackling.
" Really, Leviathan. Having a human as a mate?"
He wasn't going to summon Lotan and make him to do the job, oh no, he was going to dish out the consequences of Belphegor's actions himself.
His serpent tail was already out as he lashed at his brother, with his tail slowly coiling around Belphegor's neck, as he wheezed for air.
In his eyes was rage, as he merely looked on at the sight of Belphegor gasping and choking as the grip on his throat tightened.....
Leviathan had to be made to release his brother from his tail, as he stared at his pathetic, gasping form with fury.
Even after MC comes back, he won't trust them to be in the house without him by his side, Belphegor cannot be trusted anymore...
He was looking for MC when he heard the sickening sobs of his brothers in the hallway...fearing the worst he rushed towards them.
MC was lying on the floor, in a pool of their own blood as Mammon begged them to wake up, and Belphegor laughed, while the others either stared in shock or tore into Belphegor.
He rushed towards the body of his mate and frantic emerald eyes scanned their body, taking in the damage...a shaky hand came forward to feel their pulse, and when nothing was felt, retreated, only to turn into claws.
Satan seemed to be stuck in a daze as he coldly took input of his surroundings- his mate's body, his brothers panicked faces and Belphegor's laugh-
" Tsk tsk. A mere human as a mate. For someone who has a lot of knowledge, you're a fool."
He jumped at the youngest with a snarl as Belphegor barely ducked, and his claws tore into the stone wall as he tore into his brother, quite literally, intent on ripping out his organs and maiming him, because all he saw was red.
Satan had to be forcefully held back as he snarled at Belphegor, who was staring in shock.
Even after MC came back, he won't leave them alone for a single moment....his brothers can't be trusted any more....
He rushed out of his room, leaving behind the outfits be had planned for him and MC to wear, to the source of the commotion.
MC was lying there...lifeless...unmoving...bleeding as Mammon begged them to open their eyes, move, do Belphegor looked on, amused.
Asmodeus rushed forward in panic, and gently cradling MC's head pleaded for them to move, open their eyes as tears fell from his eyes.
But they weren't moving. Their body was littered with cuts, and their throat had bruises from where..from w-where Belphegor...
Asmodeus went quiet as he got up, the blood on his soles making imprints on the floor as he growled at Belphegor.
" A human? Tch, I thought you had standards, Asmodeus."
He lunged at Belphegor in his demon form, as his nails dug into his brother's neck, and Asmodeus laughed as he observed how Belphegor struggled to breathe. He deserved it.
He had to be ripped from Belphegor by his brothers, as Asmo, still in his feral state was intent on making him suffer.
Belphegor can't be trusted to be left alone with his mate any more...
He could smell stench of blood as he rushed forward towards the source of commotion, but all he saw was Mammon cradling MC's body, begging for them to wake up, and his brothers in disarray as they tore into Belphegor about his doing, who was laughing.
He doesn't know what he has done, hasn't he? He doesn't.
All Beelzebub could do was stare at his mate's body as he begged them to wake up, as tears fell from his face, all the while with Belphegor's laugh ringing in his ears.
It was pointed out by Asmodeus that MC was his mate, and Belphegor's laughter stopped. Beelzebub turned around to meet Belphegor's eyes.
Beel's face was covered in tears as his fist clenched, because even if he was his brother he killed his mate. But seeing MC's body fuelled his anger even more, and he sprang.
Blinded by anger, he was fully intent on destroying Belphegor, because he took his mate. He had to be restrained by his brothers as he broke down, crying.
Even after MC comes back, they can't be left alone with Belphegor, he's going to get a separate room for the time being.
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gthweeb · a day ago
Side Characters When You Ask Them To Stop Touching You
prompt: a continuation of my previous post here
warnings: none!
gender neutral reader :D
- So sad :( He feels so bad about it.
- Looks like a puppy on the ASPCA commercials.
- “I’m so sorry! Would you like some tea? Some cookies? How about a game of chess? How can I make it up to you?”
- He’s a sweetheart but very boisterous and jumps to conclusions a lot. It doesn’t bother him after you’ve explained it though.
- I feel like Barb would secretly hate you for it at first, and then do a complete 180 once you explained why.
- You want me to stop touching you? 🤨 It’s because I’m a demon, isn’t it? 😠 You think you’re so high and mighty as a mere human telling me- oh okay of course sweetheart 🥰😘 - barbs inner monologue.
- “Of course, MC. I apologize. Would you like some tea?”
- Barb simps I’m so sorry lmao.
- Even more sad than Diavolo!
- But only because now he can’t hug you.
- “Awe MC I’m so sorry! Is there anything I can do to help?”
- Sweetheart, wouldn’t want to upset you further.
- Secretly so salty about it. Like 😀❓h u h ?
- But once you explained it he’s somewhat proud of you only because less physical contact = less likely to sin :D!
- “Oh alright, MC. I’ll be careful.”
- He’s very happy to make you happy.
- Yooooo you good? Like actually?
- Ready to fight, honestly.
- “Am I just too swag for you? *fuckboy face*”
- He may be thousands of years old, but he’s still a human so he’s in on the new memes and uses them to make you feel better.
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obey-me-rot · a day ago
You're Mine
A/N: I guess as a writing blog I should be doing some writing right? Honestly this has just been the biggest headcanon I've had in a while since I started playing Obey Me of the brothers Devildom culture must be so different! And then the whole pact thing with human masters must be so different as well! I just view them as big animals just wanting to get your attention u wu. Warnings: Jealous boys, public shows of dominance and a lot of biting.
It's almost painful being in the Devildom sometimes.
A cultural exchange program amped up to 100 %.
As much as you loved the brothers, you also were meeting some pretty cool demons in RAD. Surely you were the human student everyone was so excited to meet, but none of them really talked to you, you know? But there were some that were brave enough to overlook your pact marks and dive into a conversation.
Even some were bold enough to talk to you out of school!
Making so many friends was so exciting, especially since you still thought of yourself as new! Wait till the brothers see how many new demons you have met!
Problem is you forgot how weird demon culture is, especially when it has to do with a demon and their master.
Tumblr media
Lucifer blinks as he notices the demon approaching the two of you, pausing your daily walk with him as confusion turns to familiarity and you run up to greet your friend.
The first thing he notices is how they are a low ranking demon, so there’s no need to be hyper aware of any sort of threat. In this instance he doesn’t need to look to make sure his pact mark is visible to the demon.
His mark was embedded right in your iris, so anyone could see whose protection you were under.
He smiles politely as you turn around to introduce them, the demon waving at him shyly as if remembering that, yes, this human made a pact with Lucifer and therefore should not be messed with in any way. Yet there was no sort of violent tendencies coming from this demon, which put him at somewhat of an ease.
That is, until the demon takes a hold of your hand.
It’s a simple touch, one that a human would mistaken for a sign of friendship and camaraderie. The demon was speaking excitedly about a new flower they had seen over at the Botanical gardens and how much they wanted to show it off to you.They tighten their hold and Lucifer has to dig his fingernails into his palm from ripping their hand off.
You had no idea what it meant and the action would most likely scare you.
And Lucifer wanted you to trust him as much as possible.
“Would it be okay if Lucifer comes along?”
“...y--yeah! I don’t mind!”
Hesitation mixed with fake happiness, this demon really thought that he would get some time alone with you, didn’t they? They probably planned this whole thing out and whatever excitement they were showing you was just a front to hide their true intentions. Besides, look how they are hanging off of you, they want to make a pact with you so badly it’s almost disgusting.
Might as well get rid of the pest now.
“Come on MC, I want to show you the huge petals--!”
You and the demon look back to see Lucifer biting down on one of your fingers, your ring finger to be exact, while making eye contact with the pest. His teeth are not necessarily breaking skin but the pain of the bite made all your attention go back on him, turning around to tug your finger away and cradle it close. “Lucifer what the hell!”
He smiles and tells you not to worry about it, your retort falling on deaf ears as Lucifer’s eyes fall on the demon one more time. Their eyes are wide and they have immediately taken two steps back, their back as straight as a needle as Lucifer sends them one last look that lets them know of his intentions.
Leave now or I will gut you in front of my human.
You turn to apologize to your friend for putting them in such a weird situation but the demon is already long gone, no sign of them ever being in your presence as you look around aimlessly.
“They left...” you frown and look at Lucifer, “Next time at least warn me.”
“If I did then you would have probably forbidden me from doing so.”
The Avatar of Pride smiles as he takes your hand, interlacing his fingers with yours as you kept talking about how you would apologize the next day. But Lucifer wasn’t listening, he just kept staring at you as you talked, happy that his master wasn’t particularly mad.
That demon would have to learn to get his own, this human was already his.
Tumblr media
He had finally gotten you all to himself.
Mammon had a photoshoot today, making you tag along so he could finally show off his modeling skills. And it would help him out as well. The product they were trying to sell did not appeal to him one bit and he just really needed you as inspiration.
And inspiration did you give.
“Oh gorgeous Mammon gorgeous! Lean back and close your eyes.”
The cameraman was giving him compliment after compliment, excellent after excellent, it was as if all eyes were on him at that exact moment. He smiled as he thought about how you must be looking at him. His shirt was open, letting the cloth hang off the side of the couch as the camera focused primarily on the low riding jeans that showed off the boxers he was promoting.
“Perfect! Perfect!! Now turn around and stare into the camera!”
His eyes opened and his head turned expertly, Mammon smiling as he tried to make eye contact with you--
Only to see that you were gone.
Camera flashes stop as he bolts up, turning to look for you before his eyes focused on your form.
There you were...talking with someone else.
He doesn’t stare at the cameraman, only gets up and stalks towards you and the demon currently holding up the lights. Both of you turn to face him, a voice speaking loudly about a five minute break as Mammon stands behind you and hugs you from behind, placing his chin right on your shoulder as he looks at the interloper.
“Are you taking a break?”
Mammon smiles as he buries his face in your shoulder, hugging you tight as the demon tells him he did a wonderful job. Without raising his head, Mammon speaks up.
“MC, who is this?”
“Oh right! Haven’t introduced you. He is a friend from RAD! We sit together in Pactology 101.”
“Well we used to sit together...”
“We talked way too much in class, didn’t we?”
It’s like nails on a chalkboard when he laughs, Mammon feeling glad that he was closer to you so he could hear the sound of your laughter instead of the ugly screeching of the intruder taking up your attention. Did this guy think he was stupid? That he couldn’t notice all the goddamn pheromones he was releasing? Mammon shakes his head back and forth, breathing in your scent heavily as he tries to leave his own behind.
This guy was embarrassing himself with how badly he wanted to form a pact with you.
“Oh oh, remember when the teacher caught us texting in class?”
“I think he might want to just put us back together cause we are still causing trouble!”
The Avatar of Greed frowns, did you not hear him?
“Well the teacher knows we are a good match, doesn’t he?”
“A match made in hell, I would say.”
Why was this guy still talking? Why were you still listening to him?
“Hey after this...would you want to go get some coffee, MC? If you’re not busy.”
“Nah, I only have this toda---FUCK!”
A pair of teeth tug at your earlobe, Mammon growling in your ear as he makes eye contact with the annoyance in front of him. He should be counting his lucky stars that you were still in the room, if Mammon found him anywhere else this demon would be nothing more than a meal for his familiars.
“MC, you have to stare at me or else I’m going to take longer.”
You rub at your ear as Mammon lets go of you, breaking eye contact with the other demon as he gives you his signature pout. He didn’t want you to see him be all scary, Mammon wanted you to see him like the number one demon he always tried to be for you.
“And you had to bite me because of that!?”
“Because you weren’t paying attention! You have to keep your eyes on me or else I’m not going to sell this stupid product. In fact--”
He drags you back to the couch, yelling at the cameraman that he would be posing with you so he could actually get through this photoshoot instead of doing a solo shoot. The man sighs but calls makeup to get you ready, Mammon smiling as he sits down right next to you.
The farther you were from that guy the better, all of his master’s attention needed to be on him after all.
Tumblr media
Of course something like this would happen. Bad luck seemed to follow Leviathan wherever he went.
"Did you see the finale of it live?"
"I did!!! My movie theatre put it on the big screen and everything!"
Levi was glad that you were a nerd just like him. It was refreshing and probably one of the biggest reasons he had decided to make a pact with you.
Well, he had tried to kill you first and then make a pact with you but it was still a special story! Who would have thought that he would land himself a human master with his own interests!
Though he guessed that was a bad thing now.
He couldn't keep his thoughts in check as the clerk of the comic store kept talking to you, Levi annoyed that he couldn't keep up with the conversation you two had. It was about some comic cinematic universe that had been adapted in the human world and he honestly didn’t want to put anymore thought into it because of how close the clerk was getting.
Dammit he should have bought the new manga volume in Akuzon...but you had been so cute irl asking him to get the manga in this comic store you found,and if his master was begging him so cutely then what else could he do?
“I actually got the limited edition of this one movie--”
Nobody cared.
“It was up for a lot in Akuzon but I’m glad I got my hands on it--”
Stop talking!
“And I have a pretty cool viewing set up in the back--!”
Stop talking, stop talking, stop talking, stop talking to MC!
Levi frowns as you gush about the movie some more, glaring down at you for letting your attention stray from him. But why should he be surprised, of course your attention would stray. Him being the yucky otaku that he is, of course you would go with the demon who took his interest and actually turned it into a profit--
No! It wasn’t your fault! It wasn’t even his fault! It was this demon’s fault!
Thinking they looked so cool with their most basic of interests. If Levi could expose them for the fraud that they were, MC would be able to see the absolute fool that this demon was making themselves out to be. Smiling a lot more, inching closer as they talked, even offering to take you to the back of the store--!
People may say what they want about Levi but at least he wasn’t this desperate to get on the good side of a least the first time he met you.
His eyes fall on the back of your neck, hair conveniently placed out of the way as he remembered something Lucifer had discussed with him and Mammon after they had made their pact.
You will not think rationally when you are with them, make sure to monitor your actions so you don’t embarrass yourself.
That’s what he said but…
Surely Levi wasn’t going to embarrass himself more than this demon already has.
“This is the one with the symbiote creature, right? And you got the bonus deleted scenes! Honestly I would be so down with watching it right--EEP!”
Levi made sure to let his tongue lick the back of your neck first before biting down, wanting to make the bite as painless as possible. Although he guessed that not making you feel pain was out of the question as he felt you tense up, his tongue swiping against your nape one last time as he pulled back and tugged on the back of your shirt.
“MC let’s go. They don’t have it.”
You turn to look at Levi, hand on the back of your neck as you tell him that he could have gotten your attention in any other way, but he knew for a fact that he had made his point across with the demon in front of him.
Summoning Lotan in his own home was one thing, summoning Lotan in a store would probably cost a lot…
Even if he knew brothers wouldn’t blame him with how nauseatingly this demon was trying to approach their master.
Tumblr media
“MC, here.”
Satan breaks his pencil, but it seems the two other people don’t seem to notice.
“And it's the first edition too, but I took it out just for you.”
You smile and mention about how you didn’t need anything fancy for the assignment, just a simple book that talked about Devildom history. Which Satan agreed, this bug was acting like he owned the entire Royal Library. A pass to get a first edition title wasn’t that rare of a fucking find--if he wanted, Satan could call up any of his connections and get about 16 copies of different first edition titles that spoke not just about the Devildom history but about whatever the hell topic he could get his hands on.
This guy wasn’t that special yet he was acting like he had just given you the world on a silver platter.
The demon sat down at the table you and Satan were studying at, looking at you the entire time he explained how to open the book and how to make sure it stays in its pristine condition.
Which made Satan break another pencil.
From what you had mentioned, this guy was just someone you knew from RAD. You labeled him as the ‘smartest person in the class’. Which was a bit of an insult on his part but he guessed that as long as he wasn’t the one in your class it didn’t count as an insult towards his person.
He, of course, being the smartest demon you know.
But Satan didn’t have to be the smartest demon in RAD to know what this nuisance was doing.
If he were to read you any book on Devildom demonology, certain demons needed a human master. This insect in front of you would count as one of them. Lower demons usually tend to be without guidance and need a soul to feed from. In comes a human master, being able to fulfill that need with a pure soul of their own. The demon feeds and in return, develops a sort of ‘affection’ towards their master since they are now the hand that feeds them.
The same couldn’t be applied to Satan or his brothers, however. As the seven demon lords, they are able to gain the sustenance they need from the feed of other lower demons under the sin they were made in.
They are free to form pacts, but it’s not like they need it.
A good metaphor would be that they are essentially ‘picking off the plate’ of the lower demons, making the lower demons only cause minimal casualties up in the human world as they feed and keeping the seven lords from going feral with hunger.
Of course, things were different now. Satan had you now, a human all of his own.
Essentially, someone was trying to ‘take a bite’ of his favourite food, and Satan hated sharing.
Friends be damned, politeness be damned, he needed to show this demon his place.
“Isn’t it fascinating? The cover was made with a demon’s skin.”
“Yes. I believe it was from recently dead demon’s during the first Celestial War. Do you want to feel?”
You nod, curious about the black and shiny cover as the demon holds out his hand for you to take--
Only for you to yelp as Satan takes it first, dragging your hand back so it would be close to his lips as the Avatar of Wrath’s teeth bite at the skin near your wrist. You hiss in pain at the sudden sharpness, quickly pulling your hand back and staring at your demon as he gives the annoyance one last pointed stare.
“That is how demons started their pacts before we arrived in the Devildom, wasn’t it?”
The demon nodded slowly, his eyes darting to the mark on your wrist and then back at Satan. He opened his mouth to try and speak up but seemed to decide better against it, giving you one last smile as he stood up. “...I’ll...I’ll go get you the second volume. That one might include more accurate and updated information on pact markings.”
Satan smiles and nods as he scoots his chair close to you, looking back at you tracing the mark on your wrist with a frown before putting all your attention back on him.
“Did demons really used to form pact marks like this?”
The Avatar of Wrath shrugs.
“I was only guessing, he was the one who left thinking it was the truth. Here, let’s go look for a book on our own.”
Tumblr media
Asmo would like to think that he had perfected the fake smile to the point he could keep it up for an indeterminate amount of time.
“MC! Try this!”
Yet the corners of his mouth twitched as he watched one of your friends, who happened to be a store clerk at Majolish, open the door to your dressing room to hand you another outfit they had picked out. And it wasn’t a bad outfit--!
Just...did they have to keep opening the door every single time?
Granted, he shouldn’t be in your dressing room in the first place but he insisted he would stay since you were only trying some shirts on! It wasn’t like he was seeing anything inappropriate and your pants were staying on the entire time.
This sight was okay for him because he was your demon and you were his master.
So it wasn’t right that some random nobody kept coming in to hand you shirts that they thought looked cute on you! That’s what you had Asmo for!
Yet here he was, secluded to sit down on the little chairs that someone would usually toss the unwanted clothes they wouldn’t buy. Which was already doing horrible things for his self-esteem.
“I learned a couple of things by working here. See? The color really matches your hair.”
The Avatar of Lust scoffs when he hears that. What exactly did the demon learn? How to match colors? Oh look, someone learned the basics of the color wheel, someone give them a medal.
“And since you are wearing something long at the bottom, it’s only fair that you go with something short on top.”
This demon is going to win an award for making basic observations, Asmo could already see it. What a future they had ahead of them.
“These colors are summery too goes great with the weather!”
Oh he wants to gag, Asmo’s heard enough.
“You don’t think it’s too revealing? I do like the color though…”
Before the demon can answer, Asmo grabs your shoulders and pulls you back to him with a smile as he makes you look in the mirror.
“I think it’s revealing enough for the summer look you are going for...except can you maybe get it in a light pastel? Any color would do it just needs to be a pastel color if we want it to go with the light color of your bottoms.”
The demon deflates at the sudden lack of contact with you but nods as they step out, waving goodbye and stating once again how ‘gorgeous’ you looked. Which Asmo guessed was the only compliment they had in their arsenal.
Gorgeous didn’t even begin to describe you.
“I did like this color, Asmo. Does it not look good?”
“No it looks perfect on you! But--”
He tugs on the floral print top and smiles as he wraps his arms around your shoulders.
“Floral prints are extremely last season and I want you to be on a more neutral type of clothing. Just simple colors. This way we can add some jewelry--some of my own creation of course.”
Asmo smiles when you giggle, fixing your top and looking at yourself in the mirror a couple more times as you mumble to yourself about how Devildom summers seem rather temperate compared to the ones you were used to and how you wouldn’t need anything sleeveless.
Damn the Devildom summers, if they could even be called that at all.
His ears twitch as he hears the pest start to make their way back, Asmo’s smile dropping slowly as he looks down at your neck. This was the spot they kept staring at, wasn’t it? Shame it wasn’t decorated--
But he could fix that~ “I found some other colors that would go well with you MC, do you want to--”
Asmo’s teeth are right on your neck, turning to look back at the clerk with a smile and a little wave as he hums at the way you clench and unclench your fingers while looking at him through the mirror, wanting to ask just why he was doing this but the pain keeping you quiet. It was cute how much you were hurting but how you were doing absolutely nothing to stop him. This could technically mean that you approved of what he was doing, correct?
He lets go as the clerk immediately closes the door, you calling out for your friend but Asmo brings you back and makes you look at the mirror one more time.
“There we go. That’s a pretty mark, right MC? An Asmodeus Limited Edition item, just for you~”
Tumblr media
If this kept happening, Beel was going to eat this demon.
“You need to try some Devildom food, MC! I promise it's good!”
Beel stomach growls again as you laugh, ignoring the parfait in front of you. He gives you a tap on the shoulder and your attention is right back to him. “Oh sorry, Beel. Here!” You scoop up the delicious frozen treat and feed it to him, Beel smiling as he takes another two bites of his hamburger and watches you and your friend talk. He actually had no idea that you had any friends in RAD and was happy to see that at least some demons were treating you nicely, compared to theo ones who had teased you when you first arrived.
Well he said teased, more like threatened to eat you.
He figured you would make friends fast though, you were nice and all the demons here were already attracted to human souls so it was bound to happen that one of them would have the courage to talk to you.
Yet this one seemed rather...eager.
“How about this. Hell’s Kitchen serves good food but I know this awesome corner in the wall place we can get some grilled bat sandwiches. Guts and everything.”
His stomach growls again, he knew of the place this demon was talking about and would most likely want to take you there himself if you ever asked.
Beel takes another two bites before waiting for you to feed him the parfait.
He frowns and stares at you again, the demon keeping your attention all to himself as you spoke about how you didn’t necessarily want to eat anything with guts in it. His eyes went to the parfait, watching some of the perfectly placed scoops slowly melt and droop down on the plate.
MC, pay attention to him!
This was his time with you! He didn’t mind if someone else stepped in and he was glad you were making friends but this demon was interrupting his mealtime!
He ate his burger, you fed him ice-cream, this is how it had always worked!
People could say what they wanted but Beel was a creature of habit, and he was in the habit of having you feed him.
Not just that, he was in the habit of having your attention all on him when it was his time to hang out with you.
Wasn’t this demon just being a bother? Didn’t you also want them gone?
They kept talking about all the stuff that clearly grossed you out, seemingly delighted with your reactions as they kept trying to egg you on to say yes to an outing. If it wasn’t for the fact that you were smiling the entire time, Beel would have already made the move to unhinging his jaw and--
“I promise I’ll treat you to the best ghost pepper pizza you’ve ever had. You’re free after this, right?”
Beel’s stomach growls, whether in hunger or anger Beel wouldn’t be able to say. All he knows is that this demon is bad news for both him and you.
So what would be the quickest way to make him back off?
“I’m not but I can take a raincheck--!”
You drop the spoon you were holding as Beel bites your cheek, throwing the demon one quick glimpse before letting out a few sounds that seemed to make up your name. The demon stares at you and Beel as the Avatar of Gluttony pulls away from you, licking his lips as you slowly put a hand on your cheek and turn to look at him.
“The parfait is gonna melt. I want another bite.”
Eyes turn to the demon once again, Beel frowning as he takes a hold of your hand underneath the table.
“Please leave. If MC is going to eat Devildom food then they’ll eat it with me. The only thing you are going to do is gross them out.”
Tumblr media
“So what did you want to talk about?”
Belphie frowned as your fingers gently played with his hair. That is not what he had asked for when he asked to lay on your lap. Belphegor wanted the usual way you would comb through his hair, both of you gently whispering to each other as the planetarium ambience lulled him to sleep.
“Well...uhm...I wanted to ask something important.”
And who the hell was this person? He peeked up to look at you smiling at the screen, frowning that you still didn’t seem to notice you were doing a shit job at giving him the attention he needed. Whoever this was had been on the line with you for a good solid ten minutes, talking about useless subjects such as their day and what they had for lunch. If anything, Belphegor had no idea how this thing was taking your attention. You were doing most of the talking anyway, they should just hang up and leave you alone to pay attention to your demon.
“We’ve known each other for a while.”
Belphegor most likely knew MC for longer...maybe.
“And honestly I haven’t met a human like you before. You just...I just expected humans to be something and you aren’t that so it threw me off.”
The Avatar of Sloth yawns as he buries his head in your lap, smiling at the darkness he found in the small crook of your thighs. He yawns again and closes his eyes to try and fall asleep but the grating voice of the demon on the phone was sending nothing but warning signals to his brain.
“So I wanted to ask something I didn’t think I would ask a human before.”
He really wanted to yell ‘get to the point’ or ‘hang up the phone’ but he knew that you would most likely shush him and tell him to be patient, which would then result in you gently pushing him away so you could talk somewhere more private. And he wasn’t ready to lose his favourite pillow just yet.
So he continued listening, tracing random shapes on your thighs as he felt his eyelids start to droop.
“I know you have seven pacts already…”
Damn straight.
“But would an eight be too much for you?”
That wakes Belphegor right up, eyes wide open and head turned to face up at you to see your reaction. Of course you would be surprised, this demon really had the guts to ask the current master of the Seven deadliest demons in the Devildom for a pact?
You better be grateful that Belphegor found comfort in your lap and would prefer to stay here, rather than go break the neck of the demon insolent enough to try to take his master away.
So go ahead, reject him.
“A pact? With me?”
What were you doing?
Don’t give him such a hopeful answer! Belphegor had to share you with six other demons constantly and those demons were his siblings! He was okay sharing with Beel but he drew the line at anyone else! Adding an eighth demon to that would be like asking for a bloodbath, a bloodbath with only one target.
Belphegor frowned as the demon started talking again, stuttering and jumping over his words like he was a dog who asked to eat their masters table. Which essentially he was, not like there was room for him anyway.
“I know I’m not like those brothers--”
Damn straight.
“But making a pact with you would make me really what I am trying to say.”
He wants to gag.
A part of him couldn’t blame the demon, you were perhaps the best master a demon could ask for, but you were already t a k e n.
And you were to blame too, you know?
You weren’t rejecting him like you should. The face you were making was far too surprised and flattered at the proposition given to you. Were you that greedy? Had Mammon rubbed off on you? You had seven of the most powerful demons under your command, what more could you possibly want?
As a master, you were doing a bad job at rejecting this insect and an even more horrible job at not paying attention to the actual demon you were tied to.
He turns his head back to the darkness of your thighs, feeling you shift as you also struggle to find an answer. This was becoming too much, if Belphegor didn’t act fast you were most likely going to say yes, just because you didn’t know any better!
Fuck it, you could try to push him off but Belphegor would hold on tightly, he had to save you from your mistake.
“Uhm. Well that is honestly really flattering. And eight pacts wouldn’t be so bad--”
You slap a hand over your mouth, your teeth biting into your tongue as you look down at the demon nipping at the inside of your thigh. Belphie looks up innocently, batting his eyelashes at you as he bites down a little harder--
Fingers hurry to end the call as Belphegor quickly lets go, smiling as you gape down at him.
“I was in the middle of a call!”
“I know.”
“Then what was that about!?”
The Avatar of Sloth shrugs as he closes his eyes.
“You weren’t paying attention to me. It made me mad.”
You sigh and lean back, Belphegor waiting for a few moments before smiling as he feels your fingers combing through his hair.
“Next time,just talk to me, Belphegor.”
He would have answered, but that would make him promise something he most likely was not going to do.
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devildomsexting · a day ago
Commissions are finally here!! I will be posting some rules and pricing below, but please note that I will start with 10 commission slots. Depending on interest, I may open up more for the first round, but that will be determined later.
Tumblr media
Payments can be made through ko-fi or PayPal.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I will write SFW and NSFW. This does not have anything reflection on pricing.
Kinks are welcomed, but I reserve the right to refuse a request if it lies out of my comfort zone
Chats dialogue will be written by me at my own discretion, but a required phrase or wording from either party can be requested in the Additional Notes section of the Commission Request
I will write CharacterxCharacter chats or CharacterxMC chats.
I will not write BrotherxBrother ROMANTIC chats, but I will write brotherly fluff/platonic for them
NSFW or ROMANCING Luke requests will NOT be accepted. I will only write platonic chat interactions with Luke.
Expected turnaround will be about 24-48 hours after payment.
I reserve the right to add, edit, or discontinue any rules at any time.
Commission Slots:
1) Completed
2) Completed
3) Completed
4) Completed
5) Completed
6) In Progress
7) In Progress
8) In Progress
9) Pending
Commission Request Form:
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obeythebutler · 2 days ago
Could you do hc's for the bros where they like. Go to kiss "Mc" but they just stare at him before yelling "MCCCCC! YOUR BOYFRIENDS BEIN A CHEEEEAT"
Turns out, Mc has an identical twin. They almost kissed the twin. Mc is laughing their ass off
Brothers Accidently Try To Kiss MC's Twin
He wasn't the one for such...blatant displays of affection but today he felt like it, and MC was nearby, what more to ask?
So he proudly strutted towards them and cupped their face in his hands. Just ask he was about to lean in, MC shouted.
He never knew they had an identical twin, okay?! It wasn't even mentioned in their file! A bit of his pride died that day, couldn't even differentiate his lover from their twin, next time he'll give MC a hickey...
Be glad that the Great Mammon's kissing you, is what he was stammering out as he leaned forward to kiss MC.
He was in a flirty mood, okay? So what better way than surprise kiss? But then MC screamed, and he screamed back...
He wasn't told there was an identical twin, MC didn't tell him! He's so mortified right now...a stammering and spluttering mess...he'll scent them properly later...after they are done laughing...
It's wasn't an everyday thing that Leviathan kissed without having to be told. He just felt the urge to kiss them, after all they were the one always giving him kisses, why not return their affections?
He just intended to give them a chaste kiss in the lips but then the MC screamed and Leviathan jumped back in horror.
He never knew there was an identical twin! No one told him! He's ready to die inside...but wait, this situation is just like that anime plot he saw last night....Better mark his MC next time..
He just wanted to kiss them warmly, feeling a sudden swell of affection in his chest at the sight of MC reading a book.
But just as he leaned forward and put the book down to kiss them, MC screamed so loud that his left ear is still ringing....
He's mortified and red-faced as he one told him there was an identical twin! Don't laugh at him! He flashes MC a playful glare as he thinks of ways to distinguish them...perhaps a collar should do if they allow it...or maybe some bitemarks?
He just wanted to kiss MC all over their face and squeeze them tightly because they are adorable and deserve all the love-
Which is why he proudly pranced towards MC, intent on kissing them passionately. But when he leaned forward...MC screamed?
Oh, there is an identical twin too..? You never told me MC! Oh well, there's a lot of fun one can have with- okay, he's joking...! Next time he'll lend MC his perfume....
He just wanted to give MC a kiss because they had baked him some sweet treats which he thoroughly enjoyed. And he wanted to repay them by showing his love for them.
But when he leaned forward to kiss MC...they screamed? Did he hurt them- oh.
He wasn't told there was an identical twin! He flashes his lover a sheepish smile as he apologizes and backs off... he'll mark them with his scent the next time...
He was feeling especially cheeky today, and a surprise kiss ought to make the MC tongue-tied, so why not?
But when he leaned forward to kiss MC, they screamed so loudly that Belphegor had to cover his ears...
They had an identical twin all this time?! Why didn't MC tell him sooner- hey, don't laugh! He's going to wipe that grin off their face later after he recovers from embarrassment, he's going to drown them in kisses and cuddles so tightly they can't move.
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obeythebutler · 2 days ago
Hey, hi, can't get this damn idea outta my head so here we go
Could you do hc's for the bros where they hear Mc just yell out to Lucifer like "HEY LUCIFER!"
"Don't yell Mc, just come here"
"OKAY COOL BUT IS IT LIKE,,, NORMAL DEMON COURTING TO SEND LETTERS WRITTEN IN BLOOD? Presumably their own" Then when they're at the door with Mc, Mc is just kinda staring at the note and being like "I wanna stop reading but it's like a car wreck you can't look away from" and just. It's got kinda fucked up shit written on it, even by demon standards
Brothers React To MC Getting A Letter Written In Blood
PROLOGUE: The brothers find out a demon has been sending MC depraved letters...what will they do?
What in the seven layers, who had the fucking audacity-
It was cute for the demon to think they even had a chance at MC, but this was something Lucifer would not tolerate...
And the letter's contents were disgusting, to say the least. Apart from being written in the filth's own blood, the letter explicitly mentioned the things they would like to do to MC..he instinctively pulled MC close...
The letter is getting taken out of MC's hand, and Lucifer is gently asking them if they're okay. One of his brothers now has to be with MC at all times, because the security in the mansion was not enough if the letter slipped by, unnoticed to MC's room.
If going to RAD is necessary, MC has to be with one of his brothers, no excuses. Lucifer might be found trailing behind them...
Together with his brothers help, the demon that had the guts to do this is going to be found, dragged out and given a fate worse than death.
What the hell-
He ran to MC's location after hearing what MC was shouting to Lucifer, and he has never been more jealous in his life. But when he heard about the letter...
He would have snatched the paper out of their hands if not for Lucifer beating him to it. But the contents must have been...disgusting, because his brother's brows furrowed while reading it.
Seeing the letter made him want to hide MC in his arms, no one touches his human, okay?!
He's going to be with them most of the time now, he's going to fight for it..
Mammon will now be a lot more clinger than usual, never wanting to leave the MC alone, even for going to the bathroom.
With the help of his crows, the demon that dare to commit such an act is going to be dragged out, and killed.
But for now, MC is going to stay with him.
Mammon's panicked shouts made him come out of his room with a grumbling face but then he saw them crowded around MC, in whose hands was a letter...
Even...reading...the contents...made him cringe. The contents were written in blood and disgusting, repulsive, depraved- even more than the most gorey yandere animes he has watched, and that's saying something.
If MC is going to be with him, it's all good, because his tail is going to be wrapped around them and he isn't letting them out of his room, and anyone that dare enter will have to face a hissing serpent first.
Perhaps classes at RAD can be turned online until the filth is disposed off...
He's going to dedicate all the nights into nitpicking every detail about the demon, and when all his deeds are laid bare for others to see, then he's going to swipe in for the kill.
MC's question about normal demon courting methods made him get up in concern...
And when he saw the letter, oh dear, his expression was scary enough to make the others back off...
The contents were revolting, disgusting and striaght up depraved, not to mention written in blood. The things mentioned in it made him want to tear up the letter...
Together with Lucifer, he's going to find out the filth that had the audacity to do such a thing, Satan has connections everywhere.
The security in the House Of Lamentation needs to be improved because hey, the demon was able to deliver a letter without being noticed!
If MC is with Satan, he's going to keep a close eye on them at all times, and be alert, waiting, for anything to happen.
The demon might be killed or tortured for an eternity perhaps, who knows?
The commotion in the hallway made him get up from doing his nails....but when he saw what the fuss was about he left his nails undone...and that's saying something.
The contents of the letter made Asmo want to throw up, he has received many love letters, but none of them were depraved and desperate as this...even written in blood!
Asmo's got may friends and demons he can charm into looking for the filth that dare to this, and perhaps charm the culprit himself into making the mistake of walking into the House of Lamentation....
MC is going to be whisked away into his room as he does his and their nails, all the while talking to them normally, but there's something brewing in those eyes of his...
He's going to ensure to keep them company all the time, and make sure his brothers do the same too.
But he's going to need a bath after the ordeal is over, come on, blood will make him smell repulsive!
He was in the middle of snacking when he joined the impromptu meeting in the hallway...
The letter in Lucifer's hands reeked strongly of blood, and when Beel read its contents it made him disgusted. The demon wrote explicit things about what they would do to MC, and it was unsettling...even for a demon.
Safe to say, MC isn't leaving Beel's sight anytime soon. Wherever they go, Beel is going to follow them like a hawk.
If they can't be with him, they will be with Belphegor, who's going to keep them close.
He has a strong sense of smell, and it isn't long before the culprit is identified from the crowd of demons in the streets.
Because when Beelzebub is done with them, there won't be even a single bone left to bury.
He was woken up from his nap due to the commotion....
When he saw what was in the letter, anger took over as he read each and every line carefully. It was written in blood and repulsive, to say the least.
MC is going to stay with him in his room now. No buts, no ifs. They aren't leaving his grip anytime soon...
MC might notice that as they drift off to sleep, his arm will be curled around them as Belphegor looks deep in thought....planning ways to find the filth that dare to such a thing.
And when the demon is caught, they aren't going to get proper sleep for a while, and when they do, all they will see is their own fear play out, again and again.
Well, even if the filth gets to sleep after the torture they go through.
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thewritetofreespeech · 2 days ago
im down bad for the obey me brothers... idk if you write straight up nsfw, but if you do could i maybe get mc asking the brothers to finger her until she cums 👉🏻👈🏻 i saw someone ask this on another blog and ive been obsessed with this idea ever since. thank you in advance!
Just made it under the wire for Sexual Sunday!!!
Obey Me Boys + Naughty MC Headcanons (NSFW)
Startled initially, but delighted with your boldness
“You need only ask, my dear one.”
Would have you sit on his lap in his study where you asked him
No one is going to bother you in there because no one, besides you, would dare enter on their own
Once you’re settled he’d pull one glove off his hand with his teeth
His other hand is currently wrapped around your waist
Despite being gloved all the time, his touch is cool on your outer thigh
It slowly moved up your leg and under your uniform skirt
Moving to your inner thigh only when it was under the thin pleaded material
He’d gently urge your legs open, and start to stroke you
On the outside of your panties at first. Feeling them get moist
Then, when you were whimpering on his kneed, he’d slip his fingers past your panties and inside you
His touch is decisive and firm
Well practiced, he has you cumming in seconds or hours
Depends on his mood that day
Does not need you to reciprocate. He’ll get his eventually. Right now is about you
Shocked, at first, but quickly tries to recover and act cool
“Ha. Of course you would come to The Great Mammon, and your first man, to take care of you doll.”
Would take you to his room; and be immediately embarrassed at the state it’s in
He wasn’t expecting company
He lays you down on the bed, nestled in his expensive Egyptian cotton sheets, and starts with a soft kiss.
He’d groan audibly when he pulled up your RAD skirt to see you wearing the designer underwear he bought you
Just for him
He’d keep them on and slip his hand down you panties
His touch is shy, at first
He wants to make sure he’s doing it right, what you like
When he starts to hear you moan and feel you buck up into his hand, he gets more confident
Mammon can’t keep his mouth shut to save his life. So it’s no different in bed
Whispers a lot of “you like that baby?”, “does that feel good?”, “you look so hot baby.” in your ear
When you do cum he feels very proud of himself
He’ll lay next to you and kiss you softly
Will ask you to return the favor cause he’s super hard now
Immediate panic attack
Doesn’t believe you, at first. Why would you want a gross otaku like him to do....that to you??
Once you convince him that you’re telling him the truth, then you have to convince him to actually do it
He’s red as a tomato
You’d have to go to your room because Levi can’t do it in front of his figurines
He doesn’t want them to see him being all ecchi
Tries to undress you, but his hands shake too much
You’ll have to take your panties, and whatever else, off yourself
Once you’ve reached the point of no return, he’ll screw his courage to the sticking place and go for it
You’re his precious Hime-sama. He’d do anything for you
Despite his nerves, he’s really good at this
All those hours of gaming have given his fingers incredibly dexterity
No one is more surprised than you when he has you cumming so face
Still super shocked that he did this with you, but also a little proud of himself
Wouldn’t dream of asking you to do anything for him. He’d die of embarrassment if he had to ask
Surprised to say the least, but attempts to remain calm
“Well if....that’s what you want....”
Would take you back to his room for privacy
Would need to clear off his bed of the dozen or so books on it, but would set you down carefully on the comforter
He’s a little nervous
He’s usually not a sexually person (like some idiots he could name)
But something about you lights a fire in him
It’s strange to be burning up inside with something other than anger
His touch is deliberate and sound
You’ve asked him to make you cum. And cum you shall.
He doesn’t pussy-foot around and gets right to the task of fondling you
His fingers stroking your clit. Jutting in and out of you rhythmically
He won’t admit how much it turns him on to hear you say his name, but he’ll ask you to say it again
Calls you his ‘little kitten’ when he asks if you’re going to come
When you do his chest swells with pride. Let’s see those idiots do that to you
Would be interested in reciprocation, but won’t ask for it. If you offer, he’d be willing. A gentleman doesn’t do favors for reward though.
Delighted beyond measure
“Ah~! My sweet [Y/N]! How naughty!”
Asmo, of course, is the most eager to please you
You coming to him openly for pleasure is a rare treat
One he’s going to take advantage of
He’d take you to his room and lay you on his bed like the princess you are
Takes his time getting you out of your RAD uniform
He doesn’t want your clothes wrinkled. Plus he wants to see all of you.
Will kiss and tease any patch of skin he can get his hands on
As he said, this is a rare treat. He’s going to take advantage of it
His touch on your apex is as teasing as his kisses
They are infuriatingly light. But he knows what he’s doing
Asmo is obviously the most experienced
So he knows how to give his partner mind shattering orgasms
Will tease and taught and tempt you until your body bows off the bed and you’re practically gushing around his fingers
Would want you to reciprocate, or let him fuck you. Let’s both feel good together.
Turns about as red as his hair when you ask him.
"S-Sure. If you want.”
Would want to go it in your room. He doesn’t want Belphie to walk in on you two
He’s not the most experienced out of the bunch
Until now, he’s only ever thought about eating, or working out, or his brothers
Not until you
Would let you lay yourself on the bed and cover over to you
He’s scared about crushing you
His touch is a bit clunky
His hands are big and rough, and he doesn’t know what to do with them
But, he’s earnest
He genuinely wants to make you feel good so he tries his hardest
Asks a lot of questions like “am I going this right?”, “does this feel good?”, “is this ok?” to make sure he’s doing it right
When you cum, he licks his fingers. Fascinated with what you taste like. You’re his new favorite flavor
Doesn’t ask you to reciprocate. Too embarrassed to ask. Just wants to hold you. That makes him feel good.
Slow, sleepy blink followed by slow, sleepy grin
“Eeeeh...[Y/N]-chan. You’re a pervert.”
Would take you up to his attic room so you can be alone
There’s a sky light with stars that’s really romantic
He wants you to see stars before you see stars
Nuzzles you in bed to breath in your scent
He loves the way you smell
Takes off your uniform top and panties, but leaves your bra and skirt on
He likes your skirt. And you look sluttier half naked than fully naked
Will get right down to business on you
Touching you roughly to pull an orgasm out of you
But he doesn’t stop there
He’ll pull another. Then another. Until once where you were begging him to make you cum now you’re begging him to stop.
He thinks your whimpers, teetering between pleasure & pain, are so adorable
So is your puffy, swollen cunt
Won’t ask you to reciprocate. He’s already got off on your weak, gentle crying. Will hold you and snuggle you for the rest of the night.
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obeythebutler · 2 days ago
Hello! Could you do hc's for the demon bros where Mc is sorta like. A lizard. They stare unblinklingly, don't move much, apper out of no where without much sound or notice till it's too late. Just. Lil lizard. They're scary in an odd, eerie way, just a fuckin cryptic mofo. They,,, may occasionally hang from high places, drop from ceiling beams, just, weird shit no one wants to question because they know they don't want the answer. Like just
Lucifer: Has anyone seen Mc?
Mc: Drops from the ceiling beam
Mc, staring at him: I'm here
Does not matter what you say them. They just stare with a wordless expression, seemingly never blinking.
No one's really even if sure they're human at this point
Brothers Being Creeped Out With A MC That Is Like A Lizard
He doesn't know whether MC is a lizard hybrid or they just like to hang upside down from the ceiling like a corpse...
They don't even seem to blink! Even Lucifer blinks!
One time he was walking towards the library when MC dropped from the ceiling beam and just stared at him...He doesn't even want to question why...
Another occasion he found MC hanging from the chandelier....and was worried they might fall down and break a bone or two but they crawled on the wall like a lizard...
How is that even possible?!
And even when he's scolding his brothers they at least fidget in their place, while MC doesn't even move and just stare at him...which makes him feel uncomfortable...
Lucifer doesn't want to know the reason behind MC's peculiar...habits.
The human is creeping him out....Lucifer, come pick me up!
MC stares without blinking for a long, long time. Once he was watching a movie and noticed that MC kept staring at the screen without blinking, without moving, like something...something...
When he came home drunk from a party and settled down into his bed for some sleep, he lazily opened his eyes to find the MC upside down, staring at him like a lizard!
When being lectured by Lucifer, they still don't move a bit! They stare back at him with a fierce intensity that makes even his brother back off...
Once he saw them hanging from the dragon in the library and they just scuttled away like a lizard...
You're creeping him out!
Leviathan is the least bothered by their weird habits, except for their....quirk of not blinking
They don't even blink! Even when faced by scary virtual monsters and flashes! They keep staring like a malfunctioning boss of a video game!
He found them slinked over his tub like a lizard...and he walked out his room...he's too young and too shy to deal with this...
And are they even human at this point?! Leviathan doesn't want to know....
Even when being scolded, they keep staring, they don't move at all! They're giving tough competition to Belphegor....
He will tolerate them hanging from the ceiling, but please, don't do that while he's gaming....he will scream..
Is the MC on drugs or something that makes them unusual?
Because as far as his knowledge of humans go, humans don't hang from ceilings or chandeliers, don't blink at all, and generally don't act creepy.
Which MC does. Honestly, he's not even sure if they're human at this point....
He was sitting on the couch, happily absorbed in his book when he looked up only to find the MC staring at him..
But their weird habits come in use sometimes. Whenever Lucifer tried to scold them, MC just stares at him without blinking, straight into his eyes, and doesn't move at all.
They might have made for a fun mystery to solve, but Satan doesn't want to even know...
Woah, there, MC, why are you so... creepy?
MC doesn't seem to blink at all! They stare into people's eyes like nothing! How have your eyes not dried out yet, is a question Asmo asks himself every day.
They hang from unusual places like it's a normal thing to do. One time, when he was admiring himself in front of the mirror, he saw from the corner of his eye MC staring at him from the shadows...
Look, if you're going to stalk him do it the sexy way at least! 😖
And when they're being scolded, they don't even move or blink?! One could place a lion in front of them and the lion would run away due to their creepiness...
Asmo's questioning if they are really human. What did they do to end up like this? Illicit relations with a lizard or something?
He doesn't want to know...
He's surprised the MC hasn't got pains in their back due to the weird positions they hang from the ceiling in....
They don't even seem to blink! Even while eating! They don't even close their eyes!
One time he was on his usual fridge raiding trips but then he saw the MC hanging from the fridge in an uncanny're making him worried MC....
He makes sure to be below them wherever they hang. Because, if they fall, Beel will be there to catch them!
And when they're being scolded, they don't even blink or move, which makes the other person scare and intimidated!
Beel offers them food whenever he finds them hanging upside down that's a win-win situation!
Jeez, MC is on drugs or something?
He was lounging in his bed when he saw the MC crawl across the walls like a damn lizard...he closed his eyes and went back to sleep, because he can't deal with this today..
They don't even blink! They stare into people's eyes like some sort of monster, and Belphegor wishes sometimes they would just close their eyes and doze off...
Speaking of they have their eyes open when they sleep? He's curious.
Please, MC, please, don't hand from the ceiling when he's waking up because one.tike he woke up with MC staring into his eyes, and they got a pillow to the face...
When being scolded, they don't even blink or move, successfully creeping out Lucifer. He's proud of them for that, but now he's faced with competition from them!
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scarramucia · 2 days ago
⠀ ⠀   GN!  MC  is  invited  to  Diavolo’s  castle  for  a  sleepover.  Leviathan  forgets  &.  only  remembers  when  he  knocks  on  MC’s  door.  He  misses  them...  What  will  he  do  now?
Tumblr media
⠀ ⠀  Loneliness  is  already  something  that  the  Avatar  of  Envy  is  used  to.  But... for  some  reason,  it  hurts  worse  when  MC  isn’t  at  least  in  their  room-- the  one  right  next  to  his  own.  In  between  his  and  Mammon’s...  It always  feels  like  there’s  always  someone  else  there.  Right  in  his  damn  way.
⠀ ⠀  He  can’t  even  focus  on  the  screen  in  front  of  him  that  plays  the  newest  episode  of  Ruri  Chan!  Battle  Hero!!  All  he  can  think  of  is  MC,  and  how  much  they  would  sit  here  and  laugh  with  him  when  the  comic  relief  character  trips  and  falls  face-first  into  a  puddle.  Where  even  are  they..?
⠀ ⠀   With  a  solemn  exhale, he  rises  from  his  gaming  chair,  dragging  his  feet  as  he  exits  the  room.  A  knock  at  MC’s  door,  but  no  answer.  Are  they...  ignoring  him?  An  upset  grunt,  jaw  clenched.
⠀ ⠀   “Y/N..! Answer  the--” 
⠀ ⠀   ...That’s  right.  They’re  not  even  here.  Diavolo  and  Barbatos  seem  to  be  more  important  tonight  than  he.  A  thought  comes  to  mind.  Hand  reaches  out,  grasping  doorknob.  An  eye  nervously  closes  as  he  turns  the  knob,  expecting  someone  like  Mammon  to  suddenly  appear  as  the  door  opens  with  a  slight  creak.
⠀ ⠀  ...Okay, phew.  Nobody  behind  him,  or  in  front  of  him.  His  brother  remains  in  his  room--  loudly  bickering  on  the  phone  with  some  old  woman.  Why  is  he  like  this.  Shaking  his  head  in  disappointment,  he  ventures  onward.  Until  he  gets to  MC’s  bed.  Would  they  miss  a  pillow..?  As  odd  as  it  sounds,  he  just  misses  their  scent.  Any  item  containing  it  would  work--  like  an article  of  clothing.  But  maybe  clothing  would  be  more  strange...
⠀ ⠀  He  feels  like  a  depraved  anime  pervert,  even  if  his  intentions  remain  pure.  Pink  hue  coats  cheekbones.  A  shaky  hand  quickly  grabs  Y/N’s  pillow,  form  absconding  just  as  swiftly.  ...Great.  Now  he’s  out  of  breath  and  panting  against  his  door,  heart  beating  a  mile  a  minute.  He  doesn’t  think  he’d  be  able  to  live  it  down  if  someone  caught  him  stealing  MC’s  things...
⠀ ⠀  At  least  now  he  can  fully  relax.  His  place  of  seating  moves  from  his  gaming  chair,  to  his  bathtub-bed.  Embracing  the  plush  to  his  chest,  Leviathan  can  already  feels  his  heartbeat  calm  down  and  return  back  to  normal.  He  exhales  a  relaxed  breath,  shoulders  slumping.  He  never  would  have  thought  he  could  get  anxious  without  MC’s  presence...  He’s  attached.
⠀ ⠀  As  time  goes  on,  lids  are  more  difficult  to  keep  open.  His  eyes  grow  heavy,  head  beginning  to  dip  rearward.  He  struggles  to  remain  awake  until  the  title  screen  is  displayed. Just  when  MC  gets  home. Before  they  go  to  their  bedroom  to  prepare  for  the  day ahead  of  them,  they  decide  to  pop  in  and  check  on  Levi.  With...  their  pillow?
⠀ ⠀  Lips  curl  into  a  gentle  grin,  cranium  leaning  against  doorway.  Were  they  truly  missed  that  much?  They  were  only  gone  for  a  night.  ...Oddly  enough,  being  missed  on  such  a  level  feels--  nice.
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obeythebutler · 2 days ago
Could I please request The Obey Me brothers reacting to having MC come to their room in the middle of the night because she’s scared after watching a horror movie. Currently can’t sleep because I’m in this predicament 😅
The Brothers With A Fem! MC Who Can't Sleep After Watching A Horror Movie
He was going through the massive like of paperwork on his desk and groaned when his gaze fell on the massive pile of bills addressed to Mammon. Lucifer's hair would have turned grey by now, if not for him being a demon and all.
But then he heard a knock on his door, and looking at the time wondered who it could be at this hour, but allowed the person to enter, nonetheless..
So MC can't sleep because she watched a horror movie..? Whoever dare to show her the movie will now be hung upside-down tomorrow....ruining both his and her schedule....and if MC was watching it by her own choice... She's going to get scolded...a bit...
But Lucifer's pride gets a boost because MC seeked HIM out because she couldn't sleep. Well, want some warm milk....or some cuddles?
The last part Lucifer did not say out loud.
Soon, MC was fast asleep in his arms as he went through some documents, and Lucifer soon gave up writing and joined MC, because the sight of their sleeping face made him melt....
He was dreaming of bathing in a giant pile of Grimm when MC came knocking on his door...and he opened the door while grumbling, but seeing it was MC looking frightened he softened a bit...
When MC told him she had watched a horror movie he laughed at her expense, but when he found out the name of the movie he too shivered...because that movie gave him nightmares...
Perhaps you would prefer watching a comedy, or listen to The Great Mammon's achievements, what about that ?!
Mammon is over the moon because MC sought him out over his brothers...take that !
MC fell asleep on his chest as he was reciting to her the story of how he escaped bravely from a witch...hey! No sleeping when I'm telling my tales of valour and courage!
But MC looked so adorable that Mammon blushed and slowly, shakily wrapped his arms around her..
Only seek the Great Mammon out when you can't sleep, okay?!
The pair was found snuggled up together the next morning..
He was going through his twentieth anime episode when a knock was heard. The time was a bit..strange to say the least...but Levi asked for the password, and soon MC stepped in.
MC, of all people, in his room, late at night?! What does MC want...? Okay, that came out a bit harsh...
Then he learnt that MC could not sleep because of a horror movie...totally like Mammon!
He will offer for them to watch some slice of animes with him, or play some DevilCraft, the soothing music makes him sleep right away...
MC settled next to him in his bathtub, and she was so close....that Levi's heart was beating so fast it might jump out of his chest...
It makes him all warm inside to know that MC chose him for comfort!
And then MC fell asleep against his shoulder as they were watching another episode....the calming music must have put them to sleep...
Leviathan didn't dare move from his position, lest MC woke up, even if his heart was threatning to malfunction...
He was peacefully asleep when a knock on the door woke him up...he's a bit slow in his movements and speech at first, and assumed it was an emergency, because why would someone come to his room at such an hour?
But then he saw MC standing there with a scared look on her face...
Satan led her inside after getting to know she couldn't sleep because of a movie..and offered her some tea to calm her down...
If MC wants, Satan will read to her. His voice is so calming that it puts one to sleep so quickly...
Or cat videos! Although Satan may get too excited and forget his own need for sleep...
He will point to MC out all the silly details of the movie, and some of the cast's crappy acting to make her laugh..
When they both were going through one of Satan's favourite novels, he felt MC go slack against his shoulder...
She had fallen asleep in the crook of his neck, just like a cat!
He falls asleep with a smile on his face, feeling at peace.
Who dare interrupt him during his beauty sleep! Who dare, who has the fucking audacity- oh, it's MC.
Asmodeus was ready to tear into the person who dare wake him up, but then he saw MC at the door with a scared look on her face, and he motioned for her to come inside.
Asmo can remedy your sleep pretty quickly! A self-care session in the middle of the night along with some gossip ought to do it!
He will listen as MC talks about the horror movie they watched, and advise MC to not watch such movies again, as horror movies lead to stress, and stress is bad for the skin!
He and MC were browsing through trendy Devilgram posts when he asked MC her opinion on a dress and saw that she had fallen asleep.
He almost squealed at how cute MC looked, but wait, they forgot to moisturize!!!
After her skin had been hydrated enough by him, he tucked himself into bed alongside MC and turned off the lights- but he couldn't sleep because MC's cuteness was too much for him...
He was in the middle of his sixth pudding while raiding the fridge at night when he saw MC standing behind him with a scared look..
He was confused for a moment, but then passed her a bar of chocolate, and when he found out she couldn't sleep due to a horror movie, he out down his pudding and offered for her to sleep in his bed.
The demon also grabbed some hot cocoa along the way. He led MC to the bed and handed her a cup before settling besides her.
If MC wants, he will recite to her the tales of when they were children, and how Belphegor refused to part from his pillow when he was a child, opting to cling to it like a koala, and Lucifer had no option but to carry the pillow around with Belphegor clinging to it.
When he was about to get up to grab some more food for his stomach that might growl any moment, he saw that MC had fallen asleep against him, with his hand under her head as a pillow.
Well, he can't get up now. Perhaps a text to Belphegor, requesting him to bring some snacks to his bed might do it...
He was asleep in the Planetarium when he felt himself being shaken awake by MC. It's a miracle that Belphegor even woke up, perhaps it was due to her scent...
When he got to know she couldn't sleep after watching a horror movie, he cackled a bit at MC's expense but offered for them to out down their pillow next to his.
He will tell MC about the constellations in the sky, and the stories behind them, and even about that time when he and Satan replaced Lucifer's shampoo with pink hair dye....
His voice is soothing and puts one to sleep so quickly...
Rest assured MC, if you sleep next to Belphegor you won't have nightmares, because he's there to protect you from them . You'll have the best dreams!
He was telling her about Lucifer's peculiar cleaning habits when he looked down to find MC asleep, nuzzled against his chest...
It's a good thing, because he will sleep now too and join her dreams.
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gthweeb · 2 days ago
Demon Bros When You Ask Them to Stop Touching You
Prompt: A certain demon had been a little too handsy with you today and you were getting overwhelmed. “Please stop touching me,” you asked sternly.
Warnings: none!
Gender neutral reader :D
- A little taken aback by your seriousness, to be honest.
- It wasn’t often that he had expressed his love in the form of physical contact, so he was glad you expressed that you were uncomfortable.
- “My apologies, MC. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”
- Very polite about it, doesn’t bother him.
- You?? Want him?? To stop?? Touching?? You??
- Immediately feels terrible and thinks it’s something he did.
- “Wha? MC, is there somethin’ I should know?!”
- Mammon is always all over you, so to suddenly tell him to stop touching you was a bit of a shock. After you explained you just felt overwhelmed, he understood but was still salty ab it later :/
- Poor thing does NOT know what to do.
- Like Mammon, he automatically assumes it was because of him. Like Lucifer, he wasn’t used to physical contact, so he didn’t know when too much was too much.
- “... I’m sorry... did I do something wrong?”
- He was relived when you told him, but made sure to be cautious of his movements so not to disturb you. The atmosphere is awkward, to say the least.
- Oh.
- Okay.
- “I’m sorry, MC”
- It’s so awkward shshjsjsjs it’s even worse than Levi’s :,) he backs off, but doesn’t know what to do.
- Now, he may be the avatar of lust, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand consent.
- He was thrilled you knew how to express discomfort, in case it was needed later *wink*.
- “Awe, I’m sorry, MC. You’re just too cute!”
- He understands completely and doesn’t push it :)
- Oh. Okay. 2.0
- Like Satan, he doesn’t really know what to do.
- “Oh... my bad, MC. Would you like some pudding?”
- He means well, but he’ll be sure to be more careful next time.
- You think this lazy hoe cares?
- jk lol he’d understand but would probably kick you out of his room for like a month.
- “If you’re not here to cuddle, then get out.”
- Like I said, he understands but couldn’t care less :/
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famei · 2 days ago
Morning Surprise
Mammon x Reader
Mammon  was still softly snoring in his bed ; the sheet disheveled and barely covering his body.
This was the occasion…
You’d slid out of bed half an houra go, as silently as you could not to wake him up. Then you’d put on his leather jacket, standing in front of the mirror. Twirling, posing and cuddling with the piece of clothing, bathing in the faint scent of his perfume.
Sure, you looked ridiculous, fashionably speaking, the jacket was at least twice too big for you. The sleeves way past your hands and the overall could barely stay on your from how big it was  but the fact that itw as Mammon’s made those facts unrelevant.
In a fit of happiness, you flapped your arms like a bird trying to take flight making the overly long sleeves slap against themselves producing a slapping noise echoing through the silent room.
« Hummmmm »
You froze at the whine coming from behind you. Not wanting to move in case he had just grazed consciousness before falling asleep again, you observed his reflection in the mirror . He rolled on his back and stretched , letting out a cute moan while doing so. Then he sat up, showing off his disheveled hair, blinking away the slumber to finally meet your gaze in the mirror, freezing at the sight
« What are you doing ? »  he mumbled, clumsily working his way to the edge of the bed.
You turned toward him as your face flushed from being caught. Mammon was now getting and walking toward you
Under his blue eyes, yours dropped to the floor as your face temperature « increased »
« I was trying on your jacket »
To demonstrate, you moved your arms back and forth, managing to give him a small embarrassed smile.
Mammon closed up on you, now standing only a few inches apart. When you looked up at him you found a blushing Mammon, eyes fixed on you.
He brought his hands to your face, cupping your cheeks and gave you a trouble expression.
« Raaaagh ! Why are you so cute ?! »
You chuckled, even more embarrassed than before and pushed on your tiptoes to reach Mammon’s face, leaving a quick kiss on his lips.
Mammon flushed more and closed his eyes, frowning  before his hands left your face to grab your night shirt. And in one swift and powerful tug, he ripped the material, finishing his task by yanking it off of you.
The action earned a surprise scream from you, and you quickly covered yourself with Mammon’s jacket, which was luckily big enough to hide your naked body. Even through you were completely exposed your still glared at the demon.
But apparently he couldn’t care the slightlest cause his eyes are roaming your barely covered self with an hunger you’ve only seen in the eyes of demons.
His hands quickly found their way to you again, sliding in between the opening of your jacket and caressing middle, passing your brest them the patch of skin right above your core.
« Mammon… »
His touch roughed up and through the incomprehension of the situation, you slowly became excited and the only thing in your mind was what your first demon was going to do to you, except, maybe another one who’d be even more hard on your if you were late to class.
« We can’t…We’re gonna be late »
« And this is all your fault.You’re the one who tempted me, wearing my clothes and being so adorable. »
He buried his face in the crook of your neck, and sniffed your skin before letting his tongue graze the spot adding a few nibbles here and there. More of your moans filled the room and you were having a hard time staying up. Your pussy was tingling, in need of attention and your legs started to hurt from the pleasure slowly spreading through you.
« Please… »
Mammon started to move the path of his mouth up to your ear and there, nibbled on your lobe.
« I want to have you; only wearing my jacket »
The words made you lose it and you wrapped your arms around him, and pressed your body flushed against him, feeling his hard member, only covered by his boxers against your lower belly, inscreasing your excitement.
Mammon now halted the movement of his hands and gripped your middle strongly and gave a few thrust against you, making you moans with each of them.
« Let’s take this to the bed, shall we ? »
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devildomsexting · 3 days ago
Hey lovelies! Just wanted to update y’all that the app I use is bugging and in the process of gettin an update so it might be a few more days before I post anything new.
On the other side of that, I will probably be posting a little more now. I finally (after almost two years) put in my two-weeks with the small shop I worked at that was run by extremely vocal racist and homophobic people. I did what I could to stand up and speak out but it just became too much. And as soon as I put in my two weeks they told me they didn’t need me anymore and to pack my stuff and get out 😊 This is going to be a good thing for me and I’m very much looking forward to seeing where I can go from here and keep looking for a career I can be passionate about.
With that in mind, I’m going to look into getting serious about doing commissions. I’m assuming just personalized text chats would be the main thing. I wouldn’t be against doing live chats, but that’s not much different than doing rp and I’ve never done that before and don’t know that anyone would particularly be interested in that. If you guys have any other ideas of ways I can incorporate commission items into this blog, feel free to let me know!
Lastly, thank you everyone for your never ending love and support. You guys are a huge part of my life and a safe place for me 🧡🧡
My Ko-fi link is in my header if anyone has the means to donate a ko-fi but if you can’t, I 100% love you all the same. I’m not in desperation or anything at the moment so it’s not a necessity.
Thanks again for always staying by my side during this wild ride and always being so loving and supportive of this blog.
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obeythebutler · 3 days ago
wahhhh since request r open can I get some scenarios with the brothers with a CRAZY RICH MC? like- they can buy them anything they want and they question how MC is still not broke yet but they appreciate the amount of gifts MS has given them? can be GN! FEM! Or M!
He had read in MC's file about their wealth and assets, and he didn't care for it at first, as long as MC wasn't spoiled, and also because human world currency doesn't have any value in the Devildom.
But he was taken aback when MC started pampering him with gifts.
One evening, as he walked back into his study after stringing Mammon from the ceiling again, he saw a stack of vintage vinyls lying on his desk.
He immediately knew it was from MC, because he had mentioned to them a week ago about his appreciation for them.
The MC knows when something catches Lucifer's eye, and they make sure to buy it for him, and in return, Lucifer pampers them too, come on, he's the Avatar of Pride and Diavolo's right hand man, he would be drowning in Grimm, if not for his brothers...splurging habits...and his own...while browsing through Akuzon...
It's become somewhat of a competition, to see who can pamper each other more, but hey, no one's complaining!
Immediate financial insecurity on finding out how rich MC is, because hey, even though he lives in a mansion and is one of the Avatar's, he's greed!
He was disappointed when he found out that human world currency doesn't work in the Devildom....
One time he accidently got his jacket ripped while running away from a witch, and Mammon was mourning the loss of his jacket, because a giant tear was in it, and also because it was expensive.
But then MC ordered a new jacket for him, in the blink of an eye....he was thankful, but also wanted to know how much money they exactly had...
Anytime Mammon wants anything and MC notices it, Mammon is getting that item delivered to his room the next day. And he is going to take advantage of that, of course! Sugar mommy
But he's thankful for them pampering him with gifts, even if he can't reciprocate them, he's grateful, okay?
But be careful, MC. Because even if you have a LOT of money, enough to bathe in it everyday, Mammon is the Avatar of Greed.
A little caution would be advised.
Levi didn't care for how much wealth MC possessed, he got jealous when he thought of how many merchandises and games they could buy.
He was surprised when MC started sending gifts to his room.
He had ordered a Ruri- Chan themed body pillow, because the previous one got stains on it, but he never anticipated to see countless Packages addressed to him, and its contents made Levi squeak in surprise.
Different editions of Ruri-chan pillows! Ruri-chan themed snacks! A Lord of Shadows cosplay!
He's ready to hug MC out of joy and thankfulness...
Any game he wants? Tell MC, they'll get it for him! Even if he doesn't tell, MC has a way of finding out...!
MC is just like that super-rich character from Millionaire Demon!
He doesn't care much for their wealth, but hey, who's he to complain while being drowned in Ruri-chan themed presents?
They really must like wasting their money...huh?
He didn't care much for their wealth, because human world currency was of little to no use in the Devildom, which meant that they had barely any Grimm with them.
But one time he mentioned how he was looking for a particular book from the human world, but wasn't able to get his hands on it...
Said book arrived on his door a day later. He didn't need to find out who it is, because MC was the only one who knew about his yearning for the book and they were the only one who had the resources to acquire such a priceless manuscript..
He's glad, and is going to express his gratitude warmly.
Satan doesn't need their financial support to procure books or other material, but when he found out they regularly donated to animal shelters, he wants to patronise them..because cats!
Any book Satan mentions he wants, it arrives on his doorstep the next day. He isn't the one to exploit MC's wealth but hey, what's the harm in a book or two?
When he got to know the MC's wealthy status, his mind immediately drifted to what kind of clothes they would have in their wardrobe..and their perfume brands...and skincare products...
One time he casually mentioned to MC how he was desperately looking for a new perfume scent to try, as all his previous ones had grown old on him...and the next day, countless perfumes of expensive brands from the human realm showed up in his room!
My, my, that's quite the surprise now, isn't it?
Asmo quickly learns that if there's something he desires, all he needs to do is subtly, or not to subtly, mention it in front of MC, and voila! The desired item shows up soon!
He's grateful for all the pampering they give him, and he will reciprocate in the form of cuddles and gifts of his own.
Him and MC have the best outfits in the Devildom and Human Realm now...
A little competition never hurt anyone now, did it ?
He didn't care much for MC's wealth at first, until his mind drifted to all the lavish foods and meals they could eat-
He's a little envious, okay?
When the brothers and MC were in the human realm one time, and Beel nearly ate a wall of a building, it was thanks to MC that a whole restaurant's worth of food could be ordered in such a short time, otherwise Beel would have caused a lot of destruction...
It's become a cute thing now. Whenever Beel's hungry and there isn't food in the vicinity, all they need to do is open a portal and have MC order truckloads, which they don't mind doing, because it doesn't even make a dent in their wallet...
Beelzebub is so thankful that he might just crush MC in a tight hug.
He reciprocates in his own little ways- cooking for MC, and offering them a lot of hugs and affection, and why would MC deny hugs from Beel?
But beware, because Gluttony cannot be truly satisfied...
He dozed right off after hearing about MC's wealth, because it didn't matter to him their financial status.
He knows human world currency won't be of use in the Devildom, and that makes MC broke here.
But one time he mentioned how uncomfortable his blanket got sometimes, and the next day hundreds of plush blankets and pillows were delivered to his room, and Belphegor was in literal paradise.
Each one was softer than the other, and of very high-quality too, which made him wonder about the possibilities that were in front of him...
But who's he to deny being pampered by MC?
Whatever he needs, they make sure he gets it. And even though he feels guilty, MC reminds him that they like pampering him, which makes him blush.
He reciprocates in own way- ensuring they have the best dreams, and that they get a fulfilling sleep, it's the least he can do, after all.
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otome-scribbles · 3 days ago
Agent! Lucifer x Mafia! MC: Teaser
Blood red eyes gazed coldly as she lay on the floor, her own blood pooling underneath her body.
Of course, he thought bitterly, she'd try to end him....
However.... he failed to realize..... Simeon, who had concealed himself, was watching gleefully....
@obeythebutler This could be accurate for the spy event 😅💀
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burnedrxses · 3 days ago
Heyy! I luv ur blog, could I request the Demon Bros (specifically Lucifer and Asmo if you don't feel like doing them all) with a S/O who fights but like,, serious undergroud ring fights and stuff like that and they're surprisingly good???
Bet! I can do!
Democ Bros with a S/O who does underground fighting
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He had his suspicions but never pressed you for answers
He would be questioning why you came back to the House of Lamentation so late
But one day he decides to follow you when you sneak out
He's quite surprised when he finds out though
You? Underground fighting? And you're beating demons at it? He's impressed
Though he will never admit it
After watching you fight he leaves though and you could have sworn you saw him but brushed it off
Leaves a note in your room saying: "I look forward to your next match"
Tumblr media
He was the reason you even found underground fighting in the devildom
He likes to place bets on who wins and loses
Though after finding out that you participated, he always but his money on you winning
He is practically yelling your name from the sidelines
He's basically your number 3 fan number 1 goes to levi and 2 goes to asmo
He tries to convince you to take up a sponsorship but you decline saying that you're just doing it justbto have fun
Overall very supportive
Tumblr media
You do what?
He's super pumped and watches all your matches
He makes his own merch of you and cheers for you
He's honestly just simping
Probably wants you to crush his skull open
Will record the fights so he can watch them again later
Enjoys watching you kick ass
He thinks you're a total badass and I'd such a fanboy
Tumblr media
Also a bit of a fanboy
Will take alot of convincing for him to watch cause of his uh, yknow...
But does try his best not to get heated
Though he fails everytime
He kinda draws attention to himself but doesn't really care too much
It makes you laugh to be honest
Once someone said that since you were human you were obviously gonna loose
And uh let's just say, that Satan did not like what he heard
He nearly murders said demon on sight but is dragged away by you first
Tumblr media
Oh really?
He likes to come and watch your matches but he tends to be a little bit of an attention attractor
If any demon dared to even try to distract him from you though he'd probably kill them
Will wear some rather revealing clothes to watch your matches just to tease you
After the matches are over though he likes to ask you to carry him
He likes to feel your muscles so he's pretty much drooling if you're super buff like Beel or something
"You look so hot like this you know?~"
He takes pictures of the fights for sure
For uh research purposes of course 👁👁
Occasionally styles outfits for your matches and will style a matching one for himself
Tumblr media
Let's be real this poor baby is so worried
I mean you are a human so you could get hurt
But after witnessing you kick ass he's less worried now
He always attends your fights and he is always supporting you
Will offer to train with you since, yknow, he's at least the physically strongest brother
When you go to your fights he basically is like your personal bodyguard
Will literally eat anyone who dares tries to sabotage you
Brings food, drinks, and snacks before and after your fights
"You did really good today, let's go to Madam Screams to celebrate your victory!"
Tumblr media
To be honest he doesn't believe it until he actually watches
When he does he is very surprised
He thinks back to when he killed you and is surprised you didn't try to fight back
He will come watch but he has to set am alarm for him to wake up before your match starts
Brings Beel along with him in case he falls asleep
Though afterwards he pretty much always wants to cuddle with you
If you're bleeding or something he probably thinks it's hot
He also records the matches so he can watch them again with you
Will brag about it honestly
"I bet my S/O could beat your ass in a fight"
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cherry-flavoured-thot · 3 days ago
For the fluff prompt list could you do play wrestling and Beel?
Attempting to play wrestle with Beel goes about as well as you expect it to, you know you can’t beat him in a fair fight so you think by leaping on his back in a surprise attack might allow you some leverage for victory. But he barely reacts, assuming you just wanted a piggyback, when you let out a small huff he asks what’s wrong.
“I’m trying to wrestle you.”
“Oh.” He places you on ground and before you have a chance to try again he’s pinning you onto the ground, you whine and pout about it not being fair, asking for a rematch. So he lets you up and you try again, this time he waits and lets you go first, so you run at him and he falls to the ground, allowing you to pin him.
“I win!” Sure you know he took it easy on you, and let you win, but he’s not going to call you out on that fact, smiling as he lies beneath you. “So what’s my prize?” He tilts his head in confusion, you hadn’t mentioned anything about any prizes. “Oh come on naturally the winner gets a prize.”
“But what about when I won before?”
“Doesn’t count you weren’t being fair. Demon strength is an unfair advantage.” He stares at you blankly, considering saying something but not having a chance to when you continue. “Well looks like I’ll just have to choose my prize, and I want a kiss.” You don’t waste time leaning down and pressing your lips to his, pulling away with a cheeky grin that is quickly wiped off your face when in the blink of an eye he switches positions and forces you beneath him.
“I want my prize too...” he murmurs, before you get a chance to ask. He doesn’t allow you to say anything else, silencing you with a kiss.
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obeythebutler · 3 days ago
Sitting on the Laps of The Seven Demon Brothers
Prologue: Sometimes the best way to grab your demonic boyfriend's attention is to go and sit on his lap. Be warned, reactions will vary, and you might find yourself doomed or not wanting to leave at all....😏
When he's too occupied in his work, and won't even spare a glance at you, or is simply lounging by the fireplace, with a vinyl record playing, then these are the right circumstances to go and plop yourself on his lap.
Lucifer will be shocked..for a moment, and his eyes will widen before that infamous smirk comes along, and he'll adjust his position accordingly to make you comfortable.
Depending on the situation, he will rest his face in the crook of your neck and hug you tiredly, or kiss your neck before holding you close gently and smile that adorable, serene one where his eyes are full of love for you and you feel weak in the knees and gooey inside. A blush will be visible at both times.
If you want to make him blush a bit more, go ahead, and kiss him.
They can escalate into...something more...if you wish...
What can I say, go and plop yourself on the Avatar of Pride's lap, and watch his reaction.
As these moments become common, you might find yourself involuntary going to sit on his lap, and even find Lucifer's hand motioning for you to come.
Sometimes, he's too occupied in one of his schemes or too engrossed in his DDD, browsing through God knows what, and won't even spare a glance at you, then this, my friend, is the right moment for you to go and declare his lap as your personal resting space.
Mammon will blush, and the item in his hands might get thrown across the room or on the nearest surface, and he will mutter how about how you surprised him, and just to tease, get up from his lap, I dare you.
You'll be pulled back, as he mutters about how you would want to sit on the Great Mammon's lap, after all !
Arms will be draped across your torso as he hold you close, and if you hug him tighter and lean into him he might combust from happiness.
And if you kiss him?
Mammon is going to blush hard as he recovers from the blow you gave him, and leans forward to give you a kiss of his own.
Depending on how you play your cards, you won't be able to walk tomorrow or might have an impromptu cuddling session, which you initiated by plopping on his lap.
And as this becomes a common occurrence, you might find yourself being dragged on Mammon's lap, but who are you to deny him ?
Sit on his lap in front of his brothers, please.
Sometimes Leviathan gets so engrossed in his games and anime that he zones out, and refuses to even acknowledge your presence, and if he does, all he answers is in hums and nods.
So, the best way to make him give you attention? Plop on his lap and watch his reaction.
He is going to take a hot moment to register that you are sitting on his lap, and then he's going to remove his headphones and splutter, questioning your motives.
Hold him tight, hold him close and then a shaky arm will come to wrap itself around your midriff as he blushes, muttering about how this isn't so bad.
As he slowly gets used to your 'blatant and sudden' displays of affection, he's going to want you to game with you sitting on his lap. A controller in both of your hands, as each tried to defeat the other.
And of course, Leviathan will win, because he has probably about thousand's years of experience at games. So, how to distract him? Kiss him.
Oh, he's going to short-circuit when you do that. He's going to probably have you thrown from his lap as he recovers from the shock.
But please give him time, and soon he will reciprocate with his own kisses.
And, if you do it right, you might just want to cover Henry's tank, to avoid your adopted son from seeing something that will scar him forever.
He gets so immersed in his books that he doesn't even care what's happening to his surroundings anymore. You could have an earthquake going on and he won't notice.
So, to grab your bookworm boyfriend's attention, go and plop on his lap like a kitty, and demand attention. Rub against his chest, and swat at the book.
He's going to chuckle as he puts the book down, and a Chesire grin adores his face. Satan will hold you close, and bury his face in your hair, because being like this brings him peace, rests his mind.
If you kiss him, he's going to go still for a moment but then kiss you back, with a light blush on his face.
It becomes a habit, whenever Satan is going to read he will mention it to you, which is an invitation to come and sit on his lap, and distract him from his books.
Meow at him, I dare you. Meow at him like a cat would, and watch the demon become putty.
If this might just have to distract him from his reading more often....
Asmodeus can get a bit..too focused while reading a magazine or browsing through Devilgram, and might hush at you when you try to grab his attention.
How to make him focus on you? Sit on his lap.
He's going to go silent, and blink once, twice, and then a grin spreads across his face. My, my, getting bold, aren't we? The item in his hands is going to be put down, as he wraps his arms around you.
You're going to get so many kisses! On the top of your head, on your forehead, nose, lips, wherever he can reach. And he smells so nice...
A giddy blush adores his face as he looks down at you in his lap, and you might even find him shed a few tears...
He's going to have you sit on his lap a lot, doesn't matter in private or on in front of his brothers! And, if you don't, he's going to come and sit on your lap!
And if you're feeling a bit frisky, just move your hips when on his lap. He's absolutely delighted!
Better makes the house's inhabitants wear earplugs then....
Who doesn't want to sit on the lap of Beelzebub?
Most of the time, he's eating his fiftieth sandwich or roast while staring off into space, with a thoughtful expression on his face. And his lap looks...too inviting....
So you go and declare his lap your personal pillow. Beel is taken aback, but then he adjust his posture and offers you a piece of whatever he's eating. It's sweet, to be snuggled up on the furnace known as Beelzebub.
If you look up to him, he is going to find it hard to resist kissing you. Anytime you want a kiss, look up. Once you looked up with a strawberry between your lips, and Beel almost bit your lips off.
If you want attention, go and sit on his lap, with some snacks. And the scene is so wholesome that there are many pictures if you two like this.
His arms wrap themselves around you, and it's so snug and comfortable you might find yourself dozing off.
If you want to get a little frisky, grind your hips against his crotch and give him the sweetest look you can muster.
You might have trouble walking later though.
Getting the attention of the Avatar of Sloth is pretty easy if he's awake. Only if he's awake.
Just go and plop yourself on his lap. He'll raise an eye at your boldness but let you snuggle into him nonetheless, and his face will be hidden in the crook of your neck. Oh, he's definitely blushing.
His arms will wrap around you like a koala and depending on his mood, he will place his chin on your head to tease you or lean into your scent. His fingers card through your hair as he hums.
Perhaps it's the snugness of your position or perhaps his sin is at work that you find yourself sleepy. And Belphegor makes for an excellent body pillow.
Kiss him like this, I dare you. Belphegor is going to go all shades of red at once before reciprocating with a kiss of his own.
And you might just fall asleep together like this.
Anytime you want attention, throw yourself on his lap, as he grumbles but cuddles you nonetheless.
If you do it right, you will find your sleep schedule interrupted, or perhaps, delayed...but hey, this means more cuddles in his lap!
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