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#been thinking a lot about him
saintchrolloa day ago
Franklin has a rescued dog who was from a fighting pit. He might not act like it outwardly but that dog is his baby
omg .:.. this is just DARLING
franklin and uvo with dogs ...... teehee ......
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yngwtasfour2 days ago
I've cried more over Timothy Stoker in the past hour than I have any other character all week, wtf
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zolfiik2 days ago
Tumblr media
i think you think too much of me
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magic-can2 days ago
There are two types of t酶p fans: those who act like Tyler is some sort of musical prophet and get mad at anyone who says anything remotely critical of their uwu smol bean and then there are those who will take every opportunity they can get to dunk on him.
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wired-heartbeats2 days ago
Me: This is a bad idea
Bill: that鈥檚 never stopped either of us before and you know it
Me: Yeah but Wendy鈥檚 gonna get pissed if we call her at 2 in the morning again to legally get us out of holding again
Me: Let鈥檚 push it back a few hours so we can aim to wake her up at at least like 5 cause she wakes up at like 6 anyways
Bill: What I鈥檓 hearing is we鈥檙e still doing it >.)
Bill: And who cares about us being 鈥榟uman legal鈥 you鈥檝e literally broken us out before and I can just-
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3maeiri3 days ago
joobebes are 100% correct in loving jooheon send tweet
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inkykeiji3 days ago
i will alwaysss love dabi's self inflicted scars, i just wanna kiss them all day & make him feel better and let him know how beautiful his whole body is to me <3 (sorry that was so sappy, im kinda sad today and dabi is my comfort character lmao) but dreaming about handsome touya without scars in the twins au is just nom nom nom. i picture touya with piercings for sure too
ANONNNNNNNNNNNNNN 喙惵仿(唰顾兲碉箯藗痰唰)掳路喙 PLEASE I鈥橫 SO SAD AND SOFTTTTT AAAAAH me too sweetpea me too :(((( and you know he鈥檇 appreciate it, so much, but he doesn鈥檛 exactly know how to vocalize that, so he鈥檚 a lil awkward and shy about it, but he hopes to god that it doesn鈥檛 come off as indifference or rudeness <333
no no no bb don鈥檛 apologize i love sappy stuff!!!! i鈥檓 so sorry you were feeling kinda down, i hope you鈥檙e feeling a lil better now <33
oooh i could see touya with piercings too, but nothing extreme. i think he鈥檒l look more 鈥榗lean cut鈥 than dabi; could see him with a ton of ear piercings tho and then hmmmm maybe an eyebrow piercing??? possibly a tongue piercing too since it鈥檚 a lil easier to hide??? hmm hmm hmm,,, this also leaves soooo much room to play with dabi feeling like, not up to par with his more handsome twin??? touya鈥檚 so pretty and perfect with his ivory hair and smooth unblemished skin and his award-winning pearly smile.... AH THE ANGST ANON IMAGINE THE ANGSTTTTTT
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bluejayblueskies4 days ago
i am hmm.... having ace thoughts rn. about ace labels and how they don鈥檛 account for all the nuances of what someone鈥檚 ace experience can be like. how sex-repulsed and sex-neutral and sex-favorable are treated as firmly defined categories with one definition, but my way of identifying as sex-repulsed will be different than someone else鈥檚 because we are different people altogether. how sometimes more labels can help people feel at home in their identity and sometimes they can push people away when they can鈥檛 quite find one that fits. how asexuality is so intricate and complex, and there are so so many different ways to be ace, but sometimes it doesn鈥檛 feel like there are because things get thrown under the umbrella of 鈥榯his is the ace experience鈥 and it feels like disagreeing means you aren鈥檛 ace.
this isn鈥檛 really about my own asexuality (though i have felt this way in the past), more just... something i鈥檝e been thinking about wrt both irl ace communities and the way asexuality is treated in fandom. (tbh, especially in the tma fandom with jon.) asexuality is a spectrum and it鈥檚 a gradient--there aren鈥檛 clear dividing lines, there aren鈥檛 little boxes to fit into, there isn鈥檛 some checklist you have to complete or standard you have to meet. if you want to create labels for yourself, that鈥檚 great! i do that too, because I like labels! but it鈥檚 not like that for everyone.
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king-hwa4 days ago
I wanna draw.....sum pokemons........
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floraliia4 days ago
you know it is actually extremely terrifying to go from always imagining your future in a singular sense, always imagining yourself living alone and being independent, always imagining yourself without some future partner also living with you and being with you (despite being a hopeless romantic I鈥檝e always been solitary)
to casually daydreaming about a specific future with a specific person and the realistic parts of that future
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00110000exe5 days ago
#( something something rainbow rainbow... )#( in the Let There Be series - other than Noble Grim their kids and those of the Arcane )#( Zero wouldn't really have many associates in his life )#( therefore in the roleplay sense he doesn't have a lot of NPCs to talk and think about which is sad )#( because no one but Noble and Grim wants to be his friend cries )#( but... I was thinking..... what if he have seven entities each of them representing the colour of the rainbow )#( along with other things like the virtues / vices days of the week etcetera聽)#( but the colours playing the most important role )#( to not just accompany him and reduce the loneliness but to also guide him with his emotions and thoughts )#( I haven't figured out what they really are but I was thinking they were created by Zero with his own emotions thoughts experiences etc )#( created as Zero's ' soul shards ' to make himself ' whole ' considering he doesn't have a soul )#( he have six extra limbs hidden with each hand holding the Soul Shard of the entity聽)#( his left and right hands hold respectively Red and Blue - Chaos and Order )#( also representing Anger and Calmness )#( they can't be seen or heard by other muses but Zero can make them be if his Soul Shards desire )#( I think it would be really interesting to write them as Zero's thoughts while each of them have their own style of speaking )#( like the Red's thoughts are ALL IN CAPS and Blue is just in lower case and Yellow iS LIkE ThIS etcetera )#( man am I making any sense here??? my brain has been numb for a bit now )#( I think I will nap after I make lunch for my older brother and then I'll finish my assignment )#( but yeah here's this thought jsdngsdn )
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rahleeyah5 days ago
When my mom was killed suddenly and unexpectedly my dad quit his job and we got him a dog. Like. I'm just saying Elliot there are other ways to cope 馃し馃徏鈥嶁檧锔
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leslies-bloodybruises6 days ago
if i had a nickle for every halloran sketch that ive drawn in my new sketchbook, i would have 4 nickles which isnt a lot but weird that it's happened 4 times
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belizedeservesbetter6 days ago
ah yes I totally forgot that Broadway/theatre Twitter is literally the worst and almost always knows absolutely nothing about how anything works in the industry
#this is about... multiple things#there's been a lot going on recently maybe i'll make a post about my thoughts on everything later#kinda related but ive known about the whole scott rudin thing for like 4 years now#like i've had friends who've worked for him and whatnot#and everyone knows he is a complete monster#like literally everyone#so i forget sometimes that people not really in it dont know that#like scott rudin being the absolute worst was always just common knowledge#i never worked for him but i remember at one of my internships my boss being like if you ever work for scott you will 100% get fired#but dont worry about it because everyone knows how he is and it wont reflect badly on you#and like one of my professors at NYU is like decent friends with scott and has had most of his plays produced by him#not naming names on that but i'd hear about scott through him too and just the wild difference between how rudin treats his stars#vs how he treats his staff#like did my teacher know? did he know how scott was to his staff? surely he must have known#but scott put him on broadway so he would never have ever been in a position to speak up about it if he did know#anyways i dont think hugh jackman is dropping out of music man because of this because without jackman there is no music man#and rudin's grip on broadway is so ridiculously powerful#like part of me thinks hugh jackman probably doesn't care because he's hugh jackman#but if he does care#if he does care he's probably thinking about how many people will be out of work if he drops out/the show is canceled#especially right now when every single broadway worker who isn't an A List star desperately needs the money#OH BOY this got long#anyways this post was mostly about jagged little pill but ive been thinking a lot about scott rudin lately
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