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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#beep boop

i personally hate it when i’m a god and my fellow gods pull a prank on me that literally bans my followers from living anywhere in the world for no reason

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on the forgotten realms wiki again learning orc facts & hey is this just my brain diseases or did gruumsh literally do nothing at all unreasonable here. like this is just mean as hell, he was right to be pissed off

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i love elfs they’re so funny. they live for a million years and they just spend it being aloof in the woods or a palace or something like get a hobby

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@costis tagged me in this lil last four albums game. to the best of my recollection the last albums i sat down and listened to were zeal & ardor’s wake of a nation ep, dorian electra’s my agenda, tom waits’ the black rider, and kim petras’ turn off the light because i’m insane

i don’t usually do these kinds of things so i simply will not be tagging anyone

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i just read the first sentence of an article that i immediately closed because it was written by someone who clearly has no idea that tabletop games other than d&d exist, which is my most cursed pet peeve because it’s such irrelevant geek shit that getting mad about it is honestly just embarrassing. i don’t control which stupid nerd things piss me off though

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in my poli sci class we read about so many court cases where antonin scalia had a bad take and i’m always like lmao is that the pro life dies anyway guy?

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it was so scary as a small child going to an Alternative Private School to go to like a summer camp and hear a whole group of children my age recite the pledge of allegiance automatically having NEVER heard it before in my life. like you people REGULARLY watch grown adults raising an american flag whilst chanting a weird speech about how much you love it that everyone apparently seems to know by heart???

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odo from star trek does NOT engage in premarital sex please stop spreading misinformation

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