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#bees are weird

Everyone keeps freaking out whenever bees fly by, and I just sit there calmly and the little beasts crawl on me, and I’m not sure why, but it’s earned me the nickname Queen Bee

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the way I ended up f/oing hades is kinda bonkers bc after watching Beetlejuice and then Hercules in the same week I essentially thought ‘huh I can totally see him doing and saying a lot of the lines that the og Michael Keeton beetlejuice says and does’ so I decided to play around with the idea of him tricking/talking my s/i into marrying him etc etc and ended up getting attached to him.

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isn’t that the name of the evil witch from hansel and gretel?? or is that the one from tangled?

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what the… my.. my right armpit is a little swollen ??? I googled it and apparently the most common explanation is that my body is fighting an infection ??? wtf I’ve never had that happen before

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I’m so afraid of like bees and wasps that if I see one or even THINK I see one I will imagine any sound is buzzing for the next 6 hours. Like if I can’t immediately place the sound, even sounds I would otherwise recognize, I’ll assume it’s buzzing.

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hewwo gamers i know ive made this post like a million times today but if you need to talk to someone about the discourse or to get away from it, if you are hurting in any way from Anything happening, if somebody is being mean to you I’m always here. I will be your mom friend and comfort you while simultaneously attacking whatever is making you unhappy

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okai,,, okai okai vee is going to start using different pronouns at some point,, not on the ic blog until she mentions it but:

she / her / hers / herself

she is a cutie. her papa loves her. that pacifier is hers. she is learning to love herself.

ve / ver / vers / verself

ve is a cutie. ver papa loves ver. that pacifier is vers. ve is learning to love verself.

fae / faer / faers / faerself

fae is a cutie. faer papa loves faer. that pacifier is faers. fae is learning to love faerself.

possibly still using he/him and they/them pronouns occassionally but im leaning away from that..

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i sometimes do the white ppl smile and i just think that’s another one of my toxic traits on top of being ethnically english 🙀

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why did i just get an influx of followers from untitled blogs

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