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Well…. these boys are also quite motivating. History is far more interesting than any plot I could every conceive. I challenge you to note the little historical realities I have woven into my various stories over the years. I love to leave little Easter eggs and see who finds them 😂

I have to admit @hannahsbackroom is pretty good at sniffing them out! She knows her music history!

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Today I got up at midday because I stayed up until 1 AM, even though I was supposed to go to bed early.

One thing I didn’t mention in my last post was that I’m a uni student. I’m in my second year of a Bachelor of Music (Popular Music) at The University of Auckland. Normally I love my degree, but not at the moment. Here’s why: at the moment it’s online. It went online when New Zealand was about to go into level 4 lockdown- which makes sense- but now that it’s level 2 they’re still continuing it until the end of the semester, which is so unnecessary! I hate online uni, and I can’t WAIT for next semester when we go back on campus.

All I’ve done today so far is work on this essay I need to write for uni. It’s on Beethoven’s Fidelio, which by the way is amazing and I even cried watching it on YouTube- so definitely check it out if you like opera. So far I’ve only written the introduction to the essay and I’m already taking a break because I feel like that is a major achievement.

When it comes to writing (especially essays), the hardest part is getting started. For me, introductions and beginnings are always the hardest for me to write. Once you get into the swing of things, it just flows and it’s beautiful and I don’t want to stop- but I have to get past that block first. And that always takes some time and courage.

Although, count on me to much rather be writing songs and blog posts than essays.

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