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Beginning Christian? Where to Start?

  • Prayer: It is easier than than you think and if you don’t know what to say God already knows. Just be still
  • Bible: Get one! Wherever you can or look up scriptures
  • Sermons: Some churches are slowly opening back up but there are MANY on YouTube and I’d be more than happy to share my favorites!
  • Unsure about anything? Have questions? : Asking others is fine but the BEST answer comes from God. He will let you know,maybe not always right away but he will
  • God: Just talk to him like you would someone else. Spend time with himby talking,reading your bible and fasting.
  • Things you NEED to know: The closer you get to God the more the devil will attack but it’s a good thing because you have God on your side! Fasting is a good way to get close to God and learn to hear his voice. The first time is always hard and tempting but you can do it!
  • Jesus: Everything we go through he went through so he understands our struggles, so if you fall down he will pick you right back up and you’ll be just fine!💖💖💖💖💖

And you have us here! Or another other site you use we are there! Much love brothers and sisters!💖💖💖💖💖

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Hi! After years of not being active on my Tumblr, I finally decided to start again and use my account.

It’s been 2 months since the Enhanced Community Quarantine started here in the Philippines and I guess this is my way of keeping me sane. All these unsaid thoughts can be put up here and maybe… can give me a peace of my mind? I don’t know.. but let’s see. :)

Again, my name is Paula, I’m 23 with the height of a 16 y.o HEHE. I live for concerts and events. I wanted to be a Kpop Idol.. BEFORE. BUT, God has His ways, I know He has  great plan ahead of me. Maybe in another lifetime. CHAROT!

Kidding aside, I want to be a producer someday.. it’s a long way ahead but I’m taking one step at a time. I know my dreams are big enough and is far from reality, but I know in God’s time it will all happen.

So yeah.. Let’s start sharing our thoughts without pressure, sharing our interests without judgments and just enjoy the process! <3

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You find Ethan sitting against the wall of what seems to be the bellsprout tower

He looked a little confused by the question…

Don’t… don’t both feel nice…?

… He has been feeling cold lately…

Perhaps the blanket on a winter day..?

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