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#behind the scenes

(Language warning, some swearing)

Lockmere Palace, 5:56 pm


*At the Palace, in the Courtyard*

Lucy: *storming over to where Nicholas sits, playing a solo game of chess, her arms crossed tightly across her chest and her face a mask of fury* NICHOLAS LOCKMERE! You massive ASS!

Nicholas: Or as we say in Fandolin, “Hello.”


Lucy: Oh, save it. You were supposed to decide. You promised. 

Nicholas: I can’t, I need your input on it, you know that…

Lucy: You’re supposed to be the fucking KING, this is literally your job, your reason for existing, you know better. 


Nicholas: She was my wife! I can’t just…*stops, his voice breaking slightly*

Lucy: You can’t keep doing this, Nicky. The people need to see you acknowledge what happened and honor her and Bella. No one said it would be easy, but it must be done. 

Nicholas: *sighs* Fine, you’re right, I guess. 


Lucy: *nodding* Yes, I am. Now, make some decisions, write them out, and as a favor, I will present them to Cabinet once James returns. 

Nicholas: Where’s James, then?

Lucy: The theatre with Nora. I bought him tickets after your tantrum this morning. It was the least I could do. You’ll need to apologize to him tomorrow.

Nicholas: *crosses arms and rolls his eyes*


Lucy: Oh, don’t give me that. You’re not a child, you know better.

*Lucy begins to walk back inside, but stops herself and turns back to her brother*


Lucy: Nicky, I’m worried about you. Please let us help you, okay? You’re not alone, you know. You have a whole family here who loves you. I’ll come check on you later. 

*Nicholas says nothing, merely turns around and looks out at the trees behind the palace sadly*


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Ricky didn’t write it. It was pre-written. He had an idea, an outline, but since it didn’t pass as a do-able episode, it never got written. (Not like “The Trial of Fitzherbert and Schnitz,” which actually got to the point where they were arguing over plot points.)

But Ricky did write “Rapunzeltopia” as well, and so it wouldn’t surprise me if he allowed himself to be influenced by his previous idea.

Ooh, another fun behind the scenes fact:

Ricky told me that the original idea for the end of S2 was that each episode that took place in the House of Yesterday’s Tomorrow would technically take place on the same day, but they were each a different character’s trap/trial. Obviously, that didn’t pan out, but it was the idea they’d had when they were working on it.

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Wrapped up “season one” of Born to be Yours today and really felt the flow on “The Arrangement.” Like. I got teary eyed writing it and I think other characters might have a spin off ❤️❤️❤️❤️ The campground is basically abandoned and I am here for it

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It’s an interesting mini-series indeed, but if you expect lots of bts footage, it’s gonna be a letdown. This series contain some interesting snippets, you can check out how the baby puppet works, how the set is built up, stuff like that, but it’s mainly just the directors, the cast sitting around a table, reflecting and talking about the show. It’s really nice to see the dedication and love for the show, though. :)

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