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The girl. She’s your it girl your girl next door (and ya’ll seem to hate her.)

Daughter and heir to the Avery bloodline and voodoo priestess in training with the tribe of Laveau Nova is a powerhouse witch.

She moved to the states to train with her mother’s people and subsequently went to Ilvermory. (Horned Serpent so snakes for life.)

The Avery family were close to the Malfoys because of Abraxas and Ulrich being life long friends (and death eaters.)

Lucius and Cenric weren’t super close because Cenric while Slytherin was staunchly neutral and even got a wand mastery in the states to avoid the war. Cenric was a very accomplished enchanter and met Nova’s mother during his mastery.

The Avery family spent Nova’s childhood in England but moved back once Nova needed to begin her training for priestesshood.

Nova and Draco were thick as thieves and even when Nova moved away the two were still close.

It wasn’t until Dracos summer before sixth year that things all went downhill.

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Author: @stiles-o-dylan24
Pairing: Dylan O’Brien x Addison(Addy) Young  
Word Count: 5694
Warnings: language think that’s it

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Originally posted by rosemariewaldorf-blog

Addy POV

Getting back to Atlanta really feels like coming home in a sense as we walk around the set and the filming lot with the trailers for the cast and crew.

Holland links her arm with mine and I readjust the strap of my bag on my other side as we walk towards our personal trailers. 

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Prince Oliver: Come in. 

Queen Arabella: May a mother come in and wish her son a happy birthday? 

Prince Oliver: Of Course.

Queen Arabella: You don’t appear to be in a celebratory mood, my dear. 


Prince Oliver: I am sorry, Mother. I just…there’s a lot on my mind today. 

Queen Arabella: I’m sure you can find one thing to be happy about? 

Prince Oliver: Oh…well…

Queen Arabella: It appears there is. Would you like to share?

Prince Oliver: I asked Eleanor to marry me last night. 


Queen Arabella: Oh Oliver, that’s wonderful! 

Prince Oliver: Wait, you’re not upset I left the palace? 

Queen Arabella: Oh darling, my maid mentioned seeing you leave. Don’t fret about it, I didn’t mention it to your father. Did Eleanor accept? 

Prince Oliver: She did. Though…she was a bit distraught when I first met up with her. 

Queen Arabella: Oh? 


Prince Oliver: Someone has been sending her threatening letters demanding she end our relations. 

Queen Arabella: Oh dear, did she mention anything about who they are from? 

Prince Oliver: The letters have all been annoymous, but she’s very frightened of them. I wish I could find out who was causing her so much distress. 

Queen Arabella: How dreadful for her. I hope it’s nothing more than a jealous bystander. 

Prince Oliver: I attempted to calm her down, but I’m not sure if I was of any help. 


Queen Arabella: I’m sure it means enough knowing you are there for her. 

Prince Oliver: I hope you’re right, Mother. I only wish I could do more.

Queen Arabella: Well, let’s not dwell on it now. Especially as it appears congratulations are in order. I admit, I did not expect you to propose to anyone before tonight. Which means I’m now late. 

Prince Oliver: Late? 


Queen Arabella: I wanted to give you this. This ring belonged to my mother, and was passed on to me before…oh, look at me. I’m becoming emotional. 

Prince Oliver: It’s beautiful, Mother. 

Queen Arabella: My mother always said this ring brings with it great happiness and love to whoever wears it. So now…now I want you to have it. To give to Eleanor.

Prince Oliver: Thank you.  

Queen Arabella: Now, I must leave before the tears start. There’s still so much to do before this evening. Do try not to worry about those letters. I’m sure it’s nothing more than a jealous woman trying to unsettle her. And Oliver? 

Prince Oliver: Yes? 

Queen Arabella: Happy Birthday. 


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