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sixcupids · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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kim-poce · 15 hours ago
Full House 6 - Screams
A short one, almost completely in Beige's POV
CW: Multiples whumpees, mention of forcing feed, dislocated bone, blood, fear, fear of punishment.
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“I have to clean the wounds, okay?”, Eri asked, even if he was sure the boy was out of reach, he was leaning on the wall, leaving blood marks wherever he touched, even Eri was all bloody now.
Eri looked down at the bloody mess shaped as a person in front of him, there were so many injuries that cleaning it all at once wouldn’t be different for cruelty, it would take time, and Eri would've to feed him in between, even if forcefully, there was not a painless option for the boy, Eri has to do what he needs to.
He decided to put the dislocated shoulder back to its place and try to clean the worse-looking wounds, at least for now.
"It's okay", Eri lied, he knows it isn't, he knows it will hurt, still… “It’s going to be okay.”
Beige was outside the bathroom, he wasn't supposed to be eavesdropping, he knew it was a bad thing, he was being bad already and Master would be angry if he finds out, but he had to know what Master was going to do, Master asked for a first aid kit and gave the boy some painkillers, it was all too weird, it all looks too good to be true.
Beige leaned his ear to the door, waiting, soon he found out he didn’t need to lean so closely, that’s because the boy screamed so loud that Beige’s body shivered, he flinched hard as he was the hurting one, that was not a scream of fear, that was pain.
Now things were making sense, Master gave him painkillers because he would hurt him so much worse. That’s right. Beige realized the first aid kit was just so he wasn’t going to die. Master is so mean.
The boy screamed again and for a long time, Beige wasn’t able to hear him muttering anymore, and after some time the bathroom fell in silence, a terrifying silence, what happened? why can’t he hear anything?
Beige knew he had to leave, if Master sees him there Master will punish him, but the fear, the terror, and the worry kept him frozen at the door, hearing the bathroom’s sounds. He heard a low muttering, far away, Beige was relived, a bit, he was alive at least, but is that really such a good thing?
After a few more minutes the door opened, Beige fell to his knees, now it’s my turn, he had eavesdropped, he was bad, he needed to be punished, but he was so scared, he had to ask for punishment but the screams were still so fresh in his memory.
“Beige, what’s the matter?”, Master asked with a patient voice, it scared Beige to no end, if Master can hurt them so much while calm, what can’t he do when angry? “Beige are you feeling okay? do you want to take some pills or something?”
Beige shook his head, feeling his stomach drop, he doesn’t want to, Master gave him some pills and Beige heard what happened, Beige was shivering so so much, he wanted to beg for mercy but the words didn’t leave his mouth.
“Maybe you should eat something”, Master said patting him, Beige waited for the touch to become painful, “Want to eat something? I can go with you, I have time until I come back to finish with him.”
Beige froze, finish, it had already been so much, and Master wants to continue, he can’t take it, he is weak already, he hadn’t eaten in so long, he can’t take it, if Master punishes him again he will die. And worse of all, it was Beige’s fault.
Beige shivered more, tears falling from his eyes, “I-i-i-i-it’s my my f-f-f-ault, p-p-p-please”, Beige said, he didn’t want to be punished, but the boy can’t take more, he can’t, “I sho-should’ve I sho-should’ve told… I I”, he choked in his own words.
“Beige”, Master hands over his shoulder, “Can you breath for me?”, The hands weren’t hurting him yet, but they could, “Breath, can you do that?”
Beige obeyed, he had to, he had to breathe, he had to apologize, “I I I knew he he he wo-would thr-throw up, I I knew, please, I didn’t I didn’t tell you, its its its my my fault”, he took another deep breath and continued, “please, pl-please he can’, don’t p-p-p-punish him, pl-please, he he can’t mo-more, please, It’s it’s my my fault.”
Beige started to sob hard, “P-p-p-p-le-ase, pu-puni-sh me in-instead, please, he is he is sorry, please.”
“...I need you to keep breathing”, Beige tried to speak more, “No, no, first breath, don’t talk now, just breath.”
He tried, he tried to breathe, but the hands were still on his shoulders, the scream in his mind and the words choked in his throat.
“I won’t punish you, heard me?”, Master’s voice seemed sincere, so terrifying sincere, humans can lie so easily, “I won’t punish him either.”
That isn’t true, he heard, he heard the scream, or Master was punishing him or he was just hurting him because which is even worse.
“I was…”, Master sighed and Beige flinched hard, “I was trying to clean up his wounds… I wasn’t trying to hurt him, I was trying to… help”, Master sounded tired, but Beige was more worried about the painful screams he heard just a couple minutes before.
Beige didn’t say anything, humans don’t try to help, they hurt pets, Beige is dumb, but he isn’t dumb enough to believe that, Master is so mean, so so mean.
“Let’s go to the kitchen, drink some water, and talk about it okay?”, Master said, it was an order to shut up, not talk about it, pretend he isn’t locked inside that bathroom, waiting for another inevitable round of torture.
Beige cried, froze in that place, he wasn’t able to obey now, he wondered how long it would take for him to be the one locked and waiting.
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kabochaa · 2 days ago
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Sufjan Stevens— Age of Adz
Sufjan, the panic inside, the murdering ghost that you cannot ignore
Music stimboards 6/?
(💥 💣 💥)(💣 💥 💣)(💥 💣 💥)
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sixcupids · 11 hours ago
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bornanoldsoul · a month ago
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it's september 1st ! you know what that means ! i hope you are safely on your way to hogwarts 🤎🏷📜
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