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glitter-and-gasoline · 2 months ago
Its not the quantity of friendship that is important, it’s the quality
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Anytime I use twitch and see that there's an LGBT+ tag I feel a little conflicted.
While I am certain that I am in an under-represented intersection of labels I also know that my art and activities are just normal things not specifically made to be LGBT content. Is it LGBT+ really content if I don't put effort into making it such, or is it an inherent trait imbued onto my works because I was the one that made it? If it's the latter then what does it mean for the community? Would labeling everything we do as being different from heteronormativity not be another form of alienation?
Is the act of me existing as a queer person reason enough for me to need a tag like a sign on my lawn or should require a level of specification in my works before I can earn it through consistency and intent?
Is it better to connect with people through traits or over all message?
It's such a seemingly little thing that I might test it out for a while to see what happens.
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rotisserie5107 · 2 months ago
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I'm bursting at the seams to talk about mike to anyone who will listen, but I feel exhausted just at the thought of explaining will
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jizung · 2 months ago
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HWANG HYUNJIN — happy birthday @hyunpic ♡
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foulserpent · 7 months ago
individualism and solitude is not natural to human living but sadly i have mental conditions that predispose me to being a hermit
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Everyone Introduced in Dimension 20′s A Starstruck Odyssey episode 11
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cheesy-kitten-liveblogs · 9 days ago
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Oooh! Who is this Marty fellow? He must mean a lot to Greg, if there’s a picture of him lying around. Greg looks much younger in the picture, it must be from quite a while ago. 
Come to think of it, we don’t know too much about Greg’s life beyond his interactions with Steven and the Gems (somewhat), him being a musician (and not super in-depth about that), and the car wash. We know a little here and there, but, not a whole lot. And I say “come to think of it”, as if I haven’t been wanting to learn more about Greg for a very long time. What other motivations and interests and stuff does the guy have?
Like, I don’t think Greg has ever brought up having any friends or family or anything like that before (except for his aunt and uncle, which was brief). It’d be neat to get some more info. 
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saccharinerose · a month ago
fanart of sjm characters is so funny bc most of the characters are literally only differentiated by hair style/color or eye color so fanart inevitable makes them look almost identical. we have feyre + her sisters looking like triplets, rhys and his 2 bat buddies looking like triplets and the protagonist from all sjm’s 3 series together looking like the same girl in different wigs
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tchaikovskaya · 24 days ago
I’d be lying if i said the outlook in the immediate future (the next few years) w/r/t climate change didn’t make me at least a little sue recital
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buglovescas · a year ago
Here‘s the THING. Dean commits to shit HARD. So it may take a second once Cas comes back from the empty, he may be a lil unsure for a while, how to and what to and is he allowed and- ? But once it’s established, once he got it? He GOT it. Like he will hold his hand at all times, he will call him his husband PROUDLY in front of people, oh my husband and I are going on a trip, my husband asked me to get some specific kind of soil for his flowers can you help me out? , my husband is such an angel (hehe). (He would also make the angel joke constantly and everyone who doesn’t know them would be perplexed by the matching set of eye-rolls from Sam and/or Cas). He would buy the flowers and the chocolates, he would totally ironically start yelling Honey, I‘m hoooOoome when he gets home but after a while it just kinda stops being ironic. He would take Cas on picnics in the park, he would allow him to get a cat begrudgingly (and eventually love that cat more than anyone else does, but that’s no one else’s business), he would let Cas pick the music when driving somewhere even though he sometimes absolutely despises the song choices but then he looks at Cas’ happy face? At Cas being content and looking out the window bopping his head a little and catching his eye giving him this soft smile, so happy, so real, so Cas right in front of him? And he would feel love burning through him so intensely he couldn’t even speak.
#deancas#Dean loves cas#i kinda figured out what my thesis is in regards to dean loving cas#like every time I post about dean loving Cas there’s a certain direction my posts always go and it finally occurred to me what it is#which is that Cas is a dork and a nerd a weird lil dude and dean fucking loves it he LOVES IT#HE LOVES being perplexed by shit cas says he having breakfast and contemplating philosophical questions with him#he loves indulging him in all the hobbies Cas takes up that dean can’t relate to#he loves being the one to make Cas feel good and feel loved he simply loves that shit and I can’t tell you why I know this#i just know that’s just DEAN like#i guess for one it’s that he’s a caretaker and thrives when being good to people in any way#but he also enjoys the absolute freeness cas has about him. I said before how cascore to me is simply not giving a shit at all#and he just does whatever the fuck he wants cause he’s not human he doesn’t know shame about these things#and Dean ? dean is a being CLOAKED in shame. there Are so many layers of shame to him there’s shame ABOUT the shame it’s a mess#is what it is#and seeing Cas be so happy with doing silly little hobbies and not CARING and wearing weird clothes and being soft and happy#and then also seeing Cas being a fucking badass who smites people and a huge dude (physically) who can manhandle the hell out of him#like That combination absolutely fries deans brain. he’s obsessed with it he fucking drowns in it
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ophelia-network · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
“Everybody is identical in their secret unspoken belief that way deep down they are different from everyone else.” David Foster Wallace
The Estuary by Aron Wiesenfeld
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thespineoftherighteous · 8 months ago
honestly thank God that aftg is centered around exy and not some real sport because let me tell you. I would not be able to take this seriously if Neil was risking his life out here for football or volleyball or freaking polo or basketball or even soccer or hockey.
because of the way Neil talks about exy, there's something so fantastical about it as an imaginary sport. like I know what it's like to play basketball and soccer and it's nice but it's hardly put-the-Mafia-on-my-ass-so-i-can-get-one-more-game-in nice. and if that's what he was staying for I'd judge him very much for that, idc if he waxes poetics about the smell of chlorine at the university pool or the feel of fresh turf beneath his cleats. but because I barely understand exy I'm just sat here like well I mean maybe the kid has a point who am I to say
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redphienix · 3 months ago
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junkmale · 4 months ago
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Drew the rat ocs i havent used or thought about for literally almost a decade. What nostalgia does to a motherfucker 
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prophetgirl · 5 days ago
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in what world is this a cis male trait
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kissporsche · 13 days ago
it's so comedic to me that mile went from 'ooh hot sexy mafia guy~' to 'oh yeah that's our weird rich grandpa who uses social media like a boomer' over the span of kinnporsche's run
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jacensolodjo · 4 months ago
Someone: Don't get mad! Mad doesn't help anything! If you stay angry at someone you're just hurting yourself more! Haven't you ever heard of 'turn the other cheek'?
Judaism: Disturb us, Adonai, ruffle us from our complacency. Make us dissatisfied. Dissatisfied with the peace of ignorance, the quietude which arises from a shunning of the horror, the defeat, the bitterness and the poverty, physical and spiritual, of humans. Shock us, Adonai, deny to us the false Shabbat which gives us delusions of satisfaction amid a world of war and hatred; Wake us, O God, and shake us from the sweet and sad poignancies rendered by half forgotten melodies and rubric prayers of yesteryears; Make us know that the border of the sanctuary is not the border of living and the walls of Your temples are not shelters from the winds of truth, justice and reality. Disturb us, O God, and vex us; let not Your Shabbat be a day of torpor and slumber; let it be a time to be stirred and spurred to action. - Rabbi Mitchell Salem Fisher, Mishkan Tefilah, 173
Me: Mm. Sorry, nothing around here about letting shit go and turning the other cheek! In fact, we ask God to help us gather our anger and frustration and put it to good use.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
And that’s just one example from the prayer book. To say nothing of the commands to NOT let shit go, to use anger to drive change, in the Torah and entries in the Talmud. Anger gets so much shit done in the Torah. One would have to question if we read the same Torah if you get nothing out of it except be a welcome mat. For example, the story of Konach is not in fact ‘don’t be angry’ it is actually ‘be angry correctly’. Be angry about the right things. Use your anger to better the world around you, for the people around you. Don’t let it fester (do not hold anger in your heart for your kin; Ecclesiastes), use it to change things around you. May all who despair find purpose (Mishkan Tefilah). 
The primary Jewish quality is action. This is repeated over and over, in differing ways but still the meaning is clear e.g. “As Jews have kept Shabbat so has Shabbat kept the Jews.” We must act to bring about Shalom. We must act in the name of charity, in the name of helping our friends, family, and neighbors. Anger is just something that helps steel us for the fight ahead, in many cases (i.e. social justice).
We seek shalom, peace. Only when we accept our anger, can we find peace with it. Allow it to give us a bit of drive, anger as fuel. Then let it go. Not before. Stifling anger, bottling it, does nothing good for us. And saying ‘don’t get angry’ is unhelpful. We were given the ability to feel anger for a reason. It is a tool. Control it not the other way around. This is what the teachings say. 
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