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#being productive
lovelybluepanda19 days ago
Unconventional productivity tips
When at home, wear shoes. Having shoes on makes you think of "I'll go somewhere". Get a pair only for the inside.
When you can't keep up with a journal or digital planner, get 1 piece of paper and write the routine you want to have the next morning. Follow that order. The key is for that paper to be the first thing you see in the morning.
Have a routine for when you are low, medium and high energy. You know what to prioritize for yourself based on these.
Wear anything but pyjamas. Have a set of clothes for work at home if you don't want to use your outside clothes.
Wear perfume or jewelry. Just like the shoes, it gives you the feeling of "being ready to go".
Set an alarm for 15 min and do the task for that amount of time. It works for tasks you've avoided for ages.
Countdown from 5 til 0 and then go do the task.
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mathematicola2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
august 22, 2021
why is august passing by so fast?? july felt like it lasted y e a r s and august feels like a brief glimpse.
recently, i've been having fun with some editing so here's a re-edit of some photos that, well, i've posted before but really like!!
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introvert-unicorn3 months ago
Pieces of Advice for Living
Happiness is where you are now, or nowhere at all
Renounce useless guilt
Fall in love with inner beauty
Create your own space
Be brave enough to be bad at something new
When things change inside you, things change arround you
Spend time with people who matter most
Asking for help does not make you weak
Change is uncomfortable but necessary
Read more classic literature
Read about history from different sources聽
Buy less clothes and make sure they are made organically and ethically or buy second hand
Learn to say No
Deflecting someone who compliments you isn鈥檛 modest it鈥檚 insulting
Your boundaries will scare some people away, it鈥檚 fine! let them go
Compliment yourself
Your mental and physical health are always your priority
Take a bath and notice how great your body is
Be mindful of the things you put into your body emotionally, spiritually and physically
Your diet is not only what you eat, it鈥檚 what you watch, what you listen to, what you read and with who you spend your time with
Don鈥檛 let the internet rush you
Start believing that nothing is too good for you聽聽
Get enough sleep
Buy vegan options in anything that鈥檚 possible
Keep it private until you know it鈥檚 permanent
Enjoy experience more than materials聽
Stay in your healing
Your scars are symbols of your strength聽
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frandeska month ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
how i use notion聽
i started using notion two years ago but at first i thought it didn鈥檛 work for me. the problem was i was focusing too much on the aesthetic part of it, and I hadn't explored it enough to figure out what worked for me.
( if you want to download the old one here is the link )聽
i鈥檝e learned my brain focuses more if the setting is simple so here is how i use my new set up聽
just the link to the two pages that i need: personal and university聽
only some task and the goals for the month聽
books, movies, things i need to buy for my new house, ideas list etc.聽
a simple table to track expenses monthly, and another one to add all the stats of the year聽
hdemia (uni)聽
again some tasks and goals, the subjects i鈥檓 working on, the plan of the semester and also a study plan.
on the subjects i鈥檓 working on i just have the books i need to study and the projects i need to do聽
if you like it and want to download it here is the link聽
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marvelousbenz4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
30 may 2021
I FINALLY UNDERSTAND BIOSTATISTICS AND EPIDEMIOLOGY. Yall have no idea how happy i am. Currently going through the lectures. The one you see on my screen is a presentation prepared by yours truly.
I finished going through the First aid and Boards and beyond videos, which practically saved my ass. I highly recommend watching them (for any topic).
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frenchtoastlovera month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hello autumn,please be nice to us,please bring joy,happiness and succes to everyone... You are my favorite,you already know that ! Please be my season this year too,ily鈾
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sadnessofautumn2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
19.08.2021 鈥 thursday [14/60 days of productivity]
did some tests, drank coffee, studied vocabulary, and read for a while. could have studied more if we hadn't have unexpected guests.
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selieinsight26 days ago
Study smartly while working hard :
Hello again ,
Most of us wanted to study hard and smart but can't choose between them .
So here's some tips to study effectively without thinking that you're lacking in study or work.
1. Organise your day :
Isn't feeling like hearing from many places , yes , it is . Cause day organizing is the most important thing in our daily productive routine. And if you get time at night then it's best to make tomorrow's to-do list .
2. Study the topic and basic concept first :
Topic study is important and if you want to be A+ student then firstly study the topic . It's experienced thing from me . Cause from rereading topic your basic concept will be clear and after concept clearing you will become straight A + student.
3. Active recall :
Active recall means what you have studied reread it or solve it again . Rereading or also called as revising is the best technique to study ever. When you sit for your revising session and seem a already readed chapter then you can do best at academics .
Scientifically proven that when you recall something your brain start effective working and neurons become active and it will help to increase brain functioning.
4. Pomodoro technique :
what is pomodoro technique..? Let's start , pomodoro technique means study for the 40 minute straight and then take 10 minute break . At this time you can break your work in pieces and get the better results. In pomodoro there is 80-20 rule and 40-10 rule you can follow any time rule which is good for your study , to complete a assignment . But I think you have start firstly with 60 minute i.e. 40-10 rule.
5. Making self notes:
Making notes while studying is also important cause you will get what is your point of view to look at that point and your study'll be effective. Notes doesn't means cheat sheets or flashcards ,it means important point that you need . Only that point that you can study later or at exam time in less time or at less power wasting on finding it in book .
Lastly I would like to say that please make your own study timetable and do follow it . If flashcards are effective for you then use it. In my case I don't find it effective so make your own choice for study .
Best luck 馃槆馃憤
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writethatdown4 months ago
this is your sign to start writing a list of all the things and aesthetics you want to be. then go on literally any social media platform you use and follow the hashtags, accounts, people, threads, people who inspire you. fill your fyp with the things you want to see and bee. and then after that, block out anything and everything that isn't serving you. make a playlist for your dreams. make vision boards and moodboards and make the maximum use of the social media algorithm. and then go ahead and thank people who have inspired you. spread the kindness. express gratitude in the comments. and eventually you become the content you had consumed.
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jaye-apps2 months ago
Life is not just about the stuffs you鈥檙e dealing with today, it鈥檚 more about the dreams and the future.
I had this kind of epiphany when I heard about the Urgent Important Matrix for the first time.聽
I used to be busy all the time, get lots of things done every day, but before I went to sleep, I still felt frustrated and anxious. I was not lazy or anything, and I tried to be productive. But why did I feel that way?聽
I had that kind of misconception that everything that seemed to be urgent were important, but actually, they were not. I got overwhelmed, I was not able to distinguish or organize, so I completed all urgent ones, and then I had no time for what truly matters, the important things were delayed.聽That鈥檚 why I still felt no sense of fulfillment after I did lots of things.
There are people doing jobs they don鈥檛 like, there are kids who mean to do something great, and they all require long-term plans to make a difference in their lives. Those important things outside of your career or school leads to achieving your goals, they seem to be not urgent, they do not require immediate attention, they are easily ignored. I guess that鈥檚 why people procrastinate, that鈥檚 why people regret, and that鈥檚 why people suffer.
So I studied more about Urgent Important Matrix, and I made this app.
It all started with this matrix of course, but there are 3 major concepts about this app.
* Sort the priorities. Make rational decisions of what to do first. Import but no Urgent tasks are high-valued, schedule them at a fixed time and do them repeatedly. I separate them from other lists, it鈥檚 called 鈥淩outine鈥, this list helps you learn skills, form good habits and achieve goals.
Tumblr media
* Visualize the progress and the goal, there is a path view and a goal view, that shows all your achievements. Everything you did today means a step closer to your goal, and every steady step you take means something. It鈥檚 the little things you do, day by day, that make the biggest difference. and they all lead to that goal you set.
Tumblr media
* Focus on today. You can鈥檛 regret yesterday, you can鈥檛 promise to tomorrow, all you can do is to focus on today, give all you have. There is a timeline showing what the present time is, it is not in yesterday鈥檚 tasks or tomorrow鈥檚, it only exists in Today, and it means you need to focus on now, do the hard work, be ready for the next task.
Tumblr media
I spent almost all my spare time on this app in the past three years, I know this app is not perfect, but I tried to make this app as useful as possible, hoping it could help people to figure out how much they can achieve, so best wish to you all, pay the hard work, you will get your reward.鈥(Almost forgot, It has 9 different color themes, simple with no distraction, it matches with your iPhone, or not, just pick one color you like)
And also I look forward to all kinds of suggestions and opinions, your words do matter.
App link on the App store is below猬囷笍
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e-is-for-emily2 months ago
Tumblr media
Took a little early morning walk to listen to the birds and watch the sun rise. Not a bad way to start the weekend.
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mathematicola10 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
december 7 - 13, 2020
a really busy week accompanied by major mood swings, a lot of coffee and very pretty morning light
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toront0e7 months ago
Tumblr media
Source: Figuring Out Now
The author of this post has changed their mind about the last piece of advice at the bottom.
You don鈥檛 have to fake it if you don鈥檛 want to
You are not obligated to put on a show for others especially if you need help-reaching out to family and friends is the right thing to do
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marvelousbenz4 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
31 may 2021
I have my family medicine final on Wednesday (2 june) and I鈥檓 about to lose my shit. I KNOW that i know what I鈥檓 supposed to be doing but I can鈥檛 help myself.
Here are some of my notes. Pretty proud of them tbh.
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moonwhispers-studya month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Today I do some exercises before starting my study session. My first day as an official university student will begin less than 20 days from now. Wish me luck!
鈥 Favorite time to study?
I prefer to study in the morning rather than at night because it does give me some comfort. While at night, I usually spend my time writing my journal.
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honeysucklememoriess9 months ago
productivity hack
Create a Google doc, Notion page, or whatever workspace you use and name it聽鈥淭hings I鈥檓 afraid to do.鈥 Here, you can put whatever has been on your mind that you鈥檙e putting off and procrastinating鈥攕uch as a big project, studying, essay, or whatever you have that鈥檚 been nagging you.
By acknowledging the fact that the task seems daunting, you are actually working through the first step of accomplishing it. It makes large projects seem just a little more doable solely because I named it something that amuses me.聽
For example, I was so anxious in asking a professor for a recommendation, so I put it in my 鈥渢hings I鈥檓 afraid to do.鈥 Little by little each day, I drafted the email to send to them and ended up not procrastinating. Hope this helps!
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frenchtoastlover9 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鈾oday is for聽physiology.Here is my desk and a lovely photo of the sky that I took a couple weeks ago.
鈾 hope everyone is doing well love xoxo
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